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Consciousness: The Undiscovered Country

From my standpoint as someone who has put the pieces together, but lacks the credibility to be believed, if indeed anyone could achieve this, the situation is painful to watch. What we are faced with in the world is not a lack of evidence, but a lack of belief.

Physicists have known for a very long time that consciousness affects our reality. An electron becomes something different when it is observed as noted here.

“Accordingly, in Heisenberg’s ontology — similar to views expressed by von Neumann and Born — physical reality is assumed to be formed by two processes. In the first, when no observations are made, elementary physical systems, such as atoms, molecules, or collections of elementary particles, evolve into a superposition of possibilities or tendencies, in a wave-like state that constantly splits into numerous branches, each representing an alternatively possible event, or outcome of an experiment. This state contains all possible events, evolving in accordance with deterministic laws of motion, and in this process continues until an observation is made. In this case — the second process — the transition from the “possible” to the “actual” takes place, as Heisenberg phrased it.

“An observation “changes the probability function discontinuously; it selects from all possible events the actual one that has taken place.” The second process occurs in the form of a quantum jump. Seemingly ruled by nothing but chance, one of the possible events is abruptly selected and made the actual one. In the terminology of Dirac, a “choice” is made. As Aristotle puts it: Forms bring matter into reality. [Geometry!] In the language of quantum mechanics: Observations bring tendencies into reality.”

What this is showing is that consciousness is having an effect on our reality, if not THE effect.

The key to understanding consciousness is found in parapsychology. If we can step away from the weirdness of it for a moment and merely accept the evidence that has accumulated, we can see what’s been learned:

The most important discovery is ironically one of the less controversial ones: Consciousness in plants (Plant Consciousness? Are You Kidding Me? Nope. It’s True). It is well known that they respond to music, to talking and that their roots form a neural network. Why is this important? Because it demonstrates that consciousness is not absolutely tied to human or animal or even insect brains or any type of normal brain at all. The structure of plants is so completely different that consciousness MUST be something more than what we have always assumed it to be.

The existence of consciousness in plants argues for a completely different interpretation of what consciousness is. What it is not is a sort of strange phenomenon that just popped out of our brains one day. If the brain were responsible for consciousness, then we wouldn’t be finding it in plants, and if we did, it would be completely foreign because a root type brain was completely foreign and therefore the consciousness would also be foreign.

But it isn’t. Plants respond to us and we respond to them and there is some evidence that plants have psychic ability. Plants respond to music and to humans. There is a sort of connection, however vague. It is far more likely that animal and insect brains and root type brains are all different methods of utilizing something that is part of the structure of the universe. They capture consciousness. A way that this might happen is that all of these organisms have perfectly adapted by creating a weak electrical field that takes the best possible advantage of consciousness, which it then structures into a usable form. (Or perhaps the consciousness does the structuring. Who knows?) This structured consciousness can then survive the organism that formed it. Once structured, it apparently does not revert to its previous unstructured self when the organism dies.

The hardest part of identifying consciousness is that no situation or place exists where it is absent. It seems to exist as a kind of quantum foam giving energy the necessary form for detection at the quantum level. Since it essentially creates reality, and we’re using it to examine reality, we quickly find ourselves in a kind of quantum house of mirrors where everything we are trying to objectively examine is a reflection of our observation. Consciousness, being at the root of everything, does not stand out in this situation. We study the effect that consciousness has, that is to say that consciousness is the force that changes probabilities into reality. We are studying that reality, not what created it.

Under these circumstances, a certain amount of psychic ability would be in everyone and every living thing because it wouldn’t be anything special. If consciousness is fundamental to the universe, then it would behave that way, allowing people to connect telepathically, allowing for telekinesis, precognition and remote viewing regardless of distance and time. It would allow for all sorts of the weirdness that humans have encountered.

That consciousness is some sort of self aware quantum foam-like thingy is obvious to me. it fits all the evidence and does not toss out any existing physics in the process. Were we to only take consciousness seriously, it would be a giant leap for physics. Just because it’s hard to map out what consciousness is doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. But for now, it’s the Undiscovered country.


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