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The Knowing

Recently I got into an on-line discussion which included a fundamentalist Christian, a couple of skeptics, and me. It was about psychic healing and I found it very interesting how it played out. The Christian was talking about the laying on of hands, -something I could easily relate to- and although I have no use for Christianity and even less for the fundamentalist version of it, I found myself taking his side against the skeptics. This has happened more than once because while we absolutely disagree on the specifics, he and I are both moved by a sense of spirituality and have common ground there.

Which is how we drifted to the subject of “The Knowing.” Any deeply spiritual person of any religion or of no religion at all knows what I’m talking about. The simple answer is that you just know stuff. Sometimes, we just know that someone is all right, we know that we are going to get through a difficult time or that something we did made a difference. We don’t have to have the facts. We just . . . know.

In the on line discussion, the Christian guy had spiritually healed a physical ailment that his girlfriend was having and he was trying to explain this to the skeptics. It finally came down this: He “knew” he had healed her. He didn’t have to wait for the final results. He felt the energy and understood what had been accomplished.

Naturally, the skeptic had no idea what he was talking about. “The Knowing” sounds like complete crazy talk to them. From their perspective I can kind of see that. Certainly they have no frame of reference for dealing with such a concept. It sounds like a sort of New Age voodoo to them; a fantasy spun of wild dreams with no hint of reality behind it. They can’t imagine that there would be anything to it.

But anyone who has experienced this knows about that feeling. Years ago, when we were at the doorstep of having our home foreclosed, I knew that it wasn’t going to happen. I simply did not see us losing our house. Sure enough, enough money came in to keep us out of trouble, we were able to shift things around and we got through those very tough times. I also know that this was going to be our last visit to The Financial Disasters Theme Park. So far, I’ve been right and I have not doubt things will stay that way. In fact, we are going to truly prosper very soon. I just “know.”

Read practically anyone’s autobiography and you can find at least one instance of them “knowing” how something was going to turn out. The Knowing is not limited to psychic people, it’s just more common for us. When I started paying attention to this phenomena, I realized it was everywhere. It’s not some small esoteric corner of being psychic, but a rather fundamental aspect of it that carries over into the general population. It is important to acknowledge this as yet another piece of the puzzle and an important stepping stone to general acceptance of psi.


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