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Wikipedia Cyberbullying: A Case Study

There are some new developments in the saga of Wikipedia and Rupert Sheldrake.  One of the editors has come out and is using his real name, mostly because unscrupulous editors on Wikipedia outed him and he had to clear his name.  Rome Viharo, a.k.a. Tumbleman, is now being cyberbullied by (ir)rationalWiki, just like me.

He has responded by documenting all of the abuse he has received on Wikipedia and has provided a compelling account of what has been happening, some of which I documented on my blog.  His account was banned and he had to come back under another name although unsuccessfully.

The whole biography page is very much a kind of Last Stand for the skeptics.  One editor, Ryan Castle, aka ‘The Capn’  writes of the saga:

Nearly a dozen editors who have disagreed with the skeptical majority’s opinion on the Sheldrake page have been threatened with banning.  Those who persisted, and especially those who presented valid references, sources and citations that could not be easily dismissed were accused of vague infractions and/or of sharing the viewpoints of others that had been previously banned, such as Tumbleman.  Despite failing to illustrate a single case of actual, intentional or disruptive violations, these cases against the dissenting editors were rapidly filled by shrill cries to have them banned forever, “for the good of WP.”  An administrator usually gives the case a brief review, sees an entire page full of denunciations of the dissenting editor and makes the quick & easy choice to click “BAN.”  In all fairness, these admins have hundreds of cases to get through and can’t spend much time reviewing the details.

After Tumbleman was banned, he came back as Philosophy Fellow.  This account was blocked as well for being a sockpuppet for an account that wasn’t even active.  This is a violation of Wikipedia rules, of course, but at this point, so what?  The group responsible for controlling Rupert Sheldrake’s page flaunt the rules regularly and Wikipedia does nothing.  They are allowed to bully other editors at will.

Wikipedia is a disaster, start to finish.  It violates copyrights; it’s articles are convoluted and horribly written, the information is often flat out wrong; it is reactionary and hidebound and a home to ideologues and cyberbullies.  There is almost nothing good about it.  Yet it is THE major source of information in the world.  Why?

Because it is free, that’s why.

Wikipedia content provides a virtually unlimited source of information  at no cost to the user, so it’s been a no brainer for corporations to plug Wikipedia into their device searches.  Quality is something that is paid for.  When there is no cost, there is no way to control quality.  The open, community based nature of Wikipedia protects it from lawsuits for defamation or incorrect information, so they have little in the way of negative incentives to change their system. There is no penalty at all for providing wrong information.

I don’t see this changing anytime soon.  It’s a system that’s far too convenient for everyone.  It works for Google because it’s in their best interest to push non advertising sites to the top of search so that companies have to buy ad space from Google.  You don’t see Britannica in the search results.  They have subscriptions.  To generate revenue.  To pay experts.  To write accurate information.  Because that is what they are paid to do.  We have junk information from an unreliable, often biased source because we are getting what we paid for.

51 comments on “Wikipedia Cyberbullying: A Case Study

  1. Anonymous
    October 8, 2014

    JPS (also called ScienceApologist, real name Joshua Schroeder) looks like a nasty piece of work, having removed academic qualifications from scientists, and writing false reviews of books before having read them, See

    Second Quantization (also called IRWolfie-) looks no better, deliberately discrediting people like Sheldrake. This page says his real name is Cathal Ó Broin. He claims to be another physicist, but no scientist I know would be so vindictive. I hope his research is not as biased as his Wiki edits.

  2. Donna Hogan
    February 19, 2014

    I am pretty sure that Fodor and those like him where or still are a part of Susan Gerbics / James Randi’s Guerrilla Skeptics whose main aim in life is to completely rewrite Wikipedia in a truly biased way . The word Guerilla in itself truly indicates the nature of these people . They think they are the Mujahideen of the scientific community – The mediumship page that Fodor has edited and edited has been done in an almost fanatical way – It is so one sided its incredible . Fodor is a modern version of the witch finder general …an all out assault on anything or anyone remotely involved with any type of paranormal research and these type of people are scary . Im starting to think we shud call Wikipedia – Skepticpedia instead . Anyone who remotely tackles any subject that is paranormal or involves quantum physics is automatically attacked and referred as a pseudo scientist and accused of talking ” woo woo ” . What a derogatory term that is . Its quite sickening to see what is happening to Wikipedia – i think any editor with links to Guerilla Skeptics shud be banned from editing . They are waging in effect a war against anything that they do not believe in . Simple as . Its a disgrace .

    • Robert
      February 19, 2014

      Donna you are correct. There’s a group of skeptics on Wikipedia who dominate all the paranormal and parapsychology articles. The main users doing this are the users called LuckyLouie, ScienceApologist, Roxy the dog and TheRedPenOfDoom. One of these users was banned in the past for sock puppeting on as many as twenty accounts but Wikipedia let’s him back on because he’s a skeptic. Skeptical users like IRWolfie have harassed many people off Wikipedia. This user has now changed his name to Second Quantization. Many of these users have alternative accounts or change their usernames, they hide behind names and never reveal their identities. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sharing accounts.

      Other skeptical editors like Barney the barney barney and Vzaak have wrecked the Rupert Sheldrake article. These are the people who banned Rome Viharo (Tumbleman) from the article. They have banned other users as well. It’s not possible to get anywhere near the Sheldrake article without being reverted. These same users have also gone after Dean Radin (check his article).

      The user LuckyLouie also posts as Leuders is the same guy who edited the Rome Viharo article on rationalwiki to discredit him. This same person also targeted other psychics. Jon Donnis the owner of an anti psychic website has also attacked psychics various websites. All these people are connected. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are being paid by some skeptic group because they seem to be online most of the day editing. As Craig says there’s no possible way to win. On these paranormal topic articles only skeptical sources are aloud to be used. Most of the parapsychological literature is very quickly deleted.

