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The Big TED Controversy (On my main page)

Rupert Sheldrake has the paperback version of his new book The Science Delusion coming out soon.  He asked me to put together a synopsis of the TED Controversy to link to for publicity purposes and to help draw attention to my new book, (which I am in the process of editing.  Haven’t settled on a name yet.)

I’ve divided these up into two parts and they are now up on the main page of my blog.  When I put up a page they don’t send out notifications of new posts, so you’re getting that notification here.

The Big TED Controversy of 2013 Part 1

The Big TED Controversy of 2013 Part 2

The book itself is going quite well, but it does take a lot of time.  I haven’t been able to post much lately, which is why Sandy has been kind enough to help me by cross posting from her blog.  I’m very grateful for the help.

3 comments on “The Big TED Controversy (On my main page)

  1. Jordan Wm. Burrill
    September 3, 2013

    Dear Mr. Weiler,
    There are two additional research organizations that really should be considered to have in your page links!
    Former atheist, neural surgeon, Eben Alexander (who experienced a full-blown NDE and then wrote about it in; “Proof of Heaven”), has been working with other prominent consciousness researchers in the formation of a cross-discipline working group;
    And the venerable, Monroe Institute (who he is also working with).
    These two groups are important to watch!
    Jordan Wm. Burrill

  2. Jordan Wm. Burrill
    September 3, 2013

    Hi Mike!
    Ha Ha! … I too have gotten this sort of treatment by TED! 😀 THEY decide for us what ‘ideas are worth spreading’ – not us! I have departed from their ‘Eyes wide shut’ some time ago. They are no longer relevant – so many other places to go that are seriously interested in furthering our understanding.

  3. Mike Apparicio
    August 15, 2013

    Well…. I tried to open a conversation in TEDs pages, with this content:
    Title: IS the Inquisition returning?

    Full Text: During the obscure times of Catholic domination of the world, all ideas, expressions or writings presenting ideas contradictory to the dogmatic principles of the church were considered diabolic, evil and destructive for the Human Kind.
    Thinkers or plain speakers were persecuted, tortured in search for a “confession” and further annihilated by means of the most cruel ways of death.
    Those who survived were forced to detract, to repent and to “confess” their influence from “bad spirits”.
    Pope Innocent IV issued a papal bull entitled Ad extirpanda, which authorized the use of torture by inquisitors.
    Copernicus and Galileo were subject to tremendous pressure, as we all know, not to say the thousands of people who challenged the current ways of thought and the accepted “knowledge” by those times.
    Is this happening again?
    There seems to be such tendency, mainly in highly accepted skeptic circles, orthodox scientific groups and many forums and Internet sites.
    Ideas are not accepted easily, specially when they challenge the straight “proven” concepts of science.
    It seems the exposure of ideas who contradict scientific paradigms is quickly confounded with “pseudo-science”. Again the dangers of challenging scientific beliefs, known classically as “proven theories” is becoming increasingly dangerous.
    The torture might not be to be hanged from the wrists, with weights from your ankles, but the “offender” will be labeled as “Woo” or “Wooer”, “exploiter of the fools” or plainly “lunatic or totally nuts”.
    The punishment can be to be expelled from a professor’s position, to be condemned to job removal and even exposed to the dangers of prosecution and jail as it surely happens to those researchers in non orthodox therapies for cancer or another terrible illness,
    Please note I am not saying “it is like that”. I am questioning if it seems it is like that and if there is a parallel between the past inquisitorial times and today’s times, where a science belief system takes over?

    This is the answer I got:
    Dear Mike Aparicio,

    Thank you for submitting your topic for discussion, but we don’t feel TED Conversations is the right venue for it. The full text of your conversation is included below.

    For more information on what makes a great TEDConversation, check out our How-To page:

    The TED Conversations Team

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