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Characteristics of Psychic People

Updated August 11, 2012:   There is a survey you can take for a small fee.  You can find it here:  The Survey for Psychic People.Also, you may or may not have noticed the large number of votes, many of them negative.  A few months ago a bunch of skeptics came through and downrated all of my main posts and even some of the comments.  It was a pretty chickenshit thing to do.

Also, I now have a post specifically on the physiology of psychic people.

I’m moving this blog post to a permanent page because of its continuing popularity. The general lack of information on this subject has moved my article to the top of Google searches on this topic. I will update this as more information becomes known. You can contact me about anything you find or your personal impressions by e-mailing me at craigatweilerdotcom.

If you’re experiencing stress and anxiety I have two posts on this subject as well: Stress and Anxiety in Psychic People, Psychics and Depression.

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We are definitely different physiologically. No doubt about it. The traits I’m listing here will no doubt vary from person to person and I hope everyone understands that I have no formal studies to back this up. I am culling information from a variety of sources, but it is certainly not definitive by any stretch of the imagination so keep that in mind. It is entirely possible for this list to be wrong in some areas and I have no way of knowing. I’m doing the best that I can with what’s available, and that isn’t much. Here goes:

First on the list is a love of animals. Rupert Sheldrake did telephone surveys in a number of geographical areas and found that people who reported psychic abilities were significantly more likely to have pet(s).

My own experience is that psychic people, if they can accommodate them, have multiple pets, often of different species. We have seven cats, four pet mice and a snake.

Update: I have now heard from several psychic people that they experience hypersexuality. (I suppose I fit in this category, I don’t really know for sure.) I take this to mean that they have a stronger than normal sexual drive. I do know that I, um, relieve this tension regularly with or without the help of my wife otherwise my brain is constantly filled with sexual fantasies. Whether this makes me a normal guy or not I can’t say. However, some of the people commenting on this are women, where this sexual overdrive would more likely stand out so perhaps there is something to this.

What part of sensitive don’t you understand?

It is well known in scientific circles that psychic ability can be affected by the researcher. A person who is an absolute die hard skeptic will have a huge negative effect on the ability of psychics to perform and in those rare cases where they actually do research, their tests almost always come up empty, thus confirming their beliefs. In paraspychology, this is known as the Wiseman Effect. Named after Dr. Richard Wiseman, a die hard skepic, whose experiments could only detect psi if he wasn’t involved in them.

Why does this effect exist? Because psychic people are far more sensitive emotionally than most people realize. Kyra Mesich, outlines 10 traits that describe this sensitivity in this article:

1. Emotionally sensitive people feel emotions often and deeply. They feel as if they “wear their emotions on their sleeves.”

2. They are keenly aware of the emotions of people around them.

3. Sensitive people are easily hurt or upset. An insult or unkind remark will affect them deeply.

4. In a similar vein, sensitive people strive to avoid conflicts. They dread arguments and other types of confrontations because the negativity affects them so much.

5. Sensitive people are not able to shake off emotions easily. Once they are saddened or upset by something, they cannot just switch gears and forget it.

6. Sensitive people are greatly affected by emotions they witness. They feel deeply for others’ suffering. Many sensitive people avoid sad movies or watching the news because they cannot bear the weighty emotions that would drive to their core and stick with them afterwards.

7. Sensitive people are prone to suffer from recurrent depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders.

8. One the positive side, sensitive people are also keenly aware of and affected by beauty in art, music and nature. They are the world’s greatest artists and art appreciators.

9. Sensitive people are prone to stimulus overload. That is, they can’t stand large crowds, loud noise, or hectic environments. They feel overwhelmed and depleted by too much stimuli.

10. Sensitive people are born that way. They were sensitive children.

There are a couple different responses kids have to their sensitivity. One type of sensitive child is the stereotypical kid who gets picked on by bullies, and is a well-behaved, good student because she cannot stand the thought of getting into trouble. The other type of sensitive child more often experiences the stimulus overload mentioned in the previous paragraph. These children are thus over stimulated and have difficulty focusing, which causes them problems in school.

Sensitive people typically exhibit all or nearly all of the above descriptors.

One of the sure signs of a truly sensitive person is that he feels animosity toward his sensitive nature. Most sensitive people whole-heartedly wish they were tougher and more thick-skinned. They feel like their sensitivity is a weakness. They wish things didn’t bother them so much.

You can search this by the initials HSP, which means highly sensitive person. Ms. Mesich goes on to say that this emotional sensitivity is linked to psychic ability. This link between emotional sensitivity and psychic ability is well known and has been well documented by others as well.

We are not Muggles

In addition to to this sensitivity, there is apparently some interesting brain wiring going on, something that researcher Dean Radin mentions in his book Entangled Minds.

It appears that people with psychic ability can form habits, just like everyone else, but have more difficulty holding on to them. That is to say, the habits don’t “stick” as well as with less psychic people. I’ve noticed this myself with some of the most ingrained habits I have. I’ll forget which shoe I normally put on first, or I’ll suddenly put a sock and a shoe on before I start on the other foot. I will do it normally a thousand times in a row, but then the next time is different. Improvising, on the other hand, comes easily to me.

For her book Your Sixth Sense, Belleruth Naparstek interviewed 43 professional psychics to find out what traits they shared. She did her homework and the results were interesting . . .

Traits that popped out were bilateral dominance (some degree of two-handedness or two-sidedness as opposed to leading strictly with the right or left side.), the presence of some talent and experience in the arts, usually in more than one area.

She referred to a tendency towards minor dyslexia, but this could be the trait mentioned above.

They showed a powerful need to spend time alone and time in nature on a regular basis.

They showed a tendency to be a night owl and sleep very little, with frequent interruptions in sleep. (More than what can be accounted for by aging. and menopause.). She goes on to say that all of us are wired for psi from birth, but some are more wired than others.

Other traits include inborn right brainedness; imaginativeness, spontaneity and strong spiritual leanings from a very early age. Most people can point to one or two family members who also had exceptional psychic abilities.

Puberty accelerates psi expansion and for women, pregnancy and menopause do as well.

One thing I have in common with another psychic guy my age is that it has been hard to focus on just one career. Boredom is a killer and I left many jobs because of it, or they left me when I lost interest in them. Now I work for myself as a handyman. I am ideally suited to this because the randomness of the jobs and not knowing what is going to come next is not only not stressful for me, it is a comfort. I suppose there are probably other psychic guys out there with similar experiences.

And another thing . . .

Clearly, there are some unique, identifiable traits showing up that pertain almost exclusively to psychic people. The distinctness is a clue that psychic ability is much more than just something people do. It involves specific differences in physiology for the people who possess the talent in abundance.

I’m of the opinion that this really should be looked into by health professionals. I did a poll recently and found that 60% of highly sensitive people felt that they had an unusually high tolerance to physical pain. I read somewhere that psychic people tend to avoid hallucinogens and of course, love their barbiturates. (Alcohol.) But, and this is purely my own subjective observation, psychic people seem to avoid addiction rather easily. I’m sure there are prescription drug related differences as well . It would be useful to identify these differences to provide us with health care more specific to our bodies and minds.:

561 comments on “Characteristics of Psychic People

  1. Tony Sandy
    April 4, 2021

    I am probably on the autistic spectrum (seventy, so nobody tested me) and my psychic experiences have been quite strong and numerous, especially when younger.Also I identify with the hypersensitivity point and being attacked for being effeminate.

    I also have problems with left and right, not being sure which is which, also swapping hands with regards with some tasks.

    Artistic? Yes.
    Night owl? Yes
    Animal lover, loner and retreating into nature when stressed? Again yes.
    High pain tolerance, strong sex drive, poor ability to hold down a job? Yes

    My eldest cousin saw the ghost of his sister at the top of the stairs and my dad also saw a ghost at the top of the stairs as well as The Black Shuck, a phantom dog known about in the England as a supernatural entity, sometimes presaging death.

  2. Mel
    August 26, 2020

    Interesting. I would like to meet other psychics see what we have in common maybe have a drink

  3. autistinquisitor
    August 17, 2020

    What’s interesting is that a lot of these traits (perhaps minus the “well behaved” portion) can often be used to describe Autistic people. Contrary to stereotypes, Autistics can be very emotionally acute and aware – to the point of being overwhelmed – and being Autistic is also characterized by hypersensitivity to all kinds of stimuli.

    Now, I think anyone can tap into Psi, but I think Autistics in particular have a stronger connection – I have seen this with many of us. We can also connect a lot to animals.

    In fact ‘HSP’ has often been used to describe us; many of us identify with it. Autistic women especially since Autistic women are often better at masking or aren’t identified often due to gender norms, compared to Autistic men. (And let’s face it, men who experience Psi are often overlooked too, or they may get a lot of shit for not being “macho” enough or seeming ‘effeminate’; ask me about that sometime.)

    • craigweiler
      August 17, 2020

      I think you are possibly right, but I can’t say whether this applies to all autistic people. There have been scientific experiments with non verbal autistic children that demonstrated near perfect telepathy.

      I have argued that psychic ability is often need based. It gets turned up a notch if it’s needed and autistic people, because of their communication challenges, are more likely to need it.

      • autistinquisitor
        August 17, 2020

        I agree to an extent with that – especially for nonsepaking people.

        Either way, I think it’s something worth exploring. The stories I’ve heard about Psi phenomena also suggest that sometimes stressful events can result in Psi abilities manifesting – I’ve definitely experienced that as have many I know.

        As for communication challenges – a lot of us have them, for sure, but a lot of it also is a result of communicating with people whose minds work differently than us. There’s also the idea that social communication is a red herring because it is our sensitivity to stimuli/sensory overload and taking in more info that causes social communication struggles – from being overwhelmed, you can say. It’s interesting because your writings on psychic people having these struggles sound quite similar – including how people with Psi abilities can be more vulnerable to bullying and whatnot. The subtleties of social interaction can be tricky for people more sensitive to others especially in a world that is often built on secrets and deception. I think for instance that Autistics can often sense the truth in another person, but the information gets muddled a lot along the way, often because of external cues.

        Thanks for replying to my comment though! Either way, I really think that examining spiritual experiences of Autistics is not only a good idea, but may be the future of autism research. Too much is based on pathologization and “fixing” us to fail to realize that just maybe there’s something incredible behind it.

  4. Mark Hardstaff
    May 30, 2020

    Unfortunately any post like this will have comments from people who are not psychic, but have convinced themselves they are.

    If I’m holding a double yolk egg, I will say double yolk just before I crack it.
    I’m a psychic medium and have had a lot of spiritual experiences which includes seeing them.

    If you are psychic then your relationship with family would have suffered.
    You feel different to everyone else, as you are.
    I know what life is, I was told.
    Science never will.

    I have been overshadowed by spirits at my request and this made me shiver.
    I challenge skeptics online regularly.
    None have the balls to take me on.

    If I sound angry it is because I am.

  5. Anonymous
    February 3, 2019

    I completely agree with many or should I say all the points raised in this piece. I was glad to read all the evidence and I feel comforted by having been able to read this today. It confirms all sorts of things for me and is evidence that I am Psychic . I always knew I was Psychic because another Phsychic person told me I was , and that was years ago. I thank the person who wrote this piece because today of all days, finding it was a great comforter.

  6. Patty
    November 9, 2018

    This is so interesting for
    My grandfather was a psychic. He had a job at a dinner theater doing readings as a show.
    I have just not listened to my ability. I turned66 recentley and I can’t ignore it anymore. I am overly sensitive and do not like crowds I feel overwhelmed. I cry and have empathy and yes I don’t like being so sensitive. I dream of strangers and get messages all the time. I can tell when any person is getting ready to call me or come over
    Weird I am going to embrace this from now on

  7. Gabriel Haas
    October 10, 2018

    I have been having weird abilities I can’t explain, I know when someone will show up or not and I can see auras, I’m a very sensitive person too. Am I psychic? I read another site with 50 reasons someone is a psychic and I had 45 reasons that I am one.

  8. Elaine DeCarmo
    March 13, 2018

    According to name, birth and number charts I am supposed to have phychic abilities, be a leader and entrepreneur, but I’m none of those.
    I’m a Gemini and though I am very two sided, I don’t fully fit the Gemini descriptions.
    I’ve grown up always being / feeling different and out of place, missing a home, place and person I can’t even remember or really knows exists.
    I’ve experienced hearing my name called when no one was there, once in my young teens and again around age 18 (an unrecognisable male voice).
    I see many synchronicity in numbers (1111, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 123).
    For about less than a year now I’ve been feeling a vibration throughout my body when laying down and when sitting up, I feel it more in my legs and stronger in the feet. In the beginning when I first felt this I had to check my earthquake app because it was that significant, but know I’m used to it when it happens.
    I’ve always had a ‘knowing’ or ability to give advice yet never knew how, and when it comes to spiritual things I feel God guides my words because I have looked back on comments or posts I’ve written and I can’t believe that I wrote some of it at times.
    Other than this, I have no other special abilities / talents and have never found my calling and it’s maddening, unfair and hurts.
    I believe my twin flame ended up with more of the traits / abilities that I was supposed to have, because he is the one who has what my charts say I should have. That being said, I think I may have some of his missing traits also, though it seems I was left with not much and just barely somehow got by throughout my life and I always felt I had an angel protecting me, the same for my son also.

  9. Ranadev
    December 24, 2017

    Made myself to think deeply about many things like politics, religions, law, family life, , society, sex, evolution, plants, world, health, wealth, mind … Walked thousands of kilometers watching, playing with thoughts and body without money, luggage… Manytime into hospitals… Worthwhile things to share…

    December 5, 2017

    Wow!!! This almost had me in tears!… I always thought I was alone and wanted to be alone mostly. I don’t really know what I am but I do know that I’ve known the things that has happened now to me and others mostly when I was a child. My family my granny mostly would tell me how I said these things back then and look now they happen. I have multiple gifts that I don’t control nor do I understand them. It just happens¿ I do know that I am being attacked and don’t understand why cause I’m very well loved by all who meet me (some scared), freaked out but I assure you mostly loved. Everything you described has and was/is me!, Sep for having alot of animals my family yes but me no way! I don’t care to be in nature as much unless I feel clear? If that’s the right word. I hate conflict but I love to win for sure I can out talk wit and out do most anyone who challenges me. Lol!!! I speak with the other side mostly they speak with me. I sense everything and can tell you who you are by your text picture or voice. I can’t seem to help myself tho that’s scary for me but ok in a sense….. I need a older persons help with my gifts. I call us ‘KIND HEARTS’ I lived in Maui and I met alot of us. Have to go now but please help.

  11. Leonora Hazlewood
    November 26, 2017

    I tend to believe that there is something more affecting our life besides the physical realm
    I believe we are intertwined somehow
    I am unsure how to take what my elderly father’s has informed me. He sees a woman in something like a picture frame talking fast to him. He does this by looking in a certain direction or place on a wall. I don’t know what to think of it…any insight into this phenomenon…or is he losing his mind?
    Also, do you think a lot of these traits can be generational?

  12. Elise Elouise Bell
    November 15, 2017

    I’m not old I’d rather not say my age but ages ago when I was like 7 I had a mind pop of this boy and once I got to secondary school I seen him what does this mean bc when I’m around him I’m anxious and nervous it’s boggling me

    • Elise Elouise Bell
      November 15, 2017

      That’s the only one I’ve ever had

  13. Aubrey
    November 14, 2017

    I am a man of African descent,from South Africa.I am 45 years old,single,unemployed,no children.I have a low self-esteem,shy.I am so loving but very scared to chat up a woman.I really talk to women except family or friends.I do not understand what is happening with me.When I was a small boy I used to know without a doubt that I was going to find or come across money.I don’t understand how i knew that.As an adult I can experience a very terrible pain in my body out of the blue,maybe for most of the day and when i hear,see or discover that someone(family,friend or stranger) has same pain,my pain subsides or dissolves eventually. I don’t know what this means and I also cannot tell or remember that when i experience a pain that i might be from someone else.Whilst watching TV or listening to the radio or reading or talking to someone or just thinking, a word can just come into my thoughts or i might say it aloud simultaneously as i just i see it/hear it. I mean at that exact same time. How can I understand what’s going on with me and be to be tuned to it,use it or better still improve it.I am so sad,so lonely,just feel unworthy most the time.I want my life to change for the best.

  14. Kim
    November 7, 2017

    All this is so crazy reading now that I am 54 years old. I am in tears. So many unexplained things have happened to me in my life with no reasonable explanation. No one to turn to. After reading this, I remembered that my mother, who is now 93, mentioned years ago about a submarine that was lost and at the bottom of the sea during WWII. And a psychic helped to find them. Tonight I asked her how she knew that. Was that a family member? She said she would try to remember. Kinda told her why I was interested. Thought because her memory was not so good, she would have an open mind. She Really did not have an open mind about the situation. Feel bad that my elderly mom may now think I have mental issues. But, she did say she remembered and would try to think about the detail. Hey, anyone have an orgasm without touching. Mind only? Just sayin. And, can you make your hands sweat by thinking about it. Like dripping on the floor!

  15. Liz
    September 1, 2017

    Omg this describes me to a T. I feel pain from bad things happening to others. I try to heal my animals when they are sick. I hate being sensitive and see it as a weakness. I’ve been asked tice this year within months by two strangers if I was psychic.

  16. Anonymous
    June 18, 2017

    That whole part about the psycic child fits me to a T! I’m a 45 yr old bipolar woman! My whole life i knew something was wrong with me! My family were very dysfunctional and had narcissistic personalities! All the kids that bullied me as a child were my friends. When i’d cry which i hated, they’d make me cry more! On good days! Sometimes i’d talk and disrupt class not trying to and sometimes make the kids laugh! When i was 3 i had a vision in the catholic church that kenneth copeland was the false prophet but as a child i didn’t know what he looked like! The vision scared me left me catatonic 4 awhile! I have become a hermit and when i get out about once a week to visit i usually tell someone a few things about them without trying and it always surprises me as well as them! Also sometimes i’ll sit down and answers to things i keep wanting to figure out and i believe that it isn’t me but God gave it to me! I also have talent but grew up insecure and anytime i would do something good in other people’s eyes she would tell me they might be lying to you! She said not everybody will like you! She was very strict! She was also jealous of my singing voice! I also can sense evil in people and feel like i need to get away fast! The only thing is it okay to be psycic and christian! I already have the severe bipolar,ptsd strike against me

    • Anonymous
      October 2, 2017

      It’s like I hear myself talking.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 29, 2017

      Perhaps a bit of bravery… I once talked to a street preacher. I talk to all kinds of people. I read about different religions. One thing the Christianity seems to say is that psychic is not allowed. I said to the preacher: “what about being psychic”. He said that is the work of the devil. I’ll be blunt here. Many religions want it so that you have to come through the church/preacher to be able to communicate to spirit because that benefits them to get you to church and paying. I prefer to be purely spiritual. We already have “salvation” if you will, we are already connected to every one and every thing in this universe. You are spirit driving your physical body in this material world. When you physically die, you are still the spirit you are and can cycle through many experiences. Of course you can be psychic – you already are – you are a spirit are you not? So any religion that says you can’t – that’s called control. Sorry to be blunt. But if you have touched on the realization that you already have the powers of spirit – that will draw you completely into that reality. It’s a fantastic creation we are all part of. So go with it. It is what you are. What we are are. Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

      • Shawn
        February 3, 2019


  17. jjasrob
    April 26, 2017

    I am very sorry for the people who are so cynical and skeptical that they choose not to investigate the topic of psychic mediumship on their own to find the truth. It must be very difficult for psychics to hear their criticism. They can be so crass. But I am a staunch defender of Psychic Mediums who I know are the real deal. They couldn’t possibly make this stuff up!

    • Christine
      July 24, 2017

      Hi jjasrob. I am a natural born psychic medium and only in my late 50s came to fully understand it after someone on a spiritual site told me to go to a spiritual church for clarity, The rest is history. i have grown in confidence without any development, all natural. I decided to put my suffering down in a book and this started my healing process.

      Things I have seen and felt all came true from the age of 5 years old up until now. I understand my Mother and Grandma was also psychic and my only daughter has this gift. Growing up was hard especially with my Mum telling me not to talk that way, so I learnt to repress my gifts.

      I am an empath/medium. My empath traits are quite strong and would say for now my mediumship is around 80 per cent.

      I am one of the true empath mediums ,more so I don’t charge anyone. By the way I have not been diagnosed with bipolar as a lot of psychics have. My heart goes out to all people with special gifts.

      I am now a Reiki Practitioner and it felt the easiest job in the world for me ,once again just came natural.

      • Shaharasaad
        December 15, 2017

        hi it’s nice to talk to people that are Kindred Spirits. I also was born this way and it’s grown so out of control, I hurt all the time from people’s energies. I’m tired of hearing and feeling their evil and angry thoughts .I live in Denver which is a nightmare that place this days. sometimes I even throw up from the energy I pick up and this happens even at long-distance I don’t have to be in close proximity of people. I tried every grounding practice that’s out there to no avail every stone, you name it. I just want to run into the woods and be free of this pain. I also have done Reiki free of charge for others, and was able to help at least a few people from committing suicide without them knowing how I knew. but they shared their stories with me after the incident, and helped in other ways but helping myself seems to be a little harder. I’ve been convinced by others that wish the best for me to visit so called spiritual people that will only milk you. I would do anything to make this stop, if you can help please let me know. I’ve become desperate for help. just in case I’m leaving you my email I’ve heard of some people that have been able to overcome this when they were like this so there must be some help for me somewhere in this universe, I can only hope.

      • Desert flowers
        September 27, 2020

        Where do you practice? I am looking for Reiki practitioner. I have been told by another empath that I too have the same gift. As a result, I’m very careful who I interact with as negative personalities completely drain me. As a professional I provide guidance and advice to corporations but limit contact outside of the office.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 29, 2017

      What I do to try to get people to understand is to start with a very simple case. Do you ever look back when walking feeling that someone is watching you as you walk and sure enough some one is right behind you? That’s a psychic skill that we all have. I mean if we didn’t then stalking tiger is going to have you for supper – unless you become aware of tiger. Most traditional hunters had that skill under their belt or they wouldn’t be dragging tiger home for dinner… Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

  18. Diane
    February 25, 2017

    I am terrified of the dark. I have trouble sleeping as spiritual connections happen unless I leave tv on as an interruption
    I am able to see spirits in flesh tone.
    I see them speak but via mental telepathy.
    I am able to see auras and have had numerous paranormal experiences
    I was able to make objects move as young child and more so if angered.
    I just knew things and have many spiritual connections through sleep
    Many orbs have always been in pictures with me when photos have been taken
    I have had a spirit guide named Mike with me all my life. My number is 7.

  19. Amiee seale
    December 23, 2016

    Hello my name is Amy, I have several psychic abilities. I want to find out which ones I have and which one I’m strongest in. I no that I definitely have Empathy or Empathy. I am very sensitive and I have so much energy that my phone’s go hay wire and everything else from watches to lights to ceiling fans. How do I find out my other abilities? I wish I could find a mentor in my area! What do u think or suggest. Thank you

    • lethaltonguelasher
      May 1, 2017

      When walking down a street at night,do you often notice street lights going out and coming back on after you pass ?

      • Shaharasaad
        December 15, 2017

        Ll yup! ! I also haven’t worn watches in years because I zap them.

      • thekindhearts84
        December 16, 2017

        Oh man I’m so glad I’m not crazy!. What about the street lights getting brighter and brighter to the point you can’t look that way?. Omg!…. I seem to make peoples phones and satellite dish Tv stop or glitch. LOL!. GUESS WHAT! I noticed that I have a sexual connection with whomever the tv or phone it is that starts to glitch. I love but hate it sometimes.

  20. Carey
    December 15, 2016

    At 41 years old, I would just like to talk to someone who wouldn’t judge me, think I’m nuts. I would love to know what it is I’ve seen, and why I see and hear these things. I’ve had many, many visual and auditory experiences, and can see auras when I try. This has gone on since the age of three. I don’t tell anyone including my husband. No one really takes me seriously.Some of the things I see and interact with can be scary, but I have been able to redirect them. Just want to have a conversation with someone who knows about these things!!!!

    • connected
      December 28, 2016

      I completely understand how you feel. I use to feel crazy too, but finally I decided just because everyone wasn’t being aware, didn’t mean I needed to dis myself… Cool to be you. Believe in yourself. Being in the closet is pretty normal. Have you tried to find people in your area like through meet-up? That might bring you some close to home connections.

    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2017

      I have similar experiences and have been searching for someone that could understand! Please contact me if you want.

    • Debbie
      March 5, 2017

      Hi my name is Debbie, I’d honored and could also use a friend who’d understand me. My email is

    • Brenda
      May 17, 2018

      Hello, I am a 55 year old female, my gifts started at the age of 10, I have not been able to talk to anyone either. At the age of 10 I found out that I could move objects with my mind, then at 18 yrs the spirits started to visit me, some nice some mean, but like you I can redirect them, at 32 I began to be able to see a catastrophe before it happened so that I could go around it, so if you would like to e-mail back and forth my e-mail is

    • Mel
      August 26, 2020

      What sorts of things do you experience? No one takes me seriously either as no one believes me so I feel you. Add me on FB to talk more if you want Mel Gerber I got cookie monster asvmy pictures and I can predict the future can you do that. You can tell me anything I believe you and take you seriously and I’m new here

  21. gina
    December 3, 2016

    Can I get migraines and have other health issues if I stifle or hold back my ability. I get migraines frequently and for no particular reason I can “nail down” so to speak. No medical professional in my life by this point has been able to figure it out and I can not find a particular “trigger” for them or a cure whether it be medical or natural. Please help if you can. Any relief is welcome.

    • Carey
      December 15, 2016

      My migraines are triggered by anxiety or lack of sleep. Immitrex injections are life saving for me, and at times, I need to go on a prednisone taper as well. Good luck.

    • kate
      July 29, 2017

      for your migraines look up 🙂

  22. Tisha Metatron Miktarian
    November 9, 2016

    Thanks for LOVING ME TO.