      “Its quite sickening to see what is happening to Wikipedia – i think any editor with links to Guerilla Skeptics shud be banned from editing.”

      I fully agree with you, but they will never be banned because Wikipedia is not neutral, it is pro skeptical on anything paranormal. They have an entire board on “fringe theories” where they deliberately watch people and revert their edits. And they are not above accusing people of being sock puppets, but never their own. Look at the activity on the Alice Bailey article. They accused six people of being the same person just because he turned up to add some positive information about Bailey. They accused him of being the same person and all of his accounts were marked as sock puppets but they never had actually proven it. You can see their Wikipedia policy on “fringe” theories here:

      In other words anything “fringe” or paranormal is automatically shunned. This is Wikipedia policy and there is nothing that can be done about it. Wikipedia is useful for other information but anything non “mainstream” look elsewhere.

      • Tom Butler
        February 19, 2014

        Bill, Donna and all,

        It seems evident that Wikipedia is a lost cause so far as frontier subjects are concerned. We are kind of ‘beating a dead horse’ here.

        Take a look at Citizendium is a relatively small online encyclopedia that has learned from Wikipedia. It requires real names and gives credit where credit is due for subject-matter specialists. I believe it is a reasonable place to produce useful, balanced articles.

        I have been trying to open a paranormal section there, but getting the word out has been slow. Citizendium is a viable alternative for us but it requires action on our part to realize that possibility.

        The bottom line is, stop complaining 😉 and do something about it in Citizendium. I will do what I can to help.

    • craigweiler
      January 9, 2014

      Thank you. I was using that site for reference, but initially forgot to link to it in the article. That’s since been corrected.

  3. Tom Butler
    January 6, 2014

    What is the matter with this discussion? Could it be that we have two people who are hiding behind screen names–that do not have the courage of their convictions–arguing over what is true? Here we are at the root of the problems in Wikipedia–editors are hiding behind a mask; free of the constraints of social norms, they can say anything they wish.

    There is a linkage between virtual people and the danger that our efforts to study these phenomena will be blocked. I noticed near the end of your book that you reported on the efforts by the UK to close esoteric websites. ( The National Science Foundation has taken the lead from the skeptics literature and now considers pseudoscience a danger to society. ( Such official acceptance of the concept raises the possibility that the government can act to band anything the skeptics say is pseudoscience–AKA, everything paranormal.

    Funding for this research is nonexistent except for a few private sources. It brings extreme and certain danger to young scientist’s career if they associate themselves in any way with this research. As you have pointed out in your excellent book, most of this influence is due to the skeptic’s extraordinary access to influence public opinion via the Internet, and especially via Wikipedia which accepts skeptical literature as fact while not even allowing peer-reviewed reports from the paranormalists.

    I would ignore these virtual people who are really intellectual cowards if it were not for their success in influencing public policy. The obvious solution is to clearly speak our position in level-headed terms as each of us speaks out under our real name while ignoring the ‘sticks and stones’ predictably cast by the skeptics. A second response would be for bloggers and forum owners to not give anyone who will not use their real name access to the public. That would mean simply not allowing inane exchanges like this to go on.

  4. Fodor
    January 6, 2014

    Stevenson I have joined rationalwiki on an account called Evolutionist I have removed the attacks on Guy Lyon Playfair. I am not sure if rationalwiki will revert me or not. But I have cited some actual reviews of his books in the New Scientist Magazine, unfortunately they were negative but at least this is sourced material instead of just dismissing the man with no references which was unfair. Cheers.

  5. Fodor
    January 6, 2014

    Stevenson one last thing, if you check the face book page for the SPR they recently posted this:

    As you can see it’s a paranormal believer called Flo Stair admitting cases of ectoplasm are fraudulent. Are you going to stalk her now and call her biased or a pseudoskeptic, or accuse her of owning sock puppets? Probably not but you seem to be doing it to me. Me and Flo are no different on this subject. I am no different than Harry Price or any other psychical researcher who has exposed cases of fraudulent mediums. You target me, why not them? You are taking it all too personal. I no longer edit Wikipedia (I’m too busy) but as well due to your stalking, so you have won anyway, whether you see it or not you have bullied me by what you have been doing. Unfortunately I lost the contact information for eveshi but this is someone who like you started off very hostile to me and my edits on Wikipedia debunking mediums but ended up agreeing with me on much of it. The same may happen with you if you spend the time to read the books. Thanks. Like a said have a good year, it’s a shame you started it by stalking me. Hopefully you will agree to go separate ways now. I’m not going to mention this again. Hopefully you can keep to the deal. Thanks.


  6. anonymous
    January 6, 2014

    “Stevenson let’s stop this now.”
    Consider it done. I don’t need the stupid drama and wish to get back to my regular life. Craig, I apologize for cluttering your blog. Fodor, I implore you, if you stick to writing Wikipedia articles, no matter how biased I might find them to be, we won’t have a problem.

  7. Fodor
    January 6, 2014

    Stevenson let’s stop this now. I have made peace with you, please don’t post libel about me any more. Can you just end this now? Have a good year. No more time for this I have commented on here far too much. I apologise Craig, but this controversy may get your blog some extra attention. You will probably side with Stevenson as I am the skeptic and he is the believer but I would like to say I am the victim here. It is an interesting case of cyber bullying and it relates to your book, but this time it’s the believers going after the skeptics.

