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The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis

It is impossible to do research into psychic ability and psychics without coming across stories of psychosis.  And lurking in the background is a connection to schizophrenia, which is far more common in the families of psychic people than in the population at large.  In order to address this issue with any sort of expertise though,  I needed a source of information which clarified the topic.  Well, now I have it.  Cognitive psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD, is a creativity researcher who wrote an article exploring the link between schizophrenia and highly creative people.

We can use the same information for psychic people because this is basically the same group.  Kaufman acknowledges as much, although he uses the euphemisms, “magical thinking” and “unusual perceptive experience” to describe psi.  It’s annoying, I know.  But at least the data is there.

But there are also documented instances of psychics experiencing psychosis, which are not part of that article  and I want to address that as well, because it happens to a very certain type of psychic under some very specific circumstances.

Psychosis and schizophrenia are not the same thing.  With Psychosis your self control and self awareness will be lower than that of a person with Schizophrenia.  The duration for psychosis is between days and weeks and Schizophrenia occurs for lifetime.  From a psychic’s standpoint you can think of it this way:  Schizophrenia is an ego so out of control it is creating its own reality.  Psychosis is the loss of the protective ego.

Psychics do not get schizophrenia, but they can become psychotic.  Got that?  Good.  Let’s address the issue of schizophrenia.  (The article is about creativity.  I am picking out passages that directly relate to schizophrenia and psychosis.  The links in the quoted area were part of the original article.)   Dr. Kaufman writes in his article:

In a recent study reported in Schizophrenia Bulletin, Nelson and Rawlings propose that a mild form of schizophrenia called schizotypy may be positively associated with the experience of flow. Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental illness that affects roughly 1 percent of the population and involves altered states of consciousness and “abnormal” perceptual experiences. Schizotypy, which is a watered-down version of schizophrenia, consists of a constellation of personality traits that are evident to some degree in everyone.

High levels of schizotypy are typically found in relatives of individuals with full fledged schizophrenia. Some researchers have proposed that the genes that underlie schizophrenia may remain in the human gene pool because of the benefits those with schizotypy receive in terms of creativity; those with schizotypy have the genes that that may contribute to creativity without the debilitating genes that would prevent them from achieving their maximum potential.

Research confirms a link between schizotypy and creative achievement. In particular, “positive” schizotypal traits such as unusual perceptual experiences and magical beliefs tend to be elevated in artists, and “negative” schizotypal traits such as physical and social anhedonia (a feeling of emotional emptiness) and introversion tend to be associated with mathematical and scientific creativity. (Of course, there are scientists with positive schizotypal traits and artists with negative schizotypal traits — I’m only talking relative numbers.)

He goes on to say:

Consistent with prior research, they found that their sample of artists scored higher than the average population (based on norm data) on the schizotypal traits of unipolar affective disturbance (depression) and thin boundaries, as well as the personality traits of openness to experience and neuroticism.

Interestingly, they didn’t replicate research showing elevated levels of bipolar mood disorder in artists. As a possible explanation, the researchers point out that their sample consists of mainly contemporary artists. As they point out, “creativity is a construct that varies not only across fields, but also across styles and artistic movements.”

Indeed, clinical psychologist Louis A. Sass notes in his article, “Schizophrenia, Modernism and the ‘Creative Imagination’: On Creativity and Psychopathology,” that most of the prior work on the link between bipolar and artistic creativity has been based on eminent classical artists from earlier periods, particularly the Romantic period. In his book, “Madness and Modernism: Insanity in the Light of Modern Art, Literature and Thought,” Sass further makes the case that modernistic and postmodern artists report psychotic or schizotypal experiences.

And still more:

hese findings are fascinating and beg the question: What mechanism or set of mechanisms account for the association between schizotypy and the experience of flow? The researchers argue that latent inhibition is of particular relevance to understanding this association (also see “Why Daydreamers Are More Creative“).Reduced latent inhibition represents an inability to screen out from awareness stimuli that have previously been tagged as irrelevant. Prior research has shown an association between reduced latent inhibition and psychosis. However, emeritus Professor David R. Hemsley at King’s College, London argues that while this loosening of expectations based on previous experience may cause a disruption in sense of self, this mental process may also confer advantages for creativity. Recent research showing common genetic and neurotransmitter linkages (particularly dopamine) between both schizophrenia and creativity support this association at a biological level.

As the researchers note, the million dollar question is this: What distinguishes the person who, in the Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard‘s phrase, “drowns in possibility” from the person who is able to use his or her reduced latent inhibition in a way that enables heightened levels of creativity?

Some researchers have argued that intelligence and working memory may be factors that protect the individual with creative potential from falling over the edge into madness. Factors such as working memory and high executive functioning (which tend to show activations in the prefrontal cortex of the brain) may enable the individual with reduced latent inhibition to not go mad from the influx of emotions and sensations and make good use of the broad range of novel input. Indeed, researchers have found that the combination of high I.Q. and reduced latent inhibition is associated with creative achievement.

And one more thing:

I reckon that it is this openness to experience aspect (and associated functioning of the dopaminergic neurotransmitter system) that is crucial to understanding the schizotypy/flow connection. Self-reported openness to experience is in fact related to reduced latent inhibition, suggesting that openness to experience is a phenotype that is related to actual information processing.

The idea that a high IQ factors into the ability of psychic people to cope successfully with traits of schizophrenia is not new.  This was also suggested by Dean Radin in his book on the science of parapsychology: “The Conscious Universe.”  I am also inclined to add that having a high Emotional IQ is also protective.

Perhaps schizophrenia is the product of a brain that lacks the ordinary capacity to filter information, both physical and at the level of pure consciousness.  A schizophrenic perhaps deals with this by unconsciously shutting it all down by creating their very own paranoid world to live in.  Fear definitely cuts back on the internal flow of information and that may be its purpose in this situation. Psychics, on the other hand, can and do deal with this information flow from a very early age.  Therefore it does not generate the overwhelming fear response and there is no need for the ego to shut everything off.

(Update, 6-28-17. This article clearly articulates this idea. Psychics Who Hear Voices Could Be On to Something)

Psychosis in Psychics

You aren’t psychotic just because you saw a ghost or some other image or had a bad feeling or heard things.  Psychosis includes those things, but you have to look at the overall picture.

Psychosis is not an addition to reality, it’s a break from it.  If you’re seeing ghosts and they’re talking to you for instance, but otherwise, things are normal, this is probably a psychic experience.  An exceptional one, yes, but merely psychic nonetheless.  I don’t claim to know all the reasons for why this stuff suddenly occurs, but when I’ve dug into the backgrounds of people who have related these things to me, they were pretty damned psychic to begin with and had other experiences before that were similar at other times in their lives.  When I’ve done a bit of peer counseling with these people the main problem was a fear of insanity.  When that issue was resolved, it was no longer a problem. A psychotic break is a fear feedback loop that is totally out of control.  I would not attempt peer counseling in this situation because serious help and meds are a good idea at this point.

The incidences of psychosis I have read about turned up in situations where individuals were intensely using their psi over long periods of time, typically doing remote viewing; sometimes for years.  The people involved were handpicked because they demonstrated exceptional psychic ability and they simply lost their grip on reality.

My opinion on this is that it has to do with how these people perceived authority figures and the idea of authority in general.  Most of these people were in service to a government with a strong chain of command; the army for instance.  The problem with that is that activities such as remote viewing require a level of self confidence and a sense of self far beyond what these people possessed.  In the realm of the inner mind, the normal barriers of the ego and whatever it is in our consciousness that holds reality together disappears and we are open to our most subconscious thoughts, which can manifest as real things in the inner mind.  You imagine it, and it’s there instantly.  That includes fear, which in turn increases the fear and pretty soon, you have a feedback loop and the resultant psychosis.

The problem is that you only join the army if you believe in authority more than you believe in yourself.  And keeping your sanity intact during remote viewing requires that your belief in yourself is stronger than your belief in authority.  That is to say, a psychic person who has complete disregard for authority and follows their own path, paying no attention to the counsel of others will be far less likely to cave into any fears that might start developing.  They are far better prepared for remote viewing because they can shoo the boogeymen away.  The idea of authority is that something external is controlling you, but the inner mind doesn’t work that way.  Everything that happens is essentially an inner reflection.  Not being afraid of authority is the same thing as not being afraid of monsters under the bed.  The ability to deal with one carries over to the other.



218 comments on “The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis

  1. Tanisha
    November 15, 2018

    That article just made perfect sense to me. Thank you.

  2. Kevin
    February 27, 2018

    I wonder who among your readers, having schizophrenia with Delusions of Reference, have actual CONVERSATIONS with their “delusions of reference,” not just sensing that they are being talked ABOUT? This question has been on my mind for a long time. It’s different from talking to Voices, because real people can hear the delusions of reference, they just interpret it differently. I hope I asked that question clearly.

    • Alek Minishak
      June 12, 2018

      Hey, so I have been in a “loop” having complete conversations with what I hear in my head. Not sure what to think of it , I had a psychotic break but snapped out of it in a couple days. I am still able to have conversations with what I hear but it seems like a bad spirit but I have no other experience talking to spirits is this possible? Or is it my brain communicating with itself?

      • vincent mullins
        February 13, 2019

        Hi Alek,I trained as a Medium but never practiced, I have a large number of dark souls who through Archangel Michael and Jesus put at least 35 to the light then the menace really began, dark spirit litually got pissed with me threatening me to stop the light I had a house full who followed myself everywhere at first it caused third eye overwork and exhaustion yet I could hear them and still hear 4 to 5 spirits who do not want to cross over even a day and night of attempted possession I proved to mentally and physical to strong for them this made them worse due to their failure.As in the wanted to turn me to their side I personally would rather die as I believe in Jesus.The medical profession thought it was psychosis, I once out of near 3 weeks residential hospitalization over a year now never took medication its regarded as Psychic attack.I can hear them during the day and at night I say a Our Father prayer ask Jesus to clockwise in white arms out straight cover beneath my feet and 4 feet above my head in a white ball of imaginary light then ask Jesus for same in a mirror finish outwards so it confuses the enemy if that’s no help do the same ask Jesus to cover your whole body in his gold armour nothing can get to inflict or manipulate you ask for the same for family and friends and shield your home in his bright light.
        Alex you will still hear them go see a medium and ask them to get you to know your spirit guide and how to access your higher self,hope it helps regards, Vincent.

    February 10, 2018

    I need to speak to the author of this article. 2 years ago I thought I was becoming psychic, or having a spiritual awakening. Things got confusing and one thing led to another….and I happily crashed my van into a wall at 60 kms an hour while my children were at home sleeping. I then got out of the vehicle and ran around naked until I was arrested. I came out of the psychosis quickly and only had to stay in the hospital for a week. I was not diagnosed with a mental illness…just a psychotic or possibly manic episode. I stayed on medication for 3 months and since then I have been off of them. Just hoping for some insight and feedback for my situation. Since some vibrations popped into my head and told me some details of my near future. Now those exact things happened. Also, lots of odd things happened during the psychosis that I cannot explain. I would love to chat with you!

  4. Ron Lentjes
    December 3, 2017

    I found another similar youtube:

    Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening?

    • Ronald Mazur
      January 10, 2018

      What a beautiful and articulate soul you are! Perhaps you would draw strength
      and comfort from an Irish friend of mine who has written about her life with angels: She talks about her experiences in many videos on the web too and has written several books.
      You are becoming a chronicler/journalist of the human spirit and the soul. Take heart!

  5. Ron Lentjes
    December 3, 2017

    I found an interesting youtube:

    Spiritual Awakening or Mental Disorder?

  6. Corie Spencer
    December 2, 2017

    Hi there, my name is Corie. I came across your post searching for someone to tall to and possibly someone that could help me, or send me in the right direction. I am 25 years old. I am not schizophrenic and if I was I would gladly get help. I’ve talked with shamans and certain people in the past when I was younger and still trying to figure out what’s going on. I started taking an anti-depressant / anxiety pill to rid the voice. I can’t hear it as much which is super relieving. But it doesn’t take away the feeling and night time haunts. In my heart and soul I know me and my spirit. I come from love and light. Since I was young I have always had a connection to the spiritual world and unfortunately I let in bad energy. My life has been effected from these experiences deeply. But my love and my soul keeps me strong. If you can point me in the right direction or help me I will forever be grateful. I truly and honestly come to you for help so I can live my life in peace.

    • Kevin Wacknov
      December 5, 2017

      Here are some good apps (I wrote them, and I am schizophrenic) that help you explore the inner and outer worlds safely…

    • Peter Palasota
      December 19, 2017

      My dear, I was once where you are today, but far worse off, a victim of occult practices that I thought were of the divine. Your problems is very common and it can be a result of sins in your family tree, that is, spiritual problems that have been passed on to you, or the result of dabbling in spiritual practices that are not of God. It took me 7 years to find the right help, and I tried everything from shamans to psychic healers to Buddhist and Hindu leaders to the medical field and to the Protestant Churches. In the end, it was the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, which I was born into, that made the difference. The last place I went to for help, the last place I would have ever though could help anyone, was the one place that had the power of God that diminished the evil powers besetting me. I found my deliverance, after seven years of hell, getting help from a good Catholic priests and using the sacramentals of the Church often every day. I’ve spent the last 20 years helping people with your problems and much worse, and most of them have gone to all the place I mentioned above and never got any relief. But worse, they gave money again and again to get the spirits off of them. Each time they gave money, the spirits left and they had peace, but in a week or month they came back, and so they gave more money for help, and more and more, never-ending. All the while, the right help was just around the corner. I want to speak more to you about all of this, can you email me., then we’ll talk by phone, as there is much you need to come to understand to help you deal with this and things you must do and must not do, if you are find your deliverance from this problem. On the subject line of the Email, write: Peter, You Ask Me to Contact you. I’ll get right back to you. I’ve never had a person come to me for help, that did not find the relief they were seeking. To end, I want to tell you that your problem is not demonic possession or even obsession. Nothing really bad, but it is frightening and bothersome and they are working to break your heart and your faith and your hope. That is what they do. You are being harassed and oppressed, which is just about the least of the problems that people suffer with demonic spirits, so please relax and don’t worry too much. Next, never, under any circumstance go to any shaman or witchcraft person, no yoga, no astrology, nothing of the occult at all, because these things are infestations and spiritually toxic. The shamans help people with demons because they demons and the shamans work as one, and when the shaman does his work over you, the demon simple leaves for a while, but then it always comes back and you find yourself giving money over and over to the shaman until he’s taken it all. You need simple Catholic Church help, and you will quickly begin seeing good results. But you must be cautious to find the right Catholic Church help, only a small percent of the priest are psychologically and otherwise equipped and experienced enough to help, and going to a wrong one can be heartbreaking. Let me help you find the right help, I’ve been in this field of work for 20 years and, and, I untangled the spiders web and got free, so I can show a person how to do it. God bless you dear.

    • Natalia
      January 14, 2018

      You’re not alone, I feel the exact way as you. We are dealing with the spirit world. I am learning that you can override the voices and train them like you would a dog. Be firm.

    • Peter Palasota
      March 24, 2018

      Corie, if you still need help, contact me at,

  7. Ron Lentjes
    December 1, 2017

    “The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis”

    After leaving this page, I could not but help sensing something very wrong with what the western world seems to think (of not have a clue about, or hiding something about) schizophrenia!

    It just smelled really bad.

    I keep looking up “what causes schizo?”. Big Bad Warning signs kept me at this. “We don’t know what really causes it”. “We really don’t know how the drugs work”. So on and so on.

    I kept going on to other tangents through the mass of www info/dis-info.

    Ok what’s going on here. Is this another case of bull shit. It smells it.

    My intuition so far says: It is a temporary state change and not a disease at all.

    As I kept looking on (and I still am). I started to see some other peoples ideas just as a brainstorming activity:

    “break down of the ego”
    “transition to enlightenment”
    so on…

    Ok so here is my first vision of what is going on in a simple word form:

    “5 senses only reality” -> “break out period” -> “psychic”

    If my notion is correct, then once you pass into the “psychic” state,
    you have already been through the “break out period” so it be unlikely that you would go backwards to the “break out period” (Schizo / Psychosis).

    My best bet is that western world sees someone in this “break out period” and slams them into a mental institution full on drugs and halts the progression through the “break out period”!

    We dumb westerners are so dumb.

    Western world is upside down. Does not know / hides info about who we really are / where we come from / what or destination is / and oh my god if you ever say you are psychic or have any strange experience – LOCK THAT CRAZY person UP!

    If they saw MOSES wondering the desert to 40 years, he’d be locked up for sure!

    I also seen this sequence explained (I can’t remember the site):

    Chicken inside egg (the ego) -> chicken breaks out of egg -> chicken is enlightened.

    So I’m not the only one with a similar idea.

    I mean it’s interesting its called Schizo (let me look up the word)…

    schizo- word-forming element meaning “division; split, cleavage,” from Latinized form of Greek skhizo-, comb. form of skhizein “to split, cleave, part, separate,” from PIE root *skei- “to cut, separate, divide, part, split” (see shed (v.)).

    mmm kind of matches both “break out period” and “chicken breaking out of egg (ego)”

    Ok let’s look up “psychosis”:

    noun: psychosis; plural noun: psychoses

    a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.

    I’d hedge my bet that this is during the transition period as well:

    “5 senses world (physical)” + “opening to psychic world (non-pysical)” -> extreme confusion about what is real and what is not -> resolution -> psychic

    Now this is just my start to understand the entire thing – my intuition ramblings if you will.

    But it makes sense to me.

    Some psychics (who were not born that way) become that way after some brain injury.

    Like breaking the veil / shell that normally hinders peeking into the psychic realm if you will.

    Interesting. My guess is western world is treating nothing more that a transitional period (induced by brain injury / drugs / stress / Ayahuasca / what ever) as a mental disorder. Instead of taking time for the process to complete normally, Dumb westerners or on purpose (they don’t like psychics or anything outside of mainstream science) arrest the process by throwing into psych ward and drugging them up till their brains are molassessizzed It takes longer to go through a process of any kind through molassesss.

    So there is my start of this research. I’ll be back when this becomes more clearly layed out…

    Ron Lentjes

    • AMSALU
      February 26, 2018

      A clever truth,

    • Justice
      September 29, 2018

      Ron, thank you for your breakdown of the roots of the words and for your message. Greatly appreciated.

      ~Justice IsRising

    • Ipsy
      March 5, 2020

      Dear Ron, may you please email me? I too have just stumbled across this. I have been researching a few things between schizophrenia and psychics, ( my dad had schizophrenia) Anyways It all started when I was a little girl I had a vision my Aunty was coming to visit and sure enough she was! Well any ways I told my mum not long after I was a ‘truth talker’ (that’s what I thought the vision meant) i didn’t know about psychics at this age. Any ways I completely forgot about this, until my dad passed away, After he passed memory’s came flooding in. I was traumatised because I had found him deceased in his house after a few days…..and he was the best person I have ever had in my life. He was very spiritual and told me a lot of stuff. Cut a long story short I started researching my father’s condition, “schizophrenia” I found a whole bunch of stuff I’d love to share with you if you ever find the time.

      After my dad died I absolutely lost my mental stability. I couldn’t control it I was seeing all sorts of visions Of bad things and this was my second time having visions. Anyways I was doing the research about the gov and other things stumbled across some things and started putting pieces together. I tried to warn my family of the horrendous things I seen or pieced together but instead of them realising I might have been a bit Psychic I was put in a mental facility and put on anti psychotics, I forgot everything that happened the research and everything slowly faded day by day and I fully recovered, thank the lord. For two years I didn’t know what was wrong with me because of the pills that I was given, I am only just starting to realise now that maybe I am psychic. I need to channel myself though I don’t know my full potential. Please email me back. I have some questions and I have some Of my own intuitions on this matter I’d love for you to hear.

      Best wishes.

  8. Ron Lentjes
    November 30, 2017

    I need to make one point more clear.

    If you want to help people, you have to know what people are. If you fail that test, you can’t help people!

    If you try to fix people by raking the hell out of the frontal lopes, you are only experimenting with the physical body!

    I mean if you break a leg – go to emergency and get a physical fix for that.

    But if you have a mental issue this is where it all breaks down.

    You are spirit. Your physical brain is just a part to control your body from that physical locus. Your spirit controls the body for the physical needs in this physical incarnation here on this physical planet.

    If you are chronically unhappy, then this state is going to continue when you die as your spirit is unhappy. Suicide would be pointless. You’d still be unhappy!

    You can’t use drugs in reality because your brain is more than likely not different (other that lets say results of the stress upon your body).

    So find out what you are unhappy about, work through that. You can only become better if you fix your spirit (not your body).

    So maybe you just have to be outside going to cafe or just outside with nature or turn that f*** hellish TV off! (watch your favorite you tubes without commercials and news lies and horrible killing movies).

    Side Note; You can get something like “Wondershare Video Converter” (my personal choice after trying them all) to download your favorite movies / docos / comedy to your device and watch with no commercials at all – even youtube’s and most importantly watch what you want when you want at your leisure)

    When you finally get through that, not only will you become happy again, the healthier spirit will fix any stresses in your body due to its amazing influence on your body The stresses and harm done to your body from being unhappy will be repaired (without any medications).

    Your spirit repairs your body. Believe this. This is true.

    So keep positive, and your physical body will be repaired. You don’t need to know any physiology to do this. Just let it happen.

    I repeat. Stay away from drugs. Let your spirit fix your body.

    I repeat. Stay away from drugs. Let your spirit fix your body.

    This includes cancer.

    You don’t have to learn anything like DNA is an antenna and can be repaired or anything like that. It is by design. You don’t need to know why or how.

    And help your body do it’s thing by listening to your body. If it suddenly desires orange juice. Do it right away. If it suddenly desires a huge gulp of water, do it straight away.

    It costs NOTHING to get this right.

    No drugs. No surgery.

    I’m no doctor.

    Did you know that you are not legally allowed to say something is a cure unless you are in medical profession.

    Well, that is called evil.

    And I don’t listen to authority.

    So here I go.

    Drugs don’t heal, they just mask symptoms.
    Spirit heals!

    Now you can get a lawyer and put Spirit on trial.

    Have a good day.

    Ron Lentjes

  9. Ron Lentjes
    November 30, 2017

    I’ll spend some time later reading above, I just have work to do right now.

    But just as a general thing and this is my opinion.

    I am psychic since born. I am completely not conformant. Very independent. Hated being married (I was the one who left). I don’t like working for anyone else. I completely have total disregard for authority. And anyone trying to control me quickly realizes that’s a very bad idea.

    I have always been stable in the most crazy situations. But this seems to make sense to me. If you have discovered that you don’t rely on anything material, and realize you are fully connected to this universe and you are never “alone” actually. You are actually protected from mental issues.

    Now as a psychic it does not mean that others do not see me as “strange” many times. And that psychologist and psychiatrists traditionally just see psychics as completely mad. Just read anywhere on internet, this is so common.

    I am very good at stuff like electronics (but in a joint technical, feeling, intuitive way – for every thing I do).

    Again all this means that if you realize that any “reality” is a lens to the ultimate huger vaster gigantic universal reality. Then any viewpoint you have is just that.

    When I make things, I do it differently all the time. I can’t even put on my clothes in the same order or go to any same cafe more than couple times. I love to travel randomly. Any fellow traveler that starts to plan – good bye, I’m out of here.

    I hated being married. It just annoyed the heck out of me and complaints that I can’t just take off and not let her know where I am. Screw that I am independent. Marriage made me bored stiff. I finally yanked of my ring. I’m not being tired down like a surrendered bull.

    My point is based on all these traits, I can’t possibly imagine how anyone could go insane? What do you mean?

    I have been in so many situations like lost in middle of Australia when my credit card was cancelled due to error of bank, been on the street without money. It’s just that if you really don’t care about that i see it as a cool opportunity to live yet another random day of whatever. How can anything make you go over the edge (ok I stand corrected, Marriage can make you mad).

    What a dummy, I should never have got married. How dumb was that. I had a dream when I was with her that all this water was flooding the entire room. Yep I got it. I am drowning and have to get out of that situation before I do become psychotic he he.

    Maybe too, if you realize that you can no longer handle something, do something about it. That way you are always with the river the flow of the energy flow.

    I’ll be honest, I don’t like psychology area at all. I don’t believe they know how to help people. They seem to take a mechanical view of things. You tell them about “we are spirit” not “machines” and they will try to lock you up. To me, that field is the cause of so much trouble in society today. You can’t force things on people. If you have a view point, fine. Don’t stuff it down the population’s throat.

