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Alone in a Strange World

Years ago when I was involved in the New Age movement I would occasionally hear from people who were experiencing psychic phenomena and were getting traumatized by it. Because I was offering professional services, I was seen to be a sort of expert even though I was in my early thirties at the time. There were of course, a few people who were mentally ill, and they were obvious, but for the most part, those who came to me were just psychically sensitive. Now that I’ve started blogging on this subject, I’ve started hearing from them again.

And this time I get it.

When someone who was murdered is bothering you because they want their body to be found; when you know that someone is in danger, but they will not listen to you and you helplessly watch as they get harmed by the very thing you forsaw; when you can tell what’s wrong with people when you touch them, but don’t dare tell them for fear of being thought crazy, you are alone in a strange world.

A lot of us have been to therapy; I was when I was younger only to find that this is of limited help to us. I know of one guy who has managed to train his psychiatrist, but he is the exception. Health professionals have no experience with us and no professional guidelines for dealing with psychic people. The risk of being treated as a psychotic is quite high.

Nowadays, they just prescribe Zoloft, or some other happy-times drug. And the average psychic person looks at this and deep down inside they seethe; they’ve just been told that they’re crazy. No one believes them. The Zoloft gets flushed down the toilet, the therapist never hears from them again and the search for some sort of help continues.

That’s why psychic people come to me looking for some sort of help. I can do the one thing that health professionals cannot: I can take their reality for normal, because I share it with them. So when people communicate with me, we don’t have any confusion about whether it’s “real.” I know the difference between psychic and mentally ill, so talk of ghosts, Angels, spirit guides, visits from relatives, unusual occurrences, the sense of “knowing” and other stuff doesn’t put me off. I’ve been exposed to it all my life. I just take it for being real and start from there.

This is perhaps the greatest single benefit I can provide. The people who are contacting me are generally going through the “am I crazy?” stage and need all the reassurance they can get. We don’t like to acknowledge these experiences to ourselves because once we do we’re officially on the outside looking in. We’re in a place where the dead can communicate with us, where the future is a thin, somewhat transparent veil and the word “living” has a much different meaning. It’s a world with words like “aura” “presence” and “knowing” that attempt to express something we otherwise cannot communicate.

It means that we’ll lose the respect of some people or not get it in the first place. We can rationalize that we don’t need them and who cares anyway? But the truth is that it emphasizes how different we are and it hurts. We can’t just share this with the world because not only will they not take what we say about these experiences seriously, they won’t take ANYTHING we say seriously. We’re officially in whackjob territory.

So people come to me. I’m already talking about this stuff and that makes me safe. I’m not a guru, or spiritual leader, nor do I want to be. I’ve had people fall into the pattern of looking up to me as some sort of master and that creeps me out in a big way. I think of myself as a peer: Someone who has shared experiences and can relate. Just call me the psychic’s Dr. Phil.

There are a few things I’ve learned along the way that I’ll share. I’m not sure if this is the best advice, but it is the best that I have:

1. We are not here to care for every single person that passes by. We are not the early warning system for everyone either; just those that demonstrate a willingness to listen. Just because we know someone needs help doesn’t mean that we are required to do something about it. People have their own paths and we have to allow them to travel them without us if they so choose. They don’t need “fixing” from us. We don’t know the entire scope of their lives or where they are going to find their meaning or how. Sometimes the worst events can be the most healing over the long haul so by getting into the middle of things we aren’t necessarily helping.

2. This advice applies to everyone, but more so to psychic people: You have to take care of yourself first. Your income, your stress level, your sense of well being are all things you have to attend to first before you take on the problems of the world. I stopped pursuing psychic healing as a profession because I wasn’t making enough money for my own happiness; yes it is a unique gift and I can be of service to many, but I’m not going to do it broke and living on the edge. You have to set boundaries. I recommend that you make the decision only to deal with those who seek you out.

3. Don’t let your ego get caught up in this stuff. None of us are that special. Here’s the deal: We all have a strong need to be of service to others but feeling like you’re “chosen” for something is a sign that your ego is getting in the way; lie down until that feeling goes away. Evaluate your talents and abilities as objectively as you can and work from there. No matter how good you are, even at psychic stuff, there will likely be someone else who does it better than you. We have our places in the world, but we’re not the X-Men.

4. When people come to me I try to deal with the emotional aspect rather than get caught up in the particulars, no matter how weird. And I don’t necessarily trust the judgment of just anybody from the Great Beyond. They can be slavishly pursuing their own selfish agenda just like anybody else. That’s what was happening a few years ago when a woman called me because the spirit of a murdered man was trying to get his body found by her. All he could give her was that he was half buried in leaves on a hill. In our area, that’s not nearly enough information. I tried to communicate rather unsuccessfully to this sensitive woman that this was not her responsibility. It seems terrible to tell someone that, but this was going to take a lot of her time and effort to deal with and there was a strong possibility that nothing was going to come of it. She had to decide if it was worth it to her personally.

