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The Physiology of Psychic People and Psychic Ability

Psychic people generally notice that they’re different from other people in ways that they can’t quite define, but it seems to be more than just psychic ability.  While it’s been shown that most of the world has some level of psychic ability, the distribution is not even.  Some people are far more psychic than others.  The reasons for this are many and they trace back to a biological predisposition towards psychic ability.  People who are very psychic were born that way.

Psychic ability itself is a byproduct of a much larger process that is basically a biological predisposition towards sensitivities of all sorts, including environmental and emotional.  For that reason, David Ritchey, in his book The HISS of the ASP refers instead to Anomalously Sensitive Person, or ASP instead of the more culturally loaded term, “psychic.”  According to Ritchey:

An anomalously high scorer on the HISS Biological (BIO) predispositions scale1 is likely to be a Non-Right-Handed, hypopigmented female who has an other-than-conventional sexual orientation and was born as one of a multiple birth.  S/he would also be likely to report developmental learning disorders, developmental speech disorders, low body temperature, low blood pressure, chronic sinusitis and chronic body pain.

Research by Geschwind and Galaburda discovered a relationship between left handedness and various developmental, immunological and learning disorders.  This was eventually traced to an anomaly in neurophysiological structuring they called “anomalous cerebral dominance” which underlaid the connections.2

Anomalous cerebral dominance is important to psychic ability because this implies a more developed right side of the brain, which is where psychic ability appears to arise from.  Specifically, in telepathy studies, the greatest activation occurred in the right parahippocampal gyrus3. (left side shown)  In addition, the corpus callosum, (the connection between the two sides of the brain) are enlarged in right brained people.

The congruence of the region of activation during “telepathy” by Sean Harribance and Gerard Senehi, especially when the specific electromagnetic and cellular characteristics are considered, suggests the parahippocampal region may be a focus for exploration of the mechanisms by which these phenomena might occur.


Female brains are naturally less strongly lateralized (more equal, less one sided) than male brains, and not coincidentally, about two thirds of psychic people are female.

The brain controls the body contralaterally, so the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain controls the right.  For that reason, right handedness is more prevalent than left handedness.  (Because most people are left brain dominant.)  Psychic people tend to be either left handed or ambidextrous, but not always.

A dominant right brain naturally produces different thought patterns; specifically, those who are possessed of this feature tend towards more holistic, creative thinking than is ordinary.  Right brain dominance is a matter of degrees and it follows that those who are outliers in this area will have substantially different modes of thinking than is ordinary.  In other words, there are physiological reasons for psychic people to experience strong feelings of being different.  (Because this is physically true.)

Psychic people are referred to here as anomalously sensitive people (ASP’s) because the sensitivities go far beyond psychic ability.  Physiological sensitivities include an over active immune system, psychogenic sensitivities, substance sensitivities and electro-magnetic radiation sensitivities.  In addition there are aesthetic and overload sensitivities.  As a group, psychic people are more vulnerable to allergies and autoimmune diseases and those who are left handed are more prone to accidents than the general population.  However, ASP’s also possess the best neurology for self healing and have a better ability to reduce key stressors and their negative effects through intention.  (ASP’s can make real the placebo effect, as opposed to pretend to be real.  They can convince the body and the benefits become real.)

The anomalous sensitivity extends to emotions with psychic people being strongly associated with a high emotional sensitivity.  In the Meyer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) most psychic people fall into the INFJ and INFP categories.  Introverted, intuitive and feeling are characteristics of people whose emotions are finely tuned.  Introverted, because they are easily overwhelmed by the emotions of people around them, intuitive because they respond to information in a feeling way and use feeling for making judgements.

Trauma, both from ordinary accidents and injury as well as abuse, including sexual, plays a part in psychic ability as well.  Disassociation, which is a common psychological protective measure the mind institutes in the presence of intense pain, both mental and physical, is an altered state of consciousness.  Altered states of consciousness are a key factor in psychic experiences.  This is a correlation though, not a cause and effect.  It can be that highly sensitive people, (and children) are magnets for abuse, or maybe not.  Only about 25% of the general population has an inborn capacity to disassociate.  This is roughly the same percentage as those who are born with less lateralized brains, (i.e. right brained)  The correlation is backed up by a study by Kunzendorf and Marsden that linked dissociative experiences and ambidexterity.4

Disassociation is not necessarily a bad thing.  It shields us from experiences of trauma and allows us to cope with everyday life until we heal enough to deal with the pain.  It only becomes a problem when it becomes a habit and leads to an overall lack of ability to feel.  However, this term can also be used in psychology to refer to any altered state experience.  It’s a way that some psychologists shield themselves from having to deal with the reality of psychic ability.

The thing to take away from this information is that psychic ability is strongly related to specific physiological characteristics.  In other words, it is a genetic predisposition that we can no more alter than our sexual orientation.  We feel and act differently because we are wired that way.  We simply can’t help being who we are.  It’s not a mental disease, it’s a bona fide personality type.  I personally think that the huge array of mental issues that surround psychic ability have more to do with the social isolation and low self esteem, combined with a criminal lack of unbiased information that comes from being a repressed minority than from the physiological differences themselves.


1 This is a questionnaire for psychic people.  Details about this survey can be found here:  (A Survey for Psychic People)

2 The HISS of the ASP, page 65

3 International Journal of Yoga, 2012, vol. 5, issue 2, pg. 140-145

4 The HISS of the ASP, page 85

112 comments on “The Physiology of Psychic People and Psychic Ability

  1. Danae Miller
    May 10, 2018

    The description is me to a scary T. I must ask my parents now if I had a twin. Lol.

    I have morphea and lychen schorosis.

    Poly bisexual left handed ambadextris for everything else… native American ( mixed with everything else as well)

  2. Lorraine Allen
    March 5, 2018

    Yes! Your right… I am a Psychic Medium and Empath and most of these Health Isuses is what I do through on a daily basis.😉👍

  3. Cross
    January 7, 2018

    This is true, partly. We are born this way, but psychic abilities are strong in our first formative years, even before we can speak. It often goes doormat or unrecognized after that, mainly because it is ignored or wrote off as coincidence. It often comes back after abuse, or traumatic events. So a lot of these people who think abuse somehow made them psychic so not true, they had doormat abilities that were suppressed and forgotten until the trauma and abuse happened.

    I have had psychic abilities my whole life, my earliest memory was at 4 years old. Actually, before then…as I would see energy and energetic thoughts of people. These abilities went doormat between the ages of 5-18 years of age, with some bleed through here and there. At 18, I went through some very traumatic events that brought these abilities back up and into my life. Then, as things settled down, and my life went on, had children, ect…they faded, with some bleedthroughsmhere and there. Then at age 24, I went through another traumatic experience, and they came back full force. This went on about 5 years, then things started to settle down again, and they went doormat from the age of 33-38, again with bleedthroughs here and there, but in reality…I’ve had them my whole life, they just are doormat or so subtle when my life runs smooth, and more blatant at times during stress or trauma.

    A lot of my experiences have happened during sleep, dreams, prophecies, visits from deceased people, visions of their life when they were alive…also in the hypnogagic state. Also, these abilities are not limited to one ability, I also have clairsentience, clairaudience, prophecy, past life, empathy, telepathy, ect.

    My nervous system is always in overdrive. I have trouble sleeping, I often have anxiety, and issues with depression here and there. Now, as the generations in my family are progressing, we have several children on the Autism spectrum, (Aspergers) highly intelligent children..high honor and gifted students in school.

    I don’t know exactly why this runs in families, but I have had dreams where I am visiting family on other planets…it’s very weird, they look a lot like my mothers side, light blonde hair, light slanted blue eyes, light skin, ect…but they are very small in stature compared to us. I always chalked those dreams up to fantasy, though. However, it has happened so many times…that’s it’s hard to ignore the feelings and communication in these dreams, they seem so real. Also, my mothers side has the RH factor, it was a miracle I was born as the third child. My mothers physician threw a fit over this and demanded she have an abortion. She had a dream though, and she saw a baby girl in a blue dress, (this was before ultrasounds) and she was told not to abort, I Would be alright and healthy.

    I have nobody to really talk to about these experiences my whole entire life, other than forums and such. I wish these things were recognized in mainstream society…because there are a lot of physical as well as emotional and memtal challenges that go along with having this kind of biology…stress, insomnia, anxiety, the ringing in ears, and for women, endocrine problems, as well as issues with allergies and digestion…and not being able to be treated with success, especially with medicine.

    It makes for a very very hard life. However, I do have some amazing experiences to share, some out of this world experiences.

    • 199x
      February 16, 2018

      I had really like that, my email is would really be fun sharing with you I am personally just coming out of a traumatic set of experiences into a new existence that I am still getting used to

    • Anonymous
      April 15, 2018

      can we talk more? Cant speak publicly. Must protect.

    • magneticmotorscorp
      September 12, 2018

      Do you think that the calcification of the pineal gland due to fluoride poisoning has something to do with the dormancy after birth?

