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Field Effects of Psychic Ability

Psychic ability is essentially a field effect.  It’s not like a beam directed from a person towards another person or object, but more like a zone of influence.  There is already a great deal of scientific evidence to support this and it’s often the only way to explain some of the results that are seen.  There are many very curious things about psi field effects and it’s quite difficult to sort them all out.  In particular, what constitutes a “field?”  In other words, how does consciousness differentiate between various entities to form specific fields?

This isn’t a trivial question.  At the most basic level, quantum physics demonstrates that the universe is non local; that is to say, we are all completely and utterly connected to one another at all times.  So how is it that some connections are stronger to the point of having measurable results and others are not measurable at all?  To put it another way, why is my connection with my mother so much stronger than with an iguana in Mexico?

Quantum physics tells us that these connections are substantially identical, yet they are not. Under some conditions these fields seem to have physical limitation and under other conditions they do not.  The Global Consciousness Project records changes in random event generators (eggs) around the globe as a means of measuring simple changes in human consciousness (order vs. randomness)  When a major event occurs, such as a major train wreck in India, the disturbance is not felt world wide, but is somewhat localized.  Similarly, meditation efforts specifically designed to affect the “eggs” were carried out at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and sure enough, the effect was strongest locally and got weaker as the geographic distance increased.

Yet studies have shown that distance is not a barrier for telepathy.  And they can be very specific.  Certainly there is some sort of field between twins, even those who have never met.  So why does distance matter in one situation, but not another? There appear to be fields that occur as a result of biology.  That is to say, each species has its own field.  But there are more temporary fields, such as a stadium full of people having a measurable effect on a game.  While we are part of some fields permanently, such as our own families, we are also temporarily in other groups, such as in sports teams.  There seems to be a great deal of overlap in consciousness fields and fields within fields within fields.

What causes fields of consciousness to spring into existence?  What extinguishes them?  I don’t know.  But there seems to be gradations of strength, size and duration.  When contemplating the existence of consciousness fields, we assume that consciousness is a fundamental property of physics and that our minds tune and refine it, but do not create it (and it cannot be destroyed.) and that it is in everything.  But for this discussion, we’re going to stick to the most easily understandable creature:  humans. Consciousness appears to be partially, but not completely tuned at a biological level.  So as humans we are in the human’s consciousness field, and not an iguana’s.  As such, we tune in far more readily and relate better to other humans and don’t normally relate all that well to iguanas.

There are definitely exceptions.

This is the basic idea behind Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of Morphic Resonance.  The more closely related the humans, the stronger this consciousness field will be, with identical twins being the strongest of such fields.  (It is highly likely that some insect species use clone armies to create a tight consciousness field that allows vast numbers of workers to fight and build in nearly complete cooperation.)   I often wonder if the spread of personalities in the population, as described by the MBTI is a situation where consciousness forms at a larger level by distributing different personalities within a population.  In other words, in a tribe of, say 125 people you will find all sorts of different personalities and together they have all sorts of different ways of thinking which can help to tackle all sorts of different problems.

I would guess that you could test this by giving the MBTI to various known groups which don’t discriminate in a way that excludes certain personality types.  If the distribution of personalities remains unnaturally even in each group that’s tested then it’s an indication that people are unconsciously self selecting to be the missing personality piece when they join larger groups.

In the course of our lives we give attention to various groups of people and when we associate closely enough with one or more of them, we will begin to either form or join a consciousness field and bond with those people.  Marriage is a type of consciousness field between two people, but it can be much larger.  For example, I am in an international speaking organization:  Toastmasters.  I have been for many years.

Mostly, my connection is just to the one club that I belong to.  I’ve known some of these people many years now and for most of us Toastmasters is the only place we associate together.  Yet Toastmasters is huge and when we have events that comprise other clubs, there is a certain sense of connection with other members whom I have never before met.  It’s not just the psychological part of being in the same organization, it’s an ineffable sense of belonging.  I am included in this “Toastmasters field effect.”

