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It’s Also About the Joy and Happiness

I’ve gone on at length about the issues and problems that I feel are unique or amplified for psychic people. I think examining these areas is useful because it shines a light in the darker areas of our souls. We must not tuck away how we’re really feeling because of the strain this causes for us, not to mention the fact that we can’t heal what we hide.

I have been deliberately avoiding the endless happy talk that permeates the New Age, but now that I’ve covered some of the pain, let’s look at the bright side. After all, being psychic allows us some moments of such incredible joy and happiness that no discussion of the psychic personality would be complete without it.

When I have done psychic healing on people, I sometimes have gotten to the point where I see the person behind the personality. It is something I wish I could share with everyone because when this has occurred, it has always been a profound experience for me. Ordinary people suddenly shining intensely with spirit is simply breathtaking.

The sense of connection to all things around me is simply awesome; to feel the trees and the animals; the sheer aliveness of nature just by being surrounded by it is an incredible gift I have been given. It is the other side of being psychic; get through the pain and what a wonderful place the world is.

I am grateful for the ability to have truly emotional relationships; with my wife, my parents, my animals and my friends. Being psychic keeps me awake in my life and forces me to be aware of myself and my surroundings and to see my life and the life around me as having depth to it. And in that depth is a profound joy that steadily flows beneath the problems and cares of the world, as steady and dependable as a beating heart.

This combination of joy, love, compassion and happiness that pulses beneath our fears, pains and the latest dramatic crisis of the world is something that is easy to forget in day to day life even though it is everywhere, but it cannot stay forgotten. It is like the sun blazing in the sky. We can turn our heads and cover our faces, it can be covered by clouds or we can escape into dark places to hide, but not forever. Sooner or later, the clouds part, or we simply come of our caves and into the sunlight.

And I find that although I can delve into my deepest fear, doing so with my deepest joy is much more difficult. That undercurrent of love is so very bright and intense that I can only stand it for the shortest moments before I have to turn away. While my fears are are finite, the love is not; the deeper I go, the brighter it gets until I feel as if it’s simply going to tear me apart.

I am aware that I can experience only the barest sample of what the connectedness of life has to offer; that the scope of it is simply beyond the ability of a human to absorb. It is the psychic part of me that allows me to experience this at all, so amidst all the sturm and drang that comes with being so emotionally sensitive, this is the part that makes it all worth it.

This is one of my shorter posts although it has taken quite awhile to write. I find that it is difficult to be even marginally eloquent about this aspect of life. I’m not used to thinking about it, I’m not used to writing about it and doing so requires a great deal of effort. I’m feeling all these emotions as I write; how could I not? It produces quite an intense sensation. Here be the light of the universe.

To be able to look up and remember that the sun is always shining, even through the clouds; that the light of joy and love can be seen even in the shadows. This is the gift that being psychic brings.

4 comments on “It’s Also About the Joy and Happiness

  1. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Wow. 🙂

  2. Antoine
    July 22, 2013

    Really have to agree the post is absolutely amazing . Everytime if not always , all my childhood memories would circle around such combination of joy love and happiness and psychic particularity . Yesterday realized that these memories are truly the only ones I can remember at ease and volunteerly. As if other “normal life” memories were not even there. I found that , to my surprise , lol keep on always assuming everyone is capable of seeing life the way I can , most if not all people with psychic abilities can really feel this unbelievably beauty of life and their smiles tells it all. Whereas for others it takes sometime to really dig into meanings and get whatever might be helpful to associate this life with beauty . It’s something natural I believe

  3. Kara
    December 3, 2009

    Wow! that was an incredible post, and such a good touchstone for anyone that is “sensitive” to remember, since sometimes there seem to be many negative aspects to being sensitive.

    What could be better than to have a job helping people remember their joy! (I know it’s part of my life purpose too.) 🙂

  4. kim lockhart
    March 30, 2009

    I think both our highs and lows are more extreme. Probably all
    look bi-polar. I seem to need more touch and talk than most or I go under.

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