  23. Tisha Metatron Miktarian
    November 9, 2016


  24. shelli
    October 17, 2016

    plz alittle help i feel felt all if those traits esoecially the animals ..i really felt as uf i could communicate wuth then i had an auto accudent in 1990 things have changed drastically since i almost began ti believe i had nothing of the sort after idolstion and not a soul that gets me i wuit believing in my sekf it was easier to be laughed at snd ssy yeH i sm crazy but during all this time one thing stays the same my first thought or imoression s are correct .
    my biggest oroblem us i have let the not kniwing take over my intuition or srlf esteem ssy you will i almist coul be at peace but i still feel as if something or all is invading my privacy too much i need to wuit being worried but this feeling does not go away i was left with a tbi after 7 days in a coma like i said it has neen half a life aho i now am 52 and feeling strong do not feel physcic but i am so sensitive more so i am alwYs not invilved but they find me and i only find muself giving the best i can from experience my own if course i am so tired i just wish once some one would have seen how good not how rich i usef to be or thought from family .these years have taken a toll but i feel so grTeful in my heart .if i had everything back my only hope to myself would be not to forget what ive seen as in ..dtay humble i would love to be a smart ass to those that would deserve it but i think i know better that feeling or voice comes over me REMEMBER……….
    please i need to understand or at least figure my waY to stop the negativity to my self believe in me and sone how fit it into this world make s living ? sounds wrird but i need to sone how carreer myself now
    thank you,

    • Chrissy
      October 23, 2016

      Hi, after reading your statement can I suggest you try a new therapy called BWRT, it is similar to hypnotherapy, but you don’t go into trance. You stay awake, with your eyes closed and the therapist does the rest. It has remarkable results for low self worth.

  25. Djsleep
    October 10, 2016

    Recently I went on a trip overseas and was a little tripped when I realized nearly every single place I visited there I had seen in my dreams. It was an incredible affirmation of these abilities Ive always had. I have always seen my dream life unfold so clearly it’s undeniable. Not symbolism or interpretations, but literally unfold. The irony is i have become a sleep scientist despite my extremely dominate right brained tendencies. 🙂

    • Chrissy
      October 23, 2016

      Hi, I had Premonitions all my life started as a child and now in my late 50s, I am able to receive and see/feel things in the day time. If anyone can answer my question would help me. Are our brains differently wired to those who are not psychic?

    • Amanda
      January 4, 2017

      I’m glad you’re a sleep scientist. I need some help. I’m on here obviously because I’m having some weird things happening. However, these dreams, or glitches as I call them, are ruining my life. I don’t know what’s happening. Is there any way I can run some of this by you and you can let me know if you feel I should pursue it spiritually or medically? I’m losing my grip because of these. Please…

      Amanda if that’s easier.

  26. StangePsychic
    September 26, 2016

    I have one more special “trait” that sometimes is overwhelming me but generally is a full pleasure. So, there are days when I go to some crowded place everyone glaze at me. Men women, kids, the are looking like hypnotized. I definitely look normal with normal outfit and very average body and face (I am 36 yo man). Average is a perfect word. But attention I have given sometimes is comparable to a rock star or celebrity. I cant explain logically. My friends noticed that as well. There is no flow or any other special state involved. When it is happened I am so surprised because it has no sense to me. I just explain it to some psychic trait, some strange energy which resonates around me. Seems so sick but is a very true.
    Do all psychic people have this trait also or is it just me?

    • Brenda
      May 17, 2018

      Hello, I know exactly what you are saying, every time that I would go anywhere, I would notice everyone staring at me, if I went into a grocery store I could feel all eyes on me, made me so self conscience that I developed social phobia, I had to fight it for years but I finally got over it. Now that I am 55 years old I do not notice it as much and I am really enjoying it.

  27. Madelyn
    September 11, 2016

    I just read your article and feel so awkward because it is as if you explained who I am without even meeting me.
    Great article! I will keep following.

    • Anonymous
      November 16, 2016

      Madeline… Ditto!!!

  28. Gloria Windham
    July 30, 2016

    Wow! You just discribed me. Everything on the list.
    I happened on this page because my mother and I were discussing the reasons of the singing, sometimes like a radio station, chorus singing. Someone calling my name, when no one is there. I am and always have been a sensitive soul. Didn’t know why. I need to know more. How to tap into it. The only thing I remember doing at about 12 yrs. old, is telling my mom to go see her father before he dies. 3 days later, he died. She did do as I said, the next day. We had a wonderful visit as I remember. Mom just looked at me when I blurted it out and asked how I knew? I didn’t know…..Had no answer. A feeling, a little voice? I really can’t say. It just came to me and I had to tell mom….that’s all I knew. Do you guys have specific references I can read to find our more and what to do and how I can find out what I am?

  29. Kyra Aguilar
    July 8, 2016

    Hi I’m not really sure why I’m even doing this because my family would kill me if they ever found out I was even researching psychic abilities but I need answers.

    I’m 16 years old and I have always known deep in my soul that the paranormal world if that’s what I should call it was real. When I was a kid I used to see dark shadows follow me wherever I went. I would leave the house with one whispering apparition and come back home with two more they would stick to me like glue for weeks and then one day be gone and it freaked me out because I didn’t understand what they were or why they whispered all the time. One night I was in and out of sleep like normal when all the sudden I was picked up out of my bed I was so shocked at having been picked up it took me a second to realize I was still in the arms of whoever it was and I was so scared I yelled and said for them to leave me alone and never come back and that was my last physical occurrence with ghosts but I still feel them they just don’t let me see them ever. I think I may have offended them I dont know but thats not all that has happened to me. The forcast could be dry for weeks and then I would get really offended, pissed off, sad or all of them and a storm would form and stay until I made peace with my feelings. Anytime it storms I feel really invigorated like I could run 100 miles and not be out of breath. I also feel things on a whole other scale. When my friends are upset I feel all the feeling they feel. It’s like being on a emotional rollercoaster except the rollercoaster isn’t mine and I have no reason to feel what they feel. I’ve tried telling my mom and sister about all of these occurances but they just dismiss it or ignore that i’m even speaking to them. I know my mom believes in the paranormal but she is scared of it and she is scared of me too. She holds me to a really anal level of if I fail I’m worthless and if I’m mad or sad it’s not justified. I think she knows something about me maybe a psychic family member or something? But it’s driving me crazy not to get answers! I was convinced as a child that I was crazy but I’ve been researching things like this and I have a feeling I’m not. I really need some guidance here I don’t know what to do and my families negative energy anytime I enter the room is not helping me. The only person who supports me is my bestfriend but she isnt very knowledgeable on this.

    Sorry for the really long poorly summbed story of my life. Please don’t dismiss me I’m being seriouse about everything in the paragraphs above.

    • jj
      July 9, 2016

      Kyra, your family is right when they want you to stay away from this. If your mom knows the paranormal is real, its possible someone in your family has been some how connected to it. That’s just a guess. Usually [ ghosts= demons ] will follow families that have been involved some how with the paranormal world. Your not crazy, nor nuts, demons are real and dangerous. You don’t want to run toward them, but run from them. You need to be close to God, He knows about them and He can protect you from them.

    • spiritual friend
      August 17, 2016

      hi Kyra, firstly do not worry for whats happening to you. your unique. and your an emapth and its really great thing i know it sucks sometimes cause i am one, but having a soft heart in cruel world takes courage not weakness and if your curious about the paranormal world (as you say), it is real. and the being which were with you have you ever felt danger from them? every unknown thing fear us in general except to that if you feel terrified of their presence and if you feel they are draining your energies and trying to hurt you, its better not to contact them.
      If not, and your are really want to know who are with you, try to meditate on daily basis. so that you can clear your mind from the fear so you can have the proper communication with them but prior to that learn how to shield your self so that they cant harm you. try to meditate and get connect with your spirit guides and ask them to protect you. They will always protect us.
      If you have question its the best to know the answers rather worrying about them all the time if no one is answering better to ask the source of question, cause every question has answer in itself. I personally don’t feel they will harm you its just a guess cause they were always with you, may be they were trying to protect and when you asked them to leave you alone they made themselves away from you so you cant see them as you wished but are looking after you from distance. its just a guess always use protection when trying to contact with them. learn to shield yourself so that you can save your emotions getting mixed with other witch suffer you.
      Good luck dear, and be safe.

    • Anonymous
      December 26, 2016

      Your an empath..

    • PatiCake
      March 6, 2017

      This is going to be all over the place but I am happy to hear other people have dealt with this and I am not alone. I am also terrified as I rarely speak out about this and feel comfortable talking about it. I’m a psychic and I have been one since age 5. The long story short: I come from a LONG line of witches on my maternal side- like supreme witches but I rejected the evil for walking in the light of Christ. Of all the people in my maternal family, it is just my mother and I who are not practicing witches. As you can imagine, this is incredibly lonely. Christians fear my abilities and made me ashamed of my visions/ readings/ abilities, but they have gone nowhere. When I haven’t seen anything for a while, I feel as if I have done something to shame God. Yes, it took more two decades but I honestly believe my visions/ ability is a gift from God. This is a brief summation of all I have seen: I have seen the future repeatedly and sometimes decades ahead. i.e. I knew Donald Trump would win the election 6 years ago before he ever even made a note. I see the demise of relationships before I even go out with a guy- I am going to get married. I do not know to whom. I’ve seen when my first love would be murdered and it was exact to what I saw. Sadly, I did not see who did it. I’ve seen/cast out/ destroyed demons as a child. I fought of all many in an attack with the help of God. I am not joking. I’ve been in NUMEROUS spiritual attacks to the point of not being able to have peace. I have seen demons at night and in the daylight- in people, in objects and free moving. I have seen ghost, they can do nothing and do nothing. I’ve seen kids as ghost, I feel the ghost and I often think they know I can sense them. I worked at a VERY haunted childerns home and I experienced so much. Mostly they are confused as to why they are still here. I bless my home before I do anything and I bless it every night. The issue is that it is HARD For me to sleep. In fact, I often deprive myself of sleep just so I don’t get too deep into sleep. Once I get deep into sleep, I begin to channel out of my body. Sometimes I am fully aware that I am sleeping and I even know the time it is so I wake up. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked around, explored other places and then laid in my bed and told myself to ” wake up, it’s 5:30 am”. And I do! Other times, I find myself in a channel space ( amongst others with the ability) or in a battle. Rare is the peace. I do not dream. I lay down and I wake up. Everything is channeling or visions. *sigh* I feel so alone. How do I speak to someone about this? I don’t even know what to say? I dare never ask God to take away this blessing but I get so scared. Ever slept and felt as if you were in an alternate world and you must thrash to wake yourself? I have several times and it was terrifying. I believe strongly in the connection between the physical and spiritual world because of my lineage. Similar to Harry Potter, witch is in the DNA- it passed own in generations. I have many abilities and a rejection of the “lifestyle” means I am the enemy. I can barely find rest. The first book I read was called, ” He came to set the captives free.” This book I read when I was only in the 6th grade, and it made so much sense to me. I felt not alone. My greatest fear is that someone will lock me up if I tell them my abilities but they are real. These aren’t lies. This is our real life. My great Grandmother was a supreme witch, she told me that I would have these powers and abilities. She told me that it would happen and it has. It still scares me not because I am not strong but because it still feels wrong… and dangerous like I might enter the darkness and not come out of it.

      • Brenda
        May 17, 2018

        Hello, I completely understand what you are going through. For a period of 5 years, for some reason evil witches would seek me out and want to do mental battle with me, I would go out and then come out of it with their faces sliding down the window and them screaming, it was always a window isn’t that weird? My grandmother was a witch, and I inherited it, I have always been afraid to delve too deeply into it because I do not understand it. Everything in my life happens in threes, I got rear ended in my truck once on the road, then I got rear ended in a parking lot a few days later and then the third was me backing up and hitting someone behind me and knocking their license plate off, My fiance died of cancer, my sisters boyfriend died of leukemia, and our Dad died of old age, within a month.. These are just two examples, I have a long list. Things happening in threes has been a constant in my life. I have been aware of my gifts since I was 10 years old.

    • Anonymous
      March 13, 2017

      You’re a good writer. . This chant will help you harnass your power and control it. It will open your mind up and you will find answers.

  30. JoDonna
    July 5, 2016

    Hi I have a question, my mom used to read cards and peoples palms and just have a sense about people and she was always right.
    I am 52 years old and I used to get the strange feeling inside of me. That one always lead to someone passing the stronger the feeling the closer this person was to me for instants my mother and I both knew my younger brother was going to pass at a young age and by a red car, We all went to the coast he was driving his car with his wife and eight month pregnant wife he was passing cars and the feeling I felt got stronger . Shortly after our vacation he was hit by a car walking across the street by someone in a red car, it’s been 15 years now the feelings continued until I couldn’t take it anymore. And I told it to leave my body I didn’t want it anymore I was also able to read people’s palms this was a few years ago, I no longer get that feeling, But lately I’ve been feeling things for instants I’ll just stare at a piece of tile on the floor and it comes to mind I see two faces and one and next to it I see a one eared cat. I am divorced after 20 years but I am engaged now to a wonderful man, I just have a feeling a deep deep feeling that I am being lied to I know he would never cheat on me . But to me I read and see someone that is so called too faced and I should be always listening with a one ear open and my right ? This isn’t the first thing I also felt a presence in our new home and I had to tell him to leave I poured salt around and I haven’t had an issue sense .

    • Dee
      July 9, 2016

      I would really enjoy talking to you one on one. I always know when someone is going to die. I get a sick, strange feeling inside of my stomach, I feel weak all over and I am unable to do anything until it passes. It feels awful.

      I have seen spirits in my homes.
      I have been around people I don’t know and know things about them and their family.
      I have communicated with people that passed, by holding their ashes or personal effects.I drowned at the age of 10 and came back after being dead for 15 mins.

      I have had the ability most my life, but it was never as bad as it is now that I am 60 years old. I would try to ignore it before.

      • Chrissy
        October 23, 2016

        Can I ask you what is happening now for your spiritually? My reason: At my age of 5 years old only ever through the night did I have accurate Premonitions and all came true. In those days my Mother would tell me to be quiet and don’t talk that way, so I learnt to repress my gifts. Now in my late 50s finding out all those years I had special gifts and now I embrace them. They come now more in the day time and give me a better nights sleep.

        I dont mediate, and anytime I try to ground myself and think of anyone in spirit world, I am switched back on. My friends say I am like a light switch, on and off. lol

        • PatiCake
          March 6, 2017

          This also happen to me! My visions started at 5 as well and I am 30 now. I scared people a lot and so I started being quiet.

    • jj
      July 9, 2016

      JoDonna, the presence in your home could be a demon, as your mom messed around in the paranormal world and they follow family members. But, it could also be an angel protecting you. If bad things occur, its most likely a demon, if good things occur, the angels are protecting you. My mother was into the paranormal also and my brother into it big time, so I know where your coming from. Be very careful and stay close to God.

  31. jj
    June 18, 2016

    Kapil, Since you have no one to talk to, I suggest you reach out to God and talk to him about your brother and ask him if He would help him. You sound like a caring person, don’t lose that, as one day I know your brother will thank you. All you can do is the best you can do. Sometimes people have to take the first step to improve themselves and maybe your brother needs to. I’m sure he must know you’re there to help him when he needs you the most. Love is a powerful thing and your love for your brother will one day let him know you cared.

  32. Kapil verma
    June 17, 2016

    Sir my brother has some problems in earlier age till fifteen years old he behaves normally with anyone after the death of my father his behave has started deffrent ,he started full smoking and trying talkings himself in unknown type thoughts. Some time he shown himself more aggressivly, some time gone in river and swim in cold time. After his these activities we took him in addiction center and started his treatment as addict treatment brought us some positive results bt after sometime he started ignore thease treatments and came again before and try to say ..nothing to be in thease treatments pls try to me marrige and even started demands on lack of sexuelty. After we made marry for him and his behave could not come on point so type. His wife is not co opperate him becoze his behave he broughts sex improvel medicine from marketd etc.but his wife ignored his any lack of sex cappacity and this time she is ln pregnent. She is always pressurise him for job but he is not intrust for work and try again the way he done before and try talking on suspected relation. So sir give some sollution on this problem and he has gone more nagitve mentality mind.

    • jj
      June 17, 2016

      Kapil, it sounds like your key to your brothers situation is your fathers death. Was he close to his father? how did it affect him when he died? Did he always depend on him? Can you talk to your brother and ask him some questions and perhaps you can put two and two together and come up with some answers. I hope this helps some.

      • Anonymous
        June 18, 2016

        Sir, my father was alcholic addict and their behave to us was not so close like a friend and their live time shown a gap like tradionally Indian parents style. But my brother has much interaction with my mother freely and she has tried any demand accord to him acquired and never consult to me and always ignored me for him

      • Anonymous
        June 18, 2016

        Sir, my father eas alcholic addict and their behave for my brother was like tradionally indian patents or we can say not much like a friend. My father was ignored him to college and said him to try any professional course. After death , my brother’s interaction was much close to my mother and she tried fill up his any demand he want,even went to college too. Sir, my mother feels jealous to me for him so she never try to consult to me.

  33. Rachel
    June 11, 2016

    All you put in your post is accurate .

  34. anad8u
    April 23, 2016

    Your descriptions are spot on! Just before my Saturn return occurred I started mainlining a 200 a day habit. I maintained it against it for a year…. My spiritual guides were their for every near death experience with perfect timing. When I stopped, I just stopped and never once felt the desire again. I agree about what you say about people like us and addiction, i have noticed this characteristic of quitting at will with others like myself. I believe it has to do with the awareness of what we are using it for. Those inclined to use are the exhausted and those who have not mattered their ability to shield and protect them self. I’m 37 and I still cannot always get the barrier up when I need it, then before I can get a grip, everyone around me starts penetrating my solar plexus… I feel everyone in my core overwhelming me so much I can feel my solar plexus throbbing. I think it’s only by my conditioned response to avoid the sensation of overwhelming emotions around met hat has thought me anything about protecting myself in the moment I have succeeded in doing it.

  35. Cinnamon
    March 17, 2016

    My cykickness is getting stronger….yes💗👍

  36. Cinnamon lang
    March 17, 2016

    OK you. Might think I’m stange but I’m only 14🌹 and I started getting cykick thoughts when I was around 13 and now it’s getting stronger. 💖💖💖🌹And I cry alot at home because of my anxiety and depression so I think I might be cykick🌹 .this page is awesome thank you💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹

    • jj
      March 17, 2016

      Cinnamon, some kids just get depressed and have anxiety problems that can contribute to other problems in their life. But, psychics can have anxiety problems too, but it doesn’t always mean your psychic. I know your only 14 years old, but old enough to gain some wisdom on this subject. I know its exciting to you, but you need to keep a watchful eye out on your feelings and happenings. Believe it or not the paranormal can be dangerous if you don’t know how to deal with it. I suggest you get a journal and begin writing down things…like dreams, thoughts, visions, etc. Then compare these things with questions… like, are these things making me feel good or bad, do they make me happy, are my anxiety’s doing better or getting worse, am I scared because I don’t understand what is happening, etc? Just remember, God is love and wants you happy, but Satan doesn’t love you and wants you miserable and to stay away from God.

    • TaylorS
      March 24, 2016

      It’s cool that u can see apart of the psychic nature knocking on you. Of course u r still only 14. This is only the beginning of your spiritual journey. The best advice I could give you is to keep your eyes wide open and pay attention to the details happening around you. Trust your vibes and your feelings, the world will beat you down to nothing and also show you the most magnificent parts as well. Be open to all of them! Accept the bad and good, learn from each experience that crosses your path and b true to yourself and you will live a happy life. At 14 your inner energy is all seeping out at once and I’m sure it’s overwhelming. I’ve been there and I wouldn’t be wasting my time to type this to you but I have been you! And I still am. I can still feel the ways I felt when I was your age when I think back to my best and worst moments, I’m still the same person but now with a greater understanding of people and Mother Nature. Trust in the universe (Mother Nature) if you pay attention you can see that everything on our planet helps another progress in some way or form whether it’s to learn from that experience or to take with you. I know at 14 this must sound crazy but I’m 22 and I fell inlove out of the blue at a very young age. Somehow I was lucky enough to find my soul mate at such a young age. But whenever that love was released into the universe (the new energy I’d never felt) things started to progress fast and just fell deeper and deeper into this sinking hole called love and lust. I started realizing I felt extra strongly about other people about a year after falling in love with DW. I’m a selfish person and i ended up hurting my true love in all the worst ways. Lied, cheated, but I still showed him I loved him more than anything every day I was with him. But when u r like me and go with the flow and act off your emotions and vibes at the time then it can lead u to some interesting situations, I love the feeling of something new and at 14 I wanted it all, once I had unleashed the greatest factor in life, the main energy which I live for, I had found the ability to fall I love with more than one person at a time and I created these love fields with each one that didn’t ieffect how I felt about any other beings. My connections with people r separated from others.i was young and never said no to fun or an addrenaline rush. So after fucking up with my love and him finding all the horrid details of my deception and discovering my love for others he was finally done with me. It was when I felt the zombie ness of his touch as he pulled away from me and the eyes that I knew so well had no feeling or hint of life anymore is when I gave up on myself and went into selfdestruct mode. And that is the worst thing u can do to yourself. This prolly seems lame but I guess I needed to type this out for me bc I’m still learning myself. Good luck chick. We all need it, fuck

    • melissa
      March 24, 2016

      Anxiety and depression can be heridary as we become a combination of both parents traits. Or they could simply be a psychic reaction warning you to live more authentically? I always felt like I was panicking cause I was headed down the wrong path. I got my anxiety/ panic disorder while i was on the fast track to becoming the office manager of the accounting department at age 28. Here i was becoming my boss, who had long since given up on her dream of being a journalist, left with bitter resentment and a list of regrets. I did not go to school for accounting, but for languages and here I was, didnt know who i was or where my dreams had gone. As soon as the job lost its challenge i realized I was bored around the same time the panic set in. Btw, if it literally feels like you are having a heart attack while you are panicking, you are clairsentient, lol. The clarity of my purpose and understanding of the true ways of the universe have healed and relaxed me to the point that I am no longer the same person. My thoughts seem slower and if i get off track and start worrying I am usually able to talk myself back to how I want my mind to sound. It could be a number of things, past life tramas could cause some seemingly irrational fears. Maybe the way you feel isnt you at all, but of those around you? Maybe you are a psychic empath with all those feelings?   You could Google empathic traits and see.  Either way, eating well, making sure you are getting the right vitamins and nutrients, exercise, spiritual practice and journaling everyday will help you release the buildup of emotions and clear up the way forward.  Emotions are just natures way of alerting us to an imbalance between body mind and soul.  Emotions turn toxic when left unfelt, causing a lot of problems and in some cases, psychological disorders like anxiety and depression.  For example, lets say your soul wants you to learn meditation in this life, so maybe you have anxiety but dont know why, it is left untreated it becomes a disorder, it grows until it begins to incapacite you more and you finally to the point where you feel forced to take action before you are completely consummed by the relentless emotional roller coaster. Until you work on relaxation by taking up meditation or literally take a chill pill, right?  Beware empaths with too much emotions and no outlet and little self awareness become self destructive and abuse drugs(including being on psychiatric prescriptions) in order to suppress the onslaught of worry, negativity, fear, anger, depression.  Dont feel bad, this can be fixed without resorting to such measures. It can be done, mostly through therapy as you ate working to let go of the feelings you have about your life experiences and all the people that you feel have harmed you or if you are less inclined to talk to someone, journal to search your soul. Write your story. Wrote it As many times as it takes. Find out who you are. YOU have an important purpose here and your job is to find out what it is. If you already think you are psychic then thats more awareness available to you. Any meditation will help to develop your gifts, and relieve you of some of your negative feelings, even if only temporarily, guided might work best (youtube guided meditations) til you know what you wanna do. Meditation will help to develop psychic abilities whether you started with them or not.  We all have the same capabilities, we are all humans, these abilities are not foreign but instinctual. Work on grounding and building a stong aura. Natural stones are great for highly sensitive people. Youu could google hsp to see if thats a fit too?  I use black tourmaline as a permanent necklace to always feel protected
      Sage! bring on the sage and research energy cleansing, you could even create your own rituals to clear your energy field and environments.
      What do you mean when you said you are getting more psychic?  In what ways are you more psychic? Is it clearknowing (claircognizance) like just knowing things or do you hear random messages in between your thoughts that you know you did not think?(clairaudience)There are some many types of psychic, find your skills, develop them, hone it and soon enough you will be able to protect and heal yourself.  The anxiety and depression are just alerting you to the fact that you are doing (thinking) or not doing something that your soul will not tolerate. Maybe all you need is to find out how special you are (self awareness is the first key to success 😉) and then you will relax with the realization that everything is going well and as you created it and you have nothing to worry or be depressed about!

  37. debi
    March 4, 2016

    Wow. Thank u for the test… I helps explain things. A psychiatrist at u.c.l.a. told me at a emergency room visit my son had taken me to. My sons and their wives brelieved i was bipolar and needed meds.. whatever tests this dr. Performed helped him come to his conclusion that I am a claravoyant! Most of the items on the list are what some seem to belief are symptoms of various pychilogical conditions. Like bipolar. Etc. I am sure many of which get put on medications that can cause serious effects. Thank you.

    • melissa
      March 24, 2016

      People with bipolar are some of the most sensitive and intuitive people. Why you think they filp, they are tuned into suble emotional vibrations that most of us dont even feel? at all!! My stepmom is bipolar and unmedicated. Although i can say life as a teenager was beyond hard living with her being bipolar, on seroius street drugs and having had no prior experience with kids in addition to me being empathetic amd highly sensitive, and comfortable in my victim role. She certainly had the most acute claircognozance Ive ever seen from someone that is unaware of their true intuitive nature.

  38. Astien Perez
    February 26, 2016

    I found many things that describe me in these researches and facts, probably because I’m left handed or something idk. The one that grabbed my attention most is the one where it says “we sense others emotions” I know when someone is sad when they pretend to be happy. I love to be in the room by myself , i hate open blinds (i prefer them closed) and since a kid I’ve been hearing good/bad voices in my head. I’m the only left handed child out of 7 and my mom told me when I was little that I was different and special, I also think that us sensitive/psychic ppl are closer to our moms than our father. I daydream very often and feel as if I can change the world if the opportunity was present, pain isn’t an issue for me, when I see others get hurt I think to myself as if it isn’t that big of a problem and are just wanting attention when in reality they could have been killed or broken a bone etc, I feel as if I’m naturally a poet Or artist and I put my heart in it, i fantasize about sex more than the average person, i have this little twitch thing i do when if i blink twice with one eye, i have to blink twice with the other as well, same goes with my arms , hands, things i touch etc, does anybody feel the same way?

