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The Gift of Feeling . . .Insulted?

Note: additional editing on 2-21-09

A while back, I got a comment from some snarky deranged skeptic in response to my post on Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge. Because this person left an obviously phony e-mail address, it landed in the spam pile where I did not see it for a couple of weeks. Here it is in all its irrational glory:

Oh come on now, surely you can do better than that. To try and portray yourself as some kind of victim of a conspiracy by Randi’s organization to trick you because he wont let you cheat is fundamentally dishonest and quite disgraceful.

You need to get your head around one simple fact – you are NOT psychic. This of course means you are either a bare faced liar, or alternatively, you actually believe you are psychic in which case you are dangerously deluded and should seek psychiatric help.

Some may put forward the argument ‘what’s the harm’ if you believe this bunk. Well, take a look at this site: They list countless examples of people seriously harmed and even killed by idiotic purveyors of superstitious nonsense such as yourself.

You are a lowlife and should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself.

If you are psychic, you automatically feel bad as a result of reading this. I did too. There is no shame it it, it’s just how we are. Our first reaction to an attack like this is to feel upset and doubt ourselves. And you probably quickly regained your composure. Your logical mind took over and you realized that this comment was completely moronic and not worth a Chihuahua’s booger. (I wrote an article on What’

Incidentally, when I was blogging on Daily Kos (Under the title A Well Kept Secret if you’re interested. I cross posted that blog over here. btw.) I got a ton of this nonsense every time I posted. And I learned something about skeptics; they’re completely full of crap. You probably knew this intuitively, but there really is nothing quite like seeing it firsthand. They always act like they know what they’re talking about, but they never do. For example, how many times have you seen or heard the phrase: “there is no evidence for psi?” Plenty I’ll imagine. but there is evidence. Lots of it.

Links that they provided went back to pseudo-scientific skeptic articles. They took turns ridiculing me and were impervious to evidence, managing to explain away everything. I tried arguing a few times; after all, I HAVE educated myself pretty well on this subject, but it was always pointless and eventually I gave up bothering with them.

Which brings me to the point of this article. Having gone through all that, I find I am experiencing a new emotion lately. When people go on about how psi doesn’t exist, I feel . . . insulted. I don’t feel that I have to stand by and listen to or read this crap. It implies that I am somehow deluded and crazy. Why should people who are psychic, who have never done anyone any harm, have to put up with being openly mocked and insulted. No one else has to put up with this, why should we?

I say that this is the gift of feeling insulted because in order to feel insulted you have to first feel that you have worth. You have to feel that your position has merit and that other people have crossed a line that is inappropriate. After all the research that I’ve done, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is inappropriate behavior to question psychic people and their abilities. The evidence shows that the way those few people treat us is as bad as racism and homophobia. Their justifications certainly have no more merit than racist and homophobic arguments.

When clairvoyants are denounced as frauds, when the existence of psi is dismissed and people are allowed to spread, well, lies, then we all suffer a bit because of it. These are not just insults to people trying to make a living helping people with their abilities these are insults to all of us. To imply that one of us is dishonest or wacko is to imply that all of us are.

I actually think that acceptance of psi will come from us, not scientists. There is already enough evidence to meet any sane scientific standard, so clearly more evidence is not the answer. I think that in order to end this farce, we need to stand up and demand respect. I also know that this is just about asking the impossible from the most sensitive and caring people on the planet. We are not by nature, confrontational. Just the opposite, we typically go out of our way to avoid confrontation.

I know that this is something that I hate to do even now. But I have also seen that there are some situations where confrontation is the only path that works, and I think that this is one of them. We would need to organize and push the media to be careful in how they treat us. We need to let them know that they are hurting and insulting perfectly decent people. They are prone to being sensitive and a lot of them probably are on our side anyway. What’s clear is that if we do nothing, nothing will happen. It’s up to us.

8 comments on “The Gift of Feeling . . .Insulted?

