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What Is It Like To Be Psychic?

This innocent question sounds like such an easy one to answer and yet each time that someone asks me, it leaves me stuttering and mumbling a sort of half reply about energy and connectedness.  I have always had difficulty answering it.  I do know that my experience with psychic ability is probably somewhat unique to me and that other psychic people are going to have different experiences.  More than likely, this is due to differences in values, attitudes, ideas and beliefs as well as familial and societal cultural norms.  I am interested in the responses of other psychic people and invite you respond to this question in either the comment section or in an email to me.  (craig@weiler . com [remove spaces around the dot]  I would like to add other people’s experiences to this post.

The other hard part about describing what it is like to be psychic is that like almost all other psychic people, I was born this way.  I have trouble imagining what it would be like to not be psychic.  When I have tried to do this, it comes across as condescending towards other people, which is not my intent.  On the other hand, I have a duty to tell the truth, which is this:  not being psychic feels like a cold barren place to me.  I do not understand how people can live this way without going insane from the torture of being cut off from the feeling of connectedness.  It feels horrible to me when I imagine it.

But that is beside the point.  I promised to try and explain what it is like to be psychic and so, here goes:

The actual psychic ability that most people are familiar with is something that I have to try to access.  I do not normally experience telepathy and precognition unless I am actively trying.  The strangeness of this is the Yoda-like way in which I have to approach this.  Look without looking, try without trying, etc.  That sort of thing.  I can be surprised and I have occasionally had car accidents or injured myself working.  These things have always happened while I was feeling tense and unhappy and my mind was a million miles away from what I was doing.  When I am fully present and aware, I am completely safe from any harm.  I know that I do not need to fear dying in an accident or because of an illness of any sort; it’s not going to happen to me.  In fact, nothing terrible is ever going to happen to me; I know instinctively that this is not in my future.  My job in this life is to transition from a person of insecurity and fear to becoming powerful and happy.  It is very hard work, but if you had seen me as a kid you would agree that I have come a very long way towards meeting that goal.

The main reason that nothing terrible will ever happen to me is that I can sense bad paths in my life in the areas of health and relationship and steer clear of them long before they cause me damage.  For example, I have always taken great care not to injure my back or knees irreparably.  Even in my 20’s I was careful and it is paying off now, later in life.

There are two main ways I receive psychic information:  visually and experientally.  The visual part always comes with emotion.  If for example, I want to know who is going to win a football game, I just go to the end of the game and look at how the players are feeling.  Who feels depressed at the end of the game?  Beyond that, I struggle with getting clear pictures; I’ve never been particularly good at it.  I never really learned to draw either, so that might have something to do with it.  In low light, I can see the energy field around people and all other living things if I try.  If I look for it, I can see in a generalized way where people are hurting.

The experience part of it is that I can experience the consciousness of other living things.  It is a little harder to describe what is going on here.  I can see things through other people’s perception, provided that they are not too screwed up, although this is always my perception seeing theirs, so there is some translation going on.  I can easily feel what other people are feeling provided they are not too far away on the spectrum of either enlightened or unenlightened.  I should explain this:

I tend to rate people on a consciousness scale.  Enlightened people are bright to me, and unenlightened people lack that brightness.  This doesn’t have to do with people’s emotions at the moment, but rather how much wisdom, compassion and love they have been able to create for themselves over the years.  Age usually makes a difference, but not always.  This ability to connect with the consciousness of living things is not limited to our planet.  I can connect with the consciousness of beings from uh, someplace else.  I don’t know where they are, only that I can feel them and unlike people, they are quite consciously aware of it when I connect with them.

And of course, there is the connectedness.  There is a sense of belonging to something vast, something much greater than myself that completely transcends my individual life.  All I can say is that it is truly beautiful.

I welcome the experiences of other psychic people:  What is it like being psychic?

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  1. Pusheyeam
    November 26, 2018