  4. Michelle
    October 14, 2017

    Well, you nailed it again!! The only thing off as far as my abilities is I don’t think I was a multiple. Who knows though? Something has always been missing in my life and I’ve never found out exactly what. Ambidextrous? Completely but I don’t write with my left hand anymore. I do have a question, because of my many disassociated trauma,I’ve locked out huge chunks of that memories history’s along with the trauma and now my barriers are failing. I’m scared to death of those memories so should I embrace them and face alll that trauma at once,at all, or slowly.

    • Cross
      January 7, 2018

      Do what feels right for you. I do want to say this to you, you have had these abilities your whole life, they were just doormat. When you go through traumatic experiences they come back very blatantly. We are very sensitive people, and often go through terrible hardships through out our life….every tragedy, every thing that can go wrong, seems to go wrong. I learned at a young age, through illness, my parents divorce, and bullying, to have tough skin…but I still feel things very deeply, I just try to ignore it or have more compassion and understanding towards people.

      There’s a message I was given a few weeks ago, through energy and higher vibrations…and the #1 message is, to love yourself. Yes, we do not know our worth(we lose our self love through trauma and abuse) but I was clearly and loudly told through energy, that most of us on this earth do not love ourselves. We do not know our worth, and that’s what is lacking first, is self love. You are special, and there are gifts in your suffering, do not be afraid. You are loved, we all are…but we have to love ourselves, and let that love spill over onto others.

      I am working on this, because I, too… not know my self worth, and do not know how to love myself. But, apparently it is inherently there, I just have buried it, and forgotten what it is, or how to feel it. So self love, we don’t love ourselves and we try to care for and love others without self love. That’s something we need to remember, to find inside ourselves, and to practice.

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  7. Ntina
    February 23, 2017

    I used to read the cards.Never was shown how to, it was all for fun.Until i read the cards to a friend of my sister. I hid the cards, and then, told her -indirectly, trying not to hurt her, that her father would die. I do not know why or how i knew, i was just the messenger.He did indeed, a few weeks later.She never spoke to my sister again and she went crazy towards me. I cut the crap and stopped reading the cards. Years later in order to be popular i started doing it again.Every time, e v e r y time, afterwards, i would hurt my fingers and they would bleed.I pretended not to see it until the day all of my right hand fingers were caught between the walls of a marble sink and an iron pan. It sounds incredible but i could not take them out of there.You have no idea of the pain and how incredible It was un-natural. There are some things. I pretend i do not know who it is when the phone rings, or that i do not know when something bad is going to happen. I can tell a woman who is pregnant before she does, when it is a boy, before she does, and which date the birth will take place. I read peoples faces and know their character and intentions.This has saved me sometimes, from accidents, to has also saved me time.Something strange is i attract metals.I have been finding gold, silver, and precious stones since i was 8. I am 45 and i still do. There might be hundreds of people in a place, i will look down and i will see something precious. The last years i have developed something else: i see death in human faces.For whoever i stated that he is doing to die, this happened, sometimes unexpectedly and soon. This scares me a bit.Once a client at work, a very rich french psychic, told me i am as psychic as he is. I am not a psychic.I do not have any abilities.I wish! i would live just to help others. Just for that. But just as i can accept this, i can not deny that there are some things out of the ordinary. I deeply respect psychics, but they are extremely rare.

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  9. sophia
    January 21, 2017

    I KNOW psychic abilities are VERY REAL, yet very rare, at least the legitimate ones, and not from fore-knowledge “awareness,” as some try to claim, at least in what I KNOW to be true.

    Too bad “REAL” scientists don’t offer legitimate tests about this theory, but most genuine “psychics” would probably not come forward … most people are jealous that certain people DO have this ability, and easily discount them, just because THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND, but I do know that 99% of claimants are scammers.

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  11. Louisa Watt
    December 9, 2016

    I think I might be psychic, but I have no real idea because I always found it such a scary thing at times. My family has a lot of natural ability and we know things which are impossible to know, but my mother went pretty crazy from it and I don’t like to delve too deep because some of the things I’ve seen were frightening.
    Doesn’t stop me from seeing them, but helps to make it less frequent if I’m not deliberately exposed to it.
    It’s hard to find people I can talk to about it, even family. My husband believes me because he’s had some strange experiences as a kid, but as an adult he still finds it hard to really believe.

  12. Valerie D. Flaum
    September 20, 2016

    I have felt different all of my life. I am able to answer a question globally. Recently I spent a week telling my friends that a recently fixed (1 bone) broken arm was acting up. Something was happening. They thought I was nuts. Friday of that week I heard crack crack. Two bones broke simultaneously. I then had surgery.

  13. perfectprettypinkprincess
    August 7, 2016

    You see ever since i was five i could see things. The first thing i ever say i was just watching tv at night and next thing you know i see a sparkling figure in the doorway of the room across from me. I stared at it for maybe a minute until i ran. I also have seen a face with red horns my my mirror laughing when i was 7 as well as when i was 15 i told my friend i could see things and explained how and everything thats happened to me. That night my tv turned black and in the back of the screen i could see a skeleton coming towards me till i ran to get my mom. When i came back my tv was back on the channel again. Though i only have seen a few spirits in my life i as a child saw colors all over the place as well as static. Then as a 15 year old i saw orbs black fuzzy and white as well. Now as a 19 year old i see static light everywhere as well as flashes of light and swirls when i look in the sky. I also see it in the mirror as well as dim color which suggests and helps me know i am not crazy or have an eye condition because i was worried i did. Besides seeing things i also have heard things like my name being called when i was younger as well as this year while reading a prayer i heard whispers in my ears when i turned around nothing was there then it happened a minute later so i ran out the room scared. I also i don’t know if its psychic or not have guessed things or fekt things and they were true. As a child a song would play in my head and it would then appear at that same part as it did in my head when i turned the radio on. It happens once in a blue moon now as well. Then also when i have a song in my head someone i am with could say i thinking of that song or they will sing it and i will be like i was thinking of that song too. It happens sometimes but not all the time. Then also one last thing i am puzzled about is my dad and me were at the park when a man cane up to talk to my dad. I felt evil energy from him or scared and i usually don’t feel that. I then asked my dad if that was the man mom was seeing. He asked how did i know but i didn’t i just i do not know it came to me. He said it was my gift i say good guess. He and my cousin also know of ny gift for my cousin has one as well. What would you consider me because i fit in no box. I am Christian so i am told i have discernment though its hard for me to figure people out or other things of the gift. Then on top of that i can’t feel emotions and i also am very outgoing and love people. Though most psychics or empaths are not an extrovert. I truly don’t know what my purpose is or even how spiritual i am or if i even have a gift. Thank you for reading. UPDATED

  14. perfectprettypinkprincess
    August 7, 2016

    Sorry i said Grace i had an already written letter and it takes quite a long time to write everything so i copied most of it.

  15. perfectprettypinkprincess
    August 7, 2016

    (no subject)

    Marinda Rhodes
    to me
    19 hours agoDetails
    Hello Grace my name is Marinda and I really do need some help. I need help regarding if I had or have demons or spirits influencing my life in any kind of way. Though i also need help finding out what am i for i really don’t know my gifts or even what I am categorized or if i am even spiritual and its just random things. You see ever since i was five i could see things. The first thing i ever say i was just watching tv at night and next thing you know i see a sparkling figure in the doorway of the room across from me. I stared at it for maybe a minute until i ran. I also have seen a face with red horns my my mirror laughing when i was 7 as well as when i was 15 i told my friend i could see things and explained how and everything thats happened to me. That night my tv turned black and in the back of the screen i could see a skeleton coming towards me till i ran to get my mom. When i came back my tv was back on the channel again. Though i only have seen a few spirits in my life i as a child saw colors all over the place as well as static. Then as a 15 year old i saw orbs black fuzzy and white as well. Now as a 19 year old i see static light everywhere as well as flashes of light and swirls when i look in the sky. I also see it in the mirror as well as dim color which suggests and helps me know i am not crazy or have an eye condition because i was worried i did. Besides seeing things i also have heard things like my name being called when i was younger as well as this year while reading a prayer i heard whispers in my ears when i turned around nothing was there then it happened a minute later so i ran out the room scared. I also i don’t know if its psychic or not have guessed things or fekt things and they were true. As a child a song would play in my head and it would then appear at that same part as it did in my head when i turned the radio on. It happens once in a blue moon now as well. Then also when i have a song in my head someone i am with could say i thinking of that song or they will sing it and i will be like i was thinking of that song too. It happens sometimes but not all the time. Then also one last thing i am puzzled about is my dad and me were at the park when a man cane up to talk to my dad. I felt evil energy from him or scared and i usually don’t feel that. I then asked my dad if that was the man mom was seeing. He asked how did i know but i didn’t i just i do not know it came to me. He said it was my gift i say good guess. He and my cousin also know of ny gift for my cousin has one as well. What would you consider me because i fit in no box. I am Christian so i am told i have discernment though its hard for me to figure people out or other things of the gift. Then on top of that i can’t feel emotions and i also am very outgoing and love people. Though most psychics or empaths are not an extrovert. I truly don’t know what my purpose is or even how spiritual i am or if i even have a gift. Thank you for reading.