  1. Anonymous
    August 19, 2014

    Being psychic can be lonely….especially if you are a younger person, like me, that if you say really anything about the sort, people (including your friends) will think you a liar, evil- like you’re going to harm them or something, or they think you’re delusional, and it’s really hurtful. And then you mentally isolate yourself, as well. I wonder why skeptics feel the need to hurt others to feel good, like honestly, you think telling me I’m crazy is going to make my ability go away? No, it just makes me isolate myself even more, and makes me feel even more lonely. I’m Christian, so you can pretty much see how that goes along…. I never really talk about it, so then it just gets bundled up inside. But one thing about skeptics, they are all cowards, intolerant, and they always hide behind a keyboard when they attack others beliefs.

  2. Angela
    February 24, 2014

    Some people do, however, claim psychic ability when they have none or little psychic ability. They clam authority when they shouldn’t and use whatever intuitive skills to exploit others. Some people also deal with negative or harmful energies for their own gain. These people should be called. This is from someone who does not want to have psychic abilities, but who has them anyway.

    • craigweiler
      February 24, 2014

      I’m aware that some people misrepresent themselves. Personally, I’m not interested in them. My experience is that they rarely get much of a following and don’t have much influence.

  3. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Something that I have been thinking about is the experience of a psychic picking up on emotions inside another person, that the person may themselves be suppressing, or deluding themselves about, trying to hide from themselves.

    The person may be unconsciously driven by aggression, in a particular interaction, for example, but be lying to themselves about it. Trying to keep that motive out of conscious awareness. Like trying to keep a beach ball underwater.

    The psychic may pick up on the aggression, and feel hurt by it. Feel disturbed by it. Or at the very least, NOTICE it. The person carrying around the aggression, is, I believe, aware of it on some level. Though exerting energy to NOT be aware of it, or to be LESS aware of it. When you are seeing something that they are trying to blind themselves to, even if you don’t mention it, they may feel instinctively threatened. As though exposed. They may “bark” in some way, even when not fully sure why. Anyway, just thinking about this dynamic.

  4. Louise
    March 13, 2011

    Hi Craig, I’ve made my way over here from HP at last. Yes, I agree, too many sceptics are full of it. They’re not so much sceptics (which implies being open to evidence) as cynics – and ones who fit Wilde’s description of a cynic as one who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

    The “you’re deluded” or “you need to see a psychiatrist” line is such a favourite, isn’t it, whether it’s about psychic matters or simply not being an atheist. Never occurs to ’em that they might be the ones caught in a materialist delusion. And the posts are the same old, same old, whatever blog or newspaper from whatever country one reads. It’s why I don’t post much on the topics; not worth the hassle. The cynics can take a long walk on a short pier, as far as I’m concerned. I know the difference between my life now, in contact with the person I love, and what it was like before, when I didn’t believe I had any such ability, even if Spirit existed. Are they happy? I wonder …

    • craigweiler
      March 13, 2011

      Hi Louise,
      Thanks for responding. I’ve probably spent too much time arguing with skeptics, but it’s been worthwhile to notice some almost universal traits they share: They never investigate anything in depth, with regards to psi, not even their own arguments. They can never be wrong and they are absolutely afraid of uncertainty. I can get them stirred up like a hornets nest by simply pointing out that science does not have all the answers.

      They don’t seem like very happy people to me.

  5. Mel
    August 13, 2009

    I am from a Christian background and have therefore had many debates with many people in which I have been the crazy. I know that there’s no scientific evidence to support Christianity (none that I give credence to) but there is evidence to support the existence of psychic or seventh sense. Even a little bit of quick research can back up the rather unspectacular claims. It’s not as if people that have strong psychic senses are claiming to be godlike, it is just ‘extra extra sensitive’ to what everyone else is able to pick up. It’s spiritual and metaphysical and physiological. I notice that those that are anti-believers are just as unwilling to hear alternative views of reality on just about any topic you can throw at them. If you challenge them it’s because you’re crazy or fundamentalist or tainted.

  6. Celeste"Charlie"Lee
    June 17, 2009

    I am often feeling of insulted myself,however,it is not because people do not trust in my psichic abilities.Actually,most people don’y even know about me.I’ve often been put down or to shame by people who cannot see the world through anyones eyes but their own,and often feel so much hate toward me and others of common intrests.Keep up the good details for your awesome blo,and please,feel free to check out my blog as well,which the address for appears on the website box on this comment.I hope for you to have a great day and fortunate life thus far.*

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