So it appears that there exist consciousness fields based in both biology and free choice.  I am most interested in free choice consciousness fields because they are the most malleable and therefore the most interesting.  For example: is there a way for a sports team to modify their field to create better overall team performance?  There are certainly many examples of teams that have had outrageous success with seemingly mediocre players because they all functioned better as a unit than they ever could as individuals.  And there are an abundance of examples of sports teams loaded with great players that could achieve only mediocrity.  Is there something about mixing the right sorts of personalities and mentalites together that is a winning combination?  how does that work?

I could probably write a paper on this subject, but for now, it’s just something to think about.

10 comments on “Field Effects of Psychic Ability

  1. sh4
    April 30, 2014

    Hey, do you have the link to the Noetic Sciences paper? I want to see whether it obeys the inverse square law.

    • vasra
      May 4, 2014


      It’s not a “field” in a classic physics sense. All fields in known physics attenuate as a function of distance.


      no they don’t respond to standard EM/gravitational field effects of diminishing through distance.

      This has been tested several times in RV and telepathy experiments.

      The channel/reception is very susceptible to lots of noise and “getting the signal” can be problematic/erratic, hence also the experiments can vary in quality.

      You can find al this in the parapsychological literature. Some of the papers you can start looking at are

      Information Transmission Under Conditions of Sensory Shielding, Russell Targ, Harold Puthoff, Nature 251, 602 – 607

      Perceptual Channel for Information Transfer Over Kilometer Distances – Historical Perspective and Recent Research, Puthoff & Targ (IEEE, 1976)

      There are also tons of related Society for Scientific Exploration Journal papers available, if you search at:

  2. Mark
    April 28, 2014

    Gee, maybe the field effect thing explains this:

  3. insomniac
    April 26, 2014

    Yeah, it is the fields, for sure. As we have been told, atoms are made of mostly space. So what is it that things bounce off of? It’s the fields, of course. These fields form a barrier that acts like, and we see as, solid. When atoms join into molecules, their fields merge and produce a field with different characteristics from either alone. All matter is made up of these fields. What is between these discreet bits of matter? Empty space? Far from it. Space is filled with more interlocking, nested and networking fields.

    As with Sunspots, coronal holes and Solar wind, it is electromagnetic fields that guide the flow of plasma through space. The growth of roots and leaves are also preceded by magnetic fields. Animal migrations are guided by magnetic fields.

    Consciousness is a field. Communication between fields is what makes the System alive. These networks form like neurons in that they form from use alone. Use your intuition and it grows. Practice communing with Nature and the skills develop. Consciousness is your own private portal to the spirit world. Entertain the notion and Life becomes richer and more meaningful. Think it’s all in your skull, and that’s what you get, nuthin’.

  4. Tom Butler
    April 26, 2014

    Yet again Craig, you take on a complex concept few would even consider in public. The study of things paranormal is really the study of a “first universe” which appears to be every bit as complex as the physical universe. We need to talk about it but all we have are our familiar terms. They are probably wrong terms, but at least they support a dialogue.

    In the usage I think you are using, an important characteristic of a field is that it is better modeled as a collection of related points. the term represents several different concepts even in physics. For instance, a field strength meter measures signal strength relative to a source–a broadcast antenna for instance. “Field” is likely understood by the average person as “sending or broadcast thoughts” to another person, so the radio tower kind of field will likely lead a person to the wrong idea.

    Parapsychologists are pretty smart to call the temporal/space ubiquity of whatever is involved in the phenomena they study, “psi.” In fact, the concept of a field in the sense of fractal geometry is probably more correct, but much more complex than anyone is currently imagining. There are questions about it which leads to some very interesting conjecture.

    For instance, using a “black box” modeling technique, it becomes clear that there is likely a way of addressing signals within this ubiquity to a specific person. Yes, we just visualize the person, but what actually happend? I have used “energetic agreement” for this, but the term “energy” leads us off on a different blind alley. I am now considering using “potential agreement” where “potential” is a function of understanding verses belief. That becomes personal reality. With that. “I think “tuning in” becomes empathizing with the intended person’s personal reality. Do we sense/visualize the person by “feeling” his or her point of view?