    I am so very greatful to you all. Im nearly in tears very overwhelmed at the moment. Prob still stuff left over from my breakdown last week. Ive seen so much and it just got to be a lil much. I dont know where to start the begining i guess. First id like to say this is my very first public post about any of this ive shied away due to the govermental experiment aspect to it all but o well i have no support really and by my reaction to recognizing myself in the blog n comments i think it will help to finally talk about it. Earliest memory i have of anything wierd is i used to see orbs in elemtentary i finally spoke on wat i was seein bcuz it irratated me that everyone just continued on normal like the room was not filled with rainbow floatin bubbles so i asked if they saw which they didnt they took me for glasses wich i didnt need 2020 vision n after awhile i learned not to mention them
    2 ive always sensed correctly true emotion very intuitive on unspoken or unshown cues
    3 in middle school to high school the deja vu started i didnt understand till i read someones comments and it makes perfect sense as the place i was visiting i had dreamnt years before and never been there previously
    4 ive always sensed energy whether ppl or places animals items
    5 felt the need to say specifically was able to sense entities ive always believed just never seen until recently (i dont say ghost or demons or angels i dont name them just observe) i would tell the room outloud suppossedly empty that i didnt want to see or hear them n to be left alone i think the belief was a knkwing that terrified me
    6 i have a family member who is deep into meditation reiki the whole nine she told me i was an indigo at ten n gave me a rosequartz amethyst and tiger eye i also have a younger sibling who reminds me of myself possibly worse or better who i did the same thing for the sibling told us at a very young age we werent her real family and wat happened to her other one she also sees and communes with spirits in great detail i have told her not to communicate as i dont kno wat sort of energy it is shes even said that they wanted to meet me wich i of course declined back to the aunt ive gotten in trouble for acting out not wanting to babysat at her house wich are always haunted if u were to go there she has a mirror reflecting off the front door(important for later) a prayer rug nam champka sage all sorts of crustals and an angel board she as since denounce the life and sought out christianity she tells me those things are the devil wich i do not believe i think it is much bigger than our created religons on earth i do believe that she contacted something that scared her deeply from wat ive experienced any one thing on a not so bad day is enough to drive a person mad i still dont know how i deal she does reiki and i know reiki is real because i feel it when she does it i made it a point as a kid to never lie to her as she knows things she should not in her houses the sound of dishes breaking and not a single thing on the floor footsteps whispers voicemails left on telephones a blue orb locked my cousin in the room and i once walked past her room and the entire bookshelf fell apart before my eyes upon telling her when she checked everything was normal so yea theres that and the major stuff also havea uncle who dreams the future and brothers who see entities
    Numbers- repetitive number sequence have plagued me for sometime increasing rapidly in the last 3 yrs it got so bad i had to ask my mother wat was going on her response was that the same aunt used to say n see the same thing. 1111 and 333 are the major ones 444 and 222 coming up as forerunners when whatever it was happened to me happened it increased it was like someone on her said everything coming at u no filter i would see 1111 12×s a day way to far against the odds to be coincedental i lived in apt 333 roommating with friend whos apt was 333 so i would wake up 333 in the morning get a text and catch the 333 pm research a paper online index num 333 go to the store amount due 333.33 see a lic plate 333 on the bilboard 333 on the radio 333 be going somewhere get lost turn a corner random st house num 333 so yea it got ridiculous this was all in one day and similar nearly everyday for about the past four years this current yr it has sort of calmed down but still too much for coincedence
    Other ppl- i read on here someone said that others are able to see other this explains a few things to me few examples
    A newly met neighbor told me directly that shes numbers can i tell her wat that means it threw me off as it was out of context of the original conversation i declined any knowledge as i was pretty spooked
    I see eyes everywhere goin into a random gas station i passed a random teenager who said clearly i see you i see the eye in the sky too
    Once taking the bus a native american teen switched seats to sit next to me he said he was compelled to come speak to me as i had giant white aura surrounding me( ive seen my aura its violet purple and white)
    Before i get into other entities i want to comment on dreams- always falling or water dreams drowning(i cant swim), i hit the ground only once and water lifted me to the sky in the building next to me scenes from my life on each floor, and the double dream that i had twice about 6 years apart problem is i recognized the and was conscious of this while still in it i was driving and a child was in the street i took him up to the driveway to the house a woman answered n that when it hit me that i recognized her she had dyed her hair black it was blonde previously everything came back to me and very wierd thing is when i asked her if she remember me her face became bewildered and she looked very uncomfortable and wouldnt answer or acknowledge i said things like i live across the street we bbq with ur husband wich we did in the last dream i said you dyed ur hair and crazier than fiction your kids got big they had aged properly in line with the time i last been there i ended up leaving because she wouldnt speak i went to my job wierd that i have a house job and car(red honda) somewhere else the job is in a tall building lots of stairs at the top when im there an earthquake starts i run down the stairs and theres a koi pond right out the entrance everything breaking down i barely make it out in the car i cant remember how to get back to the house i get lost driving down a road that abruptly ends i am staring into total blackness in front of the car and an entire city behind me gets crazier as i drive forward the street and landscape creates itself as i move along like jigsaw puzzle pieces..yea.
    I often feel n recently know that im dreaming as another person i can never see a mirror to see my face of course we all have dreams with random ppl n places but specifically once for sure i was shown by the family in a photograph who they thought they were interacting with it was the incorrect sex for one but i can feel it when i dream as me or another its too wierd to comprehend
    Remote viewing-ive done this on accident i didnt realize wat was going on until research n rethought later. The individuals in the place were aware that i had popped in and commented directly on it they were upset about it and did not want me to see wat they were doin and im not comfortable divulging wat it was i will note that my viewing location was the corner of about a 10 ft ceiling wuch i thought was odd bcuz i remember feeling like i was flying wich is a wierd thing for me to say but its the best ive got
    Lucid dream- i once dreamnt i was outside as i saw the breeze go thru the trees i realized i also felt it upon immeadiate realization(i think i panicked) i reeled backwards and slammed into my body i guess i was also never walking but levitating another note is this dream also doubled as a premonition i was at a sleepover where thru mutual friends i met two other psychics one a celtic wiccan witch(we were just regular ppl kind of drawn to and recognized each other) we would speak privately about psychic stuff when the others couldnt hear i read my dream myself correctly and by lunch i had the visit i had predicted would come that day
    Word pill or spill- theres a comment on here that im grateful for it happens to me i try and tell my self im associating meaning but its to accurate and relevant and unknown to be me but i will geta word or phrase or picture could be a plumbing truck a phrase on a movie im overhearing a unconnected conversation and this information will be something im wondering worried about need to know or a message for a completly different person always on point its got the point where it is kind of like reading i also can do this numerology wise sometimes its not words it 4 steps 3 sides of a painting and two couch cusions if i look up 432 theres the message so essentially i am reading the room or really whatevers being givin like a book telegraphstyle this one is a great one that i am thankful for bcuz it helps with fear of the experience to for sure facts that there is definately evel there is also good looking out for me from somewhere and that brings indescribable comfort call it solace but speaking of books
    Reading- i have learned sumwhere along the way to read many different ways,word by word, backwards, numbers, symbols this is a whole new world as i love to read there are ppl who kno this as ive come to find an entire hidden message or story depending on how its read. The bible is a must i will say that much says a whole lot more about us than ill ever hear/heard in church
    Misc- i read somewhere as i am tryin to figure wat i am and wth is going on that seers have the ability to give others sight idk but the this seem interesting as my close ones normally dont see until i show them also pictures i take are diffetent than wat others do the same event if you look at my pictures you will see as i saw it wich i find mind boggling id also like to take a moment to mention that at the time of writing this if i wanted to i could look up and find over 100 faces staring and watching me in any area of the house this i think is one of the hardest parts and not something i think i will ever get used to i feel like ive lost my innocence and woke up to truer realities of existence some things once u experience u can never go back i for one will never be the same it was such an instant unanticipated shift that has rocked the very core of me being getting teary eyed now this is helping i will admit i just hope some reads who feel blessed for a reply and hopeful that my share helps someone going thru thier time at the very least
    Reading the other way-one day i discovred while reading a book the story changed some kind of way to where i ended up reading in live time play by play what she was doing at the moment and who with the distance was across the street i felt better bcuz to touch back on feeling energy she was somewhere i refused to be he had reached out to shake my hand in greeting and i was so repulsed i nearly jumped i did flinch and he noticed made a joke of how he was harmless i still did not touch him or ever set foot in his place
    Reading online- once very disturbingly i was researching late at night when what looked like a hamsa or horus eye appeared in between the text of the words i was reading problem is everytime i tried to change pages web browsers anything the eye would reappear again often breaking u p a wor d li ke this very disturbing i eventually just got off the phone
    Reading- another time i went completly blind in my left eye for about 2 minutes when i could see it was beyond blurry and i had been writing when i looked at the notebook i could see the vibration in the letters nearly dancing off the pages got me to thinking about spells and attraction it lasted over an hour then went away
    Speaking of eyes i have something in my right eye thats always been there drs try and tell me its floaters but i clearly can see hexagram bubble colored shapeds about four or five all my like until 3 years ago when all of a sudden they started moving different shapes for about a week i would wake up with more added to the cluster and at night i would lay and watch them change into groups i can only describe as looking like helix dna i also should mention while this was happenening i lost all the hair on my body overnight it grew back in the next day i felt a heartbeat in my stomach AND chest and i also got new fingerprints and handprints call me crazy idc ive had 3 lines on my thumb all my life and now i have 4 and i clearly had a k on my palm where there is now a m so you may understand a little better why im simply freaking out but some how managing this all
    Writing- something came over me and i had a furry of writing i write anyway and this is normally my style it comes fast but these were not my words it was basically about 12 storys parables i guess all having to do with love conciousness reality afterlife very very deep stuff i couldnt stop until it finished one ill say briefly is about a boy who cant remember his name or origins it bothers him he has a nightmare and dreams of a maze with his one true original identity in it right when he gets close the floor swallows him up in darkness and he land in a pit he can still see the light but feels it is too far away so he just goes to sleep(he is already asleep in actual life) very very very interesting stuff im honored and amazed more to the story in the begining the teacher tries to make a name for him tells him to just make a mark n promise to stick with it he says he has a name but he can remember what they call him references about the rings of saturn( very interesting the younger siblings is obsessed with these rings also says they belong to her grandfather and something about banishment another thing i forgot with her she watches some kids cartoon she got super excited and said what are they doing with my planet on t.v. how do they know about us i looked at the screen and it was a purple planet i fint now a good time to solemnly swear all info on this post to be true smh what a world) and also mentions design being the purpose of the world over fate and destiny
    I got ahead of myself it all just comes back to me so fresh i need to state that about 7 yrs ago i stopped dating working school anything for about 3 yrs straight i was bothered i always have been ive told my mother my only real problem is the fact that i exist i used to sit for hours in the bathroom as an adolescent staring into my eyes because i couldnt tie my identity with my face to the one in my mind it bugged me n it bugged me that it didnt bug anyone else n ppl said good morning when the sun came up but couldnt explain wat a star was(still cant) n i knew lol like the boy what i was called but at a very young age like my sister i knew i had a name before this one i couldnt comprehend being from not being (still cant and wont(ever)) but back to the 3 yrs this never has changed it made aware of my awareness at times i really am still that twelve year old in the mirror that issue was never sorted out and at the time i took my so called hiatus from life it resurfaced unbearably i couldnt eat nothing tasted like nothing no sleep no sex no interest it was(is) really the only thing i wanted out of life to kno who and what i am and where we come from love seems to be they and thats what gets me through but i always go back always i really never moved i seen early on that to move anywhere was chaos the best place to be was where i was set. Kept. Those years were hard i spent many nights on my knees in tears crying praying begging to be shown the true reality of life….and then my stars aligned it was the most humbling peaceful joyful terrifying time of my entire life..and it hit me like a freight train like a thief in the night i walked up public crying in front of strangers because i caught myself wiping my own tears and i knew that whatever had created me had never left me n never would so i would never have to be alone and it broke me hard i should mention here that the world sees me as homosexual i dont accept any form of labels or identifications i only agree to my name for my loved ones sake who look at me crazy when i tell them i am not gay black or a female and definately not my age so i keep the charade for the innocence and ignorance that cant hold the capacity of what i concieve im breaking down crying his eye is truly on the sparrow this always gets to me to think of this level of love directed at me i nearly tried to cover myself like adam and eve in the garden cuz i for sure ate the apple i was giving up on the idea of sin not seeing how i could be created imperfect but i still felt id done bad (the heart will guide you)n was actively trying to be better than decent balance sum good karma i basically didnt feel worthy to recieve wat i asked for i felt it was given to those more holy surely there are those in the world better morally than me but to be answered as i am completed me in way i cant yet fully comprehend to described went i first recieved full vision i cried and prayed thanks constantly i didnt sleep had no appetite or fatigue for days on end the first week i hardly bathed i wore the same jeans cuz i couldnt fathom to think clothes for i was truly naked stripped bare. Ive never been in love like this before. To realize all i have and am is givin that i could never repay and still attempt to is my definition of humble n my proof that its not even and good does win over evil for love conquers i always say even those that hate love wat they hate and to see i couldnt even bend my knee in thanks without grace killed me and stroke me as funny alot of us come to terms with divinity and get lost in the power i am just truly grateful to have someone looking after me and thankful that with all the people animals diferrent trees beings and entities thatsomeone still thought it neccessary to create one of me i often find myself trying to preach this to love ones but the difference is listening vs hearing if they recieved it everything would be everything n it would be ok because it is ok perception can be a prision and though difficult strange and uncomfortable i give thanks for mines every day i would want to live no other way give it to me straight no chasers im just glad to be here and my portion of experiencing what it is that this really is im realizing this is my testimony theres more to when i first got the vision and i promise ill post the second part later but ive been up for awhile(in no time) and crying makes you sleepy lol but i want thank whoever reads this for blessing me with you audience

    • djluddie
      November 26, 2018

      Wow. You have a lot going on. A lot of family w similar gifts. Good for quiet support. Take a break. Weed out the noise and focus on a narrower view or as you know already it has the probability to consume your being. Breathe and listen to that.

