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Do without Doing: Yoda’s Wisdom Applied to Psi

“There is no try, only do.”

Probably the most challenging aspect of having psychic ability is the letting go. Every person who has ever used psychic ability understands this. If you focus intently on what you want to achieve you will never get there. Psi works best when you’re not trying.

If you have any ability at all and you want to experience first hand what I’m talking about, go to the Retropsychokinesis experiment at this link and try out the experiment. You may do well at first, or you may not, but one thing is for sure, as soon as you start trying it will all go to hell in a handbasket.

Belleruth Naparstek, in her book “Your Sixth Sense” calls it “Intention without striving.” When I was teaching classes in Psychic Healing I would always use the phrase:

You don’t have to think about it, work at it or figure it out. It just happens.

Whatever it takes to get people to just let go. It is one of the things that makes scientific testing of the ability so difficult. Any tension at all, and this can come easily from any source, and psi is dampened immediately. This creates a feedback loop of more tension and on it goes until the ability is shut down completely. This often happens in the blink of an eye because our bodies are wired to get fear to the brain twice as fast as logical thought. In a test of course, there is performance anxiety, hardly the best situation for “intent without striving.”

And nothing dampens it faster than doubt. Once doubt comes into play, it is over and this has been the bane of every modern psychic person in western society. If you ever want to find out how to lose your psychic skill in an instant, just talk to a skeptic. Their doubt will spill over and kill everything because it is next to impossible to maintain that delicate balance with someone convinced that you are going to fail.

As if adding insult to injury, psychic people are already emotionally sensitive to begin with. (In psychology, we are referred to as Highly Sensitive People.) Walking the tightrope of doing without doing and trying without trying and “just believing” is difficult enough without being susceptible to every little mood swing.

The funny thing is though, master this and you’ve got the world is your oyster. When I was doing this experiment mentioned above, I got it right a couple of times. My scores, which were usually in the 1 in 5 or 6 range, soared to 1 in 13,000. There is such power in intention without striving that you can literally re-create your world. There’s just one catch though, and it’s a doozy. It’s very, very hard to do.


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