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The Power of Many: Occupy Wall Street

“The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich and the poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”

Anatole France, 1844 – 1924

As Fall sets in, the authorities in cities across America are hoping against hope that the cold weather will drive the protestors away.  To that end, in New York, they are seizing gas cans and generators as a “safety measure.”  The message is clear:  GO AWAY!

It’s not going to happen.  The authorities, being the of the Top -> Down mentality, are having to learn the one thing every parent of teenagers must also learn:  the more aggressive you are, the more of a fight you’re going to be in for.  Aggressive police action has helped galvanize support for this movement.  The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread across the United States and the world.  It seems like it has been going on forever, but the protests only started on September 17th of this year. Since that time it has grown by staggering proportions, with protests occurring in almost 400 cities spanning  54 countries.  I think that it’s safe to say that this protest is not going to go away anytime soon and will undoubtedly endure through winter.  The Occupy Wall Street movement has legs.

Why have these protests gotten so large so fast?  It’s not the media; they have only covered the protests begrudgingly.  I think it is the fact that the OWS protestors, unlike the Tea Party, are angry at the right people.  The Occupy Wall Street protests have the power of truth and everyone knows it.  They are speaking directly to a very real problem that is well documented and shared by the majority of Americans and by large numbers of people in other countries.  Indeed, disparity in wealth is a world wide problem;  if you are going to protest something, wealth disparity and the crony corporate welfare that goes with it should be on your short list; most other social problems stem from this problem.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are a good thing.  We need to keep four things in perspective here:  1.  People are going to protest.  2.  Peaceful protests are better than violent ones.  3.  Violent protests are better than violent insurrection.  4.  Violent insurrection is better than outright civil war.  These protests are the safety valve of a true democracy and they must be taken seriously and allowed to exist because the alternatives are much, much worse.

The popularity of the movement can be seen in the donations streaming in.  To date, the organization has received over $500,000 dollars to continue with the protests, which brings me around to the main point of this article: for every protestor on the streets there are thousands upon thousands of people who agree with what they are doing and support their actions, if only silently.  It is the Power of Many.  The Many may take no action themselves, but they participate in polls, they vote and above all, they see.  They see the mainstream reaction to the protests; they see the police reactions to the protests; they see the desperate attempts of the minions of the elite to make this thing GO AWAY.

The protests may not directly achieve the goal of closing the wealth gap, but the longer they endure, the more they force this extremely important issue to the front of the line, making it virtually impossible for the mainstream media to ignore it.  Big protests are news and require news coverage whether one agrees with them or not.  While at first, the news agencies could mock the protests and dismiss them, this is becoming harder as they drag on.  As I said: everyone knows how serious this is and what is at stake.  It is not about informing people and spreading the word, it is a battle of wills.  Once undertaken, the Many always win.  The group consciousness simply forces its will on a willful minority and things change.

Perhaps the overriding message of the Occupy Wall Street protests is a demonstration of where power actually lies:  In. The. Many.  The media has been forced to cover these protests against their will, which should dispel any myth that they can actually control the debate through the power of mass media.  Just because people watch the news does not mean that they trust it to be true.  This is true of every major news outlet.  They can get people to watch, but they cannot make them believe.  Jon Stewart, the comedian, is arguably the most trusted news source on television; why?  More than anyone else, he tells the unvarnished truth.  There are so many other people to choose from, yet Comedy Central has our generation’s version of Walter Cronkite.  The Many have recognized the influence of corporate interests in their news and the resulting biases and no longer trust them to do their job impartially.  In the eyes of the public, they have been reduced to being entertainment.

Now they are facing the music.  Without credibility, they have no power to sway the majority of public opinion on the OWS protests.  Mainstream media has tried to lead opinion and control the debate, but the OWS protests have demonstrated the true nature of the power structure: The Many are perfectly capable of leading opinion and controlling the debate and when they choose to do so, the mainstream media has no choice but to follow.  It is the difference between a trusted news source with the humility to understand this power structure, such as Jon Stewart, and the talking heads that fill most of the airtime on mainstream media.

