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Greetings to All

This is a new blog, but I am not a new blogger. I have been on the old Bayosphere, e-pluribus media and most lately, Daily Kos. I would blog here and there politically and about various subjects of interest, and once in awhile, I would blog about psi. One day, I was on Daily Kos and decided to post about psi again. Holy f***ing smokes! The blowback was incredible. Skeptics came out of the woodwork to lambaste me for believing in this stuff. I was amazed and the vitriol that spouted forth from these supposedly liberal people.

Now this topic is of interest to me, but it wasn’t that big of a deal and still isn’t. You see, I’m psychic. I tried doing it professional for a short time, but I didn’t like it because it basically amounts to listening to other people’s problems and sharing their pain. It also means saying the same things and doing the same tasks over and over again. I moved on. Like many other people who share this trait with me, I have always had a wide range of parapsychological interests. I read up on UFO’s, ghost, spirits and all the rest of that stuff. I was involved in New Age stuff for quite awhile and still have a collection of crystals and rocks . . .somewhere.

But I am also a practical person and this is somewhat incompatible with the New Age mindset. I do stuff. I was a foreign exchange student in Germany and in Mexico, I spent a few years volunteering to help students going overseas and we even had a couple live with us.

I built my own house and run my own business, my third and most successful to date. I have been in theater, I was a member of a small and insignificant improv comedy group for a number of years, I paint and even had a few in a gallery for a short time. I have made several short films that I co-wrote and acted in. I am currently in Toastmasters where I have been club president. I’m currently working on my first book and oh yeah, I also blog. The point of this is not to brag, (these accomplishments are numerous, but hardly earthshaking), but merely to demonstrate my mindset. I don’t represent a typical New Age guy.

Eventually I began to weed out the stuff that made no sense to pursue. UFO’s? If they’re not going to land and say hello, I’m not interested. Ghosts? Bigfoot? Not personally affected by them, not interested in looking for them, time to move on. Psychic readings? Want love? Want money? Then get off your butt and do something about it.

I’m not cynical about these areas, it doesn’t seem productive to me and it’s just not where I want to spend my time. If other people feel differently, more power to them.

But I am psychic and lately I got curious about it and started doing some research. I read, and I read and I read and I read. I discovered amazing amount of interesting stuff and unlike the New Age stuff, it wasn’t all personal experiences. This was verifiable.

Now I should add here that I hardly need to be convinced of the existence of psychic ability. I realize there is a Great Debate going on, but I experience this stuff first hand on a regular basis and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for doubt. I can generate and feel energy on a psychic level. Let me add however, that I am not very good at clairvoyance and telepathy. Not that I want to read people’s minds anyway. Most people are crushingly boring in their heads.


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