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Some In’s and Out’s of Psychic Ability

Reading people can be a difficult business. Sometimes, for example, I have tried to read people without success, while with others, things just came to me. Or I’d try to do a psychic healing and find that I was just completely blocked. And then another time things would just flow. Sometimes, these things happen withe the same person at different times. What the heck is going on?

When using psychic ability, there is a lot to sort out and I would like to share with you some of the things that I think are happening when we try to use this ability. To explore this, we have to understand something of ourselves. We all have fears. Some of these are on the surface, such as worrying about making it to an appointment; Other fears are deeper, such as fear of ridicule and still others are so deep as to be completely unconscious for us, such as avoiding conflict by finding rationales for avoiding arguments when the best thing we can do for ourselves is have a confrontation.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has all these levels of fears running all the time, but not everyone has the same fears and not all the fears are at the same levels for everyone. Typically, the deeper the fear, the less a person will be aware that they have it. It is the extremely rare person that can acknowledge all of their fears.

When we access things psychically, we all try to put our fears aside to give us the clearest signal possible. However, while this works for the more surface fears, it cannot completely shut out the deeper ones. And here is where we have to pay attention. Psychic ability is not only shut off by fears, it is distorted by them. Psychic ability is diminished in any situation where we care about the outcome. To care about something is not the same as loving. Care is a fear. For example, I will do better predicting football games with teams that I don’t know, than games in which my home team is playing. I want my team to win, and this means that I will be unconsciously blocking outcomes which I fear. It looks like a surface fear, but there are actually underlying fears that are creating this issue.

Therefore, when I try to see who will win psychically, the fear of failure will kick in and either cloud a result that I don’t want to see or give me the result that I wanted, whether it is the right one or not. Now instead of a football game, imagine a person who also has fears and you can see how this starts to get muddy in a real hurry.

We cannot read things accurately about other people if we have too much fear there ourselves. So to give a common example, many psychic people struggle with money issues. If we’re trying to read another person and their money issues, chances are we won’t get very clear pictures. Also, I’ve found that I don’t get particularly good readings from professional psychics because the things I want to know about are areas of fear for both of us. (Psychics have a lot of traits in common with each other.)

In general, the more fears a person has, the more conservative they will be. You may have already noticed this. Conservative people tend towards things that are safe for them, like oh, believing that psychic ability doesn’t exist. Consequently, displays of psychic ability will trigger those fears. We can’t help but pick up on this when we’re reading people psychically, so if we’re trying to read a skeptic, to prove them that we can do it, we will be running up against their fear that we will be right. Most psychic people cannot overcome fear like this because it is too similar to the normal doubts psychic people have about their abilities.

It takes a very strong person to overcome this and most psychic people lack that ability. Being people pleasers means not really having that mindset. To overcome something like this, you have to absolutely believe in yourself without any doubt or questioning . . .at all. To put it a different way, you have to totally remove that fear from yourself. Much easier said than done.

An analogy to this would be having an argument with someone. In one situation, you kind of know you’re right, but don’t have all the facts. The argument wanders because you can’t definitively make your point. You will always have some uncertainty about whether you’re right or not. In contrast, having that same argument, if you’re an expert in this area, you’re now basically a steamroller fighting a loaf of bread. It’s over in a hurry. You have complete certainty of your position and more importantly, you can act that way. It’s that feeling of confidence and absolute knowledge that we would have to have trying to psychically read skeptics.

Sometimes we can encounter psychic people who unconsciously don’t want the emotional exposure that comes with being read. Being emotional people, this sort of thing can come and go. This can make a person absolutely impossible to read one day, but not the next because their mood has changed. As psychic people, I’m sure you understand this.

In a reading, there is this back and forth of fears that happens in the background. It is the sort of thing that only diminishes with experience. The psychic reader has to learn to put those fears on the back burner and simply allow stuff to come through without it hitting the emotional trigger points. I’ve found that with healing work, I can’t even do that. I have to work through all the fears or I won’t be able to help someone else in that area. Conversely, as those fears have gone by the wayside, my ability to heal has increased dramatically.

By being aware of how fear affects the ability to see things psychically, we can be better prepared to manage it when it does appear and perhaps compensate for the effects that fear can have on us.

