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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted.  Work has picked up and I’ve had projects around the house that have needed my attention and something had to give . . . my blog.

But something deeper has been going on.  (Isn’t that always the case?)  I have been pushing on the scientific “real” side of things for quite awhile, but lately, I have been feeling the pull of moving to more psychic type information.  Some things, are just not objectively verifiable.  There is just some stuff that it is time to share, regardless of whether I have proof for it.  So here it is:

We are in the middle of a great spiritual upheaval that has been playing out over the course of decades.  It has been gaining force over over the last ten years and it is getting increasingly strident and inharmonious.  The most visible sign of this is the tremendous polarization we see in politics where any ability to agree on common goals and reach reasonable solutions has become completely unhinged.  While it appears that we are going in the wrong direction, what is actually happening is that the cosmic energy is increasing exponentially.  As that happens, different people will deal with it in different ways and those methods become increasingly at odds with one another.

Psychic people are, of course, the canaries in the mineshaft.  We have had to deal with it at the most basic level and the results are predictable:  those who embrace their abilities and this world view are increasing thriving and those who don’t are getting increasingly depressed and unhappy.  We can either ride the energy or be swallowed by it, the choice is ours to make.

You are welcome to take anti-depressants and use whatever means necessary to maintain your life, but use these as tools to face your fears and climb out of them; go into your heart of darkness and come out the other side, and do it quickly, because all too soon the noise of your inner demons will simply drown out the effect of the drugs and they will be ineffective.  This is what an increasing energy does:  it increases everything; we don’t get to choose.

Most of us have been dealing with money issues for most of our lives, and this will finally start let up, ironically as most of the rest of the world plunges into the darkest economic times we have ever known.  This is no more than two years away, so now is the time to prepare.  The Greatest Depression is coming and the only way to prepare is from within.  We must be agile, we must adapt, because all of the rules and heretofore stable economic systems are going to collapse.

If you doubt this, and you need proof, here it is:  none of the economic systems that led to the great recession have changed.  Economically, the middle class is still extremely fragile.  Worse still, wages are stagnant while inflation is increasing.  The treasury is printing more money, but not enough of it is getting down to the middle classes.  There has been very little punishment for wrong doing and there is no reason to believe that punishment is feared in the financial sector.  What we have now is what we had before the recession began.  A very toxic cocktail, nearly overflowing and ready to spill.

Social services are the immune system of the economy and this has been severely compromised over the years.  We’ve given ourselves a kind of economic HIV virus that suppresses our ability to recover and the disease that is killing us is military spending.  It’s ugly.  Very ugly.

We will be in our own economic bubbles, riding the higher energy that is dragging other people down.  Trust it.  It’s easy to feel as though we should be suffering with the rest of them, but we’ve already done our time; we’re moving out of that mindset just as other people are moving into it.

A great many conservative people are hanging on to an old system that either failed long ago or never existed in the first place, but they don’t want to change.  My name for this is Belief in Authority.  It is the idea that Someone In Charge will do the right thing; that they are somehow blessed with great character despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.  This, of course, is the path to oblivion and has been for millenia.  The higher energy is forcing such a huge contraction that this belief will finally be completely in their faces and then finally, some productive change will begin, very slowly, to come out of it.  In another thirty years, the world will be a better place to live than it ever has been, but society will have to go through hell to get there.

It is not just political change, but scientific as well; they are bound by the same authority-consciousness as most of the rest of society.  They have been fighting the idea of consciousness pervading every area of science, despite the evidence, but this will eventually have to give way as well.  The rise in our collective energy level is not something that can be turned back or turned off or even slowed down.  It is coming from a greater source that we cannot consciously fathom.

Trying to hold back this rising tide of energy makes people crazy, which is something that we’re seeing being played out in the media and in politics in general.  We are being forced by more radical elements to take sides not because we’re being radicalized ourselves, but because the middle ground is evaporating; either you are riding the energy or fighting it and there is no in between.

So prepare, prepare, prepare.  And do this by recognizing that all you can do is ride the current; opportunities will open and things will happen quickly in the next two years, and when they do, leap.  Once you land and get your bearing, you’ll see what your next step will be.  The next few years are going to be quite wild.  This can either be a cause for fear or a wide open field of opportunities.  The choice is yours.

5 comments on “Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

  1. Robert
    May 10, 2011

    I find this most interesting, because being an astrologer I’m completely unsurprised by this. Humans continue to naively believe that those giant balls of mass, energy and magnetics that float through our sky don’t effect us. Now most psychics know this to be a grave miscalculation and I agree.

    I’m not surprised by this because every 200 and some years a lovely little “non-planet” called pluto floats into capricorn… and when this happens great social upheaval and change occur. combine that with Jupiter and Uranus in opposition to Saturn and this confounds the political system even further.

    You say two years and I agree because in roughly two years pluto will be at the same exact position it was when the Boston Tea Party occured, and soon after that it will be in the exact position it was when the first shots of the American Revolution occurred. Except this time the Empire that’s falling won’t be Great Britian, it will be Capitalism.

    Just my two cents
    Love the Blog BTW, I’m new here

  2. fernando
    May 8, 2011

    Great Blog.. thanks and please continue. Regards from Chile,South,

  3. Mari Caplan
    May 3, 2011

    I agree completely with your intuition here Craig. I have felt all of the things you describe personally. And I have had the same thought in recent months that I know most people feel doomed and may be in for a rough ride but I won’t. I know somehow I’m going to be okay. This isn’t denial either. I’m nothing if not a pragmatist.

    All the work Ive done over the past 40 years is paying off. Now I get to apply and live what I’ve learned deep in my bones. Its all worth it.

  4. Don Salmon
    May 1, 2011

    How beautiful – yes, though i’m involved in putting together videos challenging materialism underlying science, it’s also absolutely the case (i believe:>) that for our mental, spiritual (and even physical health) it is good very often to put aside this focus and just acknowledge the reality of a spiritual universe within which psychic abilities – when used in harmony with a spiritual consciousness – are not paranormal but simply normal.

    And I like your positive outlook – whatever Great Depression is coming our way can be seeing as a way to wake us up out of dependence on old structures and old belief systems that are way past their due date. Grow a garden, become energy independent, but don’t try it alone like a survivalist – Bill McKibben is right I think – we can only do this in community.

    And here’s again where the psychic part comes in – i think if we’re in tune with a healthy sustainable way of living, we’ll meet the people we need to in this radical shift, and can help each other to tune into the Infinite and live the way the coming era is inviting us to live.

    Thanks for another wonderful column, Craig.

    • craigweiler
      May 1, 2011

      Thanks Don.

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