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That Pressure in the Head

After getting three comments or e-mails in the last couple of weeks asking about the pressure in the skull, the migraines and such, I felt it was time to address this in a post. These things do not affect all psychic people, but enough of them that I think it’s relevant. I’ve certainly heard about this from enough people that I’m coming to believe that it is a widespread phenomenon among psychic people.

For me, it is thankfully only a pressure. I do not get the full fledged headaches and thankfully, no migraines. But others are not so lucky. I will update this post with examples later, but I’m on the road and accessing my e-mail is dreadfully slow. For the purpose of this article, I am going to refer to this as simply “The Pressure”.

Here’s my theory as to what is happening: The pressure almost certainly does not affect people who grew up in households that were accepting of psychic ability and is almost certainly related to how our families reacted to the presence of psychic ability.

We know from psychological studies that children will automatically learn to fear what their parents fear. If a baby sees a snake for example, it will not initially react, but if the mother is present, and she reacts violently to having a snake in the room with her child, the child will then cry if a snake is in the room with it. It is an instinctual response in the child to automatically fear what the parents fear. Once the child imprints these fears they are not easily undone.

We also know that we are emotionally very sensitive people and one of our traits is that we will go to extreme lengths to decrease our own stress by reducing the stress of the people around us. We will alter our own behavior quickly if this results in less fear and agitation around us. We do this as adults, but we did this much more as children; the habit of altering our behavior when it upsets other people is very ingrained in most of us and we would be hard pressed to change this trait.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave your whole life, you know that while a lot of people are intellectually accepting of psychic ability, they find it quite unsettling to actually encounter it. Heck, we have all been freaked out by our own ability from time to time. When our parents get freaked out by the ability, it sends us a strong negative message as children and when it freaks out other people around us, it reinforces that message. Don’t do the psychic stuff, it’s bad and it upsets other people.

Once we have that message firmly implanted at the subconscious level, all the problems begin. We can never surgically block out that ability, we are going to lose a piece of ourselves when we do it. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard the phrase: “I feel like I have a path, but I don’t know what it is.” or “I feel like I’m missing something important.” I’d be a rich man. This is what happens and it is a direct result of shutting down the psychic information that we need to use to guide ourselves and others.

We have an enormous need to access our psychic selves. The need to embrace that part of ourselves is a force greater than the fear we have. It sets up an often tremendous clash in us as we struggle with the dichotomy between who we are and who we’re pretending to be. Most of the people in the world can go through their entire lives playing out a role that they’ve carved for themselves, and be content doing it, but we cannot.

We have that THING constantly in the background, telling us who we really are and what we are really supposed to be doing.
And when we’re trying to live a “normal” life and pretend we don’t hear, we suffer for it. It is scary to be this different psychic person that freaks other people out, but much more scary than that is being stuck in some sort of act that isn’t really us. With the act, we try to believe that we’re in control.

But we aren’t of course. That THING is causing The Pressure, telling us the truth about ourselves in a voice we have long since shut down and can no longer hear. No matter what though, it won’t go away. We haven’t driven it away, we’ve only pushed it into a room whose door we can never fully close. We are driven to embrace it; we know that this is the only place where we’ll ever find peace of mind, but we have been conditioned to fear it terribly.

This clash forms the basis for The Pressure. Our wants and needs, hopes and desires and above all, the shining, glowing light of our souls grind relentlessly against our deep fear of upsetting other people and our need to conform and be “normal.”

The Pressure is the sound of gnashing gears in our heads trying drive us in opposite directions and grinding against one another in a horrible shrieking cacophony of ear splitting nails-on-the-chalkboard noise that manifests as pressure, headaches and migraines.

There is only one escape from this: we must take the time to heal ourselves, slow though the process may be. This may come in the form of therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture or natural medicines; or it may come in the form of directly facing the fear through sheer will or perhaps simple exercise. Whatever the method, the intent is the most important part. Break down the wall of fear by any means and embrace the psychic messages that are trying to get through the noise.

The Pressure will not let go, will not stop, will not die down, will never give up. It is our soul trying to give us the gift of ourselves and somewhere, deep down inside, we know that we never really wanted this normal “Muggle” type of life anyway. There is something better inside of us and if only we can listen, it will set us free.