      • pusheyeam
        December 20, 2018

        Thank you for responding means alot i definitly will heed that advice messenger

  2. ashley
    August 1, 2015

    I’m like that!!! How epic I never knew there are others. I also can feel everyone’s vibes good or bad. And I can feel were i came from before this life I encounter souls that my soul knows and never have seen them before.

  3. Carrie
    May 27, 2015

    Great article! Awesome to read other’s experience with psychic abilities!
    I relate to the author explaining how he knows some people are enlightened, I see extremely vivid auras in my minds eye since I was young and always see bright light colours, usually with some white mixed in in those who have developed those enlightened qualities. Auras seem to be my “gift” as have always been there.
    I also experience very vivid dreams, often prophetic dreams about people I know and world events. There is a difference in these dreams because the emotions are very heightened.
    I also experience what I suppose are connections with spirits and higher beings during light meditation, before sleep and upon waking. I can control it during meditation and it is mostly “off” during the day depending on my activities, but am unable to control in dreams, before sleep or waking.
    There was a time when I seemed to “grow” very very quickly in psychic abilities without trying and it was a very scary but fascinating time. I was unable to control the ability for a few months and everything was coming at me with no filters, but I eventually learned how to control it so it mostly only happens when I choose to tune in.
    The only things I don’t like about it is that it’s hard to relate to most people in my life who do not experience it. And when I forsee bad world events which I always ask be minimal but sometimes I am told that well its fated to be a bad outcome.
    I also relate to the author’s mentioning he has telepathy with um other beings out there. It’s exactly as he describes, it’s almost instant connection which I tend to freak out about and shut down real fast, not brave enough for that yet ha ha. However I am continually told by my guides that I can communicate with these beings, have the ability, and I have a couple of times when I was unable to control this ability and it was pleasant but I’m still too chicken to do it again.
    I can also do remote viewing but do not practice it often.
    Mostly I find it fascinating and love to learn and understand I suppose the science of it all, the God or source connection, energy etc. I love to be in that place of love and peace and try to incorporate it into daily life as much as possible.

  4. LT
    March 31, 2015

    Hi friends,

    Well, this is really exciting. I am relieved to know there are others out there that experience these things. Peace be with you all. ❤

    This is a really fascinating blog. Thank You, Craig, for posting all of this wealth of information and experience. 🙂

    In my humble experience, it is much like being connected/ tuned in to the super-conscious energy field and receiving more information from it than those around you may understand is possible if they have not had this experience for themselves.

    When I was very young, I used to have deja vu all of the time. I did not understand it then, but as I grew older and became more aware, I began to understand that I was having dreams of the future that would then materialize. Normally these type of pre-cognitive visions happen in dream-time.

    When I am emotionally connected with someone, as I am with my boyfriend, there is a channel of information that flows openly between us, to where I can essentially "read" his thoughts. For example, I will get an image of pictures, and I will know what he is thinking about. When he was planning a trip for us to go out of town for my birthday, I saw images of what he was planning. I guess that made it hard to surprise me haha. Many times when he is thinking of what he has to do the next day before he falls to sleep I will see images of post-it notes haha. The higher an emotional charge associated with a particular thought (e-motion: energy in motion), the easier it is for me to pick up on and read from the field. Dream-time is a very auspicious time for me. He is a writer, and I have awoken with dreams wherein I dreamed the whole book that he was outlining, as he was outlining it while I was sleeping. These types of dreams are very uncomfortable to me, and I don't like to experience them. One physically made me ill, as I felt very much like my mind had been incepted. I will dream what he is writing, but my mind will use information from my memory banks as the building blocks. So, for example, if he is writing about a father who is employed in the army, my brain might fill in that plot line with my uncle who is a pilot from West Point.

    Often times I will know when someone is about to call, and who they are, before they call.

    Or a word will pop in my head, and I will look it up, and it will be the answer to a question I have been thinking about. Sometimes this will happen to where I am given words I have never heard of before, and I will look it up and learn something new.

    If someone has forgotten something and is coming back to the office I can feel that in the air. It's very hard to explain. It's just a knowing you get about certain things.

    I know when certain people will be coming by, especially my sister. It's as if I can read their energy and feel it coming towards me. This happens most with those I know well and am very close to, I think because I am more familiar with their energy signature.

    When friends are upset I will sometimes get a knowing, and just an urge to call them or to reach out to them. They will later say that the timing couldn't have been better.

    I have friends who are pretty tuned in to this field, in different ways, too, and I think that helps us to connect as well. We are all just very receptive to these different ways of knowing, and being receptive and open to it enables the synchronicities to flow in a beautiful and magical and mysterious way that connects you to everything and All Things and just lets you know you are always a part of something bigger than you can really even grasp. 🙂

    I liken it to tapping into a miniature form of the Akash. I have never tried to access the Akash but I think there is something with these "psychic" experiences that is similar to this.

    My boyfriend has these abilities in a different form, too. His grandmother was very psychic- able to predict accidents and the like. She warned her family of countless things that later came to pass and probably saved them of a few avoidable mis-steps.

    Lastly, on a fun note- when I first met my boyfriend, he had a dream on the first day of the semester of his first impressions of everyone in the class. He said that in his dream, I was the only one who acknowledged him; I walked up to him and gave him a hug and said, "I've missed you." At the end of the semester, he nudged up the courage to ask if I'd like to study for the final. Needless to say, we have been together ever since. 🙂 Or should I say, 'sense'? Ba dum psh. Terrible joke haha. Anyways, thanks All, for sharing your experiences!! I wish you so much Love and so much Light.

    All the best to you and yours.



  5. Lightworker_79
    November 30, 2014

    May the Light be with you all!

    I always have this questionsl to myself , am I psychic?
    If I do what type? And what am I supposed to do?
    People always told me that i am crazy ,weird, confused. It hurts and mum me.

    I experienced couple times a movie like dreams that became real. Sometimes those dreams took effect in just split seconds. I am left wondering and confused because those dreams became reality. Don’t know what to do. But one thing I realized and learned that when i utter even a short prayer immediately, those will somehow ease up or stopped to happen.

    I always have headache, chest tightness and pain on my body that I cannot describe why. I feel like I need to speak up and say what i need to say or i experience those pain.
    I would feel sad and cry for no reason and I was wondering why. I can sense and feel other people emotions always. I am so sensitive that I left myself alone and away from people.I feel like it is better like that.

    Recently, I dreamed of a white ghost small little girl just standing in front me. She is peaceful and just standing in front of me. I asked her in my dream what she wants and need. I feel no harm from her.

    But the number one that is bothering me is this chest tightness. I am very sensitive to people emotions. I pray and I have the feeling that i need to pray more because for me the world needs help through Prayers. I love Praying all the time. I love alone time, staying at home and be at Peace.

    I dreamed of Higher Beings , Angels and Saints. I Dreamed that I was fighting an Evil Being. That time I don’t have anything at hand. I prayed , then Jesus and Mary showed and told me, they will help and protect me. Then, I fell to the ground on my back with my arms and legs stretched like in “Michael Angelo” painting. The sky opened and a person in long brown soft clothes like those with the Saints, dropped a long Sword and a Bible to me. After that, I was energized. I got up and fought and won the battle. I wake up after that wondering. But this childhood dream left me wondering and made me feel that i mean something in this world. I usually have vivid dreams. but i can identify the precognitive dream from not most of the time.

    I even noticed kids like me even if i just met them. They always have soft spot for me. I am always looking life positively. I love the Light.