  39. Nicola
    February 23, 2016

    Ok thanku, I been reading up on it, thanks for the advice xx

  40. Nicola
    February 21, 2016

    I can read people’s emotions, I know how people feel about me without seeing or speaking to them, I pick up how people are feeling, and another thing I can do only as long as I’m not actually either put a thought in their head like a memory or is it that I’m picking up a thought from them, for example, I could be driving and a memory could pop into my head, which could of been something that happened years ago, has no relevance to the day and has not been mentioned. Yet within seconds of me thinking it who ever I’m with if the memory includes them will say “hey remember when we did this or that”or I could be thinking of something I need to do and the person I’m with will say”hey remember next week u have to do” and say what ever I have to do, this happens daily. A few years ago I started really reading into clairvoyance and psychic ability, I began doing the different exercises and strange things started happening, one was that I’d wake in the night and half way up my bedroom wall would be what I could only describe as a ultra bright light, it flickering flashing and bright white light, I had black out curtains so it was impossible to be a reflection. Another time I woke up in the night and could hear a woman’s voice, I can only describe it as a singing talking voice. And I couldn’t actually hear what she was saying even tho I was trying, she made no sense, I walked into the room and it stopped, I then thought I imagined it, there’s so much more that happened but I got scared because I didn’t know if what was happening was good or bad, there was no one I could ask, I didnt know what I was doing or if or how to protect myself. I also had a dream; sounds stupid and question if it was just a dream, in this dream I went to heaven but it wasn’t as I thought heaven was. The dream goes like this. I’m sat on a bench outside, I can’t see the bench in my dream but I know I’m sat, it’s so bright , like dazzling white,I have the most calm happy feeling ever, like I could just stay there, I looked up and it was like buildings with bright shiny Windows, as if the building was made of glass, no concrete, even tho I’m surrounded with this brilliant white light I can see the glass is reflecting a beautiful blue sky, there is a man in this dream and he’s facing away from me slightly, but he’s talking to me without actually talking to me, it’s all done through our minds, I feel as if he was telling me something, but to this day I don’t know what or who he was, I can’t even describe him, I just knew he was a man, and I felt the need to stay there, there was so much love and a feeling of calm that I’ve never experienced. And happiness. Does anyone know what this was or if it was real?i also saw a friend who passed away, he had so many problems in life, full of anger, and drank heavily, in this dream, I was stood at the bottom of a meadow,he was stood at the top, the grass was beautiful and really green, slightly blowing in the breeze but I felt warm and the same feeling of wanting to stay there. In a instant of being at the bottom of the meadow I was then stood infront of my friend, he was smiling, and radiated love and happiness, once again we spoke with our minds,but I can’t remember what he said, also he didn’t look the same as he did when he was alive but it was him, this dream felt like it was all in a instant, there was no seeing him walking to him and talking to him, it was all in a split second and all at once.can anyone tell me if this is all real or relate to this, and what was happening to me in my house

    • jj
      February 21, 2016

      Nicola, The first part of your happening isn’t unusual, many have feelings about certain things, but the rest of what your saying is, I feel, your connection to your curiosity of clairvoyance and psychic abilities. You have opened a door and now need to be very careful and gain wisdom to what is happening. I could explain much, but you would have to be willing to listen with an open mind. Do you want the truth or are into this so much, you don’t really want truth, but more of what is going on…by being consumed by it? There are too many on here that don’t want truth, but rather keep and consume more paranormal abilities. Its up to you.

      • Nicola challenger
        February 21, 2016

        This is exactly what I need, wisdom and understanding, all the things that I saw heard and dreamt I ask myself was it all real or my imagination,I want to develope this ability,but don’t know how to do this safe, if u are opening a door, how do u know who’s coming through, could it be something that could harm you, when I woke to this huge flashing light on my wall, i hid under my bed covers, this wasn’t a orb that people describe, this was huge, thank you for replying,

      • nicola challenger
        February 21, 2016

        Hi yes I do want the truth but also what was happening was it real, people mention seeing orbs, this was no orb this was huge and hard to describe, I hid not wanting to see what was going to become of the flashing white, were these dreams real, or just a dream, this was all a few years ago, I stopped practising incase what ever it was would be evil. But now I want to try again, but do it right,

        • Diana Park
          February 22, 2016

          I didnt say it was an orb…I said look up things like orbs, lights, etc…to get an understanding…(read up)…Lots of books about things like that..It’s also interesting to read what others have seen or been through as well…I was just trying to give you a place to start from…..

        • jj
          February 24, 2016

          Nicola, I have tried twice to answer you, but my computer went a bit haywire. I understand where you’re coming from, but wanting to get into the paranormal is not a good thing. I know it seems exciting, fun and you feel you can do things others cannot, but its also very dangerous. I didn’t look to get into this, as my mother was into it, as was relatives clear back to the 17th century. I tried to run from it, but because of my mother being psychic and later getting into black magic [ plus my brother ], I have ever since have had to fight off the evil that was following me around. Things began to happen to me when I was a kid and I have had to fight ever since. Much has happened to me through out the years, but I had help and that help has been God. As you know, there is God, Christ and angels, then there are demons and Satan. Because of so much research and study of the bible, I began to see both worlds [the good and the bad ] and the best world is of God…love beyond anything anyone can imagine. But Satan’s world is nothing like that…he lies, deceives and hates all of us and will do anything to keep us from God. He can give you dreams, his demons can imitate the things of God, but in a different way to make one think its God. Without knowing God, you cannot know the truth about Satan. You were talking about something white flashing, they could also have been flashing lights [ demons change their tactics a lot ]. I have had the experience of flashing lights. I woke to go to the rest room one night and these lights were all around me [ I knew what they were ] and I just ignored them until I was pushed down two steps into my husbands computer room. I hit a chair, hurt my back and skinned my knee. They were angry because I wouldn’t acknowledge them. After I got up off the floor, I rebuked them as God has told us to do in order to get rid of the. They left and I went back to bed, but the next morning my body felt awful. This was just one experience I have had through out the years. You have opened a door now and the best bet is for you to get close to God and He will protect you. By putting yourself in a position of learning more about the paranormal, you gain more knowledge, but in the end you will lose yourself. God has a much better plan for you, Nicola, a much better plan.

    • Diana Park
      February 21, 2016

      Hi! Nicola,
      You are “not” going to go to hell in a hand bag….So don’t let obsessive religious types try to make you feel bad (religion is ok, but not rammed down peoples throat by one on here)…If your a good person and you mean well, and do well, how can there be a problem…Sometimes Craig Weiler comes on here, and he is the owner of the site…He might be able to advise you….He is busy with other stuff these days, but pops in…I think we all have these abilities and in some its stronger, or parts of it are stronger for some than others….You can learn how to control it…There are articles written on that…

      • Nicola challenger
        February 21, 2016

        Hi thank you for the reply, shining flashing lights in your bedroom, voices, it’s not the sort of thing you can ask people,I did tell my husband but he laughed at me and said I was dreaming, so I just agreed, when this happened in the middle of the night, I’d run for cover, literally terrified, does anyone know if this was real, this was a few years ago, and after these incidents I stopped, I was too scared, didn’t know if it was good or evil. Now how ever I want to try again,but want to be sure I’m safe

        • Diana Park
          February 21, 2016

          Ya well stuff like this can be a little un-nerving…Too bad you dont know a good psychic to guide you…Not knowing where you live, i can only suggest looking around on this site for certified psychics…apparently he has tried and tested those people, and they are for many places in usa and canada and beyond…You could start grabbing books from the library on the subject….Libraries can get books from other libraries if they dont have the one you want….Here i can sign in to my library on line and order books…Maybe look up seeing orbs, and other strange unexplained light…and also look up “clairaudience” for the voices…Its very interesting stuff….If your scared ,visualize an aura of white shimmering light around your body…It gets easier to do that as time goes on….ask that you be safe, and know you will be safe… Ive not ever used crystals, but some say that is a good thing to have on hand….Thats easy to look up too..The power of crystals…Start reading (Id get books from library instead of reading the internet info) Lots of good things on the internet, but not all hard facts…Hope this helps..its a start. 🙂

  41. Anonymous
    February 20, 2016

    I can do this weird thing with my body where it feels like I’ve got electricity running through it. I can do it at will and I can only hold it for about 5 seconds before it becomes too much for me to handle. It’s almost feels like that feel when your fully meditating and you get that sensation through your body. Anyone know what this is called?

    • jj
      February 20, 2016

      Anonymous, don’t know what its called, but do have a feeling you should quit messing around with it, as it makes me think of people that burned up their bodies without knowing why? Some were able to stop it quickly with water, while other simply burned up. This may be very dangerous for you. You might want to have this checked out further with a doctor and get an answer.

      • Gary
        February 24, 2016

        Talk to a couple psychics about what I can do with my body and they told me only my guides know why your able to do that. They also told me they know when I do it because my aura gets really big as though it’s a type of protection I create for myself or someone that is near me. I don’t want to go to the doctor because they are only going to look at me weird. My aunt is a psychic as well and she told me never to do that if I was touching her because she’s scared of what it might do. I’ve done it to a couple people but it doesn’t feel as intense but I’ve been told they can feel a rush through their bodies when I do it. I never tell them when I’m doing it they feel it for themselves. I wish I knew what to call it or what it was exactly.

        • jj
          February 24, 2016

          Gary, the only other thing I think it may be is…extra energy, some what like, static electricity. Get on the net and ask some questions and pull up some answers. If you find none, then try to find someone that can actually use a form of electronics that can show your energy on screen that presents various colors that surround your body. If there is a lot of red… which is body heat, then you have an answer to what is going on.

    • Diana Park
      February 20, 2016

      Anonymous….Maybe you aren’t grounded….if you live near the ocean, take your shoes and socks off and stick your feet in the sand…..or read this big article 😉

  42. Anonymous
    February 20, 2016

    This boy from my uncles house is from around 1930-1950s area of time. I can tell because of he is wearing. My aunt and believe there was a fire that had taken his life. The land his house is built on is very spiritually active. I think there may have been an traumatic accident there like a fire. I’ve been doing research but haven’t found anything about the area yet. My dad lives across the street and one of my passed uncle is present in the house and feeds off of my stepmothers energy. Really weird when I figure out who it was.

    • Diana Park
      February 20, 2016

      I wonder what they want Anonymous, or why they haven’t moved on? Hmmm, thats where you need a good medium to help you out…(To ask what they want, and help them move on, and maybe cleanse the area)…

  43. Diana Park
    February 17, 2016

    Hope this answer goes in the right spot…lol
    No, my Moms’ brother is still alive…(he be like close to 90 now) 7 years between them…
    My Mom s Mom had a miscariage far along in a pregnancy…and it was at home early 1920’s ish….My Mom saw stuff she shouldnt have seen at that time, and I think she told me once she heard it was a boy…
    That would sure be weird…
    Someone sure was waiting for her…

  44. Gary
    February 16, 2016

    That’s weird you say that every time I go to my other uncles house there’s a little boy that follows me as well. I never told anyone about him until my uncles new girlfriend said something to me about it. On a more recent note I’ve been taking picture during family functions and one specific orb has been popping up a lot and almost covering the whole photo. There’s a transparent face in it.

  45. Gary
    February 16, 2016

    Hello everyone I’m really glad I stumbled across this site. I started realizing the feelings and the visions and an early age of 10. My uncle had passed away that day and when I woke up for no reason in the middle of that night he was kneeling down praying as a little boy. I woke my brother but he didn’t see anything and thought I was crazy. So that’s when I realized I knew I was different. I don’t want to get into everything right now as it would be a novel of events. Just wanted to share that.

    • Diana Park
      February 16, 2016

      My Mom had a little boy follow her around for days before she died….At one point she even called me on the phone, to ask if i had seen him too. (I lived near by)..Then she said,”I must be losing it”….I cant figure out who that little boy might have been…

      • Anonymous
        February 16, 2016

        Diana did your mom have a brother that had passed away?

        • Diana Park
          February 17, 2016

          my answer went at top of page about Mom…hope you see it…

      • Gary
        February 17, 2016

        Did your mother have any significant male in her life that passed away too soon or at an early age?

  46. Natasha
    February 10, 2016

    Thank you for posting this 🙂 A lot of these traits are very true for me, I have always wondered why I am so different than a lot of the people people that i know. When I was younger, I always had bad feelings when something was going to happen, like an argument or something. Now, I know this sounds weird, but sometimes if I look at the sky and there is a certain way the cloud is and the sky is together, I know something bad will happen and I get a horrible feeling. Recently with all of my bad feelings something has happened. (Once I had a horrible feeling that something was going to happen to my family, then I found out that my cousin crashed his car and he has serious brain damage) I am starting to tell the difference between different colours/look of the cloud but it is quite difficult and I find it not that great as I want to be able to help the people that the bad feeling will happen to, not just have a feeling. Also, a lot of the time I can feel emotions in people and it can get very tiring. I just don’t know what to do

    • Diana Park
      February 10, 2016

      I often think nature (clouds), play into these things that happen…

      • jj
        February 10, 2016

        Yes, Diana, nature can, but you have to know if its from God and a positive thing. To turn it into any form of a God would be wrong, but to enjoy the delights of nature and sometimes its small messages can be humorous and sweet.

        • Diana Park
          February 10, 2016

          Im a pretty positive person….Im not too sure about GOD or a god, because there is too much sad things happening in the world…If there was GOD, dont you think he would put his hand out and stop wars? Ive known some really good decent people die some horrible deaths too…

          • jj
            February 10, 2016

            Being positive is a good thing. I am not always positive, but do work on it. War as you know was never brought on by God, but man, and men fight wars to either get or give something…fight for country or fight for vanity. So long as we are human, God has given us a choice toward peace and love, but many ignore God and choose to go their own way…away from the 10 Commandments of God [ which are the ways of life…a good way ]. There is a time coming when all those that have died will rise up from their graves and live 1000 years of peace [ no wars ] and will know who and why is God. They will still have a choice…Gods way or theirs. Any questions they will have at that time will be truly given. Those that have done evil to good people will too, get to know God and will have a choice…to live or die forever.

            • Diana Park
              February 10, 2016

              I think man created god, not god created man…. Organised religion uses it as a means of having power and control over people.

              • jj
                February 10, 2016

                Diana, how can a fleshly human create a God that is spirit?

              • Diana Park
                February 10, 2016

                its a made up bullshit thing…

              • Ron Lentjes
                November 29, 2017

                I like your comment. I prefer pure spirituality. It took me many years to come to realize what was going on. I am open to all kinds of things. If someone want to make money, they have to hide how it is made or accessible in some way so you have no choice but to pay. It seems that many religions do just that. You cannot be “saved” unless you attend the church and obtain it through the priesthood. So go find it for yourself and then tell others. It belongs to all of us. We are already connected. We are already saved. When you realize this and know who you are and realize you are spirit then you become very comforted by it and empowered by it. No one can take that away from you. So I say you don’t need any physical church or organization at all. You just need the enlightened you (that’s easy too, just look within yourself, just be with nature, just soak it all in). No money required. Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

    • jj
      February 10, 2016

      Natasha, I too use to watch the clouds as they changed shapes and when I was PG, a shape would show either a girl or boy and I knew I was going to have a boy the first time and I did and the same thing happened with my two girls, but this was a nice thing, not a bad thing. Negative happenings only depress us and can drag us down, but things that are positive coming through with our abilities are more on the line of Gods mind. Evil is not happiness or good happenings. There are times that God will warn us about something that he may want us to do, but He does this not to scare us, but to help another if He feels you should. When you have abilities, those abilities need to be put in the right place…are they good, bad, or a warning. If they are bad and only depress you, put them aside by asking God to stop the evil. If they are good, be happy and if they are a warning, one of Gods angels will be there to help you know what you have to do.

  47. hangoverthailand
    February 1, 2016

    I believe that all true psychics are born psychic. That’s why its hard to pick out the true natural born psychics over the fraudulent ones. I always appreciate blogs like this and blogs that use psychic filters, which actually test their psychics for credability. For psychic filter sites theres and They filter the psychics from Oranum, Asknow and Kasamba so that you only get the legitimate psychic readers.

    • jj
      February 2, 2016

      hangoverthailand, hmmm…interesting name. Yes, I feel your right about this. DNA has a lot to do with it. I have taken a couple of test on the computer before and both times it can up, psychic. But, I ‘m one that is very cautious with this ability. I don’t go out of the way to use it, because it can be dangerous if you don’t know what your doing and why.

  48. Aidan Edwards
    January 30, 2016

    I have been wondering for along time why I’m so different to everyone else in school and why I stand out and why I feel so strange and different then when I look at this it describes my personality from top to bottom it fits how I feel what I’m like and everything what does this mean?

    • jj
      January 30, 2016

      Aidan, everyone is different, even a leaf on a tree is different. If we weren’t different, it would be boring or we would be robots. Everyone has their own unique talents and ways about them. This means your human and been created in a wonderful way…you are Aidan. You have the potential to be more if you want to be. Its the choices you make that make you who you are and how far you can go.

  49. Jamie
    January 29, 2016

    I think I may be a Medium…. Now what do I do? Do I try to talk to a Spirit Guide? Do I try to have a dream? I’m pretty young, and my parents don’t know yet so I can’t take a class…. Thanks for any help any of you can provide.

    • jj
      January 29, 2016

      Jamie, Do not contact so called spirit guides…they are not what they seem. Instead, use good judgement and try to stay away from being a medium. If things do happen, make sure its from a good source and not a bad one. If you read some of my comments, you will know why.

    • Diana Park
      January 29, 2016

      “Mediums” communicate with spirits that have passed on (you know,”I can see dead people, or hear etc”) and usually are born that way….”Psychics” are people that sense things, stuff like someone has an illness, someones gonna die,,they sense good things too….I guess can come clairaudience(hear), clairvoyance(see),Clairsentience (sensing), to name just a few..I think we all have the ability, and can develop it, if we want to…I also think it can develop after trauma in your life…IMO…You should take the test that’s spoken about on here (be real super honest with your answers), and send it in…Then you can see where you rate among others. I think someone else mentioned this to you, its a great idea…Also it seems Mediums can have Psychic ability too, but Psychics cant have medium ability for some reason…If you think you are a Medium, you could nose around Bob Olsons site for some info
      If you think your a Psychic, you could nose around Natashas site for books etc: Hope this helps 🙂

  50. Ricky Frost
    January 17, 2016

    I’ve wondered for some time what is wrong with me, someone mentioned empathy but everything you have said describes my personality . I generally find daily life hard ,i feel emotions everywhere i go and stay away from busy places because my head feels pressure like it’s going to explode . Headphones help a bit though . I had a pet terrapin that was ill and i new when i left to go on holiday he would be dead when i got back . I also have a cat . I have always been spiritual and was married at 25 with grandchildren (my wife is 15 years older than me). Thanks anyway this has helped .

  51. Sarah
    January 10, 2016

    Wow almost all of these fit me! Only I do not feel animosity toward my sensitivity. I regard it highly. It helps me gravitate to those who are loving and kind and it alerts me those who are cruel so I may avoid them. I wonder if anyone else experiences this: I feel like I dream everything that will happen in my day, the night before. It feels like a condensed dream, almost like I just download it into my brain then wake up and live it. I also have sleep paralysis and lucid dreams with “false awakenings”. I get lots of comfort and inspiration from my dreams and remember them much more than other people I know.

  52. Alby Jimenez
    December 12, 2015

    I had some situations that leave me looking like the bad guy. One day I was joking talking to my friend over the phone telling him in full detail of his bed room from the bed to color sheets he has. To what he was wearing mind you I never been to his house and I didn’t see him today I guess his whole outfit her wore today . So now I look like a stalker . Please help me .what is this called . I see lights around people they change colors depending on their mood or who they are . I can pretty much guess what happens in the next 24 hours.

    • Sage
      December 19, 2015

      You have what I have I can see the past present and future. I don’t know the name though.

    • Euphonia
      December 24, 2015

      You have precognition and can see auras.

  53. sarah
    December 4, 2015

    I was hoping that someone can help me… i have had strange and unexplainable things happen periodically thru out my whole life but i always chalked it up to a over active imagination, coincidence and good intuition cause i never believed in any of this stuff, but since my last child was born its become more frequent… i seen shadows, orbs, felt a warm hand on my back once, i seen shimmering lights, at some points i get a whirlwind of lights swirling around me and i FEEL a lovely warm glow inside… in the past few months its gotten worse… i called up a woman i hate cause i was compelled to ask her if she was ok cause i felt something was wrong and then she burst into tears cause her brother just died the hour before i called and she hadnt notified ppl yet so me knowing THAT kind of thing is scaring me… another example that scares me is I saw my one life long friend smoking in a bus stop and told her that smoking would hurt her baby to which she replied she wasnt pregnant, 3 days later she took a test and called me and asked how i could possibly know that, another example was at another point i was talking with family and mentioned a memory i had of a man named george and how he danced beside the tractor in a pink dress and a cowboy hat and even described the boots he was wearing and the drink in his hand and i knew soooooo many details that theres no way of knowing because the man that i spoke of died 7 yrs before i was born and the event i was describing happened 14 yrs before i had been born and then i was told that george was my actual grandpa… i didnt even know my papa wasnt my real grandpa so again im scared because THIS IS NOT NORMAL… It seems to be happening no matter how hard i ignore it… in the last couple of months, at least once a week im seeing figures and shimmers, orbs and what looks like mists and lights that seem to be trying really hard to get my attention… i DO NOT want whatever this is in my life as it scares me and its getting stronger and i cant control it… i feel like im going crazy and even had my eyes examined and went in for a physical… i do not dabble in any kinds of arts and i dont know bupkiss about whats happening to me or why… i didnt ask for this and havent been able to tell anyone cause they probably have me commited… i cant even walk beside a person within five ft for more then 5 mins cause i start feeling that persons emotions and then i feel drained for the next hour… can someone… ANYONE plz explain what is going on with me, why its happening and how i make it go away… or at the very least learn to control it… this Shiny figure isnt leaving me alone and is getting more vigilant in trying to get my attention… i need help

    • Diana Park
      December 4, 2015

      Well…maybe go and see another person who is psychic, and they could advise you..(look up Bob Oslon), on his site he has trusted and certified Psychics, and you may find one near you. Or look for a spiritualist church, where they have Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, and Messages from Spirit (you probably get support from others there). Or if you think its a ghost hanging around, you could ask out loud what it wants…

    • jj
      December 4, 2015

      Sarah, I too have things happen with me and never ask for them. This too has been going on my whole life. It runs in my family and have tried to run from it, but couldn’t until I began studying the bible. For 47 years now, I have done research of the bible and have found many answers. Sarah, There are angels and demons in this world and I have encountered both. Demons have been the main problem for me and have found that if I ask myself [ when something happens ] is this is of God or Satan, I can handle it a lot better. God is of love and not confusion, so are the angels, but Satan is not. Satan and his demons want to scare you in anyway they can. When you get scared Sarah, call out to God and ask him to take away the one making you afraid. You can also rebuke them by saying these words that God has told us to say when we encounter evil spirits…”In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you,” and say it with meaning. They are to flee from you. If they are a stronger demon, than you have to fast and pray, then say those words again. Just don’t forget, Sarah, God and his angels are with you always and there to help you.

  54. Mike wright
    November 30, 2015

    I found that I have a ton in common with the psychic world more than I thought.from childhood. im 47male and I just wished I. could make more sense out of it all.all the things you mentioned are 98% accurate with me.I’m also trying to figure out why I get scratched once in awhile 3 long burning scratches. And it’s hard living in this world around so many skeptics.I would really like to develop my skills. Thanks Mike.

    • jj
      November 30, 2015

      Mike Wright, three scratches means a demon has done this. Be careful, Mike.

    • Diana Park
      November 30, 2015

      Mike- you should see if there is a Spiritualist Church in your area…It is what it says spiritual, and mediums etc go there..They seem to be mostly in big cities…I bet someone there could give you a heads up about the scratches…and etc..

  55. Diana Park
    November 28, 2015

    cool site!

  56. NomadicKy
    November 15, 2015

    I just stumbled onto this blog actually doing research for a book I’m writing and was impressed by your thoroughness and accuracy.
    My big question really is this…have they been able to prove psychic abilities with CT Scans? They say that we only, on average, use 10% of our brain. So wouldn’t the psychic abilities be the next piece of it? I’ve always wondered this.
    Trust me, I’ve never had to a choice but believe in psychic abilities. I’ll just leave it at that; we all have our stories. But I wanted to make sure I was clear when saying I’m not a skeptic or anything; just curious about the CT Scan thing and you seem knowledgeable enough to know. 🙂

    • craigweiler
      November 15, 2015

      Hi NomadicKy,
      There have been several CT studies done, but I never included them in any articles. They were referenced on an old post somewhere on Dean Radin’s blog a few years ago and it’d take me forever to find them.

      Proven with CT scans? No, not proven. It’s just a way of getting a general idea of what’s happening in the brain during psychic experiences. They don’t tell you a whole lot.

      The whole 10% thing is really kind of an urban myth anyway. Scans of all sorts of activity indicate that general areas of the brain “light up.” We do use the whole thing.

      Where the mystery lies is in how all of this relates to consciousness. While we’re using our whole brain, it’s very possible that we’re using it with 10% efficiency.

      • Ron Lentjes
        November 29, 2017

        He, he. Well mmm… Near death experiences are interesting… I mean for me I think of the body as just our vehicle that our spirit remotely controls around earth if you will… So I mean when we physically die our spirit just goes about its normal thing all intact with its natural psychic abilities. Just based on that, I doubt there be to much going on in the brain from the psychic source – i’d say none at all. However, there will be a reaction of our body from our psychic intentions to do stuff (command our bodies). Heck we can even heal our selves. So again that’s from spirit TO the body. Now that’s my take… Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

  57. jrene
    November 15, 2015

    I have every single characteristic listed. Even at a very young age I’ve always felt “different.” Recently though, I had made a painting of the Eiffel Tower and another of a Fleur de Lis. They had no significance at the time of painting them, but 2 days after finishing them the attacks on Paris happened. I thought to myself that it was just coincidence, but then I had heard that refugees were being moved to New Orleans. I’m not sure if the latter is true or not, just something I have heard. Is there anybody else who has had similar experiences??

  58. jrene
    November 15, 2015

    I have every single characteristic listed. Even at a very young age I’ve always felt “different.” Recently though, I had made a painting of the Eiffel Tower and another of a Fleur de Lis. They had no significance at the time of painting them, but 2 days after finishing them the attacks on Paris happened. I thought to myself that it was just coincidence, but then I had heard that refugees were being moved to New Orleans. I’m not sure if the latter is true or not, just something I have heard. Is there anybody else who has had similar experiences??

    • jj
      November 15, 2015

      jrene, Yes, I have them from time to time, but pray about them, that they won’t happen, if their bad. I had a vision about 8 months ago, that I have told no one except my family. It is too scary as it will effect the united States badly. I have been fervently been praying about this. I feel its a dire warning for us all. If this country doesn’t stand up against evil and if we don’t begin to get down on our knees to God and ask for forgiveness of our sins, I’m afraid what I saw is going to come to pass. I was in an empty field and the wind was blowing [ it was summer ] and I was looking across the sea and saw two missiles coming across the sea and hitting our country. People were running in panic and there were bridges getting blown up, cars slamming into each other. It was terrible. I knew that was just the beginning of more coming our way. Those that don’t believe there is a God, had better begin too, because God is the only one that can help us if this happens.