It seems so easy, so close, only a a few beats of the heart away, yet when we reach, it seems cruelly out of our grasp. What I have learned is that we must keep reaching, regardless of the discouragement and despair, which so predictably arise and when I have almost given up I must reach some more. Slowly, that wall is begins to crumble. The fear seems so hard and so immovable, but over time, it does yield. It melts and dissolves with chunks of it breaking off and drifting away occasionally, gives hope that eventually the whole thing may start to break apart.

I wish I had an easy answer that immediately solved this problem, something that made the bad stuff go away, but I don’t. My only suggestion is hard work. The good news is that we are all connected deeply and permanently and we can build not just on our own achievements against the fear but on those of others as well. It is not so hard a task that we cannot achieve it.

24 comments on “That Pressure in the Head

  1. Tony Sandy
    April 4, 2021

    Twenty years of migraine at least. Vomiting, three days in bed, twice a fortnight for several months. Thankfully at sixty five they vanished except for the occasional visual aura nowadays

  2. HekateBenti
    November 2, 2016

    This is an amazing blog! I have been learning much about my path in the past few years and have recently been growing and changing a lot. Mu gifts that I have (only this past year) been nurturing anf exploring have exploded into shape, which at first was great, but now things are getting difficult.

    The more I work with my gifts and try yo make sense of both them and how I interact with world, the more the “pressure” builds. It was through Divine guidance that I began to see that I had to find myself, but the message was somewhat unclear has to how. And it is always a comfort to have some advice on a level that is more familiar, so finding this post was indeed a Godsend.

    Thank you!

  3. BRM
    April 29, 2016

    I have been suffering migraines for 30+ years, in the last 15-20 years I have noticed a correlation between my migraines and “Coincidences” sometimes the “psychic abilities” (and man I am finding it hard to use that phrase, “psychic abilities” to describe myself as having.)
    Sometimes the coincidences are minute other times they are profound, I find it very hard to dismiss some of them as sheer coincidences.

    My symptoms (For lack of a better word) I find the occurrences happen more before and after a migraine, during the migraine I am more focused on getting rid of the migraine and shutting out any external “Noises”.

    I have been reading about these occurrences for years. What I have been reading is that for some Migraineurs, is that their coincidences/abilities isn’t caused by their migraines but its the other way around, Its the Noises/abilities that’s causing the migraines.

    Its like someone or something is yelling at you in a silent voice using a hammer on your head “Hello ! You in There ?”
    I can’t tell you how many times that I have wished (and yes prayed) that my migraines would go away forever, But every time I want to keep any of the possible psychic side effects without the pain.

    Every time I have a coincidental occurrence, I think to myself how can I nurture or refine this ability. LOL. I never do anything about it, when I know I can.
    Why is that? Fear of Ridicule and ignorance?

    I have entertained my co-worker with some of the things that have come to fruition, she has been my witness.
    It just happens, we’ll be having a conversation about something and I’ll change the subject or say something off the wall.
    Every single time it happens after getting rid of a migraine or just before getting one.

    Have you ever gone into an old building and find yourself wanting to answer someone that isn’t there and not knowing the words to utter, struggling with all your might, until the only thing that appears is another migraine.

    Look through history, there have been many psychics, empaths and clairvoyants that suffered from migraines.
    Why is it that some people only believe in what they can See, Touch, Feel or Smell ?
    And let me tell you, well I probably don’t have to because your here reading this topic “Pressure in the Head” If you are a Migraineur those “Normal Senses” are heighten tenfold.
    Thanks, I needed to get this off my chest.

  4. Saundra Adams
    March 15, 2016

    For those who embrace the metaphysical realm consider this my friends….that just maybe the psychic messages coming through are the Holy Spirit who was given to us to comfort and guide us and that negative energy we all feel is the devil who wants nothing more than to hinder that process and ultimately destroy us if “he” can. The ultimate battle of light vs. darkness/good vs. evil for our very souls (minds, wills and emotions.” Something to think about….

    You know it takes a kind of faith to embrace metaphysics…you know believing in the energy that is around and pulsating through us and every living thing…I once prayed to God for help clearing my electromagnetic field and his reply was, “I AM your electromagnetic field.”

    Blessings you you all in the Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Go with God.