    • craigweiler
      January 6, 2014

      Well, as you can see, I haven’t censored your posts because it is Ok with me for these issues to be taken up here in the comment area. I have not personally investigated who is who among all the proponent and skeptic screen names out there and therefore I don’t feel comfortable having an opinion about it.

      As far as being cyberbullied, this only applies when your real name is drawn into the fray, as it was with Rome. That can affect a person’s professional and possibly personal life beyond these Internet controversies.

      If you feel that you are being trolled, but it is only under your screen name and only in context with your editing or Internet presence as it relates to parapsychology, then that is the price you pay for being involved with this subject. It comes with the territory.

      (I specifically target skepticism using my real name, so although I get trolled, I really have no grounds to object.)

  8. Fodor
    January 6, 2014

    Stevenson just out of interest, why are you even defending Guy Lyon Playfair? I have read one of his books and he says the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier was genuine.

    But look here:

    Chico’s “spirit” materializations were nothing more than people in cloth or a towel over their head. You won’t admit it but even you know this, look at the photographs. You are wasting your time defending long debunked mediums. This sort of stuff has been debunked over 60 years ago by psychical researchers Stevenson. You believe people dressed up in cloth are real spirits do you Steve?

  9. anonymous
    January 6, 2014

    Fodor, comments at Playfair’s blog have to be approved. The comment was made a while back, in response to a question Guy had, and was recently approved. If you had limited yourself to writing grossly biased Wikipedia articles none of this would’ve happened. If you don’t think I have the evidence of you slandering and defaming people on various sites over the years then you have nothing to worry about. I do wonder what the people you’ve victimized will think though. Anyway, it’s becoming clear to me you have no desire to make peace and end this. You’re not going to stop are you? I gave you a chance and was just met with more bluster, lies, and threats. And I’m really tired of the lies and threats.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      I have had enough of this Stevenson, I have not defamed anyone! The mediums on Wikipedia are all dead! I documented their fraud, well sourced to books and newspapers, no libel. Craig Weiler admits they were frauds! 99% of psychical researchers do.

      My articles are not “grossly biased”. How else can you write a Helen Duncan article? Her entire mediumship career was fraudulent. Her spirits were made from cheesecloth. You don’t want me to mention that but like Guy just claim they are all genuine? Sorry but no. If there’s fraud I will document it and that’s what I did. End of story. I seek the truth, I am not supressing evidence. I have already said I would like to make peace with you but you seem to have some vendetta against me because you envy my knowledge on these subjects or because I debunked D. D. Home and these other mediums you believed were genuine. As I said knowledge is free, you can easily find the books documenting the fraud of mediums like Helen Duncan and Eusapia Palladino. It’s all out there just get reading but you choose not to and stalk me instead. In a few years you will figure out I am right and regret defending these fraudulent mediums. I am not threatening you with anything. I said I will take legal action if you don’t stop what you are doing, which is only fair. How would you like it if someone wrongly accused you of something and then went onto public websites and spammed in personal information about you. You don’t see me doing it to you do you? But you do it to me, and you still have not explained why.

      • craigweiler
        January 6, 2014

        Uh, you are misrepresenting me here Fodor. The SPR did indeed out many frauds in its time, but as a general rule, these are not the cases that are discussed in present day.

        Helen Duncan and Eusapia Palladino were noted for their exceptional ability. Duncan was basically jailed for it. The evidence for Palladino was extremely good. That’s why these people are still controversial.

        One of the points that I made in my book was that every single bit of good evidence is contested and smeared by skeptics. It’s how the game works. If you want to learn the truth you have to be skeptical of the skepticism.

        • Fodor
          January 6, 2014

          Craig, I put a huge amount probably more than any other article into documenting Eusapia Palladino’s fraud on Wikipedia, I am definitely not a pseudo-skeptic, possibility one of the very few researchers in the world to uncover Palladino’s fraud through thirty years by other 14 psychical researchers. Please see:

          The SPR members Henry Sidwick and Richard Hodgson caught Palladino in fraud, She would levitate the table with her foot, and move objects with her hands and toes, she was even caught using a hair to move small objects. There are countless other exposures, she was caught by Joseph Jastrow levitating the table with her foot and by Hugo Munsterberg with a rubber bulb to cause curtain movement etc. It’s kind of weird why anybody would claim she is genuine.

          As for Helen Duncan she was a blatant fraud, she deserved to be arrested. The conspiracy theories that she was set up do not hold up to scrutiny. Harry Price was an honest investigator. In the end her husband even confessed he had hidden her ectoplasm and it was made from cheesecloth, as did her former maid Mary McGinlay confessed in helping make her ectoplasm. The famous photographs taken reveal her “spirits” to be made from masks. There’s absolutely nothing genuine here. Harry Price tested Duncan in her lab and her ectoplasm was made from rubber gloves and other objects.

          Now Stevenson says these articles are biased, but how else can they be written? We just ignore all the fraud and the exposures do we? But that’s not honest.

          • craigweiler
            January 6, 2014

            I can see why Stevenson is upset with you. You must be doing some extreme cherry picking with the evidence to arrive at those conclusions about these mediums.

            Robert McLuhan did a great job going over some of this evidence in his book “Randi’s Prize.”

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      I didn’t create Guy Lyon Playfair’s rational wiki article the only reason you say I do is because you noticed a criticised Playfair’s endorsement of Chico. You have no evidence I did so can you please stop claiming I did on different blogs. Even if someone did create a rational wiki article it is not illegal, so you really are trolling with this. It’s a free wiki that anyone can edit. If you have a problem then sign up and edit it yourself. Please stop pinning your problems on me.

  10. Fodor
    January 6, 2014

    Stevenson please see page 8 in Craig Weiler’s book Psi Wars: TED, Wikipedia and the Battle for the Internet, you can find it on amazon.

