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If Consciousness Is Everywhere . . . Now What?

I have demonstrated in other posts that the scientific evidence, including parapsychology is steadily pointing towards the conclusion that consciousness is fundamental to the universe.   (Consci0usness, The Undiscovered Country.) What this means is that our current definition of life is limited and will have to be revisited.  Under this revised outlook, everything has consciousness and can be considered to be alive in its own way.  This means life not just in the conventional sense of creatures and plants that live and die, but in a larger sense of things that we now consider to be inanimate objects.

My interpretation is that there is a complex interaction between consciousness and energy/matter.  so for example when a stone is formed, the consciousness for the stone is also formed and as this consciousness grows increasingly complex, which all consciousness is constantly doing, it works on the physical aspect of the stone and changes its physical nature to better suit the consciousness.

Perhaps at some point the consciousness becomes so complex that changing its physical nature is too troublesome and it simply chooses a form that goes through a process of physical death and rebirth to better accommodate its rapidly changing nature.  Life in this sense is of course, eternal.

In everyday terms, this means that everything is alive, but that our awareness normally only extends to the aliveness of things that are at a particular stage of consciousness development/complexity.  However being psychic changes this.  We are are more aware of other forms of consciousness and better able to tune in those directions.   And just as we take the pieces of our physical world and shape them to our needs, so we also can take the various forms of consciousness and also shape them to our needs.

I have found that rocks can play a part in healing work.  Now, when I meditate in the morning, I hold a river rock in each hand.  They’re granite, which has a lot of quartz in it and they provide a pretty good boost to the energy.  Another feature that I tried out was putting my fear and pain in the rock.  That seemed to work as well.  It’s as though it is some sort of all purpose tool for amplifying consciousness.

I’m not the first person to think of this.  Rocks play a part as a tool in using consciousness in a variety of cultures.  Stonehenge anyone?  And this leaves open the question:  What else is there that can do assist us in performing with consciousness?  Plants?  Trees?  Other things?  We don’t know.  This is an area that is wide open for study.  It can very well be that previous cultures utilized a variety of natural things to augment their abilities; it may have been quite sophisticated at one point and now we have to basically start all over again.

I feel like what I am doing is a crude imitation of an art that can achieve remarkable results.  I have more questions than answers.  What role can plants play in assisting or modifying consciousness?  Are there certain types which are beneficial?  How about water?  What can be done with it and what role can it play?  I recently got a sense of a landscape design for enhancing consciousness related activities.  A one story building is surrounded by a moat/pond where the water flows from behind the building to the front through creeks on both sides.   It doesn’t have to be big; it only matters that there is water flowing.  This establishes a perimeter.  Inside this area are river rocks that provide both a barrier to outside consciousness influences and enhance what is occurring in the building.  Inside the perimeter are several large trees and the area is ringed with bushes that soften the energy, enhance it and provide additional quieting of outside influences.

There are two paths:  One for entering and one for exiting.  Both the entrance and exit have arches.  The entrance has an arch inside the water perimeter and the exit has an arch just outside the perimeter.  These arches are made of wood and act as portals for going in and out of the heightened consciousness zone.  Two large stones are on either side of the entrance and the exit to help the person entering or exiting to modify their energy accordingly.  As you walk into this space, you can more gradually tune in, much like gradually turning the lights up.  Similarly, as you walk out, you can gradually tune out in the same manner.

Different materials can provide different flavors of consciousness and while I kind of have an idea of a few, there has to be a lot more to this.  maybe one of the reasons that scientific testing comes up with such weak results normally is that the natural tools of consciousness are not being employed.  We were perhaps meant to draw both comfort and strength from nature; to use the abundant consciousness around us to enhance our abilities and focus them more clearly, rather than try to go it alone as though we weren’t connected to anything else.  Seems kind of insane when I put it that way.

Think about it.  Is it really such an accident that a walk in the woods is so calming; that we gravitate towards water and like to sit among the rocks?  When we imagine ourselves in a peaceful place, we don’t think of an office cubicle, we think of nature.  It rejuvenates us.  When nature gets destroyed it pains us, even if it’s mostly rocks;  A presence is eliminated and we sense that.

So this isn’t so far fetched.  We are literally one with our natural world and there is no reason not to use it to enhance our abilities.


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