  5. Robin
    July 22, 2015

    Yeah, I get really bad headaches with any incoming source of energy. The problem I have is the fact that I’m ADHD, and so in order to clear the energy quick enough, I have to concentrate, at which I usually CAN’T. I feel like there is some sort of negative energy in my environment that is blocking me from being able to concentrate long enough TO rid myself of the energy I’m receiving. It’s very frustrating and tiring. But with me, I can also take into account that I tell NO ONE what I”m feeling, or what kind of energy I”m receiving from others, etc… because they wouldn’t believe me if I DID tell them. There have been times that I”ve warned my husband about certain men he would hire to work for him (as I can MOST ESPECIALLY PICK UP the energy of someone who is being deceitful and no good), but he always ignored my warnings, ending up having to find out for himself that I was right after all. Plus I spend more time fighting AGAINST feeling these feelings than I do with actually trying to clear them, just because I know no one would take me seriously OR believe me. I don’t like being this sensitive. It’s not fun, and whoever said it was a “gift”, well, you’re suppose to ENJOY “gift’s”, and I don’t enjoy picking up all these energies from everybody. I guess I’ve just never had anyone to SHOW ME HOW I can clear all the energy I pick up, I don’t know, I just know, I don’t enjoy it, it’s not fun, I don’t even want to BE AROUND people, let alone pick up their energy, and there is something REALLY STRONG and with negative force trying to block me from being able to clear this stuff. THAT is what I’ve been picking up for the past few years.

  6. Grace
    March 14, 2015

    I have only just found out I am psychic. Since the i have had bad migraines and headaches that will not go away. No matter what I do. I have a friend who is also psychic and she thinks it is negative energy but I don’t know . I’m new to this so I don’t know how to deal with it so if anyone has any tips or whatever I would be grateful. Oh yeah and I also get very vivid dreams that come true a lot and I have what my friend calls psychic visions and after both I usuall get a bad headache.

  7. Rose
    October 1, 2013

    Oh, BINGO!

  8. Sue Pease Banitt
    September 9, 2013

    My daughter was raised fully accepted in her psychic abilities and her abilities to see fairy folk. She and I both suffered from migraines. I think it has more to do with processing people’s negative energies. She’s leaking so much goo when they happen!

    • Anonymous
      November 18, 2014

      Or it may be that you are being attacked psychically, not just processing people negative energy but people whether they’re solo or in a group might be doing this because you’re “perceived as weaker” and therefore a good target to drain energy off of. I’ve encountered this on more than one occasion.


      To rule this out, make sure you don’t have sensitivities to household chemicals and foods, once you rule those out you can concentrate on psychic self-defense.

  9. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Powerful stuff, Craig. This quote particularly shook me, in a good way:


    “We know from psychological studies that children will automatically learn to fear what their parents fear. If a baby sees a snake for example, it will not initially react, but if the mother is present, and she reacts violently to having a snake in the room with her child, the child will then cry if a snake is in the room with it. It is an instinctual response in the child to automatically fear what the parents fear. Once the child imprints these fears they are not easily undone.”


    I feel inspired here to mention two books, both of which can be found online in pdf format. Both of which I found helpful, thought perhaps in very different ways.

    The first is Michael W. Dean’s “A User’s Manual for the Human Experience”.

    Click to access Users_Manual_for_The_Human_Experience-eBook.pdf

    I rarely revisit books that I’ve read. But I have re-visited and re-read parts of this one, repeatedly. It’s as though it contains some kind of mental, emotional and behavioral vitamins that I missed out on during my life. Skills I never learned. The book is not really geared towards psychic people, but I think it presents usable tools. The author seems to self-identify as sensitive in some way, by some definition, and lays out what he calls a system of Personal Emotional Self Defense (PESD). A system for dealing with pests.

    To sum it up, he advocates not initiating force, NOR ACCEPTING force. Be the force physical, or emotional/psychological. Some of his ideas seem to be inspired by libertarianism, and certain twelve-step recovery programs, both of which I have no particular affection or aversion for, but which work for me in the context of his book. The author has kicked heroin addiction, alcoholism and sex addiction. I don’t agree or resonate with all of his views and opinions, but when he writes from lived experience, I can feel that it is real. And it inspires my trust and respect.

