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A Little Trick of Precognition by Neil Miller

Suppose you could see your future, or, at least little moments of it.  And, as these moments revealed themselves to you, like the rising sun of a new day, you found yourself scratching your head saying “hunh?”, “now, what’s this?”  But, if you saw these moments and you knew that they were meant to be then that means that they were fated, right?  There’s no alternative explanation, right?  I’m not so sure.

These questions are based on some of my recent psychic experiences.   Were these moments fated?     Because I’m precognitive, the idea of fate is not an abstract concept to me, it is something that is very tangible.  I don’t reject the concept of fate out of hand, but,I do think that there are alternative explanations.  I can weigh the evidence of my own experience and make a choice.  A choice between fate and……

What if I’m using my precognitive ability as a tool, an aid to my pushing myself into situations where I have to stretch out my emotions, even confront something about me that will force me to grow?  I don’t really want to think too hard about it.  Far too many related thoughts are suddenly coming to mind and my imagination wants to scatter its energy over each of these.  Rather than do that, I’l just move through these thoughts step by step.

I’ve stumbled upon a little trick of precognition.  With pen and notebook nearby, I’ll sit back in an easy chair and put my feet up.  For the month ahead, and, each day of that month, I’ll slowly say “there’s something coming up” on the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, and all the rest of the days of that month. What “coming up” means is that there would be an unusual event during the day.  This event would have some out of the ordinary emotional impact for me.  If I felt something about a day, I’d record that day in my log.  This procedure got so easy to do I moved farther out in time than the preceding month.  For example, I may pick my impact days for October in mid-August.  Several times I’ve picked impact days over 70 days in advance.  Do you understand?  Over 70 days in advance I’ve picked the exact day that an event with emotional impact happens to me.

Psychically, reaching forward with your mind to see tomorrow is doable.  But, a week, a month, over 2 months; the farther out in time I go the result is less light, more shadows.  I know when I’ve picked a day I feel a kind of door opening.  The emotions I feel on the other side of that door are what I call the impact.  (If the day was going to have a serious event-car crash, win the lottery-I’m trusting I would have felt something Way! out of the ordinary.  So far there have been no riches or hospital bills.)  I don’t make any attempt to change my activities on that day (I’m lying) and I try not to anticipate or 2nd guess details of the expected impact (lying again).  It’s just about impossible for me to psychically pin down details (the whole truth) about the event I felt weeks earlier.  The future was cloudy on the day of my monthly psychic session, and, on the impact day, I’m too jumpy.  I just try to calmly wait for a door to open-like these doors;

I was shopping at a natural foods market.  Two employees were nearby.  There was a girl who looked about 17.  She had a pierced lip, a pierced nose and I wondered if Ozzie Osbourne had a mysterious run away daughter.  The other employee was a guy about my (62) age.  I was talking to the guy about discovering/rediscovering the joy of Miles Davis music videos, on the Internet.  The girl looked up from stocking the shelf and said, “Oh, I love Miles Davis   I picked this day 71 days early.  My little runaway took a giant step past my image of her.  I loved her doing that; I always love it when people go beyond the surface appearance I see.  This was what I was psychically aware of 10 weeks before.  Plus, I have a surprising new friend (?) to talk to.  With this event my emotions got stretched out a bit.  The other event overlaps this concept.

“At least you don’t have to work with her,” said a co-worker.  Recently, at work, my department added 3 new people.  A friend of mine transferred in from another department, and, the others were new hires.  Speaking on behalf of all 3 ladies, my friend told me they were disgusted by an employee that I personally can’t stand either.I got that particular premonition 57 days early.  Work environments can be toxic for a variety of reason, but life goes on.  I know it’s practical to do my job and try and get along, but getting along with everyone means you’re looking at everyone with a smiley face, thus through a kind of emotional haze.  And, one’s breathing can be a bit labored because of all of the emotions that are suppressed.    My friend became even more my friend for not settling for that sort of interpersonal smog.  I was relieved to find out that the person that I found so disagreeable was disliked by my friend as well.  (We had both made attempts to get along with her, but without success.)

