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The Weiler Psi is Now on Facebook

In an effort to reach out to psychic people and help people find a community and support each other, I have set up a Facebook page.  To see The Weiler Psi on Facebook, click here.

To interact with other people, you have to become a fan of The Weiler Psi.  There is a place on the front page to leave comments for other people and a discussion board on another page.  If you have never been on Facebook before you will probably have to experiment a bit to figure stuff out.  If you have any trouble you can send me an e-mail at craig @ weiler . com.  (remove spaces.)

I won’t be dressing up the site much or putting a lot of my own content there.  The objective is for all of you to share with each other.  Today is November 30, 2009.  Please become a fan leave a comment or start/continue a discussion and be sure to check the site off and on.  It will take time for this to gain enough people to make it interesting.  A month or two is fairly normal but it can take longer.  I’m starting this in the Holidays and I don’t know how that will affect it.


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