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LENR (a.k.a. Cold Fusion) Has Reached a Major Milestone

I have been occasionally following the LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) developments because they has been making substantial progress in these last couple of years and it appears that the research has turned an important corner.  A paper has been put out explaining the findings.  (Here.)  There were two important findings: (This article also has an interview with the one of the authors of the paper.)

The first finding is an energy release which puts the reactor way beyond conventional (chemical) sources of energy.
The second is a dramatic shift in isotopic composition in the fuel after the test run, meaning changes have occurred in the atomic nuclei of the elements present in the fuel.

LENR setup

This is a picture of the set up. The reactor is on the right sitting on the steel rack.

I asked Nobel Prize winning physicist Brian Josephson for his reaction and he directed me to a comment he made on Nature’s website:

The most important news of the year, perhaps, not just the last seven days? The results of a new investigation into the Rossi reactor (allegedly a high-power cold fusion reactor), involving running the reactor over a 32-day period, are now out. The report not only confirms output power far in excess of anything possible by chemical reaction, but also gives a clear indication that a nuclear reaction is occurring, on the basis of a substantial change in the isotopic proportions of Li and Ni over the period of the run.

. . .I predict that pigs will fly before Nature makes any mention of the report, which has also been put on hold by the physics preprint archive (with an earlier report, a leaked email disclosed that the moderators were trying hard to find a reason to block the report but eventually gave in). Brian Josephson

A little explanation is in order as to why this is important.  Nuclear reactors currently use fission.  That is to say, they create nuclear energy by breaking apart atoms.  This is a radioactive process that yields dangerous radioactive waste in the form of isotopes.  Fusion is when energy is created by making atoms larger.  It does not produce radioactive waste, but it also requires an insane amount of heat to begin the process and produces an insane amount of heat.  It makes fusion very difficult to work with.  That’s all we’ve known and now we have something . . . different.


A nuclear reaction is taking place that doesn’t seem to exactly fall into either category.  That’s why it’s called LENR and not cold fusion.  All this occurs without any radiation outside of the reactor.  Also, no one is yet sure exactly what process is taking place because ordinary physics does not seem to have accounted for this yet.  Some snippets from the paper:

. . . The E-Cat reactor was tested in March 2013 by the same collaboration performing the present test and a report is given in ref. [1]. The March 2013 test showed indeed a clear indication that abnormal heat was generated, i.e. that the amount of heat could not be explained by any chemical processes in the limited volume of the reactor tube. This striking result prompted us to investigate this phenomenon further. Therefore a second test has now been performed, this time over a much longer period of time (32 days).

. . . In the course of the year following the previous tests, the E-Cat’s technology was transferred to Industrial Heat LLC, United States, where it was replicated and improved. The present E-Cat reactor is therefore an improved version running at higher temperature than the one used in the March 2013 experiment. The general experimental procedure in the present test was the same as in the March test, i.e. the input power was carefully monitored with appropriate instruments, and the output power was determined by measuring the emitted radiation as well as calculating the heat dissipation from convection. The test started with a run with no fuel in the reactor in order to make sure that our experimental set-up gave a perfect balance between the measured input and output power.

. . .This large amount of heat is, as pointed out above, way beyond what can be expected from chemical burning, which only involves rearrangements of the fuel material at the atomic scale, i.e. by transforming atomic binding energies to kinetic energy. Very large energy transformations can only take place when binding energies at the nuclear level are exploited, as in fusion reactions for light elements and fission reactions for heavy elements. However fusion reactions between free charged particles are extremely unlikely at low energies due to the Coulomb barrier.

. . .The main result from our sample is nevertheless clear, that the isotopic composition deviates dramatically from the natural composition for both Li and Ni.