I haven’t said anything about fate yet.  Let’s try and take a closer look.  Fate doesn’t have to look like a Hollywood movie or resemble great literature.  You have a cholesterol problem and you just bought yourself a pizza with everything on it.  Is it fate if you get a heart attack? .  A data entry clerk’s young boyfriend just came up behind her and gave her a sweet little kiss.  She was distracted and didn’t check her work.  You have a zero balance at Visa but somehow owe them $10,000.  Is that fate because someone else caused the problem?  What if the Visa problem was the result of your karma from a past life?  Does that make it fate?  Where does personal responsibility fit in?

Note: I’ve got dozens of impact days logged that I could mull over.  For the impact moments I’ve experienced, my precognition had to have been working real hard.  For most of those moments I had to be at a certain place, at a certain time, on a certain day.  That’s too much for my precognition to handle, right?  Therefore, these moments had to be fated.  Here is my honest reply;

I knew the day and I could have chosen to stay home, go out of town for a while, anything that would take me out of my normal routine.  I chose to be part of the day.  My precognition lit up on that calendar day and helped me with my timing.  The message my psychic ability was giving me was “Don’t miss this day Neil, don’t miss this moment.”  My precognitive ability has pushed me into situations that helped me to learn and grow.   I can endorse my precognition as a spiritual guide for myself.  And, I hope to use my precognitive ability to deepen my understanding of this whole idea of fate.  I’ll look at each impact day with my precognition and then ask myself what if fate was my only choice to understand the impact day, in other words, no choice at all.  It’s pretty clear where that leads.

I’m very fortunate that I stumbled onto this little trick of precognition.

About An Antidote for Politics

All my adult life I've wanted to see people turn down the noise of politics and actually listen to each other. Is who I am, and what my politics are, a block to you and me actually listening to each other? Perhaps it is. I hope you'll forgive me, I'm just not going to talk about me or my affiliation. Because, the reaching out we could do is so much more important. MT

8 comments on “A Little Trick of Precognition by Neil Miller

  1. walllum
    June 4, 2013

    What a wonderful idea. I never thought of that. The only premonition thing that I have done is if I had a good or bad feeling I would focus on it and try to clarify it by asking myself questions, like ‘is it related to work’ etc and then I would get feelings in response.

    I do believe, however, that we can change those things that we see in our future, and I think that part of precogniscence is to give us the opportunity to do so. I have seen things in my future, or been informed of them by others in a non-psychic way, and changed them using ‘psychic’ energy.

    Some of the other things I have done are closing my eyes and walking through a forest, ‘seeing’ where the trees are with my mind, and when I was renovating, holding my hand above a timber plank (with my eyes closed) and moving it along until something ‘felt’ different, and when I opened them my hand would be over a nail (not touching). I love playing little games like that.

  2. neilmiller2011
    February 16, 2012

    Thank you for your heartfelt reply. I’ve only recently started down this particular path. Soon, and easily, you could go right by me.


  3. grace deasis
    February 15, 2012

    at first i often thought that just by hunches and guesses and feelings about a person and upcoming events which sooner and later happened(say weeks later or just within a few months) were simply coincidental in my case.I kept researching about coinci
    dences and synchdestiny subjects hoping to find truth in it.But with your broad and enlightening topic I have come to get in touch with my personal search for the answers of being a highly sensitive person.Thank you for the upright explanations to all of these.

    • Anonymous
      February 16, 2012

      Dear Grace,

      Thank you for your heartfelt reply. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve only recently started on this particular path. Soon and easily, you could surpass me.


  4. Mari Caplan
    December 4, 2011

    Great idea. I like getting out in front of it as well and using a calendar is a great way of establishing some boundaries.


    • neilmiller2011
      December 4, 2011

      you’re welcome.

      this technique is so new to me I hope you-and Monica, the other person to comment so far-will keep in touch. Finding how it’s working for you will help me.

      Neil Miller

  5. neilmiller2011
    December 4, 2011

    thank you.

    please let me know how it goes.. I’ll help if I can.

    Neil Miller

  6. Monica
    December 3, 2011

    Wow! I’m gonna have to try that–normally I catch glimpses of totally random stuff and can’t make heads or tails of it until later. Aiming it would be very interesting…

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