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Using Psychic Ability to Spot Liars, Con Artists and Other Jerks

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We like to be trusting and open people.  It’s in our nature.  Yet occasionally we get fooled by people who are just using us and we find ourselves wondering what went wrong.  Why didn’t we sense what was happening?  What the heck good is it being psychic if we can’t spot a liar or a con?

You can do it.  And if you know what to look for, you’ll get even better at it.  You do it by using your honest and trusting nature to work for you instead of against you.  I should add here that what I’m going to tell you are my thoughts on the subject and not the last word.  If you have anything you can add, please send me a comment.  (Comments are moderated, so it won’t show up until I approve your first one.  After that, your comments will show up when you write them.)  I think that this is a subject of some importance to psychic people, so let’s explore it.

I have some background with this.  I’m in business for myself and I see a lot of clients in the space of a year.  I was also in sales and purchasing and I learned something about negotiation as well.  So this will be practical information with a psychic twist to it.

First of all, you cannot do this if your own stress level is too high.  This will block  your ability to be sensitive to what is happening and will blind you to some obvious clues and certainly to the less obvious ones.  However, there are some things you can watch for.  The trick is often in not just what they do and say, but also what they don’t do and don’t say.

I’m defining a liar as someone who will betray you, and a con as someone who will get you to act against your own self interest.  The more professional they are, the more subtle the signs will be.  We’ll start with the basics and work into the psychic part:

1.  Liars and cons always have an answer ready. And why wouldn’t they?  They can always just make stuff up.  Most people focus on the answer and whether it’s reasonable, but you can also focus on whether they have an answer.  When people are telling the truth, they have no problem saying “I don’t know.”  If someone is coming up with answers no matter what the question, this is a red flag.  If you have the presence, you can test people on this.

2.  They use anger to deflect criticism. A great test for a liar is to question their truthfulness.  Pointed questions that get close to questioning truthfulness can also work. Their stress will increase in the form of anger.  This is why psychic people often get manipulated; our tendency is to avoid anger and they will use this against us to deflect attention away from their lie (or con).  The need to be polite can be overwhelming and this is OK.  You don’t need to confront them, you just want to know.  Anger is a red flag.  Honest people generally expect and welcome attempts to establish their honesty.  It’s no big deal for them.  Their reaction to a direct accusation is usually just stunned silence.   It’s unusual for them and they act like it.   Being quick to anger is a red flag.

3.  The story changes under questioning.  Big red flag.  This, above all else is a sign to get away from that person as fast as possible.  No good can come of this encounter.  The reason is that they are clearly telling you things that they think you want to hear and therefore have no problem shaping what they say to fit you.  This is also the realm of really bad psychic readers.

4.  Con artists want you to take action on something right away.  This is a typical sales ploy, but individuals use it as well.  By creating a sense of urgency, they increase the stress level and try to push people into impulsive decisions.  They always have a deadline.  What I do is simply refuse to be pushed into any decision.  I’ve had people tip their hands just by pushing me too hard.  They know that when you have time to think you’ll probably say no.  They are also generally emotionally invested in getting you to go along with them and if you know what to look for you can psychically sense this.  If someone is emotionally invested in getting you to go along with them, it’s probably not leading to a good outcome for you.

5.  Liars need you to agree with them.  This is one of the subconscious things that liars can’t normally control.  The need to lie is ultimately a position of weakness and it is emotional.  Disagreement grates on them and raises their stress level.  The heightened nervousness usually betrays them.

6.  They want to make you feel special.  This can catch you off guard if you’re not used to it, but it’s also an effective marketing tool.  In video games, the object is often to save the world and along the way you’re being told how special you are to the “cause.”  In a way, it’s the same thing.  A good way to tell that you’re being had is that you’re presented as being better than someone else.  Honest people almost never make these negative comparisons.  You generally know what you are good at and what you’re not.  You don’t need other people to tell you this.  If you’re receiving compliments that you wouldn’t normally receive, this is a red flag.

