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A Vision of Dark, but Transformational Times Ahead

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I really hate getting into the gloom and doom stuff, but I think it’s necessary.  I see a major change coming down the road that will disrupt the lives of most of us.  The world I see is one without oil.  I have a sense of having no cars on the road; no people in the streets and some very large migrations by foot.  Some areas empty out while others are overcrowded.  The wasteful oil driven economy grinds pretty much to a halt.  Part of this may come from catastrophic climate change.

Large numbers of people die for lack of medical care or proper food and water and occasional lawlessness.  One of the largest problems is that so many people are completely unable to organize and fend for themselves.  They cannot fix stuff, plant food, improvise and have no idea what preventative health care is.  In other words, too many people lack the skills to survive in what has suddenly become a rural, agrarian economy.  And with so many material things made to last only a while before breaking and no way to get new ones, many goods quickly become scarce.  Guns and ammo become necessities.  I have seen images of people with rifles patrolling the streets.

I have seen American economic refugees slogging along looking for someplace where they can get a job and settle down.  Huge tent cities forming that are more dangerous for the inhabitants than they realize.  People don’t understand that they have to spread out to survive.

I see this as a gradual collapse.  It comes about slowly at first, and then speeds up as crucial infrastructure goes down.  I don’t know exactly what causes this; only that it happens.  We will not degrade into a Mad Max scenario.  If anything, lawbreaking will go down as citizen enforcement gets particularly harsh and quick.  Street gangs will evaporate as they find themselves suddenly hunted.

I have the feeling that money will either be all screwed up for awhile, either being too scarce or too plentiful.  Either way, a barter economy of sorts will develop for some time until things turn around.

We will eventually go back to being a regular nation again, but things will be totally transformed, with the current power structure being completely rebuilt.  We will have a far more socialist nation state with the usual bunch of conservative radicals sometimes turning violent.  This will take a few years to settle down as it slowly dawns on them that things are better.  There will be no room for an entirely elite class because the structure won’t allow it.  We will go to a system that allows some people to have a little more instead of our current system of a-few-have-damned-near-everything.

We will dramatically scale back our military presence in the world, removing most of our bases and concentrating on just a few.  The superpower status will be gone and we will be a large presence in the world, but ultimately just another nation among many.  We will have enough military, not the excess we have now and the government will have an easier time being in the black.

Almost all of our energy will come from renewable resouces and mining will be kept to a minimum.  The consumption will go way down.  The goods will be better made as a rule since they now have to last.  One of the things that will come out of this is that with the crash of the consumer economy, importing will come to a near standstill and never fully recover.  We won’t have big companies dominating trade and so the incentive for shipping will diminish greatly.

We are not going to suddenly transition to this type of society.  It will take many years and there will be fighting with our present elite class, who will be forced, sometimes at gunpoint, to give up their privilege.  It is only when most of America has nothing left to lose that the collapse of our present system will be complete.  It’s not going to be like the last Great Depression.  This one is going to hurt a lot more and bring more fundamental change.


8 comments on “A Vision of Dark, but Transformational Times Ahead

  1. Sue
    July 18, 2016

    I stumbled across this blog yesterday and am really enjoying it, especially the posts about being a psychic. It was nice yet creepy to fit the profile of a psychic so well–it’s nice to be understood but a bit frightening that the premonitions and ghost sightings might be real/valid.

    This post in particular rings true to me. I’ve been preparing for it since childhood, by learning pioneer/survival skills and wanting a handpump well. Now I know why!

    Have you any idea of when? My guess is that things start going down the tubes in the next few years, maybe as early as next year.

    What do you think of the Annapolis remote viewing group? Some of their predictions could explain the situation you described in America.

  2. Monica
    April 27, 2010

    *shudders* I’ve had a feeling for a while that the zombie apocalypse was coming. Not some B-movie thing–it was like a book, World War Z, where everything just…broke down. You and I might be sensing the same thing.

    However, some good news–this won’t happen for a while yet. I’ve Seen myself at 25, still driving a car–that’s at 2017, probably in spring or summer. So we’ve all got time to prepare.

    I’m just gonna keep an eye out for zombies, though…funny how such weird stuff can get associated with your powers! *laughs at self*

    • craigweiler
      April 28, 2010

      I’m glad for the confirmation. Broke down is my sense of it as well. Mostly, no cars running, the streets are quiet and a few nut jobs running around with rifles. I don’t know what we’ll do to prepare, but I suppose that will become clear as this gets closer. It’s sure easy to see the beginning of this collapse. That’s the scary part.

      • Monica
        July 9, 2010

        We don’t have until 2017.

        I’ve been having issues with telling how old I am in my visions. I thought it was temporary, and related to a personal issue. The issue is resolved, and it’s not.

        That means we have a whole new timeline.

        Before I begin, a link.

        If you didn’t click that, then here’s the synopsis. Waay back when BP was still British Petroleum, it discovered an almost limitless oil supply. The catch?

        It’s sitting on a volcano.

        Well, not a volcano per se. More like a chamber of pressurized and heated methane gas, so pretty much a bomb, but either way if it goes off it will make Katrina look like a Girl Scout picnic.

        BP poked a hole in it.

        The oil wells that are leaking are not leaking because BP is incompetent. They are leaking because BP’s volcano-bomb is about to explode. They’re hoping that by letting the oil release, they’ll release the methane gas alongside it. I don’t know if the government’s in on this or not. I do know they’ve been lying about trying to fix it.

        And there are some experts saying that bomb is about to go off.

        Now, if that bomb were to go off, say, tonight, we’d have this situation on our hands: The economy is teetering on the bridge of tanking, a natural disaster has sent people fleeing for their lives, and Obama is nowhere NEAR ready to handle this.

        That is EXACTLY like what you Saw.

        In the recession, the US’ reaction was staggered. The state where I live, was two years behind the rest of the world. That means that it could happen tonight. I’d still see my vision coming true.

        We may not have any time at all.

        Before anyone panics, I am going to say that I’m an eighteen-year-old girl. I do occasionally freak out over nothing. This could be it. But it is equally possible that we are standing on the brink of a very bad crisis.

        If not, then we have the possible timeline of 2014-2017 for the beginning of this nightmare, basing it off my state’s reaction to the recession.

        Craig, can you email me? I have some ideas I want to discuss with you. I tried to find your email address to send you this, but it seems to have vanished on me, meaning it’s probably sitting on your front page. ;p Thank you!

  3. Love
    November 17, 2009 your post reminded me of all the times i’ve planned for the worst, and hence my latest post.

    • craigweiler
      November 17, 2009

      I perused your post. You’re a good writer! Btw, I’m not stocking up in anticipation. I fully anticipate the slide down to be slow and that I’ll have plenty of time to prepare if it’s even necessary. I don’t see myself affected by this economic melt down.

      There is the other part of this. That I’m only seeing one probability and that there are others in play that I don’t see. So I dunno.

  4. Love
    November 13, 2009

    i just found your blog and i am happy to have done so. this post wasn’t so fun, but i understand you have to call it like you see it. i too have a lot premonitions about something like this going down, but can’t seem to talk myself in to buying a gun.
    i just wrote a post about finding a tribe that you may have read. funny the way once you put something out there, the universe responds. i look forward to being a regular reader.

    • craigweiler
      November 13, 2009

      Thank you. I’m not buying a gun either. They have a way of attracting violence. Please give me a link to your blog. I’d like to read what you have to say.

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