    He says regarding the Society for Psychical Research “they did find a fair share of frauds, charlatans and wishful thinking”. After that he also admits they did find a fair anomalies not explainable by normal means. But please notice the first line, even Craig (a psychic) admits psychical researchers exposed many frauds in mediumship, but you Stevenson are claiming they are all genuine. Are you really going to continue trolling blogs and forums attacking me just because I documented the fraud of blatant tricksters like Mina Crandon, William Eglinton or Helen Duncan? You should be thanking me. Psychical research is about exposing the frauds and getting to the truth.

    The SPR exposed many fraudulent mediums. In fact this was one of my intentions of joining Wikipedia to document this evidence. I have in the past had very close connections to the SPR, even been to their library, arhcives and met some of it’s senior members. I personally own rare material of Trevor Hall and Harry Price, I must have spent over the years $6000 in your currency on psychical publications. I have never come across anyone who knows more on the subject than me yet you troll blogs claiming I have demolished Wikipedia articles just because I mentioned mediums caught in fraud. I even had to visit libraries to check books for single lines, this is how far I take my research.

    SPR members like Hereward Carrington and Harry Price (he never retired from the SPR) admitted the majority of mediums were fraudulent. You will find little difference between skeptics and psychical researchers when it comes to mediumship, so if you are attacking me you are attacking psychical researchers. There’s no difference between me and Carrington/Price on exposing the fraud in mediumship so if you are attacking me you are attacking two of the most famous researchers in the history of parapsychology.

    Perhaps you should learn the real history Stevenson.

    Get educated on the subject and then perhaps you wouldn’t be abusing and stalking me. I don’t deserve to be bullied considering all my hard work and countless hours knowledge I have helped people with. You have never spent the time to give anything or research this subject. Knowledge is free but you believe it should be supressed. Regards.

  11. anonymous
    January 6, 2014

    I understand Fodor, you feel as if you’re in too deep to come clean at this point. If you admit to what you’ve been doing you’re opening yourself up to a ton of legal trouble. And you probably don’t want your “friends” like Science Apologist or Lucky Louie to know about your fringe beliefs regarding evolution. I’m going to be frank. Your bullying disgusts me. You have no business being allowed on the internet. And your ridiculous bluster and constant lying is tiresome. I mean it when I say I take no pleasure in upsetting you. So here’s the deal. I’m going to drop the issue and not mention it again…UNLESS you decide to go back to your old ways. If I see you continuing to harass people and trying to make their lives miserable, I will definitely begin contacting your victims with the info I have- all info which you yourself have made publicly available. No, I will not identify you- it won’t be your name or address. But it will be enough for your ISP, and then the courts, to decide what to do. It’s up to you as to what happens next. We can end this now, or you can escalate the situation. If you bother to respond to this do not respond with another lie or threat.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      Stevenson as I said before I’m not getting it, I have NOT bullied anyone, you are doing that here against me. You have edits from me on Wikipedia on Fodor. It’s not illegal! I can’t find a single thing you have posted from me that is bad. Even if I was Green Universe or any of these other Wikipedia editors then where is the crime? What business is it of your on what people edit on Wikipedia? It’s not a crime to edit Wikipedia.

      You don’t have a single post I have done that is “bullying”. And by the way it’s not possible to sue individuals from Wikipedia. You are wasting your time on me, there’s rapists, terrorists and bombers out there, the cops aren’t interested in a skeptic who debunks psychic frauds on Wikipedia. They would laugh at you.

      You say I should not be on the internet but that’s a strange comment coming from you who keeps stalking me. I have never had a problem with you, I don’t know who you are but you keep causing this. You are the only person I have come across who publicly posts in peoples IPs, home towns, names, if anything wouldn’t the police be interested in this?.

      I am open about my Wikipedia edits, I don’t mind you pasting that in. I have a problem when you accuse me of being all these impersonation and troll names and pasting in towns and addresses. I can’t be bothered to discuss this anymore, you just want to bully me on this website. If you were in real life in the room with me you would be silent. It’s all power you need to abuse me hidden with safety behind a computer screen. Just stop now. I’m walking away I am not interested in this anymore.

      As for fringe views on evolution, there is still a big debate in evolution about the mechanisms and I find stuff like hopeful monsters and symbiogenesis very interesting because I study this stuff, and it is not pseudoscience or crackpottery it might not be the “mainstream” view but it’s still science like Michael Shermer said, if you want crackpottery please look at yourself posting nonsense on OC68 about cattle mutilations as evidence for UFOs, psi, spirits and ectoplasm. I debunked your favourite mediums and you are just annoyed so you want to attack me, that’s the truth. You are putting countless hours of your life into stalking me, Is that really what you want? You could be doing more worth wile things.

      • craigweiler
        January 6, 2014

        It is absolutely possible to sue Wikipedia editors for defamation, particularly if they are defaming a living person, which is why Wikipedia has all those rules about BLP’s.

        In the U.S. there are a few rules. The truth is not defamation and you can generally repeat someone else’s defamation without fear.

        You cannot sue for defamation of your screen name, only your real one. Lawsuits in the U.S. however, are extremely expensive and unwieldy and not recommended except in cases of obvious and extreme injury to your reputation. (You have to be pretty famous for that to matter in other words.)

