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Learning about Parapsychology is Fun!

Looking for something cool to do (both literally and figuratively) on a hot summer’s day?  I spent my afternoon online taking a course taught by Nancy Zingrone called Introduction to the Scientific Study of Psychic Phenomena. It was fun. I learned some things that I didn’t know before. And I’m looking forward to the course forum where I’ll get to discuss all sorts of cool stuff with other interested people.

For five bucks (yes, that really is the cost of the entire course) you get to watch all of the videotaped classes of the previous online course in April, there are four classes to enjoy over the summer, and some future classes in the fall are planned as well. And you can either attend each new class live (via the magic of the internet), or you can wait for the video to be posted online and watch it whenever you want to. Plus there is an online forum for private discussions and lots of other cool stuff to enjoy.

I was very surprised that so few people had enrolled in the course. So I thought I’d let people know about this. Seriously, who offers this kind of stuff for five bucks? The July classes will include a lecture on mediumship by Carlos Alvarado, a guided tour of current research units, researchers and their work, and a class on the origin and uses of the Ganzfeld technique.

It isn’t too late to sign up! You can watch today’s intro lecture online and continue on with the new classes.  I think anyone who has had psi experiences can benefit from learning about psi research. I’m hoping that there will be others like myself with first-hand experiences to share in the forum, but everyone is welcome. I’m looking forward to some interesting discussions! See you there!

Here’s the link:

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One comment on “Learning about Parapsychology is Fun!

  1. Yury
    July 29, 2013

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    This site allows to test telepathic connections online between two users. The database accumulates information about the number of sessions, number of tries to send telepathic messages, and the number of successful connections.
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