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TED Protest April 2nd: The Plan of Action

I’m happy to see that the scheduled protest has a clear plan set out for the day.  It’s not going to be excessively long or disruptive.  They will arrive, hold an organized demonstration to make their point and then go home.  It’s a very civilized and rational way to conduct oneself.  It’s . . . polite.  I endorse this wholeheartedly.  I am hoping against hope that this will be covered by the mainstream press.  Here’s the press release from Set Science Free:

Set Science Free will hold a public rebuttal in front of TED’s offices at 250 Hudson Street, NYC on April 2nd, 2014 between 12-2pm.

The rebuttal is in regards to the segregation of Rupert Sheldrake’s TEDx Talk. This will be a filmed media event, so we encourage all those who join us to HAVE A ONE MINUTE STATEMENT PREPARED regarding the segregation and/or the issues of dogma in science as well as TED’s maintaining an anonymous scientific board. We will deliver the petition to TED on this day.

I am also encouraged to see more press as we get closer to the event. If you know of some press that the event is getting, please let  me know.

Coast to Coast:


Just as an update, the petition for everyone has reached a 100 signatures.

Paul Revis sent me an email update of the PhD list:

We have 200+, we don’t have exact number because we got so many non-phds and non-mds who signed our petition it’s requiring research to remove their names.

I’m glad They’re taking the time to do this properly.  It should avert possible criticism from skeptics.

5 comments on “TED Protest April 2nd: The Plan of Action

  1. Cathi Carol
    March 30, 2014

    “TED Again: The creepy-ass politics of TED”.

    • craigweiler
      March 30, 2014

      Cathi Carol is an excellent writer and I recommend her blog, The Science of Reality.

      • Cathi Carol
        March 30, 2014

        You made me cry.

        • craigweiler
          March 30, 2014

          I’m assuming in a good way? 😉

          Keep up the good work!

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