12 comments on “Some In’s and Out’s of Psychic Ability

  1. ivar
    September 7, 2016

    i like this page, it tells me a lot of things that i feel fits me as a person too.
    however my question might seem silly.

    i am without a doubt so freaking scared that if i decide to sit down and delve back into this stuff, i might not come back from it. . i’m afraid of what i might see, hear or experience in general.

    i have no idea how to label myself in this world of psychic abilities. sometimes i know things, like for instance. Gene wilder died a short while ago and on that day, without any prior knowledge of who this man was considering i’m just a youngster i guess, i heard that song in my head all damn day “somewhere over the rainbow” and then i saw it on social media. that he died, listening to this song in his final moments. it scared the crap out of me.

    but that’s not all. sometimes i seem to pick up energies or like. i know when a place feels wrong or good, open or closed, like i don’t want to go in there, or the direct opposite. i know when people are sad, even if they don’t really show it or say it, i’ll tap on their shoulder and say “are you alright sweetheart?” an sometimes they just break down in tears. i have a strong sense of duty to master it, understand it and evolve within it.
    but i think im blocking it because of fear, being afraid if of seeing or hearing something that feels wrong, or very bad..
    i fear it so much that if i were to see something, i think i might just drop dead on the floor right there. that’s how scared i am of it.
    or if i go projecting, or meditating, scared if i’ll get back or if something makes contact while im doing it.

    is it possible im just not ready for that level?, or is it just a dumb fear i can’t shake off?..

    in any case, do you have any tips about how to rid myself of it?, i feel it’s such a waste not exploring this.

  2. Natalie
    February 4, 2016

    I always know what people are thinking as they speak to me, I could tell a person where there going wrong and what to do about it from a 2 minute conversation, I will think about a random person and they will walk round the corner, dejavoo-few times a day to the point I can’t tell my friends now anymore coz its boring, I know things that r gona happen before they happen, I’ve never looked into it before but I know I have sum sort of phycic presence in me- BUT why do I always see my mum in my dreams and she NEVER says a word to me???? She was like me-and she promised me just before she died that she would find a way to get through to me and she hasn’t?????? Surely two people as close as we were with our abilities and psychic connections-i would have seen or felt something????

  3. Malta
    November 11, 2015

    I found this article very interesting. I’ve been psychic I guess, annoyingly so in many ways for my whole life. Why I say this is that I have images pop into my mind like cartoon pictures. They come from nowhere, or from out there, whatever. They show something that is going on in that moment. For example, I had a boyfriend that was a player and I didn’t know it. We were on the phone and he said “I just landed in Washington D.C” I was totally believing him but in my minds eye I saw the famous sign flashing of “Welcome to fabulous Vegas” out of nowhere. And out of my mouth came the words before I could stop them “Are you in Vegas?” and he said… “who told you?” I wasn’t trying to be psychic something in his brain must have transferred onto me.
    Another time I was driving with my best friend and I saw a cartoon “RIP on a gravestone” and I said to her “I just saw a gravestone” and she got all freaked out. I didn’t know why I saw it. It turns out that her godfather’s son had died right in that moment.
    Then there was a time I was at a neighborhood meeting and people were joking with one neighbor about breaking into their house and swimming in their big pool, that they just had to get the gate code. And suddenly I saw these 4 numbers and blurted them out. The owners of the pool house (who I didn’t know up to this point) looked at me with wide eyes and asked how I knew those numbers. I said they just popped into my head.
    I live in LA and one other example was I was with my sister and a friend and suddenly, flash! cartoon words “earthquake” like bugsbunny type of cartoon pops into my mind and I say to the girls, “what if there was an earthquake right now, where would you hide?” We talked about it for a bit, walked into a movie we were going to see and bam! There was an earthquake. This was in 2001, I don’t know if it was that big but it shook the theater pretty hard.

    Anyway – the reason I’m sharing all this is that of each of these times, I was never emotionally involved. I wasn’t in “fear” as Craig mentioned. I was kind of just ladi-da open. I’ve said frustratedly that I wish that I wasn’t having these flashes because they seem to not do me any good really and they just bombard me out of nowhere and jolt my system. There has been so many other times I can’t even say.

    Sometimes they go away for awhile. But I do find it interesting that I don’t have these when I’m feeling insecure or having anxiety about a certain topic. In those cases I’m not psychic at all, in fact I’m rather gullible and it takes a second for me to catch on that someone may not be who they say they are. Then when I’m off guard and relaxed, bam! Something will come about the person or situation and I’m wondering why I couldn’t have been more insightful. I guess that’s the fear part. Closing me down. And btw I don’t really believe in all this paranormal stuff at all. I’m in a rather shallow field. Anyway… These articles are very soothing as I’ve felt a little nuts from these things. And thinking I could go crazy is definitely one of my greatest fears. 😀

  4. charles
    November 2, 2013

    Fears to the wayside and trust the outcome

    • Robert
      January 13, 2016

      Damn, this crap is scaring the sh*t out of me.

    • Robert
      January 13, 2016

      I liked that article. I have never considered myself physic. I have only considered myself an as*hole or that is what my x-wife used to tell me. True or not true….you have to be the judge. Right or wrong you are still right.

