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Protest of TED at Their New York Office April 2nd: One Year Anniversary of Controversy

The date of the protest is April 2nd, the same day that TED officially removed Sheldrake and Hancock’s videos from circulation.  (You can find my synopsis of the TED controversy here. The controversy is also the subject of my book, which you can find here.)

This protest is being organized by Paul Revis who has founded the organization Set Science Free.  His Website:

Set  Science Free

The goal of this protest is to show scientific support for Rupert Sheldrake and by extension, to call attention to the scientific controversy over the nature of consciousness.  The organizer, Paul Revis, wrote this on his “About” page:

Set Science (SSF) was founded in order to provide a community of support and advocacy for scientists and academics that face discrimination and unfair bias, solely based on their chosen field of research or interest in consciousness. We are an independent organization and are not affiliated with any specific group. We welcome comments and suggestions and will assist however we can. Tell us your story and we’ll see if we can help.

In order to convey the scientific nature of the protest, Revis is specifically asking for PhD’s and MD’s to either attend or express their support by signing a petition.  (Here is the petition.)

In response to TED’s action, we are organizing a protest to be held at the TED Headquarters in Lower Manhattan, New York City. This protest is scheduled to occur April 2, 2014 on the one-year anniversary of the removal of Sheldrake’s talk. This protest will be composed solely of PhDs, MDs, and their personal guests. ALL PhDs and MDs are encourage to attend and sign the petition.

Those who are not PhD’s or MD’s are encouraged to show their support in the comment area of the main page.

I will be interviewing Paul Revis in a future post.

6 comments on “Protest of TED at Their New York Office April 2nd: One Year Anniversary of Controversy

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  2. Cathi Carol
    March 8, 2014

    The elitism may kill the organization, or create problems of its own.

    The thrust of the group may end up akin to the “Why can’t we communicate with the general public” perennial whine that misses the point that the problem in science today isn’t communication, but bad (out of date) science.

    I can appreciate that academics want a support group for their “offbeat” research activities but Ph.D.s and M.D.s not only don’t have any special intelligence, insight, or knowledge, they are not the only ones who see the problems in their own groupthink. Offbeat researchers need the support of the general public, not to shut them out.

    I’ve written about these issues here

  3. Rabbitdawg
    March 5, 2014

    While I don’t think that this sort of protesting goes far enough, I will admit that it beats the eff out of the “love and light” and “love thy enemy” approach that far too many in the psi field want to espouse.”
    – Mark

    LOL! Let me suggest that it all depends on how one expresses their love. Love isn’t always what we feel, so much as what we do. Sometimes love compels us to try to bring the objects of our love out of their closed mindedness and into the light of reason and tolerance. Even if we have to get in their face to accomplish that goal.
    Plus, we have to think about out the victims of our enemies. In this case, restricting a major information portal to reductionist materialist propaganda can have ill effects on young, inquisitive and impressionable minds.
    Real love often requires us to speak truth to power. Do it! 🙂

  4. Jordan Wm. Burrill
    March 3, 2014

    Hi Folks!
    I think a protest is in order. I assume this would be a first for TED to have experienced – correct me if I’m mistaken?

    I think that it is important for me to re-iterate my past observations that most pseudo-skeptics are driven by unconscious fears of the implications of post-modern conscious science. It’s a day late, but I will expect that they will ‘project’ their irrational fears onto those who protest their irrational fears. I would not expect a protest to have any effect on them. But, it could help draw more attention from those unfamiliar with this issue. So, it can’t be done FOR them, but for those who need waking-up to what these pseudo-skeptics are doing to thwart scientific progress.


  5. Mark
    March 2, 2014

    While I don’t think that this sort of protesting goes far enough, I will admit that it beats the eff out of the “love and light” and “love thy enemy” approach that far too many in the psi field want to espouse.

  6. Conchita Mayell
    March 2, 2014

    I have three masters degrees, two from Harvard University – in public health, and education, and counseling psychology, with an extensive research background. It’s surprising to see that the TED organization censors good research and clearly is not the open-minded organization it purports to be. I will spread the word – that according to TED, innovation is conditional upon the approval of some rigid backward-thinking authority figures rather than upon open-mindedness.

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