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The Psychic’s World And The Double Rainbow Guy

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I see this occasionally in other psychic people and certainly in myself.  There is the face I put out to the rest of the world and the reality that I mostly keep to myself.  Oh, there are things that I can share with the world that relate to being psychic, like feeling the aliveness of the world or maybe an observation about someone or an animal, but those are the safe and acceptable things that everyone can agree on.  There is more though.  There is always more.  Being psychic means being weird and there are just some places we can go where others cannot follow.

Connected to the universe for example, means just that.  We are not just connected to the people on earth; entanglement is not simply a terrestrial affair.  Psychic ability exists, and that means that other sentient beings possess it as well, which means that we have a connection with them, which means that we can contact them telepathically.  This is always available to us, whether we choose to go down that path or not.  But doing this puts us in the realm of nutjobs and crackpots in the eyes of the rest of the world, even many who believe in psi.  Really, it is just an extension of what it means to be psychic and logically, there is no reason not to explore this realm as many do, but in doing so, we reduce our already low status in society.

The pressure of status with regard to psychics and their experiences is a strange thing.  On the one hand we are mocked, and on the other hand people can be utter fascinated by this.  A great example of this is the Double Rainbow guy as seen in this video:

The man is having an overpowering psychic experience and it reduces him to tears.  It is so open and honest and so strong that it is impossible to sit through the video and not feel some of the magic that he is experiencing.  The video has had over 7,000,000 views and counting; that’s how strongly people are pulled to this psychic experience.   Of course he is widely mocked, and this follow up video where he explains his experience reinforces this:

He goes on to describe the “power” of the “rainbow rays” and how they “knocked” him over.  He also says “The universe flows through me, I am just a vessel.”  This is typical psychic speak.  This psychic experience seems normal to him and as a psychic person I can understand what he is experiencing.  These aren’t physical rays of the rainbow knocking him down, it’s not literal, The joy of seeing that rainbow opened up something inside of him and gave him access to some part of himself that he had never experienced before.  He allowed himself to be fully open to what was happening inside of him and fortunately for the rest of us, caught it on tape.

It’s very affirming of having magic moments in life from things that might be considered ordinary.

It’s important to note here that it is not just his voice and the image that are transmitted.  There is a psychic aspect to it.  Watching the video takes us back to that moment of his and allows the rest of us to literally live whatever part of that experience we’re capable of.  People who mock this video are using that mechanism to protect themselves from experiencing what he did.  Here’s an example:

The average person is going to look at the Rainbow Guy video and conclude that the guy is just a bit nuts.  And from a normal perspective, he is.  But that isn’t the whole story and that is something that most of the time will be missed.  Paul Vasquez is not crazy, he is responding to aspects of our reality that most people don’t have access to.  He has immersed himself there and you can really see that in this next video:  Watch how he moves and acts and how he talks, rather than what he says.

The fully expressive face, the intelligent eyes and non stop body movement are part of that.  He has undoubtedly chosen to live in a natural setting away from large cities and the pressure of urban life in order to support that side of himself.  He is joyful; an emotion most people have trouble achieving, (including yours truly.  I can be rather serious.)  It’s not important that he produce full, complete and totally comprehensible sentences; he is showing a mind that is focused on receiving information from other sources.  To him, getting knocked down by rainbow rays is a tangible thing and the reality he experiences is so different that for all practical purposes, that’s what happened.  Reality is relative to the observer and this really shows that in vivid detail.

Actually, once he came down to earth a bit, he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show and wasn’t quite so “out there.”

The thing is, as psychic people, we might not express ourselves in that manner, but it’s there, beneath the surface.  If it’s not rainbow rays, it’s contact with aliens, being immersed in astrology or being extremely connected with animals.  We have that side that is always receiving information from that out-in-left-field part of reality whether we choose to share that with other people or not.  We all have a bit of the double rainbow guy in us.