A large collective consciousness has decided that it is time for change and it has manifested in the form of protests all around the world.  The full effect of this force has yet to be seen, but you can be sure of one thing.  Change will come; probably slowly, but with inevitability because the Many are the true source of power.

4 comments on “The Power of Many: Occupy Wall Street

  1. Monica
    October 30, 2011

    Oh, I’m just waiting for this to turn really violent. THEN we’ll see something…

    *sigh* If only we could do something WITHOUT that happening.

    • Beth
      December 29, 2011

      I agree with you I had a similar rant the other day about the fascist state thrice country is in. It’s much worse than a monarchy, big businesses are at the helm, taking our tax dollars and poisoning us for the sake of a profit. Taxation without representation; the welfare state is not some single mom trying to feed her kids, it’s corporations who continually receive millions and millions of tax dollars from the IRS! CEOs are paying more taxes than the corporations in which the run, all due to the intricate series of loophole wallstreet executive have been in bed with the treasury department, paying politians deregulating the checks and balance at. When does our vote become a shot in the dark? When corporations received personal liberties, they have more rights than an ordinary citizen, and the lobby is much more mighty than the ballot box.
      The occupy movement is our best chance to shake things up. Gene Sharp deserves multiple noble peace prizes for his work, liberating thousands worldwide; the pen indeed is mightier than the sword.

  2. Don Salmon
    October 30, 2011

    Hi Craig, nice post as ever. I saw an analysis (favorable, generally) of OCS by a Marxist today. He was looking at the “split” in the 60s and 70s between the hard core political types and the spiritual/hippy types. He said there seems to be a similar split now, and it was urgent that we see that it doesn’t matter what’s inside, because what controls and shapes people are the outer, economic structures!!

    What I see, in the news and here at occupy Asheville is a tentative, delicate, not quite grounded rising of the – if not spiritual, at least a deeper consciousness of some kind, trying to find a way to meld with, to blend with the need to articulate and form some kind of outer structure.

    I think its a very different time now, for inner reasons more than outer – the materialistic consciousness of the last 4 centuries, the denial of the psychic and hte psyche – has reached a breaking point and humanity can truly no longer breathe the air of the dead world (if not dead environmentally, almost dead spiritually, our souls can no longer breathe the dead air).

    I’m actually very optimistic – if we can see that there is so little we need materially – food and water, a place to get in out of the cold, or if you live in a warmer climate, only the most modest shelter and a few changes of cheap clothing you can barter with/from others, then we can really focus on our true inner needs and bring about a quantum leap in evolution.

    meanwhile, here in Asheville, the occupy movement was ordered out of their tent city a few days ago by the mayor. Jan and I passed by tne new sidewalk location, where the sign said, “Screw us and we multiply”.

    You have to understand about Asheville – it’s a heavily artistic, music filled (the Moog electronic music festival is happening this week; robert moog, teh inventor of the first big synthesizer, lived here), and big Buddhist, new age center as well. Gay rights, pro choice, transition asheville (strong sustainability movement), and progressive causes in general are big here.

    Recently a conservative represtnative from upstate North Carolina referre to Asheville as a “cesspool of sin” for supporting gay marriage and other similar issues. The Ashevillians – who already proudly display bumper stickers saying, Keep Asheville Weird” were overjoyed, and pleaded with city leaders not to dispute the guy. “After all,” they said, “now tourists will divert their destination from Las Vegas to Asheville, and all our local businesses will benefit.” It got so big, that during the local NPR station fund drive, they kept trumpeting the slogan, “Keep Asheville demonic”. What a change from the buckle of the Bible belt city we moved from last year, Greenville, SC!

    The times are a changin my friend. I’m grateful for your blog, which is such a breath of fresh air in the midst of so much of the effort to keep our minds focused on the externals, to the detriment of our psyche.

    Keep on keeping on, and thank you.

    • craigweiler
      November 2, 2011

      It’s nice to hear that you’ve found a good town!

      And I agree, there are some very interesting changes afoot as the total energy grows and expands. It is making the old patterns untenable.

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