  12. anonymous
    January 6, 2014

    I look forward to your “legal action”. And you can in turn look forward to me contacting a long list of people you’ve bullied over the years and providing them with your various usernames, and them in turn contacting your ISP to confirm if it was in fact you. If I’m wrong you have nothing to worry about. As you say, your ISP will do nothing if all you did is edit Wikipedia. By the way Fodor Fan, did you decide to make that ridiculous and childish post attacking me as Orangina, or does that just happen to be a new poster who is also a fan of Craig and found this article (which is not featured prominently on the front page)? Or perhaps it’s a friend of yours? Look, you’re clearly mentally ill and I have no desire to upset a mentally ill person. I want nothing to do with you. But you have got to quit lying and promise me you’ll stop harassing people. You do that and I’m through with you…at least until Craig posts another article about someone being harassed and I learn you’re one of the harassers.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      You are not making any sense Stevenson, what bullying? Editing a Wikipedia website and debunking pseudoscience is not a crime. There’s peadophiles, rapists and muggers out there that deserve to be exposed, abused and locked up why not spend your time going after them. Instead you act like a coward by cyberbullying an innocent person like me just because I am skeptic and because I debunked some of your fantasy psychic beliefs. What’s my crime? Debunking psychic frauds on Wikipedia? You have absolutely no evidence I have bullied anyone. You would be laughed at by a judge in a Court. You will make an idiot of yourself if you keep pasting in my Wikipedia edits, they are not illegal! The only person doing illegal is yourself by doxing. You have a big obsession with me don’t you?

      Wikipedia is free anyone can edit it. If you believe all mediums are genuine like you claim and none of them were caught in fraud then go and edit their articles and see how far you would get. You keep saying I have wrecked the Wikipedia article of D. D. Home or Mina Crandon but they were caught in fraud. So what do you want? That we don’t report their fraud and claim they are all genuine? But that’s not honest is it? You stalk my edits on magician and skeptic Wikipedia pages, you have never read these books or even know who these guys are. Before reading my edits you didn’t even know who Dunninger, Soo, McCabe were etc. Why not try reading their books? They are all online. You would easily see that all psychic stuff is conjuring tricks. You have never studied the subject, you just claim it is all genuine and keep claiming no critical coverage should be included on these subjects.

      I fail to understand your logic but OK then I am mentally ill for debunking psychic frauds on wikipedia. But are you not mentally ill for stalking and harassing people? Doxing is illegal. Your entire existence on the mind-energy forum was just stalking Wikipedia editors and posting libel and accusing people of sock puppeting, not a single constructive post. You have never edited the wikipedia website yourself but just have a fascination about people adding content to it. It’s all comes down to the fact you have are not productive in real life and have nothing to do, you wouldn’t spend hours of your life giving away knowledge and typing up content from books, instead you just stalk people over the internet. Your life seems to be the interests and activities of other people and yes I read over your old post on OC68, you know very little about parapsychology. I know more than you than all the topics you claim to believe in. You put heck a lot of time into stalking Wikipedia editors. Perhaps read some books and you would realise I am correct.

      I have never edited the articles you claim I have, they do not match to me. As I said how do we know you or someone else is not behind this trolling? I know many people who can easily vouch that I am not a troll. But as for yourself you seem to have a long history of “stalking” people. You say you want nothing to do with me but you obviously do because you keep threatening you are going to post libel about me to people. I have never done anything to you at all, so I don’t understand your obsession with my life. Just for the record I quit Wikipedia but feel free to look up my edits that you envy.

      I have not harassed anyone Stevenson and have no plan to, I am not on anyone websites, apart from my last post here you will never hear or read about me again. I rarely use the internet these days due to a full time job. If you see anything they are impersonation or someone else trying to stir trouble for me. Take care.

  13. anonymous
    January 6, 2014

    Fodor Fan, I do not know your name nor do I care to know it- only your ISP has that information. Like you said, if all you’re guilty of is editing Wikipedia articles you have nothing to worry about. But we both know that’s not true don’t we? Defamation is much easier to prove in the UK and based on that twitter account alone it should be quite easy to prove. Then factor in the comments made on Rational Wiki and elsewhere, well… Do you honestly think I want to waste my time with you? I was finished with you months ago. But you decided to continue bullying people. I have a long list of people you have harassed and defamed over the years. And unless you are willing to quit lying and assure me the attacks will stop I will begin contacting these people. Do not respond to this post with more lies and ridiculous denials, because I’ve had it with your lies.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      If you are going to play this game I am going to have to take legal action. Thanks.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      How do we know all this libel and impersonation accounts are not you Stevenson? And you are trying to pin them on me? How do we know you are not MU?

      Twitter? You mean this?

      Yes MU created it. It’s an attack on ME. Are you incapable of honesty?

      Please contact Arouet he knows about it and the impersonations/attacks against me as does Jacob from the mind-energy forum. You choose not to contact these people you are being dishonest. You are the only person on the internet still claiming I am MU. Get your information correct. Just for the record I don’t believe you are MU you are worse, you actually stalk people and paste in personal information. Perhaps it is you creating fake accounts of me, eveshi, Jon Donnis and MU on rationalwiki to try and stir trouble between us again. You seem to have a big obsession with me. This is unhealthy. Get some interests. You can easily contact Jon Donnis and other people they know this trolling is not me. You only say it is to attack me.

      This doesn’t belong on this blog. Your libel has been deleted on White Crow Books and I will get it deleted everywhere else. Please stop doxing it is illegal. Your are blacklisting your own ISP. Email me. I am through here.