    • Tiffany H.
      December 26, 2015

      I just saw your post and I’ve had a similar situation. On Tuesday, the week of the Paris attacks I dreamed I was in Paris, I was standing in front of the Eiffel Tower holding an Eiffel Tower souvenir in my hand. All of the sudden the Eiffel Tower goes dark, everything goes pitch dark and there was nothing but silence, almost like frozen in time. I had forgotten about the dream, but I had a sense of dread from Tuesday until Friday. On Wednesday I sent my brother a message and told him something bad was going to happen. He thought I meant something bad was going to happen to his mother in law because she was in the hospital. I replied and told him no, that it was something bigger and it was going to be real bad. On Friday the attacks happened and that’s when I remembered my dream about the Eiffel Tower. I’ve never posted this on any website, I usually just read a lot. This weird stuff that happens is not new to me, it’s just something I have dealt with all my life. When I was young I thought it was normal and everybody could do this, talk to people that have passed away and such. I wish there was someone I could talk to to help me and not charge an enormous fee. I’m 43 now and my abilities seem to becoming stronger and more frequent. Overall I love being able to communicate with people who have passed away, but when I know that something bad is about to happen and unsure where it’s going to happen at, I hate it. I try to stay grounded, but it is getting harder and harder to do.

      • jj
        December 27, 2015

        Tiffany H, I deal with these things by asking myself first is this of God or Satan. This time I knew it was a warning because the same vision happened twice to me. This vision, I also knew was in the soon future. It was so real that I felt the wind blow my hair [ I have long hair ] and I felt the wind on my face. I know its going to be a nice day and the wind will be blowing and it felt like spring or summer to me. Tiffany, because of my study and research of the bible close to 48 years now, I know [ and have experienced ] there are demons in our world, as well as angels, but demons will and can manifest themselves into the form of humans, and they will make you think they are the dead, but are not. The dead are dead and waiting for the resurrection, they are asleep in the grave. The spirit in man that God gave us goes back to God after we die. That spirit is our personality, plus the breath of life. Where God places it, I do not know, but do know when the dead come up out of their graves that spirit will be put back into those people who died. In other wards, when you speak to the dead, your talking to a demon. They are smart and dangerous. You can prove this out in your own bible if you feel I may be wrong.

  59. jj
    November 6, 2015

    Shila, you do have a lot on your plate. There is one thing I see that makes you a wonderful human being, and that’s your love for others. That attitude is what God wants from all of us. You sound like a very nice individual and never let that love leave you. With the many other things you are and have been experiencing, as I have told others on here…be sure and look to the source because there really is a God, angels, and demons in this world. The abilities you have need to be prayed about where as you ask God what you should do with them. God in His wisdom has told us not to get involved with the paranormal because He knows demons will use that to confuse the individual and make them think it is God that is telling them to use the paranormal way of doing things. Shila, God can help those that have abilities in His own way. We need to wait on him and not confuse ourselves thinking that our abilities only come from Him. In other words, I am psychic, but don’t use this ability. I know God will let me know what He wants me to do, through His angels. Because of this ability, I am more open to listening than the average person that doesn’t believe there is a God. If you don’t understand what I am trying to say, one day I know you will, because of the great love you carry with you, which is your greatest gift.

  60. Shila
    November 6, 2015

    Ok so after reading your article I have to say I’m so relieved. I’ve really thought for a while that I’m literally going nuts.
    I hate sleeping, I dread it. I’m more comfortable at night but terrified of the dark. When I do sleep I have to have a light on…… because I get visited often….. it’s like I’m in a cafeteria full of people talking and one face after another flashes in front of me, some excited some look irritated. I see ghosts often and theY appear as a fog with glitter. I’ve seen orbs and have photographs where they actually look like a cell.
    I’m drawn to people, strangers that I have to meet, within minutes they are sharing their life story and are comfortable telling me things they try to forget, they break down and cry but before they even speak I can feel their sadness anger fear, physically in my own body sometimes I feel sick afterward or like a weights been lifted. I’m sensitive to everyone’s feelings, animals and human, I can’t hurt anything. It hurts my heart when anyone cries and Im sympathetic and empathic to everyone around me. Even plants. I can feel a strong magnetic pull when I put my hands over another person. I can find injuries and pain anywhere in their body without touching them. I’ve been right almost every time. I always have dejavu experienceS but I do not believe in coincidence at all. When I meet people or even people I know I swear I can hear God talking to me and guiding my voice because what comes out of my mouth is always a message and they are not my words. I can sense danger, or just know when some things are just not right. My grandparents both died recently, a month a part. When it was near the end for my grandpa I heard a voice tell me to read to him and I knew to grab my bible and read him psalms. My mom told me to start at psalm 23 because it’s his favorite. He was barely awake but when I started reading he leaned in close to me and started to cry, I felt him start to relax and I kept reading until psalm 28, I only teared up a couple times but it wasn’t about me, he needed to hear the messageS of God To be able to let go. It was about ten minutes from the time I started reading to the moment I felt him take his last breath. I was the only one in the room with him. Such a beautiful blessing to be a part of his journey from this life to the next. I have been thru alot in my life but I never question why I just except things for what they are. I find the beauty in every day in every person in every thing. I truly love people . Almost to a fault because I’ve been used and abused often. I’d much rather give then receive and want to save everything. I’m not crazy right? All the visions and voices, all the faces and just being so drawn to people. Knowing things I shouldnt. I want to know how to make it stronger. Can you help me? I feel lucky and blessed. I’ve been told I’m an empath. What do you think? . Sorry for going on so long I’m just so excited that I found this site. Thank you

    • jj
      November 15, 2015

      Shila, It is already stronger. You have a closeness with God by your love for others. I know what I’m about to say may sound silly to you, but if I hadn’t experienced the many things like you [ for instance, ghosts ] I would not tell you what I’m going to tell you. The ghosts you mention are not dead people as most think…they are demons. They cam imitate dead humans that were once alive, dead children, and even pets. They are intelligent and cunning and they are all over this earth. When Satan was fighting with God, God threw him and the fallen angels [ demons ] back down here on earth. This is in your bible…you may already know this. They hate all humans and will do and say anything to take us from God. They know God has a terrific plan for us all and they don’t like that. I am so glad your love is so strong and your attitude is so great by caring for others, other than your self. This puts you very close to God. If you need to be warned about something, or what ever it may be you need to be told, Gods angels will let you know. Being close to God will help you know the difference between good and evil…you will know.

  61. Herman Faniel
    October 17, 2015

    I have for sometime now see people’s sitting in large group around what seem to be a stage and someone is talking to these people’s and they are all dress in white robe like cloths. I at first when I started seeing this I dismissed it , but lately it have gotton more clearer and it’s napping a lost not .this have been going on do about 5 years now . only now it’s daily .

    • jj
      November 15, 2015

      Herman, if I’m not mistaken, you have been given a glimpse into Gods kingdom. The one talking to them is most likely Jesus Christ. Apparently you needed to see this, as God is letting you know, He loves you and is asking you to love him back by getting back with him. He is reaching out to you…now its up to you to reach back.

  62. tanya leverich
    October 15, 2015

    Thank you for writing this article i have always known i have a gift or sometimes a curse that most other people just don’t have.This article just described me almost to a t there were only two traits that i don’t have very nicely done .But now what do i do?well anyway thank you for taking the time very well done

  63. Anonymous
    October 1, 2015

    By The Stop

  64. gin
    September 27, 2015

    I have had visions since a young age and have always warned about danges lately I have found the man I love also has gifts my question is can those with gift find each other and comunicate without being close in the same area?

    • jj
      January 29, 2016

      gin, love can, as love is ever lasting and has power…wonderful power.

  65. Crystal Reyes
    September 26, 2015

    This has always been my own acknowledgement of my own. Even down to the addiction..!! I always tell people I do not have an addiction what so ever to anything. Not even a favorite food. And reading this has lightened me up with so much more understanding to why! I am also a depressed person since I was young. Ten years and counting. Over all I’m glad I cane across this page. Whether it’s the best info or not it suited me well enough to understand myself a bit more. Versa alwaysbbeing curious and questioning. Awesome

  66. Lynn
    September 26, 2015

    Very interesting as I have noticed some of the same. I think my husband has psychic ability but is struggling wih the meaning of it all. He says he receives messages in his head, like they are placed there and he is by far the most sensitive person I have every met. He is also extremely artistic. But like I said, he really struggles in general. Any suggestions for him?

  67. Melissa
    September 22, 2015

    Just interested in getting in contact with my parents who died so young. Help

    • jj
      September 22, 2015

      Melissa, one day you are going to see your parents again. I would love to see my son and my grandparents again, but know that to mess with anything that you think will bring them back is not good, because you may gather up something that pretends to be your parents, but is not. Be careful. Just pray and ask for comfort and you will receive it.

  68. Contessa
    September 19, 2015

    Thanks so much! I match everything you mention apart from depression. Now to where next?

  69. Christine lopez
    September 9, 2015

    I come from a long line of witches great grandmother ect…I have had dreams come true, I pick up phone before it rings , I have seen and felt spirits around me. Once we rented a house that a man shot himself. I saw his ghost the day we were moving in but am used to these things so I just blurted to my husband what I had seen then I found I could not pray I. The house so at six am I would kneel outside and pray one night a row of black big crows were sitting along my privacy fence while I had my eyes closed and prayed, they flew away as soon as I saw them. The next day my son and husband ran into house and pointing to sky there was literally a cyclone of black crows being cycloned away from my front yard. I have witnessess. Before we moved out the neighbor was curious and for the first time he told me of the man who shot himself. I stopped him and asked him not to describe the man to let me describe him and that I did. The neighbor was amazed. I have many true this game that have happened to me including two people who did me wrong ended up coming to their demise. Once I told a dog to stop biting at my ankles or he was going to die too of course jokingly and I will be damn if the dog died two days later. I feel bad for people who do me wrong because someone in heaven or spiritual realm really takes care of me. I promise I am not crazy I have witnesses to most of my stories. Please help I don’t wish bad on anyone but it happens when they try to hurt me or lie about me. They either go into financial disaster or due of natural causes.

    • Anonymous
      September 14, 2015

      Yes i agree. i also come from a long generational line of witches and a gifteted great grandmother. We have good hearts so i believe it warrants us who have the gift with protection. Karma i am a true believer of. The weird thing that is happening to me is that everybody i am friends with or see all have problems with their car. my boyfriend as well. his car starts when it wants too dies in the middle of driving. we had the car checked by many mechanics and nothing to be found. weird huh? people just need to do you right. they know right from wrong. just do the right thing people.

    • alicia
      October 5, 2015

      Crows are in the vibration of the Vail, the’ seen world & unseen.
      The are not of sides though there depicted in movies as taboo.
      There is some sort of energy flow at this residence.
      Energy can manipulate people, places & things.
      Your loving call made an unbalenced area shake & you drew attention.
      When you come across these places your placed in, your prayer should be of white light & love to protect you & the area, for the heavens will to cleance the area & gods will to device lost souls to rest.
      Good luck

  70. Anon
    September 1, 2015

    I have just stumbled across this blog after searching for answers to what i have been feeling lately. I have had 2 very close friends pass away in the last 2 years which has caused me a bit of trauma leading me to anxiety. I have only recently seen somebody about my anxiety and I have been prescribed to small doses of common anxiety medication. Since then I have been picking up on peoples emotions, having very strong feelings about things and situations and most of all i have been having very lucid dreams. I have never experienced lucid dreaming before and I am assuming it is related to my medication. However, I began getting my dreams mixed up with reality, and i still do everyday. My first ‘psychic’ episode was a couple months ago when i dreamt that the girl I work with broke up with her boyfriend- its hard to explain I don’t exactly remember these dreams i just wake up in the morning knowing I have dreamt about it then getting very confused over whether it actually happened or if I dreamt it. I went to work that day and she told me that she has broken up with her boyfriend. I said ‘yeah i know, you told me yesterday’ and she was confused because she had broken up with him the night before (meaning i had dreamt of it before she had told me). This mad me feel confused but i brushed it off assuming that she must have told me prior. The next weekend I was drunk in the line of a nightclub when i ran into my best friend who I hadn’t seen for a few weeks. We were chatting briefly then she had to leave. That night, I dreamt the exact same thing that had happened (i was in the same line, same club, saw my best friend, she had to leave etc) except, in my dream I had asked her if she had done the drug ice (i don’t know why i asked her this), she got offended and said no. When i awoke, i didn’t realise i had dreamt this. I thought it had happened and that i had asked my friend that when i was drunk. I then called her and apologised and she was confused and a bit freaked out because i never asked her this. The scary thing is that she went on to tell me that THAT NIGHT she did the drug ice (she has never done this before- very out of character) and it was THAT NIGHT that i had the ‘dream’. So again, i had the dream the same night what i dreamt about occurred..
    I have had many many instances since such as last week dreaming i was in an art gallery and there was a painting of me, then the next day my friend and I ended up accidentally walking into an art gallery and the lady asked if she could take a picture (of my friend) and paint her. -not the exact same but still creepy. especially considering this has been happening to me almost every night.
    If anyone has had any experiences like mine or have any idea what i might be experiencing please let me know in comments!

    • jj
      September 1, 2015

      My first question is, do you drink a lot or do drugs often? I’m going to tell you as I did the last person I talked to on here, that many on here don’t like what I say, but I too have had many, many experiences for the past 60 years and have learned much about what I’m going to tell you. You don’t have to believe me, that’s up to you. Drinking too much [ being drunk ] or taking drugs opens your mind up to evil [ demons ] and these demons know exactly what you have been going through at the lose of your friends and they will use that to confuse you in any way they can, even through dreams. Why would they do that? Because they hate you, me, and the human race because they know God has a plan for all of us and they know they are soon going to be put away and never be able to even see Gods kingdom. Right now, they are out like lions trying to devour anyone they can. The best way you can stop these dreams and know what is real and not real is to have God on your side. He loves you and will help you. He helped me many years ago when a powerful demon tried to do me in. They still try to work on me, but I stay as close to God as possible. I could go on and on about this subject as I have studied it, experienced it and have tried to help others with it. Just remember one thing…God is love and that love does not try to confuse anyone.

      • Lorraine
        September 17, 2015

        Wow So True! Can You Tell me What You Think About This This Happened When I Was Like 4 (i am 14 currently) So Here Is What Happened I Was Able To See Things In Peoples Eyes And Animals Eyes Too Thier Intrests Thier Thoughts And Sometimes Visions Of Thier past. People Said I Was Crazy. So i Stopped Doing It For Years. Then Soon I relised (about 2 years ago) That I Actully COULD See The Truth In Ones Eyes. I Think of It As Looking Through The Eyes Of Jeasus But The Weird Thing Is That I Had Alot Of The Same Situations And Answers Of The Physic Survey (didnt pay to do it viewed results majorety was same as mine) So What Do You Think Of This? I Screw Up Electronics Just By Being Near Them The Evidence Of That is At My School Last Year Everyday My Social Studies Teacher Tried To Use Apple Tv And It Didnt Work He Said Something Like Well Thats Weird It Worked For All The Other Classes Over And Over Again Each Day He Tried The Same Results And i Love Animals And Used To Be Depressed Alot (am happier now) But Does This Mean i Am Physic?

        • jj
          September 17, 2015

          Lorriane, I have seen on TV some people that have this problem with being able to cause electronic problems or electricity problems. I don’t think this is a physic situation, but a possible physical problem. Something in their body may be powerful enough that they have more of a magnetic problem. On the other situation, God said there were mysteries that we don’t know about yet and by such I feel there is a possible connection with God and one of his mysteries…such as being physic. In other words some of us have a touch of what is coming for all of us. This is why its so important that we use these type of abilities with wisdom…because we don’t live in Gods world right now, but Satans [ John 12: 31 ]. And Satan works in high places [ Ephesians 6:12 and Ephesians 2:2 ].There is another scripture that says [ Deuteronomy 18: 10-11 ] we are not to mess with paranormal doings as this comes from Satan. This is why I don’t pursue my abilities, but they are there, of which I cannot help, so If anything happens, I first ask God if this is of him or of Satan? Sometimes God will warn us or let us know by dreams or through another if He wants us to pay attention to what He’s trying to tell us,but Satan hopes we won’t ask God for any kind of guidance and just do what he wants us to do…be un-cautious and not call on God. Yes, its very possible you are physic and you apparently like the idea of helping animals, but love will do that. Be very careful as you are 14 and could easily get carried away with this because it seems so exciting. Always seek God in this situation, Lorraine.

          • Malta
            November 11, 2015

            This is interesting JJ. I’m one of those people, but only when I’m super full of anxiety, fear and stress. I have decided that whenever I’m in this state to stay away from electronics because I’ve caused weird problems with my computer, busted a girls computer I was borrowing while stressing about something that was happening to one of my brothers, I’ve been stressed and had a watch just stop working. And the list goes on. A friend of mine has joked that I need to stay away from his camera when I’m mad. This isn’t cool. I don’t want this. Electronics are expensive and I don’t want to have to buy more. My curling iron stopped working when I was bawling my eyes out over an ex boyfriend! So now I stop, meditate for a few minutes and deep breath. And trust me, I’m not doing any fast movements or yanking anything.

            This is all so enlightening. And btw… I also will not touch any kind of hallucinogens or even drugs and alcohol because I feel too floaty. not connected to this world. I want to have my feet on the ground and I do. Thanks for all your words.

            • jj
              November 12, 2015

              Malta, thank you.

            • Ron Lentjes
              November 29, 2017

              Break electronic stuff? Well that’s actually not uncommon. I have been into electronics as a hobby ever since about 5. (I know you are talking about just electrical/electronic commercial things)

              I used to break incandescent light bulbs or tubes (you know, before the transistors).
              But I didn’t understand, because it is very hard to break those things accidentally electronics wise.

              But it does make sense. For whatever reason, high energy people are a real pain around sensitive electronic devices anyway. So for whatever reason I was just breaking them in some manner. It was not normal glass or anything only evacuated tubes and light bulbs!

              It’s easier to believe something odd when you experienced it yourself. If you are a high energy person already and then you get angry and frustrated and vented up and can’t find a way to vent your frustration and deal with it, then it will blow out as an energy ball (but not as you might think as directly from you to something on a straight line). It seems as though it skips through space to a target and wammo, there does the light bulb!

              It is still strange to me. Even though I understand electronics and physics. It’s kind of like a scalar wave intrusion – which is what psychic energy seems to be like anyway. So can’t really apply normal science to it. Have to combine a bit of everything to get an idea of what is going on.

              Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

      • marianason1
        November 18, 2015

        Wow. This was the answer I needed and was looking for. I don’t do drugs or drink anymore because this is what was happening to me. It got to the point where I couldn’t even have one drink because as soon as I would feel a buzz, my psychic abilities would open up and I would sense people on the other side trying to give messages and even if they seemed like good messages, they were from the wrong source. In the last few years, I have really come close to God and in my faith, to the point where I don’t even watch or listen to secular tv or radio, only Chrisitan tv/radio and as I thought my abilities would get better with Christ, instead, I was feeling like God doesn’t want me to go that route and so I was questioning whether it was a gift, all in my head but now I realize for sure it was demons trying to attack and using the best way they could, when I was “altered”. Dam. Lol. I’m glad I found this page and it confirmed what I kinda already knew. I’m so glad there is a God thank you!

        • jj
          November 18, 2015

          You’re so welcome, Marianason.

  71. confused and scared
    August 24, 2015

    I’m unsure if I have these abilities. I sometimes have anxiety at night when trying to sleep out of no where. It’s hard to explain but I can see people, in my head, I can see faces. It’s sounds weird and even freaks me out. It takes me anywhere from an hour to actually fall asleep, sometimes I can’t sleep at all and will toss and turn all night. I’m afraid that I’m nuts and my anxiety comes and goes. how do I connect without being so afraid!?

    • jj
      August 24, 2015

      Well, you’re not nuts. There is a lot going on in this world right now and many are experiencing odd things. Just look at this page and you’ll see many different scenarios. Many on here hate for me to say this, but I’m going to say it anyway…again. If you have ever read the bible or had been taught some about it, you will remember where [ in the old testament ] Satan fought with God and many of his demons too. God threw them back down here on earth and they are still here [ so are good angels ]. Satan is powerful and so are his demons and Satan hates God and us. He’s going to pull everything he can out of the hat to destroy us…even if that means to confuseust and cause us to fear. Apparently he is working on you for reasons only he may know. You may be more special think you realize. You need to pray and ask God to help you deal with what is going on. I ask him all the time. And He does help me. Second, get yourself some natural sleep aids to help you sleep and St. Johns Wort is very good for your nerves.

    • jj
      August 24, 2015

      Oh, PS, confused and scared…If you are taking any kind of medical anxiety pill from your doctor, don’t take St Johns wort as they don’t mesh well together and could cause harm.

  72. wildboy
    August 21, 2015

    Let GOD guide u 1st of all

  73. wildboy
    August 21, 2015

    Learn 2 trust ur gift…even when everyone around disbelieves…only then can u b aware of urself n others around u…living n those who have crossed over.

    Hopes this helps u.

  74. wildboy
    August 21, 2015

    Stop lookn 4 books 2 tell u wat u already know…that is the true ability of having this gift. Just open up 2 it n it will guide u n it will do the rest…even if ur not expecting it 2.

  75. Anonymous
    August 9, 2015

    I have most of the traits listed above. I am pretty sensitive and I don’t always like it. I think that it is cool being psychic but I have learned in the past few months that it is a lot of work and dedication. But since I’m only 11 I can’t get really any help because I’m underage or some other age related reason. I am always trying to get books that will help me but since I am so young most resources and unavailable to me. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do? I have a psychic journal and am recording experiences I have and have gotten my hands on a few good books.

    • jj
      August 10, 2015

      Anonymous,when I was young like you, I too had things happen and never told anyone until I got a lot older. I know being psychic can be exciting, but also dangerous. You have to have a lot of wisdom with this situation. Myself, I stay close to God and when things happen I ask for God to help me deal with it…letting me know if this is of Him or something else that is evil. Many cannot help being psychic, but they can be super careful and stick with God.

    • Anonymous
      September 19, 2015

      I too have found myself as being a psychic ‚ I am only twelve and also have a restricted amount of materials. I am afraid to tell people because they would probably think I’m crazy and I am rather shy. If anyone can help please do. It is scary when you are expected to act normal when my pet is upset and
      when in public I often feel peoples pain.

  76. Alisha
    August 7, 2015

    Looking at this page i do mostly have the listed traits. I sometimes get images or scenes of things that happen either in the far or near future, it could be something as simple as a conversation or it could be an event. I remember the images and when it comes to the day it accurs and the scene is played out i feel dazed and faint. As a 12 year old i’m not sure what to think, I can’t relate to the bible or any of my relatives. If i could get some guidance I would be appreciative. Ithis affects anything my family believes i may be an insomniac due to my difficulty getting to sleep and constantly waking up feeling faint.

  77. jj
    August 3, 2015

    Hi, Caroline. The only thing I see here is your sad only with time because one day you will die…as all of us will. But, it will be like walking through a door. There is a resurrection coming and you will come up out of your grave and be able to live during the 1000 year period. After that, something surprising is going to happen and it will depend on you. It will make you more than happy. Take care.

  78. Anonymous
    August 3, 2015

    Very helpful. Thanks so much for doing this!

  79. Sandra Fifer
    June 10, 2015

    I’m enjoying your articles very much! I’m an asensitive and I can relate,but at 74 I’m still trying to U stand it. (-;

    • craigweiler
      June 10, 2015

      Thank you. 😀

  80. Allison Weiler
    June 8, 2015

    I only looked at this article because I’m a Weiler and I’ve been experiencing strange dreams when I stay the night at a friend’s house. Some dreams fill in the blanks to an old event, others tell a story symbolically, and lately they’ve been full on premonition. I also have narcolepsy so my dreams are very lucid. I have them when I’m conscious but I have a blank recollection of time. My last dream was a midday nap. The beginning of the dream had a Hispanic girl and black make I had never seen, very happy celebrating a pregnancy. The girl who lived in the house was then in my line of sight moping on a chair. I looked dead into her eyes and said, “it’s a boy,” she replied by telling me she had guy problems. I said “no! Ashly the baby is a boy!” She told me she wasn’t pregnant then I woke up. 5 minutes later Ashly came home and I told her off my dream. She tested pregnant the next day but the hospital told her she was too early to test positive because the baby didn’t even have a yolk sack or heartbeat yet. Come to find out, Ashly also has a Hispanic best friend with a black boyfriend who’s two months along and very excited to be having a baby at the same time as Ashly. Everything in this article is true to my personality, except I don’t drink. I love vicodin, but not addicted at all. I’m totally sober always. My only addiction is cigarettes. I’m very sensitive about love and obsessive about being a perfect mate. I drive men away because I predict them loving me. They put up with me longer than they would if I were any other girl…. but eventually I seem psycho and they disappear…. yet, one guy in particular shows back up randomly. He’s my Mr perfect. We have a “Cary/Mr Big” type relationship. He’s a cancer, I’m a Pisces. When we hang out it’s like er know each other for ages, but we usually have sex, initiated by me, which is weird because I try not to be so slutty. He ignores me in between booty calls, we’re not friends, but we spend hours together when he comes around. I think he’s “the one” so I’ve become obsessive and he blocked me. It makes me seem psycho but this is nothing like I’ve experienced before. When we talk, I tell him things about himself he doesn’t tell anyone. As a cancer he’s very shut off, but I read him and he’s impressed… then he’s gone. The first time he disappeared was for ten years… then he contacted ME. This isn’t a booty call. When I get upset about him ignoring me, he makes it so melodramatic, this doesn’t suit his personality or him claiming not to love me… I’m very confused about everything. The premonition, my love life, fears of places that end up on the news as the place something bad happened. Random crap. How do I fine tune this power if it’s real and if it’s not hire do I become less crazy?

  81. Sarah Jane (:
    May 28, 2015

    Heyyyyy to everyone

    Howdy Strangers haha i can relate to this unbelievably so very much. Its painful when people pick on you for being so sensitive! I dont pity myself i always stand MY GROUND you know whats the saddest thing is when its someone you love dearly and because of it i get badly abused by my partner he doesnt get me and how i just want to make a huge difference in the world. I get taken for granted by people LITERALLY IGNORED and treated like small SHIT on the floor.
    Excuse my french hehe its just nice to see someone explaining and discussing this THANK YOU i am not ashamed being sensitive is meaning youve got a huge HUGEE HEART dont let anyone tell you otherwise stay strong stay beautiful.. i had to say this i just well you never know what people go through i feel for people and can always understand and empathize thats why its good your not WEAK your strong the best strength is spirtually and then come the others spirtual strength you can go through so much but still be the one left standing you know why coz LOVE DOES HEAL WOUNDS be kind dont hurt others (: in any way shape or form xoxox lots of love to everyone ALWAYS SMILE
    I love how you mention they are great the best artists thats my dream to change the world through music on a whole different level im using my apparently so called sensitive behaviour that i have been bullied about with those around me and my partners family they just laugh and mock me. You know what keeps me going my FAITH IN GOD that he will takr revenge dont no eye for an eye just let people go when they bully you trust me people or even you might think your weak NOOOO your not your worth it and being sensitive is a PLUS ok sometimes in life it can lead to different things but truly dont be ashamed xx LOVE from me to you all God bless.