  16. Jasmine
    August 1, 2016

    A very interesting site this is.So many people with similar queries.I was born psychic from psychic ancestors.I am clairvoyant, clairsentient,and clairaudient. My life has shown many weird and wonderful lessons.I am also a born again christian .I believe my abilities are God given and never doubt them.If other christians see it as evil or a threat then I see it as their own spiritual learning and not mine.
    I teach spiritual classes and help lots of people on their spiritual journey.The main subject everyone must consider is faith in what they feel.We are spiritually guided and opportunities or situations are put before us to see if we trust our instincts or simply follow like sheep and our lives meander.
    There is absolutely nothing to fear by being psychic or empaths .They are beautiful gifts and should be seen as such.Too many people question and just don’t accept.Once you have faith in your abilities, being shown things on a spiritual level is a beautiful and fulfilling experience.
    I have been fortunate to travel the world and see many different cultures and their belief sysytems.The one thread that links all is the knowledge there is something greater than ourselves.

    • blacktriniqueen
      August 2, 2016

      How can you be a psychic and a Christian at the same time? Psychic abilities fall under the supernatural as in magic.. Do you share your beliefs with members of your church?

      • blacktriniqueen
        August 2, 2016

        Sorry about that.. What I meant to say was how do you deal with it? Being a Christian and a psychic at the same time? Going to church and I am sure u have gotten stares from people and others discriminating against u?

        • PRenee
          August 6, 2016

          I wish I knew the answer to that question, it would make my life so much easier. I knew I had something going on but I always brushed off as an coincidence.

          I grew up in the church, we didn’t discuss physic, premonition,ufos, or ghost. So I knew nothing when it comes to this information except that it was bad. I’ve even questioned my faith because I felt that it was evil. I find myself hating my “premonition” and psych abilities because it wears me out and I can’t handle “knowing” certain things that i should not have knowledge of. It makes me so exhausted. I look at the world very differently, every since I started to recognized that i was know things that I had no way of knowing.

        • walksinspiritllc
          August 8, 2016

          I thought I’d add my 2 cents worth to this discussion. I am a Christian psychic medium too. No, I don’t share what I do with the members of the Methodist church I attend because it would affect my kids. My relationship with God is my relationship with God. Now if they want to make an appointment for a reading, we can get into the details. 🙂

          Most people discriminate when they don’t understand. It’s human nature.

          I have left several churches who were rude or worse about my gifts. It’s not an easy path, but it is an important one.

      • Anonymous
        August 18, 2016

        My mother bless her soul was one of the strongest psychics I have ever seen and she fought it with all her heart because she thought if she embraced it, it was a form of witch craft and against the faith. It broke my heart because she could have really used it and helped people and instead she hid it. I decided to embrace mine and cultivate it. I left the “church” for a number of reasons but when I was in it, I told no one. I personally don’t see anything wrong if you are gifted with the ability why its so taboo to the church but people always fear what they dont understand.

      • Brandie M.
        October 19, 2016


        I know this is a uuber later entry, but why is can’t you be both? A person psychic experiences or abilities and one’s religion doesn’t have mesh. You are born w/o a religion. You are only given one by your family, a faith, a way of thinking, and a set of ideals that are handed down to an individual. Usually it seems like this is set in stone, but it isn’t. This can be changed. The faith your given molds your thoughts and perception of the world. Christianity teaches you to love and accept certain things and shun others. Just like any other major world religion. People seem to forget that Jesus seemed to be very psychic himself and connected w/ the mysteries of life. He had his black periods, but he had a fated path before him. The things he did were beyond human comprehension and yet this is accepted or glossed over.
        I notice in some churches parts about the angels and subjects considered fantastical or paranormal in nature are passed over. These topics are part of religion no.

        Magic is, I think, personally a daily part of life for some people. What is unknown is usually feared. Life is safe when it’s cookie cutter, but beyond that there’s a blank look and bafflement for some people. Who’s to say psychic gifts aren’t a normal part of reality. If you can separate yourself from the mindset you been given since you’ve known yourself, you could view it objectively. Throughout the worlds history there’s always been stories of Gods, monsters, magicians, demi-gods, spirits, and etc…being able to harness gifts that were beyond our understanding. These beings help to shape the world as much as humans do. I do think there’s a difference between mortal laws, cosmic laws, and/or divine law. There’s a overarching hierarchy that we aren’t privy to. Every so often we’ll catch a glimpse of it and maybe being born a little strange isn’t really bad at all….it seems to be genetics and maybe the more we’re align w/ our true selves, the more we should expect this to occur.
        This is why secret schools or sects have always existed and maybe still do, because anything that isn’t to be understood by the mainstream is suppose to be hidden.

        It’s sacred. Interacting w/ the unseen world is wonderful and perilous journey. So often to be condemned by religions that are becoming increasingly more materialistic as time goes by. Mainly concerned w/ power, control, and being praised by the masses. I was raised Christian/ Baptist, but overtime I thought about my conundrum.
        I say…well it doesn’t feel right to judge or damn someone just, because they’re different than me. Internally I know I’m different. I’m like what happen if I was born raised in a different country or religion? Wouldn’t I have a different view? Why do I fear myself, because I don’t understand myself. My religion says one things, but my experiences show me something else. I try to remind myself of that always. The worst situation is to ever be stuck in a mindset and to never change.

        • blacktriniqueen
          November 3, 2016

          Thank you for your reply! So full of insight! I appreciate that!

        • Lorac
          February 3, 2017

          Very well said!

          • KarVer
            February 3, 2017

            Its been awhile since I’ve reposted.
            I had a premonition someone was to die, no joke they did. I dont understand sometimes why I get this premonition Vibe like a broken tv. It works sometimes. I got a vibe once about a deer at a spot I slowed down for days and one jumped out in front of me. But ive been in predicaments I never seen coming. Why I get the feeling off an on I dont know. Im in my 30s now, I have had this off and on vibe since I was before 10. I try to understand but sometimes it’s just hazy, I felt something about a relative and they got sick I thought it would be worse. But why mostly troubling stuff? I have told my wife, shes only one in person who knows and seen sometimes im shockingly close enough beforehand. Sometimes it can be Days, weeks, or Years. I dont know exactly when, but it if I sense it I assume soon and it usually takes place one way or another.
            God allows us to view things in advance I dont argue I accept it

      • Carol Vani
        September 12, 2018

        Aren’t you a Christian? And you judge her abilities as “magic”? Hmm
        We are ALL born with these natural abilities, it’s how we access and use them that is key.

    • Breanna
      October 19, 2016

      I was told when I was younger by my mother that we both possess certain psychic abilities given to us by the Lord. She called it discernment. I couldn’t allow myself to believe her because it sounded so silly to me. I’ve always experienced what some might call “strange coincidences” or very powerful, vivid dreams. I am seeking your help or any answers to the many questions I have. It would be wonderful if you could email me…
      Thank you

  17. Ted Grivoldi
    July 13, 2016

    I don’t know how to say this butt I was born with severe dyslexia as I Grew Older I developed abilities people No one can’ explain it is imperative that I speak to someone with knowledge inexperienced I am able to do these extraordinary things no other human being can do I will leave you my phone number . 561.703.6016. Our email me at if you truly want the truth about the things the brain is capable of this is the truth and seeing experiencing cannot be denied it is I promise worth your attention you also will be amazed the only issue is I do not fully control some of them it is very hard for me 2 truly understand how it works PS it’s worth just investigating yours truly Theodore grivoldi.

  18. Cyb
    May 31, 2016

    I need help I’m seeing the future but can’t put dates to it then it seems like reliving

  19. Anon
    April 10, 2016

    The part that I find annoying about most people who write about psychics is they always say that the strongest psychics are born that way. News flash. We are all born with psychic abilities. If you don’t know that, then you have a lot of learning to do. Mic drop.

    • Porcsha
      June 19, 2016

      Honestly, it is not as simple as being born psychic. We all have the capacity for great abilities, some of it is choice, some of it is interest and some is exposure to life changing events. My husband and son manipulate electricity but, my daughter and I see ghosts and hear thoughts. Over time, we all have learned to hear or feel each other’s pain. Telepathy is in every living being but, other gifts like seeing the dead are not something we all do. Empathy is learned especially when working in certain professions like nursing.

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  21. Sebastian
    April 7, 2016

    Enchanting article. INFP soul here (budding writer, keyboard player). Not a lefty (with penmanship). Adult son of an alcoholic. Middle aged male with proclivities for Indica and young emo bois (18+). So often a scene from a television show will “take over” my mind and that very episode will air that night (grant you the program will be one I’m hooked on, but totally unaware it is looming on the broadcast horizon.) I’ve been “put on trial” for utilizing words that “hurt”, as if I’ve touched a nerve in others – perhaps my tongue can seek the softest spot in an adversary’s heart. Before shutting my vent, “red-neck” types bear an inherent on-site resentment towards me. I feel out of place when not in a Bohemian enclave.

  22. Anonymous
    March 22, 2016

    Call me sometime

  23. Jesse
    March 22, 2016

    Do you think coffee makes you psychic.