That’s it for the ordinary stuff, now we’ll move on to using your psychic ability.

7.  Liars and Cons are never truly relaxed.  One of  areas where you’ll have to gain some awareness is to realize that some people come to you with a great deal of tension that you’re going to pick up on.   It will happen every time because being a liar or a Con creates a lot of inner tension.  Your thinking will go mushy.  If this happens, you must remember just one thing.  No one can make you do anything, so do nothing.  Take no action no matter what.  Are you missing a great deal?  So what.  Did you just get told someone trash talked you?  So what.  Do nothing until you can get away from this person and get your head clear.  Then, if it’s important, go get some more information from someone else.  When in doubt, walk away.

8.  Liars carry the energy of being distracted. Liars are not clear thinkers and if you’ve encountered someone that never seems clear, they are almost certainly involved in lying.  If they were clear with themselves, they couldn’t lie.

9.  Cons carry the energy of guilt.  It’s impossible to hurt people without feeling something.  They can hide this, but not from us.  If you feel the powerful presence of guilt around someone, chances are, it’s not coming from you.  It’s this guilt and the lying that they constantly do that raises their stress level.

All of this takes some practice.  The hard part is to not get caught up in what people are telling you and to focus on the people themselves.  And not just what they’re telling you, but how they’re telling you.

The people I haven’t discussed yet are probably the worst because they carry none of the traits I’ve described except the high tension level.  These are the people who are focused on their needs exclusively of everyone else’s.  They are extraordinarily selfish but here’s the trick.  They don’t see themselves that way.  Because they don’t, you won’t pick that up from them and you will have all kinds of trouble if you get into any sort of relationship, business or otherwise with them.

Their idea of fair is completely skewed in their favor and they see a fair deal as getting cheated.  They will give you clues in their speech and behavior that this is how they think and they do have some behavior traits to watch out for:

  • They expect to be trusted, but they don’t trust you.
  • They are not straightforward and completely honest about their intentions.  It’s like pulling teeth to get them to disclose everything.
  • They will almost always negotiate and they don’t care how fair the deal is to you.
  • They will fight over money and possessions without hesitation.
  • They perceive others as “out to take advantage of them” and feel that they always have to be on guard.

My strategy is to walk away from any situation where these people are present.  They are very troublesome unless things go perfectly well for them, which is usually not the case.  Trouble follows them.  Don’t do business with, or engage people with fundamental religious beliefs or very conservative politics if you can avoid it because that goes hand in hand with this behavior.  Also watch out for the very rich and others who are excessively focused on money.  You just don’t want to deal with people who are in these extreme categories.

You can protect yourself by comparing your honesty and openness to theirs. This is your measuring stick.  And in conclusion, stay alert and present and focus on the person.  If you find yourself getting caught up in a situation, just walk away.  Your head will clear and you will be be able to question what is going on and remember, no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.


3 comments on “Using Psychic Ability to Spot Liars, Con Artists and Other Jerks

  1. Saille
    July 9, 2010

    So how do you tell when someone’s trying to manipulate you into hating\hurting yourself? (That’s where I usually get burned…I think I may need new friends.)

    • craigweiler
      July 10, 2010

      The best thing to do is listen closely to what they’re saying as though you were watching a movie. The people you are describing have a generally negative view of people and while it seems as though they are trying to manipulate you, in actuality, this is just how they are. They are discouraged people and see everything as discouraging. You can tell because they have nothing encouraging or supportive to say.

      Very likely, you grew up without much encouragement, so you don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, which is why you’re not repulsed by these people. They seem normal based on what you’ve experienced so far.

      To change this in yourself, practice being truly supportive and encouraging to other people. It will take awhile, but it does work.

  2. Nyc Psychic
    November 23, 2009

    wow you did a great job breaking this down to every little detail..great job

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