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Betwixt and Between: A Foot in Both Worlds

We all have to make our choices.  And every choice we make means that we leave another choice behind.  Years ago, I was faced with such a choice with regards to my spiritual development.  Do I veer into the world of spirit?  Or do I venture into the world of physical life.  The world of spirit has its advantages:  It is far more interesting.  Out of body experiences, developing psychic abilities and channeling all have  a powerful draw to them.  These abilities bring about a power not available any other way.  The ordinary world is left far behind for a side of our reality that can easily be described as spectacular.

But there is a price to taking this path and it is an expensive one.  Literally.  We live in our bodies and in the physical world and there is no escape from it except death.  For as far as we can reach spiritually, we will always have to come back to the bills, the relationships and our health.  The trips into the spiritual do not teach us how to deal with negativity, how to pay the bills, maintain our health or stop fighting with the ones we love.  Those challenges that await us in the physical world are only accomplished by doing.  We have to work in some way to pay the bills, we have to deal with our ego and our partner’s in relationships and we have to get exercise and otherwise do things to stay healthy.

I chose to focus on the physical and let my extraordinary non physical side dim somewhat in the background.  My early years left me emotionally scarred and my self confidence shaken and these things had to be healed and re-built inside of me.  To venture deeply into the world of spirit under  these conditions is to invite nightmares and health problems.  Healing always has to come first.

I never really put the spiritual stuff completely aside of course, that isn’t possible.  It comes back.  It always does.  And so I have found myself betwixt and between.  Neither fully in the material world nor fully immersed in the spiritual one.  It’s an odd place.  On the one hand, I find myself drawn to the science of parapsychology and all of the objective information that comes with it, as though that were somehow more valid than personal experiences.  And on the other hand, I cannot deny that the spiritually is always calling to me and I must always listen.

I know that grasping at a rational, sane, objective world is a sure sign of a sick mind.   It is not the reality of our existence and quite frankly there is no such thing.  I sit here, staring at my computer, but also looking out the window at trees and plants and passing clouds knowing that these are alive and conscious, just like I am.  The money and security I pursue are mere benchmarks for something deeper that is happening; something beyond the physical life that endures well beyond this mortal body I call myself.  The struggle to better my life is a mirror changes to my consciousness; to my ability to affect my environment and make things happen for myself.  The wading through of life’s troubles are the playing out of my challenges in simply shining brighter in the universe.

it is a great challenge to see the world and know that I have shaped my piece in it and things happen to me and for me because of my deeper intentions.  it is a greater challenge still to see this world that I take for real and decide to see beyond it to what I want it to be, not what I have already created.  And isn’t that the whole point of all of it?

It has been slow and it has not been much fun, but slogging through the work of making my physical life successful has been rewarding in a way that pursuit of a more spiritual path never could have been for me.  And the funny thing is, paying the mortgage and getting the truck serviced can be spiritual as well.  Success in the physical world carries directly over into the spiritual.

This is what I mean when I say betwixt and between.  There is no clear dividing line between the spiritual and the physical even though there appears to be one.  They are at some level, the same thing and even within our perception of them they are so closely intertwined that the edges between them are at the least blurred and more likely non existent.  We don’t see this on the bright light of a summer day in the full sun, but it becomes much more obvious in the deep twilight of a moonless night.  The half light fuzzes up the reality that we take for granted and forces us to see something deeper.  The state of betwixt and between.

8 comments on “Betwixt and Between: A Foot in Both Worlds

  1. Anthony
    August 19, 2010

    Those are the good ol days though. The most expensive thing was like 10 or 20 dollars and you constantly learned about responsibility. I kind of have a hybrid upbringing thanks to my father. I’m very responsible, but a wild child at the same time. I would have love to be born in your generation. The present is not my time, lol.

  2. craigweiler
    August 19, 2010

    Oldchool for me is electric typewriters and no calculators. Computers? Not invented yet.

  3. Anthony
    August 19, 2010

    LMFAO!!! I just thought it was oldschool because it came out on the original Playstation. 🙂

  4. craigweiler
    August 18, 2010

    Oldschool is now 1996!!!???? AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  5. Anthony
    August 18, 2010

    This wonderful discussion brought up a wonderful oldschool game called Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. You play a vampire/angel hybrid named Raziel and you have the power to go inbetween the physical/spirit worlds at will. It also teaches about the consequences of time travel. I would highly recommend playing this game. 😉

  6. MJ
    July 31, 2010

    You’re right on that there is a connection between this and another world, the world where concepts such as Eternity and Immortality make perfect sense, where Psychic Powers are the connecting link to ours and prayers to God are the natural persons’ way of communicating to that world. It is good to hear that there are others who believe in Psychic Powers and are open about it. I am very isolated, though I am in a large city with no one to talk to and more problems than I can name, most of them are because I have been born into Psychic Powers’ society but found out only now that my youth is over. I am in a kind of “telepathy hell” that I would not wish on your worst enemies. I am not able to reciprocate to those with the Psychic Power that I recieve, but I am able to learn the information they give. It is very unpleasant and near insane, I wonder if anyone has heard of this phenomena. Any help or advise is appreciated. Thanks for your great writing.

    • craigweiler
      July 31, 2010

      Hi MJ,
      Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been rather busy today. I’m interested in providing you what assistance I can, but some of the terms you use and the things you are referring to are unclear to me. Most likely, it is something I am familiar with and it is merely a problem of semantics. Here are my questions:

      What do you mean by “born into psychic powers society?” Are you referring to the fact that you’re psychic?

      I would be grateful if you could provide a more complete explanation of “telepathy hell.” Do you mean that your sensitivity puts you on overload?

      What do you mean by “I am not able to reciprocate but I am able to learn the information they give?” Do you mean that you’re a good receiver, but not much of a sender?

      I don’t want to make any assumptions and give advice or suggestions for the wrong thing. I tried to get a feel for this psychically, but I’m just not there.

  7. Psychicsaoirse
    May 17, 2010

    In Wicca, there’s a theory about the triple self. You are your soul, which is tied to your mind, which is tied to your body. That’s most of what I use to understand the relationship between the psychic and physical realm. But I love the twilight metaphor. The space between worlds is my favorite place. 🙂 It’s very quiet and peaceful there–just beware of getting sucked in, or you end up depressed as all heck. (You’d think it’d come with a warning label.)

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