I think because I’m a healer type and I don’t get bothered by all the dead people and I don’t pick up every stray emotion that floats my way, I’m in a better position to help other psychic people than most. I am going to follow one of my most basic rules for life here: Ask for what you want: I want to do this for a living. I’m good at it and my heart soars when I help other psychic people feel less alone in the world. I enjoy hearing from people too. Please share your experiences here; others will find them meaningful. I guarantee it.

17 comments on “Alone in a Strange World

  1. Steph
    May 28, 2019

    I have read just a few things on your site but so far you really hit home! I have been feeling insane. At one point I thought maybe I was dead. I feel cold breezes on my face, my back, my hands, my lower legs and just heavy feelings of something standing beside or behind me. The breezes are by far the strangest experiences. They come from out of no where and they feel like someone is either blowing on me or swirling around me. I have told my mom and one other person but I can no longer talk to them about it because I can tell they are getting concerned about me and i don’t want them to think I’m crazy. So yes it is lonely. Reading this helps me realize that there’s nothing I need to do with it and I’m not crazy. Thank you!

  2. Lea
    April 17, 2017

    I’ve been psychically awakened since 2003 at 17 and my gifts hit me all at once , seeing things, hearing things, dreams night mares, visions, my senses were going crazy . I thought I was going insane the only people I could talk to were 3 of my high school teachers, otherwise my peers would really label me off or scared of me more than I was.i was led to a psychic inperson she told me i have gifts to help people. Then I later found readers alike on aol at the time made friends from psychic chats they had me read & when I was right about info I didn’t know where it came from them it became real to me the more I did so. I went through alot of psychic experiences/ 2 miracles and it intensifies as u work on them. I started to feel like I have a purpose in life before that I was depressed and miserable not knowing where I belong.I’m 31 now and it never stops it’s always a learning curb and challenges coming ur way, lessons.It does change your whole being and mind there’s no going back u must teach urself to look into what symptoms ur getting and put a name to it read up on them. That’s how I learned about myself psychically training myself I didn’t have real mentors just coming across teacher’s they come and go as your left to do so the work . It reminds me of school during a test no one can help you pass what you’ve learned at that time..

  3. Anonymous
    January 26, 2015

    I agree totally with your post, especially about letting people come to you for healing. I am a healer and have been all my life but only recently realised how I heal. I always wondered why people came into my life and then once healed left my life. Being a healer is sometimes a lonely life but I found god this last twelve months and knowing him fills me with peace and helps me to continue on doing healing work. I too feel people’s emotions and know things about them, this helps me to say or do what a person needs to heal and move on in life. I have only ever admitted being psychic to family, as I have very few friends. I find it hard to build and maintain relationships with people because I need a lot of time in nature and by myself to maintain my energy for everyday interactions that usually turn into healing sessions, without the other person knowing. I used to wish I was normal like everyone else but as I’ve aged, now 42, I enjoy being who I am and like that I can have a positive influence on people’s lives in a non-threatening way. Funnily, I am a careers counsellor in my working life. I too write but often times it turns into automatic writing, and I get lots of music and messages from angels. It’s not been an easy road because I have struggled with embracing my difference and have been down the therapy and medication trail. I also had a crutch called alcohol but I have faith now that I am this way because, well, someone has to do this work in the world. Thanks so much for your blog. Feels good to know there are others out there.

  4. Yajayra Gil
    December 5, 2014

    I’m very glad you wrote this. At some point of my life even I began question my sanity, because I could not accept that what I saw or felt was real even when time and time again everything proved to be true. Most of the stuff I see is negative, but not all which is good. But I understand when you said in the line that we are alone in this world, at some we all feel this way, but it was thanks to meeting other people like me that I finally realize that it wasn’t really true. There is always some else that has gone through something similar. I was often haunted by the fact that I could see things that were going to happen to people and could do nothing to change it. But I get it now, I can’t change what is going to happen and I have accepted it. I wanted to thank you for writing articles like this, because it helps many people come in terms with their abilities and can makes us feel normal not that we are crazy as often we are treated.

  5. Suki
    June 28, 2014

    Need psychic help my life is a mess. Think I’m a narcissist feel unloving I need gods help


  6. Mark
    February 20, 2014

    I cry sometimes reading your stuff Craig. (thank you) Telling people what you can do gets you labelled as crazy. I started telling people as I didn’t understand what was happening to me, and didn’t want to go though it alone.
    After reading your blog, I no longer feel alone. 🙂
    I know what is going to happen in my life. And having logged it electronically in 2012, I will prove it….some of it has already happen.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. I would like meet someone from Melbourne that shares my experences? (please contact me if you are reading this and live in Melbourne?)

  7. Sandy
    October 18, 2013

    Hello,my whole life I have struggled dealing with my abilities.An accident happened with my family when I was 12 years old.I had a feeling 5 minutes before it happened. I told my father but he didnt listen, and i watched as it happened helplessly in front of me.I didnt understand why or how i saw it.Knowing was even worse and when I told people they thought i was crazy,and i didnt understand.So Ive never talked about it and learned to keep those feelings to myself.I have had other experiences like this,its good to know Im not the only one.

  8. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Another great read, Craig. I find my chest relaxing as I continue to explore your writing.