    Once again thanks to the person who has written this its beautiful

  82. joe
    April 16, 2015

    What an interesting writing. After reading your writing,I come to think myself if my dream coincidently tell me something. Manytimes i tell myself its a coincidence I will give the latest example. As many of dreams told me something over my lifehood. I am now 36 years old.

    My father passed away last year in 28 Sept 2014. What a big shock he’s dead in sudden,still looked fine,shared food with my mother and suddenly he was collapse for brain damaged. Two weeks before his death,I got a dream,I suddenly went home(I live in Melbourne and my parent overseas). When I was in my parent’s home,I questioned my self why I got home?I saw many people in the house. I was wondering what happened.

    In April 2015, 5 months before my father’s died,I managed a sudden visit together with my two kids. Now I am wondering what drive me to get home and left all my routine in Melbourne only to visit my father. He was fine at that time.The reason I got home only to see him,nothing else. How did I know it would be the last time to be with him,had lunch with his favourite food,spent good time with him?. Who had asked me to get home? The answer is no one asked me to get home at that time. Flying ten hours,with kids was expensive,but I made it for one reason,to visit him. In fact, I had visited him a year before,so its not urgent to visit him another year but I still made it.

    Last yeaŕ I was in relationships with a man,but then we broke up for some reasons. I did not remember how long before we broke up,I think weeks before, I got a dream, a tall man,very romantic,caring,loving hugging me. I looked at his face,I thought,this is not my current man,and I asked my self(still in the dream) why other man hug me? I liked the way he treated me like a queen. And now,in the reality,only two week after I broke up,I met a tall man, exactly very caring,loving,romantic one who then becomes my man. Is it coincidence? It becomes real.

    Normally when my relative or family passed away,I got a dream weeks or month before it. I got a dream that I saw many people in my grandma’s house, she then passed away. I got a relative which was close relationships to me and my mother,I saw crowded around where it happened.

    • jj
      April 17, 2015

      Joe, What happened to you I feel was a good thing, something that God knew you needed…a good-bye to your father. I too had dreamed about my grandfathers death before he died and later was shown a good-bye from him. God knew I loved him very much and was having a hard time letting go. THis I feel was a blessing for you. And it could well be, the tall man may also be your blessing.

  83. Jessica
    April 15, 2015

    Just came across this link from another site in search of some answers. All my life I have just naturally been a sensitive person. Though I started having strange things happen to me when I was a little, I didn’t realize that something odd might be going on. But I’m 18 now and am starting to question myself and my possible psychic nature. For the most part my strange experiences come from dreams. One particular I had recurring for a couple years was of my mother’s mother. By the time I started having the dream, my grandmother had passed away. In the dream she was sitting in a large throne-like chair with a light shining upon her from above. She held her hand out to me as if to invite me on her journey to the afterlife. i later found out my cousin, who I have I always been very close with, was having the exact same dream. Aside from dreams, I have also seen and felt presences. When I was about 10, me and my sister got our own kitten. Once grown the cat had run away and we later discovered her remains in the woods. However a couple nights later I could have sworn I saw our cat scampering down the hall to my sister’s room as it would have been routine had she still been alive. For a long time after those incidents nothing happened. Until I was about 16 anyways. I was into puberty and i began having strange dreams again. One of the more memorable dreams was of my own funeral. In the dream I was wearing white, which usually means “duh wedding!”. But I knew that’s not what this was. Everyone around me was crying and nobody would respond to or even notice I was in the room. At the end of the service I met a man of medium height and a slight beer belly. The man hugged me and said “I’m sorry I never got to meet you”. After I woke from the dream the next day I described the man to my mother and she showed me a picture of the man from my dream. Her father, my grand father, who had lost to esophagus cancer before I was born. My other dream was a kind of odd one. In the dream me and some of my cousins had been teleported to a strange house on another planet. I prefer not to question alien thing, it’s a dream and I’m an open minded person. The next day I thought nothing of the dream until I was passing the time with my sister. We were just goofing around on Google earth. She had went to Sydney Australia and was going on about each of the houses by the beach. Then she stopped on a certain house and that’s when I remembered my dream. The house on Google earth was the exact same house from my dream the night before. I have also had nights, not where i had more strange dreams, but where i remember feeling a presence over my body and have jolted awake. I have also awoke in the middle of the night with scratches or aches I can’t explain. Along with these oddities, I recently had an instance where I had been focusing on a an object. I wasn’t even aware of it but I was focusing on one of my mom’s shoes which was lying up-right on the floor. After maybe 30 seconds the shoe turned on its side. Along with my series of officially freaky events, I also have a bit of family history family history. Though it was not spoken of often, my mother’s grandmother was said to have a gift. There was supposedly a time where she was visiting my grandma’s house when my mom was a kid. During this visit she levitated the dining room table. She was also known for being able to tell you the gender of your baby in the womb, and also knowing when a family member had passed. Of course being a strictly Catholic man, my grandfather would deny any such activities took place in his house and denied my great grandmother’s abilities. Now I’m not claiming to be in possession of such abilities, but I have always felt very in touch with my spirituality and believe I may possibly hold similar gifts to those of my great grandmother. Any Advice of thoughts would be wonderful as I’m just really sort of freaked out yet also excited at the same time.

    • jj
      April 15, 2015

      Jessica, all I can say is wow. So much of what you have said, sounds a lot like many of the same things that happened to me as a kid and a teen. When my grandfather died, i too had a dream or you might call it a vision where I walked into a huge cave like room and a light had shown down on this huge rock. On the rock sat my grandfather. He motioned for me to come over and sit beside him. He told me he was alright, looked at me and smiled, then hit my leg like he used to do kidding around when we were in his car driving into town. That, Jessica was an angel that allowed me to say good-bye and after words I was alright, knowing granddaddy was okay.
      The thing with the kitten…there are some things we cannot fully explain. I know about angels and demons, but as God has said, there are mysteries we do not know, but later will. Others that I know have seen that same thing before. One lady’s cat wasn’t dead and was in another room and when she went out, she looked over at a chair and there sat the same cat that was in a different room. There is a name for this, but can’t remember. It can either be one of Gods mysteries or a demon.
      The part your talking about scratches and feeling as if something was over you…that is a demon. they will scratch and not only hover over you, but lay on you. They have never scratched me , but have hovered over me.
      When an angel does something good for some reason, he doesn’t bring about a possible funeral into ones dreams, then have a grandfather hug them. Angels bring comfort right away, or warnings, etc. Just remember, demons can put dreams into your mind and they know all those that have died and can imitative them, look like then, even talk like them. Just remember, Jessica, Satan hates you and anyone that wants to love and get close to God, so they are working on you right now. Now, that does not say, that you don’t have psychic abilities, you do and it can run in families. It does mine. Being a Christian and being close to God is what will help you see the lies from the truth.
      With your mom’s shoe, there may be a possibility that you can move things with your mind. This can happen to some teens, but usually goes away later on.
      The best advice I can give you, is to stay close to God and He will stay close to you…that is your protection.

      • Jessica
        April 16, 2015


        I appreciate your feedback, but I must disagree. I don’t mean to offend you or your religion, but I do not believe God can protect me. I believe there may be a God or some supreme power, but I won’t worship that power in church. I worship it in nature. I respect this life because ultimately it’s the only one we need to worry about for the time being. As for the demons thing, I believe there is good and bad. I also believe there may be creatures out there of a truly evil nature. And I believe that is what tries to agitate me from time to time. And as for my dreams. I believe they are the spirits of my passed family being there for me when I need it most, in the best way they can. And I do not believe the Cat was a demon. I believe spirits or the energy of certain people or animals may get left behind. I truly don’t mean to offend your religion, but your loving God is no comfort to me. I believe as long as I stay true to my own values, stay mentally as well as physically strong, and I respect the universe we live in, I will remain unharmed by evil forces. And I’d appreciate it if Christianity was kept out of it.


        • jj
          April 16, 2015

          Jessica, I wasn’t try to offend you either and I realize your apparently into Wicca. Thanks for writing back. Take care of yourself.

  84. Yanet
    April 14, 2015

    Yes. Pain as a child couldn’t feel pain. I think I blocked it. All related characteristics.

  85. Violette
    April 10, 2015

    Hello everyone. The vast amounts of negative comments are a wee bit disconcerting but I honestly need to know if anyone else is experiencing the same things I am. I’ve been able to knows things that were going to happen long before they do. It started when I was five and I told my kindergarten teacher (a good family friend) that my grandma had died in a hospital. She punished me for telling such terrible lies but I honestly believed it was the truth so I was confused. My great grandma died of cancer a couple weeks later. Little by little, I stopped telling other people about the things I saw. Everything from lines in shows I’ve never seen to conversations that have never happened to even accidents. My dad told me that its hereditary because he can do it and so can my aunt. Does anyone else experience these same things?

    • Brandie
      April 11, 2015

      Hey Violette,

      That’s sounds like a gift that’s passed down through generations. I’m glad you had a parent that acknowledged your experiences. It’s far easier to admit to having them when someone is willing to listen, and be sympathetic. I always felt I gained my abilities from my mother, but neither of my parents were around to really compare.
      So I had to wing it. People tend to shut you down when you tell them thinks out of the blue…they don’t really appreciate the info much. Especially when it’s warning them about something.

      I was raised by a really religious grandparent, and any attempt to approach the subject of my “experiences” was met w/ disdain, and anger. They weren’t suppose to be mentioned. Then, she began making remarks calling me “devilish” when I had physical symptoms of my abilities. Anything that strayed from her interpretation of the scripture was threatening. I was viewed as the “other”. Ironically, one wouldn’t associate anything bad w/ my grandmother. She seemed to be the sweetest, most nicest lady around, but I swear she was bi-polar. I don’t mind the Bible, but I don’t want anyone shoving it down my throat.

      I experience telepathy, visions, shadow people, sometimes I could see spirits…mostly faeries, and the dead sometimes, but they were harder to pin down. I mostly experienced non-human spirits…physically I learned I was really empathic, and that my eyes would change colors when I was younger. Like they turn dark blue, and a gun metal violet once. I had to tell my family they were contacts…most of my experiences are subtle, but when they occur around other people it’s kinda difficult to be nonchalant…especially when a spirit wants your attention. (the not so subtle kind) On an end note… it took me a really longtime to accept myself, and my experiences. I felt like I was cursed. I don’t really have anyone to turn to discuss these things. My brother listens to me sometimes, but when it gets too weird, or past his comfort level he closes down. I don’t blame him. I unnerve him sometimes. He’s pretty skeptical though…

      He wonders why they’ve never experienced anything and I just shrug my shoulders. I’m like entities do pop up time to time, but you never see them. Then his other argument is like you look fine. I don’t hear you screaming or running for your life…I just give him a baleful glare. Like what am I suppose to do raise an alarm every time something paranormal happens? If you really deal w/ spirits, then you know better. Some of them are just around for shit and giggles. Others are fishing to see if you can actually see them, and they mean business. That’s a situation that’ll never end well. It seems they were much more interactive in my youth and teens. Personal boundaries wasn’t something they cared for…I learned they have their own personalities and some are kind, cruel, mischievous, snarky, and etc…but ultimately I’d never understand any of them, their ways, or state of minds even if I lived to be 120. The only symptom of my contact w/ them is that my nerves are shot to shit.
      Seriously…I hide the fact that I can’t keep my hands from shaking sometimes.
      Plus, I’m really anxious. Over the years it’s taken a toll on my nervous system.
      Dealing w/ the otherworld isn’t for the faint of heart, but I’ve always had to deal.
      I had no choice. So when something drastic or really physical occurred, I swallowed my fears, worries, and reactions. I learned to stop reacting in a manner that would draw attention to myself. In short I became passive, but hyper aware. Keeping pets helps and being light hearted. I use to be serious all the time, but now at days I can laugh some of them off.

      Have you or anyone ever experienced energy drains w/ events, or excessive lethargy?

      Anyway, good day! Sorry about the length…

  86. Mark Hardstaff
    April 3, 2015

    jj, you need to be on a “Psychiatry” website, not here.
    Your belief in a book that is fiction has you believe things that are not real.
    Look at what is happening around the world?? Even in the past 24 hours people were targeted because of religion and killed.
    i have had convesatuons with the “other side” I have been seeing “ghosts” since I was young.
    You need a reality check.
    I’ve grown tired of your posts about demons and the devil, and are stopping the emails I receive from this site, as your are just ridiculous.

    • jj
      April 3, 2015

      Mark, have you at all read or studied the bible? If you had, you would see where Christ has mentioned the very things I have been talking about…and yes, they are dangerous and you have to be close to God to be able to fight them, especially those that have abilities that others don’t. Why do you think things are happening in our world right now? Do you think its because we are doing everything right? No, its because we are not doing what God has asked us to do…obey his 10 Commandments. We have sinned and we need to get back with God, otherwise we are going to see more and extreme things going on, not only in the world, but our own country. You don’t have to believe me, Mark, that’s up to you.
      I am on this site for one purpose…to help people like me that has had a tough time with their abilities bacause of the interference of evil. Many don’t realize this and I have encountered it all my life [ about 60 years of it ] and have had some very scary experiences because of it, but have learned what to do now. Believe it or not, I have experienced both worlds…the good and bad. And I’ll tell you this, Gods world is a lot better than Satan’s, because God is filled with love, not hate.
      You do not have to read my stuff if you don’t want to, that’s fine with me. I have no problem with that.

      • Terra
        April 8, 2015

        I need your help do not know what to do

        • jj
          April 8, 2015

          Terra, I’m not sure if you wanted to talk to me or someone else as there is no name. I’ll be glad to talk to you if you want me too. Let me know.

      • Mark Hardstaff
        April 11, 2015

        You are an idoit. Remove yourself from this site. Religion has no place here.

        Your site is very helpful to people in the early stages of an awakening, such as I was.
        But you need to remove people who are religious and have no idea of reality.
        This “jj” who keeps talking about demons and the devil is a true idiot.
        You need to remove this person from this site.
        I don’t read anything this idiot writes. I’m a medium.
        I know the bible is total fiction.
        Religion is fear based.
        Why? To make people believe what is not real.
        Religion around the word is a money making load of lies.
        jj. You are a fool

        • craigweiler
          April 11, 2015

          Hi Mark,
          I’m not religious either and I don’t take to the idea of demons and devils any more than you do. However if jj wishes to frame his/her experiences around religious ideology, I’m ok with that. There may be others on this site who also frame their experiences in a similar manner and perhaps they can help each other.

          I think that the vast majority of readers will see those comments as “out there” and won’t find them particularly helpful or informative. They’re just comments and they are not deliberately provoking or offensive; they come from someone who is genuinely trying to help in the way that they know how.

          So please, when you see them, just keep going because there is no need to be confrontational. Trust that other readers have good judgment and let jj do his/her thing without being trolled.


          • Allan
            August 16, 2017

            I agree. Remove this religious JJ nut off of here. (S)he is confusing already sensitive people with misinformation. You can tell she’s been religiously brainwashed. She jumps onto every comment and sways the conversation with close-minded religious dogma. It’s not healthy for this discussion, and you’re being too lenient and her comments remaining on here might mislead those who aren’t more discerning.

            • craigweiler
              August 16, 2017

              Just ignore those comments and move on. I don’t go for the super religious stuff either and I find jj’s comments annoying as well, but they are well meaning, (if somewhat misguided in my opinion) so they stay.

              My job is to delete the hostile nasty comments that show up.

        • jj
          April 11, 2015

          Mark, what in the world are you fearful of? How am I going to hurt you in anyway by what I say? I’m not out to hurt you or anyone on this site…complete opposite, I’m trying to help. You don’t need to listen to me, but I have learned much of both worlds and know the bible is truth. I’m psychic, but know through many experiences if one has such abilities, one has to be cautious with those abilities because there is true evil out there. You have the right to believe what ever you want, as well as I do. I am not on this site to push religion down anyone’s throat, I’m here because I’ve learned things and hope I can help out a little for some one else that may be having troubles they don’t understand as I did years ago.

          There’s not much more I can say to you. I hope one day you will understand what I’m talking about. There is just one more thing I want to leave you with…you are one of Gods children and He loves you very much. Never forget that, Mark. Good-bye.

          • Jesse
            April 15, 2015

            Hey jj, I am a born again christian, sealed with spirit and bought with the blood of jesus, But i do have abilities and it has confused me but the only way i can explain it is that it once was mabye of the wrong spirit and now that i am saved the bible describes gifts of the spirit of God like dicerning of spirits and prophecy Both i have, So what have you done to help your confusion If you could please respond to me it would help alot , Thank you!

            • jj
              April 15, 2015

              Jesse, I to am a Christian and too have abilities…brought about through my family. A long time ago, I had a bad experience with a demon and a couple of weeks afterwards God stepped into my life and He helped me. I have studied and researched the bible for 45 years and have learned much and by such have gotten close to God and He is my strength and my hope. When something happens that’s not so good, I pray about it and ask for Gods help and He comes through for me. He loves us Jesse and is always there when we need him.
              You were talking about gifts of spirit…God said that in the end times [ of which we are in now ] old men will have dreams and young will have visions. With God this is possible and I feel some are already having them. You may be one of them. Stay close to God, Jesse and you will know the truth from the lies.

    • Melissa
      April 12, 2015

      Hello all!

      I’d just like to say that jj (sorry, I NOW know its not your fault). Used to really get on my nerves to. I would get all upset every time he’d post about Angels and Demons. I mean, I’d really get upset and every time I wanted to go off like Mark has. Then, one day I realized it was my beliefs that were truly bothering me. I did not know whether I believed in Angels and demons or not! I have seen them but I’ve also seen clowns and witches that were just archetypes I was denying in myself. Some of us are beginners and we need to be gentle with ourselves and each other as we explore and learn who we really are. I’d also like to say that many of us (myself included). May be highly opinionated (maybe even wrongly opininionated) and rejecting that quality in ourselves and projecting it on jj. It’s irratating when we are so strongly attached to our false beliefs that others (possibly false) beliefs are causing such an intense reaction in us. Maybe our subconscious is saying some of our beliefs need attention! I’d like to say I’m not the slightest bit concerned with what jj says anymore. I just skip over it if I’m not in the mood. We are here, on this list, waiting to be of service to those who’s beliefs are in question. We should strive to make sure we are moral and ethical in our belief distribution. Look at these mirrors and then look at ourselves. We must change ourselves if we wish to affect change in the world.
      I’m learning about projection from the book
      The Dark side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

  87. Clay
    April 2, 2015

    Hi everyone, I’ve read a lot of your comments and found comfort in the fact that so many of you relate to what I’ve been experiencing myself. I’m 25 and have always had psychic ‘gifts’, but I’ve only recently began to view them as a ‘gift’….

    I’m extremely inexperienced with my abilities, that is to say, I don’t really have control over them. I have precognitive dreams, and can sense/speak with spirits. I can hear voices, and have seen things as well.

    I agree with a lot of what people have posted, that my abilities have seemed to gotten much stronger and more frequent with age. I would only experience things once every few years, and am now having ‘moments’ almost weekly.

    I’ve never really ‘practiced’ my gift, I was mostly afraid of it up until last year. (I’m still a little frightened by it, but I find that the more I learn, the more things seem to work in my favor instead, so I’m doing better I suppose.)

    I also hit all the marks on the ‘characteristics’ list, and actually found my way here by looking up “Things Every Psychic Person Should know”… In the past few months I’ve found myself encountering a few ‘negative’ energies, and am lucky enough that I have two friends who helped me deal with the issues. (One is a psychic ‘Kitchen Witch’, the other a young druid.)

    I’m trying to learn more about how to protect myself from psychic attacks as it seems I’m extremely vulnerable to energy, and though I’ve been practicing meditation and asking my ‘guides and angels’ for help/guidance/protection, I’ve still come into ‘contact’ with some energies that have tried to cause me harm.

    I seem to always ‘stumble’ into these things, and am trying to learn how to ‘negate’ or ‘remove’ them myself… My most recent experience was encountering a pendulum… I had always believed them to be a tool for good, but realized only after touching it that it was not the case. (I had found it at my job, and had thought it was ‘cool’ until I touched it and moments later saw a black shadow blanket itself around me for a second, and the ‘weight’ it placed on me caused me to panic.)

    Anyway, I guess I’m curious if anyone has a tips for someone who trying to learn to shield themselves from these kinds of things… or maybe if anyone has tips on things I shouldn’t ever touch without knowing who they belonged to.

    Sorry for the wall of text, but thanks for listening to me. If anyone else is going through the ‘motions’ of this and wants to talk I’m adding my ‘non-professional’ e-mail as a contact. I’ll also be checking back up here for the next few weeks in the hopes of getting a little guidance.

    Again, thanks for your time. ^_^

    • jj
      April 2, 2015

      Clay, be very careful as to how you deal with this,as there is more to it than you realize. I’vebeen dealing with it since I was a child and still have too. I know how exciting it can be to find out your psychic, knowing you have something others may not, but it can be dangerous for you, as we don’t live in Gods world, but Satan’s right now…you can find this truth in your bible. Satan and his demons are very smart and can do many things. Right now they are out in droves hurting all those that love God. Many on here don’t want to believe that, but its very true. As I have tried to tell others, ask yourself when something happens…is this of God or satan. I can explain much to you, but you are the one that has to ask.

      • Clay
        April 2, 2015

        I do have a strong sense of faith, though I respect that not everyone feels the same. I’m usually worried about everything when something happens and look at most things through the ‘is this a horror movie?’ mind set.

        I’ve been reading a lot and read how it seems the last episode I’ve been through was what is viewed as having something try and possess you. It’s rather upsetting, but I did do the whole ‘washing with sea salt’ and asking for protection for mind, body, soul from the ‘white light of protection of the highest source’.

        I’m just tired of living afraid of my abilities and going around ‘clueless’ doesn’t seem to be working for me, as this last event has proven.

        I believe in good and evil, it’s hard not to when you can see things, and feel things. I really want to just know how to shield myself better for now. I have really strong intuition that I’ve always listened to. (Sometimes a voice, or just that feeling of ‘Truth’), However on the chance I ‘Run’ into something, I want to know how to better handle it.

        Thanks for your speedy reply JJ.

        • jj
          April 2, 2015

          Clay, I agree with you, its hard to relate to having abilities and not knowing what to do because of fear…not knowing which way to go with them.I’ve had that same problem, but have learned some things that may help you. Our greatest gift is knowing there is a God that loves us and knows what we’re going through. Most people like us didn’t ask for these abilities, but once we have them, we need to realize they are quit a responsability and we need to be sure that when things happen, they are for the right reason and not for the purpose of evil or to hurt another. God does all things out of love…be it to warn someone about coming danger to saving a life, etc, but Satan is opposite and will lie to convince someone that he is God and will try things to confuse people by doing something good or heroic…anything to get them to think it is God and then try to gain their mind. To keep this from happening, we have to stay close to God and always ask him if what happens, a dream or a vision, or seeing something in the future, etc is of him or satan. Some how, some way, God will let you know, perhaps by an angel. If you sense danger or feel sick or have a gut feeling that what you maybe receiving doesn’t seem right…immediatly say out loud or in your own mind,”In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you,” The demon should leave right then, but if it doesn’t, say it again with more power. There are some demons stronger than others, then you have to fast and pray for it to leave. THese things you need to know and understand because the time is near where [ the bible says this ] men will dream dreams and young people will have visions. I have no doubt this will be some how connected to God, but we still have to be careful, even with this, so we will know what is true and what is not.
          The closer you are to God, the more you will know what to do and how to do it.

  88. Annabeth
    March 26, 2015

    I’m so glad I found this, because it helped me to realize I’m not alone. For the longest time I couldn’t understand and HATED my abilities and I considered them a curse. To the point that I had convinced myself that I was bat poop crazy. Referring to the few opening paragraphs forget those people who dissed your info. You keep this going lots of people like reading it.

  89. sissa
    March 26, 2015

    my problem is that i dont understand so much and dont get y im so alone and y do i second guess the preminisions i have i let ppl get in ny head like im crazy but weather i say something aloud or not my dreams and feelings are always right y wen i ask for something ,wish for something or will it bad enough actually happen if someone i care about is goin to die soon i kno its coming animals as well perfectly healthy young men and woman mind u.. y is there so much energy around me its so strong i almost cant stand it i dont kno how to explain it im just so lost wit this ive realized and embrassed my “abilities” at a very young age but now its confusing me wat is wrong wit the world for it to be so strong and so scary all of a sudden like mike myeres is right behind me all the time kinda feeling idk i just need some advice idk wats goin on and its not often i dont understand someones mind or kno how someones feeling or thinking from the other room but wen i cant sense it im not comftorable so i really really dont like not understanding my own mind y does everyone push me away im in no way clingy i dont care for relatiinships enjoy thise sexual very much so but im not the typical 24 year old young lady i guess and i love acid becuz i can litterally get inside someones mind kinda like a movie tell them there past and i wont even kno wat im saying till i got someone crying telling me about shit i had no way of knoing how do i do that wit out eating acid i ve always been so interestrd in mine and others natural psi or gifts expecially wit in my self cuz i want to embrase it to the fullest but i want to understand it as well its a love hate feeling the mind and soul is a beautiful thing and a mirical its self i want to kno more

    • jj
      March 26, 2015

      sissa, first thing I would like to say is, taking acid is not a good thing, as demons can work your mind over or even jump in you. If you want to keep your mind, stay off any kind of bad drugs. The reason you can hear more or see more is because you have opened a door…a door for demons. Now your going to have to shut that door with Gods help. Start getting close to God by reading your bible and through prayer. Right now your going through a real hell and you need to get out of it. Call out to God, love him, obey him and put on his whole Armour.