  6. Kwrite
    August 11, 2014

    This has been so amazing reading everyone’s experiences…believe it or not I came to this site because I am a writer and was editing a scene I wrote with a psychic character, not out of my own personal search…but I feel like, with so many things, we are drawn for a reason…I identify with a lot of these experiences myself which I just considered to be my normal, or spirituality, or being “too” sensitive. Amazing! Here is a probably unusual expression of this-many times I write something COMPLETELY out of my imagination, some pretty detailed stuff, about a setting, a type of person, even a time from long ago, I just MAKE IT UP for my own fun, later I want to “legitimize” it so I start doing research on real historical facts or like now, real people’s experiences, and I’m prepared to change my writing so that it reflects reality, and I find time and again that I wrote it completely accurately, EERILY historically factual or in line with how a “real” person would say it/do it, or describe a setting and it’s exactly like that-a place I’ve never been to. I can “feel” just how that character would feel although I myself might be quite different from that person…I just accept the compliments to my writing ability and never thought a thing of it…ha ha!
    Here’s one thing I was intrigued by: ENLIGHTENMENT. Lately this awareness has come into my life and I see clearly what is going on both in my own life and for example, in the wide variety of posts here…the psychic ability seems to be like any ability, neither positive nor negative in itself, like a person who can magically pitch a baseball but that talent may lead them down a dark path of drug use and misery as opposed to riches and happiness. Enlightenment is SO different from an ability, as we all have such a range. How can you explain it? But I can see pretty clearly that whether you are working “with”, “accepting” as opposed to “resisting” your gift, or life in general, it works the same with a psychic ability as with any type of person, your life is just a completely different experience, even with all other things being equal. Enlightenment brings peace, joy and living in the ‘now’, accepting things just as they are, not trying to control anything, regardless of whether it’s “good” or “bad” events, etc. I can see how psychics could really “harness” their gift for themselves/others by becoming more enlightened. After all, we/events/energy/etc ARE all connected, whether we sense it or not…

  7. Teri White
    December 14, 2013

    I have a few clairvoyant experiences, some pictures are symbolic, others literal. I can sometimes see things ahead of time, or I get warnings. Sometimes I just know things….the knowledge pops into my head. I tell people. This has been happening since I was a child. I always knew when a certain aunt would be visiting us. It was pretty random but my family came to trust me. I have had messages from ‘out there’. I got a flash that a childhood family friend was dying, for example and it turned out she was being taken by ambulance to hospital with a stone in her gall bladder at the exact time I got the message. I knew my father would die of cancer six months before it was diagnosed. I have seen ‘movies’ play in my head, just before the events occurred. I get telepathic messages. My boyfriend used to wake me with his emotions from another town. I get deep intuitive feelings of warmth/excitement about things about to happen and I sometimes can tell people a lot of stuff about themselves.
    None of this is very reliable. I am trying to work out what the conditions are under which these experiences occur so I can have more of them. They tend to happen while I am in the moment….hard at work but peaceful and distracted. They always seem to happen when I am peaceful. I rarely have negative messages, except the impending gloom I felt for days before I gave birth to my only child and my hubbie walked out nine weeks later. So, clearly not a good judge of character. I have healing ability. I can work out intuitively what people need to heal themselves, herbs etc. which have since been proven scientifically to work. I heal people psychologically too. Unfortunately my ex was too far gone. 😛

  8. Anonymous
    September 19, 2013

    regarding; what it feels like to be psychic.
    I have been researching what other people feel like who are psychic trying to find someone I can relate to.. it has been hard in many ways to see or know or feel things that others can’t see..
    from a very early age, from vivid dreams of bridges frequently and then all of a sudden the middle of the bridge is not there, culminating to the day the skyway bridge collapsed I had my last dream that morning right before I awoke at 7am and the bridge collapsed around 7;30 this dream however was different because it was a steep bridge, and it was raining, and I saw a blue volkswagon rabbit in front of me, and the all of a sudden I am in the water and everyone is screaming for me to save them.. I never had another bridge dream after that day the bridge fell in. and I lived on a few miles, we were able to drive a few miles and look across tampa bay and see the bridge suspended collapsed in the middle.
    but over the years I have had too many many things happen, and I am now dealing with the knowledge of something very bad, the thing is, my family and friends all know that I am psychic but it scares them.
    I have had dream after dream that has happened after the fact, I dreamed my sister had a car accident, who has never ever even had a ticket, I called her in calif.. I live in florida, and told her to be very careful, that I did not want to scare her, and that In my dream she wasn’t hurt, but to please be careful, and 2 weeks later she called me really freaked out that she has spun out of control on the highway , almost as I had told her.. just so many things have happened, and I went through a period where I was dreaming the actual death of people, I dreamed about specific plane crashes exactly as they happened before they happened and had witnesses to this..
    so, now, I have this very bad thing I know about, and it is so very frightening, as I know that I am absolutely correct in my knowledge, I can’t explain how I know these things , I just know…
    another example, I am an RN, I had a child who came to us, she had drowned in her grandmothers pool, but she was revived, and after a period of time they had decided she was not going to improve, when I got her in my facility I was the Director of Nursing, I went upstairs to visit the 14 mth old child, and although I had been told this child would not improve, she had no tracking of her eyes, etc.. brain damage.. I picked her up and took her to the window, I felt a very warm sensation that went through my body, and noticed that she started watching the birds outside the window.. I got the mother a rocking chair, and said to her, I cannot explain why, but I just feel that your daughter is going to be fine, now this was something that I would never do or say to anyone or disagree with a dr. diagnosis, but it was as if it wasn’t me saying it, but someone else, it just came out.. within about 10 days the baby’s tube feeding was out and she was walking and talking, and the mother said just as she was before it happened… many things happen during my nursing career where I predicted something the doctors missed. but things that you couldn’t see, just I knew.
    so I am just wondering what other people feel like who have this happen to them, and their family starts actually being afraid, I have had them say please don’t dream about me..
    I would rather in some ways be oblivious as they are.. they are all so different then I am, not as sensitive, feeling, or caring.. just seem so out of touch..

    so in some ways I need help..

  9. Antoine
    July 22, 2013

    Hello happy souls /) loved everyone’s comments here. Just thinking of being psychic always evokes unbelievable and most innocent smile in my world and acknowledging it adds more serenity into this truly enchanting life. And once you can truly sense through all the peacefulness of this meaning I believe it would be better described as embracing , you get the chance to “float” in the positive and ansolutely fascinating scents of this universe

  10. Jenna
    May 27, 2013

    What’s being psychic like for me? When I say that I’m psychic, what I mean is that i am almost always conciously aware of my own energy body. It feels like an odd combination of heat and electricity that I can control as if it were another arm or leg. Everything else is also made of energy and this is a large part of how I interact with the world. I’m always aware of this energy on some level. The intensity of it depends on how relaxed I am mentally. I have to concentrate just a bit to move it around and do other things but I’m always aware that different places and people have different feelings attached. I also know how someone’s feeling just by being in the same room with them. Sometimes I’ll even get surface thoughts when talking to someone. This sometimes comes in the form knowing what someone is going to say just before they say it. I’ve also done telepathy before. I’m not very good at making constructs with energy or at telling the future. However, I have had situations where I knew someone was going to pull out in front of me before it happened. I think that’s coming sensing from their thoughts and not the future. Like the other people who’ve commented here, I was born this way. It started coming out when I was in high school and i learned how to mediate. It just sort of worked really well the first time and I would up doing it daily. I also realized I could put my awareness outside of my body. It took me a long time to realize that not everybody was like this. I kept up with the meditating for a few years until finally I had a friend in college who inspired me to start actually practicing using energy. And here we are!

  11. Anonymous
    May 9, 2013

    What is it like to be psychic … like several others who have posted, I was born with it. In these cases, it isn’t until others indicate that something about you is different, do you even think that you are different. After all, people don’t generally walk around comparing if they see colors differently, or hear sounds differently, or feel things differently. Generally these are all the things that people take for granted that are the same for everyone. And so, it isn’t until other people react differently or give you feedback that something you do naturally is different to what they do naturally, do you even notice that you are what many would term to be “psychic”. Before this revelation, you just think everyone is able to do what you do, in the same vein as everyone (or most people) being able to walk or talk or taste or smell, etc. etc. So then comes the journey where one tries to figure out how one is different from everyone else… this may be resolved by someone telling you you are ‘psychic’, ‘have a gift’, or a myriad of other titles. Or you may run into others (books, on the net, or in person) who have similar experiences as your own so you go … “that’s it! that’s like me”. Or you may have an intuitive knowing of exactly what this difference is. For me I looked at other people and compared what the differences actually were, and along with some of the things mentioned above, I got a better understanding of what it was that other people were finding so different about me.