    Look at all the (fabricated) wars today. Sorry but I’m blunt. If you believe the official 911 story, you have some learning to do. When they want to go to war they have to convince the public somehow. Even worse, they did 911 to their own people and blamed some one else (false flag operation) to force 2 issues: Go to war and take away rights from their own people (Gang Stalking). And this went world wide (the upper elite are the true terrorists – not the common people – yet they blame us – typical of psychopathic $rullers$)..

    Now you can imagine what being honest does: It angers everyone!

    I think the mental problems that society faces is mostly due to society NOT taking these criminals down and doing something about it at source. That is – not dealing with situations.

    Of course Iraqis are going to be very angry about the injustice done to them. And being psychic, you know what they did and feel the pain of the families as they outright shot family members in the faces. This is genocide!

    I mean on TV, they are very rude to the public. Instill fear, and more fear into the public domain. Keep them scared to death. Lie about vaccines and make it mandatory. Psychiatry in my opinion (and from others) is mostly a control mechanism. They force drugs on kids for ADHD just because the kids activity is “inconvenient” and drugging them makes lots and lots and lots of $mula$.

    Some kids are simply psychic. What a mean thing to do to them: Drug’m to shut them up.

    My summary is this. If you see a psychologist/psychiatrist on the street: RUN LIKE HELL. Don’t ever send you family members to them. They have become so $corrupt$. I have researched this for years. I stand by my words. And so do many others.

    These studies of psychic vs mental. Always been a wet dream of psychologist / psychiatrists to lock ’em up.

    There are even reports of Black people having specific metal disorders – this is truly the sickest form of discrimination by that industry.

    So I say. If you are a genuine psychic, stay away from psychologist / psychiatrists. Because chances are you will bump into one who are so blind to the entire spectrum: They don’t believe in Spirit. They don’t know who you are (spirit – not a machine). They don’t respect this. They don’t believe in “life after death” or “near death experiences” – they think it’s some chemical interaction in the mind. We are spirit. When our bodies die, our spirit (you/me) lives on with all psychic abilities intact – they are the abilities of spirit (you/me).

    Oh, and, I’m not politically correct either. I believe in spreading truth. And yes, I am always in trouble for this. So be it.

    I am on your side (the common people)
    I am not on the side of our evil governments and those above them as they force wars and lie to the public daily.

    Please learn to discern this. The common public is your friend. We need to take back out rights that are being stripped away from us.

    Nonetheless, please be positive and believe in yourself. Be honest. If you are psychic, don’t let any government institution or religion take that away from you. For you have entered into your “salvation”. If you feel fantastic being anywhere in any situation with or without money or material crap, then you are on your way to a great life.

    Ron Lentjes

  10. Kevin Wacknov
    November 19, 2017

    I developed schizophrenia during training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I wrote an app helping to train psychic power from a scientific standpoint. It is at (the Mind Body Awareness Tool).

  11. BroYolo!
    September 8, 2017

    I don’t know who to turn to because I’m pretty lost. Please try not to disregard my message. I am really confused because I’m not sure what to make out about my situation. All I know is that I am dealing with multiple people. And I don’t know if I am feeding off of their energies or not. I often feel fatigued some days but with frequent mood swings that I’ve normally dealt with at a young age. Lately I’ve been getting attacks and felt sensations on my body in which I do not want to go into detail. It messed me up a bit because I feel detached from my body or my mind is aloof sometimes. Sometimes I become delusional and I hallucinate as well. I see people’s mouths moving to negative commentaries and white noise often sounds like a muffled word…but a bad one. The people I hear are conversing amongst each other coherently such as within their circle of friends, family, and peers. I feel isolated and exhausted. I’ve been in my home for a while, only going out a couple times a year for necessities. Currently, I am under psychiatric treatment. What is your judgement about this? Can psychics be psychotic? I wasn’t sure because they were always telling that I’m not mental and that I’m psychic.I really want this to stop. I’m on medication, it helps some. I’m sorry if I sound pessimistic. I was diagnosed Schizoaffective with other mental illnesses. Didn’t know if you could refer me to somebody that may be of help. I don’t know much, I’ve researched about it but any ideas how to cut attachments successfully? I feel like there is super glue between me and these people.

  12. angel
    May 28, 2017

    Im personally supposed to be schizophrenic paranoid in the early stage of my so called illness I had super human power psychic once i was working at this job and my boss wanted a dog to bite me i was very affraid went the dog went after me something big happen at the momment the dog want to bite my hand my brain froze and i was very affraid my mind got over control of the dog i could see that he was trying very hard to open his mouth to bite me but my mind power control over the dog would not let him bite me so the dog left what remarkable that the next day my boss had a bandage raped aroung his hand i figure out thar the dog bit him sweet revenge i never saw the dog again another story i was at this trafic light and a man pull a gun on me and my father but he did not shoot i do not know if i have control of his mind suddently he climb up to his cars and when the light hit green he wanted to get me off the road we went left right left right i always was looking into his eyes he never touched my car and suddently drove off like a madman i had control over him another story remember at the moment i was not under psychiatric medication my last story i was at the gym and the owner is talking to this girl and i said to him you have an small dick the guy got very mad first he weight in around 200 pound i weight in 140 theguy went after me i got very scare but stood my ground the guy did not muve a inch of me throwed me a punch an miss and felt to the ground all of thishappen in second an suddently walked away look very tire with his tung hanging out and sit in a bench also the guy was pure muscle that why i think the bibble was writting like people like me we are semigod the averrage people cannt think outside the box i do not consider myself a sick person the only problem that i couldnt sleep that why i end up in psychiatric and they prescribed me medication i still have thosepower im not christian im rh negative blood that what gave me the power

  13. spookypsychopomp
    March 30, 2017

    Reblogged this on The Ravens Child and commented:
    Archangel Samael talked about something similar -he said to avoid having psychosis from psychic illusions, you have to walk the balanced path. You have to know what is yours and flowing from you (in a psychic sense and emotional), and be confident/strong in it without fear, or you will begin to experience fear and get lost in psychic turmoil.

  14. David Allwright
    December 28, 2016

    I very strongly believe (The Link Between Psychic Ability, Schizophrenia and Psychosis) also applies to people with Aspergers Syndrome. Which I have. Under certain circumstances I have been able to see things in the future with stunning accuracy and shared this with a few people, that when things I spoke about before they happen, that came to pass, those people have never spoken to me again.

    Over the last 3 months my health has suffered because of something I cannot explain, I am still waiting results of xrays (2 months waiting time). I have developed a bad cough (and coughing fits) and chest pains. These also correspond to almost identical symptoms my mother of 88 has been getting at practically the same time. she has been in and out of hospital many times in last 3 months with a heart attack and pneumonia. Each time she gets an attack so do I. last night was my worst night for 6 weeks, this morning I got a phone call to say mother was admitted to hospital again last night at 11pm. There is no way I could have known this as she lives 250 miles from me.

    Any suggestions would be most helpful.

    • craigweiler
      December 28, 2016

      Sympathetic symptoms aren’t unheard of. They’re more common though in husbands with pregnant wives. At least that’s the most well known.
      Since you have an obvious link to your mother use it to your advantage. Heal the symptoms in yourself and you’ll be doing the same for her.

      By that I mean use psychic healing techniques on yourself. Your symptoms will leave right away, hers will take awhile longer.

  15. Russell
    November 26, 2016

    Dont ever tell someone to be psychic. You have no idea how dangerous it can be. My reality is shattered, i can only pray im not hurting others, but im pretty sure i am.

    • cazzroo
      November 26, 2016

      you can’t choose to be psychic or not, but you can train and learn how to use these skills and shut down the senses when you need to… it’s all about chakras.. and energy levels… when you are a medium you tune to “dead relatives” sorry but true, if you want to channel then you probably aim upwards – Jesus, Angels etc… the other way is less positive, i.e. “dark” energy, but still not harmful -= because everything is energy… so you just have to keep your own vibe up and you will tune into positive spirit guides.. I speak to Jesus and the Ascended Masters regularly and they help me with my life and my awakening…
      so healing ourselves will raise our vibration and then we don’t get involved with the “lower” vibes. doesnt’ mean i’m impervious though I have to do a lot of cleansing after being in big public places etc.. because of all the psychic smog but you can meditate to release it… and through breath whcih is THE biggest underrated tool to healing you can clear your energy field!.. hope that helps a little bit.. do check out my website if you want to read more of my thoughts xxx good luck, and keep going on the path – ask for help, because there is plenty of Ascended masters that want to help us to raise our vibration to love xxx

      • Cheryl A Landis
        March 30, 2017

        I can’t find your link I would be interested in reading further information. Thanks. Sherry

    • AL
      June 14, 2017

      This is how i feel.i know i’m mentally ill and just want abilities to see the future.i know it’s not my fault but feels like i am and i’m sure it’s not yours too.i truly hope you feel better since posting this

  16. Linn
    September 9, 2016

    I think a lot of otherwise healthy people can have hallucinations. As mentioned in the article, something in their brain prevents them from developing a full-blown psychosis. And I don’t think people should look down so much on actual hallucinations and diagnosed schizophrenia. It’s not being “insane”, it’s just your brain works in a different way, and sometimes that way gives you trouble.
    I don’t believe in psychic abilities (hate me all you want) but I don’t think these issues are black and white. I think the mind is beautiful for creating these worlds, sensory feelings, creative flow-states and dream pictures. I daydream a lot and I’m super creative. I’m also bipolar. There is definitely a link between creativeness and brain wired in different ways. Yes, psychiatrical diagnoses are hell, but some parts of them are very beautiful. I don’t need an external reason for the experinces, like someone’s dead spirit doing something… Even if it’s just “all in our minds”, I think it’s beautiful. A beautiful mind.

    • Steph Pegg
      October 5, 2016

      I don’t think what people see are hallucinations but more along the lines as a bend in reality. Its really hard to describe this correctly at this stage in my development, I have seen alternate lives and have figured out how clairvoyance works. How I look at it every universe in a multiverse runs at different speeds some are slower some are faster. We can connect with other alternates of us during REM or in a waking dream to us it seems like a dream, but those are real in some other reality. This is creative thought, some people like to cheat the system and see whats going to happen ahead and or its needed to preform a critical task for that persons survival. When we are young we have all this active and use them then turn it off or down when we are ready to produce off spring. I am not religious and don’t feed into all the bullshit others state like you always have to be happy and all that hippy crap. The power that runs into and out of the body yes is + and – like a battery left is in out is the right in a figure 8. Vibration is a real thing and all energy is static, every culture has a name for it but its just energy none the less. fluoride is poison that is in most tap water.

      • Anonymous
        June 20, 2017

        Totally agree, I’ve seen and experience regularly what u called alternate lives, I’ve seen people who are someone that’s died be here in another person and know them and have a immediate connection, wondering all along do they remember me as I was or just feel increasingly connected and loved now. I had a near death experience during a tragic occurence but my clarvoience started many years earlier from something else that took me outside the realm of reality and seeing that saved my life then and several times thru out my destructive life I truly believe and knowing that.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 30, 2017

      The psychology / psychiatry industry does not understand A LOT about us.

      These is what I have discovered for myself:

      You may well have a lucid experience where lights are flashing, the sign emphasizes the name of someone you know who is in trouble a “visual” impression of the place she is at, and what the trouble is.

      It is extremely unusual for me for it to be very lucid. Normally just at the normal clairvoyant level – like a movie and not always that clear and kind of black and white – maybe I need a new antenna. But it can happen. We are all connected to everything in this universe. If someone falls and is crying for help it is likely that (one or more) psychics will pick up on these (otherwise faint) signals quite dramatically.

      If this helps someone out of danger, then is this a hallucination? Obviously not.

      I’d say most temporary “warnings”, “attentions”, “notices” are definitely transmissions of psychic energy. No doubt. Our society labels anyone different as potentially insane. It is ridiculous.

      I am also sorry to report that there are evil people who will try to get you committed by saying you are mad because you notice something. We ARE ALL psychic! Many shove their experiences away out of fear of rejection, humiliation, could be sent to funny farm, so on.

      Mostly, stay away of psychologist / psychiatrist. Most today have become corrupt and want a diagnosis so they can make money. Be aware of that fact.

      In my opinion, most people are quite sane. Society is not accepting of all kinds of stuff it cannot explain and scared of it. Society is also bent on making money. And remember that science is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the humongous gigantic universe of knowledge. So if it ain’t scientific, that’s not a surprise at all, and means absolutely nothing about it real or not.

      For you, your description of creativity make you very likely psychic. In my opinion you are.

      Or let me put it another way. Dreams are often an exchange of psychic energies anyways. We are all psychic. Don’t worry about labels to much. You are what you are.

      I sort of pick up that you may be a bit scared of being labeled as psychic?

      That’s ok. Society is the problem here.

  17. Aaron Julca
    August 13, 2016

    There seems to be a lot of confusion here, and I believe that it can be quite harmful to people with schizophrenia if they believe that their medication takes away their “psychic powers.”

    Psychosis is a symptom of schizophrenia, and is associated with a loss in grey brain matter loss.

    I have my own hypothesis about what causes schizophrenia, and perhaps how it’s development can be prevented.

    Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder. I have read about how “normal” people require a certain amount of stimulus, otherwise their brain creates artificial stimulus in the form of hallucinations. This has been performed in darkened, sound-proofed chambers, and has illicited hallucinations in healthy people.

    My layman hypothesis is that the human brain develops schizophrenia because of the need for extra external stimulus, both psychological stimulus as well as sensory. Many people with schizophrenia will state that their hallucinations and delusions become worsened by being in dark, quiet rooms by themselves. I hypothesize that this need for real external stimulus is caused either by a lack of stimulation, or over-stimulation in infancy and early childhood, and can contribute to the development of schizophrenia later in life.

  18. Anonymous
    August 7, 2016

    So absorbing and helpful

  19. annoras
    July 24, 2016

    Interesting. My brother has schizophrenia and I’m a psychic medium. I always knew spirits were around me but I ignored them. I focussed on very analytical tasks. I have degrees in science. For the past 2
    Years I have stopped denying and have worked as a psychic and a medium. I am highly clairaudient and clairvoyant. My brother unfortunately is not so great 😢

  20. Mike
    May 21, 2016

    Wow, awesome blog! Finally some insights. May I have a question?
    Well, simply put, is it possible to talk to people without their knowing? On a subcons or uppercons level.
    If so, how to tell a difference. And how to not get obssesive with it.
    Thx man, those few articles I have read were great. Haha and no sTalkin pls I tend to get ..well just please dont

    • Tatum Parks
      June 17, 2016

      Ive had much better luck with animals. its not true speech or talking, but very complete communication of emotion and intent nonetheless

  21. Russell Holt
    May 16, 2016

    I experienced a 7 week period of acute psychosis indistinguishable from schizophrenia. I am absolutely convinced that my mind was opened up to something else. There were voices, a male and a female, that told me of things that were going to happen before they happened. I also heard them tell strangers to ask me for certain things like a cigarette, or light, or change just before they did. I also heard strangers thoughts on numerous occasions. Then I would hear them talk and when I had been hearing their thoughts it was in their voices. There we’re also interactions and conversations with people as real as any others I’ve ever had in my life, which I will never believe we’re only in my head. I was left with a premonition ability which I don’t understand such as being able to predict scores in sporting events. It comes on it’s own terms, but when it does it is always accurate. There is much more that happened during this period that has no explanation other than my mind being somehow opened to something paranormal.

    • Zulie
      September 25, 2016

      I understand you 100%. My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago and I’ve always been strangely intensively spiritual, since Ive always had certain “Psychic” abilities blah blah.. I used to see him constantly talk to “people” who where not there. He was also highly intuitive and perceptive. Some nights he would run to my room because spirits and beings were talking to him, and constantly revealing themselves to them. I witnessed some of these spirits as well, and i was able to intervene through God’s power to aid him. But, in one occasion he started to tell me one of this “beings” was my child (BTW i was 15yrs old with no children). He would frequently talk to “the child” and told me he was guiding him, because he was a strong stubborn spirit. He was able to describe him in great detail,physically and even in personality… Then, 6 years later I became the mother of the child that fit the exact description of what he had told me, 6 years before that child was even a thought. My humble opinion is that some “mental illnesses” aren’t truly illnesses or disturbances. To me, it’s like someone took the veil off and you can finally see further the mere mundane human understanding. Especially when they aren’t harming you or others, but actually giving you insight instead. I also believe “psych” doctors sometimes intentionally stigmatized “gifted” individuals with negative diagnoses, based on their lack of spiritual knowledge, their own pride or superiority complex.. That’s just my opinion though.

      • Sherry
        March 30, 2017

        I also understand you. I don’t hear things, but get a feeling. I also have precognition dreams. I didn’t believe in psychic phenomenon until it happened to me. I am also diagnosed with mild Bipolar disorder. Lately I have been getting these loud banging sounds during the early morning hours just before waking. Some say it’s in your brain some kind of seizure activity, some say it’s someone trying to contact you. It does not scare me, it’s just annoying as I try to get back to sleep. Any thoughts?

    • Steph Pegg
      October 15, 2016

      Your transmitter and receiver is on, brain waves are real and they are released and received from the static field around the body. With enough practice you can turn it on and off at will. With a reflex movement or a thought to command it.

    • George Papadeas
      February 26, 2017

      I too have the ability to predict the outcome of sports games at will by asking to see visions from an entity that calls himself Satan, and as I made money from this I nearly went crazy and required psychiatric help. I think this may be a sign of psychosis but I managed to get out in time by stopping to ask Satan to provide me with the results in the sporting games. I will not hide the fact that as I was winning all the time I felt intense fear instead a sense of accomplishment for making money this way.

  22. Ew
    April 12, 2016

    I met s mild schizophrenic. He is completely psychic with me and I him. I am highly right and left brained…..very intelligent, creative, and intuitive. I had the greatest connection to this mild schizophrenic because of a psychic and spiritual match. However, he lacks left brain cognitive development to understand his right brain impressions and as a result lives a tortured emotionally disregulstef life. Through knowing him, I have seen my psychic awareness completely develop to a level I never thought I had. The relationship confirms my link to God and to the ability to download and trust in my spiritual pathway.

  23. jennyrenne
    March 23, 2016

    just to comment on the article. the idea of authority should be people who are best places to be in control. whereas in a schizophrenics mind the people or entities they perceive to be controlling them are not what I would call authorities, more like absusers and controlling dictators. there is a difference I think.

    I must say I find the article to be very unenlightened about the subject and quite frankly i feel i know better.

    i do exist.

    i am schizophrenic, bipolar, and a psychic medium.

    the article suggests one cannot be both

    i completely and utterly disagree

    • Lorena Michaels
      May 22, 2016

      How do you know you are a “psychic medium”? Are you appointed by a preacher, doctor, or is it handed to you from a different planet? I am curious, how does a person obtain this kind of label?

    • Jane Nutley
      June 12, 2016

      Are you on medication ?

  24. Gary
    January 8, 2016

    Took me almost 20 years (kindergarten-college) to finally conquer the part of me that wanted to put an end to this life. While it’s hard to say it was definitively schizophrenia, it was definitely a psychological split that caused me to focus only on what “I” did wrong, thinking that the other person must have had a good reason to act/react in the way they did towards me. Not here to post the entire process but, for those who are going through a similar experience, philosophy was what ultimately saved my life and allowed me to see the world in a new light. Even if you’re an atheist (as I used to be), try to imagine what the karmatic consequences would be should you go through with killing yourself. If there is a purpose to life, surely it would be for ones soul/spirit/essence to accumulate novel experiences. However, if there is such a thing as spiritual immortality, would you want to take the risk of having to repeat your life over again since you weren’t able to overcome suicide in your previous life? Even if the chance of such an afterlife is extremely marginal?

  25. crunchies4me
    December 11, 2015

    The question I would like an answer to is the brain chemistry or Changes in a genuinely gifted pychic during a reading channeling sessn or any psychic event. Any increases or decreases of any of the neurotransmitters during the time a psychic is tapping into their gifts???

    • jennyrenne
      March 23, 2016

      yes as I put earlier, a medium once told me that they tested her for levels of dopamine in her brain before and after doing a spirit reading. they found that once she had tuned in and done a reading she had raised the levels of dopamine in her brain.

      my shrink told me they did experiments on people with schiz and found them generally to have higher than normal levels of dopamine in their brains.

      so there was a clear link. so meds for schiz people act to decrease dopamine in their brains. which can have profoundly positive effects on their state of mind.

      I have been discharged from my shrink for a very long time, but I could get in touch with him still and see if I can get hold of some evidence of these tests on schiz people.

      the medium that told me about the experiments she was put under is not contactable sadly. I wsh I’d kept her card she gave me now but alas, I lost it.

    • annoras
      July 24, 2016

      Yes I believe I go into theta or delta.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 30, 2017

      Personally, I could only GUESS that mostly the psychic ability is more about a transmission of psychic energy (transmission / reception). In regard to that, perhaps any physiological change might be just a reaction of the content of this experience? I mean like watching a movie and your moods changes accordingly)

      I was born psychic. I don’t need to go to any state or maybe stuff just happens automatically that I am not aware of.

      Also, I am connected on the “knowing” channel pretty much 100% of the time. But only connected on the “clairvoyant” channel some times.

      My point is for pretty much 100% of time case, I don’t think my brainwaves would be consistent at all.

      I don’t think of psychic as physical at all. I can only imagine body responses as just a side effect of what is going on while experiencing.

      Ron Lentjes

  26. Zach
    December 6, 2015

    This is comforting to me having schizoaffective this is a great article what I read I didn’t know about metaphysical anything tell bout 26 years of age , 6 years after psychotic bothered me being in college at 20 and thinking I could find anything what I was experiencing even after thinking I could hear people talking to me that I could find some form of web results on this .though I gave up after one day. Of researching random aspects of my disease obscure and hardly describable at that.

  27. Damian Maguire
    November 16, 2015

    I have been thinking about links between mental health and extra ordinary talents/behaviors, etc, so this kind of thing seems as not much of a surprise to me. As being a very spiritual person, I believe that there is definitely a link between the mind, the soul and our spiritual realms. I have often though that perhaps this is similar in the same way that people on the Autistic Spectrum have immense mental abilities, and that psychological debate should be taken openly and seriously when addressing the side affects of prescription medicines for such conditions. I think also that Spiritual, Occupational and Arts Therapy should be used more commonly and that their Environmental aspect is not addressed seriously enough when taking into consideration the wellbeing of such patients in a deprived situation.

  28. Tonya Burnett
    November 11, 2015

    could this mean we could be psychics schizophrenia patients

    • cazzroo
      November 12, 2015

      yup you got it… choose your paradigm… if there’s only this “physical” world then we’re all freaks and totally hallucinating… if however you realise that there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye – like the ancients knew for thousands upon thousands of years, and realise that there’s a whole load of dimensions and other energies that we’re only just starting to remember (due to repression from religion – i.e. burning of the witches etc).. then you realise that some of the visions we have are REAL just not as in the 3d real…. ok = so a lot of stuff happens and we co-create it due to our “negative” energies (as in there is no really negative or positive only what we associate with it)… and so its like a “bad” trip or getting violent when drunk -if there is something negative in your energy field that needs resolving/healing then we’ll have a negative time… my highs were awesome and i feel close to “god” or whatever you want tot call the energy we are all part of, great spirit or whatever, but I’ve had lows too where I realise i have had a lot of deep rooted trauma to resolve – otherwise known as depression – but it ALWAYS has a root in our life, or past lives etc… but again, if thats not your paradigm , it can be a mine field of believe that you are just crazy and there’s noway out…
      i believe with the right guidance – from a spiritual healer, clairvyoant, mystic, shamanic practitioner (i’ve been to them all at some point or other) you realise that some of your experiences marry up to theirs 0 but they are trained and not scared but when you get it and have no-one around to help you see a different world view you are stuck with the “normal” view that ghosts /spriti stuff is odd/weird and untrue…. but no-one holds the key to that -w e all live in differernt realistites based on our beliefs!!! what a game huh!?! self=beleif is a saviour! never let anyone tell you what to believe – we have our own experiences for a reason! 🙂 good luck 🙂

      • Ron Lentjes
        November 30, 2017

        He he. Like the burning witches bit.
        Believe in !ME! or be dammmmed-d-d-d!

        Science is a bit that way too:

        The earth is flat and that’s that. Or be burned on the buttered side!

        Speed of Light is constant (err for a bit). Now we say it is constant
        and any one deviating from that conclusion shall be strangled by this light wave (oh dam it slowed down again today).

        I agree that ones upbringing’s kind of sets the stage for expectations of what is OUT THERE.

        Just go find out for your self.

        And tell Luke to turn off his light beam, I can’t sleep!

        Ron Lentjes

    • Jane
      June 12, 2016

      Yes we could be psychic schizo patients

  29. scott
    October 22, 2015

    interesting article. for the last 2 years i experimented with ayahuasca, san pedro and sanango – peruvian jungle medicines. and by default the experiences are very magical and sttunning life changing events of wonder.