. . . If nuclear transitions are prevalent in the burning process it is expected that radiation is emitted. It is remarkable that neither neutrons, charged particles nor gammas are observed from the E-cat reactor. Furthermore, the spent fuel was found inactive right after the E-Cat run was stopped. All imaginable nuclear reactions in the reactor should be followed by some radiation, and at least some of that radiation should penetrate the reactor wall and be possible to detect. Even in the case discussed above with two rather high energy helium nuclei in the final state, which all stop in the reactor, one can expect that some helium nuclei during the stopping process undergo some nuclear reaction, e.g. inelastic scattering of 4He on Li, Al or Ni which then subsequently decays to their ground state respectively via gamma emission. To get free neutron is however not kinematically possible with the 10 MeV alpha available. The absence of any nuclear radiation from the burning process is presently an open question, and has to be understood.

. . .In summary, the performance of the E-Cat reactor is remarkable. We have a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear radioactive waste nor emits radiation. From basic general knowledge in nuclear physics this should not be possible. Nevertheless we have to relate to the fact that the experimental results from our test show heat production beyond chemical burning, and that the E-Cat fuel undergoes nuclear transformations. It is certainly most unsatisfying that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding. Moreover, the E-Cat results are too conspicuous not to be followed up in detail. In addition, if proven sustainable in further tests the E-Cat invention has a large potential to become an important energy source. Further investigations are required to guide the interpretational work, and one needs in particular as a first step detailed knowledge of all parameters affecting the E-Cat operation. Our work will continue in that direction.

I find it infuriating that this technology, which could easily create vast, positive changes for humanity, -the likes of which we have never seen-, is so lightly regarded that I feel the need to blog on it in order to raise awareness.  There should be 500 scientists working on this right now with a budget of $100 million dollars.  This should be news on every major news outlet IN THE WORLD.

Energy is why we fight wars.  Energy is why we’re experiencing global warming and is responsible for much of the disparity in wealth.  If we can solve energy, we can make a much better world.  So why do you need to hear about this from a parapsychology blog?  Aren’t the lives of millions of people as well as ending a great many destructive practices and possibly the survival of humanity itself  big enough moral issues to push ordinary people into some sort of action?  Isn’t that enough?

Other LENR resources:


22 comments on “LENR (a.k.a. Cold Fusion) Has Reached a Major Milestone

  1. tyy
    October 20, 2014

    There is an uncanny resemblance between PSI and LENR. Both phenomena are so shy, that they disappear is someone skeptical is watching.

    And that is why both PSI and LENR “research” have produced no useable results what so ever. And quite probably never will.

    • craigweiler
      October 20, 2014

      This skeptical fairytale has been disproved over and over again.

  2. Mike Howell
    October 12, 2014

    Cold fusion goes on all the time in nature. It calked biological transformations. A and doctor documented. The Book the secret language of plants did also. Wilhelm Reich’s or gone energy can de-activate radium radiation with unpleasant side effects. Big science and big business want profit, not knowledge or wisdom. When they control money goes to them and the world flounders.. I can stop hurricanes in my area using orgone energy. We have to keep the alternatives open for otherwise money rulews

  3. beca124
    October 12, 2014

    Craig, I’m so. Sorry but no one has EVER EXPLAINED how to go about using a WordPress… I just was told my name has been taken. YEAH, by me I don’t understand it. My oldest, 36, who quite technologically proficient on a keyboard and iphone lives on Oregon. I understand its not your job to hold my hand… I’m about 22 days into texting… ever. I love learning is there a site which will explain this. I typed xand initial thing about 30 days ago. If anyone responded, I wouldn’t know…. I can’t get in to see. Always loving your blogs, they’re so helpful. If you have a chance, I’d appreciate anyone’s assistance. Very truly your “s

    rebecca. (beca124) or else its becca124

    • craigweiler
      October 12, 2014

      Hi Rebecca,
      You are commenting on a blog post about Cold Fusion, which isn’t going to work for you. The psychics don’t generally comment on science posts. Let me direct you to the best article to comment on in hopes of getting feedback.

      At the top of my blog, click on its name “The Weiler Psi” this will take you to the main page. From there you will see a list of articles on the left side. Click on “Characteristics of Psychic People” and leave your comments on that blog post. Someone there will respond. It’s almost like a mini forum.