  9. Antoine
    July 22, 2013

    Not doing it professionally, just friends on occasions and have met different cases where my answer was either denied or appreciated .forsaw this as well and somehow some calmness kept me in my sane mood without jumping into emotional breakdown . In any case my priority was to stay and be happy and help others . Those who were truly overwhelming to my perception had to politely move aside , and those whom could help were really on my heart. Though at times when I refuse to talk to people even if it s just a phone call and I know my advise would be asked , and if I deny few phone calls I really feel torn For days. then out of nowhere someone calls up again. it always walks along with me or better say within me. now Taking it easy and calmly with everyone regardless of gender age ( that really don’t exist , in my point of view ). Love what you have written 🙂 many thanks for this , really helps. Your blog really re assured me that being psychic ismore than OK and call myself psychic is wonderful . If changes are the only permanent thing in life then why not make them as brilliant as the universe ‘ s smile 🙂 super mega happy hug filled with most exciting thoughts to you all happy souls :)))))

  10. ben
    December 26, 2010

    Well Ive been going through this for about 10 years now I and dont know that what im going through is resl or not I think that what ever im going through is or maybe a form of telepathy that they are putting me through I think that if it is real I dont really know what to do about it any sugestions.Is there any way to tell if someone is useing telepathy on someone else and if so how.

    • craigweiler
      December 26, 2010

      No one puts you through anything. If other people’s thoughts are intruding on your life, it is because you are allowing it. You have a choice about what you allow to get through to you in your head.

  11. kim lockhart
    March 27, 2009

    Another good read Craig. These are the kind of tidbits I need. After reading the science it was like taking off the brakes and I really needed the practical advice . How not to be so emotional and what does this MEAN? Guess I’ll work on #1 and#2 this week.

    • craigweiler
      March 27, 2009

      Thanks Kim,
      I’m always happy to hear that I’m helping. I take my best shot at giving advice that might be helpful to other psychic people, but as we all know, I don’t have any literature to fall back on. I use my knowledge of psychology and my own experiences and do the best I can. So thank you.

      Do you have any stories you wouldn’t mind sharing about what it was like for you growing up psychic? This is really helpful to me. I can speak with more confidence about our common experiences if I know more of them.

  12. precogmama
    March 27, 2009

    Actually, to me the science is extremely important. I’m a skeptical person by nature and really need to see and experience things myself, often many times, before I believe them (though at this point I am inclined to believe a lot more). I read a lot about Quantum Physics, dark matter, String Theory. I’m interested in the science behind vibration. I know I am able hear thoughts, know personal information I don’t have access to and pick up on future events on a daily basis, but I really want to understand WHY and HOW and have a scientific explanation to back it up. My friends are a cerebral lot and it’s been challenging keeping my psychic life private from them. I find that the most skeptical of my friends are not the ones with degrees in science but the ones that are Atheists, though the two often go hand in hand. Being an Atheist is an extreme stance, just as extreme as a fundamentalist Christian and when people have such extreme viewpoints, I find that no amount of reason, proof or scientific evidence will shake them from it. It’s almost a condition…

    • craigweiler
      March 27, 2009

      Ok, thank you. A good book on physics is Lee Smolin’s “The Trouble with Physics” if you haven’t read it already. Y’know, when I started looking into the science a few years ago I got angry. When I saw the obvious connections between what I experience and what science has discovered I was shocked that it was so f***ing obvious. The insanity runs deep. There are a couple of physicists in Santa Cruz, CA, (About an hour’s drive from where I live) who are studying consciousness in physics AND do not accept the evidence for psi. Can you believe that? You’d think they’d be grateful for it, but they’re scared off by the skeptics. Why is it that so many people don’t think for themselves?

  13. precogmama
    March 26, 2009

    I was always a very sensitive child, but when I started hearing voices at age 10 I was immediately taken to a psychiatrist. It didn’t help that I was already a strange and morbid little girl, the fact that I heard what others could not meant that I was certifiably insane and the medication came rolling in… Heavily medicated from 5th grade on, put in a hospital at one point because I felt like there was someone in my bedroom watching me… It kind of breaks my heart thinking back on it, if only my parents had thought outside the box! It took me so long to figure out that the doctors were wrong and that without medication I am both completely stable and PSYCHIC. My parents now realize their mistake too and I think they feel bad about it. It sucks to have a history like that because then you really have to go out of your way to prove that you are of stable mind, which is something most people never have to deal with. And to top it off, deal with knowing all sorts of things you wish you didn’t know and feeling other peoples emotions that you don’t want to feel. I can see how it sounds crazy to an outsider but it’s very real. And so isolating without a support system.

    Now I have a little boy who sees dead people and all I can do is be there for him, validate and support him and help nurture these gifts from an early age. I know he’ll be ok.

    • craigweiler
      March 27, 2009

      Thank you Precogmama,
      The more I explore this, the more clear it is becoming to me that it is a very serious issue. The superstition and unintended persecution surrounding people of psychic ability is very unhealthy. I don’t like being thought of as crazy any more than you do. I really want to help other people with this. The science is on our side, so it’s really a matter of education.

      On another note, I notice that most of the psychic people who visit go right past the science and head for the emotional stuff. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Do you find the science helpful?

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