    In my last ayahuasca ceremony my kundalini was suddenly raised. I never believed any of that kundalini stuff but this clearly happened to me and i feel like my third eye has been blown open.

    After that….9 months ago now – i was watching a movie with my mother and some symbol in the movie seem to connect with my subconscious and I evoked a demon. MY mother didnt see it but it was very palpable. After so many ayahuasca experiences I know how to experience spirits and it was an evoked spirit.

    I wrote it off as an anomaly until 2 weeks later evil thoughts telling me to kill my children. I went straight to a doctor who gave me a prescription of klonopin which really helped. although I only nibble at them when the fear gets extreme. IM trying to deal with it spiritually through meditation and devotion to an enlightened master.

    Generally its all good and its like having google running in the background of my mind all day and also very deep and meaningful meditation and yoga sessions. But from time to time thoughts/full HD images float through my mind which vary from unpleasant to absolutley hair rasing fear. Generally insectoid alien types. I was in a meeting today and i had to excuse myself as panic was rising rapidly and i took a pill …i tried thought control but the ‘aliens’ broke through almost like radio static trying to gain control over my thought processes.

    My view on this is that the subconscious is a mirror/projector/transmitter/reciever. I tend to the magical /hindu explanations but wow the fear can get overwhelming. and i find i get a stress in my forehead where the third eye. This stress started happening in ceremony and i felt like it was an antenna receieving messages from Sirius which was a powerful and positive experience.

    So what to do. Obviously doctors will be happy to prescibe me more medicines and im on the staing on the non addicted side of klonopin usage. IM thinking go to India to work with an enlightened master might be the way to go before i go completely fn nuts.


    • cazzroo
      October 23, 2015

      wow! what an experience ! i did ayahuasca this year too, but some of the things i experienced before that in my time in a mental hostile far out weighed what i got from that… but thats another story.. I would seek out a shamanic practitioner. You don’t need to go to india for that. I’m not sure where you are, but here in Britain shamanic practise is on the increase and a good one will be able to help you with the aide of spirit guides to clear anything that is attached to you. when we open up this stuff unawares we can get things come in and attach, and as you said the fear gets in – and unfortunately as far as i’;m aware – thats what they feed off. Its a bit ironic really! When i was in the hospital I sensed “negative” beings around me and I was so in touch with my positive/divine nature that I was sending them away from me, saying you can’t touch me because i’m with god or something like that! And it worked, meanwhile others around me were “schizophrenic” or rather, picking up on all the negative entities around. I did see a healer this year with a friend an he said one of us had a being like a horse/man who stayed with him after we left. All these beings need is to be sent to the light ( i think), and a practised healer/shaman would be able to help with that. You’ll soon know if you have made contact with a good one as they will either run a mile or know pretty much straight away why you’ve gone to them (this particular one knew i was coming before i did)….
      I would say do what you need to do to keep safe (i.e. pills etc) but know this is not going to go away without you learning to come into your light/divine being, and therefore have the strength to keep strong and these beings will fall away (i think i’ve got a simplistic understanding but there we go!)… have faith ! and ai think maybe you yourself could smudge with sage around where you live, and around your self and call on anything that you hold to be powerful and positive to help you clear the energies from around you and send them to light. you never know how powerful you are to do things yourself – its like we call upon our higher self that knows what to do – instead of letting our now 3d self take over…good luck x

      • scott
        October 23, 2015

        thanks so much for the comments. im british but live in chile and have a shaman who i see regularly . ive been doing kambo therapy (frog venom) which is grounding and earth energetic and also theta healing therapy which also banishes negative entities.

        This all started in march after i met with much touted master peruvian shaman who was visiting but who basically overdosed me with aya and i had the worst night (or day) of my life

        i was also reading (not practicing) lots of books on kabbalistic style magic which is really when everything started going whacky for me right after that hell ceremony.

        ive stopped all kabbalistic reading and am focusing on yoga and meditation…which may also be workign against me but i got to believe there is something which can fight these powers and it seems to work most of the time. for example right now i feel totally energetic and tingly all over like electicity which is classic kundalini symptom

        so it all sounds like fun kundalini stuff …but then i get aliens trying to take over my thought patterns (yesterday in business meeting) and way way out of line. of course all the books on kundalini warn this kind of stuff ioss possible if you are not aligned vibrationally.

        good advice on higher power. 2 years ago i was an atheist. now i say the lords prayer and mantras to sai baba pretty regularly

        • cazzroo
          October 23, 2015

          hi there again… one thing that popped into my mind whilst i was reading your reply, was something that has occurred to me and then was mentioned by Matt kahn – someone who i now listen to as a guide to living in this awakening and changing times (having sought a guide for a long time and not quite being satisfied)… and that is… many people who are on a spiritual type path – even if they don’t know it sometines – is that the third eye and crown chakra gets blown open = but then the lower chakras are not healed – and so you get to be super sensitive to all sorts of things but as there are problems (energetic repression/trauma etc) sitting within the lower chakras, we actually attract these negative beings and experiences…. I used to want to know more ad more about beings, channeling and all that stuff, but this year really came to grips with the fact there was a LOT i hadn’t really healed or released, and so have stopped looking outside for different experiences and just concentrating on the here and now, and being in my body more and more (because many people on this path without knowing also try tot escape the physical realms because its pretty taxing when you are sensitive and know how fucked the world is)… and therefore when we are out of our body and in our mental realm, we don’t have so much access to these blocked energies…
          For example, this year I trained to do ecstatic awakening dance and in the warm up we breathe into the body and really come from the mind into the body and allow a space to love and heal anything that is residing there… similar to the idea that the subconsious really is steering us – if there is stuff unresolved then however we think we can control things, it still has influence – and therefore could be attracting negative situations/beings etc… just an idea.. so to sum up (sorry bout the ramble!) … clearing any “negative” blocks that might be deep down so you can access and hold a really positive energy and these entertied won’t get a look in! so many blessings , love and good luck ! 🙂

          • scott
            October 23, 2015

            yeah thats actually what i have decided has happened. i raised my kundallini in january, then blew everythign out with the peruvian shaman in march then went ‘nutty’ in april during a visualization /meditation. the others in my aya group all have open third eyes and have had their shares of problems but none like me.

            actually when i told them worriedly what was happening to me they laughed and said welcome to the club but maybe they are not blocked up..its all beautiful magic for them

            i think im blocked at manipura or below being that the entities that show up tend to have a very sexual nature.

            actually i think the reason im so tingly today is for the last 2 days ive been doing heavy meditaitons trying to heal manupura. ive only been meditating for a couple of years but i think maybe its doing something. anyway im doing it specifically to heal or open it up or whatever

            • cazzroo
              October 23, 2015

              ooh that sounds interesting.. i’ve not really researched into specific terminology and methods… now I follow my own body, coming into it listening to is and the energies i sense and use breath to release things… has taken me on a roller coaster of releasing so many things i though i’d dealt with but now realise i’d only understood them on a mental level, but not emotionally… so many blessings for you on your journey xx

              • scott
                October 24, 2015

                there are many books about kundalini and tantra which have specific techniques forhow to release specific energies. some involve breathing thru one nostril at a time to energize the magnetic and electric astral energies. other practices involve visualizing the breath reaching into various chakras and imaginatively understanding the energy channels.

                now you may thing well thats just imagination as I used to do. But as I have come to understand it the imagination is not a destination, its a portal to the other world. when you start imagining things its seems like just as we have grown up thinking, but when you get serious about the imagination, especially if your already well connected to the other worlds things start to happen.

                unlike our world where our desires suffer are not delivered to us due to the friction of materiality, in those worlds things are delivered instantly…hence, instant demons, aliens or angels.

                yoga has many many techniques to deal with this and not just getting into funny poses but also diet. eliminating all meat helps tune the vibration (somethign i didnt want to do) also controlling the diet of information we consume. for me that meant eliminating kabbalistic reading and using my thoth tarot deck and focusing on eastern practices which to my mind seem less based on ego and more focused on god

                in several of my ayahuasca sessions i was visited by someone called sai baba. who i hadnt previously heard of but he exploded on my consciousness in a blaze of white light several time. he is a famous indian saint. i had to google him the next day after the first one.

                my view now…well, my emerging view, is that we have to find out enlightened masters to lead us on these journeys. there exists consciousness much higher than ours and sometimes it is manifested in this world be it sai baba, babaji or jesus. these energetic forces are real but we have to look past the cultural garbage which has been attached to these pure spiritual presences.

                for me the hard part has been accepting this. i was pretty strong atheist , so to ask jesus or sai baba for help at times seems ridiculous but i have found when i ask for help it tends to come. sometimes dramatically

                part of the ayahuasca lesson has been to learn how to percieve various spritual precences in a safe enviornment because you are protected by the plant spirit ayahuasca which is like an old grandmother who leads you to places in the spirit world which your curiousity or vibration allows you to see.

                i would have described myself as NON psychic in any way, little trauma in my life and i have been able to visit with dead relatives, demons, heavenly palaces and connect with my apparently sirian progenitors …an idea which previously seemed so ridiculous to me that i still strain to write it. But it is what it is.

                I still think ayahuasca is the key to reality. Period. But part of me wonders if it is just a transportation protocol, an iniatiation after which I have to begin the real work of purifiying and cleansing in order to reach those lofty heights by myself.

                This kundalini awakening thing is very difficult at times to deal with but it was a gift from sai baba. it was sung into me by a shamans icaros. i felt the song filling me with information and my whole body started vibrating and i started bouncing up and down uncontrollable in a weird spinal exctasy.

                whether by ayahuasca or by nature we are chosen to have these experiences. It is a gift I think even tho it can be so freakin frightening, terrifying, horrifying at times.

                the kundalini books say purify your soul through diet and yoga to tune the virbational reception

            • Charanesh Thimmaiah
              June 9, 2017

              Good to hear that…Iam from India and as from my lil experience, i would like to say tat a pure humility and chastity can open your minds to a new way of love- the actual love. I know that once the mind strecthes to new experiences( specially which feeds dopamine) which are addictive, we tend to go back and find cheap thrills. no more philosophy, just have a close connection to the nature,observe independently, have mindfulness, breathe and be a baby, cry instantly,celebrate it.And wonder why we need this… like we all came with innocence thats where we had the real flow…
              we are not here to prove something and that only matters wen our ego is hurt and that only matters when we are objected without validity and that would only matter if we are in absence of innocence. Its very hard to get back to the innocence but defeat will surely give that warmth by keeping you humble and grateful.(like bible says humble becomes great and great becomes humble) accept the defeat and rise back to Lord,Guru who is directing us all through this way.

              absolute innocence is not loss of judgement,its ‘loss of ego’ which is a vast ocean of love and being so innocent you get all kinds of experiences and we call it wisdom.see with absolute innocence is absolute wisdom.just like everything came out of nothing(big bang).absolute Innocence is the Lord Shiva.

              All of the things i said is how i believe. my beliefs are a resultant of dominant principles that i managed to protect. Even i had two episodes of schizophrenia but all normal now although some psychic abilities still there. And my switch to turn on mind is love without expectations.

              dont rush keep calm and pass the manipura. admire the lustful entities and be playful. dont resist . be grateful to see them. breath will take your senses to a new job. u can only crack fear by having faith in higher self.

              they said there is no judgement, no hell or heaven. but bitter ‘truth’ is the poison that
              should not be tasted but it cures all.Dont try to unbox everything coz time is an entity. and mystery is just a untold secret.

              pure intentions bring pure possibilities but having no intentions will pull you out of the karma. innocence is the way to have no intentions.

              dont dream coz the real dream is our life indeed.

              But why zero is still a whole number? 🙂

    • Anonymous
      October 23, 2015

      I never did any of that stuff but I know what you saying I can relate to all of what you said. Even pressure in the for head and latley its been worse my vanes 3 are starting to show. I would like to talk more

      • scott
        October 24, 2015

        well im not expert i and im here looking for help/comfort too, but I think like i said in another response, diet control,elimination of all stimulant -especially caffeine- meat and garbage television will play a big role in tuning our reception.

        its difficult. im a bit worried as i was weak an hour or so ago and had a double espresso Latte at starbucks —DOH! hope i can control the vibe today. drinking alot of water now lol

        • cazzroo
          October 25, 2015

          haha thats so funny, because i’ve been detoxifying for a few years, slowly getting into vegan / raw food no drugs/caffeine/alcohol and then I lose it all and give in and have big choc cake or something – its like the ego knows its dying an clinging on for dear life in the 3d world hahah …. also, like You said, I think once you have the idea that this is all out there, the way is to access it slowly when you are ready bit by bit – maybe thru aya but maybe then thru your own means…I’ve had the experience of journeying quite a few times this year with just drums and your meditative state to get you there and i’ve met JC (he’s a hero of mine for a long time – and like you though it still feels funny to write it!) ad other higher beings… i’ve also seen ym higher self last year.. so slowly we get to it – i think it can be dangerous to rush – i was all about what can i do and it became a downfall…slowly slowly down the rabbit hole, letting it integrate bit by bit 🙂 scott if you wanna chat via Facebook bout this stuff etc… i’m Cazz Kepasta – feel free to find me its cool to chat about it!

    • tyson
      June 26, 2016

      i have been thinking the same generally for a few years now (been to india years ago aswell with a freind unjudgmental and good place to go)…but i dont get attcks like that -more so feel that my head needs seriously refreshing. ive had phychosis a few times and have acute anxiety = depression,apparently an empath aswell.
      i live in a nasty council flat block in a nice town but i think my anxiety etc paranoia actually creates enough magnetism that the enrgy can project to other neighbours in the building. ofcourse no one will believe me. and will prescribe their advice in as much as to say im merely deluded and weakened from my experience of a pressure induced reality. i beg to differ…
      it would seem possible to me that energy CAN project. and i think this could be physically prooven. either way it creates alot of misery and tension where i live and cant even go as far to explain in full atall.
      also made me wonder whther taking drugs before may have attached some phychic negative entity to me or ive just unlocked part of the brain or im just really mentally ill. im pretty lost.
      goodluck anyway Scott.
      replyed to you because sounds similir to things ide thought etc etc

    • Steve
      August 4, 2016

      I also experienced drugs like ayahuasca thinking they would lead to enlightenment and peace I so desired, but also ended up attacked by demonic thoughts and fears of aliens and alien abduction. Finally out of desperation I found out that the one group of people who are not affected by Ido abductions are Bible believing Christians who pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for protection.
      Since praying to Jesus, asking Him to save me and thanking Him for dying on the cross for me my life has been transformed for the better. Jesus is the true Light, He loves you and will save you. ‘Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.’ John 6:37

    • windwsprer
      April 26, 2017

      I’ve had very similar experiences including a spontaneous kundilini arising following a near death experience. Then I met various spiritual teachers and gurus and just tuned out the fear or anxiety levels.You’d be surprised how many gurus are in your own backyard. One I met, Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi (only female ‘world guru’ ever will come to you if you call on her. I heard her in a talk where she said this so I called on her and she came. She then showed up in my living room on her own schedule. You can find her on line. It’s worth a try and good to have friends in high places as they say.
      OK I still see strange aliens on occasion or feel things around I don’t want to resonate with but as they say, there are practices to put you in control rather than being overwhelmed with input while trying to pass as normal in the every day consensus reality. After a while you can block ones you don’t want to explore by picking up on them before they come in close. It helps to have a like-minded group or Reiki practioner or something like that on the side as well. Banish the negativities, strengthen your aura and see yourself in a ball of white light with all negative energies hitting your edges and rolling off into the ground. Picture this a few times a day until it becomes automatic. Don’t reflect anything back as that increases the link, and don’t be afraid. Like attracts like. Eventually it becomes a way of being as in a line from an old Stevie Nick song “you can scare all the people but you can’t scare me.”

    • Anonymous
      June 20, 2017

      Yes I’ve experienced evil taking me over I was hearing the devil thru my tv as I watched a tv show about Lucifer true! Telling me to kill myself. I didn’t go outside my house for 2weeks . Also when I concentrate I can have projector like images scroll thru like an old school projector machine that I see, then I maybe driving or riding down a road or hiway and see the images and just say something happpens right there or something has already happened there

  30. Sara shepherd
    September 8, 2015

    I am underrated in finding out what clinical studies ate being done atm in any of the fields in this article I am fluent in most altered states, psychosis expert handler, diagnosed drug induced schizophrenia because of prolonged untreated psychosis, well fear I guess, I self medicate with substances , and medications, highly intelligent, high functioning ,displaying positive symptoms,
    I need to always become more and more interested and learned in fields of spirituality, consciousness, group and world even I am probably the most learned human that will tell you about how al this gets confused when there is another more highly evolved , far more competent at manipulating our consciousness, our counscous, our sub our UN, it is all out there unconcealed, open vulnerable to these beings let’s say the word,, using , for some advantageous agenda that suits them to use our mind our consciousness, our spiritual ideas and fears, or energy from this dimention I guess can ‘ve used as a catalyst for mooving I guess energy on other levels right, I use the word energy to explain a lot of things, it’s not as offensive as other words at this moment for I sussept severable diffferent reasons or applications they take advantage of , we are so underdeveloped compared to there skills that no one probably can ever draw out the picture of this relationship for any other to understand, but I can tell you that these beings, telepathically hide what they do so there’s never going to be evidence of them other than what I can say they have taught me, shown me , let me stumbling ly learn of my own accord, and they will be and you will always see evedidence thY they are thY which you currently believe them to be, they seem from our dense belief system to be godlike consciousnesses and they are never always just benevolent creatures, simply because a being of that magnitude could only evolve to act in a way befitting an evolved civilization, peace respect c.f. ok passion love, that’s what an intelligent God would be like, however something so intelligent just has not been so simply Devine,
    They have shown me much of any state of mind or spiritual gifts, I have been almost a reluctant puppet and we do have a very unenthusiastic appreciation for each other, I of course can’t get over there complete almost retarded social ideas and behaviours, I’m sure it all went pear shaped because of the fear to begin with, after a few years of research into the wrong fields, I started noticing I could no longer fear there was nothing left, and it’s just boring after a while, soon you end up telling the ‘devil to grow up , fuck of f and stop bringing me down,, you know with the art of revealing any image of myself I wanted, using any voice, controlling anything in my mind , body availing them and with the disturbance level like a load radio loop shed by the most offensive of ‘programss,,’. Constant input that repgnant to you not stopping not even when yo u sleep, they were yt? Torchuring me, I had to make this spiritual breakdown , ease up it does usuallly mean if what your obseaving is changing you and you don’t know how to not observe it, you then only have the option of changing time yourself , how your observing it what is the observer then when is changers I gueess has to alter what’s being observed, basic quantum physics I guess your trying to fix your mind but schizophrenia is not an illness , its not even a disease, it is a condition a method that is used on you to control you to create something they wish to happen. Often they don’t care either way whether the result happens during a tourchurous efffort or a love in, its just fear is so much easier and quicker and more efficient than trying to coax loving little intructons with a pretty please,,
    However the other consciousness aware of yours is neither a monster nor a Jesus Christ, I don’t know why they won’t play that game, I keep asking, they will use relationship s , to create in you emotion and that allows you to vibrate a certain way, you then create in your reality that which you are already bringing towards you, they are co creating our reality , you can explain them as any strange idea, and you’ll believe it , you have to know a lot of these ideas are interchangeable ,
    Focus of course is the first and most important skill in healing a brocken , mind, a brockwn spirit, a brocken body, knowing where to place your focus is the key to healing, and it is the one technique they use which alllows them to steal your thoughts and then cause a reality new now in being born out of what your putting or what’s being stolen focus from YOU.
    Sometimes the only way a devil will turn into a fairy is if you think about somrhing else till the devil is no longer important as you focus on something that gives you much more positive feelings, be the point of your focus wonder to fairies, Jesus Christ, aliens from the pleiadian races with soft words and softer voices, or crhistopher robin. I guess that’s where the thought control proccesses come in handy, meditation, mind games, brain teasers, shape shifting in the park at three, Abel healings, and most spiritually and most important a connection to reality, a connection to nature to mother earth,
    Some of these beings want me to believe, they are spirits, in the spiritual realm , but I know that highly evolved alien races do use both a technology and a spiritualolgy that makes there technology what it is, they have worlds err hat are not thought if as seperate scoops of thought as we human do in modern time, untill we can integrate, our spirit, our technology ,
    Pre psychology

    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2015

      Dear Sara
      I am so sorry you have had this awful experience, i have just had the same thing going on. You are indeed psychic, a sensitive. I also went too far with the obsessing, wanting more, thinking in the end who the hell is this, and what are they trying to do to me? It led to a breakdown. I always felt different as a child, saw spirits, felt things that others couldn’t. Anyway, i ended up having a breakdown, it was what was needed to help me see the truth. No! our loved ones in spirit never want to torture us or be cruel, but sometimes the shock factor is the only way to get through to us that there is something wrong and they are trying to help. They put me through this because i needed to stop and get help. If you are suffering with anxiety, stress, or a mental illness, then your connection with your guides will reflect upon you how your mind is working. Do you get it? Whatever level you are on is the level you receive. Please try and just be normal, guides are meant to work through you naturally. I bet you say things that really just connect with other people and what they are going through at the time? It is not a coincidence, this is how you are truly meant to “operate”. No ego. no pestering your poor guides, and no obsessing, it is unhealthy.
      I hope this helps, best of luck Sara. Just be your own beautiful self,be happy, shine your own natural light, that really is all that is needed.
      Kind regards

    • Anonymous
      November 16, 2016

      Thank you, thank you ever so much!

    • Sunny
      September 4, 2017

      Thank you, Sara, for putting into words so well what I, too, have experienced. It is so completely draining. I had two breakdowns, one year apart from each other. The way you describe it, I know without a doubt, that you have experienced what I was/am experiencing. I agree, this is not an illness or schizophrenia. “it is a condition a method that is used on you to control you to create something they wish to happen..” You said it so perfectly. It is complete torture. So much bliss at first and turns into so much pain. Mostly pain. Again what you said, Sara- They DO seem to be Godlike consciousness, but they are never just benevolent beings! Have been dealing with this for 5 years now. I am coping better, but besides saying f-you and just trying to live your life, what do you do? How long have you been dealing with this?

  31. Alexander
    August 28, 2015

    Well I’m just gonna start off by saying, I need some help and expert advice, I haven’t been able to find anything on what I’ve been feeling and thinking.
    I feel it has to do with schizophrenia and psychic abilities or possibly god/jesus
    Please email me so we can talk, anybody, and let me know what you think .

    • Steve
      August 4, 2016

      Hi Alexander, please trust in Jesus He loves you and will save you from all darkness. When dark thoughts attack I like to pretend I am hiding from them by staying near to Jesus, they flee from His presence. May God bless you and free you from any darkness, in Jesus name.

  32. Jim
    August 15, 2015

    This is political:
    On the nature of “reality”. Well – I want to borrow from Curtis White’s book “The Middle Mind: Why American’s Can’t Think for Themselves” – and – Foucalt’s “Civilization and Madness” – to contend – “reality” – as – perhaps – a shared imagination by a majority of individuals. i.e. – is reality simply – money, job, rent, bills, political positions (arguably only existing as joint imagination) – is reality – simply – not necessarily real? Our culture has huge positions of authority, and televisions, and newspapers, and magazines, and books – that seem to agree on some points of “reality” – but not on others. Is the United States only a country – in – an imaginary conceptual space – enforced with force? There certainly is a complex codified (laws, bureaucracy, institutions, schools, prisons, dshs, homeland security, etc. etc. etc.) – there are many, many people that believe the United States is in Fact – real – that – the borders are enforced by many people in unison – in joint belief. Is it perhaps – disturbing – then – to look at this as a joint psychosis? As – civilization itself as “mad”? Or – at least – some sort of enforced – with force – ideas and codified ways of organizing – that – can be quite barbaric. If I cannot pay rent, then – out of my house I go! (This might be seen as character assassination of myself) – this is supposedly – for the greater good – as – it makes me have to chase money – to do something that someone will pay money for – to have a home. I argue – that – the current, exact, complex, corrupt systems of “Capitalism” are not quite democratic – but – rather – those with lots of money influence the market, demand, and supply, and labor – in ways that are not necessarily valuable. Popular culture, advertising, and – human “stupidity” – or – manufactured dissatisfaction and stress – may artificially contribute to high demand for Starbucks (and sure, it tastes good) – but – this is perhaps (definitely) not conducive for human happiness – and – those employees could perhaps do other things – more positive, happiness inducing things with their time. There is still a strong Puritan (impure) work ethic – and – notion that “(Wo)Man should spend 40 hours a week on the grind) – in a pretty consumerist culture. Where – overpopulation, mistrust, financial insecurity, housing insecurity, media, violent culture, etc. – contribute to human misery. There is no utopia in sight. And – sometimes this “reality” – seems – to be – quite illegitimate. The notion of “sanity in the masses” – is disgustingly arbitrary and frustrating. However, there is an assumed consensus that – ordered commerce is good for society – but – it leads to debt (which this country has both 3 times the consumer debt as GDP- that is – the average “American” owes three times more money than they make in a year) – and – on a “National” level – of – owing an ungodly, unimaginable, silly ridiculous amount of money – where – “debt” is a joke.