  14. anonymous
    January 5, 2014

    Drop the nonsense and let’s try a little honesty for once, cause I’m not going to waste my time indulging your ridiculous lies and denials. If anyone has any doubts go read the posts on Guy Lyon Playfair’s blog. Read what I said about the Otto Schindewolf article on Wikipedia, where Fodor Fan/his IP Address/and the banned LiveintheForests edited it. Now do a search on “Otto Schindewolf Rational Wiki” and look at the names who edited the articles involving this obscure figure on Rational Wiki. And it goes on and on, you can do this with any number of articles Fodor Fan and his other usernames have edited. The connections are clear.
    Notice the name DinoCrisis? It’s the same name that created the Rational Wiki “Hopeful Monster” and Non-Darwinian Evolution” articles where the obscure Otto Schindewolf features prominently and is the same person who made some early edits to Craig’s page. I’ve no desire to waste my time with you “Fodor Fan”, but I keep coming across people you’ve victimized. If you could show me you were going to legitimately stop the abuse this would all be over. In fact, it never would’ve occurred. But now I see you going after this Viharo person. Leave the guy alone. He did nothing to you. A good faith gesture might be for you to come clean on his Rational Wiki talk page.

    • Orangina
      January 6, 2014

      The person setting up the attack pages on rationalwiki is the mentally ill troll “Stevenson” from mind-energy forum. This guy then posts tuns of libel and accuses others of adding the pages. His libel posts accusing Fodor and countless others were deleted and he had a temporary ban. Stevenson is now trolling the web still claiming innocent people and countless others (most likely his own socks) are responsible for the attack pages he has created.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      Stevenson all the libel about me on white crow books that you posted has been deleted. In fact I may even be heading to their office to communicate with them about it as well. Please stop spreading libel about me or I will take legal action, you have no idea about my connections, I have not bullied anybody. It is illegal to post personal information, I have never ever seen anyone do this before but you seem to have an obsession with doing it. Your entire existence on the Mind-Energy forum was just stalking Wikipedia editors? Is that healthy? You have added nothing to Wikipedia yourself but just seem to have a fascination with all my interests, knowledge and expertise on psychical research.

      I am not DinoCrisis or any of these other sock puppets. If I wanted to abuse people on the internet I would use a TOR network and hide behind fake names, but I don’t do that. As I said that is not my game. I am open about my edits on Wikipedia on Fodor Fan, this is public knowledge. I don’t have anything else. So more than one person has edited the Otto Schindewolf article on wikipedia, this is not proof I am an editor on rationalwiki. It’s well known rationalwiki editors sometimes copy information from Wikipedia. You are looking for meaningful patterns that are not there, this is a typical fallacy of psi believers. Please email me and we can discuss this in private. I will not discuss this anymore. This will be my last post here. Hopefully Craig will put this through. Best.

    • Fodor
      January 6, 2014

      Stevenson, I am very surprised by this you just said you are going to stop stalking me and I thought we had reached some sort of deal to leave each other and quit this stupid thing, but within a few hours you have posted abuse and libel about me again on White Crow Books who originally deleted all your illegal comments, but now you are posting it again. Do you never learn? Why are you doing this? It will just get you into more and more trouble. You seem to have an obsession with doxing. Can you leave me alone now? I thought you said that was what you were doing? You are cyber bullying me. Even Weiler who strongly disagrees with my views on psychic stuff can probably see that. What you are doing is not pleasant and I don’t deserve this, I have never done anything like you. You come across as some sort of pervert stalker. I bet your an old guy as well. You are weird. What do you get out of stalking me all day? Does your wife etc know you do this?

      You write about my Wikipedia account Blastfighter.

      Perhaps read

      Legitimate uses for alternative accounts exist, in my case privacy because I was posting from a public IP address at someone else’s house whilst I was staying with them. If you use an alternative account you have to firmly link it to your original account (which I did). You can easily locate the alternative username template which I employed very early on, on my account so your claim “when they found they couldn’t hide the connection” is false. I am not trying to hide anything. All my Wikipedia accounts are linked. I have never sock puppeted like yourself. Stevenson, OC68, Simo, Anonymous how many other names do you have?

      This is a great error Rome Viharo (tumbleman) made, if he had added the alternative account template to his other usernames, he would not of been accused of being a sock puppet. And please stop posting on blogs claiming I created the Viharo article I didn’t. I didn’t even know who Viharo was until a few weeks ago and I certainly have nothing against him, he even posted he doesn’t believe in mediums or psi. I only debunk mediums, nothing else.

      There is no crime in using alternative Wikipedia accounts, it is endorsed and they are publicly open. Many admins on Wikipedia have alternative accounts for safety reasons for when posting at public IP addresses. Please do your research and stop posting this libel. Elsewhere you have accused me of being a member of Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia. Your conspiracy theories get more desperate and desperate as for Kathleen Goligher that you keep defending she was a blatant fraud, why are you trolling blogs defending long debunked mediumistic frauds who used cheesecloth? Are you incapable of reading the literature on these subjects? If you want Goligher’s fraud she was caught red-handed with muslin by a researcher and magicians such as Harry Houdini easily debunked her.

      You have done this elsewhere (defending long debunked nonsense) it only reveals your extreme gullibility, so if it was up to you how would you have the Kathleen Goligher article Stevenson? Just claim she was genuine and none of the fraud mentioned? You do realise the majority of psychical researchers have rejected physical mediumship as fraudulent? You don’t even know your own field.

      But Ok I surrender you got me the police are going to arrest me because I created the Kathleen Goligher Wikipedia article. Well done Sherlock. I am really am not taking you seriously anymore, I actually think you are trolling. You are linking to Wikipedia edits and then threatening some sort of action. What action? By who? It’s madness. It’s Wikipedia for God sake, anyone can edit it and the mediums that I wrote about are all dead. I have not posted any libel, only documented their fraud. As I said if you spent time reading the psychical books you would agree with me that these mediums were fraudulent, but you never do. It’s pure psychological projection from you to keep claiming people are mentally ill, can you not see what you are doing is not normal? You need help. I have asked you to leave me alone and stop stalking me, are you going to stop? BTW log on the mind-energy forum I believe the admin did ask you to stop stalking people as well. Please stop, this is your last warning.