  24. Anon
    March 5, 2016

    No-one, nobody, no person on this earth should ever choose to have abilities that cause reactions that nobody understands, which cause you to be viewed as abnormal. Viewed abnormal, causing withdrawal from people to keep from soaking up everything about a person, withdraqal causing you to be viewed abnormal. Feeling others thoughts and reacting in the opposite way their reactions should cause a person to react but you react opposite as a way to not respond to their “essence”; and your opposite reaction to something they aren’t aware of causes you to be viewed as abnormal. No, ignorance is bliss. God almighty, IGNORANCE IS BLISS.

    • Anonymous
      April 29, 2016

      Yes I feel you.

    • Kathy Williams
      May 6, 2016

      If you are speaking from experience . I am not sure to what degree you are talking about if you are empath, reading and feeling other people around you this is a gift you just have to ground yourself and protect your mind and heart . I believe God protects us if we ask him to and will help you with answers if you ask him . God does not give you a gift and leave you hanging so to speak …. you just need to know he is truth and light . We just happen to be sensitive to others and if you have this try to understand it, but understand it is a process and don’t be hard on yourself . You are not meant to carry the weight of the world on your back you are there to assist others and help them if you can but not to the point it hurts you in any way . Use your common sense . One more thing when you have this ability it is not like you can get in any ones head you just get a sense of what is going on with them at that time and are able to help by getting them to think deeper about the situation they are experiencing or someone they know is experiencing.

    • Porcsha
      June 20, 2016

      Fear should not stop you from being who you are. Wish the Internet was like it is now when I was learning of my gifts when I was in my teens. I felt that way once and, asked God to take that specific gift away. Now my daughter has the gift that I was afraid of and I can’t see what she sees.

      My issue with the Internet is that I don’t find info about other gifts that aren’t just seeing the dead and moving objects which is, in my opinion, is nothing new. I want to know if there are people that can control or push away demons. Can people really be like mutants in the world of Marvel and what can we do to improve or protect our world? Do animals have as much intellect as humans? I have questions and I can’t find info about any of it. This article tells me nothing and is kinda overly complicated for no reason.

      • blacktriniqueen
        July 26, 2016

        Lol u can be my new best friend.. I love your comments strangely I did the very same thing I asked God to to Lake away my abilities.. Yes I believe people have the ability to do anything and everything they believe they can.. If u learned of God through the Bible remember what Jesus said.. All the things I have done so shall you do and more.. You have to find a way to make these things possible for you.. It was very scary for me when I was younger experiencing visions and seeing the dead but now it still is but I feel good knowing that there are other people in the world experiencing the same things!

      • R Marie
        April 9, 2018

        Just replying to your question about repelling demons. I often watch my dreams and if I don’t approve I wake up, but a few months ago I had a nightmare, very vivid, I was actually terrified and luckily woke up before anything serious was about to happen. After waking up, I did the psychic protection trick and it worked, I was able to go back to sleep and not return to the nightmare.

        If you haven’t done psychic protection before, it works by imagining that you’re surrounded by an energy field that protects you, or you imagine entering a protective environment. The act of imagining becomes real or actual.

        In general, I found out I was psychic two years after committing to atheism, it’s been difficult – emotionally, socially and intellectually, but probably worth it in the end. I’m glad I’ve come from the atheist route rather than the religious one, at least I feel I have a chance of understanding aspects of psychic phenomena as it relates to myself.

        When I came out, most of my original family all left the room. I’ve had trust issues with my family ever since, strangely. I just feel that I’m not part of my original family anymore.

    • Lorac
      February 3, 2017

      But you’re not the one who is wrong or abnormal…

  25. Kar Ver
    January 6, 2016

    Ive had “Feelings”
    Not specifically when or who.
    But knew someone I know will have something negative, or die.
    And I have seen “flashes” like color. Sometimes mostly its Red, or Blood like.
    I dont what the flashes mean.
    Its Random, and in my 30s less frequently.
    I get some vibes I cant put my finger on, they happen quickly.
    Sometimes its split seconds.
    I am Right handed, and a Male. Im Christian, and It dont frighten me. I have been “hurt” in accidents and had no “premonition” sometimes I see “things” that lead me to think it might happen. I avoided a wreck once, I seen it in advance. My wife is the only one that knows, I keep this secret. Ive never written anywhere before now. I question whether others truly have understanding or could help. It is very random for me.

    • Donna Lynn
      March 2, 2016

      Don’t discount your experiences. When you accept them, you can ask to have more and grow learn from them. Coming out of the psychic closet and learning to control them, instead of the other way around, has had a dramatic impact on my life. It’s nice to be able to say, no, not now and I’m ready.
      Good luck.

      • KarVer
        March 3, 2016

        I found out my last experience.
        It started on a Thursday. The monday and Tuesday after. I was informed my grandma was in a hospital on Monday she died the next day.
        I have mentioned things to my wife. She knew something was going to happen. And when it did. She said thats what I felt.
        I dont have “feeling” on things always. But I have accepted it to a degree. I wish I understood it better, and knew more specific information.
        Who do I ask? How specific can it get? I dont tell many about the “vibes” but I realize its a type of physic “vibe”. I have even dreamt about places I was to live at or visit or seen and smelled things before I got there. Im a 30ish male Christian, and I believe like Houdini some physics have “tricks”. But I know some are real and I dont FEEL its all “Evil /bad”. If I could be more physic vibe better than I am I would be pleased.

    • D.B.
      April 23, 2016

      You’re in an early stage of development. Red is the lowest frequency of light vibration. There are Credible scientific controled studies in Quantum awareness and Conciousness. There’s a meaningful youtube video but I can remember the exact title. Pyschic development can begin at the safety level. The important thing is to take it slow and accept insights as your ready. There are stages of psychic heart development. Eventually the color & light you see will become meaningful information.

  26. jane
    December 14, 2015

    Interesting. I am INFJ and have auto immune illness (CFS). I had a very traumatic experience recently and lost the ability to speak (mutism). It was quite embarrassing in a way, but I think it helped me deal with huge and overwhelming experiences. So, its interesting that this might be a form of disassociation. I can also pray and meditate in a way that really takes me to a spiritual place, well sometimes. Perhaps these are all connected.

    • linda allen
      February 2, 2016

      I am now 54.yrs old,female…wow we don’t even realise how fast our lives rush past us..but my life since around 12yrs old,i have searched,asked..there Is Just Something Much much More going on than my parents were ever willing to tell me..perhaps they just did not feel it as I Always Have..ok…I have experienced and seen so many things,in our skies with friends,flying saucers and a huge spaceship in Harbord,Syd,and also some very spooky spiritual happenings and predictions..I did some awesome Healing for a while,and then when I really got upset with a few bad harsh people,they seemed to suffer some very harsh stuff…um….its kind of frightenening…I think I am just realising that females just have their own Universal Protection and it doesn’t mean that us gals are dark or bad…please come back people xxoo

  27. CA
    December 10, 2015

    I am not right handed, but I do believe there is a biological/physiological/genetic basis for psychic abilities. I found your theory enormously helpful as I have personally and professionally witnessed enhanced psychic opening following trauma including precognitive dreams and visions. At first this was confusing and overwhelming but with time and acceptance found such abilities can be integrated. Investigating this phenomena, I found an “Eastern” perspective which suggested how psychic phenomena can be induced over time as a consequence of intensive meditation practices or unknowingly following a trauma, physical or emotional (see kundalini risings). In any case, best to not be judgmental but seek guidance around integrating psychic abilities into life so one is grounded and also able to respond compassionately to others.

  28. Shaun
    September 10, 2015

    I love this. I’m right handed but I like to think I’m semi ambidextrous. Some things I do better left. A little to know I’m a musician (drums and guitar mostly but anything with music I catch on quick), an artist (editing of all kinds, sketch in pencils, paint, metal working, you name it), logical but I keep an open mind, like i said; I catch on quick but tend to over think so I move slow at first, introverted and isolated but I try to be social with a close knit of friends, I’m always there to listen and give really good advice (sometimes I don’t know where it even comes from like god just put it in my brain to speak it almost like poetry), when I was in elementary my teacher had said I should see a doctor about a.d.d. but the doctor said I was completely normal, 8th charokee, raised Christian but nothing ever felt right even as a child, could always know how someone was feeling or lying, i sense vibrations and sound easly, and never burn bridges but I know when to cut you off. I have always gone through struggle my whole life. From, bullies, my parents devorce, my own devorce, substance abuses (of may kinds), bad relationships, to even good relationships. I always find away to bounce back. Optimism happens… In my late teens but mostly my early to mid 20’s, I found myself so dissociated that I ended up totally apathetic and numb. My devorce was the hardest thing though. I knew she was cheating on me and the had no idea why. I started to notice little things here and there that confermed my intuitions. That’s when all the drinking and drug abuse were more prominent.

    I felt nothing for a long time. If only people knew how I felt inside when I was totally alone. I couldn’t handle it all at once. My daughter’s relationship with me is almost non existent right now but I know, I mean i know!!! It will all turn out.