  5. anon
    September 8, 2013

    There is a feeling of safety in your writing. A soothing quality to it. Whereas the free online samples of Ritchey’s book left me feeling somewhat uneasy, your writing leaves me feeling better. Reassured.

    You mentioned a meditation or exercise where you face your fears. I guess that sort of thing can leave you with a profound feeling of relief, when a fear is finally digested, perhaps after years of being carried around, burned up, fully felt, flushed out, has run its course, and when you are finally free from it.

    When a person writes you can sometimes feel things that are going on in that person, things hidden under the surface. It comes through their writing. You can feel their mind, feel their heart, to some degree.

    One of the things that come through for me in your writing is that sense of safety. Sort of like the opposite of fear. Or the fruit of fears more fully faced.

    • geagle1
      September 3, 2014

      That’s interesting that you said what you said of his writing, I sense the same thing but had no idea how to explain it. Interesting, but a spot on perception here.

  6. anon
    September 8, 2013

    “In general, the more fears a person has, the more conservative they will be. You may have already noticed this. Conservative people tend towards things that are safe for them, like oh, believing that psychic ability doesn’t exist.”


    I’m not sure that I fully agree with the above, Craig. Great article, by the way.

    I’ll give some very specific examples, in order to illustrate what I see as some perhaps more general principles.

    I remember dating a girl in high school who was much more left-wing than me, if we are to define “conservative” in terms of left-wing vs right-wing. One thing that I remember her saying is “that’s so scary”, about all kinds of opinions that she would encounter in different people. These were opinions that I myself didn’t necessarily share, but which also didn’t frighten or disturb me. I barely gave them a second thought. It seemed a little odd to me, I guess, at the time, that she seemed to be carrying around so much fear. SO MUCH. But I let it go.

    On top of that, her “progressive” ideals and beliefs didn’t seem deeply-thought-out, or largely experience-derived. She was from a significantly more privileged and comfortable background than myself, and I guess somewhat sheltered. Her political/social convictions seemed to be in large part handed-down, received, unquestioned, as far as I could perceive, you could even say in a “conservative manner”, from her own “progressive” parents.

    And in her parents, I also perceived a lot of fear. At first, I didn’t really understand it at all. So much fear that their loudly-proclaimed convictions seemed to not only be “reactive” to something unstated, hidden form view, suppressed, but that their talk seemed quite incongruent with their real-world “walk”.

    In retrospect, their stated convictions, in the context of their actual behavior, as experienced by me, strike me as being more about pursuing practical personal perceived self-interest(s), than about anything abstract, altruistic or universal.

    Just to give an example, outwardly, they were vocally anti-racist. But in their personal behavior they occasionally exhibited what I can only describe as a sort of fear-based ethnic hyper-xenophobia. I remember it shocking the socks right off of me! Even now it cools my blood, just thinking about it. So out-of-step it seemed to be with their “masks”. But there it was, sitting there under the surface of their liberal veneer, waiting to come out, at the opportune moment.

    Another example. On the surface, the mother was a staunch and outspoken feminist. But from what I could tell, she was also fully dependent on her “sugar daddy” lawyer-husband. FULLY. She was some sort of psychologist, but seemed to barely be getting any work. She was home most of the time. Just hanging out, and being fabulous. Reading fiction. They had a maid. Whatever little work the mother seemed to be getting could not have been enough to finance her (what seemed to me as a lavish) lifestyle. Perhaps not enough to live off of, even given a much humbler lifestyle.

    The incongruity between various aspects of the public face of that family, and their actual behavior, I assume resulted in some internal anxiety. It must have, at some level. They were not stupid. Perhaps the anxiety was even quite strong. Though also strongly suppressed. Covered over by self-deception. It was a fascinating world, though one I am glad to be out of touch with.

    Another guy I know, who self-identifies quite strongly as a left-wing activist, seems to derive his own convictions, in large part, as a reaction to painful experiences with his own “conservative” parents. And his own closer identification with his girlfriend’s more progressive family. When I hear him talk politics, what I feel under the surface is pain, hurt, anger, loss and fear, rather than anything deeply thought-out. Though cloaked in a blanket of self-righteousness. It’s actually quite painful for me to listen to. He is also from a much more privileged background than myself, and seems to speak politics largely from non-experience. Or based on something that he saw on TV.

    He was proud of the fact that his girlfriend and himself where living in a more diverse, less posh, more ghetto-ey neighborhood. Saying that their child would learn to interact with all kinds of different people. But very soon they were outta’ there. And they soon moved to her parents’ neighborhood. A neighborhood where my old high school was located. A neighborhood that I would describe as quite possibly the epicenter of hypocritical-upper-middle-class-Anglo-old-money-faux-liberal-left-wing-snobbery in my city. Just an all-around loathsome place. At least a place where I really did not, and do not, fit in. A place I am grateful to be far away from now.

