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Various Things Going On

This is just a small hodgepodge of various things going on.

My video from ExTEDxWesthollywood has been separated from the pack and is now available for viewing on its own:

Craig Weiler from Suzanne Taylor on Vimeo.


The skeptiko forum now has a dedicated area for psychic support.  -The first of its kind as far as I know.-  All of the moderators (which includes me) are psychic, so this will not be an area where skeptics interfere.  There currently isn’t much going on there, but we hope to change that.  I urge psychic people to check it out and contribute.  Here’s the link:


Suzanne Taylor, myself and others are still sorting out how to go forward, but nothing has been established yet.  In fact, this is pretty much the theme in several areas at the moment.  There was a great deal of momentum established from everything that happened with TED and many new connections were made, but as always seems to be the case, actually creating something out of that is a much slower, albeit fruitful process.  Everyone recognizes the need to plan deliberately, get all the pieces into place and then proceed to carry out the plan, whatever it is, at a deliberate pace.  It can’t be rushed.  While the excitement has died down, the strong intent to capitalize on it has not.  We should be seeing the fruits of it in a few months.  Things are too early in the process at the moment to bother writing about what they are and with skeptics constantly at the door looking for ways to mess things up, I have to exercise a bit of discretion.  I can assure everyone though, the lull is only on the surface.  Things are going on . . .  I’ll present more when I know more.  Everyone is welcome to comment on any ideas they have.

11 comments on “Various Things Going On

  1. Marcus T Anthony
    May 1, 2013

    Thanks for putting your talk up, Craig. It’s the first time I have had a chance to see it. I can see your were quite excited by the proceedings, which is very understandable! You are right about needing to take things forward after the excitement dies out. What the TED saga provided was a mutual enemy. It provided all those folks with often divergent takes on a wide range of issues to come together as a united force. It was a bit like the Ruskies and the Americans fighting together against the Nazis in WW2 ;-). The issue will be how to maintain the unity, as the TED battle is basically winding down.

    I too see this entire event as a pivotal moment, and it shows that those people who have a spiritual or semi-spiritual take on life and/or science now form a more sizable and powerful force than ever before.

    I have started a project which I am calling The Great Mind Shift, and it will involve a book and a web site which brings much of the information, and people together in one place. I have formed a Meet Up group here in Melbourne, and we had out first meeting last night. We got a good turn out, and things look very promising.

    The project is still in its very first baby steps, but the whole idea of The Great Mind Shift is to create a kind of Bible for people who want to take the information about the emerging consciousness, and use it in practical ways in life, work, science, education and business etc. There will be chapters in the book which focus upon development in different fields, disciplines, creative spheres and so on. My plan is to interview one key figure in each category, and place the interview at the end of the relevant chapter. Actually Craig, since you have played such an important role in all this, I’d love to interview you for the chapter on social media – if you are agreeable.



    • Thomas Jespersen
      May 1, 2013

      I would actually like to be informed of this book/website. Is there any mailing list or any way I can keep being informed of its progress?

      • marcustanthony
        May 1, 2013

        Hi Thomas. You can find out more about The Great Mind Shift project here. Marcus

  2. Barney Holmes
    April 29, 2013

    Not sure about “it can’t be rushed”, although your approach might be wiser than I think. This is exactly what happens; there is a “breakout” and pseudo-skeptics and people of anti-visionary states type run around waving their arms around trying to tell everyone that nothing is going on. Then they retreat to their hideouts and hope the whole thing goes away. Then they usually come out and tell everyone that nothing happend or just carry on as usual – unless things have changed so much that that kind of approach just seems absurd to most people. It is imperative that things move forward. For example look at this document – – there are millions sufferring because of this outdated refusal to accept visionary states. I happend to think that changes related to 2012/13 have fundamentally changed things on an energetic level. But that is the underpinning of all this. It will still take concerted effort to get the gears moving into a concerted effort to really start clearing up this entire mess. I happen to think we need something like open and public enquiries and scrutinies into this entire business – the discrimination against perfectly natural visionary states. It’s one of the huge scandals of our times and people deserve much MUCH better.

    • craigweiler
      April 29, 2013

      Yes, people deserve better. I wish I could give you some encouragement, but . . . I can’t talk about it right now. There are a couple of things, that if they go forward, will help. One will be an enormous shift, and the other will be a smaller one.

      • Mark
        May 5, 2013

        I know I’m a little late to the game, on this one, and I’ll understand if you want to ignore my question, Craig, but does any of this stuff that you do not want to talk about have anything to do with that autistic, telepathic girl from India who seems to be able to read her mother’s mind as easily as we read text?

        • craigweiler
          May 5, 2013

          Hi Mark,
          No, it has nothing to do with her. I want to talk about this stuff, it’s just a much better idea not to . . . right now.

          Regarding the girl in India, frankly, I hope that everyone leaves her alone, but I doubt it. Worst case is she gets handled by debunkers who scar her for life.

          • Mark
            May 5, 2013

            Wow! That was quick. I just hit refresh, and there was your response! Are you an artificial intelligence program? In all seriousness, though, thanks for your response. I hope that the girl and her parents get educated about the pseudoskeptic movement, and fast. I also hope that everything goes well with you and…whatever it is that you’re involved in.

            • craigweiler
              May 5, 2013

              You just caught me in front of my computer. I’m notified of all new comments so if I’m here I see them as they come in.

              As far as the other mysterious stuff goes, it is too early to tell. There are three projects up in the air at the moment. Two of them will go forward; it’s just a matter of time. The third is a possible book deal. I can talk about that. I thought it was decided, but I’m still waiting to hear from the publisher.

  3. White Horse
    April 29, 2013

    Yes thank you! This is so important for the future of young people who are not from psychic families. It is heart breaking to think how lost frightened and confused they must be. Its time they be understood and accepted so they can have access to sane, unobtrusive, people to help guide them and their parents in a healthy way. I wish every physician, counselor, social worker, teacher and every mental health worker would go through a psychic awareness and sensitivity program because yes we do exist ! I look forward to the day when this society stops medicating, frightening and brain washing psychic children just because they are psychic and let them grow peacefully into the beautiful beings they are meant to be.

  4. nanbush
    April 29, 2013

    A busy time! You’ve got your work cut out for you, for sure. Obviously needed, and it’s in good hands. Will keep my eye on the forum, too. Thanks for what you’re doing.

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