    From that to just little things as in winning $4 on a $2 lotto ticket (I never gamble) to knowing why that guy that wasn’t at work last Friday (he was fishing like I said

    The past 2 years I’ve learned more about myself through metaphysical means like zodiac (sun in virgo moon in cancer, and sagittarius), tarot (the hermit), astrology, numerology, and just simply following my own path. Mostly zodiac astrology stuff has realy confermed the gifts i always felf i have and always have had. Yesterday (Sep 9th) was my birthday and I do believe the future will be more promising.

    If you would want to know anything else or cold tell me something more,,, contact me please. I always want to learn more, inform, or just listen

    • Shaun
      September 10, 2015

      Oh and I forgot to mention, understanding words I never really used before or never heard before was a weird perk too.
      Anxiety can be high depending on the circumstance, and process information quickly to the point of finishing scentance or filling in when someone is stuck on a word.

      • A.J. Wright
        November 2, 2015

        I have had the anxiety issues as well, and rely on emotional intuition alot. I have picked up on certain people, even if they are in another city. This usually has only happened with just family members, but recently flowed to a really good female friend of mine, whom I have become close to lately and she shows signs as well. I am a poet and use poetry to express how I feel.

  29. Esteban
    June 14, 2015

    I used to feel overwhelmed in large crowds and almost everytime I walk to a store that has a lot of items everywhere ( you can barely wak around the store ) it gets me dizzy and I lose focus, its a feeling like im being rushed. Sometimes I feel feelings that have nothing to do with whats going on in my life. I can feel if someones mad, sad, happy, worried. Sometimes, even by looking at people I can tell how they are, their eyes gives them away.
    I dont know about you guys but I have very vivid dreams as well. A lot of times people I wdnt even know tell me their problems and sometimes even cry in front of me and then they say (I dont know why im telling you this, I usually dnt tell this to anybody). One time (while on leave) I went to my neighbors house (they have a little kid) and we were drawing on a board and I told him count from 1 to 10 and he started counting and his mom was behind me and she said: Do u have any idea how many times I asked him to count for me and he never did?

  30. Esteban
    June 14, 2015

    Ok, this is kind of creepy and amazing at the same time. I thought I was going loco because I’ve experienced this things you guys are talking about. When I was a kid I saw things, like demons. (Not sure if its a family thing, my brother saw it too and my mom and dad saw ghosts sometimes) First time I went on leave for like 23 days (on 2013) I brought up the demon I saw (with my brother) when I was a kid while me and my mom were on our way home. I couldn’t remember the demons face that well but my brother did. When he described the way that thing looked she was shocked! She’s been seeing this demon in her dreams and said it’s been chasing her since she was very young. Here’s another, (I have a lot of stuff going in my head right now) before I joined the Marines one night I was sleeping and woke up instantly out of nowhere and started crying non-stop and even said a prayer I never said before (It was around 2:30 am and stayed up crying and fell asleep crying around
    3:30 am or 3:45 am) when I woke up a couple of hours later and was walking out to go to work I received a phone call from my godmother saying I don’t know how to tell you this, im sorry, your aunt was killed last night. I was shocked! After a couple of days I started thinking of what happened that night and looked up ( in the newspaper ) around what time it happened and it was around the same time I woke up crying that night.

  31. Lucia
    May 19, 2015

    I stumbled upon your blog and have found it to be the most informative on psychics. It has also validated a majority of information given to me in recent months. I have had psychic gifts since I was a child. I am right handed, highly sensitive to others emotions and was sexually abused as a child.
    I have been seeing apparitions since I was very young. I learned early on no to speak of it. As I grew I found myself making excuses for everything I witnessed. I have never been able to go to any big events because I found it overwhelming to deal with the emotions radiating off that large a group of people. I can read most people within seconds of meeting them. I sometimes can hear their thoughts, not a fun gift to have.
    As an adult I tried to rationalize that somehow I always seemed to move into haunted houses. Now I realize they follow me home. I have overcome my fear of these lost souls and have found I have a talent for crossing them over, when they’re ready. I feel I provide a safe haven and support for them to ready themselves . Many do not realize they have passed.
    I have an a affinity to Angels and have built a relationship with my guardian. I recommend this to everyone. He has been a tremendous source of support and guidance. Once I acknowledged their existence, the floodgates opened wide. My gifts have grown exponentially. I am starting a business encompassing crystals, aromatherapy, meditation and information on asking for angelic help for specific issues. I know nothing about business and have never had any artistic flair but find the information I need is always given to me when I need it. I feel this has all been divinely inspired and felt a compulsion to bring it to fruition. I have also been blessed in seeing and speaking with other people’s Angels. I agree with your blog on religion and psychics. I was recently at a funeral and said exactly the same phrase you had in your blog, ” Why do I need to go to a hypocritical church when I have my own relationship with God”. The bible to me was written by priests wishing to encourage the foundation of the church. I feel it was never supposed to be.
    About three years ago, I feel I have had a spiritual awakening and find it hard to continually hide this from others. According to the bible people who are psychic or use divination are blasphemous and should be condemned . So you see, not the topic of conversion with religious church going people.
    Over the past three years I have gone from thinking I am loony to final acceptance. I have been shown so many times that it is real.
    Now, in comment to your article on the physiology of psychic gifts. I certainly had an Aha moment. I have a neurological disorder called narcolepsy. I’ve had it most of my life, since the age of 7 when I can remember and identify symptoms began. It’s a disorder of the hypothalamus which interestingly enough is part of the limbic system along with the hippocampus. They lie very close to one another. It seems to me that people with any neurological deficits are compensated with stronger psychic gifts. What a trade off! My children also have been diagnosed with narcolepsy since the age of 12. My daughter recently told me she can read people’s emotions and gauge their general personality within minutes of meeting them She also confessed that she has always known I was able to do the same. My son is also sensitive to others emotions but hasn’t made the same realization.
    I am wondering if their are other Narcoleptics out there who also have psychic gifts?

    • craigweiler
      May 19, 2015

      That’s an interesting concept I wouldn’t have thought of. I wouldn’t have connected narcolepsy and psychic skill. I’ll drop the parapsychologists a line and see if they know about this one. Things like this can be helpful in understanding what unlocks psychic ability.

      • Ron
        December 21, 2015

        It’s funny what you say about Bible saying psychic stuff is bad. Its is “bad”. For the power of the Church that is. If you want to make money off something, you have to hide it from all! “Only thru me do them spirits speaketh (’cause I want to make money off you peasants)…” ha ha. Interesting isn’t it… Yes, it is within us. And natural for humans. I mean the simplist of psychic skill we all have is then we sense someone looking at use form behind. That’s a survival thing too. If we don’t notice “tiger” staring behind us, we can’t run to safety…

        • Kathy Williams
          May 6, 2016

          I think we all have the ability but some people are gifted with more ability and it varies and depends on the gift . The Bible give’s parables and stories and says we should not play or tempt God . I think this may be what you are hearing when someone says talking to a physic is bad . Being physic is not bad if you are good and have good intentions . It is a gift that takes time and prayer and meditation to understand sometimes . Mostly prayer … how do I start to understand this gift and how am I suppose to use it to help the world be a better place that is the real question . I think it is about reaching out to help others not something that has to be associated with power . We make choices everyday . We all have access to God and can have as much or as little as we choose .

    • autumnwindd
      June 17, 2015

      Hello Lucia!

      I know this post is a bit old and hopefully you’ll still get this message. Your post here resonated even more deeply with me than the article, which was surprising! Your experiences sound exactly like mine, except I’m just starting to accept them and work through the fear aspect. I was wondering if you’d be open to chatting a bit via email? If not, thanks for sharing your story! Helps others feel a bit less off the wall:) all the best!

      • Leslie sanchez
        October 1, 2015

        I would like to talk idk if im going crazy or this is real
        I need help idk who to run to and for some feeling I feel like you can help me understand what’s going on

    • Alicia
      October 24, 2015

      Hey Lucia
      I was wondering if I can talk to u about some stuff? And I would like to ask you a question and know more about phsyic reading!

    • Chris Harris
      November 16, 2015

      My name is Chris. I am ambidextrous and when not drinking have insomnia. I can go up to 5 days without sleep. I also until recently have had major anxiety issues. I don’t condone it, but my drinking stops most of my “abilities”. Right now I don’t have or don’t remember any dreams. When I am sober and occasionally dream they all come true. I now know to not tell people what I know as it scares them or sometimes is still in their future. I know so much about people within minutes or even seconds after meeting them. I am not bragging about what I can do, but just letting you know that there are other people out there with sleep and anxiety disorders out there with “gifts” too. FYI, one of the reasons I drink is to not know what I know, like my loved ones upcoming deaths. I am curious if there is a way to contact each other without making our information public. My apologies for starting most of my sentences with “I”. This is my first time seeing this site and am a bit excited about seeing others with similar issues that I have. Hopefully some people respond.


      • Laura Robey
        May 14, 2016

        Please search around and find a mentor. You have great powers that can bring on fear and sadness. You need to learn how to control the visions and keep sane.

    • Lorac
      February 3, 2017

      Lucia that’s very interesting as I’m going to be doing a sleep study to see if I have narcolepsy. My psychiatrist seems to think I do. I’m very intuitive, Empath and psychic, clairsentient.
      Thank you!

