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The Big Scary Leap


Usually, life progresses on predictable paths with one small achievement or advancement building on the one before.  Success is usually a slow process.  Yet sometimes, something else happens.  The path is not one of slow building, but of one big jump.  There are some paths that cannot be a slow progression, but require a solid and definite leap into the unknown.

I think marriage is like that.  (I include gays, whether you can legally marry in your state or not.  It’s the commitment, not the paper.)  You cannot really know the person you’re going to marry ahead of time and you cannot know in which direction emotionally or professionally you both are headed.  You have to discover all of this as you go along.  And before you can even start this path, you have to commit fully to traveling it.

Building a business can be like that as well.  At some point, you have to make a commitment to investing your resources and your time.  In many instances it cannot be done half way.  Either you make that Big Scary Leap or you don’t.

It’s important to realize that the Big Scary Leap must be preceded by a lot of prep work.  You cannot know everything you need to know before marriage, but you can learn the basics of a healthy relationship and take the time and effort to get to know your own strengths and weaknesses better.  You can’t know all the problems you are going to face when you start your own business, but there is an awful lot that you can learn and know in advance.  The Big Scary Leap goes a lot smoother if you’ve done your homework.

It is also relative.  A big leap for one person might be an insignificant blip for another.  For example, public speaking and acting were never really a big deal for me;  I took to them naturally even as a kid.  For most people though, I have seen this be a terrifying experience.  While getting on stage and performing has been a huge experience and confidence builder for a friend of mine, it hasn’t been all that life changing for me.

There is an emotional aspect to making the leap as well.  While preparation has a lot to do with being ready, preparing also strengthens us emotionally.  No one makes a life altering leap into the unknown without at least partially having gotten over the hurdles.  Let me put it another way:  To enter into marriage, you can’t be too afraid of commitment and to start a business you can’t be too afraid of losing money.  You have to get over these emotional barriers before you can get very far.

And there is a mindset as well that will determine the success for failure of the leap.  How do you see yourself in this situation?  When it comes to marriage, I have always seen myself as successful at it and have never really considered the possibility of failure.  That alone is not enough, but what comes with this mindset is a determination to make the choices required for success.  To have a successful marriage sometimes requires making the choice for marriage over other choices, including being right.  If the marriage is a clear priority, then these choice are made decisively.

The same applies for business.  There are many hard choices that have to be made to create a successful business.  Do I work out of a crappy office and drive an old car to reduce my overhead?  Do I fire that nice, but incompetent guy?  If you’re focused properly, these decisions are obvious and require very little agonizing.

Decisions that seem obvious to an outsider can become really difficult if they are clouded with fear.

So the leap has to have a certain amount of timing to it.  We have to be ready to go and our fear has to be manageable before we do it and that readiness is a mixture of emotional and practical preparedness.  Even if we’re not sure exactly where we’re headed with that Big Scary Leap or how it’s going to turn out, we have to be as ready as we can be.  As psychic people, we know that if we just let go and relax for a moment incredible things can happen for us; when stuff is meant to be it’s as if the world simply lines up in a certain way for us and we get what we want.  We all have stories about how that’s happened for us.

But we sometimes have areas where we struggle and things don’t really tend to line up because we’re subconsciously afraid of the outcome.  And no amount of psychic mojo can save us from having to make decisions.   It is there that we have to rely on preparation so that when fear strikes, we will be as ready as we can be.


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