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The Path to Answering the Great Question: Is It Real?

I’ve been having discussions with a friendly skeptic on his blog: The Call of Troythulu and he brought up an interesting point that merits discussion. From a skeptic’s point of view, we are perceived to have misjudged probabilities, are aided by hypersensory perception and mistake this for true psychic ability.

That got me to thinking about the process I went through to finally accepting that I was psychic. It didn’t come all at once and I was sure as hell reluctant to admit it to myself, and what exactly was that process? I’m going to do my best to walk myself and all of you through it because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one and my guess is that this learning process is actually pretty standard for those of us who did not grow up in an environment that recognized and supported psychic ability. There were stages of acceptance.

Skeptics have no idea how hard this process is or how long it takes. I would bet my house that every single person out there who had to learn about their ability the hard way to a very long time to come decisively to the conclusion that they were psychic. It is the unexplainable happening over and over again. Maybe it starts with telepathy with an animal, “knowing”, being guided to something or many other incidences but what happens is that it all slowly adds up to an unmistakable conclusion: This is real.

To make the leap is to make a very large leap because now you are on the fringe, beyond the rim of acceptable science and are now out in fruitcake land. To talk about it is to invite ridicule and condemnation. Psychic people do not make this leap for any other reason than that they cannot deny what is right in front of their faces. There is no glory in it and most of the attention is of the unwanted sort.

I think I see a bit of that happening with other people on my blog. My most searched for and read post is on the Characteristics of Psychic People. It seems to me that people who think that they might be psychic are running around gathering information to understand as much as they can. The web has certainly made that a lot easier.

Before I started to accept the reality of my psychic ability I thought I was supposed to be normal. I tried very hard to fit in and be “one of the gang.” That did not work worth a damned. I thought that I should have a lot of friends, but I could never manage it; I always ended up in a small group of people that were as outcast as myself or I was simply alone. And I thought that meant that something was wrong with me.

I was “into” the psychic stuff and my mother was too. She did not and does not consider herself to have psychic ability, but the paranormal has always fascinated her. So I was exposed to psychics and Ouija boards growing up. My father was a skeptic and believed non of it. (He has since changed his mind.)

In college, I lived in the dorms at Berkeley where I began to notice that I was aware of the feelings of people I was particularly focused on whether I was around them or not. I became aware of that connection. I didn’t think of myself as psychic at that point, just kind of sensitive. Also, I had the sort of hypersensory perception that I mentioned above. It has always been easy for me to pick out subtle details of a person’s face and body language to read them. I didn’t see that as being psychic.

What happened was that I was going from pretty much denial to an in between stage where I started opening up the ability. Because psychics are special and different and I didn’t see myself that way and I didn’t have anyone to compare myself to, I just chalked it all up to “something.” As far as I knew, you had to hear voices, see spirits, talk to the dead or read minds to be psychic. I didn’t do any of that, so I didn’t give it much thought. This part of the process cannot be understated. There is just no road map to self discovery about psychic ability. In metropolitan areas there are often psychics who teach classes, but none of these achieves the level of systematic research driven teaching. You take whatever that particular individual can provide if you even go so far as to take such a class.

Because in the midst of this process of self discovery there are always scores of people insisting that the ability doesn’t exist and isn’t real. Because the actual evidence is so obscure and hard to find, and the media skeptics appear so authoritative it can be difficult to reconcile what we are experiencing with what we are hearing about the science. (Most of the best science has only come out in the last ten years or so anyway.)

Here is something that truly psychic people will relate to: Only ordinary people want to be different; in fact, you can tell they’re ordinary because they dress and act differently. At New Age fairs it was easy to spot them because they dressed in that clownish, New Age attire. Most truly psychic people want none of that and distance themselves quickly from those individuals. We want to blend in and minimize our differences and this was very much a part of my process as I’ve already mentioned.

But something was going on with me that I couldn’t put my finger on at the time. I remember after I met my wife and we were still dating telling her that I was “into” the psychic stuff. I held my breath while I waited for her to answer. Was she going to dismiss me as a nutcase? Or did she accept this stuff? Fortunately, she was cool with it.

In fact, she introduced me to classes by a local psychic, Scout Bartlett. I took classes from him for several years and that is really when I began to accept the reality of who I am. Part of it was the classes, but the other part was the people taking the classes. I met a LOT of other psychic people. I had other people to compare myself to and the close proximity for so long a time helped me understand what psychic ability really was. It was at this point that I finally got that this was something that I possessed.