  32. Brandie
    April 2, 2015

    This was an interesting article. I think I’ll check out the book, because it’s plausible.

    The theory that sensitive people attract abuse and negativity from people is true, unfortunately. I can only give experience from my own life, but it seems people zero in on tender hearted people. Especially if they carry loads of negativity themselves unconsciously or not. It seems broken folks are drawn to healers naturally. They gravitate towards what their missing…it sad actually. Instead of wanting healing many seem to want to diminish whatever attracted them in the first place. They project and lash out to try to dominate and destroy what irks them.

    That’s been my experience. My own family doesn’t understand me and I know they don’t, but it’s okay. I know people are different and it’s okay to be different. The only thing I want is acceptance, but that’s even too much sometimes. They want to change you into what they can accept. Instead I’ve experience nastiness and negativity from people who are suppose to love me…so feeling like the black sheep is commonplace. Throughout the years I’ve just turned a blind eye to their pettiness, and tried to understand them. I like to dig into people’s psyche’s to see what make’s them tick, and react the way they do. I get really strong reactions from people sometimes either they instantly like me or they dislike my presence. (I.e. I make people nervous)
    It seems people who don’t even know me come to me w/ their issue and problems. They can tell me something about their life w/o even knowing me, and that’s always mystified me.
    Overtime, I’ve gotten used to it though. The only thing scary is when they become obsessive. I’ve experienced that before. So I really don’t mind blending into the wallpaper.

    Maybe attracting children is also a physiological effect of being psychic or sensitive.
    Children react around me…especially the younger ones. They laugh, stare, or follow me. I remember one calling me an elf. She said, “look at her ears.” Pointing and all.
    I think we’re really effected by music, color, and words. i know I am. Music can send me into a tizzy or trance sometimes. Color is so beautiful all you can do is just stare. A person emotional disposition is easier too pick up on. Or maybe you’ll even feel brief overlaps w/ their own. Also I’ve spontaneously mimicked another’s speech and behavior before. It was so weird and out of the blue. I was eating lunch next to them, and the next thing I know I’m mimicking them word for word, expression, and movement. It freaked everyone out. lol
    It was like I picked up on an invisible current and had to run w/ it.

    Eating for me was/is a way of shielding and keeping myself occupied.
    Feeling full actually helps me cushion the metaphysical blows.
    Anger is something I rarely feel. True rage is buried within me, but it’s blocked. Whenever I think I’m getting angry it just goes away. It’s blown out like a candle.
    I can be irritated and snarky sure…even sarcastic, but wrathfulness is never expressed and I have much to be angry about.
    There is a sensitivity to electricity, vibrations, and invisible current. I’m an intensely anxious person. My nervous system is working overtime. Wow this is crazy…I thought I wasn’t that different…damn. lol

    • geawiel
      April 3, 2015

      @ Brandie:
      That is very interesting. I grew up being abused and I attracted a lot of bullies in school as well. I remember moving from south Florida to north Florida around the end of 5th grade. My very first day the bullying started. I hadn’t even said anything to anyone. It continued up until we moved back to south Florida after 10th grade. In my new school, others picked up the reigns. By then though, I had learned to let it roll off of me. Going into the Air Force, it was a different kind of bullying. Not physical or even fully direct. Just being left out of ‘the group’ and stupid little comments that no one else received and a few other odds and ends.

      I am very good at seeing how others feel when they interact with others. I can’t seem to place any attitudes towards myself, bit others are easy. It doesn’t take long either. I can even pick up on things others just don’t see. A friend’s husband was cheating on her with a friend they had living with them. No one else saw it. I instantly recognized it for some reason. I saw something in the way they interacted with each other. I recognized it a full 6 months before things hit the fan.

      I also have something with music. I always have a song in my head. I almost always have it playing. I actually concentrate much better with it playing. To the point that it bugs me to not have it playing while I work around the house or drive. For me, especially while driving, just conversation doesn’t work the same way as music does.

      • Brandie
        April 3, 2015

        That’s interesting. I’m glad you learned how to let all the negativity roll of you. It’s important to sort of distance yourself from situations like that. That’s cool you joined the Air-force. I thought about joining myself after high school, but I pretty much chickened out, and was talked out of it. ^ ^()
        I can appreciate that though you learned a different sort of strength in a institution like that.

        Yeah people watching is pretty much a hobby. It’s interesting to pick up on the little cues and words unspoken. I don’t know it seems we can interpret certain signatures or energy. You were drawn to their mutual attraction probably. Before they even knew it.

        As for music have you ever dreamt of certain songs before. For me they pop in my head during dreams or visions sometimes. They create a specific mood that can enhance them. I remember dreaming of this couple from between the 1920’s & 1940’s. It was really neat I envisioned their cabin, drinking wine in front of a fireplace through the male spouse’s eyes, and listening to some jazzy music on a gramophone. It was a hazy vision, but sentimental in it’s antiquity.
        Yeah, well if not that then my mind sometimes (use to) pick up on radio frequencies before I put on the radio. I could tell what was playing. A neat trick.

        • geawiel
          April 4, 2015

          I do get music in my dreams as well. I will sometimes transition to being awake with the song of the last dream (I usually have at least 3 to 4 dreams each night) stuck in my head.

      • Lorac
        February 3, 2017

        Wow I’m also from FL and USAF Veteran. Got kicked out for misconduct, haha- alcohol. I was 22. I know I didn’t fit in there and so did they! I’m too empathic.

    • chotaramuhehe
      August 7, 2015

      your story is very helpful. Mine is rather long and goes way back…I would most like to know how does one go about to understanding it better? the last straw giving me the push to google was today. I somehow suspect i intercept thoughtlines of whom ever is standing nearest to me, either a song i would suddenly sing in my mind before the person hums in ( less than a 30 seconds or so) or i would walk across fix a fold on one the blinds just as someone decides to do so mentally).
      any help would be grateful

      • Brandie
        August 7, 2015

        Hi Chotara, ;p

        I’m glad you found it helpful. Well…let’s just put it this way everyone has a set of experiences that are usually very different, but with certain coinciding factors. For example the bullying, extreme sensitiveness, feeling alienated, and etc…these aren’t entirely singular events. A majority of people deal with these issues at some point in their lives, but the difference is that when people who are potentially “psychic” run into them, there’s always a hidden or misunderstood factor that has been realized by that individual; even if others never see it.

        For me my childhood was a literal testing ground. It was fertile, wild, complicated, and thriving with color. I came from a really old school traditional family base. My childhood was a mixture of very good, and very bad. Beneath that there was a whole another existence happening. I had a hidden life that I grew to recognize couldn’t be shared with others and had to be guarded fiercely. While I was really young…I think I knew more, than I know now. It was priceless…it feels like a major loss to not recall important things from my youth. The mundane world flooded in and replaced everything that didn’t fit. The thing is I learned that all of our experiences are subjective and that my experiences were not to be considered normal at all.
        No one would believe me and so in secret I lived on that hidden level.

        When my life was really shitty that hidden part of my life was like a rejuvenation, it was wonder, curiosity, and adventure. I learned by paying attention to what I interacted w/. I followed my gut and learned to dream. (literally) My dreams have always been an open gateway, journey points, lessons, and communication.
        Meditation I picked up on in my pre-teens…I’m not sure how that started actually, but it was very natural. It helped. Praying and just not fearing helps. If you allow yourself to fall back from fear it’ll make the situation much clearer. Fear muddles everything up and distorts. I’d say trust your intuition. If you feel the need to do something naturally, then do it. When perceiving info just let it flow in. That’s one of the hardest things to learn. I’m still learning myself. To try and insert your own opinion on what you receive, it breaks the communication.

        You seem to be able to pick up on energy fields and currents. That’s a by product of open sensitivity. You’re like a raw nerve that reacts barely touched. It’s easy for you and someone else’s thoughts or psyche to be mixed up. You pick up on thoughts, opinions, or ideas that you believe to be your own. That makes you a sponge. You absorb and reflect. That why it’s so easy to laugh or cry.

        Like in astrology for example; I’m totally into that subject, but it explains my issue a bit. (It’s a good basis to see your blueprint)
        I have mutual reception between my moon and mercury. Which makes my thoughts and feelings often one and the same. I’m very sensitive and kinda neurotic. What I find myself thinking I feel, and what I feel I think. I think you should read up on the subject of vibrations, the aura, and etc…look at some websites. Checkout online exercises, or do what you feel is best for you. Sometimes it takes baby steps. Start off w/ something comfortable and understand your experiences first.
        Seriously break them down, examine them, and see what you find.

        • chotaramuhehe
          December 18, 2015

          Dear Brandie, Apologies for the late respose, i will most definately read up on vibrations and aura’s….thank you once more!

