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Using Psi with Animals

I have had cats my entire life, and a couple of dogs, as well as other critters, and in the process of caring for them I have learned a few things about caring for them which I’d like to share.  I will primarily refer to cats and dogs.  This is a discussion of practical applications; the joy of the bond between a pet and its owner is a different subject and won’t be covered here.

The first thing to know about using psi with animals is that this is not mind control.  Psi cannot be used to control an animal’s behavior, whether cat or dog or other animal.  All animals have their own priorities and they will attend to these first and override any psi suggestions if it suits them.  Just as calling a dog when it’s chasing something or trying to get a cat to play with a toy it has no interest in can be entirely futile, so a psi suggestion can be easily ignored.

An animal in fear will be the least receptive to psi.  The more fear they’re in, the less they will pay attention to any psychic messages.  And animals that don’t know you are generally afraid of you and if they aren’t, they are probably big enough that you might want to consider being afraid of them.  Which brings me to my point here.  The idea that a person truly in tune with nature can walk into the forest and have wild animals peacefully come to them is very much the exception, not the rule.

Creating a bond with animals is not much different than creating a bond with humans.  You have to hang out together and get to know each other.  Over time, the psychic bond will occur naturally.  Another part of this is that some animals (within a species) are more in tune to psychic information than others.  Not all cats and dogs are in tune with their owners.   Among the cats that we’ve had and that have passed through here, we’ve had a few with exceptional psychic sensitivity and others with much less.  Like people, that psychic sensitivity also translates to emotional sensitivity.  A house with anger and shouting and stomping around will terrorize a cat like that.  Unless these sensitive cats grow up with children, they don’t adapt well to them.

It’s important when using psychic ability with an animal to understand the basic characteristics of that species.  Cats are not group animals, but dogs are.  So a cat is far more likely to get a psychic message and ignore it than a dog is.  A dog might go against its nature to obey a command, but a cat never will.  You have to take this into account because if you want to get an animal to do something, (or not do something) based solely on psychic contact, then you have to base your expectations for success on the predilection of the animal to follow ANY instructions.  Remember not to anthropomorphize the feelings and character of the animal.  Cats for example, see, hear, taste and smell differently than we do.  That means that they are going to think differently as well and we have to come around to their point of view because they are not going to see things our way.

Psi generally works better with animals if you’re encouraging them to do something they already like or want to do.  For example, to protect our cats from predators, we do our best to bring them in at night.  Of course, they’re rarely within visual range and who knows whether they’ll come when called anyway, so I’ll send a psychic thought out for them to come home.  Or rather, I’ll send a thought of petting, joy, food or play as a result of coming home.  This has better results than just commanding or pleading with them.

Dogs and cats and many other animals tend to mirror the emotional state of the people they are around.  That is why people who are experienced animal handlers have an air of calm about them.  mentally, emotionally and psychically, they have to be calm because an agitated animal is hard to deal with and if they are unknown or not friendly, they can be dangerous as well.

Part of the challenge of telepathic communication with animals is getting their attention in the first place.  For the cats that we have raised from kittens, this is no problem at all.  They know us and are in tune with us.  But when another cat is introduced, (because we do cat rescues) (and most of them are older) they often are unfamiliar with connecting psychically with people.  It’s not hard to see why:  Most people do not communicate with their animals that way and the cats learn to ignore that form of input.  (They can re-learn it though.)

One thing I have learned is that unless the animal knows you very well, its size is an important factor in how it perceives you.  Small creatures, such as cats, react with fear far more quickly than say, large dogs.   (There is a problem with this when it comes to canines.  Staring is an act of aggression to male dogs.)

That is actually one of the most practical areas to use psi with animals: to gauge their fear level.  Knowing if an animal is agitated and likely to attack is a very useful skill.  I have noticed, though, that there does not seem to be any thought to attack before the decision.  That is to say, I’ve never gotten a psychic warning that a cat was about to strike me.  (I can tell by the posture, psychic fear level and general demeanor when it’s a good idea not to get too close though.) I think the decision to attack is made spontaneously and therefore is hard to read.  It’s the same with dogs.  I get no clues psychically when they’re about to  bark.

I’m sure that I’m not the last word of psychic ability with animals, but I do know a bit.  I would be grateful though, for any comments from readers.  There is a lot we all can learn in dealing with animals.


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