    He describes the aim of his system as maximizing one’s own serenity. Removing from one’s life toxic and crazy-making influences, and navigating difficult people. He uses terms like “serenity vampire”, “weenie” and “soul mosquito” to describe various gradations of persons along a continuum. People that are not quite full-blown psychopaths, but who still drain you. I think this may be particularly valuable for psychic people. He discusses codependence in some depth, and seems to define it as an addiction to toxic people. Or an addiction to trying to “fix” toxic people. I feel that codependence may also perhaps be a relevant topic for at least some psychic people.

    In the context of the book, terms like “toxic” and “serenity vampire” take on a somewhat subjective role. In that I believe he uses them to validate the reader’s own subjective experience when interacting with certain people. Similar to how in certain self-defense courses, the attacker is referred to as a “goblin”. This is a conscious and deliberate depersonalization/dehumanization of the attacker. For a practical purpose. In the sense of: “don’t worry so much about hurting their feelings, they are already hurting yours.” And I think this can have value, especially for those of us who will tend to over-extend themselves by being seemingly “overly compassionate” in a way that is self-destructive.

    The second book is a title that I almost cringe at writing here, since the name of the book makes it sound much more crass, scammy, superficial than it really is. But here it is: Stuart Lichtman’s “How To Make Lots Of Money For Anything Fast”.

    Absolute gold. Like magic, self-help and psychology, all rolled into one. He doesn’t call it magic. But it is magic. Or maybe it’s science? He calls it “cybernetic transposition”. Inspired, I guess, at least in part by Maxwell Maltz’s “Psycho-Cybernetics”, by brain-mapping, and by a bunch of other stuff.

    As I see it, the book is really about developing and fine-tuning one’s own conscious communication with one’s own intuition, with one’s own unconscious/subconscious. Making the back-and-forth more and more clear and precise. Giving it feedback and accepting it’s feedback. Perhaps something akin to what Thelemites refer to as “attaining the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel”. And then applying that to real world situations. Including financial ones. And fine-tuning it as you go, life-long.

    The book is amazingly deep. I have shared it with a number of people, but I don’t think any of those folks have had as profound an experience with it as I had. When I first encountered it, it seemed like the culmination of a number of different things that I had been reading about and experimenting with, for a number of years. It almost felt like it had been written just for me! I became convinced that it worked before I even finished reading it. And long before I began applying some of the exercises. I think I discovered it around 2004, and have still not grown bored of disillusioned with it. For me, that is rare.

    One of the things that I love about it is that it allows me to work with my own subjective experience, with my own internal symbols and “alphabet of experience”. No two people are fully alike. Nor are our experiences identical, nor is the way that we internally encode our experiences. His stuff allows me to go to very scary, very sad, and deeply personal places. Places that I would be very hesitant to allow anyone else into.

    All the best.

    • anon
      October 11, 2013

      I just want to mention another book:

      Amazing book. I thought Dean’s book was good, but this one blows his book right out of the water. There is a beautiful analysis of the dynamic between the empathic person the a narcissist/psychopath. Very empowering. Soothing. The focus is on nurturing and trusting your own intuition. So good. The most healing thing I have read since I first stumbled upon Elaine Aron’s HSP book, back in the late 90s.

      And such a smooth and easy read. Feels like easily and gently untying knots of old emotional energy. Just by reading. I find myself reading a page, and then taking a break. Not because it’s hard going, but because each page brings such a wonderful feeling of relief. The body relaxes. Chest expands. Muscles un-tense. Spine straightens. And I don’t want to read more. Just want to bask in the feeling of relief for a while. Digest it a bit. And I only return to read the next page when I feel ready. SO good.

  10. Brandie
    August 31, 2013

    Thank you for writing such an informative article. I can definitely relate to the pressure. It comes out of no where often like a chilly wave that flows over my head and just squeezes…I can feel my mind literally being seized and held by something and it stretches and tightens like a band. When the sensation usually comes about I feel like something is about to happen. It’s nothing big, but it’s usually the little signs I notice. I never been really called myself psychic or tried to label what I experience except in possible metaphysical terms. But I find denying the urge to let go and just be causes a lot of build up of energy that use to just flow naturally when I was younger. I still have a open mind and great imagination, but adulthood has tempered that with rationalism, cynicism, and disenchantment.

