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Positive Thinking in a Conscious Universe

I would like to share a theory I have on how our interconnected group consciousness thinking might work with something like positive thinking. This idea has been banging around in the back of my head for several years and this looks like as good a time as any to share it. I am basing this on the theory that we are all entangled and that all of our thoughts are ultimately shared with everyone else at some level. Here goes:

If you have read my blog, you know that I subscribe to the theory that the universe is consciousness driven, that is to say, that consciousness is how we move from probability to reality. Far from being a magic trick of evolution, consciousness is as fundamental to the universe as electrons and protons. Living things adapt themselves to take optimal advantage of existing consciousness, they don’t create it.

That means that what we think is very, very important in terms of what actually happens in our lives. And this occurs not just at the conscious level, but all the way down through to our deepest levels of subconscious. Most of the time, we are either focused on something that we have to do, or our minds are wandering. Rarely do we spend time actually focused on changing our lives for the better. This is an important point I think because in order to evaluate how successful positive thinking is, we need to evaluate exactly how much of it we’re actually doing.

Since the reality for most people is that they spend very little time and effort thinking about what sort of success they could have and spend a lot more effort on what is happening in front of them, for most people most of the time, we would expect their success to come rather slowly. And that is what is normally observed.

For example, I am in construction specializing in handyman work. It is the best job I have had, and I’ve gotten pretty good at it. When I talk to potential customers, this is conveyed by me simply being myself. My success at this job has been gradual because I have been slow to believe in myself. Even so, I have moved from $25 an hour to $85 an hour, reflecting a similar change in my thinking. What success I have had has not been based entirely on skill, knowledge and experience. There has also been an emotional side that has to do with what I believe I deserve to be paid.

People at all levels of success in their fields struggle with this. Many people, including myself, have grown up in families where the focus was not on success, but on family drama. (Problems are the focus. Something is always “going wrong.”) Success is actually discouraged in these situations because the parents are addicted to worry and being successful removes a source of it. Children will adopt these patterns and beliefs unconsciously.

Absolutely everything we think is shared by others at some level, so when we’re focused on our success, they see us as successful. People can only support us if we’re doing it for ourselves. They will unconsciously react to the picture we have of ourselves in our minds. While this is playing out in the group consciousness, it also has tangible indications. When we are clear about the success we want, we typically radiate happiness and passion about it and share that idea with others. This motivates people to contribute to our success an/or believe in us. So although a lucky break might just come out of the blue, it is only going to do that when we allow it.

If we are thinking of ourselves as successful, we are also better able to focus on things that might contribute to our success. We know, naturally, what looks like a good idea and what doesn’t. I have been on both sides of this fence. Years ago, I was in purchasing and was occasionally having to look for jobs. I didn’t like it very much and found myself constantly having to scrape for work and taking low paying jobs and not keeping them for very long. I didn’t see myself as successful doing this job, I didn’t much want to grow in it and I’m sure this came across to others in any number of ways. I tended to find the jobs that mirrored how I was feeling about this career choice.

In doing handyman work, I didn’t have this problem. The kinds of pressures I get from this job don’t bother me in the same way and the variety suits me. I don’t consider it hard work even though I’m occasionally crawling through some pretty nasty places and sometimes come home hurting. As a result, I’ve attracted good people to work for and I get the good jobs. I make decent money and people see me as a professional. I tend to get most of my jobs without having to compete for them and the work I do tends to be superior. Things just flow. A comment I typically get from potential customers is that they saw my picture and they liked me.

There is a dynamic feedback going on. Being successful in this job has helped me feel successful and this in turn has emboldened me to try for more success. Having success in one area helps us create it in another. We then carry an attitude of success and this in turn helps us focus on ways to succeed. It is not necessarily the number of attempts that matters, but rather how this changes our thinking.

The point here is that a lot more is happening than meets the eye. People are make judgments about us that are based on a lot more than just what we think we are presenting. When I was involved in the New Age movement I was astonished to find that people gravitated towards me when I talked about psychic stuff. People wanted to look up to me and listen to what I had to say. I found it strange and uncomfortable at the time, but not so much anymore. I get it. In this area of my life, I believe in myself. I can clearly sense the energy and have no fear of experimenting and developing my own methods and forming my own opinions. I just charge right ahead. As I mentioned before, this sort of thing comes across to other people and they are drawn to it.

I remember seeing a short biography of Madonna and one of the things mentioned was that she had always acted like she was famous already. She had a clear picture of this in her mind and success followed. Tom Cruise had a walk on role as a waiter and even then, people recognized his star quality. Something about him told people he was going to be famous. It could not have been just his good looks because Hollywood is full of handsome men and beautiful women.

Whenever people who were successful have been studied, there was inevitably a lot of hard work and good timing involved, Malcom Gladwell clearly lays this out in his book “Outliers.” But these are levels of extreme success and not everyone is pursuing it at that level.

I have personally found that pursuing a course of positive thinking has resulted in slow, but steady success; including recognizing success that I already have in my life. For years I complained about the difficulties of my dirty job, but gradually, I came to see the positives of it. I slowly came to understand that for me, with my particular personality, I was actually pretty well suited to the work I was doing. The job itself hasn’t changed, but I feel more successful about it. This was not a development that I was expecting and I was quite frankly surprised by it.

I see adopting positive thinking as a personal program involves both offense and defense. The offense side is obvious, one must think positively! But there is also a defense side. Fear and existing belief systems are formidable challenges to deal with and a certain amount of time and energy must be devoted to recognizing and reducing their effects. My wife and I have a strange term for this; we refer to it as “processing.”

Positive thinking then, is something we need to take seriously. It can have an enormous effect on our lives beyond what we can obviously see.

As Henry Ford once said: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.”


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