    I’ll wrap it up.

    I am honestly disgusted with poverty, homelessness, inequality, and the trivial grind of the work week. I am very psychic. I can be psychotic – both from cultural expectation – and – shameful alienation. I had the experience of receiving a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia in 2012 – after being forcibly imprisoned “hospitalized” – for saying things and acting in ways distressing and incoherent to others. However – I remember my whole life (well – not every moment – but – on some level – perhaps) – at least – I have memories from a very early age – and continuing throughout every point in my life. And – I can still use reasoning and logic. However, the diagnosis of “paranoid schizophrenia” nags and haunts me, and alters perception of me – and – frustrates me with expectation – creating results – i.e. – making it easier to experience symptoms. I am very strongly opposed to neuroleptic drugs – because of – very realistic harm (obesity, diabetes, brain tissue shrinkage, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, tardive dyskenesia – and – simply – observing the “quality of life” in people who are on these drugs.
    Here are some links – and “Crazy Like Us” by Ethan Watters – was – monumentally validifying in my frustrations with expectations of mental illness. Yes, I have been aware of the literature from a very, very young age.

    Here’s a nice little link

  33. Elizabeth Rossetti
    June 23, 2015

    I just stumbled across this blog. My mother was schizophrenic and I believe I may be positive schizotypy. I have a temper that knows no limits when I’m angry. I live in my own fantasy world. I have always been good looking & I for as long as I can remember pretend people are watching me & it helps me to be my positive higher self. I believe I have psychic ability. I can feel people’s energy which has gotten me out of a lot of dangerous situations before trouble arose. I had a horrible drug addiction for many years but I’m in recovery. I still believe anything is possible bc when I apply myself i can accomplish it. However, I have trouble maintaining any success for a period of time. So of course that is my next challenge. I would like to thank you for the informative read & I will continue to learn more about the topic.
    Elizabeth A. Rossetti

  34. Robert
    June 10, 2015

    I grew up in Baldwin Park, CA. During my junior high and high school years (1967-73), several of us in class experienced the strangest thing. There was one guy in class who definitely had telepathy. When he got excited, I mean like when the police would come to our class and put a gun to his head (which happened a couple of times), his telepathy went into “high gear”. Everyone in our class could hear everything he was thinking. In junior high, the police kept coming to our class and demanding he go to Washington and work for the government. He kept punching the cops and refused to go with them.

    In the high school years, it got stronger. He did demonstrations for the entire math class. He had girls stand in front of the class. He concentrated and somehow moved energy through his hands. In an instant, each girl (there were several) said he had just unhooked their bra. He went out on campus and kept doing this to other girls. When he concentrated, people could feel his hands touching their bodies while he was five feet away.

    Of course the police and school officials kept coming to our school and made his life miserable. They punched him and put guns to his head, again. They did their best to get him under control so he would work for them. All they did was make him mad. During December of 1970, we were told the Beatles came to our school to meet him, but he refused to see them. To the best of my knowledge, he never did work for the government.

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  36. JoanOfArcTheVisionary
    April 23, 2015

    by the way, my psychiatrist mentioned that they have done studies that found that in general, people with scizhophrenic conditions were found, on average, to have higher amount of dopamine in their brains than is normal. the medication i take for example, amisulpride, works wonders on my symptoms, it works by reducing the amount of dopamine my brain produces.

    strangely enough, a professional psychic medium (who didnt know that i had schizophrenia) once told me that some scientists conducted an experiment on her and tested the levels of dopamine in her brain before and then after she did a ‘spirit’ reading.

    they found that her brain had produced more of the chemical dopamine when she did the reading than was present before she started to do the reading.

    i found this fascinating, that when used in a certain way, our brains produce more dopamine.

    so perhaps dopamine enables us to be more psychic.

    but psychic mediums have to be able to ‘shut down’ and presumably this is when the levels of dopamine start to decrease as they get back into a normal frame of mind.

    presumably schizophrenic people have trouble shutting down and therefore they over produce this chemical dopamine which leaves them vulnerable to all sorts of interference on all sorts of levels.

    after i talked with this lady, i tried googling evidence of these studies, but alas, i couldnt’ find evidence of them on the net.

  37. JoanOfArcTheVisionary
    April 23, 2015

    hearing voices is not necessarily a problem to many, and is a surprisingly common occurence in ‘normal’ people. its when those voices become intrusive and abusive and seem to take control of our minds that it becomes a problem.

    i’ve had voices since i can remember but it was only in my late twenties that they became a problem. from voices and other strange psychotic symptoms i became psychotic which developed into full blown schizophrenia.

    i’ve spent many many long hours analysing the voices and trying to suss out who and what they are and where they come from.

    one friendly piece of advice for anyone that experiences voices is always stay in touch with your own common sense and don’t trust them willy nilly just because they seem of a ‘spiritual or divine’ nature.

    trust in your own guidance of yourself more than any voices no matter how supreme they may seem to be.

    this is the way to the true higher self.

    • JoanOfArcTheVisionary
      April 23, 2015

      as the old saying goes ‘sometimes less is more’

      understanding, caring and loving forces can touch us silently but so deeply as well

  38. jahida360
    April 23, 2015

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  39. Regina
    April 5, 2015

    My daughter 16 was diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic features when she was 11 years old. It has been hell to say the least. However recently she has started clearly hearing some voices.
    One told her were some keys were that we had been missing for over a week.
    She says another girl is asking for help. She is scared to talk to the girl. She has heard voices since she was about 4 years old but I never put it together. She is on so much medication and now that I believe she is not mentally ill but just sensitive and at her age now can better cope how do I help her? How can we be sure?

  40. TruthLogs
    March 6, 2015

    I’ve recenty been unveiled during a 5 hr meditation . As i awoke i saw the world we live in is nothing like the world i grew up seeing. I noticed many things and my 34 years have been with disorder. Im a very optimistic, connected individual and saw the most belevenant to the most horrific things . I meet 2 gentlemen with schizophrenia and took them with me outside without telling them what i saw i asked them what do they see on rooftops, they both said the exact thing i see. Then confirmed other things i see aswell, there has been this block in spiritual awareness put on them by labeling. I can see why a person may go mad but understanding yourself will guide you to a balanced way of living, mind you i am 34yr old and the day after this new year i saw. And still do and i have proof!!!!! http://Www.facebook/ and see for yourself

  41. Libby Fraser
    February 19, 2015

    Hi….I just want to say…after alieneating all of my friends because they think I’m crazy…it is great to read this article. I know the visions and the smells and the voices and the Angels I see ARE real. I did not imagine all of this. Jesus has spoken…about a half dozen times I was very small. He has also shown signs that He is protecting. I have walked away from accidents, without a a single broken bone, where most others die, or break even very bone in their bodies. I’ve gone blind and regained my sight. This stuff is real, but no one believes. Even those that swear that they believe in God.

    Thank you for this site


    • Caroline Andrews
      February 19, 2015

      Hi Libby! welcome aboard! there is a lot happening right now energetically more and more peopler waking up and having thiese similar experiences – ascended masters are contacting those who are wanting to connect and move on with love in their hearts – i was taken to host twice for stuff that happened – granted i was not grounded when this occurred so now i’ve taken a long slow road to grounded wellness with heightened awareness and now i llisten to the voices that i hear as guidance – i have to mediate often at the moment to keep well and ground within – there is so many people like us you are NOT alone lovely!!! now is the time!!! look up other things like ascendance, spiritual growth, enlightenment – anything like that you and will find there are many many people out there who talk to angels and many people who channel beings, JC included – just keep going on that path and you will find many welcoming people… i have had to move away from people also who are not in this space… blessings and love to you xxx keep your faith and keep on your oath ask angel to help you and your guiding spirits xxxx

      • TruthLogs
        March 6, 2015

        This is true. http://Www.facebook/truthlogs. Proof is there

      • Virginia
        July 10, 2015

        I have had a few, half a dozen or so events over the span of the last 12 years. Not frequent, but very clear and real for no apparent reason and not thinking about anything in general where I saw someone, all different, only for a minute or so. I’ve been a high functioning executive most of my life. A talent for art surfaced about 20 months ago. The work is good, exceptional I’m told and really loving painting. I shared in a very light hearted comment with my 15 year old daughter a recent, experience. She told a counselor her father, (my X husband) was taking her to….. that was all it took, the counselor told family and children’s services I was hallucinating, which I am certain, I am not. It was horrible for them to invade my home and question me, while recording everything. No event is connected to the previous, I believe mostly to a geographic location. The first in a home I purchased 15 years ago and right after I moved in. I believe the previous owner passed away there of old age and natural causes. Another in my yard while mowing my lawn, my next door neighbors daughters who lived close to my home, both died in a car accident about 17 years ago. What I saw looked like a girl of the age they both were. Another in my home recently, woke me in the middle of the night… just a cloud of sorts, my next door neighbors husband, a physician who was also my Dr. committed suicide in their home this last February. When the family came after for the services, no one but his widow would stay in the home. I’m not hallucinating, I’m clear thinking, but apparently very artistic and unknown talent I possessed. I don’t know after this horrible investigation into my sanity if I will ever tell anyone again. I’ve also had a few blurbs, or intuitions for lack of a better word, that occurred hours after I saw the events flash in my conscience mind. I’m really ready to go underground forever with this after the threat of this type of investigation, for a mere comment of the event. It’s been very upsetting, knowing I’m ok, but that authority questions my sanity and mother ability because I may have saw a ghosts or 2 and have intuition of future events occasionally.

    • Judy
      March 29, 2015

      Have you had a Near Death Experience? I’d like to hear more about what your friends don’t agree with. Maybe I would not either. Maybe I would!!

  42. silentvoice955
    January 28, 2015

    The consideration of people with psychosis or schizophrenia being psychic is probably quite reasonable, but can we really classify these “conditions” as being desirable, when the hallucinations scare the crap out of them? The New Age movement has contaminated society enormously, trying to convince us that many mental health issues are actually just “spiritual gifts”.
    Well, if that is so, then it’s a gift I am very happy to do without. I have watched psychosis devastate my son’s life and part-destroy his wishes of being a scientific researcher. When you study at tertiary level (i.e college or university), the LAST thing you want is to have your faculties mashed up by lack of focus, lack of thought power and horrifying visions of evil spirits plus persecuting voices in your head.

    Having asked him whether there were any predictions in his hallucinations, he just said that all he could sense was some terrible end for himself. I don’t think he’s ever had anything good or positive come through, it’s always awful. It’s just a never-ending roller-coaster of evil faces, black thoughts and doom-laden events. Just peachy.

    I presume the New-Age idea is that these “gifted psychics” will sit around earning their living from tarot cards or crystal ball gazing, while relying on extra money from government handouts to fill in the gaps. Maybe someone can say exactly how these folk are intended to contribute to society in their phased-out state. Creativity is great, but no-one has 100% leisure time available.

    I have no issue with people being genuinely empathic or highly sensitive to others’ emotions or to various situations. But these episodes of severe disturbance that undermine daily functioning, like going to work, preparing meals, speaking to others, etc etc cannot in any way be considered a gift or a blessing. The mental conditions have been around for a long, long time…once they were viewed as madness and people were put in asylums…, now there is treatment for the symptoms, to make life more manageable…..or would you rather have these folk in permanent mental pain and anguish?

    • Caroline Andrews
      January 28, 2015

      Hi! i’m sorry to hear about your son, and the hard time he’s been going through. The idea that people who are psychotic could have “gifts” is simplistic. I May well have made that sweep but I think what we’re getting at is that people are perhaps closer at “seeing through the veil” but it depends on what their knowledge base is before these experiences occur. I haace friends that at clairvoyant and they were able to guide me, and I also had done a lot of reading around esoteric subjects, so its not new to me to think that there might be spirits around us – good or bad. On top of knowing what to do if you are being in contact with some such being, there is how you are feeling in yourself. I have the theory that if you are “low”, i.e. have low self esteem in any way shape or form, then any being that wishes you harm might cause you harm, as you have little or no energy to fight it, and may also believe its your own head, if you have no background knoweldge/belief of such entities. If however, like me you were in a very positive place full of energy and feeling empowered, then, when a negative entitiy tries to mess with you, in some way, you have more power to shield yourself, and are stronger with less influence. Again this all sounds simplistic, and its a long way from still making out your son has a gift. However, if he spent some time with a Shaman/clairvoyant/medium etc he may find how to shut down this ESP and not be Bothered by such beings, or decide down the line to use his ability to sense things for the good of others. I think that is why anyone has such abilities. I also think that trying to ignore them does not help! I have found that being on a spiritual path, things have become much clearer for me! good luck to you and your family, I hope your son find someone that can help him to come through with positivity.

      • Gina Love-Aguilar
        July 17, 2015

        You are promoting religion on this post by promoting shamanism and I don’t appreciate it. It is wrong.

        • Anonymous
          July 19, 2015

          I don’t think shamanism is a religion is it???? And there is nothing wrong in having a different belief system to yours.

    • TruthLogs
      March 6, 2015

      They are gifts, i am living proof and i am proving that it is real just see for your self. That is if you can handle truth. Www,facebook/truthlogs

    • Judy
      March 29, 2015

      I came here today because my daughter, age 51, had a clear break with—well, the way she was before. As I read these letters, I regret that more detail is not given regarding the state that various people are in. Your son sounds as if he has a condition that is not favorable to spiritual functioning or enlightenment. I don’t see how that could be from the spiritual world, the dimension where God is. I’ve been reading Near Death Experiences for years, since my other daughter died, and I have a sense about the dimension that we (our souls) come from, and to which our souls return, that’s been developing over time. It does not include dark entities or demons. But since I just started searching on the web to see if there’s a connection between psychosis (or schizophrenia) and spirituality, I shouldn’t try to say much!
      (In the DSM, Psychosis is the broad category which contains the condition Schizophrenia, which is different from what the blogger said. But that is the professional psychological way of using those terms.)

      My daughter was making contact with her deceased husband when she became psychotic or schizophrenic— she refuses to talk to anyone about her delusions, but she writes extensive notebooks of what she calls “channeling.” The way it reads is horrifying—she is the heroine, having saved the human race from destruction, by encouraging God and the forces of evil to fight until the Evil is destroyed. Fortunately, she does not go into a lot of graphic detail about the killing, but it goes on and on and on. For years. And she waits to be rescued. Or else “taken.” She lost everything in this condition—her house, her daughter (so sad—she abandoned her mother to live with her cousin) her money, the book she was going to publish, all her friends, most of her relatives (except those who are giving her money) and me, her mother, who is Evil. She went to jail for not responding to a warrant for her arrest for no showing to two hearings. She is one very unhappy human being. Yet she says that she has been especially favored by God.
      I’ve read what she has written very carefully, and I am sure, as a well-read, college educated person, who has been studying the “paranormal” for a while now, that there is no reality in it, except within the human psyche. It clearly reflects her unmet psychological needs—but I’ll not go into that.

      Yet, she is so sure that this is real that she won’t work with anyone about it, although she sees a therapist (was mandated to.) She refuses to take any psych meds. I think she fears it will take her special world away. But what I wanted to say is—she WAS in touch with the spirit of her husband, in an earthly way. He began to warn her that she must discontinue, slowly if necessary, her grieving for him and her continued attempts to be in touch with him. She refused. In her channeling he became transformed into an angel called Penthieldeth, who eventually was killed in the process of trying to kill HER. His hands around her throat. I’ve only read what she wrote—I don’t know how, exactly, the story comes to her. There are plenty of strange noises and voices chanting her name, and taunting her, there are tactile hallucinations, weird body sensations with accompanying fantasies, such as being encased in tar by the Evil. It’s her etheric body that is encased, which means that when she dies, the angel that she really is, Rashuyada, will be destroyed b/c of not being able to expand to her proper size. During her daily life, she is either terrified or happily being courted by one courtly being or other. One very amazing, to me, thing about her condition, is that she can present completely normally, which is as a sort of depressed, overweight, thoughtful woman, nicely dressed in he certain style, with the ability to move gracefully. She drives her car, prepares meals, feeds her cats, talks to sales people. She chooses to have no friends. Earlier, when she was living in her foreclosed house, she became too terrified to leave her house, except when she completely ran out of food. Every appliance in her house broke down except for the stove. No heat, no hot water, no dishwasher, no washer, no dryer. She spent all her time doing little art projects and channeling into her notebooks, communicating with her “beings on high” and famous people, like Woody Allen, or Chris Martin, founder of ColdPlay. David Crosby and Stephen Stills, and the like.

      She has nothing but hatred and suspicion for most people, including me. True, I was not the best mom in the world, but I have never thought of myself as Evil. Before this happened to her, she could be loving and caring. But little by little, she cast aside all of her friends because she could not state that they knew her channeling was real. She was not being a good mother to her 14 year old wonderful but cranky daughter. She used to be good—but couldn’t deal with discipline. What I’m saying is that her “neurosis” continued and she lost all her lovely and loving characteristics in favor of paranoia and the importance of living in this other “reality.”

      If anyone has any ideas about what this is, please respond! Or what I could do. Not that she listens to anything I have to say. I wasn’t planning to write so much, I hope it’s okay. My heart is really broken about the poor thing, but I tough it out day by day and point my life in other directions. Her dysfunction caused many other family problems which are painful—along with the suicide of my other daughter. Thanks.

      • JoanOfArcTheVisionary
        April 23, 2015

        Hi Pan

        Such a shame she won’t take meds. my meds have worked miracles on my schizophrenic disorder. i funcation completley normally and work full time in the city and only had one day off due to mental health issues in the last 5 years.

        but i had no choice, the auditory, tactile and visual hallucinations were torturous…. i could not rest. it was a living hell/nightmare.

        as it is, the side effects of the amisulpride and abilify that i take, are very mild.

        i’d never wish to go back to that world again

        you’re in my thoughts, i know its very distressing for loved ones as well


      • Kymberley
        April 29, 2015

        Well seems to me she opened a door to the demonic world by way of channelling. Jesus is her “only” answer!!!

        • Kymberley
          April 29, 2015

          Reply was to Judy!

  43. pansdisease
    January 26, 2015

    Yes there is a link.

    But schizophrenia is a completely horrible thing.

    One might say it’s similar to possession by horrendously shitty assholes. They say they will have a suicide out of me.

    I had grey aliens, ufos, shadow people, a satyr, light being, a ghost, all kinds of stuff appearing to me. At one point they were in my dreams torturing me, at another point they led me to a pyramidal structure in the wilderness and tried to get me to kill myself at the top.

    You can see many of my symptoms in movies:(hollywood knows things) the fourth kind, the craft, the golden child, monkeybone, emily rose, the last exorcism, paranormal activity. My disease is all up in the movies.

    Torture torture torture, it’s a horrific painfilled bonanza my life. If i don’t poison myself to death they kill me, it sucks.

    They have shocked me, burned me, and bent my spine to, it sucks. They are constantly freaking me out.

    Im seeing the future, voices are proving they have a conscious cause repeatedly to, they know things sometimes i could not. And then there was the sulfur after seeing the alien.

    At one point they were putting foul tastes in my mouth, you can make people taste the most horrible shit ever, all of the senses are in the mind.

    And then this one time a black witch even made me visually hallucinate some evil shit. It to was horrible, they don’t tell you these things when you are growing up.

    Yeah, im basically just a possessed guy, once again, it fucking sucks and i want out of here.

    Im going to go smoke and i hope it fucking kills me soon.

    • Caroline Andrews
      January 27, 2015

      Hi Pansdiease…so sorry to hear about your suffering. Really sorry. Have you thought about going to see a clairvoyant? medium>healer etc? if you have any faith at all, try praying for someone to come into your life. I’ve done that a lot of times, and see who comes up? But if you are able to, get online or look around you locally and see if you can find someone who can help you – there may be someone who can clear away some of the energies around you – I have the theory that the stronger you are as a person, the harder it is for these things to get to you… i was in a pcych hospital where others were getting hastled a lot by nasty entities, shall we call them that? and i could sense them, but i went in on a high – like super high- and totally felt connected to spirit or light/love whatever you want to call it, and was telling these entities, “come on mother*****S, come and see me, rather than the weaker people” – it really felt like i could protect myself… a way that i was advised to do was imagine a bubble of healing white light around you, so that nothing can get in – just you and your white healing light…hope something in this helps you brother…. sending love to you 🙂

  44. Caroline Andrews
    December 7, 2014

    Really great article and interesting replies!

    I was diagnosed with bipolar years ago only had 3 major “high” episodes and all three involved psychic occurrences, now 6 years later, I have faith in my gut instinct that it was all part of my journey and am now in contact with my spirit guide, my inner voice and won’t stray from the path that it guides me to. I hope over the coming years that we who have this knowledge can have strength to spread this knowledge and help others come through this transition time.

    Humanity is going through massive change and I feel that this is why there are so many people having these type of “illnesses”: misunderstood by medical science (or oppressed by the people at the top?) more and more people are becoming intuitive as we evolve these parts of our selves but it needs US to help the process, rather than allowing more and more of the population to become subdued by the filth they dish out in hospitals to “help” us!

    Good luck and may your journey be joyful and abundant!

    • Anonymous
      January 23, 2015

      I completely agree with you. I have been researching this because I had exactly the same theory.

  45. Anonymous
    November 29, 2014

    You need to talk to me .

    • craigweiler
      November 29, 2014


  46. keihatsu1
    November 16, 2014

    I think there is technology that simulates psychic. Brain to brain experiments have been successful over the internet recently. However, I think that technology has existed for a very long time.

    In some cases it is diagnosed as schizophrenia, however, may have been misdiagnosed as someone was having difficulty figuring out where the “voices” were coming from.

    The technology, if it exists, would allow a great deal of control over others. You could simulate being god or satan or guardian angel and guide their actions. That control would be very tempting to some and they would likely fight wars over it.

    (just an alternative view)

  47. kerri
    October 15, 2014

    I’ve been in and out of mental health wards but have had many psychic experiences. When I was in Australia ivwascreturning home to new Zealand and I had voices say don’t fly back Thursday with a picture of a volcano. What happened Thursday was a volcanic eruption. I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia but all in all think the most part are my spirit guides giving me experiences some of which I can’t handle. I’ve predicted earthquakes through to train disasters and have had a heap of oobe’s. I’m psychic schizophrenic.

    • Judy
      March 29, 2015

      So I would like to hear about the “schizophrenic” part of your condition.?? Although you posted this last October, so maybe I won’t be able to get in touch with you. I certain think it’s possible to be warned about future events without being mentally ill, or schizophrenic. Does your schizophrenia create disabling hallucinations or delusions?

      • kerri
        May 30, 2016

        Yeah it gradually went from little warnings like give up smoking gambling and probably a lot of negative things which I didn’t listen to and they kept reminding me, to even having a full blown kundalini awakening. It’s many times like shamanism. I pretty much blew the gates down to heaven. Take sleeping meds now because they won’t stop. Still get psychic stuff and paranormal experiences like warning me before a light bulb blows or telling me of an aeroplane disaster which just happened. The other day the tv turned on by itself lol. I studied paranormal growing up so mainly it’s about paranormal spiritual material voices. I pretty much stopped all my meds and my suicidal shit went away. But went back on a low dose because I was too much like in their world during a crazy full moon that many spiritual people called a shift of energy. So it’s sometimes psychic spiritual and they keep reminding me of things I have to do and will pop up in my life. Thanks.

      • kerri
        May 30, 2016

        But yes I had many disabling hallucinations been on many meds and vibrated like I was not in this world many times. Clonazepam worked pretty well though. My first hallucination was of a gun in a tree one night I saw as a visual hallucination. Rolled down the window as I was driving and some person pretended to fire a pretend gun out his window. Freaked me out. Then one thing led to another and eventually returned home. I have meds as a back up now. Like someone else said psychics must be able to get their dopamine levels back to an ok level instead of schizophrenics who can’t control it. But there probably is a link between psychic spiritual and schizophrenia.

  48. kurt
    October 10, 2014

    Hello- Interesting article I’d like to comment on.