    I feel the need to add that I don’t self-identify with either the mainstream right or the mainstream left, in case someone wishes to place me into a comfortable box. And I will without hesitation concede that stupid people will tend to be conservative.

    But I would define “conservative” in a slightly different, broader, way. The area that I live in is traditionally left-wing. In as seemingly an unthinking a way as I assume some backwoodsy religiously-conservative places to be. People are “progressive” here because it’s what their parents inculcated in them, and because it’s the messages that they get from all directions. It’s what “everybody does”. Well, almost everybody. It’s also a class thing. A way to have the “correct” opinions, so as to be perceived as being high-status. Even when one’s real behavior is quite deeply at odds with what comes out of the mouth.

    In a sense, “conservative” people will tend to follow patterns, whether those patterns are right-wing or left-wing patterns. In a dominantly left-wing culture, such as the one that I live in, holding, or claiming to hold, progressive values is a way of asserting and keeping status. I would even say that the fear of losing said status among the group, seems to be a STRONG motivator. Thus I would see the “progressivism” in my city as being in large part, fear-driven. I think all of this stuff is much deeper and more intricate than some of the easy labels we might put on it.

    What I see as best about many forms of conservatism, is the idea that there is a reality that exists independently of our wishes, beliefs, convictions and ideas. And that there is a feedback loop from reality that helps to inform us about the nature of that reality. And I think what we label as psychic phenomena are part of that feedback loop. And I think that it is okay to have ideas in our heads, so long as we do not try to suppress and cut off the feedback loop from reality, which might inform, or even modify, some of those long-cherished ideas.

    So for me, conservatism at it’s best is not so much about fear, but about the idea that there is a reality. And that simply wishing that reality away, or wishing it were different, does not necessarily work. Though I would not say that I self-identify as a conservative, for whatever its worth. All that stuff is just word games. I’m just me. Of course, that gets us into the discussion of the subjectivity of perception, and whether there really is an objective reality under all those varying subjective perceptions. But that’s probably a topic for another time.

    Anyway…all the best.

  7. Troythulu
    April 26, 2009

    Hi Craig, it seems that as usual you have put a lot of work into this, as with most of your posts. Never mind my views on the ontological status of psychic ability, as I can readily agree to disagree with you on this. As for being motivated by fear of being wrong about that, being my own worst critic and brutally frank with myself, fear of the truth whatever it turns out to be, is not an issue. If the commenters on my own sites were as critical of what I write as I am, I’d think thrice about publishing my stuff. Anyhoo, I find that I would be absolutely delighted to have my views on psi proven wrong, as that would be just too cool. Being wrong about something, anything, is my right, and my responsibility to admit it and get on with life. Personally I’ll settle for short-term cognitive dissonance over long-term scathing self-criticism. I’ll say this upfront: anyone and everyone can be fooled, even we skeptics. Experience and study have shown me that the more one believes that one cannot be deceived, by oneself or otherwise, the more easily one is fooled. Even a mountain of intellectual brilliance and scientific credentials is no safeguard versus this, as we all have this wonderful human neurobiology that works the way it does, not always the way it should. Good post, and now that I have more free time, I’ll get back to reading more of your articles as I find them…enlightening.

    • craigweiler
      April 27, 2009

      Hi Troy,
      Nice to hear from you. I had been meaning to finish our discussion your your blog, but somehow it got away from me. You have some good observations in this comment and I want to address them. First, the situation I was describing was having someone psychically read a skeptic. If the reader is generally a good one, and the skeptic has a genuinely open mind, then the reading will probably go as advertised. However, and this is the condition I was describing, if the psychic is just utterly blocked in trying to read a skeptic, then this fear is almost certainly present.

      So just because you’re a skeptic, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re blocking psychic stuff. It’s not whether you’re skeptical, it’s how you’re skeptical that matters.

      Having said that let me add this tidbit. Psychic stuff scares everyone, even psychic people. It is so far out of our normal reality that it triggers something deep inside way past the point where we can grapple with it intellectually. So even though you are telling me the absolute truth about yourself, and I completely believe that you are not only sincere, but accurate in describing how you deal with things I can’t imagine that you would somehow be free of this fear when everyone else has it. You really can’t know until you experience it. For whatever it’s worth, I absolutely expect to be frightened by psychic phenomena I am unfamiliar with if I should experience them. It doesn’t matter how I think about it, that’s what’s really going to happen.

      • anon
        September 8, 2013

        “Having said that let me add this tidbit. Psychic stuff scares everyone, even psychic people. It is so far out of our normal reality that it triggers something deep inside way past the point where we can grapple with it intellectually.”


        Well said.

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