  33. salamanca9
    December 1, 2014

    Hello…I was just wondering if anyone know;s if its possible to have “one off” psychic experiences. About 4 years ago, I was living with my mother in her town house, doing the usual (I was studying in school )at the time. It was late afternoon, and I believed that my mum would be coming home soon,as she was planning an evening out with a friend, and assumed she would be home soon,from sh
    opping. I was reading over some papers/exams in my room, and decided to get a drink from the kitchen .Quiet relaxed, I strolled over towards the hallway, when I felt a sudden jolt/flash of a feeling of terror/impending doom. My stomach dropped,and and I had a”flash” picture in my mind,of flashing red and blue lights ( resembling police lights ) . I also had seen what I believe to be blood,and a feeling that someone had been injured in a crash. The image faded and I began to walk slowly towards the kitchen wondering what had just happened. I still had a terrible feeling in my stomach,and the first thought and feeling that came to my mind was “mum is not going to make it home tonight. She’s been in a serious car crash. In that very moment the phone began to ring. (I later discovered it was her to tell me the “news” of the accident ). I did not answer the phone in fear of what I was going to hear. I stumbled around for about 15 minutes, thinking that maybe I was imagining it and wondering what had happened to me. About half an hour later,my mum showed up at the door (I was relieved) With a dried up tear,and appearing to be shaking slightly, or in shock ..telling me she had been in a freak accident at the near by round about she uses often,that links to the freeway .The other car had swerved ,and completely flipped upside ( a very near miss ) .Which may have ended tragically,had they not seen my mother who came from the left side, completely oblivious to the on coming car. The drive rof the othe rvehicle had suffered a broken nose,and had to be taken to hospital. Since this incident,I have never had a psychic experience ,such as this one again,but I am very empathic,and I pick up on other people’s emotions very easily. It is difficult for me to be around troubled people for very long ,especially angry people. Ha sanyone ever had just a “one off “experience such as this? Thanks for any advice 🙂

  34. Pingback: The Evil Within

  35. Vanessa
    October 6, 2014

    Good, informative article. I think I am both an HSP, (highly sensitive person, check out Elaine Aron) and an ASP. Not left-handed, have an auto-immune disease that actually compromises the left side of my body, am an INFP, an adult child of an alcoholic.

    Hooray to you and your concluding paragraph!!

  36. jason
    September 16, 2014

    i am a twin im right handed very emotional and i can seem to sense what other feel like there general feeling about me. i know random facts that i cant seem to remember where i heard them. i can also feel a presence around or near me mostly in my house ow can in safely strengthen my ability

    • jjb54
      October 29, 2014

      Jason – let me ask you a few questions if I may?
      I would like to suggest that you are an Empath. No, not the “new age bs” but an actual Empath.

      … Read here and see if you see yourself:

      You can also read my story ( as may others ) obviously.

      As for “know random facts” – do you find that you can, in some not all – “finish the dialog”? Do you find that when people are trying to remember something, and without any or very little clue – you find you give them the ‘answer’? Do you find it ‘awkward’ that people go, “How did you know that?” ( since again, there was no obvious clues or reasons. )

      When you read books, fiction or non-fiction, you get bored reading, because you ‘know how it is going to end’?

      You may not be able to relate to all of the above, but I have a feeling you might relate to more than not?

      Some of your post, well if you read you’ll understand.

      Respectfully – Jj

  37. Xanderbander
    August 29, 2014

    Tragically a highly “sensitive” friend of mine took his life in July 2014, after an 18 month struggle with depression. His emotions overrode his rational thinking following a series of major upsets in his life.

    If a person is hard-wired to be psychically “ultra-sensitive”, highly emotional, empathetic, maybe the risk is higher that during times of depression or trauma, negative inner voices will grow stronger, amplify fears, and cross the line into psychosis.

    Three suggestions while you are healthy: 1) Find a mentor who understands first-hand the special issues of being intuitively sensitive, and check-in periodically to keep from feeling isolated. 2) Work with a therapist or counselor now to focus on understanding and resolving unaddressed emotional issues for example: feelings of abandonment, previous abuse, insecurities or dealing with any major life change. 3) Meditate/pray and practice being in control of your inner chatter.
    4) If you need help, don’t delay, be honest!

    If you suspect things are not right, and you or a friend have severe insomnia, job or relationships are affected, you only “hear or see” negative things, and feel paranoid, please seek professional help right away. If you want to speak to someone anonymously 24/7, call the national suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Tell them the truth, “Yes, I have heard voices and seen things since I was a child – but this is different, this is out of control.”

    • Pamela
      June 22, 2016

      All my life I felt different.And an awaken happened to me following a tragic event.I remembered who I really was and the real me reconnected with the spirit inside me and I became very psychic.It didn’t feel exciting or cool at the time in fact it was horrific.Becoming psychic that suddenly is terrifying.Suddenly I felt completely detached from the physical world in a land where there was nobody around me who I could relate to. Anyway my story is long but I just want to say in the spiritual world there are negative energies out there and I was attached by one when Imlost my connection to my spirit which is the only thing that keeps you safe. I wish so much I had a therapist who understood this non physical word to ground me to spirit but once I was attacked I couldn’t get up myself. As a result of this attack I lost my mother.Sorry Imcant tell the whole story it will be too long. I know aim not crazy.I have seen and experienced way too much to don’t that I am.Fear is how demons sever you from your spirit.It is a trick they do because they want to cause distruction. I wish that I didn’t know what I know and Imwish my physic ability never came to me.It really messed me up because there are things that you can know that are better off not seeing. Like being able to see the holocost as real as if it were now.It is not glamorous being psychic if you don’t know who to turn it off.


  38. M
    August 3, 2014

    I’m confused how left brain / right brain has to do with anything because left and right brain is a myth or metaphor and takes minimal research to see it. Left and right brain does function differently from each other but both sides are used for most tasks not all on one side. So how can you even know which side you use more? Does that require a brain scan? Or is it just to mean someone who is creative, not literally use more their right hemisphere? Which is it?

    Also if you train to use your left hand when you are right handed to become ambidextrous does this develop the right hemisphere more thus increasing the chances of displaying ASP type abilities more noticeably? Or perhaps working on more creative sills improving them would do something?

    I actually fit a few things INFJ or INFP personality im between the two. I was diagnosed with ADD when I was younger thought it wasnt true but noticed its hard for me ot think more now so maybe it was after all.

    • M
      August 3, 2014

      Oops i should mention Ive had people ask me if i am psychic before but I never do anything that is without a doubt legitimate rather than accidental cold readings or something. You may say its genetic predisposition but I think it can be brought out more in people where its not displaying as much.

  39. chris
    July 17, 2014

    I have been experience very weird stuff with my girlfriend recently. She seems to be able to feel things that only I should feel. We have had joint dissociative experiences where we left our bodies together. We were in our spirit form or souls form and it was like we were us but also not. Like we were ancient and known each other for ever but just in this existence we can’t remember all our previous life’s. We were completely good and pure and anything negative about us in this life was only due to events that had occurred during that life. After we had this experience my girlfriend has been experiencing my opiate withdrawal symptoms. I’m a recovering opiate user who is going through the process of detoxing. She has been getting my symptoms and also has been feeling the effects of drugs I take even when not anywhere near me. Yesterday I just licked a small amount of ketamine while she was at tafe and as soon as she got home she got angry at me for doing it coz it made her trip really hard and she was in class. How is this even possible? We also had another vary intense experience where in a dissociated state we were witness to a god or alien or some powerful being. WE knew this being in soul form and hated it. It was like it had been there for eternity just watching. It didn’t care about any of us but was the reason we were here. In our soul form we are extremely powerful and share a lot of similarities with our normal selves except we seem to know things about the world and each other that we don’t know normally. We fought this thing with what I can only describe as our combined mental energies or force. It was just as worried about us seeing it as we were at seeing it. It didn’t like the fact that we had uncovered it’s existence and was confused at how we were doing what we were doing. I felt that if we hadn’t been together this thing would have beaten us but together we were to strong. I tried to draw it from the sky to us coz I wanted to destroy this thing for how it had treated everything. It struggled with us and was trying to get away but I was holding it from escaping. Eventually it broke free and left in a rapid scared fashion. After this we were drained for days. We both struggled to deal with what had happened like we were worried we had gone insane but we are both rational logical people and we both experienced this together. It wasn’t a case of one of us suggesting something and putting the idea in the others head this happened to us at exactly the same time. For about 3 days after it felt like this thing was watching us keeping an eye on us. Like it was worried what we were going to do next but eventually lost interest in us after a few days. Another thing since we floated I’ve had a pain in my left ribs just a few days ago my girlfriend complained about the pain in her left ribs where she had broken it when she was little. It’s in the exact same spot and I only started feeling this after we left our bodies together. It’s like we disassociated and left our bodies while laying together wrapped in each other arms and it’s almost as though coz our souls were tangled while we were floating we either each brang back a little of the others soul with us or created some sort of telepathic connection between me and my girlfriend. The other thing that makes this weirder is that before these couple of events I didn’t believe people even had souls and certainly didn’t not believe in telepathy or anything spiritual much so this has been a massive life event for me. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    • jason
      September 16, 2014

      i have seen the same thing he was standing there in a big cloak and it looked like the typical alien but it was tall

  40. Sara
    June 25, 2014

    This has shed some light on a lot of things for me.

    I have been able to feel places for as long as I can remember.