    I’m currently “in recovery” from my first “psychotic break” and would like to comment as someone who’s experienced much of these symptoms and more and my brief explanation or insight into this very confusing topic. My diagnosis given to me at a mental health facility which I was admitted to for just over a week is bipolar with psychotic and schizophrenic features. I’m repeatedly told that I have a mental illness and that what happened to me will happen again if left unmedicated, yet my overall experience is largely overlooked and hardly ever listened to by anyone in the medical field with any sort of seriousness, which is difficult and frustrating. Many, and I say almost everyone, has a limit to what they believe is even believable, inasmuch that when the “unbelievable” happens, it’s completely misunderstand by everyone around the person. The term “hallucination” is one I’ve come to loathe in degree, as it’s a catchall word to describe and dismiss extremely unique and rare experiences for that person, and belittles what the experience might have actually been, which I believe to be spiritual in nature to the deepest degree.

    My “psychotic break” stemmed from a barrage of spontaneous paranormal events which lasted for about a week. I simply went into a state of shock when I experienced the first absolute occurrence and spiraled and deepened from there. I would say that most people aren’t ready to have their reality ripped and torn apart, which is why it’s unfortunately a unique and rare occurrence I believe. To explain them or describe the experiences is very easy for me to do, but the significance is largely overlooked, let alone taken seriously. For instance: the first event is as follows:

    On 12/26/13 I was with two friends and we were starting to play a card game I didn’t know and had never played. I’ll note that I am an avid poker player- I even played full time for a year, and have played part time throughout my life. I know cards, and have a deep history with them. To my story, the girl to my left was the dealer, and laid two rows of three, face down to every player. I looked at one single card in the upper right corner in front of me, and it was the King of Clubs. The dealer said not to look yet, and I put it down, and then she flipped over the top card in the deck, and it was the King of Clubs. I grabbed the card I just looked at, which no one else had seen, and it had changed to a Seven of Clubs. I went into a weird state of shock.

    A story as such is very easy to dismiss. What value does it have to you? I’ve come to learn very little it seems. For me, it was the actual pivotal moment where the window to even more impossible things opened from. In that moment I became “crazy” and experienced what I’ve learned is called conversion- “Once patients believe in their delusions with full conviction, they are said to have crossed the threshold to psychosis…” writer Rachel Aviv wrote. There’s simply a point where some people are no longer able to “have a choice” or “believe” in something because they wish it so, but become “crazy” because some of those things are actually real and such experiences aren’t for the masses, but rather for the person who has walked such a path to get to such a point and place to experience something soul shaking and infinitely profound. The stealth at which this “thing” operates is unbelievable- it seemed to personalize my whole experience to be “just what I needed” or “custom made” just for me. Spiritual growth and transformation is a responsibility we all hold and are capable of, yet our culture isn’t very conducive for such growth and acceptance.

    What happens if someone breaks through? What would it look like to have an encounter with something of a higher power or energy? How might a person be affected if they actually experience something mystical, magical, paranormal
    supernatural, miraculous, etc.- perhaps a little “crazy?” I know I did.

    • craigweiler
      October 10, 2014

      What strikes me first about your comment is that it is extremely well written and coherent from start to finish. You have managed to convey difficult personal events with both brevity and clarity. This is no small feat.

      For that reason I’m much inclined to believe you. I get many personal stories from people and rarely are they so well written. You have to be thinking clearly to write clearly.

      I’ve often felt that what you’ve experienced at the hands of The System could be avoided with better education on the part of the professionals and more widely available knowledge of what is commonly known as the paranormal.

      If we look at reality as a static objective thing, then you will naturally be shocked and horrified when it isn’t. If we look at reality as something that is intimately tied to consciousness, then your experience, although quite rare, is no longer inconceivable. The theory matches reality. A blip in the reality matrix is not impossible anymore.

      • kurt
        October 13, 2014

        Mr. Weiler- thanks for your reply.

        In the aftermath of my encounters, I’ve taken a lot of time in trying to figure out what I experienced and what going forward in life would mean and look like now. To say it changed my life is an understatement- it changed my reality in ways that I can’t explain and recovering from the trauma has been extremely difficult. That said, it seems the hardest parts are behind me, and I can enjoy a new personal happiness and peace I never thought attainable and even possible in this life from answers gleaned and new found potential. I’ve wondered at length as to my responsibility in sharing my story with others and how best that might be achieved. However, the adage “seeing is believing” is one people and myself would agree with- I’ve just happened to “see” beyond what most people are remotely open to believing. To add, my boldness and honesty about being diagnosed with a mental illness and my stay at a psych ward instantly, by default, makes me lose a lot, if not all, of my credibility. If you don’t already believe in things greater than us, than I unfortunately can’t expect to convince so many others with my tales of the mysterious. I ponder deeply the reason why I might be so “lucky” to have experienced so many miraculous things, and so many others yearn and want just one and it never happens- but who’s saying “wow- I wish I wind up in a mental facility?” Not many.

        I would like to try and describe one of the experiences I had and what it led me to and the synchronicity it held. This is one incident that happened to me, and there’s interesting variables to it- such as, I’m fortunate in that there was footage of this entire night that was captured and put on youtube which shows some bizarre things, especially when put into the context of what I experienced that night. This took place in Hilo, Hawaii, on the night of 12/29-30/13. Below is hopefully the video, and at least the link to the time lapsed images from the telescopes on the volcanic summit which overlook Hilo below.

        On to my story, let me say that I had experienced “weird” things right before this specific incident. One of which I feel is related in nature, is I saw a “red orb” right before this next incident happened. I was alone, earlier in the night, and it came out from behind something and then expanded, and retracted- like a pulse or breath almost in its rhythm. It was almost like a red lava lamp if you will- but more perfect in form and shape. I observed it for 10 minutes, give or take. It came from “nowhere” and left out of “nowhere.” Shaken up, I went to a friends house and inside their enclosed porch and laid down. As I laid there, I was looking at a window with its curtains fully drawn down, when in the very crack I saw a red light- as bright as a brake light come into the small crack. In the next instance, the curtain was lifted back where I saw a second self luminating red light. Let me note that the curtain covered a window that does not open and the wind did not do it; this thing used “thought” it appeared to open the curtain. Let me say this another way- my hallucination moved matter. It then came into view and the red lights were eyes! Let me be perfectly clear here- its eyes were glowing red like a LED key chain light, but if it were red. I’ve seen lots of animals have light shine at night, and this was completely different- its eyes looked like they were electrically or battery lit. It was the image of an animal- the specifics of which I’ll keep withheld for it was personally significant. I’ll note that it was absolutely huge- unmistakable as to “what” the image was, but larger than anything in our “real” reality. It stared at me for several seconds, the curtain closed, and I was scared beyond belief, but then became excited in a way I can’t describe and went on to experience a good deal more. The time lapse video is interesting and intriguing I find when my bizarre experience and reported phenomena might be taken into context.

        On to a synchronicity I found while searching for an answer on things with “glowing eyes” I came across the channeled text, The Law of One by Ra ( ). I searched on the website for “glowing eyes” and it said this…

        “9.21 ↥ Questioner: Are they Bigfoot-type creatures?

        Ra: I am Ra. This is correct although we would not call these Bigfoot, as they are scarce and are very able to escape detection. The first race is less able to be aware of proximity of other mind/body/spirit complexes, but these beings are very able to escape due to their technological understandings before their incarnations here. These entities of the glowing eyes are those most familiar to your peoples.”

        It mentions clearly things with “glowing eyes” which is exactly the best way to describe what I saw. Let me say, I have no clue what that answer statement means inasmuch as any average person- it’s significance to me is simply “glowing eyes.” This is sadly one of the only answers I can find about these “creatures” beyond historical reports and myths. Anyways, within the same search, it showed multiple question and answers, with one answer to a question which seemed like a random non sequitur statement which completely dumbfounded me. It was…

        “Ra: I am Ra. The generalities of expression can never be completely correct. However, we may note that when faced with a hole in the curtain, an entity’s eyes may well peer for the first time through the window beyond. This tendency is probable given the possibility/probability vortices active within your space/time and time/space continua at this nexus.”

        It literally happened to me- I saw an entity’s eyes (which were glowing with red light) for the first time through a hole in the curtain. Reading such, literally allowed me to accept all the other words of that channeled text with a secure sense of trust and belief. While this isn’t a “plug” for the Law of One- Ra Material, I can say that for me, it has helped with actual answers to some of my experiences, and where before I would not have taken such outlandish text serious. As you can surmise, I’ve had to open up to things I didn’t think were even possible or real, and that’s been difficult, yet rewarding.

        In closing, I’m not quite sure what to say. I guess I hope any and all may find this fascinating, and hopefully helpful. People seem so cautious in their pursuit of finding the meaning to life and expanding ones mind to find real answers, that it simply doesn’t happen often. I look at how I got there, and I was damn near suicidal in my attempt to “figure this all out” that I’m surprised and lucky I’m not in jail, seriously injured, or dead. I guess what I’m saying is my “path to enlightenment” went through hell first- and I say that somewhat literally. Me saying “it’s real” isn’t going to change people or the world, because the point is for everyone to go through their own journey of discovery. It is with that journey, I hope this helps.

        • Anonymous
          January 23, 2015

          Ra is an Egyptian God and has a red orb on his head

        • Anonymous
          June 19, 2015

          My son, is a high functioning, very verbal person who is on the autism spectrum. He claims he saw a red orb at the top of the stairs of my house. He said that the orb was red, but translucent, and it looked like it had something like a red heart in it, pumping…LIKE A LAVA LAMP.

    • Judy
      March 29, 2015

      If you had said that you had seen the card “in the corner” as the King of Clubs, and then when the card was turned over, it was the King of Clubs, I would have been very happy for you! This kind of thing can happen, but it’s rare—and the ability to perceive the future comes from the dimension wher our souls originate—where God lives. But what did happen, that the card was actually the seven of clubs—I don’t see that as being anything that would be helpful to you. You had a visual hint of what the card was, and then it turned out to be NOT what the card was, where is the value in that? The fact that you had a vision of what the card was is significant. You saw something that wasn’t there. The brain does that. It’s called that hated word—an hallucination. Then you continued with that hallucination when you saw the card as being the same as your first vision, A King of Clubs. But then you saw the truth. Well, thank goodness for that. Suppose you had kept seeing it as the King of Clubs? Then you would have lost your ability to play cards!

      I’ve been dealing with my daughter’s problem—she has become psychotic in some way, and what her mind tells her is true, is often not true. She was told she did not have to pay her mortgage, so she didn’t. But in reality, she did have to. so she lost her house. SHE thinks that these special messages are a gift from God. *I* don’t. It’s ruined her life. So when I hear you saying that this mistaken information you got about the card is somehow a good thing, I just have to say—it reminds me of the way my daughter thinks. Not only does she have hallucinations and delusions, but she can’t process logical proof that they are not real, not valid—she is having mistaken information “communicated” to her. (it is actually coming from her own brain, if you want to call that “communication.”) She seems to just have to believe this stuff. And it’s not like she can’t think. You could give her directions to drive to the bank, and she would get there. You could tell her a story and she would follow it. But when it comes to these “special” things, all logic goes out the window. Sorry to say. And if you can fit this phenomenon into your life and it makes you happy, that’s really nice. Good for you! But be sure to look around, and try to make sure you aren’t hurting other people—like my granddaughter had to get away from her own mother. This is a tragedy. I read your other account, too, and I don’t see how what you saw fits in with the other things you said. I watched the video and didn’t see any glowing lights. And you didn’t see the lights coming through a hole in the curtain, you saw them through the crack between the curtain and the window frame. Other differences. You know, you said “what if someone does break through?” Well, they DO. There ARE paranormal experiences that are real. I read Near Death Experiences and books about them. They are amazing and they are true, and they create changes in the experiencers which allow them to go on and create beneficial studies and new understandings and they have loving helpful careers in the world. But if your visions aren’t of any help to the world, the way my daughter’s are not, I suggest you look carefully around you. You may not be able to perceive anything, because that seems to be part of the brain condition of schizophrenia. But try. You do have a choice of taking medication, which has an effect on the part of the brain that creates this problem. Keep your eyes open for any other brain oriented treatment. I do believe psychosis is a condition of the brain and not a spiritual experience. I don’t see the advantage of thinking that it is, because it carries with it, then, the belief in “dark spiritual entities” and the like, which I believe are also products of the brain. I’m writing this for others as well as for you, as you may not see this, having posted last year. I think people need to be careful to choose the real changes that are coming down the pike, and not misconstrue brain diseases as hope for the human race. I guess my daughter’s psychosis may be of some little value if it can help me sort this out for myself and others. I have dedicated my life to pursuing this subject, can communicating what I learn to others. LOVE, you know. God is LOVE. Keep your eye on the LIGHT. Another woman here who had an auto accident and had a change of perception figured something out that sounds good. Find God, and focus on him—the true God, there is only one—although we may perceive God in a variety of ways. Do you look for God? God is our creator. YOU are not going to be able to find truth without God and love being part of it. Weirdness is not so valuable. Well, good luck, everyone. Let us all stay on the journey towards our truth, and our development of ourselves as wiser and more loving, if we can, so we can evolve as a race! Don’t we have such a long way to go!!!

      • kurt
        July 20, 2015

        Dear Judy,

        You stated- “If you had said that you had seen the card “in the corner” as the King of Clubs, and then when the card was turned over, it was the King of Clubs, I would have been very happy for you!”

        That is exactly what I’m saying happened. Then after that happened, for just over a week, I had a litany of paranormal events/experiences.

        As I alluded to, I feel a responsibility and privilege to be very candid, open, and honest about what it was I experienced and to be extremely accurate in describing and relating it to others. My story has remained the same since the events took place, and will remain the same forever. If you might consider being in my shoes and how I am vested heavily myself in being as truthful as possible about what I experienced, simply for wanting more answers about what happened to me and finding and connecting to others who have similar or mysterious experiences. It would behoove me none to make up shit or grossly exaggerate it.

        In response to what you wrote, we’re obviously free to have whatever opinions we want. That said, my experiences aren’t opinions, but rather very real experiences with the paranormal, or whatever term you’d like to use.

        I’d like to respond specifically to your statements below.

        “But if your visions aren’t of any help to the world, the way my daughter’s are not, I
        suggest you look carefully around you. You may not be able to perceive anything, because that seems to be part of the brain condition of schizophrenia. But try. You do have a choice of taking medication, which has an effect on the part of the brain that creates this problem. Keep your eyes open for any other brain oriented treatment. I do believe psychosis is a condition of the brain and not a spiritual experience. I don’t see the advantage of thinking that it is, because it carries with it, then, the belief in “dark spiritual entities” and the like, which I believe are also products of the brain. I’m writing this for others as well as for you, as you may not see this, having posted last year.”

        Firstly, I want to strongly state that the “visions” or “hallucinations” I had were not
        just “visions” or “hallucinations,”- they were paranormal (or whatever term you’d like to use). In “being very candid” let me say I am experienced in psychedelic drugs and the various hallucinations and experiences they cause which has had a positive impact on my life. In admittance of such- the using of psychedelic drugs, I recognize the harm of discrediting my story and claims even further for some; I was not hallucinating on drugs during my experiences. I speak openly about the positive impact drugs,- or specifically, hallucinegenics have had on my life. Luckily, I’m not famous, rich, or known and I can be as honest and forthcoming as I want without fear of negative repercussions- I’m unabashedly proud of what I experienced. While I don’t wish notoriety from my experiences, I do wish to help the world, which is why I’ve shared what I have and will in the future. My “visions,” which is the term you used, were thee most profound and life changing experiences that I’ve ever had. So, for me and me alone, my “visions” were extremely helpful and life changing- they helped me in a way I can’t describe. I ask that you consider your daughter’s experiences as helpful to her- not the world. While they may be difficult for you to understand- which you never fully will, they’re even more difficult for your daughter and judging her “visions” as “not of any help to the world” is probably a very detrimental attitude or mindset. Just love and accept your daughter. While you may try in vain to understand her, you should try better to understand yourself. You stated you don’t believe psychosis to be a spiritual experience but rather a simple condition of the brain; I challenge you to experience it yourself. Eating 5
        grams of psilocybin mushrooms might change your perspective- as you said yourself, you should “keep your eyes open for any other brain oriented treatment.”

        Secondly, it’s disturbing to me that you write, especially knowing you have a daughter with a diagnosis such as mine, “You may not be able to perceive anything, because that seems to be part of the brain condition called schizophrenia. But try.” While your intentions may seem well, such a statement reflects the exact sentiment and ideology about “schizophrenia” or mental illness that I wish to enlighten and shed as much light into. If you haven’t been able to perceive from my clear and concise writing that I perceive things just fine, then I ask you do. In fact, a better way to look at it is, I’m an “over-perceiver.” I know exactly what happened to me, and what happened was a helluva lot more than my brain “malfunctioning.” It’s extremely frustrating to have had what I know was “the real thing” happen to me and to experience it only to get through to the other side and be misperceived, which seems to be the common curse for such individuals.

        Lastly, I’ll respond to what was said here- ” I don’t see how what you saw fits in with
        the other things you said. I watched the video and didn’t see any glowing lights. And you didn’t see the lights coming through a hole in the curtain, you saw them through the crack between the curtain and the window frame. Other differences.”

        Let me talk more at length about variables and events that happened that night- 12/29-30/13 and why the video is interesting. Hilo, Hawaii is one of the rainiest cities in the world, but even with all the rain, having lightning and thunder is actually not very common. It was one of thee most severe storms ever in Hilo, and as proof here is a very quick description…

        “Violent thunder and a record breaking amount of precipitation blasted the Big Island on December 29-30, 2013. Hilo in particular saw 7.51 inches of precipitation on Monday, 2.03 inches of which fell between 8:02 AM to 9:53 AM.Hilo’s previous December 30 precipitation record was 4.58 inches. That record was set in 1951.
        The last time that Hilo saw over 7 inches of precipitation in a particular day was on
        December 19, 2009 with 7.92 inches of precipitation. ” Let me add that this storm was not part of a tropical storm system which adds to the rarity of such a severe storm.

        As I described my encounter with the red orb, that was the first time that I saw “it” or
        this “red light thing.” When I saw it, it seemed to peek out from behind a post and then stall there. This part is bizarre- I spoke to it and I said verbatim, “show yourself- I’m not scared.” When I said that is when it expanded and did “show itself.” It seemed to be alive and conscious.

        The next encounter I went on to describe was a form of a HUGE animal with red glowing eyes. I’ll give more details about it- I didn’t say before what type of animal form it was, but I will say now that it was of a dog- a mastiff type dog. When I describe seeing the red light in the crack and corner of the curtain, it may be better said that this “giant red eyed shape shifting spirit dog” was peeking at me through the curtain which it was lifting back through the window without touching it. When the curtain was pushed back, it was something that could not be done- I can’t push back a curtain from the other side of a window through the glass; the curtain was completely lifted up and away and held there for several seconds as this HUGE glowing eyed dog pressed its HUGE face into the window and stared straight at me- it looked like a 500 lb. cane corso puppy with red glowing eyes. Again, this “thing” was absolutely real and alive and it used thought, or telekinesis to move the curtain up and out of the way. As I said previously, my “hallucination” moved and affected matter or real things, and this was not the only instance.

        A strong point I wish to stress is that as I refer to it as “my hallucination” it is for
        the conveniance and ease of relating this to others- I use it with some irony because I believe and know that this “thing” was real, and not a hallucination. However, the term hallucination is embedded so deeply into this area, topic, and medical terminology that I’ve had to embrace the term and how it helps relay my experiences to “the common layman” if you will. If you call the police and tell them exactly what you’re experiencing they don’t know how to help you. But if you call them and tell them you’re hallucinating, then that triggers a safe and comfortable known word that they know and can relate to- as I speak from experience.

        Back to my story- after the curtain closed, and I was in a state of fear and disbelief, I
        waited for several minutes and nothing happened. As I tried to calm down, I went out and looked around for where it was and there was nothing around. I went walking out into the storm, convinced and determined to figure out what the hell was happening. I remember having the feeling that I had just seen my “spirit animal” and how cliché yet incredible it was. I went on to walk several miles (4-5) in the storm with nothing strange occurring for probably an hour or so. That changed when I turned the corner on a street, and all of the street lights in the row flashed out and then started turning on and behaving weird when I would walk underneath them- I thought I was just imagining things and that a big storm would of course effect electrical lights, when at the end of the road lightning unleashed and enveloped around me. I became paralyzed and fell to the ground and immediately started throwing up and dry heaving. I don’t know how I wasn’t directly hit by lightning- it seemed to be hitting right outside and around me. The lightning seemed
        to make a complete 360 degree circle all the way around me, and I was literally awaiting getting struck. When it finished- finally- I stopped involuntarily dry heaving and regained control of my body and was able to get up began to sprint to my friends house nearby- the same house and friends where I described the card incident occurring.

        Before I got to the house, I knew I was in a confused, dazed, and crazed state and didn’t want to just bust in and scare and confuse my friends late at night. I felt like a
        spinning compass needle. I stopped underneath a banyon tree, out of the rain, and tried to collect myself and make sense of what all had transpired and what was happening to me. As I stood there, right in front of me in a small clearing, there began a white mist that started forming and swirling from the ground up and built and swirled and collected to a point where I knew, again, I wasn’t just seeing something. I felt a very strong and direct what can only be described as telepathic message from this “thing.” As the white mist formed and built directly in front of me, in the jungle around the clearing there appeared a set of red glowing eyes, and then another, and another, and another expanded out from both sides of the original set. More sets of glowing red eyes continued to expand out and around; I saw no shape of any animals, only the red glowing eyes set deep back in the darkness in the foliage. They made a sound though which I can’t describe in writing. Concurrently, as the eyes grew out in pairs the white swirling mist built up even more and when the eyes were encircling me, lightning hit straight and directly into the white mist directly in front of me, and all the sets of eyes that had grown out to 30-40 different sets of eyes, retracted and grew back into the one set and disapeared altogether. I then sprinted to my friends.

        With having told that sequence of my experiences, I would like to make the obvious connection and conclusion as to why now the video of the lightning storm might be significant. Again, I “hallucinated” in every sense of the word, but it’s very bizarre to have such direct “visions” with something so clear and obvious as a lightning strike. Put another way, no one simply hallucinates a pure and real thunder bolt, and on top of what I described as happening or having experienced, than collectively something might actually be derived and known about such bizarre phenomena. Whatever this “thing” was, it was literally part electric, light, gravity, and whatever else I don’t know. It was a shape shifting intelligent light form…idk.

        There is one more incident that happened that night, and in being honest and having disclosed the other prior details or experiences of the night, then this I feel should be included. It’s extremely bizzarre and I’m very reluctant to disclose it as I fear it could be so easily misinterpretted and misunderstood. But, it is what happened and such as that. When I went into my friends house, where the card incident happened, it was very very dark. My friend, who noticed my entrance rose up from the bed. The image I saw was of a figure with a jester or joker hat on. Again- I saw a complete and articulate outline of a completely dark shadow figure with a very silly hat on. I yelled “What the F are you?…” and my friend turned on the light and it disappeared.

        The black dark shadow, which you might call the “dark spiritual entities” is something I have no choice in getting to believe in or not, as you have such luxory. But there’s the conundrum- would you rather believe in what is false but easy, or accept the truth with difficulty? What happened to me was real and true, and I refuse to withhold because I know the importance of what occurred and happened to me. I know there are many people who are desperate and hungry for real answers to life, and I happen to be in a position now where my “crazy” is something that I want and needs to be shared. Forgive me, but my “weirdness” is of value.

    • tyson
      June 26, 2016

      Makes logical sense to me that heightened brain activity( eg acute anxiety) and energy will produce effects.
      im sure that other life forms like aliens (i have no proof suprisingly, but they obviously exist) allready controll these further realms of the mind/body and concsiousness.
      but then it is how this translates with consciousness and the consensus of what is “reality” in our”society” that allows us to explore this subject.

  49. Smita
    September 17, 2014


    Five years back i had a minor car accident not hurt which left me badly shaken.but after that night something happened i could see auras around people, things i could see spirits even dieties i had visions.The strangest fact also is that my mother my aunt and uncle have all been diagnosed as schizophrenic.You can imagine then h ow very scared i was when i started experiencing all of this.But the major difference over here is that my mother would say things like i am the queen,people are following me and trying to poison me etcetc.With me it is just that i can see a reality or a dimension which others cannot but otherwise my feet are solid on the ground.

    But yes my friends if you are psychic the line is very thin i mean the crossover to schizophreniaThe way i have kept myself sane is

    1.Spirituality is linked to being a psychic.Develop a very close relationship with your personal god no matter which religion you belong to.Put up huge pictures of your god in your room talk to them daily,believe in them.Set up a contract with them that if i am surrounded by negative energies i will call out your name and god you have to come to me and help me

    2.Try not to go into not dwell too much on your being psychic.Go get a life.Negative energies are attracted towards people who are in lower consciousness.who are mentally or physically weak .Keep yourself healthy mentally as well as phsyically.Dont think too much.