    My abilities are hitting a roadblock within me and so they flare up like headaches and migraines occasionally. When that happens I can’t stand bright lights, loud noises, talking, and just being around other people. I love my solitude then. Side effect from my “headaches” comes flaring/dimming lights, I blow bulbs, electrical interference, and I pick up on peoples thoughts. It’s like a symphony or buzzing of voices that crash into my head and I hear it all. My shield is gone then for a while and I’m just open. Hell I even heard my dog in my head once and he use to never hardly bark.
    All in all though I found this very useful. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  11. Antoine
    July 21, 2013

    Hello to everyone with pressure on their heads. Really that’s my case as well. I tend to remember I used to have them earlier though would never think they were THiS . Kind of got used to , and hearing seeing other frequencies is a usual thing. In my case , the moment I just hear see them I stay calm without much panick or even attempting to see what s what , and this way it goes smoothly. Yet the moment I try to understand why and what is happening the pressure accelerates in a sec. During this pressure effect I tend to really not feel my body, not feel any sexual drive , no food cravings just a mere wholesome lightness . My other siblings and mother who are also sensitive to things don’t really have such phenomenal headaches or pressure . I tried to talk to them about it and heard lots of medical proof of why and so. Basically people who have not experienced it on their skin would not be able to see what and how you feel. I really try. I can communicate only with my psychic friend on this

  12. Ertha
    July 19, 2013

    I’ve had the Pressure and headaches that make my mind feel like it’s a giant racket ball court with thousands of racket ball ideas and thoughts scattered and banging around with no end. or similarily it’s like trying to get ONE SPECIFIC bingo ball out of the cage. it’s maddening, and art seems to be the only thing that can file the ideas out in some sort of ‘organized’ form.

    But now on top of THAT madness, I’ve had EXTREME sensitivity/heightened hearing. like i now have my TV and music at HALF the volume than what I usually need. I hear weird buzzes and hums at random, and the ‘nothing’s there’ things that my dog would bark his head off about I can now HEAR, before he starts barking about it. It’s like I can hear multiple/extended frequencies, uncommon to most humans… So that drives me up the wall too.

    Does anyone else have this?

  13. Josh
    November 26, 2012

    As we peer beyond the associative barriers of the conditioned self and what can be considered the ego; only but the true intention remains. Where the orthogonal and creative-emotional realization synthesize into the harmony and balance in which it is intended to accomplish. The logical and intuitive……the masculine and the feminine,…….the square and the circle. It is the unification of such polarities in which we step beyond the manifolds of attraction, and within the realms of creation. Each entity, consciously aware, feeding a mind that is one.

    If we consider that all matter is merely a perception of energetically patterned levels of density, and gaze with openness to the vast abstraction of the quantum mechanical phenomena of particle and wave duality………a new perception begins to emerge. A reality of energy held together by what thoughts are made of……………… uniting everyone and everything in a “unitary monad” of consciousness as we shape infinity………….. into possibility. Each of us an artist…….. whose paintbrush creates a different impression…… we paint with the colors of our soul and heart’s content.

    The crux of all that is “psychic” lies within this unified field of connection.
    It is completely natural for beings of energy to interact trans-dimensionally through emotional fields of response. We can access this through our very biology with the focus of intensity aimed at the brain and Pineal gland. The pressure that is experienced by one having a metaphysical state of consciousnesses is a result of an electromagnetic shielding of the mind’s eye or Pineal gland by the flow of the body’s energy. If we perturb the mind with fear and impure emotive informational datum, then we create a discourse and blockage of the body’s energetically-harmonic geometric means. The esoteric terminology for this being the “Chakra system”. Pain,headaches,and discomfort are a likely result of these blockages of energy.

    Once the mind seeks that which is true, the innate ability to “tune-in” to a broader spectrum of awareness becomes more apparent when the noise becomes cancelled. What seems to make us “psychic” seems to be the ability to remember this function more accurately through the emotional realization of oneself, and the energy comprising what can be considered the astral body or soul.Psychic phenomena can not only be validated scientifically, it can be experienced by anyone who is willing to open themselves truly, and peer into a dimension of consciousness that has always been there to discover. Like a flower nested in a field of chaos……………just waiting to be held and embraced.

