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Behind the Scenes: Spiritual Guides

Frigging head cold stopped me from writing earlier.

Sooner or later, psychic people realize that they have people on the other side that help them. These are not necessarily dead relatives and I don’t think all of them have been human. One thing is clear however, they stick around for our benefit. I don’t know why anyone would bother to spend the time and effort to help, but I’m guessing that motivation is different when survival, time and material possessions are not factors.

They don’t seem to care whether they are acknowledged or not, but they do want to get their messages across. I haven’t been very good at listening at times and at one point they just found someone else to talk through so that I would listen to them. I got the message and now I try to pay better attention.

Not surprisingly, we get the kind of guides that are most appropriate for us. Because I’m someone who is constantly sharing information, I get guides who help me do this. It is not hard for me to sit down and just start writing. Because I do healing, I have guides who help me with that as well and I have guides to help me with healing myself. The more stuff you do, the more of them you get helping you.

As I said, not everyone out there helping has been human. There are beings with no trace of human in them at all. it would be very creepy if not for the fact that it’s a lot like having friends around. The longer we know someone, the easier it is to hang around them and be comfortable. When I tune in to them, I have the sense of being a slow learner. It’s as if they have this vast amount that they want to teach me, but I can only absorb a little bit at a time.

Perhaps this is just my inclination or what I have been taught, but I sense angels, wings and all. This is not all that I sense, only one type.

There are some things that I have discovered about how they all operate and I’ll share what I know. I can say with absolute certainty that they are devoid of judgment of any sort. They don’t value people differently based on their activities; they just don’t think that way. Their goal is our spiritual progress and they don’t care how much we screw up along the way, even if it’s for our entire life. They don’t care whether we like them or hate them or don’t believe in them. If we embrace their help though, it makes our lives easier.

Consequently, they do not do negative reinforcement. And they really don’t need to anyway. When we are off the path of spirituality, we suffer tremendously as a result of our lousy choices. This happens in a variety of ways: sickness, money problems, relationship problems or missed opportunities or simply depression. They are constantly trying to gently steer us away from those paths by helping us imagine better choices.

When we are accepting of their help, they simply provide what is needed. The better we listen to them, the better the help is. Anyway, this is why we get revelations, answers in dreams and intuition. They’re trying to communicate any way they can.

My method is to make a point of inviting their help when I’m working on something. The direct action of asking for their help seems to provide enough focus for me to receive more of it. I visualize them as a amorphous blob next to me. I have never gotten the clear pictures that some other people seem to get. Once I feel that I’m sufficiently aware of their presence, then I put myself in a more receptive state, which allows their help in.

The more I do this, the better I get at it. I think that part of this is simply trusting that it works. The better my trust, the better it works. I don’t really sense different personalities and I never know how many are helping me. I always envision two, but I don’t think that this means anything.

What I want you to take away from this article, is that they’re always there for us whether you asked or not. It seems to be part of the process of being physical beings on this earth; as if we have a contract of some sort or rules to the game that we’re not aware of. If we take advantage of their presence, we can only benefit from it.


2 comments on “Behind the Scenes: Spiritual Guides

    October 22, 2009

    i went to my friends house and he got out some cards and showed me what card or cards i was looking for and i wasnt even in the room when he mixed the cards up and but there was this voice that spoke to me showing me right where the cards where is that kind of being a Spiritual guide ps.i got all the answers correct not missig one

    • craigweiler
      October 22, 2009

      Duuude! That is so cool!

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