    So for years I walked around with the definition of ‘psychic’ that I found was the closest definition to what fit. But one day that kind-a changed. I ended up looking at other psychics, and figured out the difference between them and me. As stated in other responses, all psychics are different – they’re sensing and their gifts work in indifferent ways. But the biggest difference that I noticed was that I can see, sense and read energy. Everything is made up of energy. And everything has a very unique energy fingerprint (if you will) to it. And for whatever reason, where most people’s ability to see energy (we all have it or we wouldn’t be able to see at all) is very limited (a very small percentage of the spectrum of light – for instance most people don’t pick up on microwaves, UV light, infra red etc even though it may be present) I was born with the ability to see a larger percentage of energy than what most people naturally do.

    So the experience of what is it like to be psychic, or have extra sensory perception from what is considered ‘normal’ is: I recognize most things, places, people by their energy fingerprint. People (and everything else too for that matter) constantly radiate out their energy such as emotions, feelings, thoughts, so I am able to read those – so generally I can tell how people are feeling, or how they feel about something or someone, their opinions, and the gist (as opposed to verbatim) of their thoughts when they are communicating with me. When they are not communicating with me, I can still pick up on many of these things, especially if emotions or feelings at the time are very intense. This is going on all the time, so just like for sight or smell or hearing for most people, this does not turn off and on, but is a normal part of my everyday interaction of the world around me.

    This kind of sensitivity can sometimes be overwhelming but for me the positives far outweigh the negatives so I wouldn’t change it. It would be like loosing a limb or something similar – it is such an intrinsic part of how I view the world. I have had so many amazing experiences – insights, being able to help people, discoveries – in massive part to these abilities.

    So what is it like to be psychic? For me it is like having several additional primary senses – like seeing, hearing, taste, touch or smell. It is constantly providing me with additional information about the world around me that most people don’t seem to have a conscious awareness of. It allows me to notice extra stuff about people such as if they are lying, are authentic, are happy, are sad, etc etc etc and usually why. To be honest, the uses for me have been massive. And I think for me the biggest thing that has helped me in understanding what these gifts are and how they work, is that I’ve been able to actually see what is going on in my own sensing – where so many people that have psychic abilities of some kind aren’t always aware of what actually is happening to them, where they are getting their information from and how it all works. So this aspect of my gift has been exceedingly helpful.

    It was nice to share this – really just lay it all out. Thanks.


    P.S. – someone in an earlier post asked if being psychic or sensing was the same as Enlightenment, which I think was referred to as the Big C. To answer that question, no they are not. They are very different. Enlightenment is an energetic shift which happens in one’s being or body. Once it happens – it is permanent – although the effects of the shift may feel less intense over time depending on the person and how the person’s system settles after the shift. This is different than being psychic which for all intensive purposes is where a person is able to sense in one or more ways than what is generally thought to be the ‘norm’.

  12. White Horse
    April 28, 2013

    What’s it like to psychic ? For me its good it has guided my life for the better. It has made me believe that the world is beautiful and great. It lets me know that I am loved and that death is only physical . This is important to me as I have no religion. I have had a great number of beautiful experiences but this one I would like to share because it is particularly interesting and comforting : When my Mom was on her death bed I saw her “ghost” (for lack of a better word ) sitting in a chair by her bed looking at her living body she got up as my sister was about to sit in that chair and she walked out, I asked “did anyone see that ?” and no one did so I followed her, she walked down the hall to the front door others were talking to her in her native language they where there to meet her then she turned around and walked back down the hall again to the room where she lay and I couldn’t see her anymore at that moment the hospice nurse said she was about to die so I held her in my arms as I promised her I would and she died within a few minutes. She had left her body before her body quit. So be careful what you say around people who are dying or are in a coma. It’s just one of many experiences no greater or smaller than the others. People can say and believe whatever they want but to actually live it to be able to see and communicate with your loved ones after death and with others that are not as we are and that includes animals to be able to see the future good or bad is truly a beautiful and great gift and truly a comfort in this harsh yet amazing world.

  13. becky
    March 25, 2013

    I am probably at the wrong place. Forgive me if I am and redirect as needed. I have a family issue that requires, if I want inner peace, I prove innocence. I have been accused to taking mother’s money. I want to shoBw the ingrates how untrue this is. Such accusations have done a good job on breaking my spirit.
    Polygraph is to expensive and the accusers are not worth the my. Any ideas of where I can go to find a practicing psychic.

    • craigweiler
      March 25, 2013

      I have no suggestions, I’m sorry. A psychic wouldn’t necessarily help in your case. This is not something I’m equipped to help with.

  14. Sarah Hall
    March 7, 2013

    Hello Craig! I sent you a e-mail and you got right back to me about it, thank you! I been meaning to thank you sooner I just got really busy with school. My question was about how I feel around certain people and their energy, feels like a trombone. What you said was spot on about these people. Thank you for your insight!!!! I have a question related to this current post. You said you can sense other energy’s that are not human and they know you can, have you ever dreamed about these beings? I ask because when I was actively doing yoga I was having all kinds of dreams of different beings, and in the dreams they were well aware of my existence. My favorite one was a world where The sky was yellow and I was surrounded by blue mountains and blue sand. I encountered a being there That was also blue, in the dream I knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was wearing what I went to bed in too. I was ecstatic and confident about this being. I walked right up and introduced myself. I asked questions about his life, some answers I remember and some I don’t. What I do remember was me telling him I had no control over what I was doing, he was not upset but trying to tell me pretty much to gain control, and Im not allowed to cross over, there are rules. He was a being of light, very high energy. I felt very comfortable till I noticed he had two sets of teeth and I lost it and woke up. Well I never went there again, I did visit some other places. The last dream I had was very intense. I felt my whole body vibrating heavily, I was so alert I thought I had died. I remembered going to sleep that night and everything. It was not a bad dream, just very intense. They said they wanted answers from me before I could go home. everything was telepathic,and the beings were human like but had pointy ears like elfs. The ground was covered with snow. In the beginning of the dream I went down a iron spiral staircase. They asked me why I trusted what looked like pan. When I woke up I felt myself fall into my body. This dream scared me so much that I thought I had been abducted or something, at 3 in the morning I called my dad over cause I was so scared. He said that when you do yoga you open yourself up to these types of experiences.(my dad knows Im sensitive)My mind couldn’t grasp it for a few days. I stopped doing yoga, subconsciously i think for that reason. I am going to start it again though, I am no longer afraid of these experiences. I thought I would share them with you, and see if you have ever visited these places? I know when I describe them to people they sound just like lucid dreams, but I know they are more, and they are very sacred to me so I stopped telling people about them.They would put them down. Dreams are my favorite way of connecting. I took a world religion class where I later learned about how hindus paint their gods to be blue. I am not religious, but I thought that was really cool. But I feel very connected to these blue people, almost like how you said you can sense them. I feel like they are a guide for me sometimes, like they are channeling through me. especially when I am being creative or out in nature, I feel their energy.If i think about them I can sense their energy. Have you ever had dreams of this sort? I usually feel different levels of vibrations. Why do I feel the vibrations? Are they just really intense lucid dreams? Whats the difference between lucid and astral projection?
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, Its a good feeling to feel connected to someone that shares some of these same feelings. 🙂

    • craigweiler
      March 7, 2013

      Hi Sarah,
      I’m afraid I don’t share these experiences. Mine are different. I don’t get information through dream, possibly because I don’t need to. Almost all the info I need just comes to me when I need it. I don’t ever see the others, I just sense them.

      I think it’s better not to tell too many people about your dreams; some people may want to interpret them for you or they can be judgmental. Personally, I just kind of go with it.

      The vibration thing is complicated and I don’t have any answers for you. But other people are aware of it. And I’m glad you can talk to your Dad. Not everyone has a family member who understands.


    • Laura Reave
      April 11, 2013

      Sarah, This organization may be of interest to you. Dreams are considered to be real experiences and the beings that you meet may be spiritual guides.

    • White Horse
      April 28, 2013

      Sarah, Your not alone I have had similar experiences no harm ever came of it but it is easy to become startled when your out and about like that. Do be very careful who you talk to even if they believe you they can miss guide you.

  15. Sarah
    February 21, 2013

    As a child i use to see and feel spirits but knew whatever it was around me was not nice and i had a huge fear of it, i spent plenty of time convincing myself this was not real. now as a adult i still at times feel like i am not alone but wonder if this is just a need to feel a connection to my deceased father or my imagination.