      • sissa
        March 28, 2015

        I do love God I pray I feel him regularly but I’m definetly not a religious person but very spiritual I am not a cid head I’ve done it twice but I’m not a liar either I love it I appreciate and take in any advice or opinion I come across a though I’m very hard headed and stubborn I still take in consideration and value everyone’s advice and or opinion with a clear head tho I also have noticed wit out drugs my psi is so much more intence than they ever have and they have always been pretty intense or u could say above the average intuition its so much more now and definetly negative energy I just feel maybe shit is going to hit the fan around me I just can’t figure out wat it is ur right tho drugs do put negative energy in my life marijuana how ever isthe only this that keeps me level headed I have a horrible rage problem and either nature its self is a blessing I also embrace to chill me out wen I have a moment but sometimes a puff of some kush is the only thing that works for me but I love sitting in a beautiful settling whether its on top of a building in my small town and watching everything below me or on a cliff above a river takes my breath away and definetly reminds me that life is a blessing and a beautiful place to appreciate I think we all take it for granted at time but stuff like that makes me remember how lucky I am just to be here no matter how bad things get I’m a Wonderer can’t stay still its hard to find me I love to travel and quite the loner but I keep god wit me everywhere I go I pay attention and I’ve noticed he is real he does answer prayers and definetly is good and the abilities we all possess no matter how one embraces or neglects wouldn’t be there wit out him thank u for the advice very much

        • jj
          March 29, 2015

          Sissa, stay close to God, as something is coming our way and we will need him, then something bigger is coming that you will be happy about. He loves you and you are here for a purpose and one day you will know why and it will be beyond words and most wonderful.

    • Anonymous
      March 26, 2015

      I am glad to have seen your acid comment. I quite smoking marijuana because I felt as if I was out side of myself and reality looking in and seeing everyone, their thoughts, the situation, the body language all with its truthfulness. This causes extreme anxiety and uncomfortable feelings. But then again that could just be the affects of the THC with my brain. I am in this weird phase where I can’t separate my imagination (human emotion fueled thoughts or hunches) from my intuitive psychic (spiritual?) thoughts. Then when I am right about so many things, or had the right idea just wrong person or application it’s scary. It’s scary because I (which I’m already plagued with negative thoughts and rumination which cause feelings as if these created upsetting scenarios were real) think about some shitty things that I don’t want to be right. This upsets me because “how could I be wrong” if I was right about so many other things?!?!

      • Anonymous
        March 26, 2015

        How do I overcome/separate my “human” thoughts from intuition?

        • Ron Lentjes
          November 29, 2017

          Perhaps you mean your logical thinking from intuition?

          I do all kinds of things. What I have learned is that if you are trying to figure something out and kind of get stuck “thinking logically” about it and get frustrated, Just let go. The idea you are trying to solve is already “registered”. Then when you go do something unrelated, you will get this “inspiration” that just gets right to the heart of the matter. Like “voila”. All that pain of thinking got you no where but when you let go, you get your answer.

          So there is no need to separate this, just combine it together like I just described.

          Another perhaps more direct example:

          I was fixing a TV (one of the real old tubes ones) when I was a kid.

          I kept measuring things very logically and very tediously and very slowly getting now where fast…

          I kept looking at this one part. I kept getting this notion or sense or intuition that for what ever reason that part was the problem. All I had to do was touch the part and it was fixed (it was a loose connection).

          So if you have a feeling, especially and overwhelming feeling to go there. Go there. Don’t let logic get in your way.

          I rely on intuition on the most technical things I do. It is magical.

          So the answer is embrace the two – make them both work for you in the ways I described.

          Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

      • jj
        March 26, 2015

        Anonymous, This is what Satan or even demons love to see, someone on acid or any type drug that puts them out of reality…they can work with individuals minds much easier that way, while others, that are not on drugs they have to convince in other ways, so they can get a hold of their minds. People like us that have abilities need to learn when something is real and when it isn’t. When something happens that I cannot explain, I look to God and ask myself if this is from God or is Satan tricking me. Always remember, God is love, Satan is not. God isn’t out to scare you if He wants you to know something, but Satan will. And God tells the truth, but Satan will lie and tell some half truths.

        Anonymous, Satan will work extra hard on those that He knows God loves and will try to get them away from God. I have noticed on this site that some are being worked on hard and they are having a struggle. You and even Sissa [ above you ] both are in this struggle and God is fighting for you and with you. I know these struggles and know how hard it is to be different and feeling like your in some kind of fight that you don’t understand. We are in a fight…a spiritual fight and we can win. Our talents can work for us or against us, its up to us to use them wisely. My self, I wait on God. If He wants me to know something, He’ll let me know by way of a dream or angels, or what ever He feels is the best way.

        • sissa
          March 28, 2015

          I also believe evil is all around us the more we feed into it the stronger it gets but I also think its not something to be ignored the world is lala land evil is everywhere whether we love god or not but ignoring isnt always the best solution like a drug addict ignoring the fact they have a problem won’t make things better it makes it worst so ignoring the evil around us won’t always make it go away sometimes u have to recognize it pay attention and fight it wit out evil there would be no good wit out good there would be no evil I recognize both sides and love god and believe he is wit me for sure but I recognize the devil who creeps in his shadow as well I’m young but I’m pretty intelligent but definetly stubborn in my own ways about things but I know I’m not always right i try to keep an open mind and look at any and every possibility and or solution

          • jj
            April 11, 2015

            sissa, how wise you are. It took me quit a few years to learn what you know. You have a good and kind heart. Always stay that way and never stop learning.

  90. Anonymous
    March 24, 2015

    I can feel spirits around me 24/7 and if they touch me I get a shiver down my back. Does that mean that I am very sensitive to spirits. I am a sensitive person I don’t like watching sad movies they make me cry. But when a spirit touches me I can tell the gender and can see a little bit what they look like. The stronger the spirit the more the touch me and move me. I get attacked a lot so what do you think?

    • jj
      March 24, 2015

      Anonymous, I don’t think I know what they are, I know what they are. I’ve had to deal with them my whole life. They’re called demons. Besides there being Christ and God the Father, there are two other spirits…demons and angels. When you have shivers or are being attacked, its not by angels, but by demons. Demons can do many things, they can fully or partially manifest themselves into what ever or whom ever they want. They have many powers. So do angels, but angels only use what God tells them to use to help or warn people. I too have been attacked, screamed at, things hidden from me, etc, etc from these things. They have also shown themselves to me before, trying to freak me out, but I know who and what they are. Why do they do this to certain people…because they know their time is coming and because they know God loves you very much and are trying to grab hold of you. Don’t let them do that! God is our help from these things. Does that mean they will just go away? Not always…but are suppose to flee when you say these words…”In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you.” If they don’t, say it louder. Some demoms are stronger than others and you have to fast, pray and then rebuke them. I could go on and on about this, as there is much more to learn, but I have given you the main things to do that will help you. Get close to God and believe me when I say, He will be there for you, because He will.

  91. Anthony
    March 5, 2015

    This is a two way divination both reality and spiritually. It helps if you actually go Find a real wItch that made it her Life to be to explain the world as they know it

  92. Mark Hardstaff
    February 17, 2015

    Hello, I can see something in what you say in relation to myself.
    My life has been strange and I have been sending, being told my future for sometime know.
    I have had thoughts that months later happened and at one time thought it was like I was getting what I wanted. But I know now I’m clairovant and I just saw it coming. I too was scared. But if you research as you have been, it will help you understand. I’m not saying I do. But I’m on the way to doing so.
    I hope this helps?

  93. letavy tesa
    February 16, 2015

    thanx jj l was just waiting for a hopeful reply and l understand what you tried to explain to me. l think at times am just frightened by somethings. thanx

    • jj
      February 19, 2015

      Letavy, anytime you want to talk, let me know and I’ll be happy to talk to you.

  94. letavy tesa
    February 16, 2015

    oh l was actually scrolling through a few things to do with psychics then l landed here which l dont also regret because am wondering if l can get the help l need. l feel weird,frozen simply because l never get the chance to understand whats happening to me…….l dont only get weird dreams but l also think about somthing and BAM!!! there it goes happening exactly how l wanted it, l just get thoughts that occupy my mind so much and they do happen, ever since l was a little child, l hav found myself often wishing to have something or to do something and to my surprise, l actually get that particular thing anyway…….l dont understand myself anymore these days because am confused, am drawn to nature, the moon and feel at peace at that moment and then l wonder if there is anyone in the world whose just like me.
    But all am asking for is HELP!!!! I really need it

    • jj
      February 16, 2015

      letavy, some dreams are weird, but just dreams. Its when they scare you is when you need to ask why. Wishful dreams aren’t a bad thing so long as the wishes are non-harmful. This can happen to people and even children. Being drawn to peaceful things, such as nature is a good thing because it makes you feel good within. Nothing wrong with that.

  95. Dolores
    February 5, 2015

    Thought I’d check in here. It was helpful to write here before and wanted to do a little update.

    I now definitely think of myself as a psychic, in that I am actively accessing info beyond the five senses. In particular lately obsessed with sense of sentience and also ‘time bending’ – the idea of remembering forward.

    It seems to me there is a sort of field of lights before me – not all at once, rather these little dot-like light flashes. Seems like getting them in certain locations can correspond to certain people. Well, recently heard a report on a telepathy experiment and this was the sort of thing the participants used in terms of communication and thought that was very interesting.

    I felt it was safe for me to interpret these pricks of light as such because one day I sat down to try an online psychic test and decided to take it very seriously – because I was convinced I was psychic and could not understand why a test wouldn’t reflect it.

    After a fairly significant period of effort, say 20 minutes into it, I began to notice the pricks of light were corresponding to the correct answers. So I began to focus and use this method and I started getting card after card correct until another 20 or 30 minutes later my score seemed incredible. Of couse some probability of a fluke on that site, but it was one long cumulative test and at first I was just scoring normally, if not below. By the end, the chance of my score was 1 in 408 / or 108% above chance, so that takes into account my earlier misses as well. It was still ascending when I stopped.

    To me this was an important discovery and I want to share it. I am not sure if the pricks of light are easy to see or not. I first noticed them when I was 32 or so – when I got a feeling my sister was thinking of me and the room was sort of dark and I caught a spark of light in my visual field that came with the intuitive gut thought about my sister. I’ve been actively trying to practice seeing auras for about five years through obtaining a meditiative state of mind in terms of trying to practice frequent ‘non-focus’ of the eyes and since then started seeing these lights more frequently, which are in the auric field.

    I can see auras somewhat in terms of color, but still not great – easiest in dim light or if the person is having extreme emotion.

    Truly – I believe all thoughts are form particularly if we direct them out specifically. In particular, in realizing this – now realize I can send out positive thoughts on purpose to random people I cross paths with for the heck of it! And my day is so much better – so it is very much self-interested but still a better way of being – just being honest. And I am still screwing up at times. The thoughts travel through physical form as well as just because I might be in a train car, etc. and the other outside – the thought still can ‘hit’ them.


    To start, if I am able, I do these things:

    – Try to avoid thinking about people that I don’t want thinking about me. I can feel them and I know that I can! I’ve had too many coincidences to not believe this now.

    – Realize I can get ‘hit’ by the uncensored random thoughts that pop into others heads, with perhaps no actual ill intent – just an auto response in terms of dealing with a complicated world.

    – Then I avoid the judgemental types in my daily life, since I am naturally ‘overly’ sensitive.

    When I simply cannot do the above – I have some other techniques I use –

    It is helpful to feel shielded, in terms of maintaining a calm emotional state. Just like I have my own uncensored neg thoughts to supress, so do others – it helps to remember they may have had a bad day, may feel overwhelmed, etc – and just forget them.

    – If I must be traveling at rush hour in particular I try to stay focused on being calm. Additionally, I found an herbal remedy called L-Theanine that is helpful, though I was able to replace that with the use of a large brazilian quartz crystal that I wear around my neck (sent to me as an unexpected gift from a psychic! I could feel the pulsation of the crystal – amazing). You may want to look into The Book of Storms Series for Empaths (empaths at to figure out more about psychic shielding – I think you have to join the group. I just did the intro part and that was already helpful. Now if I focus seems I can generally create a super large calm shield – which will make more sense if you read the intro tutorial.

    Also, there is my theme song – I wrote it and sing it to myself when I want to block others from my mental space – it is a song about the color aqua.

    Longer term, it seems good to do the following in terms of simply getting out of the habit of being negative and maintaining a positive frame of mind:

    – Avoid TV and commercials, crass radio, etc. – easier said than done! For instance, I love to watch Friends on Netflix, but feel it’s not really a good idea. To me, a lot of the humor is pretty neg. on each other. I think this represents the kind of neg humor which is accepting as ‘natural’ but can be overwhelming for sensitive people.

    – Keep the company of calm people who don’t like to gossip.

    For me, I love having musical hobbies since everyone is engaged and as such, the vibe is generally going to be very positive overall. Maybe sports would be a good thing, etc., where there is focus on an activity, rather than just ‘hanging out.’

    – And like many others have said – meditation. Meditation in whatever form you need it, in any context, at any time. I’ve learned to focus on unfocusing my eyes to send myself into more of a trance-type state when needed. Like once in NYC when a train was super late – 40 minutes flew by in a flash and I felt perfectly calm but I meditated pretty much the entire time. So that would definitely not be a sort of traditional mediation – but it worked for me when I needed it.

    Now this is random, but I have the mark of a psychic on my right palm – very large and clear (M shape). Also, I may have marks of being a witch in a prior life on my palm, learned recently. This would explain my fear of fire and drowning I suppose. I’ve had very vivid nightmares of being burned in a fire pit and also drowning, but in a big dress, not swimwear.

    Yet, I believe I was ‘told’ that I am the reincarnation of an English man who died just a few months prior to my birth. This was just last year. My phone kept shutting down and restarting at 3:33 pm several times a week? Not sure – should have noted better. Finally I asked who was trying to tell me what. I was also told I will live until I’m 67 at that time (?). So I felt that would explain why I looked so British – and like no one else much in my family, or just sorta. Got lots of milkman jokes as a kid. And all my life I’d occasionally pop into a strange English inflection in my speech, love pubs, beer, fish and chips – love love love London and would happily live there. Also, all my life I’d felt sort of hung up on his initials which are very close to mine, such that if his were A.B., mine would be AB (first two letters of my name, added on at the last second to the rest of my name, since they aren’t there in the name of the person I am officially named after) and then C (last name) – so mine are A.C., but I kept wanting to use AB for some reason; now I am over it because I ‘get’ the urge. However, subsequently I googled the guy (my prior self) and there is already someone out there who says he is this person. So then I doubt myself and the whole thing…

    I decided to share this last bathering paragraph to demonstrate my final thought. Not quite sure any of this (being psychic) has been much of a great help overall, especially in terms of having harbored a lifelong envy of those people who can be like ‘normal’ sociable people.

    I can get hung up on trying to interpret things that are standing out for whatever reason and feel that inevitably I end up with lots of wasted time. Even now it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that other people may not be ‘seeing’ what seems so obvious – like impending divorces, deaths, etc – stuff not super fun to deal with, but that which might be avoided. Like during this past year, I felt very strongly this person was sick, but I did not feel comfortable going up to the person and expressing this – and I could not understand why I felt it was so beyond that it just seems so common sense that if I see someone not taking care of themself, they have some higher probability of getting ill. And this particular person passed away ‘unexpectedly’ in the Fall after knowing of the illness for two months, which was in her body during the times I was around her earlier that Spring. Still, all the others out of shape still walk around me living. So was that premonition? I am going with ‘Yes’ – because I decided to talk her class last year after a couple years of not doing so because I really felt it became time to embrace her human presence in case she might not be there later. So that was the helpful aspect, but it was no fun worrying about her. And then there is the after-guilt as well – could I have said or done something differently? And the answer of course is yes, so there is remorse for that.

    Definitely also I cannot be accurate with interpretations when I have a vested emotional interest, even when I ask for specific guidance – or is it when I am asking for specific guidance that it all gets messed up in my head? More trusting of what feels spontaneous.

    Personally, my choice would be to not write this out – because there is no privacy online and I feel revealing this information is not in my best personal interest as such. Therefore I write this anon. Yesterday I started and blew it off, but was drawn back to the site this morning. I was on some super long page of comments and asked spirited if there was something to see here, if not, needed to be productive. So I flipped to mid page and saw a post about a mom who saw sparks of light just about when her baby was going to yank down a hot iron onto (his) head – so here I am writing this! I also wanted to mention these dots are not the same as the little sparky lights around plants, but similar.

    Best thoughts abound –
    In light and love –

    • Anonymous
      February 8, 2015

      Oh my goodness….I feel like I really need to connect with you. You are the person I have been looking for who can help me make sense of all the ‘random’ things that happen to me but I have not been able to piece together. Can I get your email address so that we can touch base? Especially regarding the pin pricks of light and also if you have any insight into synchronicities. Please respond to this message with an email address. I would really appreciate it! Thanks! PS My email address is

  96. Mark Hardstaff
    January 28, 2015

    They say you should not talk politics or religion. My last statement based on the last comment.
    The bible talks about Adam and Eve and Noah’s ark.
    If anyone believes these two events are real. You will believe anything.

  97. Mark Hardstaff
    January 17, 2015

    Thanks for posting this.
    I have been through a lot. Still am.
    Some friends and all family “gone”
    They don’t understand or believe my reality.

  98. loren
    January 17, 2015

    Highly sensitive people would do well to study the immune system and mast cells and diseases such as mastocytosis. I imagine it is a common trait for people who are very sensitive and have very sensitive immune systems.

    Histamine tends to play a big role in Kundalini development. As you are developing your individual gift, your body, mind, and emotions are literally re-wiring themselves.

    It is important to remember that being a highly sensitive person is indeed a gift, although until one has fully worked through their gift – it will seem as a heavy burden not shared by others, but I am here to remind you that it is indeed a gift. It’s a very beautiful gift, you are lucky you get to experience such depths with the universe.

    YOUR GIFT IS INDIVIDUAL! This means that you will need to do your own discovery of what benefits you and what doesn’t. What thoughts are helpful, what aren’t. What foods are helpful, what aren’t. When it’s healthy to allow people to affect you and when it isn’t… ect. Your path is your own unique path, and the universe will support you in your self-discovery. Your gift is intended to slowly help guide humanity, but you must first fully work through yourself first – this takes a significant period of time. For some people this may happen very, very quickly and be very, very scary – for others it will develop over many years.

    Be patient and loving with yourself and do what you need for yourself to return to inner peace.

    • Brandie
      April 2, 2015

      I really appreciated the post. Thanks!

  99. T
    December 23, 2014

    I have a list of abilities as long as my arm… I can sense ghosts and their intents but its rare I actually see one. before I sleep i can here a voice call out to me, a male voice, but i can’t make out what he’s saying only what he wants me to do. I have dreamed of a spirits death in vivid details and I’ve felt the full extent of their pain. I’ve had people come through and ask me to pass on a message to a loved one but only in my sleep. sometimes I just know when something bad is going to happen in time for me to stop it. I’ve had slight glimpses into my future and the future of others around me. I’m an excellent judge of character but i cant help sympathizing with people even if they’ve hurt me and I feel others emotions almost to the point were they might as well be my own. almost all of these characteristics apply to me except for the need to fit in… I have never felt that urge. The scariest thing is I cant turn any of the abilities off and I cant control them either. i’ve had an inkling since i was about 18 but now these occurrences are almost daily.

    I need advice.

    • jj
      December 23, 2014

      T, the best advice in the world I can give you that will help…is God. He has helped me many times with paranormal problems. Pray and ask him to please help you…He will and can.

  100. Mark Hardstaff
    December 22, 2014

    I recently discovered I was a medium. Two years ago I was involved in an event that triggered it.
    I just know things also. I also know of future events that involve me.
    I have a really long story that i won’t post here. But when I tell mediums what happened, I can see the disbiielf on their faces.
    Yet. I found something online that describes it. I was triggeted by the eyes of a woman. She knows nothing of it. Our meeting was not by chance. I was forced to move so that I would run into her. I was told this as it happened. That is Clairaudience 🙂

  101. Mark Hardstaff
    December 20, 2014

    The bible is fiction.
    I’m connected to the “other side”
    Please, try and put two of every animal on a boat.
    Not going to happen.

    • Victoria
      December 22, 2014

      What do you mean, connected to the other side? Exactly what have you experienced? As for religion, I myself have recently grown distant from my spiritual beliefs, but can’t bring myself to abandon them completely.
      Gifts…I’ve had the ability to just know when certain things are going to happen, sometimes weeks, months, or even years in advance. I’ve had it since I was young, but when I got older, it seemed to grow exponentially. Now, I seem to be able to pick up on so much more, such as I’ll know how a person feels, even if they show no physical reaction to something. Thanks for your help.

  102. Mark Hardstaff
    December 20, 2014

    I must say this. Didn’t read all of your post, don’t want to.
    You have no idea.

  103. Mark Hardstaff
    December 20, 2014

    I’m a medium. I don’t believe religion has anything to do with anything I experince. They have it wrong.
    When people post what you just did, I shut down. Really?
    I don’t know you. I’m not putting you down. Please understand.
    I see reality. You see the bible.
    The bible is mostly fiction.

  104. someone
    December 20, 2014

    I’m psychic. I don’t care who knows it. but I do cause its annoying when skeptics try to think…. Anywho– I remember when I first realized I thought differently, it was like a puzzle with the final piece. Uhhh but this article covers some important topics and I’m glad to read it. I can communicate telepathically to others from my past or into the future and sometimes, just sometimes I’ll pick up a wiff of someones thoughts when they are near (like how a mouse smells cheese). It always makes me think of how little humans can really sense of the universe. It’s my opinion that we evolved the normal five senses because they are effective tools for survival. but just because those are the most prominent of our senses doesnt mean we should limit our world view to only what those 5 senses pick up. Just because thoughts are intangible does not mean they do not exist. They exist in our heads–er minds rather. And we sense our thoughts just as clearly as we sense the smell of coffee in the morning. Sometimes more clearly. Sometimes, some people, sense other people’s thoughts. Is this so hard to believe?

    P.s. jj I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say we get it, you believe in god PRAISE THE LORD ALMIGHTY. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Please shut up though. Please. Also why do you choose to believe in something that, if true, damns a significant proportion of the world population to hell? Just a question because my beliefs don’t damn you to hell. I don’t even like the thought of such a wonderful person as yourself going to hell. Also its kind of boring thinking of the world from the perspective that one size fits all, god cures everyone, and everything, and provides purpose, and made sceptics so annoying. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt you to broaden your perspective a little. I’m sure god has helped you but your strong enough to live without crutches if you want to. You can do it jj. You just have to believe! Just want you to know I love you and your family, probably, loves you, and everything will be okay. And god told me last night his dick is getting sore cause your sucking it too much. Good luck jj.

    • jj
      December 20, 2014

      Someone, Who damn’s the world to hell? I don’t, but I do know if we don’t listen to God and obey him, we’re only damning ourselves. If you studied your bible, you’d know these things. And another thing…I don’t appreciate your filthy mouth at the end of your column. I was alright with you until I read your last words. You can call it what you want, but you just blasphemed God, and believe me when I tell you…that was not a good thing. I’ll leave it at that.

  105. jj
    December 18, 2014

    Carolina, you sound pretty normal to me. There are a lot of people that don’t like the idea of looking at a clock and having to think about time. Did you know, that God looks at time like this…one day could be a thousands years and a thousands years as one day?

  106. Erika
    December 16, 2014

    I have this feel that one of my family members is going to die and it keeps happen when ever I am doing nothing or watching tv or listen to music and I really worried if Is going to happen do you think that it might happen?

    • jj
      December 18, 2014

      Erika, when something like this happens, immediatly get down on your knees and ask God to help that individual. Put it in Gods hands. I had a simliar thing happen to me about my grandson, except he was going to get hit by a truck and die. I ask God to protect him and then told my daughter to call him [ he lives a long ways off from us ] to warn him to be careful on the road. She did, God protected him and he’s okay.

  107. Kate
    December 9, 2014

    Where do you talk about stuff that’s not about individuals when ive looked for chat pages all that comes up are pay lines for people who want a reading. I herd the name of a school and the road name its on found the place on google, wanted to find out if other have herd it?

  108. Nichole
    November 27, 2014

    ive been “different” for ever! I do not have many friends & most of my family has abandoned me. I try not to make too much eye contact with people & I don’t touch. I can see inside a person like looking thru a window in their eyes. I feel what they feel with touch. They can feel me doing this & it sets most people on edge or gives them the creeps. Reason being why I am alone. I can’t stop this or shut it off. I’ve tried. I have been ridiculed & teased & shunned because of this. I have 1 friend that I have had forever. She knows about the issue. She tells me it’s a gift. Doesn’t always seem like it but it’s a gift & she thinks it’s beautiful. She has been encouraging me to stop fighting it & embrace it. What do I have to lose at this point. We have been doing a lot of reading on the subject. And I’ve found a lot of fakes. People who are good at picking up signals from others & using deductive reasoning to find unspoken conclusions. While this could be a useful tool. It’s just that a tool, not an ability. It’s a learned trait not an imposed one. I’ve been trying to find others with this issue, to see if there are ways to control it. I read thru your article and you pretty much nailed it but their is nothing in their about control. I don’t know if it’s even possible but seems their should be something to help.

    • jj
      November 27, 2014

      Nichole, many of us have various things within us that others don’t. I want to explain something to you. With all the various happening of each individual, is giving you a peek in to what all of us are going to be able to do in Gods kingdom. But, in his kingdom we will be using these abilities for the right reasons and done with love beyond anything I could explain to you. There just happens to be certain individuals that are a bit ahead of that time. The big difference between then and now is that we are not living in Gods world [his kingdom ] right now, but satans [ its in the bible, you can find it ], and so long as we live in his world, we have a much bigger responsability with our abilities and that’s to make very sure that what is happening is not of satan. God tells us to test the spirits, be they good or bad. The control you are looking for is also within you,by way of Gods help. He can and will help you with this if you let him. I know how hard it is to allow this to happen, as I too have had to deal with my own abilities and it can draw you in the wrong way if you don’t pay attention to what is truly going on. Just ALWAYS remember this…God loves you very much and knows the struggles you are having, and also knows you are trying so hard to do the right thing. You were put here for a reason and it is a really good reason and once you find out…you will be overjoyed.

      • Caroline Andrews
        January 28, 2015

        there is no satan -we are all god and part of each other and one… through the law of attraction if you need help with your experience pray or mantra to the universe to bring it to you i’ve asked many times and always someone walks into my life to guide me for the next part of the journey. I believe in a god that is in all of us, the light, the spirit that we all are part of – that god that BEING does NOT condemn anyone. All is as it is. Be at one with your self and quiet yourself, still yourself and you will hear guidance from your higher self, to take you where you need to go !:)
        Nicole keep looking and you will find there are many others waking up to these kinds of experiences.. keep love in your heart for yourself and others around you and the highest good will always come x

        • jj
          January 28, 2015

          Carolina, there is a satan and there are demons. And if you at all believe there is a God, you have to believe there is a satan. Have you ever seen a demon? I have and more than once. Has an angel ever spoke to you? This has also happened to me and so much more. One day we are going to be Gods, but not now, as now we are human beings and are having to learn many things before we can even step into Gods kingdom [ which will be here on earth ]. God is in us all and can join with our spirit, but that spirit in us is to grow in love, compassion, knowledge and then become one with God. We are not there yet, but will be by the choices we make as we continue on this journey of life. God has a judgement coming and if man [ with all the chances he will be given ] does not turn to God and obey him, they will be judged and may never exist again…will be gone forever. Get your bible out and start studying and doing research and finding out the truth.