  4. Rose
    October 10, 2014

    Reblogged this on Weaving Among The Stars and commented:
    This is a very interesting post.

  5. jmag0904
    October 10, 2014

    Mark — Furthermore, if interested, you can listen to my interview with Mats from earlier this year when his book was released if you rather get the long and short of the story:

    • Mark
      October 11, 2014

      Thanks for that suggestion, and thanks for the information about NASA and Rossi. I seem to remember Rossi saying something about making a jet engine…I wonder if that is the deal with NASA that fell through. Do you believe that NASA was the first customer back in 2011?

      I’m going to listen to that interview that you linked to just above when I get some spare time. Mats is a cool dude.

      • jmag0904
        October 11, 2014

        Mark — The NASA deal was actually for the 1MW plant he designed, and is currently redesigning at his investment partner Industrial Heat. No jet engine. We’re not quite that far with the technology as of yet 🙂

        • Mark
          October 11, 2014

          Thank you so much for continuing this conversation with me. Most of the people that I have corresponded with (even within the cold fusion blogs) have, I think somewhat disturbingly, lost interest in unearthing the first customer a couple of months after the first 1MW plant was sold. Even when that news hit, in late 2012, that Sven Kullander, who was involved with Rossi, claimed that the first customer was The Naval Research Lab in The United States I only saw, which is not around, anymore, report on it. We often complain, rightly, about those in the mainstream being stuck in a mindset that causes them to not see the evidence of major stuff happening. Unfortunately, there are those in the alternative communities that seem to miss stuff, as well, because of the mindsets that the alternative proponents are in.

          I think that I should probably listen to the rest of the interview that you did with Mats before I comment further, because I’m getting confused about a few things…I may want to continue this conversation later, if you’re still up for it.

    • Mark
      October 11, 2014

      Okay, I just got done listening to the full interview. It was very interesting. You asked good questions, and the guest gave good answers. Mats seems to know more about this than most, even many of the people who run blogs dedicated to the E-Cat. Anyway, what I am still confused about, though, is this notion that one of Rossi’s 1MW E-Cat plants was supposed to go to NASA, but that the deal fell through. Can you give me an estimate of the time when this deal was first made, as well as the time that it fell through? Was NASA the first customer from back in 2011, or was that first customer someone else?

      • jmag0904
        October 12, 2014

        Mark — Most of the Rossi drama played out between late 2010-2012, and then the first two ELFORSK tests were done released early 2013. I think most of the 1MW plant drama was 2011-2012. Rossi has had many allegedly interested customers (the most grandiose claim was that Google was interested). I think the NASA thing fell through during mid-late 2012, but I’m unsure. It fell through, allegedly, because NASA demanded intellectual property that Rossi was not willing to submit. Maybe Naval Research was interested at some point, I can’t recall, but it sounds feasible/familiar — for instance Rossi had a past working with DOE so contact with Navy isn’t an absurd notion. Regardless, if you really want all the details you’d have to read Mats’ book on the subject, as I don’t have the wherewithal to look this all up right now. But truth is none of these past events are particularly important in light of the more recent ELFORKS tests and Cherokee/Industrial Heat buying/developing the technology. Just my opinion.

        • Mark
          October 12, 2014

          Okay, I think that I understand better, now. It seems that you and I were talking about two different things. You seemed to be talking about a deal with NASA which fell through. I was talking about the first customer that bought the E-Cat plant near the end of 2011. These seem to be two different deals, and I was confused because I thought that they were the same deal. My fault. Thanks for helping me clear it up in my mind.

          I am concerned about dragging this conversation out further, as it seems that we have moved significantly far away from the content of the main post. Still, I feel compelled to address something, just for the record:

          “But truth is none of these past events are particularly important in light of the more recent ELFORKS tests and Cherokee/Industrial Heat buying/developing the technology. Just my opinion.”