    Sources: “The Source Field” by David Wilcock: “The Spirit Molecule” by Dr. Rick Strassman : “The Journey Between Lives” by Dr.Micheal Newton: “The Elegant Universe” by Brain Greene
    Personal “Out-of-body experiences” and mystical meditative states of consciousness.

    Here is an explanation of the Pineal gland by David Wilcock in the URL below.. .

    • craigweiler
      November 26, 2012

      Wonderful! Thank you

  14. Natalie
    August 27, 2012

    Pressure in forehead, waves of cold, weeks of dizziness are all things i experience but the weirdest is a beam of energy coming off my forehead which other people can feel with their hands, this is usually accompanied by the compulsion to close my eyes which results in me instantly going into a place of deep meditation. What happens then can vary from clearing personal emotional baggage, feeling bolts of electric currents run through me, to what I suspect is channeling, although not sure who is coming through and I can’t write it down as it is all too fast.

    I have been deeply psychic since I was a kid and been fully aware of it; referred to as weird by my family who thought it was cute for a while but became more hostile as I grew up to the point that I am now, in my fifties, completely estranged from them. Being acutely sensitive to all energies; places, weather, people, thoughts, emotions makes life incredibly difficult and striping away familial impediments to free the spirit is a long, deep, and at times harrowing journey.

    As an adult the biggest denial of all-things-psychic comes from society and the agencies which represent it. It is the expectations of the ‘muggles’ which cause me the biggest headaches of all!

    • craigweiler
      August 27, 2012

      Thanks for your comment. I hope that other readers benefit from it.

  15. Lynn
    May 8, 2011

    I get this. I get dizzy like crazy, sometimes its just a little and sometimes it almost knocks me off my feet to a point I can barely walk. It will come on some for a while. Cant pay to close attaintion to what people say and stuff like that… then it comes on even heavier until I get scared about a lot of things… then it leaves just a little… then a little more… till Im ok again. This takes weeks to get through. Then its weeks before it starts up again.

  16. Tania
    June 13, 2010

    Mine happens mostly at night or when I’m relaxed on a chair. The tingling sensation starts first as if some imvisable hands are massaging me – Then I go all cold like someone’s just stepped over my grave – comes in waves and my hairs all stand on end…
    And my head, blimey the pounding’s unreal – splitting in two sometimes…

  17. Monica
    May 1, 2010

    I always assumed my migraines were a neurological\ vitamin issue, because taking magnesium helped, as did turning eighteen. But looking at it as an emotional issue is certainly a new way of thinking of it–maybe it’s a mix? The hormones of emotions affecting neurobiology? Goodness knows psychology deals with neurobiology enough. Very cool theory.

  18. Mari Caplan
    October 12, 2009

    Its true. I don’t get headaches but I get The Pressure and then I get dizzy. Everything around me starts to spin and I feel like I’m going crazy. Arg. My whole life I’ve been trying to push away the crazy. Its not working. Still HERE! ( hahahahahah)

  19. Celeste"Charlie"Lee
    June 17, 2009

    The pressure for me,begins in my chest,and I get a tingling feeling in my forehead,like the feelings are rushing in through an invisible door only I can see.I wonder how odd this is,and if others share this perticular version of pressure?*

    • Angie
      August 22, 2012

      Yes, mine is very much like that. It starts in my forehead and stays there, right between my eyes. It tingles, like a thousand people are all sending energy to that one spot in my head, like all the energy swirling around everything is being drawn into me. Crystals make it worse, as does meditation. The pressure can get very uncomfortable. I went to a reiki master once when it first started and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. It was so built up, it hurt her hands when she tried to pull it out. It helps alot though, for a couple of weeks anyway. She said my third eye was opening up. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do with that.

      Certain physical places can trigger the pressure as well as certain people. Yes, I do get bad migraines. My blood pressure also went through the roof at the same time as this started.

      I was always a little bit psychic but then 4 years ago my little girl became ill with cancer and I found myself really opening up to the universe to try to “feel” if she was going to live or die (she survived). Many friends and family members were also thinking of us and I could feel that in my chest. I turned my whole belief system on its end to physically feel the thoughts of others. Something changed in my body that day in the hospital and I’ve never been the same since. I’m much more psychic now but the headaches began fast and furious. I don’t think I’m blocking my psychic abilities but who knows.

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