        • Lee
          January 29, 2015

          Nice to see written down what i also believe i commented on nov 28th below.
          a set of thoughts shared by any others i wonder?
          great site!

        • Lee
          January 29, 2015

          Caroline Nice to see written down what i also believe i commented on nov 28th below.
          a set of thoughts shared by any others i wonder?
          great site!

    • Anonymous
      November 28, 2014

      Great site for those of us going through our spiritual/psychic journey
      since being able to understand the psychic part of me via spiritualist church i now actually believe in god and understand why i am here, i feel his/her love intensely and realise and acknowledge there is another realm of souls where we all live on, this gives me so much energy to achieve and learn new experiences, i feel their power of love, hear their guidance, and hope to do them proud!

      Helping people with their life’s passage and problems is only a good thing, i feel his warmth and those in spirit with him and i am looking forward to understanding what he has given me and following a psychic path, its about an open mind, every corner i turn with a sceptical mind i.e.believing in god or psychic healing etc, he opens another door for me, our minds have hidden depths that may be some academic minds do not understand because it cannot be quantified but it is a gift i now embrace it i have a purpose i will help and inspire others not worry what others think of me, we are all uniquely different i hope my soul will grow has he wants it too i will do my best to please him hopefully i can!

      Lots of LOVE

      Great site!

      • jj
        January 17, 2015

        Well,, you’re doing things the right way…asking yourself questions before you jump to conclussions. I do the same thing because I may be wrong and know that satan can deceive me. I think too what your picking up in people is also called human nature. That I pick up a lot and many times by picking that up, other things seem to come into view…things within the individuals that others would have no idea about. Yes, we’re all unique in various ways, as it should be. Love is a powerful instrument when used wisely. Anonymous, continue to use wisdom in your quest and continue to call on God to help you.

  109. Anonymous
    November 20, 2014

    Hello beautiful souls :)) have to agree with you all. At a time thought the same that religion has little to do with this unique sensitivity yet later on understood that religion plays an important. Role. Taking into consideration that all religions have sth evil to say about psychics and people of this kind, I have to see it otherwise. It’s a misinterpretation of many that has been presented in such way for many years for whatever reasons it is. / psychics do terrify majority of people and yes of the crowd look weirdly at us just because. Being sensitive is a gift and if God or someone up there created us- eternal and gorgeous souls then it is him/ her who has taken a role to decide who is going to inherit this kind of gift and why. / it’s easier when one doesn’t try to understand it , just accept it . It s an ordinary extraordinary . And religion after all is not only what have been told to us by institutions for past centuries . It’s somplier – it is us, it’s God, it is love , it is us. Best of luck to everyone . May only most kind and genuinely positive be by your side.

  110. David J. L.
    November 19, 2014

    I do seem to be fairly sensitive and tend to avoid conflicts and don’t like to see people display strong emotions, but I don’t seem to be psychic. Been using the GB-1 app and have been getting quite a bit of relevant answers to questions, more than I think there should be given just chance. Maybe, someday I won’t have to use a device or app to communicate with the other side.

  111. Mark
    November 3, 2014

    I am beginning to discover that I am a medium. And I just want to say with respect…..I don’t think religion has any place on this site. take it to church, not here. this is about what religion seems to dismiss.
    I can see that religion all over the world, has it wrong. good verses evil????
    scaring people to make money does not interest me. when we all die we all go to the same place.

    • jj
      November 19, 2014

      Mark, I have to disagree you. Religion has every reason to be on this site. I have felt for many, many years now that all of us have an ability to be psycic, but it was not meant for us to use it now. There is a time coming that our abilities will be used, but this time with Gods permission and for the right reasons. Right now, satan and his demons [ fallen angels ] know those that have this ability and can use it against us with lies and a bit of truth. istypeof never use this power delibertly, but it still is with me [ it does run in families],so when it does happen, I ask myself, is this of God or satan [ depending on the situation ]. If it is of God [ angels will whisper in your ear if God ask them to do so for a reason ] then I will do as I am told, be it to help someone or let someone know something that God wants them to know…God, from time to time will work through humans to work his miracles or or other works he wants done.

    • Caroline Andrews
      January 28, 2015

      religion is one thing , a faith that sees god in all, and all united a very different matter. don’t confuse the two! JJ seems biblical which infers satan – which seems total make believe, on the bigger perspective, god is ALL, so anything we co-create we all are…. spiritualism does not equal religion! make sure we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, eh?

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 29, 2017

      What ever you are you are. Please don’t let a religion say you can’t do this or that. Be honest with yourself. If you can feel the emotions of others or can go to certain places and feel strong emotions (of something that happened), or can write in a way that you completely go into a character that is not you at all and learn from that character, or play music in such a manner that you tranced out and played just as the musician does, then you have a strong connection to spirit. Embrace this. Don’t let anyone tell you not to. You are in control of what is for you. Cheers, Ron Lentjes

  112. sarah
    November 3, 2014

    Hi my name is sarah. I got very interested in the psychic abilities because i feel i am blessed with it. I experience deja vu alot and dream of natural disasters in the world plus i dream of people i have never ment in my life or talk to. I am born on October 31st. Not sure if that as any relation to it. Everything i have read on the website is me to the exact point. I couldn’t believe it. So i am guessing i do have the ability. But i would like to imbrace it more. Not sure how.

    • jj
      November 3, 2014

      Sarah, having these abilities has to be looked at with taking responsabilities. We live in a world that has spiritual beings [ angels and demons ]. To embrace these abilities ,we need to realize that demons can use our abilities in a wrong way and fool us. God will not do that, nor his good angels. When your close to God, you’ll know what to do. You’ll know if its of God or not. You have to use wisdom.

  113. Shelly
    October 28, 2014

    After doing a little research in an attempt to explain what is happening with me I happened upon this site. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Like so many others this site described me to a “T”.

    I always knew I was different I just didn’t know why. It really began in 1993 when I was visited by God in a dream. Yes, I spoke to God. He told me he was going to take my father. I asked when and he wouldn’t give me an exact date but he did give me a timeframe. I had the dream, which was the most beautiful and vivid dream I have ever had, for 5 days straight. The dream finally stopped when I shared the dream with my husband. My father died 2 months later within the exact timeframe I was given.

    This is just one example. I have had so many dreams that have come true or I have seen places I have never been. For so long I thought I was a freak and have had people call such!

    I read people extremely well. A little too well for my liking sometimes. I tend to be able to pick up on the smallest things and I fight within myself as whether I’m just cutely aware of body language or I’m really feeling something or both but I can say when I pick up on something I’m never wrong.

    Also, is it typical for animals to attach to sentive people? My husband calls me the animal whisperer.

    Thank you for so much insight. It’s been so helpful.


    • craigweiler
      October 28, 2014

      In answer to your question about animals, yes. It is typical for them to do that.

      • Melody
        August 13, 2016

        Hello, I am psychic. But I have a question are psychic’s unusually lucky

  114. Mark flynn
    September 27, 2014

    you’re right on everything you said is true on the 10 characteristics of a psychic person I have them all thanks

  115. lismil
    September 18, 2014

    hmmmmm….I also have RH negative blood and always wondered if it had anything to do with my abilities.

  116. Lexus
    September 18, 2014

    i have it very strong ever since i can remember.. i married into a physic family.. i dont know who read up on this if anyone. but i do have RH- blood type and they say that blood type is alot more likely to have abilities others arent. my exact blood type is AB- its just strange how scientists cant figure out where my blood came from. they cant trace it back to monkeys i do believe it has a huge part. my friend we have the same exact blood type. and shes sensitive as well. it can be over whelming but there are rules to being physic. dont break emm 🙂

    • jj
      September 18, 2014

      I too have RH blood, but didn’t come from monkey’s, but I came from God…the creator of us all. And yes, being physic, we have to be careful, as this is not Gods world right now, but satan’s along with his demons.

  117. Jon
    September 7, 2014

    Dude, your blog has blown me away. I felt like you described me to a “T”. It is validating because after reading your characteristics article I went and did those online tests and according to them I am very un-psychic. None the less, I know what I know. I sense people and things. I can feel peoples energies and am influenced by people’s emotional states. I have told people I barely know their life story and I have gotten peoples thoughts. I didn’t know if I was nuts until I met a woman, who shared similar abilities and together we were like am amplifier of each other’s abilities. I fell in love with this person and this has created challenges as I already am married and have a distinctly non-sensitive, non-psychic spouse. None the less, I am seeking direction in how to manage these gifts. I’ve always had them and I work in healthcare. My abilities have made me extremely good at what I do in both general medicine and psychiatry. I am not sure where to go from here. Thank you from a left handed, mildly dyslexic, animal loving (and they love me too), deeply religious, intuitive, and hypersensive man.


    • jj
      September 7, 2014

      Jon, you may or may not have abilities, but there is one thing you had best be careful of,an admiration society between you and the woman your speaking about…knowing you are married. This could bring problems to your marriage.

      • Jon
        September 7, 2014

        Thank you. Naturally, you are right. Can you provide some direction on where to go with these talents, gifts, abilities? I feel like they’ve gotten stronger as I have aged and I need to learn how to manage then, especially the sensitivity and vulnerability to other people’s emotional states.


        • jj
          September 7, 2014

          Jon,I too have had psychic abilities all my life, but have used them very little, I’ll tell you why. You say your religious, if so than you know satan has the ability to fool us, confuse us and lie to us. Having these abilities is a challenge, as you have to be mighty sure satan isn’t using you. Knowing this, I don’t use them in the way others do…I will only let these abilities come through if I’m sure that God is allowing his angels to let me know what ever it is he wants me to know. For instance, if a friend has some kind of physical problem and I hear, dream or have a vision about the individual and am told to tell them to see a doctor, then I will do so, because I know the right source has let me know. I have had many things happen, but I first ask myself if this is of God or satan. Satan will lie, but God won’t. When your close to God, you will know if the source is good or evil. The one main thing people need to realize and work hard on when they know they have these abilities, is their vainty. They have got to get the vainity out of the way because it will also confuse them as to the truth of the source they are receiving.

  118. Mark
    September 1, 2014

    Hi Everyone,
    I have posted on her in the past (2013 being the first time) I found this site when I was in a bad way, and it helped me to understand I was not going crazy. So thank you Craig!.
    Two years on I have researched and learnt a lot. In August 2012 something strange happened to me, it was my first Clairaudiant experience. I then started experiencing other abilities. I told I have a list and that it is still raw in me as I have not be trying to use them (they happen randomly) something I’m changing now.
    It was confirmed to me that I am a Medium.
    My guides have told me what I need to do. So I’m in a good place 🙂

    Good luck to you all.

  119. Me
    August 31, 2014

    I if drinking more so can read thoughts I know peoples past feelings dreams I know every step my boyfriend takes A day before I can touch someone and know thier life it’s a curse the world is better not knowing a step ahead please trust me and the lady in the punk shirt reading this he did cheat a brunette dump him stop wondering

    • j
      August 31, 2014


  120. Kaz
    August 25, 2014

    Well that was very informative. I found that I fit into every characteristic listed. I have been struggling with the feelings that “I think I dreamt that.” But the events I think I’ve dreamt of are so vivid. Sometimes it freaks me out that I think I’m going crazy.
    I have had short stays in psychiatric wards due to depression anxiety and PTSD. I find it difficult to hold a job down due to boredom and the inability of tolerating people in my face. I like to work alone and think.
    I am an addictive person in any way I have to stay aware of my dependancy on anything at all.
    I don’t know where to go to from here I would like to pursue the gift I have to help and support others however I am concerned that I won’t have the ability to switch off at the end of the day and still be able to socialize on a healthy level.

    • jj
      August 26, 2014

      Okay Kaz, your not going crazy. I have had many things happen to me, including dreams…but not dreams so much as visions. The thing I see where you need help the most, is called balance. You need to learn how to balance the real from the un-real. There is a reality, like the world we live in and then there is a spiritual reality most cannot see…but those that have certain abilities. Now, the real world we live in is a world of touch, feel, see, taste, etc. The other world is a spiritual world of good and evil [ satan, angels, Christ and God ]. To seperate the two, you have to ask yourself, [ as God has asked us to do ], to look at the source of what is happening. In otherwords ask yourself, is this of God [ because God is love and doesn’t want anyone to be hurt or do wrong ] or of satan [ he is out to hurt and harm in many different ways ] and his demons. This is what I do whenever something comes up. This is the right way to handle every situation you find yourself in. Just know there is a God and he loves you very much.

  121. Brandie
    August 11, 2014


    the article was really nice. I for one was never comfortable w/ the term psychic, but it’s a “good” possible indicator for the skills I possess on occasion. My family is pretty much against anything that’s not related to God, as well are the people they tend to associate w/. My interest is a cause for alarm to them. They see it as- “messing w/ devilish things” and I simply see it as normal. Divination, The Tarot, and the reading on fringe/abnormal subjects is what I enjoy. I’m grown, but they’re still not exactly luke warm in understanding.

    Now, I have no problem embracing the term “psychic”; even though the stereotypes are horrendous…hell I’ve researched Indigo, star child, and etc…to try to find a certain group my strangeness fits in, but I’ve embraced my solitariness and the fact I don’t fit the mold people “want” me to be. I’m still getting to know myself, what I want, and a zillion other things. What I will not except though is the fact that I may be non freaking muggle. I love looooove HP, but to tell people psychics, sensitives, empaths or whatever are non-muggles is just asking for another Salem Witch trials. People are either awed, curious, or afraid of what they don’t understand. A majority of the time it’s usually the last. I’m all about inclusiveness and finding a common bond between people no matter what. I truly believe everyone has the capacity to alter their minds, behaviors, and to eventually wake up. It takes time of course, because this isn’t a race and everyone operates at their own pace. I’m still trying to wake up myself.

    Now I grew up liking animals, true enough…though something I’ll never forget happened when I was younger. As much as I LOVE cats…I was quite violent towards one. I was 6 or younger and I had this kitten named Nala. (~sighs~ Poor Mufasa…) Anyway I use to suffocate her at my leisure. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I just wanted to see something feel pain. My kitten being the most nearest and dearest thing to me took the brunt of it. I would just be outside, hide, and then find some creative way to induce asphyxiation. It was so relieving and morbidly interesting. I never killed her, but I did hurt her. Clearly I knew it was wrong. That didn’t enter into the equation at all. All I knew is that a strange part of me wanted power over something and was hurting. It was almost clinically calming in a way. At that age I think my “abilities” were very unblocked and free flowing. They really weren’t like that again until my teens, but more disjointed. Anyway, as a child I remember distinctly seeing this and I’m not sure if I caused it. If I did though than…I was a potentially deadly child. I remember sitting off to the side in the back of the driveway. Or maybe I was standing, but near the back side of the house was an old gray outdoor cabinet w/ shelves. On top were these huge mice, rats lol I don’t know. They stood there though on their hind legs, and as if in a trance they marched one by one to drop off the edge of the top. They literally committed suicide or kept doing it until they died…I found that to be a strange phenomena, but I wasn’t sure if it was natural or because of me. It things like this that let me know I’m different. Or at least more in touch w/ my “spiritual” side than most others. Thinking about it makes me sick and sad. I’ve never told anyone this before. Situations like that have made me weary of myself, and a kinder individual in general. I’ve experienced and been made aware of the cruelty of people at a young age, and I was cruel myself.
    Naturally I have a nice rapport w/ animals. Some better than others. We understand each other and it calms me.

    As for the other things you point out…when I was younger I was ambidextrous. All my siblings were, but after a certain age we chose a hand. I chose to be a lefty. I got into art pretty young and loved it. I still do. I want to have a career in something I love. As far as habits…not so much. I try to follow a pattern, but I find myself going off the rails and just do whatever I feel. I hate having people tell me what I should do. I need to do what I feel. I’m a night owl true. The creativity flows better and I enjoy my solitude. It helps me prepare for dealing w/ other people. And of course at night sleeping means making myself “vulnerable” to spirits…so I learned sleep it over rated.
    Anyway, excuse me for my long post, and later! ;p

    • jj
      August 11, 2014

      Brandie, it’s a miracle [literly ] that you haven’t lost your mind. Your between two worlds right now…Gods and satan’s. And your going to have to one day pick which world you want to be next to. You being physic may have come down from some one in your family. You cannot help being what you are, as it has been passed on, but you can control it. Apparently satan already knew this and also knew you were having a struggle with it. He has been working on you for quit a while why you have not wanted anyone to interfear in your thoughts connected to being physic. You should have to talk to someone when you were hurting the cat, as even then satan was influencing you to do wrong. He is stronger than you can ever imagine and also very cunning. I know, I’ve had to deal with his demons for many, many years and once long ago, almost felt like I was going to go out of my mind, but God has always [ without me knowing it ] had his hand on my shoulder.I think He has his hand on yours. Being physic carries a responsability and wisdom to boot. We’re not living in Gods world right now, but satan’s. Demons are stronger right now. We need to use wisdom, understanding and love with these abilities or they can back fire on us in a very negative way and not only hurt us individualy, but others as well. God loves you and is always there to help you stay in control. Right now, much is happening in our country and other countries as well and children need hope…you love animals, paint them for children to enjoy. Love is our greatest hope!

      • Brandie
        August 12, 2014

        JJ…thank you. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this. I really appreciate your reply. God has always been good to me consistently, no matter how much I get lost in my unsureness of things.

        Have a nice day.

        • jj
          August 12, 2014

          You’re so welcome, Brandie. You too have a very nice day. By the way, I too love Harry Potter. LOl. :]

  122. lismil
    August 11, 2014

    I think I understand what you are feeling. what I left out of my comment, was I have met someone, someone I am not with, because situations in my life right now prevent that. I have not actually seen this person in about 4 years, but when we used to work together, everyone thought he was my husband (it was actually an embarrasing thing we both delt with at work daily…and people asking us why we werent married) , and we just “clicked” like I have never “clicked” with someone before. but I swear I feel him every single night. I “know” he is thinking about me, and I cant help but think about him…even though I have tried so badly not to. Maybe your situation is more positive….I am currently contemplating what the best thing for me to do is.

  123. Mark Hardstaff
    August 11, 2014

    I met my soulmate 2 years ago I believe. This triggered my third eye bad spiritual awakening. The spirit world will tell me my future from time to time and told me on meeting her, that was there to see her.
    The stuff that has gone on between us has been amazing, yet we are not together yet.
    There are websites about soulmates that list how I feel, what I am doing and the fact I have psychic abilities.
    So I know where it is going to go bad have hope.
    I will update if it happens 🙂

  124. Lismil
    August 11, 2014

    What is your take on soul mates? When I was around 12 years old, I started having a reoccurring dream, where my family went on vacation to some mystical special foreign country far far away, but at the same time, felt like it was just an hour or so away. While on this vacation, I met a boy around the same age as me. We became best of friends instantly, and he was with me every moment of this vacation. He gave me a feeling I can’t even begin to explain, and when I was with him, everything in the world was just perfect……then it was time to leave. My family piled in the car, and I had a very difficult time leaving him. He hugged me and told me ” someday we will meet again”. I have always felt that I really would find this person from my dream in my lifetime. ……on to today, I truely feel I am sensitive, and because of it, I have made some very impulsive decisions based on gut feelings. I’m not sure if that is a normal intuitive thing for most, but I think it stems from my sensitivities. This impulsive thing has made me make moves across the county on the drop of a dime more then once, and for some reason, I get the ” feeling” that not only am I learning life lessons, but my intuition is ” leading” me to something….perhaps the person from my dreams? Is this crazy to even think this?

    • jj
      August 11, 2014

      Apparently there is someone out there for you, and you most likely will meet this individual. These dreams you had sound more like visions to me. Go with your gut, but be sure you use wisdom in the search of this individual…ask God to point you in the right direction and He will. Love is never crazy to search for.

  125. Pam Owensby
    August 9, 2014

    Everything you talked about rang true with me. I have had some abilities since a little child. About the animals and love of animals …I seem to attract animals often. I heard this is a common trait in sensitive. Have you heard this before? I have had wild rabbits and raccoon come up to me , multiple random cats and dogs at my porch not to mention the birds that insist on nesting at my front door and flying in the house from time to time.

  126. Adriana Shreffler Crouch
    August 6, 2014

    This explains a lot to me. I suspected that I was different. I grew up in a troubled family. My only escape was through my imagination. I would draw and write. The weight that crushed me almost caused me to commit suicide at an early age. Because of this my family threatened to send me to Juvenile detention. After this was when I would bury myself in my writing and in books to escape.
    I also grew up in a haunted home, which didn’t help. The dark spirit there only made my father worse. He was abusive in many ways. Many of which I won’t mention. When we finally moved from there things got a little better. After I left home at eighteen I haven’t been able to write or really draw. I lost my muse; which I am not that heartbroken over. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t write anymore, until two years ago. I met a gifted psychic and she explained to me that I was empathic. Suddenly my whole childhood made sense.
    Now I have my own son and I see a few of these gifts in him already. My husband is also psychic, but in ways I am not. Are psychics often drawn to others? My great-grandmother was a healer in the Yaqui tribe. She was said to have psychic abilities. I never met her, however. She died when I was a baby. My sister had clairvoyant abilities, but she despises them and has buried them. I don’t blame her, I tried to as well.
    Thank-you for the post, I will definitely be following you for others!

  127. Sugar Plum Princess
    August 3, 2014

    I need help to use this gift. Akways had it but unaware of it. Overnight. Actually at my most intense happy feeling, it manifested insistently into my conscious ness. Im ‘aware’ and seems as though well you should get it. Im one with all around. People nature and the universe. It shows in my art. I need help. Signs are every where. The eart speaks loudest to me. Can also feel every energy even those who linger after passing on. Need help.

    • jj
      August 3, 2014

      sugar plum princess, Indians have felt this. I have felt this [ having Indian blood myself ] when I walk down my trail. i look at it as being one with God. Nature is beautiful and makes you feel a quite happy within. This is a good thing. Now, if you feel the energy of the dead and they are still lingering, be careful with that, as God said when people die, their spirit goes back to him who gave it. So, the spirit does not linger, but something else well can…fallen angels or you may feel real [ Gods ] angels. When you do your art, and this continues, do it with love and happy thoughts and wonderful things will come of it.

      • Melissa
        August 4, 2014

        Um, this is not true, there are such things as ghosts. I think every psychic should be aware of earthbound spirits. Its not all angels and demons, there are human souls that are trapped here. Apparently, some do not even recognize they are dead or can not accept that they died, these “people” are confused and are reaching out looking for some help. Some are stuck because of fear, they realize they are dead but are still ok on earth and fear the unknown, perhaps fearing that hell or judgment awaits them on the other side. Then others stay behind to take care of business or watch over their family members. Maybe they feel like they will lose contact with them once on the other side. Guilt can also prevent the transition. The living can also create complications for the deceased when they create an attachment and do not let their beloved go.

        • jj
          August 4, 2014

          Melissa, The dead are of course dead and in the bible [Ecclesiastes 12: 7-8 ] it says after one is dead the spirit in man goes back to God who gave it. This spirit is a part of man, personality, etc. But what you see, hear, etc are not human spirits, but demons [ unless God sent one of his angels to someone for a reason ]. In biblical times they also saw ghosts, but they knew they were not human beings in spirit, but demons. Believe me when I say, I know a lot about them as I have experienced them my whole life because some of my family was into witchcraft and it past on down through the family. I do have psychic abilities, but don’t use them, as demons will mess with you if you do. Whenever anything does happen, I always ask if this is of God or satan…because satan can tell the truth and will also lie. So, its always best to have God on your side with these abilities.
          Satan and his demons have powers beyond our imagination and they can do many things, including manifesting themselves into human form or spiritual form looking just like someone. Angels can do the same thing, but they only do what God ask them to do and when they do, you can feel the love coming from them, but with demons you cannot. No human spirits are trapped here, but demons are when God through them back down here…they are lonely, evil and most dangerous. They all have names and powers. Some are worse than others. They all hate us and want the human race to believe our families, friends, or neighbors that have passed are still here or as you put it, some stuck here. They are not. Now, God has set up situations at times for some where as they were able to say good-bye to their love ones…but done Gods way, not satans. Gods word [ the bible ] explaines a lot about this. You just have to research and you’ll find answers.

        • Whitehorse
          October 24, 2014

          Well said Melissa. Yes our loved ones can and do visit us and its a beautiful blessing when they do.

        • Brandie
          October 25, 2014

          Yeah, I’d have to agree w/ Melissa on this one.

          I know people are suppose to move on after death, but I don’t think it happens all the time. I do think there is a way spirits become stuck and aren’t able to move on. Ghosts are real. People can leave impressions behind, because of strong emotions. These are similar to recordings in a environment. Then there’s the actual soul being left or earthbound. Certain places can trap spirits. Maybe they weren’t ready to move, maybe they stayed behind to help family, seek vengeance, and etc…There are too many stories about this kind of thing. I remember seeing what I thought were ghosts at the time. lol Their kinda eerie, and really unnoticeable unless they want the attention. Some of them can seem really life like until the disappear behind a tree or something.

          Besides I do have a personal belief in spirits that exist that were never human to begin w/ (i.e Faeries), and spirits that are of human origin. There’s a whole lot more in this world and beyond than we can even begin to imagine really. The soul in my opinion is a complex thing that can exist in multiple realities, and dimensions. Maybe even people who don’t feel whole are walking around w/ only half of themselves; until the time comes to be reunited w/ their other half. lol

          It’s an interesting theory.

    • Chrissy
      October 23, 2016

      Hi Sugar plum princess. I was unaware of my gifts from the age of 5 years until recently in my early 50s ,due to my Mother telling me not to talk that way anytime I saw or felt anything, all came true. I am the 7th Generation in my family to have these gifts. I am an empath, and use my mediumship skills along side it. Now understanding my gifts more, I embrace them and thank God for this. I was born this way, never had to develop myself or join any groups-amazing eh!