  15. Fodor
    January 5, 2014

    Craig, hopefully you will put this message through. I just want to say I am Fodor Fan one of the Wikipedia editors that the user “anonymous” has mentioned, you can look up my edits easily they are open. Most of them were on mediumship. Yes I know the user Lucky Louie and the user Kazaba. There’s no hiding they are skeptical editors. This is not a crime, anyone can edit Wikipedia. I no longer edit Wikipedia but my entire history is there, I am not a sock puppet infact I was even added to the Wikipedia “whitelist” because my editing was so good. You have never researched the subject. I was a member of the Society for Psychical Research, I have worked in archives with countless psychical publications, I know the history that very few people do.

    This user who keeps saying I am on rationalwiki has absolutely no proof that I am on that website, he just makes up a load of names or fake impersonation accounts and then says they are me, this sort of evidence would be laughed at in before a judge or jury in a court of law. His evidence is just deliberate libel and has no truth in it whatsoever. It’s like me now going onto a website getting a random bunch of names and claiming they are you. There is absolutely no proof, so you shouldn’t be posting libel.

    I am not any of these sock puppets you talk about, especially not some of them as they are linked to racism. I am very open about my identity and my edits. Admins from these websites can easily check. I admit some of these accounts do read like impersonation accounts and I have suffered from this problem from a stalker in the past.

    The user anonymous is OC68 from the mind-energy forum, he’s also posted under the name “Simo” on Joe Nickell’s blog where he has been posting in peoples IP addresses, this is illegal doxing. I have been in communication with Jacob from the mind-energy forum in the past over this issue and he deleted his posts. This Stevenson person keeps stalking me and pasting in what he claims are my IP addresses, the town I live in and personal information about me. This is not pleasant considering I have never done anything to this person so he really is making believers look bad. You are deliberately harassing and stalking me. You are posting deliberate libel Stevenson. I have not attacked anyone on the internet or done anything illegal. Call up my ISP like you claimed and they would laugh at you, what’s my crime? Debunking fraudulent mediums on Wikipedia?

    I know Jon Donnis, I have not been “impersonating” him like you claim, and I have not been impersonating Eveshi either. Both these people I have communicated with in the past and I certainly respect them. I was even going to publish an article on Donni’s badpsychics website once. True there was a user called MU who has impersonated me, Eveshi and Donnis in the past on the internet but he has not done this for many months (at least from that I can tell). There’s a new person out there trying to stir trouble for us and wage “wars” between believers and skeptics. I did not create Craig Weiler’s rationalwiki or any other article on that website. My name keeps getting mentioned on rationalwiki as does Jon Donnis. They are impersonations. I am open about my IP address and what I have edited on Wikipedia. Please don’t spread deliberate libel about me.

    If you check Rome Viharo’s rationalwiki page, Rome has discovered that the IP address of Mal Yankton matches to Paul C. Anagnostopoulos

    Please click on the image Rome uploaded. I will not dox information but you can easily read it. Now I am not saying the trolling is Paul but that is certainly a piece of evidence. So instead of accusing me perhaps you should look at real evidence. You have no real evidence linking my IP to any impersonation or sock puppet accounts this is because that is not my game, I am a family guy and don’t spend my time abusing people on the internet. Please get your information correct Stevenson. And yes I have spoken to Jacob the admin of the mind-energy about this. I will happily email you in private if you wish. Hopefully Craig will publish this. This whole believer vs skeptic thing is immature, we should not resort to posting libel about people. We must learn to cooperate. Thanks.

  16. anonymous
    January 5, 2014

    Craig, if you check out the following link and read the comments after the article you’ll get a sense of the person behind much of the abuse heaped on you, the person responsible for your Rational Wiki article. Also, it’s a pity this article of yours is now somewhat buried on your site, as this person has gone after a wide swathe of people online who would be interested in what is going on- Dean Radin, Stephen Braude, you, Guy Lyon Playfair, various members of the Skeptiko forum, Robert McLuhan, Michael Prescott, Brian Josephson, etc.

    Also, if you look at the edit history of Leuders on Rational Wiki and Lucky Louie on Wikipedia there seem to be a number of similarities between the two, so much so that I think Leuders and Lucky Louie are probably one and the same. Lucky Louie was in contact with the person who wrote your Rational Wiki hit piece (and many others). For example, here he discusses editing the Enfield Poltergeist article with the person:

    And here is Science Apologist, our old friend who himself has been banned on multiple occasions, offering another of the IDs cookies (keep in mind this person has had dozens of accounts banned):

    Science Apologist signs his posts jps, you’ll see him often on the Sheldrake pages. It seems as if he has at least one or more sympathetic Wikipedia administrators in his corner.

    • craigweiler
      January 5, 2014

      Most people in parapsychology are aware of RationalWiki. The general feeling is that the poor quality and obvious bias of the articles works against it.

    • Fodor
      January 5, 2014

      anonymous (Stevenson). I did not create Craig Weiler’s rationalwiki article. Can you stop claiming on blogs that I have? According to the edit history of the article it was created by a user called Strawberry Smoothie many months ago. That is certainly not me. If you continue to post this deliberate libel about me I may have to take legal action. Everything is traceable on the internet. I am happy to say that if it was checked I would not be traced to what you claim I have done because I have not done it. I am a researcher not someone who deliberately harasses people. If you want harassment please look at your own editing against me.

      All your information about Science Apologist (Josh) is wrong. He was not banned, he had to delete his accounts due to a personal stalker who even harassed him in real life. It’s a private issue so most of his editing history was blanked as courtesy.