The regular society view has just one type of psychic person, but in reality there are many different flavors, with the talent having an effect on the personality and the personality having an effect on the talent. Like so many other things psychic, I had to figure this out for myself and draw my own conclusions. Fortunately, this is something I’m good at. My father is good at trusting his own decisions and acting on them and it’s a skill he passed on to me.

Somewhere along the way, I had to come to grips with the same question so many other psychic people do: Is this stuff real? Science seemed to be at odds with something I understood to exist. Who was right? The thought process at this point is probably the same for everyone in this position. We look at the scientists and realize that they have no idea what we are experiencing. Because we’re already familiar with the need to believe before we can experience something in that realm, it’s not hard for us to understand why they are missing it.

It comes down to this: Either we’re going crazy or the scientists are wrong. Since we’re not going crazy, they’re wrong. One of the reasons for this blog is to help people get over that particular hurdle. To make this leap took me quite awhile. Years and years of hearing about other people’s experiences, knowing what other people were feeling, being able to sense energy and identify other people’s problems without talking to them and even performing psychic healings wore down whatever skepticism I might have still had.

Even after I pursued the crazy idea of putting out my shingle as a psychic healer I still held back in some ways. I was not blind to how this must look to the rest of the world. At times, I found it very difficult to tell people what I did for a living; I couldn’t bear the uncomfortable silence that occasionally followed that announcement.

It actually wasn’t until I started reading up on quantum physics and parapsychology _and that was only a couple of years ago- that I absolutely understood I was right. I had to understand the logic; it had to make sense and finally it did. I should have done this research years ago, but I didn’t know to do it. The scientific world is filled with reactionaries; they don’t understand it, so they ignore the evidence. It’s all there, they just don’t want to see it. The scientific world is approaching this subject emotionally, not logically. Using logic to support emotional positions is exactly the sort of thing left brained people do all the time.

So finally, I have it all in context. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight, but gradually, through research and personal experience I did eventually come to the conclusion that I was psychic.

17 comments on “The Path to Answering the Great Question: Is It Real?

  1. Anonymous
    May 19, 2018

    I wanted to ask about something that happened. I had a professor who was always being really ostentatious about showing he could read my thoughts (it bothers me that he did it without my consent). One class he was being really ostentatious about it and he put on a video and I couldn’t hear because it was like the volume was lowered. He immediately asked about the volume. At the same time I felt something physically happening to my left ear. A few weeks later I was thinking about him and listening to music on my phone and the volume kept lowering without me touching it. Then I felt something physically happen to my ear like whatever he put on it psychically came off. Do you have any idea what he did? I suspect he put something on my ear to spy on my thoughts or set it up to come off if I had certain thoughts related to something unusual he wants from me. He has admitted in class to being a witch. The semester before I had a professor who also could read my thoughts and would harass me in the hallway and scheme to get me alone with him. I finally dropped the class with a W even though I had put in a ton of work to get away from him. The professor I’m talking about from this semester I think thought I didn’t know I had psychic abilities so was being all obnoxious to point it out. I know I have psychic abilities and psychic people easily read my thoughts. I don’t know why I hardly ever read other people’s thoughts unless it has to do with the fact that integrity is too important for me to violate people’s privacy like that. I trust that God will give me any abilities he wants me to have and I don’t go chasing after them. Bless you for writing about how personality affects talent and vice versa. Although I would say that it is one’s spirit which is connected to all aspects of identity…this is an Indigenous worldview, Indigenous worldviews allow for things like spiritual healing and Indigenous people and people of color don’t have such a hard time with scientists being ignorant because everything about our lives shows how everything mainstream is a violent lie.
    Also, when this professor was being ostentatious about reading my thoughts, I think he was sending me thoughts too, but I didn’t recognize it because they feel like my own thoughts and feelings, just unusually strong. It was only afterwards thinking about it that I realized this must have been happening. I’ve had this kind of thing happen when I’m not around anyone either. I think I have spirit guides or something who do this too, so it’s just normal for me.
    I don’t like having people be able to read my thoughts, although maybe it could be useful at times to do God’s work. I do like how animals can read my thoughts so that gives me a way to communicate with them. In this professor’s class I would try to keep my mind blank, which made class boring because I couldn’t think or pay attention. Finally I just gave up and consoled myself that I would never have to see him again soon.

  2. Tricia J
    March 11, 2017

    I went through a psychic storm with many health issues and my dad’s and my son’s death. Since then, I have had experiences that ordinarily, I wouldn’t be able to explain and the doubt comes in, ” is this real”. The more I read and experience things, the more memories come back to me of things that should have tipped me off much sooner. The migraines, the back issues, being scared of the dark, the connection with plants and animals, the vivid dreams, the feeling different or just not fitting in, as long as I can remember, the knowing, the empathy and the hearing and knowing. For instance, I knew I would be diagnosed with breast cancer.