    When I was 12 we moved into a Victorian house and the bedroom I chose was where the previous owner had died on a Halloween night. I always felt like she was watching over me.

    I live in San Diego and I can’t go into the Whaley House because it makes me physically sick.
    There are other places I avoid because they just feel wrong and/or bad and they make me feel sick to my stomach.

    I once had to move out of an apartment because shadow people came out of the floor when I was trying to go to sleep, and I knew if I did, something bad would happen.

    I have experienced feeling both the good spirit of a little girl and the very bad spirit of I don’t know what (I wouldn’t get close enough to find out) in the same house, at the same time.

    I clearly heard the voice of a family friend, who had died in an accident a couple of months earlier, Clearly saying my name and recently my boyfriend’s mother who was murdered in 1985 (and who I never met) came to me and let me know she wanted me to tell him that she loved him and she told me to take care of him.
    Luckily for me, he is open to these things because she wouldn’t leave me alone until I told him.

    I have seen auras localized at injured areas of (2) people’s backs while giving a massage.

    I am an HSP, I have ADHD, Ulcerative Colitis and chronic back and neck problems.

    I have never felt like I was crazy, but have always known I was different.

  41. Tara
    May 2, 2014

    I would love to talk or email with you.

    • craigweiler
      May 2, 2014

      you can reach me at craig @

      just remove the spaces.

  42. geawiel
    May 2, 2014

    I stumbled across this while searching why animals seem to be naturally drawn to me. I’ve been curious for a long time about some oddly heightened intuition I seem to have. I don’t fall under a lot of the “normal” criteria listed on here though. I’m male, I’m mostly right handed (there are a handful of things that I do left handed) and I’m not a part of multiple births. My sister and I are separated by about 1.5 yrs. I was abused as a kid though, by my step father. I also wasn’t all that popular in school. In 2006, at the age of 27, I developed what I would much later find out is a kind of fibromyalgia that causes intense pain in the lower half of my body. Up until then though, I had no pain issues. I wish people would do studies just for the science of it still, and not for monetary gain. I’d love to see a good, in depth study of this subject.

  43. Anonymous
    March 10, 2014

    I have psychic ability. Have had an autoimmune disorder since I was twelve. Have had sinus problems for years, as well as allergies.

  44. David Pickard Wyllie
    January 15, 2014

    For forty years we, The Iology Institute and TAG training International have been coaching people in telepathy, remote viewing and the reading of auras amongst other things. with in one month we are getting a 100% success rate with about 80% accuracy. this vastly improves with practice. I am personally of the opinion that all people are naturally psychic, most seem to be ‘educated’ away from their ability, but it is easy for anyone who wants to to redevelop all their skills.

  45. anon
    September 4, 2013

    Great article.

  46. Anonymous
    August 13, 2013

    amazing ariticle thanks for sharing and this is giving me light as to why i have always felt out of it at times, turns out I am en empath and medium

  47. Carrie
    August 8, 2013

    Wow! I feel so much better. I was feeling quite down today because I struggle with my abilities. I am left handed, a female with allergies and have been a type 1 diabetic my whole life but rarely do I get sick. While my teachers told my parents I am intelligent I never had many friends and still don’t. Often I meet with a professional psychic for guidance because she is the only one who understands what it is like. Coincidentally she said one time, “Your father has your abilities, he is just shy so he won’t bring it up.” My father is also left handed.

  48. Sapphyreopal5
    August 2, 2013

    I have a question. I happen to have always been more “sensitive” in terms of other people’s feelings, thoughts, etc. and have been asked by many if I am “psychic”. My mother has been afraid of me because of the things I’d find out or learn about my past and about her (via dreams or “telepathy”). I’ve always seen “shadow people” and other types of entities or other strange “things” both in “real life” and in the dream world. Too many times in my life have I had precognitive dreams (usually nothing too major but still enough to notice I had a dream of this beforehand) and even a few clairvoyant dreams, both of which are long stories that can’t really be shared in a single comment. Sometimes I will touch someone’s hand, arm, something and then suddenly I hear a bunch of talking and see a series of images (whether they’re thoughts or memories, I couldn’t really say); eventually some of the things I’ve heard or seen would come from them in a conversation one way or another and is like experiencing “deja vu” in the sense because it was like they told me this already but never did!

    I generally have a pretty strong immune system and very rarely get sick, nor do I have any known allergies. Because of the many things that I’ve seen, experienced, etc. and how people would sometimes start to become afraid of me (including my own mother), I’ve tried to shut down this part of me. For instance one time about 10 years ago not long after I tried to suppress my abilities, I got sick with bronchitis. I ended up having to go to the doctor and got medication for it. About 8 years ago I tried to suppress my abilities again and ended up having tremors in my right arm for a couple days (and also experienced some visual blackness). My parents took me to the hospital and as a result, the doctors couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me (no dehydration, physical exhaustion, fatigue, etc.). Interestingly enough, whenever I would “reactivate” my abilities realizing they’re part of who I am, the ailments stop. I sometimes experience odd physical ailments when I am not trying to suppress them although I tend to “know” if they’re ailments or it means I’m going to see/experience something soon.

    Is it possible that psychic abilities are not just restricted to the mind but are in fact possibly ingrained in the immune system of people who are psychic? I realize this blog is about them having a different physiology but I am curious as to whether or not being psychic is literally part of their immune system, rather than psychic people just having a different biology. I hope this post makes sense XD

    • Sapphyreopal5
      August 2, 2013

      I also happen to be ambidextrous (am “stuck in the middle” as far as which side of the brain I use dominantly goes as well). On the MBTI I also test as being INFJ. I also tend to hide my sensitivity rather well but have always felt my sensitivity inside and sometimes can’t help but show it externally as well.

      • craigweiler
        August 2, 2013

        INFJ? Welcome to the club. It’s regarded as the most psychic personality type.

    • craigweiler
      August 2, 2013

      Your question is fortunately easy. Suppressing your abilities stresses your body and weakens your immune system. Not to mention the fact that you will subconsciously rebel, which is the most probable cause of your psi related ailments.

      • Sapphyreopal5
        August 26, 2013

        Your response makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve always felt that I needed to “maintain” this part of me in order to really thrive. It sometimes gets tough though because of how I scare people off because of “knowing” too much frequently too soon XD

  49. sigrid2012
    May 26, 2013

    As I’m psychic and right handed I started wondering about the findings of right handed versus left handed. I was tested to find out what side of my brain I favor and the results were tested more than once because they showed I favor neither side of my brain. Perhaps that explains, in part, why I’m psychic, but also right handed.

    • craigweiler
      May 26, 2013

      If you favor neither side of your brain, you are essentially a right brained person because the norm is to favor the left side.

      And yes, I think there is something to that. I’m also right handed and tend to be balanced in my thinking, yet psychic.

  50. Nancy
    October 1, 2012

    I haven’t considered myself psychic– more an empath– though have never been so well described. The most difficult part in my experience has been the perception I have of being able to see clearly whether someone else presents as who they are or are posers no matter what their station in life. This is very off putting for many people it would seem which leads to a certain amount of isolation for ASPs if others experience the same. As for puppet masters they can be darn near hostile so I avoid them altogether. The downside of being an empath is knowing when someone doesn’t like you! Thank you so much for this blog it reminds me that I need to seek out “like minded” people to be around.

  51. Alex Staines
    September 7, 2012

    Fantastic stuff Craig. As a down-the-line psychic, I fit the ASP psychological and emotional typology to the letter (though I’m not particularly an ’emo’ physical type)!
    Thank you for your excellent blog – a group of us weirdos here in Wellington, New Zealand are really benefiting from it. Nobel Prize for services to the psychic community? Cheers, Alex.

  52. Lynn
    August 21, 2012

    We bought this book because of this blog, Craig. So much of what is mentioned here applies to my husband’s situation, particularly the “placebo effect.” It’s fascinating.

    • craigweiler
      August 21, 2012

      Yeah, it is. It’s a really good book.

  53. Stephen Rogers
    August 14, 2012

    This is all vert politically correct in its tone – and, have you ever considered that ”time” as we know it, only exists as a construct of our ”earthly” awareness?

    • craigweiler
      August 14, 2012

      Yes. I think that is right. There is also some physics to back up that idea.

      • Dave
        July 16, 2014

        I’ve had conversations with people via a friend (who is psychic) who have passed and they have said that time doesn’t matter/apply where they are. I’ve also had a conversation with someone who passed who didn’t realise it had been months (in our sense of time) since his death. He died by suicide and knew he was dead but thought it had just happened recently. When I told him the date he was really surprised. I’ve had many conversations with people who have passed. It’s enlightening/sad/entertaining to say the least. When I probe with certain questions, I get told there are ‘rules’. This has happened on several occasions with different people/spirits.

        • Kathy Williams
          May 6, 2016

          I believe God only lets us see a certain amount of things . We can only understand what our mind will let us . I believe that spiritually he will not confuse you . I believe you have to be in prayer before you do these things . I don’t know the purpose of this but I believe if you are not in your body you are present with God when you pass from this world . He always has you spiritually you are not just on your own . You can’t go any further . He allows these gifts and has control over what he created.

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