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Reality Sandwich, A Community Resource, Needs Community Help

Reality Sandwich is  psi news website and one of my favorite.  They have a kickstarter campaign going in order to raise the modest sum of $40,000 for a much needed rebuild of their site to accommodate their traffic and also to expand their editorial features.  They have 11 days to go and they’ve asked me to publicize this; I’m glad to help.  You can find their kickstarter campaign here:

Reality Sandwich Kickstarter Project

It’s important to keep these resources going.  People who occasionally write about psi  need someplace to publish and people who blog about about psi related things often need help getting their work read by the widest possible audience.  That’s a service that Reality Sandwich provides. They help form the glue for the on-line psychic/parapsychology community; without them, we’re just individual blogs but with them, we’re blogs that are all interconnected.  They are asking for our help because they need it.

Please contribute.

If you have a psi or non-local consciousness blog, then you have a dog in this fight.  When you have something important to say, chances are Reality Sandwich will throw a link your way if you let them know.  They’re good people.  You can help them by publicizing this kickstarter project on your blog for them.  They’ll appreciate it; every little bit helps.


One comment on “Reality Sandwich, A Community Resource, Needs Community Help

  1. Mark
    June 17, 2013

    Congratulations to the Reality Sandwich dudes!

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