      The only thing you have got correct is that Lucky Louie is Leuders from rationalwiki but that is no secret, he’s mentioned it. You are not being a very good detective. This is my last post here but please get in contact with Jacob from the mind-energy forum, log back in and perhaps we can exchange emails through him and discuss this in private. I won’t publicly post my email due to stalkers or impersonation by Weiler knows it. Thanks.

      • Fodor
        January 5, 2014

        Sorry poor spelling the last line there was meant to be “but” Weiler knows it. not “by”.

  17. Barney Holmes
    January 3, 2014

    I don’t agree with the bullying that you describe. However I don’t think think its wise to turn on WP … We see these disputes in other areas outside of WP. WP certainly has its problems but its still a big breakthrough for the world. If the bullies make you turn on WP because of this then they’ve won.

    • craigweiler
      January 3, 2014

      Thanks for your comment Barney. I respectfully disagree.

      First of all, Wikipedia is not a breakthrough, it is a disaster, spreading misinformation across a seemingly infinite range of subjects. The situation isn’t that it has problems, it’s that Wikipedia itself is a problem.

      If it can rebuild itself in a new form and end this problem, that would be great, but the system they have in place now needs to be utterly eliminated. It is terrible.

    • Shen1987
      August 9, 2014

      This is important – So Waller Joel aka mac was present at Kai Muegge’s séance?!!! Is anyone in contact with Muegge, can you guys ask him about this? Has mac finally met someone off the internet? I thought this guy would never show himself but as I understand it Mueggee who has Waller Joel added as a friend on Foy’s website has not denied knowing Waller Joel and has not denied that he was at that séance so two denies is proof of yes… So Muegge has actually met mac/Waller Joel? Has macs identity finally been revealed? I don’t see anyway around this – Waller Joel is obviously a real name that Waller Joel uses but Waller Joel has met Mueggee in real life at that séance. Note that Waller Joel aka mac also claims to have met a physical medium called Kevin Leek and I have not seen Leek dispute this either. So Waller Joel/mac is a regular visitor to séances? Is the picture on Waller Joel’s website actually mac the fake spiritualist? I guess Muegge could tell us.

      To the people on this board who are involved in physical mediumship (I am not so can’t help here) can you please contact Lee or Muegge asap about this and perhaps let others in the field of physical mediumship about this. This ‘mac’ person has been defaming, harassing and insulting people online for years but has he finally revealed himself? If you could let us know what Kai’s response is then perhaps post it here. No more from me on this issue I have done all I can, you guys can take over. Please help if you can. Thanks. Namaste


      • Tom Butler
        August 9, 2014

        What on earth are you going on about?

        • Bill
          October 14, 2014

          It’s just MU messing about Tom. There was a recent huge debate about MUs sock puppets and impersonations on the skeptiko forum. As you can see he’s copied some of his post from Jim’s spiritualism forum but moved the words around after someone (Shen/Eveshi) ousted him.

  18. anonymous
    December 30, 2013

    Tom Butler, it appears Science Apologist is in close with some administrators at Wikipedia. Try to look up info on him and you’ll often come across the following message: “This page has been blanked as a courtesy.” For example:
    Science Apologist’s atrocious behavior on Wikipedia is notorious. If I’m not mistaken he was banned dozens of times and kept coming back. And it would now seem many of the more controversial aspects of his time there have been removed by sympathetic Wikipedia administrators “as a courtesy”. This page chronicles a dispute he had with the proponent Martinphi (who as a proponent was of course banned):

    It is completely outrageous that this person has been allowed back on Wikipedia and is yet one more example of just what a joke Wikipedia has become.

  19. rogerknights
    December 30, 2013

    ” The group responsible for controlling Rupert Sheldrake’s page flaunt the rules regularly” Make that ” flout “! Otherwise, great job. Roger

  20. Tom Butler
    December 30, 2013

    It is interesting to note that one of the people talking against Barleybannocks to have him topic banned from the Rupert Sheldrake article is an editor who has been banned from Wikipedia for life. He is ScienceApologist now editing as JPS (AKA User:QTxVi4bEMRbrNqOorWBV. ( One editor even pointed this out on the Rupert Sheldrake article talk page where we know administrators are watching and fully aware of JPS’s activity. This pretty much makes it “Official Wikipedia Policy” that strongarm skeptics editors are a protected class.

    The note about this on the talk page: “I am also quite saddened that an editor with your experience, expertise and background,(1) has had to resort to personal attacks again (“myopia”, “brain dead”), bearing in mind your history, (2) previous sanctions, (3)and the very recent WP:AE case concerning Barleybannocks and TRPoD. (4) Barleybannocks and TRPoD. –Iantresman (talk) 20:21, 21 December 2013 (UTC)”


    JPS has now pretty much taken over the article and moving it hard-over toward the skeptic view.

    (1) (

    • Bill
      November 6, 2014

      The militant skeptic on Wikipedia who heavily edited the Sheldrake article has been perm banned for harassment:

      Craig you should blog on this or at least inform Sheldrake or Rome Viharo. It needs to be widely known.

      Unfortunately as this guy was banned several other Wikipedia users have now joined the Sheldrake article including TheRedPenOfDoom and QTxVi4bEMRbrNqOorWBV (Science Apologist) who seem to be even more of a militant skeptic than Barney. Vzaak is still editing. And there are other skeptics such as a user called Mangoe. And the Wikipedia user LuckyLouie who edits most of the parapsychology articles creates articles on rationalwiki under the name of Leuders and other names, he was the one who still edits Rome Viharo’s article.

  21. billy_mavreas (@billy_mavreas)
    December 30, 2013

    well said, craig

    • craigweiler
      December 30, 2013


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