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Radio Interview, January 5th, 8-10pm, EST

Jan 5 promo

I’ll be discussing my new book and also my upcoming Webinars.  Of course, feel free to call in and ask whatever you like!  Details here.  Tel. 716-393-9325

Craig Weiler and co-host, David Metcalfe will be hosting the upcoming Evolver Learning Labs webinar – Every Body’s Psychic: Discovering your psychic potential and what to do with it were we will lead a vital discussion with some of the leading researchers in parapsychology and anomalistic science on the current state of psychical research and some of the social benefits that can be seen from more open lines of inquiry.   


One comment on “Radio Interview, January 5th, 8-10pm, EST

  1. Mark
    January 5, 2014

    Good interview, Craig. I wish there was more time to talk about Gerbic and her crew, and the general efforts to spin Wikipedia, but there’s only so much time in a single show. Maybe next time, if you go back.

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