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A Lion in The Garden, Literally.

I’ve been hiking for years and I’d never seen a mountain lion.  Sightings are very rare as they have a 100 square mile territory and are shy and solitary creatures.  Typically, they stay away from human and civilization in general.  But the deer have been plentiful and not a bit shy about munching in people’s yards and eating roses and other plants; I’ve seen them cross the road in broad daylight, obviously knowing that the cars will slow down for them and let them pass.

So it was only inevitable the lions would follow.  It all makes sense, I just didn’t expect one to come into my backyard.  Here’s the video:

It was about 3:30am and I was fast asleep with earplugs in due to the odd Fourth of July explosions that typically occur at all hours.  My wife came up the stairs screaming for me to wake up, but of course I didn’t hear her.  She shook me awake and I launched myself downstairs to see it.

Sure enough, it was a cougar and a big one too.  it was doing the cat patrol thing in our yard as we watched (through the glass.)  I grabbed my video camera and discovered that the cat was just out of the good light and the viewfinder was almost completely black, which is why I don’t track it well in the video.  Only by altering the contrast later was I finally able to make it visible.  It hung around for almost ten minutes before leaving.  It was a beautiful creature.

The rest of the neighborhood has been totally creeped out by this and other sightings.  Here and here.

I thought it was kind of cool.


One comment on “A Lion in The Garden, Literally.

  1. Monica
    July 11, 2011

    Wow…what a blessing! (Although you may want to put out some plants mountain lions don’t like, it’s bad for them to think of people as ‘safe’ or as food sources.) Awesome vid, though. 🙂

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