  16. An Inquirer
    November 22, 2012

    Is my destiny to be enclosed inside a bubble (such as a wrinkle in time) where nobody ever hears me or see’s my posts? I experience this consistently both online & in real life.

    As I somewhat mentioned in my last post, are there any psychics here who can foresee whether hopefully, in the near future, there would be WHOLE-healing clinics (perhaps in China), where quantum-physics diagnostics (such as QXCI-SCIO and LIFE) would be incorporated into their healing program to diagnose which detox methods are most indicated for whichever ill person,
    …following which, those clinics would repair his/her body via MSC stem cells?

    I ask this, because I’m over 50, and have been chronically ill with severe autoimmune inflammations and neuropathy since childhood. I’m desperate for genuine healing systems vs. phony unhealthcare.

    • craigweiler
      November 23, 2012

      It sounds like you’re a good candidate for homeopathy. This is just a feeling I have. I get the feeling that a good homeopathy could provide some help and relief for you. Sometimes psychic healing helps, but studies indicate that it isn’t all that great for chronic illness.

      • An Inquirer
        November 26, 2012

        ironically, the QXCI stated my homeopathic link is blocked by toxins, which explains why not only homeopathy, but many more modalities which work for others, have never worked for me. The QXCI-SCIO is actually way more accurate than practitioners, and more psychic than human psychics, due to being based on quantum physics. Ditto re: the LIFE system (maybe other systems such as ROFES too)

        • Pusheyeam
          November 26, 2018

          Clear your chakras we can all already heal ourselves wherever your illness originates that is the blocked chakra tuning and clearing and balancing if you insist on a taught individual seek out a reiki master or acupunture releases energyfrom meridians they do have holistic health non homeopathy clinics most are not covered by insurance also we heal in our sleep thats y u need rest when sick so at the very least try and add meditationand yoga regimes my advice non expert and not in place of your drs orders

    • Sandy
      August 26, 2016

      Dear friend,

      I realize this thread is a few years old, but I hope this information reaches you regardless. Whole body detoxification and cellular regeneration can be achieved through consumption of a diet fit for homo-sapiens. This would be fruits, berries and melons. This is the absolute and life changing truth; take it or leave it dear friend.
      Please feel free to reach out and I will help the best I can.

      Kindest regards

  17. Kim (@_Isis78)
    October 21, 2012

    I don’t know why I’ve looked this up all of a sudden. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like for other “psychics.” I’ve met a few and they all seem to have a different way of using their skills.
    To be honest, I’ve always hated it. My mother figured out what I was early in my life (age 3?) but she always used the term “clairvoyant,” which I prefer.
    I’m not sure how to explain it but it’s become really bothersome in my life. Looking back, I’ve put myself into very dangerous situations not realizing what is going on in reality because I get so caught up in the moment.
    I’ve seen death, mostly. I’ve called everything the way I’ve seen it, even since I was very young. I’ve known of friends deaths, a boyfriends deaths, even my husband. It’s a nightmare putting your heart and soul into someone even though I know they are going to die. It torments me to no end and I’ve become a recluse because of it. I know there is no one around to understand what I’m going through.
    Growing up and seeing death on a constant basis is no fun. I wish I could explain, since so many instances have happened that I can look back on, knowing I called the situation and yet there was nothing I can do about it.
    If people find out that I am this psychic/medium or clairvoyant- whatever it’s called, they automatically think I can pick them out a soulmate or something like that. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. What I see is so much darker and most of the time I keep it to myself.
    It seems more like a curse to me than a gift. I’m bound by it and it takes me by surprise, even to this day. I was even suspended from school because of this problem. I was humiliated, told it didn’t exist. Even though my parent believed me after all they had seen, it doesn’t help matters much. I’m still a prisoner in my own mind. It’s discouraging. Just how do you tell some innocent bystander that they are going to die without really living their life? Like I said, so many instances and they play out in my mind like a movie on repeat. Nightmares, fear of leaving the house…
    I just hate it. People have asked how I do it. I think the better question is how do they NOT see it?

    • craigweiler
      October 21, 2012

      Thank you so much for sharing that. It is amazingly difficult to convey how hard it can be living with this “gift”. When I “saw” the fire in San Bruno, Ca it terrified me. I was traumatized for a week.

      I do understand why you hate it.

      • Kim (@_Isis78)
        October 23, 2012

        Thanks for your reply. This site has helped me considerably. I am finally realizing I’m not alone. I knew there were “others” but what are we, aliens from outer space?
        & Yes, I have to agree, 9/11 was the worst. I think Katrina took a close second. I was so bound by grief that I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. It’s severe pain that I felt. Guilt, too. I went to doctor after doctor trying to get them to figure where the pain, grief and guilt came from. WHat do you call something like that? Depression?
        People like us see things in advance, that’s all.. We just happen to see the future and spirits that the majority can’t see. We can warn but we can’t change what’s to come. I mean, if we see it happening in the future, that just means it’s going to happen. We’re not God and yet so many believers think it’s within our power to change the bad things as if we were God. Then you have the skeptics that don’t believe a word until things start to ring true and they believe what we say in hindsight. Monday morning quarterbacks is all they end up being.

        I was lucky with my husband that he took the approach that when it’s his time, it’s his time. I take pride in how well he handled his death. He was at peace & that brought me some peace.

    • sk9
      April 25, 2013

      Hi Kim,
      I suffer from the same plight as you. I see death in my dreams too. However taking up some exercises and meditation activated some more abilities recently. But all of it is more a curse than gift as I get warnings or connect to sadness of others, but am not able to do much to change the outcome. May be we need more training to better our understanding and learn how to change the outcome because I do believe that these abilities have a purpose, we just have to know what they are.

    • Anonymous
      September 19, 2013

      I do understand exactly how you feel.. I feel the same..

  18. An Inquirer
    October 15, 2012

    P.S. I forgot to mention i also have tarsal tunnel syndrome. What good is it if proof of same shows up either via aura (or else via QXCI/SCIO), if i can’t get cured anyway? After all, I’m scared of surgery due to high chance of complex regional syndrome, since my ankles are discolored indicative of lots of damage & poor circulation. What i’m desperate for, is that stem cell tech, nano tech & so forth should replace the phony unhealthcare system for once & for all. Can psychics or astrologers say when will that be, if ever? And whether it will be available to the poor who need it most?

  19. eveshi
    October 11, 2012

    Post deleted. This was written by a troll posing as eveshi.

    • craigweiler
      October 11, 2012

      My reply to the troll posing as eveshi has been deleted.

    • eveshi (the real one)
      November 17, 2012

      ^ This post has been written by ‘Alchemical Monocular’ (Skeptiko forum troll), not by me.

      • craigweiler
        November 17, 2012

        Oops. Thank you. I will delete that post.

  20. Dave Cote
    August 6, 2012

    I’ve been working SOOOO hard on tech stuff, computer science, and I’ve been able to integrate it with astrology! I have designed an app for android phone that gives a daily horoscope. It uses many sources and technologies, including taking a picture of the user, and extracting the ‘white light’ content (this stems from research on the photons of light emitted from all living organisms).. I use image recognition and analysis with this to extract an Aura Co-efficient! So for the first time, the “individual” traits are incorporated into the ‘star’ traits!!!
    I have discussed it with some of my friends in the psychic community for some time, and they advised me to let you guys in on it:)
    Dave! oh, and it’s called “AuraScope”! here’s the link:

  21. An Inquirer
    June 19, 2012

    I’m currently aged 50 (51 in September). I might have been able to go into a trance as a child (when viewing candle flames), but that ability was lost long long ago. I’ve been told my pineal gland has been damaged by toxins.

    My life is a bleak, ongoing, nightmare, cut off from most things that are good.
    This living nightmare is the most complex negative synchronicity, In a nutshell, bad experiences are attracted to me, against my will. Furthermore, i’ve suffered a 1/2 lifetime of physical pain such as excruciating migraine headaches, stomach issues, abnormal bleeding, leg pain, tooth pain, eye pain, arch spasms, chronically inflamed mucuous membranes, stuff which nobody else experiences!

    I found this blog in an attempt to find info. re: what thoughts psychics read off peoples’ minds.

    See, I was just reading the Donovan Legacy series by Nora Roberts, and there was this one chapter describing the thought processes which Sebastian picks off the minds of people sharing his table in a casino.

    And I’d love to read real-life thoughts which real-life psychics pick up from people. That’s because I want to get a handle on how most peoples’ minds operate (since I’m so very different from society at large).

    I wish there were psychics I could trust, but my past track record vis-a-vis psychics (and service personnel, and med. personnel, and you-name-it) have mostly proven to be disillusioning dead ends. So it could all be part & parcel of my destiny which tends toward consistent negative synchronicity.

