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Global Warming Deniers: God’s Gift to the Psi Discussion

“They’re like Global Warming Deniers.”  And with that statement everything you need to know about skeptics of psi is explained.   The huge debate over climate change has exposed the skeptic mindset for what it is:  A frame of mind impervious to any facts contrary to their beliefs.  The rest of the world gets to see them in action as they play up their own evidence wildly out of proportion to its significance and downplay any evidence that contradicts them.  There have been a couple of videos lately that demonstrate the frustration of ordinary people in dealing with a denier:

and this:

Complex facts are lost in a tsunami of pseudo-science and sound bites along with theories and ideas that lack any scientific foundation, but sound good.  How much different is this from the psi discussion?  Not much.   The climate deniers point to the snow in New York, the skeptics point to Randi’s million dollar challenge.  Both groups absolutely refuse to deal with the data proving them wrong.  Climate deniers will not confront the build up of CO2 in our atmosphere and parapsychology skeptics will not confront the scientific studies proving the existence of psi.  The deniers and the skeptics both attack piecemeal, ignoring the big picture.  For that reason, I’ve started to call die hard skeptics psi-deniers.  Like the global warming deniers it has nothing to do with rationality and intellect and everything to do with an emotional attachment to a particular idea.  (Of course they will deny this. . . . bing bada boom)

The point is, we no longer have to explain the attitudes of the psi deniers.  The idea of a denier personality is in the collective consciousness and needs no further explanation.  We have been freed of an odious part of the psi debate.

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