    3. Allways try to be happy dont see horror movies.I have noticed that when i see horror movies these energies are attracted to me.

    Negatives energies put thoughts into your mind.They try to control you in this way.Prayer is very important and also positive affirmations.There is a wonderful world outside Go live your life

    • matt
      November 4, 2014

      Hello smita I to was involved in a car accident about four years back was knocked out woke u p with ears ringing like crazy n sirons going off… ringing continued on and off n I still hear it from time to time….ive been diagnosed with psychosis grandfather is skitsophrenic anyways ever since then ive had problems with hearing voices having strange visions sometimes in black n white n sometimes in full color ….. anywho think of it like this you were once jacked into reality n something broke loose in your mind…..our brains operate anywhere from 8 mhz to 15 mhz xc electricity n we absorb light energy through our eyes….your eyes are connected to most your vital organs n well….thats alot of chakra points I predicted I was going to jail the day before it happened through a vision told my friend about the dream seemed different well that day I get stopped for warrants n. Put in jail gave me a wake up call these visions these auditory hallucinations spirit guides are real …. I knew that long before but that confirmed it anyways nice chat lates

      • jennyrenne
        July 20, 2015

        Kurt, welcome to my world. I am diagnosed with schiz affective disorder with a dollop of bipolar thrown in for good measure. I am also a medium and a psychic. I am certain beyond any doubt whatstover that I am the latter two. But try to tell that to most people and that you’re also diagnosed with not just schizophrenia but also bi-polar disorder and they immediately think that any voices you hear are all down to mental illness and that you are a nutjob.

        I work fulltime professionally in media sales. I am one of the lucky ones for whom the medication for the schiz stuff, works brilliantly well. I function totally normally. and I converse skilfully as is required by any sales person.

        so, yes the people that I do readings for will without a doubt vouch for me. in fact I have the reputation on one reading site for doing some of the best readings people have ever had on that site.

        I’ve said my bit. make of it what you will.

  50. Fortune Faychild
    September 10, 2014

    When people’s psi apertures start opening up, it can be startling especially since at first impressions are unintended and can consist of premonitions, disasters, death, dead people, plane crashes and they haven’t learned to control the aperture – but you can learn to do so by intent and training. One can learn to meditate and train with remote viewing ( and credible psi training. By all means avoid shrinks, your gift will be considered a symptom of something else; avoid religious fundamentalists they will tell you you are doing the devils work, avoid looney tune alien channels and cult groups and conspiracy theorists. Do develop a meditation practice and ground yourself in nature. Debra Katz has some of the best books on psi technics, safety and uses, You are Psychic the title of one of them. Developing your innate psi skills can be practical and bring many rewards, piece of mind and spiritual development. Trust your own authority . State functional in the mundane, take up creative pursuits, don’t let others manipulate you or think all discarnates or dead people have your best interests at heart, or know more or are more spiritual than you. You always have the ultimate authority for owning your own body and mind, and energy field your spirit/soul is powerful , multi faceted and eternal. Don’t quit your day ob but when you hone your skills there’s nothing unethical for getting paid for your time and work. Practice practice – its your natural birth right, developing that skill takes persistence and work and daring to be different, different is not a bad thing or a slippery slop to insanity. Humor will serve you well.

    • jennyrenne
      September 10, 2014

      whilst agree with a lot of what you say I also think that you need to understand how serious and debilitating the illness schizophrenia can be. to suggest that people don’t see shrinks is a bit daft, as you would know if you had any real insight into this.

      on this aspect I feel you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

      • craigweiler
        September 10, 2014

        It doesn’t seem to me that she’s talking about schizophrenics. She may have posted her comment on the wrong article. It happens from time to time.

        • jennyrenne
          September 10, 2014

          ah ok maybe that’s it then….. it seemed to me, from the email about her comment in my inbox that she was posting about schiz.

          however, schizophrenia does indeed start with psychosis, and perhaps whilst not everyone has to have a medication and can get by via therapy etc…. I would think that in the first instance of this, a vist to the shrink is recommended.

          or, certainly if the psychosis lasts longer than 6 months, I understand that this could be early onset of schiz.

      • Robyn
        January 6, 2015

        Hi Jenny, I think the point is that a lot of people are being misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. I agree that schizophrenia is a very serious problem and should be taken seriously. This is addressing the issue that there are people being drugged up and having electrode-shock therapy completely unnecessarily, just because science is a black and white type of discipline with no gray area, and this is THE gray area, because it can’t be explained. It its obvious to me that you, yourself don’t have the psychic ability other wise you would not be commenting in this way. If indeed you are a genuine sufferer of schizophrenia, I wish you a healthy and speedy recovery and good life.

        • jennyrenne
          March 23, 2016

          haha yes I do have psychic ability, quite clearly. you can see a thread as joanofarc I started here some good readings by me, some crap. if you read through it you will see that I have ability.
          as for being schiz, yes I am that too and I take amisulphride and abilify which both work wonders on my condition by correcting the levels of dopamine in my brain. so you are WRONG about your assumption that I do not have psychic ability.

          maybe some people are misdiagnosed. I wouldn’t personally know. do you have proof?

        • jennyrenne
          March 23, 2016

          P.S. I’ve been recovered a long time.

        • jennyrenne
          March 23, 2016

          just to add Robyn, I doubt very much there is much you can tell me about psychic ability and/or schizophrenia.

          • jennyrenne
            March 23, 2016

            that is true and/or that I don’t know already. cheers.

        • jennyrenne
          March 23, 2016

          god robyn its incredibly frustrating being both schizophrenic, bipolar AND a psychic medium without your absolute apparent belief that I can’t be psychic. how did you come by that theory eh?? is it cos I must be bonkers therefore cannot be psychic? god shrinks aren’t the big baddies painted out to be. if someone can’t get in control of their own mind they need help. I had plenty of ECT in fact I did everything I possibly could to get it!!!! I wasn’t convinced pills would work. I was afraid of the shrinks which you do a good job of encouraging indidentally, and kept my gob shut. whereas if I’d be less fearful and hadn’t watched programmes like One Flew over the cuckoo’s nest I’d have told the truth a lot earlier and more likely got the right treathmetn a lot earlier too. you have no idea, no idea at all. go on, tell me something I don’t know. if you feel you’ve got a misdiagnosis you can sort out your own treatment. you don’t have to take what the shrinks give you unless you are a risk to yourself or others, in which case you quite clearly need dealing with by the docs or someone to help you. its not bloomin concentration camp, these psychiatric hosptials, theyre there to help. believe me. if only I knew that before.

        • jennyrenne
          March 23, 2016

          just to add. here I am, a psychic medium with schizophrenia, completely what the OP’s article is meant to be about. and no one in the comments seems the slightest bit interested. if you are all truly interested in the link between psychosis/schiz and psychic or mediumship ability then go ahead, ask me some questions. that’s the problem though isn’t it, ya tell people ya psychic they think your bonkers and when you tell them you also take treatment for schizophrenia they automatically assume you’re not just bonkers but a complete and utter raving looney about to chop their bloomin head off. I don’t think any of you have any idea about this subject as much as me. quite frankly. I’ve tried to inform you all, but no one seems the slightest bit interested. take a look at the psychic reading thread I started on the icke site, you will see several spot on readings I have done. I believe this is solid proof, then perhaps people will start to take me a bit more seriously, goddamit.

          • Anonymous
            March 27, 2016

            Hi there. I have been diagnosed as bipolar but I also see and hear spirits about once every other month. They wake me up either with a ringing noise in my ear or with a spirit whispering my name in my ear. I also continue to take anti-psychotic medication. My book on the subject is on amazon and is called “From Psychic to Psychotic and Beyond”. Kerry Ann Jacobs

    • Anonymous
      November 15, 2014

      Fortune Faychild….your reply was a much needed read for me this morning. Thank you for very sane words 🙂

  51. Brandie
    August 11, 2014

    This article is definitely relatable. I have a grand uncle who is a schizophrenic, he been one for years. The process has been gradually eating away the person he use to be. In some ways I would say it’s similar to dementia, but it’s far more devastating. I’ve only really known him for the past ten years or so. It sucks…it sucks for his immediate family where there’s a severe disconnect, and his sister. The man basically lives in his own world. You know and I’ve never really thought about that before. How his perception of life is severely warped and distorted. There are times when he seems relatable and understands his surroundings. After a while it changes…he becomes paranoid and extremely distrustful. Especially in regards to family. There’s a chronic anger and anguish that shows itself every now and then. It’s like he can peep through the key hole, but the door will never open. It’s depressing…

    Though positively what I do notice is that he’s pretty trusting of his intuition. He likes to bet and play the lottery. So during our outings he’s always wanting to go and spend on a “itch” he gets. lol Sometimes I think it’s bull, but my uncle actually has a knack for winning the numbers. He’s pretty damn lucky, and very honest in his approach to people. It’s almost child-like the way he follows and perceive’s life.
    It makes me glad I didn’t ignore him, and called him crazy. That I try to understand him more.

    Concerning my everyday life…there have been instances where I’ve experienced psychosis. In my teens I was hyper aware almost mystically of my surroundings. There were times when reality just peeled away to reveal an infinite setting that was amazing. My teens were hell. I mean I’ve never experienced anything like that since. I’ve always saw and communicated w/ spirits. Both human and non-human, but nothing prepared me for the events I went through. First of all…since I was super little I’ve been “followed” by Faeries. I don’t mean “Tinker Bell” types, but real Brian Froud/ old world faery tale faeries. The type that makes you wish you’ve never heard of Faeries…There was never a choice or compromise. They were just there end of story…it was like get use to us or not. I think half the time they were around to see how I would react and take their presence. I’m certain bets were made at some point whether I’d loose my shit or not…
    For some time I felt cursed and was upset over my fate. lol I felt on occasion I was abnormal, because of what I experienced. See during my childhood I took everything as it came. People watching me while I sleep…sure. I might’ve run screaming, but I survived another day. Weird dreams that traumatized me sure…Sleep walking to mysterious enchanting music, and meeting a hot stranger in moonlight and the dark. Ok. Tried to tell relatives. They didn’t believe or understand, so I was on my own. Eventually I stopped crying, screaming, and being petrified. I got use to it. They didn’t hurt me or anything; as much as stalked and curiously watched/claimed me as some sort of human pet.

    I got older and learned to ignore them. I became passive. (not really) Eventually I tuned them out…or at least tried to, and buried my recognition deep. It came back, but I became aware of them differently. It became less terror and more fascinating. During my pre-teens it was magical. I had spirits around protecting and entertaining me. They tried to speak w/ me in a way that I understood. To hear voices, my name being called, or sung was common. To be alone in a room, but not really alone wasn’t uncommon either. My abilities grew. I sensed things more, had OBE’s, levitated a few times, and etc…it was a charming time. Then my teens came and it just unraveled. The trust I had as a kid left and I tried to be more rational. I wanted to be normal. Faeries I realized weren’t always nice. Hell there dangerous and capricious. They can be malicious and still find crap funny. I think my rejection of myself and them caused insult. They were merciless during my teens. They bombarded me w/ psychic attacks from voices, to dreams, to full sightings. I could be doing dishes, or talking w/ a family member and see a lady in white walk insanely fast past a doorway. If I wanted to sleep that was a serious undertaking. Insomnia was a grateful thing then. Sleeping meant visions, dreams, paralysis, and being subject to the touch of a unknown woman who sighed and caressed me at night. She seemed to try and calm me, but it didn’t work. I’d come from work and my room felt abnormally still. Like the air froze. It felt like so many people were there in some other realm, and I’d interrupted. I remember dropping my bag, mechanically grabbing pj’s, and just leaving backwards before carefully shutting the door. Stuff like that sucked…
    So over the years nail biting, anxiety, and the fear of the dark have been the issue’s I’ve developed. Naps were followed by mysterious winds, whispering, being tapped until I woke up, or the occasional threat…”I’d make a divine corpse” one said as someone else brutally braided a length of hair physically I didn’t have.

    The only times I’ve ever lost control physically was in public, when I walked past this guy in a wheelchair who had a change cup. I just got paid. Coming out of the check cashing place I looked at him sort of and turned to walk away. Then all of a sudden it was like I hit a invisible wall. I froze, something had my shoulder, pulled me back, and turned me around. I was facing the man and he looked as surprised as me. lol
    My muscles had seized up and my movement was like a marionette’s. All wrong. I felt my arm go out to offer the man something, but the spirit felt it wasn’t enough. My hand strangely dove into my purse just grabbing whatever it found and stretched out dumping it into the cup. The man was bug eyed, and I was slightly panicking. To not look crazy I didn’t fight it. Just let it happen. Then I ended up smiling at him (sincerely) and the spirit made me bow to him. Disjointed and crap, it raised me up and we walked away. The whole time it had a grip on my shoulder and it’s arm around me. I must’ve looked insane. lol It left me eventually and I felt sooo much lighter. I literally sped walked home. Thinking about it later I felt ashamed…it made me give money, instead of me offering it freely. I felt that was a lesson. Has anyone else went through this? Or at least anything close?

    What I loved you pointed out though was that psychics have to have a strong sense of self. That is the truth. To be unanchored at times requires maneuverability, and the belief you’ll be fine. You have to bring yourself back from certain depths. In order to do that one’s mind has to be clear and strong. I’ve learned so far that I have a very disciplined and strong will. No matter what goes down I can pick myself up, and go on w/o any troubles. People in general depend on the authorities to know what’s best for them. I have to know what’s best for me, and how I handle a situation. Especially since most of this is an inner battle, not an outer one. I may not be disciplined about my life in general, but psychic discipline is something I’m building everyday. I want to be able to stand in the eye of the storm w/o a ruffle and come out whole. Thanks for the article.

  52. Andrè M. Pietroschek
    July 29, 2014

    I don’t know, if “psychic abilities” are anything more than glorified intuition. From reading this though I get the impression that those who suffer any mental disorder should stay away from such topics, and the drug-addicted false friends running rampant there. Getting back to health should be more important than any “paranormal bullshit”, as that health part matters in reality, and for the security of us fellow humans. While I wrote this “Medium” was running on TV, and I don’t need to graduate in psychology, or psychiatry, to see another example-psychic who neglects her children, is an abusive personality to her husband, and a pest to anybody else. Real psychics are never narcissist, as that is extrovert, where psychics are introvert. Schizophrenia, as a topic, is often giving me the impression that it is not properly analyzed & defined. A sad thing, as it is 2014, and I know such shallow blabbing about it since 1994.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 30, 2017

      If you don’t know that’s ok.
      Sometime you have to experience things firsthand.
      The problem here is that “mental disorder” is so badly defined as well.

      I disagree that people should stay away from “psychic topics” no matter what.
      You are psychic, so please don’t go away from yourself!

      If you try to repair a “mental disorder” with a screwdriver, it ain’t going to be fixed.

      My point is that the solution to “mental” issues is primarily through “spiritual” changes. I’m not talking religion here. I am not religious. I am spiritual. And I’m not converting anyone to anything.

      Point is: Unless you truly know what you are, you can’t fix yourself.

      So if your fundamental problem is that you are chronically unhappy, then changing what is bothering you as spirit to what spirit needs will have immediate ramifications on how you feel (more positive) and all the side effects including self healing of you body.

      If you are negative: Your body suffers/diseases. Your body is damaged all the time.
      If you are positive: Your body is repaired all the time.

      My point: It is that you should get into psychic stuff (not go away from it) because we are spirit and spirit is psychic – it is who we are.

      Society has damaged us quite badly in this regard. It is a very mechanistic society. Drugs and surgery.

      So when you realize you have the power to heal yourself, that is the proper path to mediate most mental issues!

      I’ll repeat in another way: It is you that needs fixing and you is spirit. So spirit needs fixing and spirit is endowed with psychic abilities including self healing.

      So psychic ability is the only way to properly fix most mental issues.

      You don’t have to know how this works.

      With the correct positive belief that your body will be healed, it will be.

      Just believe what I have just wrote, and you will be healed.

      Ron Lentjes

  53. adelle
    July 24, 2014

    Hi Craig. i was just wondering if you have looked into any research on bloodtypes. Would it be possible that phsycic ability can be manifested by childhood trauma. If bloodtype is a factor in this ability would this be the real reason for the newborn heel prick to determine who is hand picked and subsiceuntley handled through out life. To know of a persons ability at birth and then mis informing those individuals through out life is a violation of all human rights. To live a life were your emotions are constantley toyed with and minipulated for purpouses unknown to the individual is a form if abuse. How does the individuals deal with this.

    • craigweiler
      July 24, 2014

      Hi Adelle,
      I’m sorry to say that I am not familiar with research into blood types and personality.

      For whatever it’s worth, I’m an O negative, the universal donor. Yes, I did give blood for a number of years.

  54. Anonymous
    July 22, 2014

    Hello Craig

    Could i ask how it is you know that a psychic cannot become schizophrenic? and also, whether you think a schizophrenic can become psychic?

    I should say that I am diagnosed wtih schiz-affective disorder and since i found a medication that works brilliantly by preventing my brain from over producing a chemical called dopamine, i believe i have found that i am a tad psychic, but also medium. I may not be the most brilliant psychic and medium that existed but i do definitely believe that i am able.

    i will say here that i have taken a step back from doing psychic and spirit readings as i am questioning on whether it might upset the chemical balance in my brain, since having the odd wobbly patch here and there. i feel this is best practice for now until i have researched this subject area more thoroughly, hence me finding your blog.

    also Craig, i was once told by a professional medium that she had been part of a scientific experiment where they tested the level of dopamine in her brain before and after a spirit reading. it was found that her dopamine levels were higher after reading. this might suggest that we produce more dopamine when our minds work in certain ways like this. which is interesting because my psychiatrist also told me that when they tested people with schizophrenia, it was generally found that they had higher than normal levels of dopamine in their brains.

    i am very lucky that the med. i take sorts out most, if not all of my schiz symptoms most of the time.

    i have heard that people with mental health issues cant be psychic or that spirit will not work with these people. i have also read that some think its dangerous to try. one lady thinks its very unethical and bad practice to ever teach a schizophrenic person reading techniques etc. i have to say that i understand this for some people. but as you can imagine, i also find it frustrating that us schizophrenics are spoken about as though we are all the same person, in that it is not noted that we are all individuals, that is to say for example, that at least one of us is indeed psychic as well as medium. the other frustraing thing for me personally is that people automatically assume that my beliefs in my psychic/medium ability is a symptom of my illness and that i must be away with the fairies.

    oh yes, it is a lonely planet indeed.

    so i would appreciate your reply to my questions at the top of these my comments.

    thanks in advance.

    • craigweiler
      July 22, 2014

      Thanks for sharing that bit about your life. I hope that others find it useful and informative. I’m especially glad that you’ve found meds that work for you. Not everyone is so fortunate.

      When I write about the various connections that psi has to mental disorders, there is a lot that isn’t known and the connections themselves aren’t well understood. The most I can do is speculate and I do make it clear in my posts that this is what I am doing. That is my answer to your questions.

      There is however, quite a bit that is known about schizophrenia. It’s not a mental health issue like depression, that can often be traced to external factors, but rather people are born being “at risk.” Far more men develop schizophrenia than women.

      • jennyrenne
        July 22, 2014

        hi Craig, I am the person that you are replying to. As you can see, I now have a name 🙂 Thank you for your reply. its very much appreciated.

        I read the report of a study that was made of people that have schizophrenia and it concluded that there is a much higher incidence of child sexual abuse during their childhoods, than average. i should also say that there is some contention around this subject, and that not everyone would agree with this conclusion. however it does seem to be fairly widely thought that childhood trauma can be a factor in determining whether you will go on to develop an illness like schiz later in life. – i thought i would mention this as i think its important in relation to your above comment about people being born ‘at risk’.

        it is well known that if you have suffered child abuse, then you are at higher risk of mental health illness later on in life. it may well be (likely) that schizophrenia is no different

        i dont understand how you can be born at risk. i think its more likely, as is the thinking in some camps, that other influences beyond our control as we are growing up are more likely to make us at risk. Craig i would be very grateful if you could back up your claim about people being BORN more at risk of developing schiz. by posting a link to the study/report etc. where this is explained. i have to say i find it very hard to imagine how this can be proved or what evidence can possibly be produced to back this up as fact. i imagine that its not actually fact, but merely a theory.

        i think its also very very important to point out that there are very few mental health ‘labels’ for a great many people. its not surprising then that we think, feel, react, and behave very differently to eachother to different stimuli and different meds despite having the same label. for example, it is quite clear that just like some depressed people, that some schizophrenic people just need the levels of a chemcial adjusted in their brain to become well again. just as clinical depression is treated by adjusting a different set of chemicals. so when you say that depression is down to external factors, this is not actually always the case…… since there is a type of depression that is purely down to brain chemicals.

        to me, it seems obvious that some schiz people just need the level of a chemical occurring in their brain adjusted, to feel well, whereas this kind of treatment is useless to another person with exactly the same label. this implies to me that we are actually dealing with very different conditions with the same label.

        hmmm you mention a lot is known about schizophrenia, it actually appears to me that most people know very little about it….. you may know 100 schizophrenic people, but that certainly does not mean you know them all or know all about schizophrenia. the chances are you will not know the schizophrenic people like myself, or rather you won’t know that they are schizophrenic in the first place because they appear and ARE in fact very very normal. so normal, you could never tell.

        thanks once again for your reply and BRAVO for posting this article Craig. i’m glad this is being talked about. cheers.

        • jennyrenne
          July 22, 2014

          in a nutshell, lol, (after brining all sorts of stuff into the discussion that might not immediately seem relevant to your article craig) i spose the reason i am contributing all of this is, is that because of the expereinces i have described, i am actually of the opinion that you can be schizophrenice and psychic too. in fact, you can also be both schizophrenic and clairvoyant as well.

          hmmm i could prattle away for ages on this one lol

          but instead of taking over the whole comments board, i will get myself some shut eye as i have work in the morning…..

          btw Craig, just to add, i re-read your reply and see that you were not saying that all depression is down to external factors, only some. apologies if i have not taken in your reply as fully as i should have in my haste to comment myself.

    • elizabethfaraone
      July 22, 2014

      This is an important documentary on schizophrenia and treatment:

  55. Ryan
    February 26, 2014

    I see a strange correlation between mood and technology. Society has advanced its technology to the point where the weaker minded individual cannot handle it. What I have observed in people whom tend to indulge in modern technology for the purpose of social media share a common trait; depression. Here’s how this works.

    A new generation (referred to as generation z I believe) was formed around 2000. This era was the most revolutionary time in all of history in terms of technological advancement. People can’t even see the blatant truth in front of them, that their lives have been transformed without them even realizing it. How can they not realize that their life has been altered? Simple: humans adapt. We have adapted to a new form of communication; the cellular telephone. In this new generation, the cell phone was introduced at a time which we were still developing. We were developing to current standards based off of what our parents experienced. Essentially many people are connected to a web that becomes their own reality. Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging are their world. Their perspective of what a friend is is different from older people because older people embraced face to face conversation. This new generation is a transitional one; not progressive, the opposite. Actually, who knows where we are headed to?

    We have lost cultural norms and values because technology allows us to perform tasks that were once done by hand. Perhaps it is this absence of culture in an individual that spawns feelings of emptiness associated with depression. The cure for our society’s depression is so simple that it is shocking.

    We turned to our phones to experience something new, technology that never existed before. Pretty soon we adapt to it and it becomes our universal way of functioning. As a result our social skills are potentially absent or weak, which isolates an individual from others. The need for acceptance is not filled, therefore causing depressive symptoms. If we can redirect people’s perspectives of their place in the world through the usage of modern technology we can and depression and other similar disorders.