5 comments on “The Psychic’s World And The Double Rainbow Guy

  1. Yosemitebear
    July 30, 2010

    This is a good assessment of my reality. I lived and worked in Yosemite from 1985 to 1994, I married into the Yosemite Indian tribe and I along with my two children Paul III 21, and Irene Angel age 23, have been involved in it’s culture and ceremonies since 1986. I bought and developed my own land in 1988 on the side of a mountain at the end of a dirt road just 10 air miles from Yosemite. Anybody who has been to Yosemite can feel it’s power, imagine being immersed in that for 25 years, yes my natural psychic ability has been enhanced and living with no neighbors and 100 mile views all contribute to it.
    There is so much to my story, it’s practically endless, I’ve been driven to place content on the web since I got connected in 2004. The rainbow was Spirit, God’s eye looking at me, similar to Moses and the burning bush. I’ve been prophesying for many years, making predictions, now rainbows follow me, meteors come when I ask for them, small miracles happen all around me. Watch the Kimmel bit. I guess what Jimmy has in the box even before I knew he had a box. I say “I think it’s a mirror”. The camera wasn’t on Jimmy’s face but I was looking at him and it almost looked like I slapped him when I said mirror.
    Spirit is talking to me non stop and has been for many years, I knew this or something was coming and have said so on many interviews. When the video exploded I started feeling peoples energy and my mind and spirit has gone into hyper drive.
    If you look at the Double Rainbow vid on my page, you’ll see no adds, Spirit told me not to devalue the rainbow that my needs would be provided for in other ways. What I see happening is very powerful, people realizing what is going on with me and having them connect to me. I predict Oprah will have me on her show soon, and the great president Obama will come to Yosemite to meet my family. I have other predictions on You Tube that I have not made public, I have been told to revel them in good time. I have been told that the content I have placed on the web is modern day scripture on how to love life, your fellow man and the Mother, how to love your family and how to enjoy the gifts the Creator has given. Please go to my web site, join, follow and contribute anything over a dollar because Paypal only accepts amounts over a dollar. I have so much to do, please support me.

    • craigweiler
      July 30, 2010

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog and confirming my impressions. The feedback is very nice. I very much honor and respect your ability to openly display such profound emotion and once I sat down and really focused on the video I understood what was happening. I did catch the part on the Jimmy KImmel show where you guessed about the mirror.

      Most of the psychic people I run across are much more reserved (that includes me!) and your openness is quite a gift. I absolutely understand how Spirit is working with you and what the objectives are. It makes perfect sense to me. You have great energy and it feels good to be in the presence of it.

      I have the strangest feeling that I may be providing support for you, but of a slightly different nature than just dollars . . .It will all work out for you. Avenues for earning more money are available to you now that are aligned with the Spirit’s Path. If you ask, these will come to you. This will be more steady and fulfilling than contributions. (In Yoda’s voice:) Strong the force is with you Yosemitebear!

      • Yosemitebear
        July 30, 2010

        Thanks. For now the contributions are really helping, this is the only money I have right now as things are “in the mail”. I also feel it’s a great way for people to give of themselves, it’s something concrete they can do that does not take much but which greatly helps me right now and gives them blessings. I know the Universe is going to provide me with more abundance than I can ever imagine, even when I have vast amounts of abundance Spirit is telling me to keep the avenue for donations open so people can give what their heart tells them to give. I will only use the money for good as I have simple desires, only to live here grow the food I eat, have alternative energy, a decent car and to help people. My land is a healing center, it has made itself this, it’s not my doing, contributions will make it possible for people to come here and for me and the women who are around me to help people based on their ability to pay and not only for people who have lots of money. I’ve had all these plans, thought and ideas for quite some time now, not knowing where the money was going to come from to pay for it but just having it that it would happen. I never faltered in the fact that it would happen, I am kind of surprised it has come to me, I always thought it was going to be my daughter who this came to and I would only be in the back round giving advice. I guess this is still how it might play out, I’m not sure, I only know I am a vessel and servant for the Universe. Ah Ho. Yosemitebear.

  2. Monica
    July 25, 2010

    For me, it’s the concept of eternity. Of being truly alone, with only my essence as the person. I live in high desert, so it’s easy–I walk out into my backyard, and I am utterly alone. I am a being with no past, no future, only endless time. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve felt.

    And double rainbows? For me, they’re a gateway to the next life…and wow. Does this guy pick up on that. Just watching the video was almost religious. *hugs double-rainbow guy* Wow. Just wow.

    • Ellen Startears
      July 30, 2010

      So true …
      ╔ƸӜƷ♥ ॐ
      ╚═╩═╩═╩ƸӜƷ♥ ॐ

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