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What Are The Rules of Consciousness? (And Psychic Ability)

I am preparing to get myself back into psychic healing in a more dedicated way.  The reason is that the things I’ve learned about consciousness in the past couple of years have helped with the theoretical foundation necessary for doing better work.  One of the things that always drove me nuts about doing this was not understanding anything about what I was doing.  Now that I have an idea of what is going on and how to improve it I’ve also formed  a few principles of how consciousness operates, which I’ll share.  This has to do with performing intentional acts of consciousness in alter states.  In no particular order:

1.  The Rules are Different: Consciousness does not operate on the same principles as everyday life.  Attempts to treat it as just another skill will necessarily fail.  In some ways learning may proceed as with other skills, but not necessarily so due to the complexity of dealing so directly with our own subconscious.

2.  Outside Influences are Poorly Understood: For instance, lab studies have shown that a full moon dampens psychic ability and there is anecdotal evidence that having the center of the universe above the horizon increases psychic ability.  Researchers find that mornings are best for testing.  There may be other entities involved.  It cannot be assumed that we have accounted for all these influences.

3.   The Subconscious Plays a Major Role: It is not possible to explore consciousness without also coming to grips with the subconscious.  In our normal state we can live with our subconscious deep in the background and be totally unaware of its role in our lives, but once we enter the realm of consciousness, we are also entering the realm of our subconscious.  The more we explore areas psychically, the harder it becomes to suppress it.

4.   You Will Receive What Your Subconscious Wants and Not Receive What Your Subconscious Does Not Want: This is a very reliable guide to your subconscious.  What you think you want and what you actually want may be different things and the way to tell if this is occurring is to observe what is happening.  If you want a new career or a new relationship or whatever and you’re not getting it, then your subconscious wants something else.

5. You Must Look For Something To Find It: Looking for something with consciousness is not like looking for your keys.  You won’t find other things along the way.  Consciousness takes you directly to what you ask for, not necessarily what you want.   If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, it might mean that the question is incorrect.

6. Strength is Inversely Proportional To Your Fear Level: The lower the level of fear, the stronger the ability to use consciousness will be.  This can be confusing because it not only applies to the ordinary fears we can feel, but also includes ALL subconscious fears we have whether we can feel them or not.  We do not have to be consciously aware of a fear to be affected by it.  You have a calm, cool and collected, virtually unflappable person who is actually weaker than an excitable and nervous one.

7.  Your Awareness is Inversely Proportional To Your Fear Level: Reducing conscious and unconscious fears increases not only strength, but also awareness.  Your ability to sense things in an altered state is affected by your strength (and therefore your level of fear) so that you will not sense things in those areas where your fear is above a certain threshold.  For example.  If a person has a lot of fear around relationship issues their second sight will be blind in this area just as they are in their regular life.

8.  Belief Matters: The reason that belief matters is that it shapes what we are going to experience.  Our beliefs define the limits of our awareness and abilities.  We can stretch our beliefs, but never entirely eliminate them.  In our daily lives it is already very hard to stretch beyond our beliefs, but in altered states this becomes much harder because the fear surrounding it is much more immediate.
This is another tricky area due to the subconscious.  What we claim to believe and what we actually believe can be two different things.  Just because you say you have a belief doesn’t mean that you’ve accepted it on a subconscious level.  When a belief reaches the subconscious level it becomes something that requires no affirmation and is beyond question.  For example, if someone calls us a tree, we do not react with indignation.  Our belief that we are humans and not trees is so secure that we have no emotional response to it.  It is the same as “knowing.”

9.   Everything is Immediate: Your thoughts will instantly take some form as soon as you begin thinking them.  it requires discipline, (#6 strength) to be able to hold a desired thought while holding back the subconscious thoughts that will otherwise overwhelm them.

10.  You Will Move Towards Your Fears: This is one of the poorly understood areas.  Emotional growth is inevitable and is one of the constants of existence.  If we approach our fears deliberately, we can manage them, but if we suppress them, as is the case for most people most of the time, those fears will show up with more and more intensity over time until we finally confront them.  This process continues beyond death.  It is commonly referred to as karma.  Exploring altered states vastly speeds this up.

11.  Everything Is Alive: There is substantial scientific evidence pointing to the theory that consciousness is fundamental to the universe . . . which means that everything possesses consciousness in some form . . . which is another way of saying that everything is alive.  Our ability to perceive these different forms of consciousness is related to our beliefs and our strength and therefore our fears, both conscious and subconscious.

12.  We Are Never Alone: We are always surrounded by other conscious beings.

13.  We Are Always Connected: Our thoughts never belong solely to us.  Everything about us is shared and reinforced, including our fears.  As we move past fears and grow emotionally and as others do the same around us, we change our connections.  The speed with which this happens is proportional to our emotional growth.

14.  The Clarity Of Your Mind Is An Exact Mirror Of The Clarity Of Your Altered Experience: You cannot change the altered consciousness experience you are getting without  changing how you think and feel.

15.  There Are No Jokes And Kidding In An Altered State: Messages in that space are incredibly literal.  Instructions to yourself or from someone else are not based on what you meant, but exactly how you phrased your request.  Deviations generally lead to confusion.

That’s all I can think of.  I am considering for doing a separate post for each of these points and then linking back to them so that they can be discussed in more depth.  There is a pattern to all of this, but it can be a bit hard to grasp.  As always, I welcome comments and suggestions.  I will update this page if there are things I’ve left out or poorly described.

What I am hoping for here is that you can see the angle I’m coming from and use this to improve or at least better understand your own experiences.  I don’t understand everything there is to know about this subject: I have nowhere near enough data for that, but I think that we have to start someplace and then move on from there.  As ideas are consistently pushed, a clearer picture inevitably forms.


4 comments on “What Are The Rules of Consciousness? (And Psychic Ability)

  1. Anonymous
    October 15, 2013

    I am not sure if this is the best forum for my question, but I would like to know if when another individual speaks your immediate thoughts, are they sending or receiving the information? I would understand if the information was on a scale where it would seem part of universal consciousness. Perhaps, then, it is just that – vibrational information. However, often it is very specific, even mundane, and I am thinking what others simultaneously speak. So, I gauge my thoughts at times to ensure I am not influencing other’s thought. Thanks for your opinion.

  2. Mari
    December 6, 2009

    Great Post. Again.;o) I’v been thinking alot recently about how I ask for things from the universe. How my subsconscious fears dictate much of what I receive and how phrasing requests is a huge, huge deal.
    Not coincidentally some quasi-examined stuff from my past is coming up again when I thought I had examined and passed through it for good years ago. Hmmmm..Not so much. I also remembered how a recent request to spirit went something like.. ” I’d like to see more clearly, more completely other realities more consistently.” Of course when I had that thought I was hoping for an improved detached psychic awareness specifically. But before I get there I have to see what is directly in front (or perhaps in the shadows) of me in its entirety.

    Spirit is making sure of that. Careful what you ask for indeed!

    • craigweiler
      December 6, 2009

      Yeah, no kidding. This may be just the way you worded your comment, but when I voice something I want I find that it needs to be in the form of a definitive statement free from qualifiers. For instance: I choose to see more clearly rather than I’d like to see more clearly. I don’t know if that’s a help to you, but it works for me.

      • Anonymous
        May 28, 2011

        I’ve been reading your posts from may 2011 and working my way down the list. Very intriguing! Many of your blog topics are an answer to my prayer for more wisdom and insight to Consciousness and Psychic abilities. Thanks!

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