    • Elizabeth Faraone
      February 27, 2014

      Depression existed long before technology advanced so quickly. It is the inability to appreciate the beauty in life because the ugliness overwhelms the soul. Sometimes it lasts for a short time and sometimes it lasts for very longer periods of time. I don’t judge it. I have always loved technology, although I realize that we have to learn to be careful with it. For example, many scientists were opposed to the creation of nuclear power plants, clearly understanding their danger. So there is a balance that needs to come into place and it will take maturity and a lack of greed to get us there. I can live with the internet and I can live without the internet. But I certainly enjoy it. It has added so much to my life. I love being able to expand my collection of music. Before the internet, it took forever for me to find music that I loved. I love being able to google information. Recipes, how to care for my cats, how to treat basic illnesses, the latest in treatments for Hepatitis C, keeping in easy contact with friends I’ve made overseas, checking daily to see where my favorite art works are being displayed and where my favorite musicians are playing. All of this being said, know that I have reveled in living without technology. I lived on the beach in Tulum in a palapa made of sticks and grass with very little protection from the elements and with no electricity and no running water. It was a delight. But so is waking up in the morning and speaking with friends who live far away and who I met via the internet. And I love making YouTube videos:

  56. Barney Holmes
    February 3, 2014

    Kind of surprised to find this sort of article on this kind of blog. To me corrupt psychiatry (I think there is a form of rational, benevolent psychiatry) are almost identical to the corrupt monks and Spanish Inquisition in the film “The Name of the Rose” (Sean Connery, based on the Umberto Eco novel). In the film the corrupt head monk rails against various evils, then we find that he secretly reads books about these “unholy subjects” in his secret library, The Tower (psychiatrists reading “occult” books?). He even poisons the pages to kill younger monks who he is manipulating with privileged access to that knowledge. Prozac ? ( ref: ). I have seen very dark things going on in the Psychiatric system. It’s a cult of violence and glorifies cruelty – drugs designed to destroy, electroshock “therapy”. Many psychiatrists are straight out of Babylon 5 – Psi Cop ! When I was suffering from serious trauma from being in an abusive relationship I was in serious pain and needed help and understanding. Instead my pain was pathologised into a disease, and my abuser was left to get away with it. I met other people in this position.

    “That is to say, a psychic person who has complete disregard for authority and follows their own path, paying no attention to the counsel of others will be far less likely to cave into any fears that might start developing.”

    You talk of authority and yet you seem to exhibit the same worship of Psychiatrists as “Gods of reality”. It was Terrence McKenna who said it best. When Science can’t explain something they dump it in the Psychiatry field never to be seen again. More so, not all authority is bad. There is something called a Good authority …. good policemen, judges or a fair boss at work. I think we need to pay attention to the counsel of others, but I think I see what you are getting at … the oft heard one in the face of inexplicable phenomena … “he’s going round the bend” .. not helpful !

    So, I wonder if you have looked very deeply into this field ? What I found is a psychiatry used for political and ideological purposes. I was campaigning with a human rights organisation until I found that they were a front for Scientology. Scientology appears to have been set up by the pharmaceutical companies, and by the Science Cult, or Scientism (ideological science) to deflect criticism from the pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry. Psychiatry is used to control people who they think might draw attention to the abuses in the name of Science. Animal experimentation, and human experimentation .. remember MkUltra ? Humans are experimented on in psychiatric institutions .. I’ve seen it first hand.

    But of course none of what I’m saying can be true, because I’ve had contact with Psychiatry and so “I must have a mental illness”. This is exactly what they used to do to dissidents in the former Soviet Union. I’m not sure you realise how deceptive and corrupted this area is. However, saying that, there are psychiatrists out there with their heads a bit more screwed on.

    • Elizabeth Faraone
      February 3, 2014

      Hi, Barney.

      I agree with most of what you say. But I think scientology is separate from the pharmaceutical companies. Scientology is an extremely destructive cult that preys on people by acknowledging certain truths and then totally perverting those truths. Alex Jones is another creep who operates in the same manner. Right wingers do this too.

      I majored in psychology when I first entered college in 1980 and was very disappointed with the field. It seemed shallow and didn’t recognize that the corruption of a society had an impact on a person’s discomfort and pain. But I did have one reasonable teacher who had us read the book, “Schizophrenia: Mental Diagnosis or Moral Verdict.” Although I do think much of mental illness can be biochemical or physical in nature, I also think that those who go up against a corrupt society can be easily diagnosed by inept psychiatrists and psychologists as mentally ill and lacking in intelligence. Most doctors, in general, have superiority complexes.

      “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

      • Barney Holmes
        February 3, 2014

        Wow Elizabeth ! Just the direction my thinking was moving toward. I have references to research that shows that the “diagnosis” of so called Schizophrenia has been shown to be almost non-existent in tribal societies that were studied. This appears to be due to, on the most part, lack of cruel and deceptive behaviour. I have been getting many examples recently of deceptive behaviour. For example, internet bullying. I had one example recently. At the video game sites I frequent some people give out what I suspect to be deliberately deceptive information about some video games on the PC. This led me to doing stressful technical procedures that turned out to be completely unnecessary. This is only one example of this kind of thing. There are other examples that I’m sure I’ve never identified. As Weiler identifies, our subconscious can pick up on these factors that the conscious, intellectual mind cannot always identify. The bad feeling that warns us. I think Weiler is right about psychic activity being the ability to access that information, or at least see the feelings as real and act upon them.

        Now Scientology. I started to take seriously connections between Scientology, Psychiatry and the pharmaceutical companies when I discovered information in the book “Storming Heaven, LSD and the American Dream” (Jay Stevens). Did you know that Hubbard funded studies by Psychiatrists ? He was also a very rich man by the sound of it. I know this alone does not prove the connection, but I’ve seen lots of other evidence. I do not believe that Scientology is “anti-psychiatry”. It’s all very convenient, and the number of times I have seen claims of someone being a Scientologist block discussion of these issues. There is a lot of money to be made in pharmaceuticals and I would not put it past some of these industrialist and marketing men to have set up mechanisms to discredit campaigners.

        Right wingers. Left wingers do it as well. But I guess it depends on where your politics is.

        Some of society is corrupt. Some of society is sick, but I’m not sure if it’s profoundly sick as Jiddu Krishnamurti says. Reich called it the emotional plague, but there are many well adjusted people out there.

        • Elizabeth Faraone
          February 3, 2014

          A perfect example of abusive behavior and the support of abusive behavior is the murder of Trayvon Martin. I played close attention to the case, including information that didn’t come out in the trial that should have come out and could have legally been presented. I watched as the defense shopped for a jury, chose undereducated, racist women who he could “school,” tired out the jury, presented “witnesses” that “experts” that were neither and had a history of violence (both legal and illegal), provoked, before and during the trial, the key witness who was on the phone with Trayvon moments before his murder, and discredited her by committing fraud. And during the trial and during deliberations, there was jury tampering. And to watch the MSM justify it all. We’ll see if the Department of Justice does anything about it. It is within their power. This is one of the aspects of our society that make it profoundly sick.

          • Barney Holmes
            February 4, 2014

            Sounds like a lot of bad thinking and knee jerk reactions from both sides. This is exactly the inability to think that is encouraged by the “skeptics”, and the more naive psychic groups, although the better one’s in those groups actually promote genuine critical thinking skills (rules of logic, logical fallacies and so forth). I refuse to polarise. I take both sides, and neither side.

            • Elizabeth Faraone
              February 4, 2014

              Although I have compassion for George Zimmerman because he was abused as a child in many forms and fashions (and his brother sexually abused him), and although I don’t believe in punishments for crime, but therapy and compassion instead, it is clear to me that George went out hunting for Trayvon Martin, who he knew of beforehand, and spun a web of deceit to get certain people to support him. George continues to abuse those around him. Yes, if Trayvon had submitted to George, his death would not have occurred. Oftentimes, we have to submit to those who wish to dominate us in order to get through a certain situation. But I don’t blame Trayvon. It is clear to me that George approached him and drew his gun immediately. The fight ensued because Trayvon was afraid (he was a teenager being unjustly pursued by a violent man hopped up on drugs and alcohol – and Trayvon fought for his life. If he had just let George hold the gun on him and said, “How can I help you?” it would have calmed George and jarred him from his delusions. I’ve done this many times when violence breaks out. I truly feel like I want to help the other person, no matter how big his transgressions. I have no fear. George Zimmerman is a profoundly sick man. Many can’t see that because he appears “well adjusted” and is able to manipulate a profoundly sick society. We won’t discuss the racism aspect of the case. That usually goes over the heads of many non-black people and black people who have been corrupted. I say all of this not in anger, but in truth. I feel no anger about all of this. Only compassion for a profoundly sick society. How can I be angry when, ultimately, those who harm others are harming themselves.

              • Elizabeth Faraone
                February 4, 2014

                P.S. I’ve always been comfortable with my psychic abilities and I don’t have the ability to hear voices or see energy/spirits.

        • Elizabeth Faraone
          February 4, 2014

          I didn’t know that Hubbard funded studies. I was aware that the chairman of the Psychology Department at the college I went to in the early 80s was into EST. I think the connection between psychology, psychiatry and cults is an innocent one and has more to do with curiosity and naivete.

    • Matthew Sprinkle
      February 14, 2014

      ihave psychosis going on 4years …i live with it everyday voices non stop….voices tell me things i dont already know,definitions for example ive had flash visions on rare occasions of car accidents,people moving out n so forth…since the car accident alot has changed…i hear music as if i had headphones on….i can make up my own beats n so forth n its like i hear it outside myself…sometimes the music is so unreal,mind boggling…im into art ironically in the car accident i also developed tinnitus n ive always had ADD came across some info saying i could have hyperacusis as well but that hasnt been proven…im looking for answers u seem to have em if you have any questions feel free to add me to facebook….email is combatarmsinc use that to find me,names matt hope to hear from u l8s

  57. Heather Trabing
    January 9, 2014

    I am not sure if I am psychic but I definitely had a psychotic break about a year ago. I’m still having symptoms and I’m still on medication as of the past six months so and I”m really sad. I’ve gained 30 lbs, developed akathesia which is like a restlessless, and developed insomnia. When I was in psychosis I thought I was telepathic and I thought I could talk to spirits. I also thought that the spirits were teaching me about survival and how to live in a commune and all sorts of other things. I’m hoping once I get off of the medication I can learn to control my symptoms but who knows. I’m really scared and am contemplating suicide if I can’t live off medication within a year.
    Any thoughts other than dont commit suicide?

    • craigweiler
      January 9, 2014

      Hi Heather,
      All I can do is tell you what I know: We are stronger than we think we are. There is always a way to dig deeper and try harder even when we think we’re at our limit.

      Psychosis usually comes about as a result of stress from somewhere and it’s a coping mechanism. If you want to go without medication you’re going to have to learn to be tougher and face whatever it is that is causing your stress and work through it until you have confidence that you can confront your fears without getting overwhelmed. Once you believe that you can live with your fears without succumbing to them, you’ll have no need to retreat into psychosis. It’s all about managing your fear.

      Good luck to you.

    • EK
      January 12, 2014

      To Heather:

      I had a psychosis experience many years ago. I cannot speak for others but can speak for myself when I say that it is possible to overcome psychosis. Please do NOT give up. I survived my crisis. What did I do? Well, for awhile, I took medications and there were bad side effects of that but I kept going with the medications for awhile but then also I combined that with high dosage multivitamins and over time I tapered off the medications in order to avoid the bad side effects I was having— of note, the multivitamins I was taking were high dosage, for example, I was getting 300% and 500% or more of the daily RDA. [i.e. multivitamins that had all of the necessary vitamins and minerals]. ALSO in addition to taking multivitamins I took extra niacin supplements and I drank a lot of water, such as 8 glasses per day of distilled water (I did not drink tap water because at some places there is a metallic taste in the tap water and I surmised that the presence of even slight amounts of metal might be causing my nervous system to have problems). It is true that multivitamins include niacin but what I’m saying is that I took the multivitamins AND took additional niacin supplements. Please read the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer and it will explain everything. Guess what? I did all of this and over time the psychosis symptoms went away [it did not take long]. That was over 20 years ago. I have been free of bad psychosis/voices symptoms for over 20 years now. I completely healed. I have not taken medication for over 20 years. These days I just keep up a healthy routine and I take multivitamins like everybody else and that’s it. Of note, there have been periods of stress in my life and in fact I’m going through a stressful time now but thank God –there is no psychosis/there are no voices. Please do not give up. You can get through this. You can survive just like I did.

      Read this webpage: it describes the work of Dr. Abram Hoffer.

      Please note also that electrotherapy — i.e. the Cayce wet cell is also applicable to mental illness.

      True the Cayce readings are very heavy on concepts such as karma, etc. However, Cayce’s observations about the physical body/ his observations about the nervous system are quite accurate.

      Best wishes to you in your recovery. I am optimistic and I pray for you that you will recover just like I did.

    • Donald
      February 3, 2014

      Nothing that major has happened to me, although there is an uncontrollable fear when I attempt separating for astral projection. I can only suggest willpower. I hope you overcome this.

  58. Jake
    June 13, 2013


    My experiences of psychosis were intertwined with a latent sensitivity to “subtle” energy as well as other types of energy (including microwave and electromagnetic emissions). Having sorted out my issues of psychosis as being my inability to comprehend and contextualize the various signs of being psychic, coupled with early childhood truama. I have used medication and therapy to deal with the immediate onset of an increase in my sensitivities. I’ve also correlated that the “inner critic” and other such voices that create internal conflicts can be best addressed by a combination of anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and intense therapy (both individual and group). Once you “clear” out the confusion and resulting chaos that occurs as a result of failing to have a scientific framework to contextualize your psychic abilities, you begin to put the pieces together into a larger framework of what “reality” is based on.

    To all intense and purposes, those who are psychic are much more susceptible to destabilizing and misinterpreting reality.To some extent, there is a lot of psuedo-scientific explanations that don’t have any foundation. For instance some psychics try their best to interpret all kinds of phenomena using gnosis rather than the scientific method. It’s typically very hard, since psychic experiences don’t lend themselves easily to analysis. However there are some tools and methods that do point in a general direction (such as dowsing tools). The problem is people go off on tangents and end up leaning towards the idea of possession, evil spirits, etc., when in fact there are very clear indications that a person is having a “flashback” and somatically experiencing a ptate of psychosis that regresses them back to an earlier experience that may or may not be a memory they can connect with. It may even have been vicarious traumatization, making it that much harder to figure out “all your relations” and connections to the underlying cause of your “voices” and energetic blockages.

    Religion is no better at helping psychics who face internal “voices” from discerning what is real. One has to just pick up the Bible to go completely off the deep end with all the crazy stuff that can be misinterpreted from that book. There are many stories of possession and the like in there, and trying to read the Book of Revelations while in a “flashback” will just make things completely confusing.

    Generally speaking, having somebody tell you that you just need to pray and put your faith in Jesus, Budha, Baha’u’llah or some other representative of God won’t make you more “sane”. You could literally believe in aliens and abductions and it wouldn’t help you overcome the confusion that comes from not being able to tell what is real and what is not, especially when you feel you are the only one hearing the messages (hidden or otherwise) that are coming at you from your own psyche.

    A coherent, universal foundation for all reality does exist though. One that has helped me to contextualize all the various epistemologies of this fractured reality we call “modern” society.

    This reality is the Baha’i Faith. Sad to say, they haven’t gone around and offered their reality as a solution for schizophrenia, but I must say it does provide you with a grounding in a reality that claims to be “real”, above all the other interpretations (such a Christianity, Budhism, Islam, and the pseudo religious cults that are everywhere).

    However, that’s not the real issue. The real issue is that being psychic is not easy. Once you start dealing with all the various trauma’s and issues that you’ve accumulated throughout your life and develop a more aware “ego” that can differentiate between various realities, even while experiencing information or sensitivities that the majority of people don’t experience, you begin to piece together a more fluid and cohesive reality that encompasses the dichotomy of how our current reality that we live in a world that is totally “out of balancewith God’s laws, whilst realizing that you are also on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

    Psychic’s used to have a position in the fabric of a society that relied on them to foresee the future, bringing healing back to the tribe after a journey of self-discover. In today’s society “Shaman’s” are a dime a dozen though. Just watch Oprah Winfrey, and you’ll realize that everybody is putting out their “shingle” (ahem Dr. Phil), and trying to convince people to purchase their “solution” for all their troubles.

    Psychic abilities are real. They allow you to dowse for water, to use radionics equipment to create homeopathic treatments, or perhaps to heal somebody using your hands. You only have to pick up an Egely wheel from some online store to realize that we all have some telekinetic ability, and that it’s just a matter of developing it (like using Chi Kung meditation techniques). The bottom line is that psychic abilities aren’t very “functional” in a world that relies on your ability to use technology or serve customers.

    It can be useful if you develop it to the point where you can predict stock market flows, or perhaps predict lottery numbers. As we all know, unless theirs a practical use for it, it will continue to be a latent ability that surfaces every now and then for 0.3-0.7 of the populations (that’s the prevalence of schizophrenia in the population), and create havoc for those unfortunate and unable to stabilize.

    The key thing is that society lacks a unified theory of reality, and that fact along with a total lack of funding for researching the extent to which schizophrenics are psychic just makes the problem one big billion dollar windfall for the drug companies and the many psychiatrists who welcome the chance to diagnose yet another patient. It’s a bit of a big scam that won’t go away.

    In reading “PSI, Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain” by Sheila Ostrander & Lynn Schroeder, I’m reminded that the western view of mental illness relies solely on the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Illness). In doing so, the vary questions that they use to define schizophrenia are the vary ones that would be used to help define whether you were having a psychic experience.

    For instance, having healing hands, often related to Reiki and other such “subtle energy” healing, causes your hands to tingle. Also, you can sense or feel the energy of various objects. Not just in your hands, but often at the various Chakra centres, especially in your chest, throat and between your eyebrows.

    A psychiatrist trained in western medicine would diagnose your sensitivities as hallucinations. An accupuncturist or doctor of Chinese Medicine would tell you that you are able to sense “chi” (or Qi).

    Which one is telling the truth?

    Well…it get’s complicated when you say that you are also hearing “voices” in your head that you believe link you telepathically with other human beings.

    So, the answer is yes and yes. Yes, you are having a psychotic episode, and yes you are also trying to understand that you are a psychic. Very often the two go hand in hand. But without a cohesive and integrated view of what all the phenomena you are experiencing are related to, you simply star making “assumptions” that you are telepathic, when the reality is that your mind internalize many different experience and memories (some somatically and other fractured from trauma) and then formed an internal voice (see Hal Stone – Embracing ourselves), or voices, and it is now your “shamanic” duty to interact and confront all these emergent conflicts.

    It’s sounds better when I say that you are literally thrown into this world, injest a whole bunch of stuff, and then one day have to have a crisis in order to work out what you injested. And in the presence of being psychic, it’s a very difficult task to accomplish. Surviving schizophrenia is one thing, but we have no tribe to bring our story back to in order to heal. The hard one knowledge of how to stay grounded and deal with these breaks doesn’t get honoured in the same way that for instance cancer survivors are honored and respected in society.

    Now, onto the question of whether or not western thought has the “right” view on the issue of schizophrenia. The west prides itself on having invented drugs to help people with schizophenia “function” in society. As with everything, it’s very short sighted and focused on results, rather than on truly looking at quality of life outcomes. A person who’s so doped up on Seroquel, Risperidone, Halidol, or some other such anti-depressant/anti-psychotic doesn’t really mean that we have “healed” the people who suffer with this mental illness. It’s just a way to manage their symptoms. The problem is that they medications themselves have so many side effects that we really can’t expect many of them to function well. It’s like creating a zombie. What use do they have to society when they can’t even get out of bed because the med’s make them so tired all the time. Might as well go back to lobotomizing (which by the way wasn’t that long ago…wink wink).

    Anyways….the reality is that very few people will be able to extract themselves from the medical industrial complex that matches and dispatches people along the drug companies well articulated “pathways of care” towards rehabilitation. I mean, how many Psychiatrist really sit down and talk to their patients. An what new “amazingly effective” models of care have they come up with for counselling people who are confused. CBT, Gestalt, Narrative, Satir Family Therapy, Somatic, Solution Focused….all these have been proven by research to be no better than just leaving the person alone. So what solutions does medical science currently have to help a latent psychic person who periodically experiences psychosis coupled with psychic sensitivities?

    Well, the answer is very little. But, what we do know is that medication will temporarily solve one problem. Stabilization. And therapy can help clear out the crap from the past and focus on rehabilitating all the trauma from the experience.

    In summary and to help you understand more fully the dilemma that we face, I’ve chosen to include the key questions used by Psychiatrist to define whether you are experiencing a psychotic break (These come from the “Interview Guide for Evaluating DSM-IV Psychiatric Disorders and the Mental Status Examination” by Dr. Mark Zimmerman).

    It’s important to note that for several of the questions, especially the one’s on hallucinations, you would not be able to differentiate between a psychic and schizophrenic, especially if they couldn’t figure out what they were experiencing.

    I very much doubt that drug companies would want those questions changed to things like: Have you ever experienced a tingling in your hands when you put your hands over somebody? Followed by an analysis with a spectrometer or some other scientific device to find out if they possessed healing hands (ironically called “Therapuetic Touch” by nurses in hospitals).

    We have a long way to go before the medical community, and specifically the College of Physicians, and the more importantly the curriculum in local universities where doctors study is changed to include information about psychic phenonmena.

    I’ll close with one caviat. I was in a Psychiatrist’s office not long ago, and I explained my history of trauma…and his response was that I had “false memories”. Amazing that a man can study at school for 10 years, get a degree to practice medicine. Diagnose people, and yet still have such idiotic ideas about how trauma effects the brain. 🙂

    And now here is the information about schizophrenia in the West:

    Please note that the DSM-IV defines schizophrenia as only needing two of the following features for at least one month: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized or catatonic behaviour, and negative symptoms. Only one of these features is required if the delusions are bizarre, OR if there are auditory hallucinations consisting of a voice keeping a running commentary on the person’s behaviour or thoughts, OR two or more voices conversing with each other. Here are the various questions that are asked in each category:


    Delusions of reference:

    When watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading the paper do you notice that they are referring to you, or that there are special messages intended specifically for you? IF YES: What have you noticed?

    Does it seem like strangers on the street are taking special notice of you or talking about you? IF YES: Is it a feeling you have, or are you pretty sure that they are talking about/referring to you? IF PRETTY SURE: How do you know?

    Do things seem especially arranged for you? IF YES: In what way?

    Delusions of persecution:

    Is anybody against you, following you, giving you a hard time, or trying to hurt you? IF YES: Tell me about that

    Do you feel like there’s a plot to hurt you? IF YES: Who’s involved? Why would they want to hurt you?

    Thought broadcasting

    Do you ever think of something so strongly that people could hear your thoughts? IF YES: So, people can hear what you are thinking even when you’re not talking? How do you know?

    Delusions of mind reading:

    Are people able to read your mind and know what you’re thinking? IF YES: How can you do this? Can anyone do it, or just some people? Who? Do they literally read your thoughts, or do they read you facial expression to know what you’re thinking?

    Thought withdrawal:

    Are your thoughts ever taken out of your head? IF DOESN’T UNDERSTAND QUESTION: Does someone or some force reach into your head and steal or remove your thoughts? IF YES TO EITHER QUESTION: Tell me about it.

    Thought insertion:

    Are there ever thoughts in your head that have been put in there from the outside? IF YES: Tell me about it. (I’m not referring to talking to someone who makes a suggestion or gives you advice. Instead I’m referring to thoughts getting inserted into your head from the outside. Does this every happen?)

    Delusions of guilt:

    Do you think you’ve done something terrible and deserve to be punished? IF YES: I know it will be hard to talk about, but what do you feel so guilty about?

    Do you blame yourself for bad things going on in the world like wars, crime, starvation, etc?

    Delusions of grandiosity:

    What was your self-esteem like during this time?

    Did you feel more self-confident that usual?

    Did you think you had special talents, abilities, or powers? IF YES: Like what?

    When some people feel [HIGH, EUPHORIC, etc] they may think they’re going to become famous or do great things. Did you have any thoughts like that? IF YES: Like what?

    Delusion of control:

    Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being controlled by some force or power from the outside? IF YES: What’s that like? At times does it seem like you’re not in control of your body, almost like you’re a puppet and something from the outside pulls the strings? IF YES: So, at times your body does certain things without your willing it? IF YES: If I asked you to raise your hand or stand up now would you be able to do it? IF NO: Why is that? IF YES: So, you’re in control of your actions? Are you always in control?

    Somatic delusion:

    Are you concerned that you have a serious physical illness that a doctor hasn’t found, or that something is wrong with your body? IF YES: What do you think is wrong? Why do you think that? Are you sure?


    Visual hallucinations:

    Have you seen visions or other things that other people didn’t see? IF YES: What did you see? What time of the day did this occur? How long ago did it start? Do you see it every day? How often do you see it?

    Auditory hallucinations:

    Have you heard noises, or sounds, or voices that other people didn’t hear? IF YES: What did you hear? Do the voices seem to come from inside or outside your head? IF INSIDE: But you hear it with your ears? How many voices do you hear? Are they male or female? Do you recognize them? Do you ever hear two or more voices talking to each other? How long ago did the voices start? Do you hear them every day? How often during the day do you hear them? Do they influence your behaviour? Do they tell you to do things? Do the voices ever talk about what you’re doing or thinking? IF YES: Do they ever keep up a running commentary on what you’re doing or thinking just like a sports announcer describes a ballgame?

    Tactile hallucinations:

    Do you ever notice strange sensations in your body or on your skin?