    If you have any suggestions of anything that might help me in developing my abilities or removing that doubt, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for the writings you have provided.

  3. Holly
    January 27, 2015

    I have questions that I think you might be able to answer. I have the gift of clairsentenience ( probably spelled it wrong). I have been having some issues as I recently found out about my gift from a well known psychic in cedar rapids, Iowa. Please email me, so I can ask for your help as this is sorta a personal matter.
    Thank you and hope to
    hear from you soon,

  4. Rose
    October 1, 2013

    Is it real? I can’t deny it, and haven’t been able to since an incident when I was 15. That isn’t the problem. The problem is that it seems to be stronger and more reliable now… mixed with the fact that I have PTSD and almost everyone I know thinks I’m a nutcase already. This plants seeds of doubt.

    However, I have also researched and discussed phenomenon such as synesthesia and Restless Legs Syndrome (which I also have), both of which cannot be quantifiably measured; only subjectively (especially with RLS). And yet, the scientific community now actively funds and researches both… in addition to migraines with visual aura (scotoma/photopsia). All of these phenomena are subjective, which is to say only the individual experiences/perceives them, and nothing, other than an MRI during an active episode, can measure them, plot them, etc. Individuals with synesthesia, from my understanding, have already been documented as having brains which are hardwired much differently… they were born that way… so the way they perceive is normal to them.

    My research has helped me understand that all psi phenomena is not only possible, but quite real. So, why do I still doubt myself? Because everyone else does… and not simply my psi abilities… but just about everything else about me and my life as well.


  5. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Another home run, Craig. Just awesome. And this quote is great:


    “Using logic to support emotional positions is exactly the sort of thing left brained people do all the time.”


    And perhaps not only left-brained people.

    If I had to sum up my inner resistance to Ritchey’s book, I could use your sentence above, or some variation thereof. I’m not saying that it accurately describes Ritchey’s book, but it accurately describes my resistance to the climate I seem to fear finding there. Though it may be that Ritchey is not left-brained…but, that’s not exactly my point. Anyway, I think you get where I am coming from.

    I remember a New Age writer describing a politician that she did not like as having a “bad aura”, or something like that. And the one that she favored as having a good one. Come on! 🙂 That felt so sleazy and manipulative to me.

    My guess, knowing what is involved in modern politics, is that they would both have pretty nasty auras. Quite similar, I imagine. But this kind of stuff is just shameless. Now, if she had described someone that I liked or respected as having a “good aura” I would probably find it flattering, and might be inclined to agree. But that in and of itself, would not make it true. It would be simply something that I found pleasant.

    I remember when I first read some of Elaine Aron’s HSP books and newsletters, it was like getting swept up in a cyclone. Just amazing. Life-changing, without exaggeration.

    Now, as my initial enthusiasm began to fade, and I began to simply assimilate some of these new things into my reality, I could see that there were some aspects of her research (and interpretations) that seemed pretty universal to me. And then there were instances where she seemed to be bringing in her own baggage. Be it Jungian baggage, or whatever else. Some of that baggage I resonated with, and did not mind. Liked it better than the baggage of other psychologists I had been exposed to. Some of her baggage (and prejudices?) I even liked quite a bit. But some of it I didn’t. And some of it I found very strongly off-putting.

    When the baggage was there in small doses, as it seemed to be in her first book, the research was center-stage. And it spoke for itself, and it was amazing. When the baggage began to occupy more and more space, perhaps because there was not enough substance left for new books, and maybe some filler was needed, then I began to lose interest. Still, the books have real content, and are based on real research.

    I dunno, just wanted to share this. Thanks for reading.

    • anon
      September 8, 2013

      To put it a different way, Craig, sometimes the challenge for me is not as much the substance in an author’s book, as it is the surrounding baggage. And more specifically, the interaction between my baggage and theirs. And then separating out our differing baggage from the substance itself. It may feel like I’m fighting the author for the substance. Fighting them for the story! And they’re fighting back! 🙂

      Like I’m swimming against the current of the interaction of our collections of compatible and incompatible baggage, trying to pick out, and grab, handfuls of substance, of truth, where and when I can, as the current rushes by around me. Sometimes pulling me under.