          I believe that most people following the cold fusion world agree with you. It certainly seems that way given the lack of interest that I have seen from others when I have brought this up with them. People were so obsessed with trying to figure out the first customer, at one point, that some were analyzing handwriting for possible clues. However, after Rossi announced that there was going to be an independent third-party test, it seemed like everyone just stopped caring about the secret first customer, even after Kullander’s assertion of who the customer was back in late 2012. I just want to say, for the record, that I strongly disagree with the notion that “none of these past events (concerning the first customer) are particularly important,” and I think that it is bizarre that so many people believe this. I think that, if The Naval Research Lab, or some other reputable organization, came out, tomorrow, and said that they were the secret first customer, and they confirmed what Rossi said about the first customer: that they were happy with the E-Cat and that it worked as advertised – well, I think that this would be HUGELY significant, and, perhaps, it might be the most significant thing to ever happen in the field of cold fusion.

          Anyway, I don’t want to sound like a jerk, as that is not my intention. However, I did feel compelled to make the point that I made. I want to thank you for discussing this with me and helping me clear up my mind.

  6. Tom Butler
    October 9, 2014

    Craig, we recently sat in on a conference report in which the presenter talked about the problem of material purity in cold fusion. He indicated that rods of the necessary material supposedly 99% pure were too contaminated for fusion. This apparently has been a major contributor to the “Failure to replicate” reports.

    It appears they are dealing with the purity problem, which might well lead to major advances … apparently so going by your report.

    • craigweiler
      October 9, 2014

      I am not qualified to comment on the specifics of cold fusion.

      I’m a consumer in this case. I just want my cold fusion powered car!

      • Mark
        October 9, 2014

        Yeah…it’s unfortunate, though, because they’re having a really tough time getting it certified for safety for use by regular people…I wonder if there is a way that regular folks could be allowed to use one by signing an agreement stating that they know the risks and understand that it has not been certified by the government for safety for regular folks.

        • jmag0904
          October 11, 2014

          Interestingly enough the reactor has been safety-certified in Europe for some time, but I’m forgetting most of the details, as I think that happened like 1-2 years ago. The real issue is the “intellectual property” issues surrounding the technology and patents.

    • jmag0904
      October 10, 2014

      Tom — The question of “purity” is certainly one of some importance. Experts argue over just how important that particular parameter is to successful replication, but early work from people like Fleischman & Melvin Miles with the materials company Johnson-Mathey produced tremendous heat results. Really it’s a question of “loading”. The “purer” the sample, which is a “metal hydride” (a sort of metal sponge for soaking up hydrogen/deuterium fuel), can achieve higher “loading” (ratio of hydrogen/deuterium to palladium or nickel atoms in the cathode rod/matrix). The more loading, the more “fuel” becomes available for the reaction, as well as likely puts the system into a sort of quasi-phase-transition into a “critical” state where the reaction takes off. Hope that answers your question. I don’t really know what report you’re referencing — there are legion.

  7. Mark
    October 9, 2014

    I totally get your anger. Regular folks don’t really care – they have to make sure that they’re up to date on Kim Kardashian. Ya know, the important stuff. Part of the problem is the media organizations pushing (many times trivial) points of view, as you’ve gone over in past posts. Another part of the problem is the people wanting trivial garbage.

    Anyway, I think that things are moving along. We might see the first customer who wants to go public in the next year or so claiming that Rossi’s machine works in its location. If I remember properly, it seems like it has already been in that location, and working, for a couple of months, now.

    Then there’s the very first customer…the one from back in 2011. I was surprised that even the cold fusion blogs did not mention a whole lot about Sven Kullander’s claims back in, I think, late 2012 that the very first customer was The United States Naval Reasearch Lab…I think. If I remember properly, the only blog that mentioned that was, which is no longer around. Maybe someone can find that article in some internet archive…if you want to contact Kullander, himself, though, you will probably have to contact a medium, first, unfortunately.

    • craigweiler
      October 9, 2014

      Dang. I wanted to be the first customer!

      Actually, we’re about 50% solar, so it’s not as important as it could be.

    • jmag0904
      October 10, 2014

      Rossi had a deal with NASA that purportedly fell through, as reported by Mats Lewan in his most recent book on the Rossi/E-Cat drama:

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