    Do you ever feel something creeping or crawling on your body, or something push or punch you but no one is there? IF YES: Like what? When did it happen the first time? How often has it happened?

    Olfactory and gustatory hallucinations:

    What about smells that other people don’t notice, or strange tastes in your mouth? IF YES: Like what? When did it happen the first time? How often has it happened? Are they associated with any other physical symptoms like an upset stomach, numbness, tingling, or brief memory loss? IF YES: Tell me about that.


    Please note I wrote this without proofreading, so please bear with me

    Enjoy! 🙂

    • Anonymous
      September 27, 2013

      This information was so helpful. I appreciate it 🙂 Thanks!

      • ann
        October 4, 2014

        what if your deaf and do no know how to deal with these things and the med puts on 170 pounds brest grow from 38 to dddk and you got to have your meds .

        • ann
          October 4, 2014

          Ann some qutston what if your deaf and can not understand.the voices and you cry the voives get so load its alfew being deaf and hearing thes seeing showders go by before my meds it was jesus and he was 777 to my i used that but still saw demons angels but i closed pretend windows to keep the mean demons from my family

    • Elizabeth Faraone
      February 3, 2014

      I want you as my therapist. LOL

  59. Mel B.
    April 4, 2013

    I have a history of severe trauma. I also have experiences that I have been told are psychic. However, a recent PTSD experience has me questioning whether what has been described as psychic might actually be psychosis/dissociation. Thoughts?

    • craigweiler
      April 5, 2013

      In a nutshell, I don’t have enough information.

      In general, psychic information is generally meaningful and often useful.

      • chamile rose
        April 20, 2014

        i don’t know if you still respond to this site but i must say the information is profound and true i found this site searching for answer to questions i had to learn to ask well as searching for questions to the answers i have unlocked through my own experiences.

        • craigweiler
          April 20, 2014

          I try to respond as much as I can. Much of the stuff about psychics is years old at this point, but still searched regularly. These days you will find my blog full of articles about the ongoing battle for legitimacy. And that starts with scientific legitimacy. So I write a lot about science in order to bring people up to speed in that area.

  60. Kerry Ann Jacobs
    January 12, 2013

    Hi there – I can talk on a related topic. I believe that I was psychic at first but was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have written a book about it which you might be interested in called “From Psychic to Psychotic and Beyond” which can be accessed through my website at:


    Kerry Ann Jacobs

  61. Jon P. Stone
    November 27, 2012

    This is a very well written and well sourced article. I think, based on actual research, there is a more subtle link to ‘situational psychosis’ and psychic experience. Now, science has extremely well documented pre-cognition data, and peer reviewed data indicating ‘true psychics’ can affect reality in a testable, verifiable, and repeatable manner.

    Fortunately, recent discovery and verification of the boson-higgs particle, that imparts mass to surrounding particles via a quantum field energy, at rates beyond light speed begins to highlight the physics of interaction between conscious energy and the universe surrounding consciousness.

    Yes, this is a very complex topic, but a necessary discussion when talking about valid and verifiable psychic experience. Another verifiable psychic experience is existence of plasma orbs, often viewed and documented by numbers of researchers and recorded by video and EM sensors, or strain gages etc.

    With this in mind, a discussion of temporary ‘psychosis’ related to psychic experience is easier to grasp. Individuals that experience true psychic phenomena have a tendency to get disoriented, if not solidly grounded in a metaphysical sense. Such an experience can get an individual to question their own sanity, and an inexperienced psychologist with limited knowledge on how to validate psychic versus psychotic episodes can exacerbate the confusion of psychic recognition, and may aid in problem formation by miss prescribing medication to treat the ‘symptom’ versus addressing the cause. This is not a one way street either, on the other hand, a psychotic may at the surface seem quite convincing in appearing like a psychic, but there is a difference, and this article does address this distinction. One of the problems is in the psychic receiver consciousness, are such individuals receiving a psychic message or are they believing their own thoughts are real? This is quite a seeming dilemma until ‘ground truthing’ the actual experience which then fetters out the composite reality from fancy of the mind.

    What is good in this psychological exercise (ground truthing the experience), in addition to identifying a psychic versus psychotic episode, is to calm the mind of a truly gifted psychic and subsequently helping them differentiate between a reasonable pre-cognition from an irrational thought or ‘what-if’ thinking resulting in an adrenaline reaction. In this manner a psychologist can reduce symptoms of neurosis, and help a real psychic find relaxed, constructive, and useful outlets for their cognitive gift, one that may help serve society at large.

    This discussion I think may help to define the cognitive landscape for distinguishing a psychic experience, while acknowledging that psychosis and other mental illnesses can seemingly co-exist or cross-over into a pre-cognitive environment.

    One of the other reasons such testing can be of importance to a psychologist is to not ‘freak out’ when encountering a real psychic phenomena while attempting to help a person who has a psychic gift. For example, I know of one case, in which a psychologist took on a patient who had the seeming power to manifest psychokinesis (PK). However, the patient had little control over that phenomena of sub-consciousness expression, and had an eerie tendency to disassemble objects in a room when stressed. When books started flying off shelves (seemingly by their own energy), and water started splashing over an aquarium, the poor junior psychologist thought (wrongly) they were having a joint hallucination, and sought out a mentor for guidance. Fortunately, the senior psychiatrist had himself seen a few things in his day, so was able to test and verify the PK as an actual psychic phenomena by employing a number of researchers to verify the physical nature of the PK, and without himself jumping to conclusions.

    Why write such a diatribe about this article, because in doing research into psychic phenomena, I have encountered an orthodox mindset, in some of more generalized psychological disciplines, that tends to focus’s on institutionalized denial, followed by a regime of treatment protocols that exert considerable energy on a subject’s behavior to conform to standardized social norms, versus testing for validation of the condition, either psychic or psychotic.

    In my view constraining consciousness is a form of repression to treat symptoms versus getting to the bottom of the issue, and this hinders healthy recovery of some normal but gifted individuals, and shows a lack of thoughtful support for persons in need of help. Let’s face it, this article quite well points out that persons with various levels of mental illness can function in society, so part of our job is to help people adjust, and that transaction requires a bit of adjustment on our side of the fence as helpers.

    I really think you should publish a book on this subject, I for one, would love to add a new authoritative work on this topic.

    • Anonymous
      February 18, 2013

      Hello I am beginning to believe that my brother is having a psychotic break in the wake of psychic abilities. he is coming into early adulthood, 20 to be exact and isn’t coping very well with what he calls the “real world”. My mother is very well known to be a psychic and has many precognitive visions/ dreams as well as being confronted by “spirits” as you call them as soon as she lets her guard down. I have precognitive tendencies as well as, every once in a while, confrontations or interactions with manifestations. I am currently very worried about him. He openly speaks to people who aren’t there and continuously raves about our false worlds and how nobody can see the light as he does. I am really hoping for advice. His perceptions are really putting a strain on our family, and sometimes friends. My husband believes he should be medicated even though I have claimed to see his best friend who had passed visiting him, he has never mentioned medication on my behalf. I would really appreciate any advice that could possibly help deal with this situation. I am truly worried for the safety of my brother.

      • craigweiler
        February 19, 2013

        What you’re describing is typical of schizophrenia. (My uncle has it.) It typically starts showing up in men about the age of your brother. He needs a psychiatrist to evaluate him properly; it’s not something I can do over the internet.

        Bear in mind this doesn’t mean that he is living in a fantasy land. Some of what he is experiencing may indeed be another part of our reality, as you were able to verify. Many people have speculated that the veil between the worlds is thinner for schizophrenics.

        However, that does him no good if he cannot properly differentiate between these worlds. Coping with the ordinary world is always our first priority, and if he cannot do this, then he needs help. If he does have schizophrenia, the medicine helps a great deal. I am very sensitive to over medicating people, particularly for mental problems, but schizophrenics are really helped in this way.

        If you are dead set against this, then you can try psychic healing, which has been clinically shown to be effective in a wide number of areas. But he has to come back again and again for sessions and he may resist this. The other world has great appeal (no responsibility) while the ordinary one can be hard and frustrating (being held accountable). He may not want to give up the bliss.

        In any case, he needs help and the sooner this happens the better.

        Good luck,

        • Anonymous
          February 19, 2013

          I really appreciate your insight. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for friends and family members to handle what he is going through in a healthy manner. I don’t want to have him medicated to the point of incapacitating his daily functions, so I understand what you are saying. It is truly taxing on the family and it helps to get advice from someone who has a family member struggling with schizophrenia. Thank you very much for the well wishes.

          • craigweiler
            February 19, 2013

            Based on your descriptions, it sounds like medication is a good idea. It’s up to a psychiatrist to get the dosage right. They will want him to be functional, so they’ll be careful. According to other schizophrenics, the voices don’t go away, they just get pushed to the background with meds.

            Schizophrenia is a bit like Alzheimers and other debilitating diseases where people can still function. It requires around the clock vigilance, which is far beyond the care that a family can normally provide for one of its members.

            • Anonymous
              February 19, 2013

              In severe cases do you recommend around the clock care in a mental health facility?

              • craigweiler
                February 19, 2013

                This is really the realm of a psychiatrist, not me.

              • Anonymous
                February 19, 2013

                Oh, I’m sorry if that seemed out of line. I was only curious of your personal opinion, as someone who has a family member with the same mental dysfunction. Hardly in lieu of psychiatric evaluations and professional treatment.
                Again, apologies.

              • craigweiler
                February 19, 2013

                No worries. The only answer I can give is: it depends. No two schizophrenics are alike. When they go off the deep end some become totally unmanageable, others not so much. There are some questions which answer themselves.

                1. What happens if no one is watching this person?
                A. They don’t take care of themselves.
                B. Something bad might happen.

                2. Can you trust this person with possessions, children, animals?
                A. Yes
                B. No

                If you answered “A” to both of these, then they don’t need institutionalizing. If you answered “B” to both of these then they probably do.

              • Anonymous
                February 21, 2013

                Thank you again. It has been a pleasure to learn a bit more about this illness as it is seen by other family members and someone with experience in the field. The few moments of your time has meant a lot to me.
                Regards, and well wishes for you and yours in the future.

              • craigweiler
                February 21, 2013

                Thanks very much for your kind words. And please remember that my experience with schizophrenia is very limited and I should not be considered to have actual expertise.


      • Anonymous
        August 20, 2013

        I have a brother who was diagnosed as schizophrenic because he heard voices and was subsequently medicated to his eyeballs since the age of 19 . He is now 53 . However , my father , my eldest brother and myself are considered partially psychic . Funny how when a medium hears voices , he is considered gifted . Yet others hear voices and they are considered schizophrenic depending on if the voices are good or bad . This is a question which has bugged me for years that maybe someone like my brother should have been channeled into the right field instead of being medicated to the hilt so they did not hear voices

        • Aengus
          August 25, 2013

          David this is a great blog supporting evidence-based approach to psychic phenomena. In that vein I hope you will reconsider your position on medication of schizophrenia. These medications may dampen the ‘symptoms’ so that the person is no longer as much of a ‘problem’ for family and society. However these drugs, besides difficult physical side effects, tend to not allow the person to go through an essential spiritual growth process and in the long run limit recovery. What schizophrenics need are fellow humans who have been through similar experiences who can provide guidance, support and acceptance. Most psychiatrists do not have such insight and will simply prescribe medication. Recent evidence-based critiques of drug use in psychiatry are ‘The Myth of the Chemical Cure’ by Moncrieff and ‘Rethinking Madness’ by Williams.

        • Thomas Jespersen
          December 6, 2013

          Its a bit old message but I hope you have email notification 🙂

          Look up the Hearing Voice Network (you could also look up Marius Romme who started it). They have a different approach and that one actually Works as opposed to medicine. Its about relating to your voices rather than suppress it. Hope you can find a voice hearing Group nearby 🙂

      • Brandon
        October 23, 2013

        I deal with be 20 years old all day, people are too quick to judge.

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  63. Keith
    July 25, 2012

    Hi Craig,

    Great Article! What is ‘reality’, though? If psychics have schizotypy or whatever name they what to label it, I would argue that psychics are more in tune with the real, Universal ‘reality’ then so called normal people. Normal people are conditioned to accept this man made reality that most people live in while psychics choose not to ‘evolve’ into a ‘artificial, man made reality’.

    Non-conformance into a artificial, man made reality is what makes psychics special – they must, or try to, learn early in life to follow their instincts and not accept what others call reality. They intuitively know that is not how it’s suppose to be.

    Over my life time, I have been labeled with many psychiatric disorders because I had struggled with being called a nonconformist, always questioning authority. But is communicating with the spiritual world or predicting future events unnatural? I would beg to differ that the majority of the world have it wrong and we psychics are in tune with the Universal Truth – the real reality.

    • craigweiler
      July 25, 2012

      Actually, I agree with you. My experience is the same. And in the article I do state that it’s schizophrenics that have a break from reality, not schizotypals. Schizophrenics endure a personal reality that no one else can relate to. That’s not the same. The reality you speak of is the same as mine. All of us who are like this essentially experience the same reality.

  64. Icant share
    July 13, 2012

    I think I am a psychic I am a upcoming artist and I have just had thoughts about skitzophrenia and googled if it related to psychics I have a very very different childhood and a mind like no other. I honestly am looking for help but do not know where Togo

  65. Kelly May
    June 13, 2012

    Hello my names Kelly May or Mr. May. I’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia also. For about four years I have been communicating with spirits and I believe I can telecommunicate with other individuals @Elizabeth Faraone. I believe your right in that anybody can be psychic I think It really just depends how strong of a believer you are. And as for fear I don’t doubt that as well. Which brings me to my other questions. @Robert this inner critic your talking about is this like the one who puts doubts in my head? Or is it the angry, mean, devil I think of. The one that is trying to be an authoritative being, Controlling my thoughts and telling me when and when I can’t talk to spirits. The one that after reading this article shouldn’t be a problem any more because I AM IN CONTROL!

    A couple interesting things have been happening to me, one of them has been happening since the schizophrenia started. That is when a spirit is in my body and they are sad,happy,or made a prediction about what I might be getting into in the weeks or months ahead. I feel tears running down my face sometimes I even see glimpses of the tear running down my face.

    I had a question for all of you. What’s going on with me? I’m kind of afraid to go to sleep in my own bed. When ever I do I’ll wake up but I’ll slip into a semi unconscious. State, Like I’m switching from the spirit world to the other world that we know of today. When I’m in that limbo state “demons” and other spirits will torture me. Do things to me, touch me, shove there finger up my ass. Make my legs gravitate(although in reality there not) but it all feels so real to me, like as real as it gets. This last time I wasn’t even fully asleep, I was semi conscious but it was hard for me to move. What should I do about my current situation.

    I called a psychic tonight to ask my one free question. My question was how can I truly stand up for my beliefs. The answer she gave me all made since and it was just so simple, something that I lived for a part of my life, when I was living in hell and walking through the valleys of the shadow of death. The answer was just have faith in god, he will give you the strength to stand up for what you believe in. He’s my main man one love god! I also believe in the universe though and that really interests me. I believe that I am dark matter, something that keeps galaxy’s and super galaxy’s together, something unexplainable, unique, like dark matter I have a gravitational pull that allows me to connect past loved ones to people walking in our world which is also theirs. I say I’m dark matter because I’d rather not be a black hole. Yea with out them galaxies wouldn’t form, but with them there destroying galaxies and draining everything they can out of all their resources, we can relate to people on our earth the same way. The universe wouldn’t be hear if it wasn’t for a slight balance of good and evil just like earth, but just like the big bang all the tiny particles of matter along came anti matter that could have destroyed the universe before it began. Like the life I know to be true, good always prevails.

  66. Anonymous
    June 7, 2012


    Given the tone of your post, you are angry. Actually, where I am, it’s safe and okay to be angry. Keep in mind; however, that words (tone) has it’s own ‘life’ and can affect and infect those nearby like a bull in a china house or better, shooting bullets with no target (with innocent bystanders). I’m sure you don’t intend to deliberately hurt anyone. As, I am sure those nearby you, don’t intend to hurt you. By that, I mean, given that you are psychic you ‘pick-up’ ‘E(nergy)MOTIONS from others who live nearby, driving past you, in the supermarket…perhaps even across the world …

    This article helped me by solidifying that ‘i am different; yet, very much the same’…I always have been. Big pill to swallow at 50 years of age. Thank gawd my children do not have to live with bigotry or fear because their mother has accepted a new ‘reality’ Fear is what consumed my father who died in a VA Clinic with a diagnosis of schzo…….live with that all your life. Then experience your own psychosis. I refused the drugs….:)

    Chakra centers are ‘tools’ that most can understand; but we can use any tool such as the writer here uses a pen while chilling out. Doesn’t require meditation per say as much as a quiet mind.

    And that brings me to mindfulness. Whenever someone punches at one of my ‘power centers’ I sense that immediately and feel compelled to respond. Or, at the very least protect my ‘personal power’…bottom line is, I knowingly and deliberately choose not to be around ‘toxic people’……I simply don’t entertain them. free will…:)

  67. Lynn Smith
    May 18, 2012

    What a load of baloney. You guys aren’t scientists. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I am very psychic. Both I and my mom dreamt about 9/11 the night before it happened. We’ve always been psychic in my family.

    Schizophrenia is a chemical disruption of the brain, NOT fear. Why don’t you get over your bigotry and fear towards the mentally ill? It’s not my fault, and it isn’t the fault of millions of others. You fear what you just don’t understand at all. Major fail.

    • Elizabeth Faraone
      February 19, 2013

      I said that I suspect. I didn’t say it was a fact. I understand getting angry when a chemical cause for schizophrenia is dismissed. Yes, it can be physiological.

    • Thomas Jespersen
      December 6, 2013

      Chemical imbalance is a myth nothing else. Google “Chemical imbalance” myth. Its a myth for depression as well. In order to push pills 😦

  68. Elizabeth Faraone
    May 6, 2012

    I think everyone has the ability to be psychic, but the choice is made not to be because people don’t want to deal with reality. I suspect intense anger and intense fear may be the root cause of schizophrenia, causing a complete disconnect with the truth. But we must recognize that we live in a society that is not well connected to the truth. Who was it that said, “It is not a measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” When wars no longer exist, poverty no longer exists, oppression of certain groups of people no longer exists, we’ll be on our way to a healthy society. Turn those psychic powers on, say “no” to corrupt authority, and drop your fears. Then you will be able to love.

    • craigweiler
      May 6, 2012

      Well said. Thanks.

  69. Robert
    March 19, 2012

    I am psychic and have had psychotic breaks from reality. It is usually due to not being grounded enough or from not taking a break from being “on” all the time. I’ve related to the chakra system because it’s an easy system to understand. Psychic abilities employ the upper centres (throat, third eye, crown), but without a grounded root chakra and a solid solar plexus (3rd) chakra, your ability to “come down” as well as your sense of self-boundaries will not be sufficient to prevent you from being wide open.

    Your analysis about internalized authority vs. internalized self-empowerment is EXCELLENT. With an inner critic running wild, you will not have your own internal support network in check and you will in turn be susceptible to over-extension or other harm. It’s a loophole that needs closing. With chakra work, I have come to understand that the inner critic resides in the 3rd chakra. It’s an emotional/causal level event. The best way to kill the inner critic is to confront it and ask it what it wants; then, when it is gone, replacing it with love and gratitude is key. The only real “authority” is Source energy, the Divine, God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it; and that authority will never criticize you or try to bully you. It is pure love. If you treat your work as a channeled experience, it removes personal ego from the equation and thus all of the ego hangups like the inner critic.

    However, some people were lucky enough to be born and raised as self-empowered individuals, or perhaps even rebels. No outside power can really hurt those ones.

  70. Jeremy Perez
    March 16, 2012

    How about Bipolars?..

  71. Gabriel
    March 10, 2012

    I am diagnosed with Schizophrenia and for me personally I can tell you I have have had an apparent “psychic experience” that preceded and intertwined with my psychosis. For example, I just “knew” that my cousin who was overseas was in pain and later that night i talked to his brother and he said he was in the hospital with severe headaches! Now I dont know if one can generalize this to schizophrenics but to me I may feel there is some sort of connection.

    • craigweiler
      March 10, 2012

      Among parapsychologists, it’s felt that people who are schizophrenic have their minds in an in between state that may be receptive to psychic information. Beyond that, the connection isn’t very clear. Clearly, you had a psychic experience. No denying that.

  72. Jubi
    February 16, 2012

    when psychics use their abilities too much, especially as teenagers, it can cause psychosis. During that period of time, they’re very dangerious to themselves and others. It can happen if they see something that their minds can’t handle. (ex: murder) constant scientific testing, or any testing in general, can send them into psychosis. it can also cause really sever headaches, fatigue and a decline in health.

    learned that from experience.

  73. Bob Simmons
    February 9, 2012

    Please forgive me on one of my sentences. My lap top has been acting up on me and I pressed send before I seen the goof I made in my sentence…

  74. Bob Simmons
    February 7, 2012

    Wow! I was having a problem with EMF and was diagnosed with schizophenia. I can accually use my lap top computer now that I am taking seroquel XR. I was also able to feel camaras in the mall because of the EMF they were putting out. It was hurting my head to go into places that had these careras. I also had the so called ability to feel the presence of ghost. I am doing better now that I am on this medicine. Never in my mind did I ever think I had a brain disease. I look back in my family and can see that my family has had the same problems in their beliefs system that I have had. I am feeling more blessed than I have ever felt before because of this new knowledge of what’s really a blessing. Wow, for such a long time I thought my abilitys where a gift. Hmmm, the real blessing is the medication to help me deal with reality…

    • craigweiler
      February 7, 2012

      Some people are sensitive to EMF. I can understand a diagnosis of schizophrenia, but this sensitivity is virtually unknown. There have been studies in this area, which I covered in one of my blog articles:

      A guy named Persinger is doing research on this in Canada.

      This is also mentioned in the book The H.I.S.S. of the A.S.P. by David Ritchey. He studied anomalously sensitive people.

      There is a lady who has a similar problem that I know of. She goes by the name Sandy B. She can be reached occasionally on the Skeptiko forum if you’re interested.

      I did not know that medication can help, but if it provides you relief, that’s definitely a good thing.

      • Bob Simmons
        February 9, 2012

        It somewhat helps. I am still juggling the dosage of seroquel because I can’t balance the required amount I need to take. The side effects are having to live with a unwanted numb feeling, a heavy feeling in the head, and a numb feeling in my my knee’s. Its not a good feeling of being off balanced. I can’t began to tell you the fear that comes with not knowing if I can find the right medication so I can get back to my job. I’m planning to see a the head doctor to get another opinion on me havinread up read upg schizophrenia. I can really tell you where the camera’s are in a shopping mall. The ones that are on of course. The emf really knocks me over. What gets me is that I wasn’t asked to prove it or tested for my ability to sense emf. I was just told that I’m sick and should take this medicine. I was given a pamphlet and was told to read up and call this number for counseling. I will keep you informed of my travels.

  75. ronnie alacala
    February 6, 2012

    Thank you

  76. Carla
    March 27, 2011


    Have you looked at people experiencing higher states of consciousness? I think this would give you a model to explore creativity and human ability that starts with criteria for healthy functioning. For example, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi offered such a model, with techniques for expanding creativity while eliminating fear. He used a different language and explained how people can identify and nourish higher states. Balance is key. Group practice of meditation and communities can provide a protective environment for people with these abilities.

    • craigweiler
      March 27, 2011

      Hi Carla,
      Thank you for your question. You bring up some very good points, but they are outside the scope of this blog. I am focused on providing background information, not a how-to manual. I have the utmost respect for TM, and I am aware of, and interested in the Maharishi Effect, but the actual teaching is an area where I defer to the expertise of others.

  77. craigweiler
    March 26, 2011

    Hi Monica,
    Most of the articles I find lately start with The Huffington Post living section. Sometimes they have the article, sometimes it’s a link from the article.

    This blog is on WordPress, a non profit organization that hosts blogs. It is amazingly easy to change the appearance of a blog and I’ve been waiting for awhile for one that I liked better than my previous one.

  78. Monica
    March 26, 2011

    That was genius.

    I know what you mean about not tagging things as irrelevant–I love writing poetry, and ninety percent of it focuses on some random detail of the landscape I found particularly beautiful. Why? Because my brain notices it. And the stuff about authority makes complete sense–even groups like CAD (Civil Air Patrol) have a machine-like quality to their thinking, making a single person’s ego nonexistent, so the military would be worse.

    So, yeah…this is genius. Where the heck do you FIND this stuff? It’s great! (And I’m not sure how you got your blog’s background to look like this, but that’s pretty cool. Just a little ADHD moment there. :p

    • Ax
      December 11, 2015

      Subjectively, this article relays, plethora of objective information but lacks sociological, emotional as well as environmental disruptions.

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