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Where does Psychic Ability Come From?

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Where does psychic ability come from? If you ask the scientific community, including parapsychologists, the answer is: “We don’t know.” So there is your official answer. However, a bit of understanding of quantum physics, parapsychology and consciousness can lead us to some very obvious conclusions that help explain this phenomena.

We start with four assumptions:
1. The evidence for psi is legitimate and can be used in describing our universe.
2. Everything that we experience, including consciousness is part of the universe.
3. A holographic universe, or some other “oneness” model of the universe is the most accurate depiction.
4. Psychic ability is actually ordinary.

One of the more telling studies by Dean Radin and replicated at many universities demonstrated that people unconsciously react to photos about three seconds before they actually see them. This study was not conducted with psychic people, the test subjects were ordinary. This, combined with the mountain of other evidence shows that psi is not necessarily a power or an ability, but simply a feature of existence.

Consciousness and psychic ability have been demonstrated in plants and animals so it appears that it is not even unique to humans. This is evidence that consciousness, far from being some sort of interesting anomaly that mysteriously popped into existence as the result of firing neurons and synapses is actually fundamental to the universe.

This is confirmed in two areas: There is substantial evidence that consciousness exists beyond death; (Victor Zammit’s Evidence for the Afterlife) and there is substantial evidence for consciousness at the level of subatomic (quantum) physics. (The Quantum Enigma by Bruce Rosenblum and Fred Kuttner) What this demonstrates is that we’re in a universe where consciousness plays a central role.

Another thing we learn from quantum physics is that reality isn’t there when it’s not being observed. That, combined with another physics principle known as entanglement, which demonstrates the connectedness of everything creates a strong argument for the holographic model of the universe. That is, the reality we experience is a sort of projection. It certainly fits the evidence as well as any other model out there.

In a holographic model of the universe, it stands to reason that the force creating our version of reality is consciousness. It creates the projection that we see. How exactly it accomplishes this is simply speculation at this point because so little is known about its properties.

However, there is plenty of hard scientific evidence of the physical effects of consciousness. The most compelling is the medical phenomenon known as the placebo effect. It is so pervasive that no drug, therapy or surgical experiments are complete without accounting for it. Psychologists have long known that people’s perception of reality can have a dramatic effect on what they see, taste, smell or hear or feel. This is all consistent with a consciousness-driven universe.

We know from the evidence for Psi that consciousness behaves as though it were operating solely at the quantum level. It has a complete disregard for distance, time and obstacles.

If consciousness is a ubiquitous force in the universe and appears at the quantum level with quantum properties, then psychic ability would be a natural outcome of this. Instantaneous communication, movement through time and no signal loss over distance are perfectly normal quantum properties. And if the universe is holographic and consciousness a force, then telekinesis would also be normal because if everything is a projection created by consciousness, then it follows that consciousness can alter this projection.

The theory that I’m putting out here is not a scientifically accepted explanation. Psi is not generally accepted in the scientific community and neither is consciousness. However, this explanation most closely matches existing evidence and will best explain your own psychic experiences.

What this theory means for psychic people is that psychic ability is more an ability of sensitivity and attention rather than being some sort of active power. Everything you want is already there, you’re just noticing it. Not surprisingly, good psychics are generally highly sensitive people. We are connected to everyone else all the time, so any information we seek is simply available to us. The feeling of being instantly connected to people and information is not a fluke, it is simply that the interconnectedness of all things means that there is no distance and no time; no matter what you are seeking you will already be there the instant you choose to be. This isn’t magic; it’s reality at the quantum level.

Another way to say this is that psychic ability is about disconnecting from the projection. And being connected to everyone all the time means that you’re dealing with their thoughts as well as your own. There is no clear distinction and I imagine that you are already able to sense this.

By this theory, the challenges that all of us face in taking advantage of this ability with consistency have to do not only with our own beliefs, but also those of the people around us. The level of disbelief within western culture is strong and there is no reason to believe that this has no effect on us.

I hope this helps.

4 comments on “Where does Psychic Ability Come From?

  1. cloak
    November 25, 2015

    This was the best explanation! I believe exactally your theory. Although; i’v wondered if when and at what age an individual learns of the universal things arround them due to the fact that i was 7 years old and had just sustained severe head injuries from accident when i started sensing things . ? is ,, is it at a certain age or could it be due to how the neurons in each individuals mind fires .

  2. christina
    November 25, 2015

    I think you explained it very well true, feeling connected to every thing is highly sensitive, and speaking for myself van be emotionally overwhelming, to the point that retreating away from crowded places is a way of regrouping your own realm, i’v wondered if it had anything to do with the way the brain fires or functions because the time iy all started in my life was after i healed from a severe head injury due to a head on collision automobile accident, or was it just because being 7 years old was my enlightenment year. Like your explanation

  3. Anonymous
    January 8, 2015

    My psychic I spoke to me in my dream and told me what was going to get from in return for me by looking after my man. Lately my life as had its bad times and I written it down 5 months everything from my ex losing baby to me losing my job a day after survived another suicide attemp where I should of had a heart due to it rising from 40 to 159 in split second my depression got worse but that sucrifice as gained me a gift of that I can now read programming codes, my truest gift is able to sense things by feeling their pain for a second wish I given more time to save my mate breaking his neck he was saved but no use of his legs now unfortunately. I could write lists but its one I like his a healing power that only works on me. I had a exeperience of having arthritis in my feet for it to clear in a month and never returned.

  4. zebzaman
    April 6, 2014

    Yes yes yes YES exactly! Thank you for expressing this so clearly. Ordinary science has brought us truly awesome and astounding results, but BUT the whole idea of what is real or not real, what is cause or effect, is entirely back to front. Sitting on the horse facing backwards. And this has been kind of obvious to me like…forever. I did write mirror image before I wrote the “right” way round, ( that is beside the point, just funny) But to reduce our being , our consciousness, to the nerve impulses in our brain … is just – so back to front. One of the more psychic people I’ve met was also pretty severely disabled. Not much IQ to measure. Some condition also called Pixi syndrome. Could never live independently of help. Yet one thing he also did NOT know was: he is supposed to end with his skin. The boundary between me and you was very liquid for him. I worked as his teacher aide, and one morning as we sat down for the class he said: “Zeb, I’ve got your headache!” I did have a headache. I said: “Please no, Sam, don’t have my headache!” Another time the prospect of spending the next six hours next to him was dreary to me and I was thinking: “Oh no, I’ve got Sam all day today, it’s gonna be a long day.” As far as Sam was concerned, I might as well have said it aloud, he bent over to look straight at me (the only time he did this) and said, quite lucid: “Zeb, you do really love me, don’t you?” . ” Yes Sam, I do really love you.”
    And once he described my job spot on: “Zeb, you are here to behave myself!”
    Sitting on the horse facing the right way, people like Sam are not just less of what they might have been without their syndrome. They are also something else in their own right. Just one of many consequences of facing the right way.

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