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Deconstructing My Disaster Premonition

On September 9th, 2010, about 18 miles North of my home, a 24″ gas line burst, sending a column of flame over a thousand feet into the air.  Eight people died and over 50 homes were destroyed.  It was a terrible disaster.  (See photos here.) A few days earlier, on September 2nd, a Gulf oil platform exploded and burned off the Louisiana coast. Thanks to good emergency procedures however, no one was hurt.  Of course the oil spill is still doing its damage.

I posted the premonition (Prophesy: The Leviathan Awakes And A Requiem for New Orleans) on July 19th.  (I declared it a failure on August 22nd.  Failed Predictions, A Necessary Part of Psi)  At the time, my attention and everyone else’s, was riveted to events unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico where the largest oil spill in history was underway.  Furthermore, it was well known that there was a risk of a methane explosion of epic proportions.  All these things combined into a sort of premonition cocktail.  The premonition itself carried enormous fear and panic and few images, which made it hard to sort through.  There were some brief images:  Flattened houses, someone on an oil platform looking almost straight up at a fire, a tower plume of yellow and orange.  Toxic clouds.  I also had a deep sense of foreboding about the tragedy unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.  But mostly, the premonition was fear and panic, much of it directed upward, towards the sky.  All this combined into a premonition cocktail which was only partly right.  The first two paragraphs clearly nailed the disaster in San Bruno, California.


A moment goes by.  Then fear, oh the fear racing like a arcing electricity through receptors in the brain.  The eyes see, but do not yet comprehend.  The snorting fiery breath of a great and terrible creature soars into the sky.

A column of fire shoots high into the sky.  No one who sees this doubts what this is: it is the end.  The column stands high, then is joined by others with dancing smoke and fire lighting the sky.  The breath of the creature is many times greater than first seen.  It has begun to stir.

That refers to the initial explosion and subsequent fires caused by the rupturing gas main.

Ah the Leviathan, now freed by men he has plotted this escape for many years.  Twisting the minds of men, he played on their greed, their willingness to be reckless and their blindness to their faults.  The Leviathan, sitting on his black gold knew they would come for him, sure in their conceit that they could control him when they met.  Only when the plumes towered in the sky did they realize their folly.  The Leviathan was about to be freed and no mortal power could contain him.

That, of course, describes the planned neglect of PG&E perfectly. Only it is not black gold, but rather its’ cousin, natural gas. The rest of the prediction, I think, is off base.  (Thank God!) There is a brief mention of an oil rig, but that’s as close as it gets.

So powerful were the emotions with this prediction that I shared the prediction with a customer of mine, verbally describing what I had seen.  (It’s different than writing, more fluid and less logically constrained.)  She was close enough to the blast to actually see the towering flames from her home.  When she watched the newsfootage of the blast on TV she said that my description matched it so well that she had goosebumps.  She wanted to know what other visions I had had.

As for the rest, does a different version of it lies further in the future?  It may be that the vision I had was of a slower chemical attack.  If that’s the case, you don’t need to be psychic to know that is happening.  I was already aware of that problem at the time of the prediction.  Oil is extremely toxic and the dispersant that was used is probably even more so.  All that crap is now in the food chain, spreading cancer causing chemicals wherever the food is sold, particularly in predator fish, which tend to concentrate the heavy metals and toxic chemicals in their bodies.  As clouds form over the Gulf, they will be carrying some of the toxins and spreading them inland, depressing the immune systems of people far inland, making them susceptible to many horrible diseases.

Fast death, slow death rains upon the city, beating at the windows, crawling in the gutters, seeping into the skin and organs of every living thing.  Days and weeks may go by before the pain begins in earnest, but the plants die, the animals perish and the lifeless human bodies lay in the innumerable morgues they once called their homes.  All is lost and countless seasons will go by before the curse of the Leviathan fades and fertility returns.

That part was less prophesy and more just common sense.  Louisiana is already home to the highest rates of cancer in the United States and the gulf spill isn’t going to help that.

It is clear to me that all of the emotion I was feeling was coming from the San Bruno disaster.  Certainly the towering flames and the blast have no Gulf equivalent, nor the overwhelming fear and panic.  That was all part of the San Bruno blast.  The vision of flattened houses and grayness of the area all point to that disaster as well.  Those details did not make it into into the prediction because of the high level of emotion surrounding it at the time.

In conclusion, I made many mistakes that were borne of inexperience.  (That is the only disaster of any kind that I have ever predicted.)  I am now aware of how much I allowed myself to be sidetracked by logical thinking and attempts to put what I saw into the framework of what I already knew.  The clues were there, but I just could not wrap my head around them.  I think that if I have another premonition like this, I will be better prepared.


4 comments on “Deconstructing My Disaster Premonition

  1. crystal
    April 25, 2011

    May have been a little to do with japan also look at the radiation leaks.

    • craigweiler
      April 25, 2011

      I hadn’t thought of that. I did see tsunamis, but as with pretty much everything else about the premonition, I got the location and date wrong.

  2. Monica
    February 16, 2011

    I probably share a bit of the blame for the freakout…I categorize things in a very weird way. So when we were talking, I misinterpreted several visions. We both freaked each other out, especially since, at that time, my brain was convinced the apocalypse was right around the corner.

    On the upside, you’ve learned to see the future. One thing I’ve learned from working with it? Ninety percent of your visions WON’T be like this. Your next ones will be mundane events…and that will let you see the pure beauty and wonder of what you can do. Hopefully with fewer panic attacks. :p

    • craigweiler
      February 16, 2011

      I admit to freaking out a bit. That, combined with the tremendous fear that the San Bruno event actually generated was a powerful combination.

      I already have mundane precognition. I can do it for a lot of little things.

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