  22. Anonymous
    June 15, 2012

    Thank you for sharing, I too have been able to tap into my phychic abilities, since I was a child. My abilities come in the form of dreams, touch and a very strong inate feelings inside me. I can truly feel another person’s emotion and energy, whether it be good or bad. I appreciate others sharing about their abilities, because I too have alway felt somehow disconnected from others, because our perception of life is percieved on a different level. Im sure that my abilities would be a lot stronger if I exercised them, but for some reason I am hesitant, I guess because I feel an overwhelming pain and saddness when I see when I see a not so good change or death in another. Every person is born with a gift, I don’t believe that every person posses the physic trait, but I believe that each person is born with a gift.

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  24. S. Cain
    June 3, 2012

    It’s very difficult to put into words but I’ll try… Always changing, evolving, a thousand satori every day. In written form the only way to get even close to getting my idea across is to generalize and be vague while dancing gracefully. Sharing is much easier in person, reaching and connecting. My gift is the same as all others. Everyone has the gift of knowledge but until they realize the question they may not know it even if the answer is in the palm of their hand. Every moment of the day more of the fog is wiped away. There is little difference between someone with psychic sensitivities and someone without. A psychic has less fog that’s all. Awareness of your feelings, kindness, empathy… Are these traits you posess? Clarity is all it is and it’s right here inside us all, the trick is to recognize what something is before even knowing the subject. I hate using anologies but this one might help: like a dog knowing what a TV remote is and how it’s used. It’s hard for us to have or find the answer before knowing the question. One only knows what one knows. The funny thing is that we are all part of all the questions and all the answers and everything else and without time while at the same time including all time. The dog does know, he just doesn’t know he does. So keep wiping away the fog, just don’t go looking outside for the clarity. It’s in you. If you have no idea what I’m talking about that’s alright, where you are now is perfect! If you ever want to know just ask and keep on asking… I can read others energies and ideas, can sense when something unfavorable is in my path or in the path of loved ones, can gauge a persons enlightenment or wisdom, and much more but it is all nothing to me. Modesty, kindness, understanding…these are some of the things I strive for. I let others get the better of me without saying it because I care for them. I will never be wealthy because I would give it all away. I sound like a hippy right? I’m actually a strong construction worker and I have to say opening up like this is nice!

    • Pusheyeam
      November 26, 2018

      I loved this wish i couldve liked it twice

  25. S. Cain
    June 3, 2012

    It’s very difficult to put into words but I’ll try… Always changing, evolving, a thousand satori every day. In written form the only way to get even close to getting my idea across is to generalize and be vague while dancing gracefully. Sharing is much easier in person, reaching and connecting. My gift is the same as all others. Everyone has the gift of knowledge but until they realize the question they may not know it even if the answer is in the palm of their hand. Every moment of the day more of the fog is wiped away. There is little difference between someone with psychic sensitivities and someone without. A psychic has less fog that’s all. Awareness of your feelings, kindness, empathy… Are these traits you posess? Clarity is all it is and it’s right here inside us all, the trick is to recognize what something is before even knowing the subject. I hate using anologies but this one might help: like a dog knowing what a TV remote is and how it’s used. It’s hard for us to have or find the answer before knowing the question. One only knows what one knows. The funny thing is that we are all part of all the questions and all the answers and everything else and without time while at the same time including all time. The dog does know, he just doesn’t know he does. So keep wiping away the fog, just don’t go looking outside for the clarity. It’s in you. If you have no idea what I’m talking about that’s alright, where you are now is perfect! If you ever want to know just ask and keep on asking.

  26. Erebus
    May 13, 2012

    I think I was lucky to grow up in a household composed of people that understood that the nature of the Universe is infinitely more complex and connected than we realize. That being said, I’m not sure if I’m psychic. Reading some of the responses however has helped to clarify a few things. Thanks for that

    I experience precognition in dreams. I always see them right before I wake up, and they are most often the only dreams that I remember. I’m never aware that the particular event is going to occur until it happens. Most of the time the events that I see seem insignificant, but I get this feeling that I can choose to follow a specific path (of which i’m unaware where it leads) by following the script like an actor. I always choose the opposite instinctually. It feels like de’ja vu, and it occurs instantaneously. The reason I thought to google “what is it like to be psychic” is because of one of these moments that happened a couple minutes ago.

    The most serious of these happened when I was young. I dreamt that my apartment building in Malaysia (Highland Towers) would collapse. It was a split second vision of a building crumbling to the ground. I didn’t understand what it meant, but I asked my mother if I could accompany her to work that day. Later in day alot of people died.

    • Pusheyeam
      November 26, 2018

      This is really deep i couldnt imagine having this level of gift also i kno i still have to be moderated so hi craig and thanks for the blog and creating space for us to all interact it means the world to me probably most of us in so many post i see myself its priceless to relate to others and know your not crazy

  27. psifiwireless
    March 21, 2012

    To me, first and foremost, being psychic means I feel an extra measure of responsibility in whatever I am involved in. I sometimes know things about people that they might prefer I not know about. I feel bound to keeping that information confidential, and not acting on it, even if they don’t KNOW that I know.

    Being psychic sometimes means you tune in to an unspoken truth, a lie, or a friend’s true feelings, and having that knowledge hurts your feelings or your ego. It makes you feel a little sad. There’s no way you can be mad, as they didn’t “say” it. But it can be a deal breaker, nonetheless.

    Sometimes being psychic is like finding the rarest, most beautiful flower, ever. The feeling of sheer astonishment at the synchronistic order of the universe makes me smile, all by myself. Other times, a sense of another person’s anger, pain or sorrow hangs in the air around them like mini-clouds, and settles onto me. I have to carry it around for a while, like a Kangaroo, before I realize it doesn’t even belong to me.

    I love feeling so connected that if I have overlooked something important during the day, my dreams at night will inform me through symbols, feelings or humor in time to amend or understand a situation when I wake up. It made me chuckle once when a friend selected a secret gift for me at Christmas time, and I selected a secret gift for them as well. But when we opened the presents, they were both the SAME exact gift!

    It is sometimes embarrassing to explain to someone that I am a psychic, because I dread the inevitable smirk of contempt that washes over the face of hard core materialists or fundamental Christians. I’ve learned to use discernment regarding what, when, where, who and why I disclose that. But I absolutely wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    • craigweiler
      March 21, 2012

      Wow! thank you. It is always nice to hear from someone who has found peace with their psychic ability.

  28. Gina
    March 8, 2012

    What is it like to be psychic? Well, it’s lonely! I saw a man once and I knew he would become an actor…I wanted to tell him so badly, but he was fairly snobby & uptight, so I just kept my thoughts to myself. Later, after he became famous, he said to a journalist, “I always wanted to be an actor, but everyone told me not to become one.” I read this in a newspaper article, and I smiled to myself, because I always knew he was going to make it as an actor. But I could not tell him, because I felt we were just worlds apart.

    I saw another man once and knew he would do something *truly awful*. He is in prison now, and will remain there for the next 30 years. Now of course I couldn’t talk to this man either, he was far too sinister to approach. I just looked down at his face and knew I was seeing evil. I felt his evil aura from across a room, it was so bad that I actually knew I had to look up and see where it was coming from ( him, of course! )

    Aside from all this, I also have to read online that I “don’t exist.”. “Psychics are not real”, is what people say all the time. “They will take your money and make a fool of you”, say the skeptics. “They are delusional,” others say.

    So why am I a closet psychic? Well I’ve never been the most popular girl around. It’s gotten much worse over the last few years. Maybe if I had a way with people and trusted them I could have done more with my abilities, such as working with police to help them catch criminals ( I do get visions sometimes, not just feelings about people ).

  29. insomniac
    November 3, 2011

    Great comments to a great question. Right away i feel like i’m in good company. We ain’t crazy. Practice the knowing smile. =-) Practice is the key. Your mind has more capability than “they” want you to believe. I have experimented for years with trusting the “Flow” to guide me to my destination. It got so that i could hit a moving target in a big city better than half the time. I think it is the same guidance system that provides oxygen and nutrients in just the right ratio to cells. It is a part of Nature… a vast communications system that guides and protects living things. It surely can be overwhelming, but learn to trust your intuition… it is part of that larger mind we all are part of.

