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Prophesy: The Leviathan Awakes And A Requiem for New Orleans

I have a terrible feeling our troubles in the Gulf are far from over.  This is how it comes to me.  Like a prophesy.



A moment goes by.  Then fear, oh the fear racing like a arcing electricity through receptors in the brain.  The eyes see, but do not yet comprehend.  The snorting fiery breath of a great and terrible creature soars into the sky.

A column of fire shoots high into the sky.  No one who sees this doubts what this is: it is the end.  The column stands high, then is joined by others with dancing smoke and fire lighting the sky.  The breath of the creature is many times greater than first seen.  It has begun to stir.

The witnesses on the boats and platforms all know the creature, it’s gargantuan form so long dormant beneath the waves is awake . . . and it knows only destruction.  The sea floor rises as he takes a monumental breath in and then lets it out in a deafening, screaming mighty roar.  The earth rends, the sea parts and the Leviathan rises, death all around him races in all directions at once with a force even the earth itself notices.

Ah the Leviathan, now freed by men he has plotted this escape for many years.  Twisting the minds of men, he played on their greed, their willingness to be reckless and their blindness to their faults.  The Leviathan, sitting on his black gold knew they would come for him, sure in their conceit that they could control him when they met.  Only when the plumes towered in the sky did they realize their folly.  The Leviathan was about to be freed and no mortal power could contain him.

Across the water races the creature, heading for the nearest land.  Louisiana lies directly in its path and as its massive feet make landfall the ground shakes, objects are hurled and nothing lives as it speeds inland towards its goal:  New Orleans.

New Orleans; an old survivor, having beaten back the British and climbing to its feet after Katrina, has not a moment of preparation as the Leviathan blackens its skies.  It quickly has much company for its restless ghosts and is now finally and irrevocably doomed.  Fast death, slow death rains upon the city, beating at the windows, crawling in the gutters, seeping into the skin and organs of every living thing.  Days and weeks may go by before the pain begins in earnest, but the plants die, the animals perish and the lifeless human bodies lay in the innumerable morgues they once called their homes.  All is lost and countless seasons will go by before the curse of the Leviathan fades and fertility returns.

Havoc and panic reigns while the Leviathan walks the earth.  Fire and floods are his toys and he plays with them relentlessly.  He cares not where his feet fall or what lies beneath him as he tumbles about, and the devastation he wreaks he is oblivious to.  He cares not for the affairs of man.  He is Leviathan and his power is beyond the measure of any creature on earth.

By the time he tires and retreats back into the earth he has made a mockery of the plans of man, dashing in a swift stroke our cockiness and sense of invincibility.  The Leviathan has demonstrated the fragility and limits of man.


I understand now why imagery such as this has been used in prophesy in the past.  Being there is too awful.  The direct images come with fear and pain that is so intense and overwhelming that some distance is required to absorb it.  Making it into a story accomplishes this.  If you haven’t figured it out, this depicts the huge explosion of methane that accompanies the oil in the region.  It begins with a single plume of methane shooting out of the water from the depths, possibly on fire and it is soon joined by several others.  Once this starts, no one in the area will be able to escape.  The blast will come too soon and be too large for any hope to exist.  The people who witness this will have great dread, but this is nothing compared to what will be experienced on land.

I don’t know exactly how this will happen, but many people will die terribly.  Huge amounts of both searing pain and tremendous fear.  The rest of us survive this, but it so changes the world that our lives will be gradually, but dramatically disrupted.  I’m not exactly sure how this is accomplished.

I see all this happening around mid August.  I have no idea what can be done about it, if anything.  I only hope that enough people get out of the way to minimize the loss of life.  The loss of habitat however, will surely be devastating.

And one more thing.  I really hate this predicting stuff.  It makes me very uncomfortable frankly leaves me feeling queasy.  I hope that this is of some help to someone and I’ve been recommending to people not to go to that general area.  If you live in that area, you have some time, but not a lot.  Leave, and don’t plan on ever coming back.

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