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LIVE from New York: It’s TTP! (The TED Protest)

I’ll be posting news about the protest as I get it.  It’s scheduled from 12pm to 2pm. EST.

They posted a picture of the location on twitter:


This is Richard Perl esq. giving his thoughts on the summary of the controversy. He is a personal friend of sheldrake. Photo credit Bree Bessette, copyright 2014 all rights reserved.


This is Paul Revis handing off the petition to Chris Anderson. Photo credit Bree Bessette copyright 2014, all rights reserved


Handing off the petition to Chris Anderson from another angle. Photo credit Bree Bessette, copyright 2014, all rights reserved

2:00pm EST

I talked to Eliott Edge, who was also there and found out some more interesting information.  Richard Perl esq., who is a friend of Sheldrake, got into it a little bit with Chris Anderson over psi research, but Anderson remained unmoved.  One person came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia to attend the protest.  I will be getting a copy of the statements and other information later and I’ll make a narrative out of it.  It was a short, well organized protest and it seems to have gone well.


1:30pm EST

Paul called me just now.  Chris Anderson came downstairs and met with Paul, the petition was handed over and they talked for about 15 minutes.  Anderson still maintains that parapsychology research is not accepted by the mainstream science community.  Paul countered that he had over 250 names of scientists that think this should be discussed.  (I mentioned to Paul that the Parapsychological Association is a member of the AAAS and is therefore accepted as legitimate science.)  He described Anderson as kind and friendly.   Paul also suggested a panel discussion, but all Anderson would say was that that was “interesting.”   No committment.

12:35pm EST

I just spoke to Paul Revis, the event organizer.  It’s raining in NYC at the moment, which may be reducing the number of attendees.  They have their own film crew there and are negotiating with TED as to whether they come upstairs to deliver the petition or a rep from TED comes downstairs.

12:00pm EST

Right now, there are 10 people who have showed up to the start of the protest.  It was never expected to be very big because it was originally intended that PhD’s and MD’s attend the protest and only late in the process was it decided to let everyone attend.  As of today, 320 people have signed the general petition that was started about a week ago.  The formal PhD and MD petition however, has over 250 signatures.

Here is their press release:



April 1st, 2014
Set Science Free Campaign
New York City, New York,
Media contact: Mr. Edge 201-696-6114

Over 250 international PhDs and MDs sign petition in support of public rebuttal to be read outside of TED’s New York City Head Quarters regarding censorship by TED’s Anonymous Scientific Board

On April 2nd, 2014, between 12pm and 2pm the Set Science Free Campaign will hold an open public rebuttal outside of TED’s New York City Headquarters at 250 Hudson Street. In addition to this rebuttal, has accumulated the signatures of over 250 PhDs and MDs from around the world, including a Nobel Prize Winner, regarding the existence and activities of TED’s anonymous “Scientific Advisory Board”. On April 2nd, 2013, TED finalized their decision to remove Rupert Sheldrake PhD’s TEDx talk The Science Delusion, from their database of searchable talks. The decision to remove this talk was handed down in part by several unnamed scientists and journalists that work in some capacity on behalf of TED. Sheldrake’s talk focused on general dogmas and assumptions in science and more specifically materialism. This anonymous group initially challenged the scientific validity of Dr. Sheldrake’s talk but failed to offer a standing argument, resulting in their objections ultimately being retracted. Yet despite being unable to find any reasonable justification, TED proceeded to remove it. Dr. Sheldrake challenged TED’s anonymous scientific body to a public debate. TED refused and additionally continues to refuse to name the members of the board that called for the removal of his talk. The removal of Dr. Sheldrake’s lecture has ignited a public, intellectual, and scientific backlash against TED that has been raging for nearly a full year. This is most comprehensively documented. The Set Science Free Campaign is a grassroots effort that has not been organized by Dr. Sheldrake but rather by concerned citizens who feel that legitimate scientific boards should not be anonymous. Science strives to be based on facts and evidence. Members of scientific boards, journals, or science oriented non-profit media companies such as TED must be transparent for the public good as they establish a chain of evidence as well as credulity for their worldwide viewership. The press is invited to join us on April 2nd, between 12pm and 2pm, outside of TED’s New York City Headquarters at 250 Hudson Street. The will be handed over at 1pm. More information about this event can be obtained via or via the contact information listed above.

2 comments on “LIVE from New York: It’s TTP! (The TED Protest)

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  2. extedxwesthollywood
    April 2, 2014

    Thanks for keeping us plugged in, Craig. Richard Perle is aces. Powerful and progressive — and funny. Wherever “where to from here” is, it’s very good to have Richard on our side.

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