      It can be pretty draining. Can be an ordeal. Sometimes I’m up for it, and am ready. But sometimes I’m not. And maybe just need more time. An interest in something, which just does not go away, but which is mixed with resistance, sometimes seems to be (for me) something like a preview of coming attractions. A mental note that at some point, when the time is right, I will be entering into this or that river. But maybe not just yet, because if I did, at this moment, I would not get that much out of it.

  6. sigrid2012
    May 26, 2013

    I could certainly relate to your comment “…had to learn about their ability the hard way…a very long time to come decisively to the conclusion that they were psychic. It is the unexplainable happening over and over again”. My revelation came the day I actually heard what someone was thinking, but I couldn’t see her face as I was driving a car and she was completely out of my visual range. I carried on a conversation with her not knowing she hadn’t uttered a word. She finally asked me how I knew what she was thinking and when I turned to her, her face was pale white. I thought she was joking at first, but her shocked look and demeanor soon convinced me she wasn’t joking. It was then I realized I had psychic abilities, but it did take years and numerous experiences to convince me it was true. I can certainly understand why skeptics are skeptics about this phenomenon, after all, I walked on this path and still needed example after example to prove to myself it’s really true, I am psychic.

    • craigweiler
      May 26, 2013

      That’s a great story! Thank you for sharing it.

  7. Jah Gouldo
    December 21, 2012

    because we are making it all up our creative right brain literally creates it like a Magi creates spells and magic the creativity when powerful enough must be able to manifest the thought in 3 dimensional space, afterall 99 percent of all matter is light and we only see a small section of the electromagnetic scale. perhaps we are creating it but not for us for others sake. .

  8. crystal
    April 25, 2011

    I told my mom today things where going on, it was a huge leap becasue she was an emotionally and physically abusive parent.
    She says I am devil worshipping. I hope not. I just wish I knew why me lol.

    • craigweiler
      April 25, 2011

      I got the same thing from some people years ago. It’s not devil worship; you don’t need to worry about that. My wife has a difficult mother as well. Her method is to never tell her mother anything important to keep her from being a pest.

  9. Monica
    May 1, 2010

    Cat–try music. If you listen psychically, you can hear the emotions behind the song. Find one that makes you feel strong and capable. Use a ‘light’ one at first–I like Disney songs. Mulan’s got some good ones. Use that, and you’ll feel more confident. Once you do, you’ll be better able to keep control of your gift and do what you want with it. Use a journal, too–being aware of what happens when is a great help.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  10. Cat
    August 8, 2009

    well, I don’t know if this is from being psychic or not but when I’m around electronics they get a lot of static sometimes. For example, I was at a friends house and her alarm clock which she claims was turned off started to make static sounds. I said not to worry because this happens all the time at my house. I figured it was normal for electronics to do this until she told me it had never happened to her before. I also as a child would hear voices and was afraid of a picture because when I went near it I would hear voices or get a bad feeling. If you have any advice or knowledge that could help explain this I would be grateful.

    • craigweiler
      August 11, 2009

      Yes, some psychic people have issues with electronics. If I’m upset, my computer starts to act up. You can experiment with grounding yourself. If you have an appliance of any sort with a metal case, it will have a three prong outlet. Plug it in and touch the metal case. You’re now grounded. Do things work better after that?

      As for the voices, that’s just psychic stuff. The picture has emotions attached to it and you’re sensitive to it. As you tune in unconsciously, you draw in someone who talks to you or gives you a bad feeling. If it annoys you enough, get rid of the picture.

  11. kim lockhart
    April 4, 2009

    Gee Craig, thanks again for sharing. You seem determined to drag me back to sanity. If you ever need a kidney……….

  12. Michelle
    April 4, 2009

    It took me years to really accept this as absolute truth about myself, as well. Even now, after training and giving readings, if I have a really slow week i’ll go there in my head… “could I have been dreaming this all up?”. It’s like a weird dream that you never wake up from. Do I SERIOUSLY live my life as a psychic!? What a strange reality. Because I am such an analytical, skeptical person by nature it took A LOT of convincing. I still feel compelled to “prove it” or have the proof on hand, so I write down all my dreams and predictions in an electronic fashion so that the date and time are well documented. I take screen captures of the online psychic tests that I consistently score 50-70% on. Somehow I feel like having evidence that I can show my skeptical friends will make them understand that I am not delusional. But in all reality, if a person is that sure psychic phenomenon is not real, they’ll rationalize it in their head that there is another explanation…

    • craigweiler
      April 4, 2009

      Thank you for sharing that Michelle, I can really relate to your experience. I am glad to say though, that I am finally past the questioning. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but it has.

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