    From the perspective of an immortal “I Am’ consciousness (a place holder for who we really are–soul-centric), properties such as personality, worldview and perception are managed by influences such as attention, intention and expression. All of these are part of our subconscious (conscious/subconscious are body-centric concepts). As James Carpenter noted in First Sight, the only part of these functional areas we are aware of is the result of their processing. None of it is physical. All of it is best described in terms of ubiquitous fields that have local attractors (personalities).

    I like the imaginary space of the Mandelbrot Set as a way to model what such field might be like (but not what they are). By changing the terminology, we change the perspective and that is the only way I know to get away from the “we are our body” point of view.

    Fun stuff!

  5. Barney Holmes
    April 26, 2014

    Fields with fields … embedded … geometric … fractality …

  6. donsalmon
    April 25, 2014

    Sri Aurobindo’s elaborate description of fields of consciousness in the Indian tradition might be helpful here.

    Basically, there’s really only one “field” – the field of Nature, Prakriti (or when seen as a reflection of Spirit, the field of Shakti). This is what Krishna refers to in chapter 13 of the Gita, when he refers to the Knower and the Field. He alternates between talking about “fields” plural and the “Field.” The infinite “fields” are localizations of the One ultimately inseparable Field.

    Another helpful way of distinguishing aspects of the field is in terms of grades of consciousness. Physics – quantum or otherwise – deals primarily with physical consciousness (and the various “objects” which are simply appearances of this field to human senses and mind). So the feeling you have toward your mother (rather than that Mexican iguana) or the feeling toward various Toastmaster groups just wouldn’t register on the screen of the physicist.

    If physicists understood this, we’d never see the ridiculous claims of ignorant people like Hawking who is basically saying, “It’s not on my map [consciousness] therefore it doesn’t exist.” (that is, unless he’s in his rather rarely expressed positivist mode, in which case he is a bit more humble).

    even the biologists – who SHOULD be concerned with feeling and thought, since sentience is present even in one-celled organisms – are so hypnotized by the complexity of molecular activity they also ignore the effects of consciousness on fields.

    As far as humans and field effects, a quick look at how our minds developed over the course of evolution can help. There is a polarity in all aspects of our nervous system, and a balance point. This was known as tamas, rajas and sattwa in the ancient Indian tradition.

    The autonomic nervous system (ANS) can be “too high”, (at extremes, it becomes mania) too “low’ (depression) or balanced. The brain stem, or “instinctive brain” swings between fight/flight/freeze” on the one hand and “tend and befriend” on the other (that is, in response to environmental challenges). The emotional brain (limbic region) alternatves between approach and avoidance, and is balanced at “connection.”

    The cerebral cortex polarizes between narrow objective focus (left hemisphere) and wide, open, immersed, experiential focus (right hemisphere, and far more conducive to psychic experiences). Our whole modern civilization is way over balanced toward left hemisphere critical, linear, mechanistic thinking, which in turn tends to make the emotional brain more aggressive in its approach style, the instinctive brain more aggressive in its fight or flight mode, and the ANS way way over balanced toward manic (though at least 20% of the population around the world suffers from serious depression).

    If you understand the dynamics of these different brains, and look at the news on any day, you can see field effects undulating across nations and around the globe based on this incredibly unbalanced functioning of human consciousness.

    The balance point goes beyond sattwa, beyond a simple equilibrium of the polarities. As Krishna says, “I am the Knower of the Field in all Fields.” The more we discover, align ourselves with, and ultimately, identify with, That in the depths of our hearts, the more our own individual field becomes balance and the more our consciousness has a balancing effect on the world around us.

    • Dani
      August 20, 2014

      Wow. Thank you so much for posting this. I have just discovered this blog, and your comment has given me so much to think about. I am, for now, just reading around the blog, but I felt moved to thank you for this particular comment.

      So far, I have noticed that earlier blog post commenters seem to be more about “Am I psychic?” and later blog post comments seem much more detailed and thought provoking. All seems very interesting, and I’m very glad to be here.

      For now, back to just reading. 😉

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