    • Raven
      November 8, 2011

      I’d love to hear what it’s – being psychic, that is – like for other people, in rather literal terms! “Insomniac” speaks of trusting the “Flow”. What does that feel/look/sound like? Sometimes I get a picture that flashes in my mind – an espresso machine on the top shelf in a certain store. Or deer in the road around the corner. Other times I actually hear a voice saying, “There’s a book by Mercedes Lackey that you haven’t read yet. On the top shelf of the new book section [in the library]”. And thank you, Insomniac, for your supportive words!! (So… maybe Mona Lisa was psychic?)

  30. Raven
    November 1, 2011

    What’s it like for me to be psychic?
    Huh. Well, I know or see things ahead of the news pretty frequently. I saw (in my head) the tsunami in Japan as it was happening. It looked like the end of the world. I heard the attack on the U.S. Embassy in … Kabul, was it? There was an official guy, 45+ yrs old, black hair, white shirt, black pants, reporting to somebody, “We’re under attack.” This while I’m in the middle of cleaning somebody’s house. My usual thinking is first, “what the hell???”, then “jeeze, I’m nuts”, then, “huh. Maybe it’s not me – maybe there’s something really happening in the world or with somebody I know.” I frequently feel it when my friends (not present) have strong emotions. I seldom call friends on the phone because as soon as I think of them, they call me. I struggle not to be too connected to the people I know, to maintain the illusion of separation and privacy. I have to remember not to complain to my friends about things they haven’t done yet. Because they don’t know they’re going to do them. Time is not linear! It can sure be confusing. It’s like remembering things that haven’t happened yet.
    There is always a glow around people – sometimes colors. Sometimes lines of color between people. Sometimes I see people “eating” other people’s energy.
    This’ll sound really weird but … sometimes I can do weather working. I can move the air, call the wind, stop the wind. I have a suspicion that a certain amount of our hurricanes, tornadoes and damaging storms might be caused by small groups of people working together. I think we could prevent or manage a lot of these events if we had small groups working together.
    I can do some healing. I had to learn (the hard way) not to take other people’s sickness into my body, there are other ways to heal than that.
    I find almost every human experience kind of fascinating.
    I had to learn to stay away from people with really dark auras – they’re trouble. (A part of me would say, “hey, that’s a really dark aura! How interesting. I wonder what that’s all about …”)
    Occasionally I see dead people. They look just like live people until they blink out of existence. (I have a really suave technique for dealing with this. I ask whoever’s house I’m at, “So … hey, you know anybody who’s died recently?” They describe the person I saw and I think, “yep. It was a dead guy sure enough.”)
    It’s all really interesting and a bit tiring. I like being the way I am and knowing what I know. It’s difficult not being able to talk about it. People either say, “Wow. It must be cool to be weird, I mean psychic.” or they kindly explain that I probably have a memory disorder so that I only think I knew something before I heard about it. (As if having a brain malfunction would be a lot happier than being a bit psychic.) And then they suggest taking something like the anti-depressants that they take so that they can feel better while not changing the behaviors or circumstances that are making them so depressed. I’ll stop myself now before I start ranting.

  31. Anonymous
    October 20, 2011

    Hi Craig,
    I’ve read most, maybe all, of the posts on your website. For me, this post was the best.

    I hope to learn how to take my place amidst the vastness. And then, there is the big C, connectedness. From this comes a question for myself, a personal contradiction. Being psychic, for me, feels isolated and often overwhelming. Far to much precognitive information floods in on me and I don’t know what to do with it. Yet, I feel the big C.
    Another contradiction: you said psychic experiences are individual. I agree. But, when we each have our unique experiences are we taking our special place in the vastness? Did we open a door to the Big C?
    To much for me to think about right now. I read your post and instantly liked it.

    Neil Miller

    • Anonymous
      June 20, 2012

      For Neil Miller; that big C you describe is the awakening. Our next step. It’s always been there. Always will be. Ever read another’s discription of how it is to be psychic and realize that is the same with you? The more empathetic we are the more of the fog that’s been wiped away. Everyone has their own tone but the world hums together. Aight

  32. Anonymous
    October 18, 2011

    I really like your description Craig, I can relate and can find more words for it all too, its so “in there” it is hard to verbalize..but you did a great job. With me it is all of it and more and I would write for days to explain it.
    it DOES get better with age, for that is when the heart knows that it has all been worth it.
    Big Light to you.

  33. D Luddie
    October 17, 2011

    For me, being highly sensitive can be fun when toying with people. On the flip side, it is a frightening state knowing an event will happen and not being able to stop it, find it, warn or avoid it. But worse is when it involves other people. A feeling of helplessness and dread dominate until the event passes, I am reminded of it daily, sometimes with feelings, sometimes in dreams. Frustrated that I cannot share my sensitivity with those around me, I am left with my own emptiness and defeat. But I don’t consider my ability a curse but rather feel positive that someday I will be able to learn to control how I handle the information and use it to help. My ability is intermittent, not constant. Lately being strongest during a full moon and “no” moon cycle. I am in my fifties and have always had the ability but never could find a pattern until recently. Perhaps age will be the best teacher.

    • Rachel
      October 20, 2011


      I’m like you, it comes when it feels like it, but fortunately less often than it used to. I have often had precognition with the feelings you describe, and I have felt totally isolated by having no one around who recognises or understands what’s happening. When it does happen I have always fought it, but I know now that I shouldn’t have, that’s probably what made it horrific.

      In general, my psychic abilities are relatively weak, probably because I don’t exercise it much. Sometimes ideas come into my head that turn out to be accurate. I can move pendulums and be affected by crystals. My instincts are fairly strong and I feel that I should follow them, rather than ignore them.

      I, like Craig, have always felt instinctively invincible, even when I crashed my pushbike, instead of the inevitable death, I got away with bruises and a pulled muscle! My consciousness gets pushed aside and my subconscious does all the work; the same when my car skids, I’m not getting out of a skid, my brain is, my consciousness is sitting behind the wheel giggling.

      I have some questions for psychics though, inspired by Craig’s comment about enlightenment; does psychic ability lead a person to a sort of enlightenment state, and if so, is this temporary or permanent? Would a psychic experience that allowed someone to see the veil separating matter from spirit, encourage someone to try to develop their consciousness further? Is this the point of having psychic abilities? Are the findings of fundamental physics (eg neutrinos changing) revealing the veil, or something else? The most important question: what’s belief got to do with anything?

  34. Mari Caplan
    October 17, 2011

    ” My job in this life is to transition from a person of insecurity and fear to becoming powerful and happy.”

    That is an especially poignant observation Craig. I think that really is essentially what we are all here for every time we incarnate. Each time we land here its with a different set of tools to work towards that goal.

    So. What does being psychic look like for me? I think like you its this constant feeling of connectedness. I can feel what other people are feeling. Often I can feel energy coming off individuals. Feel it like its this mass in and of itself. ( it is! ) Many times I know the facts of a situation intuitively but I translate those facts incorrectly. Naturally, when I remove my ego and my need to translate anything the information flows more readily and becomes more helpful to all involved.

    I’ve always been particularly psychic about relationships and dynamics between groups and individuals. Like Monica I have frequent time slips where time ceases to exist and there is only now. I love when it happens on the one hand and I feel sad about it on the other because it’s such a glorious experience that when it’s over and I am forced to negotiate the illusion of real life again I get briefly deflated.

    I have tried at different times in my life to ” be less sensitive” because I have been met with such criticism from people whose opinion I value. But those attempts at someone else’s idea of normal have always lead to depression. Every time. So I don’t run from psi anymore because its the normal I know and on the whole I am happier living psychically than not.

  35. Monica
    October 17, 2011

    Most of the time, I just say it’s boring.

    If I were being honest? It’s a sense. I can feel things in a specific range around me, and sure, sometimes it cuts out, but at the end of the day it’s a sixth sense, nothing more. Like if I had an extra limb–it would be useful, but it’s not particularly *interesting*. And although I do sense other people’s point-of-view, that’s still less interesting than you think. At the end of the day, we’re all the same person, just with a thousand little quirks.

    Sometimes, it’s amazing. I can move *outside of Time*. No, it’s not practical, but it’s *art*, something with no value beyond displaying just how precious this world is, how beautiful and rare our most fundamental aspects are. No matter how sh*tty my life gets (and trust me, it’s gotten bad), I’m blessed to have grown up with living art in my mind.

    And then there’s the idiots who think that they can ‘prove’ something by attacking me. It’s always the same with these people–they are doing nothing but proving an inner point to themselves, and doing it so loudly I can barely block them out. This honestly infuriates me. I understand lashing out because you’re hurt, but you have to learn to recognize it and deal with it, not continue doing the same thing in the name of ‘science’.

    Other people are probably really different, but for me, that pretty much sums it up.

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