      I decided to write a book and put my life experiences in. called Don’t shoot the Messenger by Chrissy Porter find this on Amazon

  128. Christopher Milner
    July 27, 2014

    Is there anyone that could contact me to speak further about the things I’m feeling? I know I’m not the only one, but I want to describe the events and learn what else I may be able to do to hone in on my abilities

  129. Daisy Pippin
    July 27, 2014

    I’m writing because I’ve had abut irises since i was a Little girl. I saw my first actual apparition at the age of six and it was my grandfather but it was not my grandfather that was nice and my mother and grandmother both had psychic abilities. The joke used to be in school what does your mother have a crystal ball in her closet how did she know she know what we did? I have more of an empath am I can be around someone actually feel what they’re feeling ,it’s very bizarre and you’re right when I’m in a group of people I get confused because I can’t figure out where it’s coming from but normally I’m drawn to that person and then I figure out who it is. I know when someone’s lying to me it’s almost like I can tell the Caroline to me I don’t know if that’s a sick sense not to mention I literally wake up every night between three and 3:25 AM and have since I was a little girl. But it’s bizarre I don’t hear other people’s voices in my head it’s my voice but someone else speaking it to me when I get a connection with someone. I guess I’m writing you because there’s lots I have to ask that maybe we can communicate because for the first time I ended up getting jumped the other night I was at a bar and my boyfriend said it wasn’t me it’s like I was channeling someone else I was speaking of people he never heard of and I was speaking of a time that was not of this time. I have health issues that are major am I find that my ability is not as strong, I think one of the issues is the medication that they have me on but the apparitions are still there though I can’t see them all the time they get my attention other ways by throwing things ,changing the channels on my TV ,or for instance actually I have a video whereupon I was listening to light classical music to try to relax to go to sleep and I’ll wake up to it classical music station still being on but the doors playing or ELO or heart and when I say knock it off then it stops and goes back to playing the classical music like seeing apparitions ALL the time then you being able to to being able to see apparitions the only thing that I’ve seen now as I have seen is a shadow person but one in particular that’s outside of my house because I protect the house but also being out in and out of the hospital I have seen apparitions there. The only kicker is I don’t know when I’m wrong and I don’t know if I’m right it’s like I don’t feel confident enough but literally I will even look at a friend told him I could tell them about themselves things I would never know private things and tell them to answer yes or no and I literally always hit it right on the head … I also have problems with sleepwalking where I will wake up outside sleeping in the garden dirt..that’s happened a few times or I have vivid dreams and I’ve had vivid dreams ever since I can remember dreams that no six-year-old ,seven-year-old a-year-old ,or even a 12-year-old should have from a movie but it’s like a movie playing out but I wake up and the movie or I’m sorry the dream is still going on that’s happened to me ever since I was a little girl and these are some horrible things to experience because as a child you have no idea what’s going on and not to mention I’ve always had a vivid imagination , I was a straight a student and not a loaner well yeah a loner a little or wanted to be left alone and made straight A’s, artistic I do have a high tolerance for pain, funny you mention that , but I do you have hypersexuality, and those dreams that I had that when I would wake up and think there was still going on it wasn’t because I had seen some movie that night before bed.. me just having a nightmare these are dreams/ nightmares mostly that I know I’d never seen a movie about them.. My poor dad.. He had gotten woken up and with anything that would freak out any father but my mom would call them fever dreams, though I wasn’t running a fever..then she explained it to me.. The worst is being around someone I know is evil eye can see the evil I can feel the evil I can actually even picture things that they done that’s why I actually wanted to work for the FBI BA Unit because I had a photographic memory before I became sick and lost my ability to speak Russian fluently ,German fluently , that’s for my mothers from Germany and I lost my photographic memory , and my Billies the operations all the time after I had my third seizure. Oh not to say they don’t try to get my attention because they do and I was told by a spiritual’s friend of mine that I’m probably and surrounded by them I can’t see them because that I’ve only seen a few but that’s because they were powerful especially the shadow person I wasn’t the only one that saw that one but and if it’s a strong apparition then yes I see them and they talk to me but it’s my voice in my head and then I speak back to them and they answer me but it’s my’s very bizarre.. One of my spiritual friend a told me that I probably help them pass in their sleep and don’t even realize it and I hope that’s the case but the waking up exactly still like I as a kid, to wake up every night , no matter what I can wake up from a wake up from 3 to 325 every single morning ,every single morning and I go back to bed but it takes a while but it happens and I don’t know why it’s been that way since I was a little girl of course it my spiritualist friend tell me because it’s called the witching hour. But the impasse situation is the absolute worst and I hate it because someone could look at me right in the face as they’re telling me a story and I merely know that they’re lying and these are people that are close to me so that’s really hard for me to say anything and I don’t but it makes me not trust them and that bothers me so I don’t how to handle that..maybe you can give me some suggestions or a good book to read to help me deal with but as far as having a spirit guide , I know I must have one … I mean I know I have a spirit guide , I know because I have the intuitions, know I have intuitions that occur and I don’t know if that’s my spirit guide or not where I’ll literally know like not to go with that person ,something bad is going to happen .this and that ,almost like guidance but it’s my voice telling that to me in my head and I have no mental illness, so I know that it’s not that so maybe you can help me out?

    • jj
      July 27, 2014

      daisy, You have a lot going on here. What I’m going to tell you, I have tried to explain to others on here, but I know its hard for them to grasp and I know their own vainty gets in the way, as my does sometimes too, but I try to fight that part. We do have abilities, some have many, others maybe one or two. I can relate to many myself, but having paranormal abilities can be hard to get away from, so…let me tell you first, we don’t live in Gods world right now, but satan and the demons world. I know this may be hard for you to believe, but it is in the bible if you want to look it up. Satan and the other demons [ fallen angels ] are all around us, so are Gods angels. Satan hates us more than anyone can know and he will use us. You come from a family of psychics, so do I. Abilities have been passed on to us and demons know it. While all of our abilities won’t just go away, we can control them. God will help us with that. There is one main thing to always remember…satan will lie and also tell the truth. When ever you have something happen, ask yourself, is this of God or satan? God is love and will only show you something if He feels its most important for you to know, where as satan will not…but will only try to confuse you. If you want to talk further, I don’t mind at all, but if you feel what I have said so far is nuts and don’t want to talk, that’s alright too. Take care.

  130. scarlette
    July 25, 2014

    that is so true i am psychic it runs in my family and the peaple that say that they can tell you future NOT TRUE 98%of the time! i can simply see,talk,contact ghost’s. i am only 13 but being psychic is not a pice of cake. when you are trying to do something you feel like you are being wached and most of the time you are. alot of peaple live with a ghost near by. and alot of peaple think we can tell you what the future holds but that is alot of crap. some peaple can like my grandma. but just the fact alot of jerks say they can but that is just takeing peaples gift that god blessed there family with. you just cant trust peaple as much as you could. and i am not the best at spelling soooo. 🙂

  131. Martinjn
    July 17, 2014

    I’ve often felt like I am more sensitive than others and after reading this, I share a lot of the traits you speak of. One instance was when I was 8, I told my step-mother that she would be having twins when she found out she was pregnant (she did).
    I went to a psychic and she told me that my abilities would appear more once I got pregnant.
    I feel like everything has weakened but I would love to find out how to open myself up more. (My husband and I are talking about having children soon so I have not experienced anything more yet).
    I would also like to know why pregnancy would open up a person’s abilities more.

    • craigweiler
      July 17, 2014

      To answer your question, no one really understands much about psychic ability itself, let alone what affects it and why. Your guess is as good as any.

      • Ron Lentjes
        November 29, 2017

        Logical stuff: 1 + 1 = 2.
        Psychic stuff: Just is.

        Cheers, Ron Lentjes

    • jj
      July 17, 2014

      Martinjn, there are many things we don’t understand right now, but one day will. When I was pg with my daughter, I had to go to the hospital thinking she was coming and while there I felt something go into her from me. From this day, I don’t know what it was, but haven’t worried about it, as I know one day God will explain to me what happened. My daughter has been fine and no problems. I am psycic and feel she may be too, but we don’t embrace these abilities.

    • scarlette
      July 25, 2014

      i am psychic and i can tell what is going to happen sometimes but your body gets alot more sensitive after you have a baby you have that mouther enxtinct to that and ghost’s. by the way baby’s are like ghost magnets because they are pure and have not have that. ” that dose not happen.” ” thats fake.” ” that is not real.” i am not that good at spelling i am only 13 !! 🙂

  132. jessarae207
    July 15, 2014

    I also want to add that I’ve been struggling with a drug addiction for a little over a year now and I cannot shake it. This is so very unlike me and I’m not in a good place mentally. It seems odd to me though that my “traits” seem to have strengthened during this. I’m wondering why this could be.

  133. jessarae207
    July 15, 2014

    My whole life I’ve experienced almost everything here, especially because of my anxiety disorder, extreme depression, dyslexia, and adhd. I always had a feeling like they all stemmed from something deeper. I had a near death experience when I was 5 years old, when my mother and I got into a car accident. I saw god and I relive the memory like it happened yesterday. Everything here explains what I’ve felt. I am an extremely creative person; I’m self employed as a newborn photographer (I’ve been told that I am “the baby whisperer” because of the way I am with newborns and babies, and get them to calm and settle and sleep. My website is listed with this post I believe.) I am a very well known photographer in my area and have win numerous awards. I’m completely self taught and it’s all come naturally. I am also a successful fiber artist in knitting and crochet, and I own a side business doing that as well as other crafts. I’ve always known something about me was just “different” and I couldn’t out a finger on it. Now I know. Thank for for your article and help. I feel so peaceful now.

  134. joanne
    June 23, 2014

    What about anger if I get angry I’ve said I hope ur truck breaks an it does. I’d get mad an when that deep calming breath came power goes out. So much so they put stronger transmitters on power poles. I’ve said things that happen is this a seperate being from me. Most all the women are sensitive

    • jj
      June 23, 2014

      joanne, anger and hate come from a bad source. Love comes from a good source. In otherwords, satan hates, but God loves. Being psysic or sensitive, we have to be extra careful, as satan hates us and will use us if we let him. There was a member of our family that was very much into the paranormal [ including some witchcraft ] and this individual [ while she was drunk ] screamed at another individual, that she hoped he would die and that night, he died, by way of a motorcycle accident. I know she was more than sorry for what took place and learned much from it. I don’t think she realized the power of satan and her own power at that time. One day I will tell her. The one that died was my son, but I know he’s well taken care of by God. And I know I will see him again. The point is, we that have such abilities have to nuture them by being very careful and sticking as close to God as possible. I hope this helps you.

  135. Trudy
    June 9, 2014

    Can I just say what a comfort to find someone that
    truly understands what they are discussing online.
    Yoou certainly understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important.
    A lot more people should read this and understand this side of the
    story. It’s surprising you aren’t mlre popular since you certainly
    possess the gift.

  136. Sarah
    June 3, 2014

    Finally I am not alone on this. For my entire life I have walked a different side of the road from everyone else. When I was four I lost my father, and I could see some pretty messed up things. My sight has weakened a lot since then, but I can feel emotions so strongly that if i’m in the room with a stranger I can feel their feelings without them even making any contact with me. Same thing with Sensing another life. I have so many questions but I don’t know where to start.

  137. Lin
    May 28, 2014

    IM not sure how to say this but, Im 16 turning17 and I have this different kinds of sensations wherein when someone im related to fights or quarrels i can feel how they felt angry, sad and it hurts me very much im so confused, i dont know how to stop that. Then theres these instances where in I ask my friend whats wrong and stuff then they say ‘how did you know somethings wrong’ then i just say i dont know i just know you are i dont really get it, its like i can pre

    • jj
      May 28, 2014

      Lin, you sound to me like an individual that has a lot of compassion for others. You could be what’s called a sensitive,but also you could be a human being who loves deepiy and hates to see the ones you love fighting.

    • Penelope
      September 23, 2014

      Sort of sounds like you are an empath, which can be tough if you don’t know how to ‘shut it off’ or at least tune out some of those feelings and understand them better (ie recognize they are not coming from you so don’t let it get to you)

  138. Shayla
    May 27, 2014

    I’m 15 and I can feel when someone is dying, I’ve had my friends loved ones that have died talk to me and have me tell them things and I have had these experiences since I was about two (after a near death experience) and it has gotten a lot stronger in the past yeah and I’ve lost a lot of sleep due to people trying to talk to me at night and everyone in my family is against me and I don’t know how to control this….can anybody help?

    • jj
      May 27, 2014

      Shayla, can I ask you a couple of things before I comment? Are any of your family into the paranormal in any way? Have you been into it [ practicing, etc ] in any way?

    • Whitehorse
      October 24, 2014

      Shayla, my heart goes out to you or any young person that has a family that doesn’t understand a gifted child. I was very lucky as most of my family was the same as I so I had very good support all my blessed life. First off it’s very important that you know that you can take control. You must be brave and confident you need not fear ever because as a living human in your own dimension you are greater in power than those entities that are out of their own dimensions. They don’t have the right to bother you when you don’t want them to so walk tall and feel your strength it will help to keep them out of your personal space so you can get some sleep. If they are particularly stubborn and you want them to leave you alone then wipe them away from your life by simply refusing to acknowledge them and never speak of them if you do this they will eventually leave you alone as anyone would. Do know that you are especially strong in your own territory/dimension so stay in it for the time being. Once you gain control things will become better in all aspects of your life and then you can choose what and who to let in and what and who to keep out. Go slow be strong, know that you are blessed. Learn to use your personal discernment and always remember follow no one that wants to be followed…..

  139. Anonymous
    May 18, 2014

    You have described me down to the T..I an still young and would like to meet others like me that way I can fully embrace my ability/ gift as my health care provider told me as we spoke about what was going on with me..he advised me to seek a spiritual counselor or others like me that would help and teach me how to control and release negative energy and to control my surrounding to help me live a functional life..if anyone is out there and can help my development please email me at lala Romero 18 …I live close to Pensacola Florida ..I was thinking of a psychic fair or conversation of some sort…thanks

    • Wesley Robinson
      June 1, 2014

      Alright, so I’ve never posted anything about the talents “I think I have” or everyone tells me I have. I’m not even sure if this is the right sight to post this but my urge was so great I’m doing it. I think I am really trying to figure out who I am. I feel like there is something so amazingly great that I can do and I’m not doing it. I play guitar, piano, harmonica, dance, draw abstract, paint, write poetry, and songs and some more stuff. I can do any of those things decent ally at any time but when I feel good and have an urge of energy or feeling of motivation I can do them to where it mind blows myself and gives me a goosebumps tingling feeling all over my body. I’ve always been a super worrier I don’t think there is ever a time that I am not worried. I was a really good kid but I made bad grades and my teachers in kindergarten asked to hold me back a year because they said I was to immature, my dad would not do it. I don’t think that I am unintelligent actually every tells me I’m very smart all the time. ( I hate to sound like I’m bragging so much sorry. ) I have bad anxiety and panic attacks ever since I was maybe 7. I go through feelings of feeling great and so happy then a sense of something bad is going to happen comes then goes. I don’t think anyone knows me even if they could bet on it, honestly I don’t think I know myself. Over the years I would say about the age of 17 ( I’m 25 now ) I would look at a person and ask then if I could tell them there whole life story. I have been right every time I still do it because it freaks people out and is exciting still ha. I met my next door neighbor a few months ago, a girl named Rosia. We hung out only a few different time I hung out with her 4 days ago and we stayed up all night talking. We were so in depth I told her about these weird feelings I have and told her I feel like when someone doesn’t say anything I picture the image of what there thinking in my head but first I feel there emotion usually of sadness. She told me I was right again so we tried something. I said pick a number one through 10. I looked at her eyes and said 7. She was like your kidding I was right I said think of one from 1 to 20 then I said 17 I was right again then 1 – 50. I said 38 I promise I am dead serious I was right again. I think I can only do this sometimes and not to everyone though. There is definitely something incredibly different about me I just wish that someone could help me figure out what it is. I’m diagnosed with ADHD anxiety and insomnia :/ I know it’s a lot my parents didn’t Beleive in med but once I was treated for not being able to focus I can at least hold a steady good paying job now. I’m not sure if anyone else does this but I can control my dreams. I’ve had a few dreams in the past year that I could start running and then fly. I remember being in the dream and realizing I was dreaming and continued to fly around my parents house it was amazing. But sometimes I get trapped in my dreams and I have a lot of bad ones to. I have something called sleep paralysis it happens like 5 times a month. I’m having a nightmare so I try to wake myself up I come out of the dream but my eyes body legs arms nothing can move or I can’t speak, I lay there for 2 minutes and then I can. If being psychic is a real thing I really do think I have another senth. A lot of people think I’m weird but they still like me I always smile and enjoy entertaining people but I think this other senth is what is interfering with my way of thinking my focusing my happiness and my motivation. This was entirely to long I know. If anyone seems like your like me or can help tell me anything at all that would be amazing. Just email me.

  140. José Antonio Ramos
    May 18, 2014


    I am going to be very straight forward to you right now.

    It seems that your “greater self” is hurting me. I am not certain though. It could be something similar trying to keep us apart. I am hesitant to interpret this further as I sense corruption of the concept as I try to put it into words.

    I am compelled to drop your blog but since I am a real “hard ass” I elected to endure the duress instead.

    I am concerned because last summer the same phenomena (presumably your greater self) prompted me to get a Masters degree in Philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder and to put my photo up on this blog. I still consider that impression genuine. I resisted the picture and I have plans to move to Colorado.

    I want your input.

    Drop the blog? Or not?


    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 18, 2014

      Now I was just overwhelmed with the notion to cancel my Colorado plans.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 18, 2014

      Note that I personally do not want to drop the blog

      • José Antonio Ramos
        May 18, 2014

        IT WASN!T YOU!!!!!

        I am not prepared for what just happened

        • José Antonio Ramos
          May 18, 2014

          It wasn’t you last summer either.


          • José Antonio Ramos
            May 18, 2014

            Things are so Convoluted right now. I no longer trust my plans.

    • craigweiler
      May 18, 2014

      Hi José,
      My own experience over time has been that the best approach is to ignore messages and impressions unless they are obviously tied to something in my life.

      In this case, we have no obvious connection outside of this blog, so it’s best to ignore any information you might be getting that concerns me. Stuff like that is almost always a red herring.

      One of the things that psychic ability is really good at is making connections. Sometimes though, there can be too many connections to the point where they’re no longer grounded in reality.

      Your best bet is to not act on impressions right away and see if they change or go away. And ignore stuff that isn’t taking you in a direction you want to go. Psychic ability is your assistant, not your master. You’re in charge.

      • José Antonio Ramos
        May 18, 2014

        It’ was your picture and your comments about me that made the connection. Notice how you did not answer the question.

        • José Antonio Ramos
          May 18, 2014

          I think you misunderstood me because of how specific I was being. If you experienced how I came to the conclusion I did, you would understand how wrong your reply seems. Do me a favor … Tomorrow delete all my posts from your blog.

          • José Antonio Ramos
            May 18, 2014

            Last thing … I am telling you … Your greater self extended into my physical reality today.

  141. Ela
    May 18, 2014

    I’m Ela from Italy. My husband left me for no reason on 24th of May 2011. He moved in with another woman, I felt like killing myself. I’ve tried different spell casters and went to different churches to pray but all to no avail. My life was very bitter and sorrowful. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about a man called Da abacha. he said him gave him some lucky numbers that he played in a lottery and he won 5 fives consecutively. I didn’t believe it because I’ve worked with so many of them and it didn’t work. He begged me further so I decided to try this great man called Dr abacha. I contacted him and I gave him the necessary information. after the days which he gave me, the next day which was on the 29th of July, I received a call and it was my darling husband. He apologized and came back to me crying for a second change and he even gave me money to start up a business as a means of compensating me on that very day before leaving. I’m now a very a happy woman and our marriage vows were renew again and ever since he has shown me love like never before. Thank you dear Dr abacha, I will forever be grateful to you. You can reach him in this she will solve any problem you are facing now. Try him today and share your own testimony. i know some people will look at it in the other way round, don’t ever hide your problem, because if you do, you will never find the solution. also share your problem with friends, they might be of help to you. thanks for taking your time to read my testimony

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 18, 2014

      Not so white magic after all … There are no problems … Only solutions … Thus no problems to hide.


  142. Mark Hardstaff
    May 16, 2014

    I didn’t read what you wrote. But I will tell you now, I don’t doubt you.
    My life is so crazy now. I can see I have a number of paranormal abilities.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 17, 2014

      If one experiences it, it is normal and natural. Words like “supernatural” and “paranormal” only serve to segregate, set apart, and ostracize the more sensitive people among us.

      Consider a more inclusive tact in order to change the Common Good’s flawed paradigm.

  143. Laura
    May 16, 2014

    I’m not sure if I have psychic abilities, but the characteristics describe me to a “T”! I have very vivid dreams, with or without hypnogogic hallucinations, which can be extremely frightening. It feels like a near death experience and there is often a pull between good and evil. I will also have visions in my dreams and my dreams reveal many truths to me. One was a dream of a man I was dating and he wore a terrifying iron mask. I tried to peak underneath and it was horrifying, grotesque and evil underneath. In real life the man I dated turned out to be a sociopath, liar and cheater. He is now engaged to someone else and I had a vision/dream of her and her face was swollen, bruised, puffy, and dead looking. I don’t know what this means, but I felt a sadness about it. I have also been noticing that every time I look at a clock it has three of the same digits ie. 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. any thoughts on my experiences would truly be welcome and helpful to me. Thanks!

    • truer
      May 16, 2014

      Laura, you sound psychic. I have commented on this site a few times and I know its hard for people to believe what I’m saying because most don’t want to believe we’re in a war between good and evil, but we are. I will tell you this…you are struggling between good and evil. God has his hand on you, trying to protect you, while satan [ or a demon ] is trying to grab hold of you. Apparently you are fighting back without realizing it.

      Angels will warn you about things… sometimes in a dream. I think that’s what happened with that man you saw in the mask. The girl you saw, swollen and bruised could have been you, if you had not heeded the warning.
      I have heard about some people looking at a clock the way you were describing, but its best to not get wrapped up in what you see on a clock. God has certain numbers for certain reasons in the bible and they are neither coming from a clock, nor are these numbers connected to God in anyway. When you see things like this, as I have told others…ask yourself, ‘is this of God or of satan?’
      God is logical and filled with love, but satan [ or his demons ] is opposite from God. I hope this helps.

      • Laura
        May 17, 2014

        Thank you, Truer, for your quick response and opinion. a few weeks ago I had a dream with my mother (who is passed and frequently enters my dreams) . I was introducing my mother to a friend I couldn’t think of friends name. My friend said her name was Lisa, which isn’t her real name and I don’t even know any Lisa’s close to me. In the dream she said she had some oils to share and talked about decorating. The next day, in real life, I told my friend about the dream and she said she was thinking about studying essential oils. Also, that same day, I went into a shop I’ve never been to before ( I am an artist and create many types of paintings and textile works with a product I have been trying to promote for extra money) The woman who owns the shop said she would be interested in selling my product in her store. I asked her for her business card and guess what her name is? Lisa! I was blown away. So I think I need to sell my product in her store. My mother was a deeply religious and beautiful person and like I said, visits me in my dreams a lot.

        I recently had a hypnogogic dream and Jesus was in it taking me up to an opening, as if I was in a dark well, looking up. I noticed many shadowy figures gazing down, I couldn’t make out features, just shadows, but I felt like I knew them somehow.

        Is there a link between lucid dreaming and psychic ability?

        My daughter is mentally/cognitively disabled but she knew at once that the man I was very involved with was very bad (he hurt me beyond anything I can describe and I am still dealing with the emotional wounds) He is engaged to this other woman now who is very wealthy/successful. There was a time that I was with him in the home he was living and we were laughing/talking and this huge “whoosh” of energy came toward us, like it was upset. He would often tell me his place was haunted and I did hear weird sounds (mumbling) during the nights when I stayed with him. His phone would also say things (Syrie sp?) like it was jealous of me. I sometimes would say, “turn on Syrie and ask her a question. She sounded mad that he was with me! This is a phone app for crying out loud. How does that happen? I told him to call my phone when I was with him because I was checking my ringtone and when the phone rang, it said over and over, “I am the devil, I am the devil,” scared the crap out of me. I do believe this man is evil and I am still haunted by him. Sorry this is long and thanks for reading it if you are. I just want this man’s energy out of my life for good as it is soo painful and hard to break free from.

        • truer
          May 18, 2014

          Laura, The dream you had about your mother was a very positive dream and I have no doubts that you were sent a message with the help of an angel to talk to your friend and head toward that shop. And good luck by the way.

          Now, the second dream does not sound positive. It truly sounds as if satan is trying to throw you a curve. Dark shadows are called shadow people…dangerous. With what you have said about that guy, your gut was telling you something was wrong and that is why you felt you knew them [ the shadowy beings ].

          That guy your talking about is himself in real danger, but he is not one for you to hang with, because demons are around him and it sounds to me like very powerful ones. Stay away from him as your daughter, along with yourself will be put in harms way.
          Laura, satan and the demons can do some very powerful things. They can immitate others…in otherwords, sound like a human child or a man or a woman. There are many things they can do, so its best for you and your daughter to never communicate with that guy again.

          God apparently is watching over the both of you and that is good. Ask God to remove the negative energy out of your home and away from the two of you. If you need to, rebuke it by saying very strongly…I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ. They are suppose to flee, but some are stronger than others. If they do not flee, then the next step is to do as God has said…fast and pray, then rebuke again, strongly. Demons know if your a Christian or not…stay close to God and believe me, He will stay close to you. Again, I hope this helps.

          • Laura
            May 18, 2014

            Thank you, Truer. I appreciate your support and words of encouragement! Thank you for your replies. I haven’t seen that man for two years. I caught him with another woman ( the one he is engaged to ) but the negative energy is unbearable at times. I also feel energy at work. The room can feel very oppressive to me. I can sense peoples auras even tho I don’t necessarily see colors, just a dark force if I know I need to stay away. I’m getting better after this happened with this man. I am paying attention to my feelings (my gut) and my posture when I’m with someone who has negative vibes. Then I just try and stay away from them. I just wondered if people with psychic abilities have vivid dreams like I described and does anyone else experience hypnogogic hallucinations?

            • truer
              May 18, 2014

              Laura, I have never experienced hypnogogic hallucinations, but since every one is different in their own unique way, some may have. I have had visions where they feel so real, I can feel the wind on my skin and my hair blowing. It says in the bible that in the end times [ of which we are in now ] that the old will dream dreams and young have visions. The secret to this, is to know if they are truth or lies. That’s why its good to know God and be close to him. And I don’t mean in a fanatical way, but because we love him and obey him. God is truth and love, satan is deceptive and filled with hate.

              Your mother was close to God and she loved him. I have no doubt she too had experienced things she could not explain, but was kept safe and God too, had his hand on her shoulder.

    • Valerie
      August 3, 2014

      Hi, Laura am a 12 year old girl and I think you do have psychic abilities because this is the same thing it happens to me, its like i dream about a house and than I go to trips and I find the houses of my dreams and i didnt even knew that, that places even exist i tought my mind had created them. Sometimes my parents tell a phrase and than i say hey i knew you where gonna say that but i remember all of that was at my dreams. And now am starting to take pictures where I see places like my dreams. I do hear phrases and codes or sometime peoples hearts going fast like if i had something. And everytime I hear a noise I hear it loud and i get scared , now i have more goossepumps. I asked my dad if someone in his family had a psychic ability he said yes, my grandfather coulda move things with his mind ( psychokinesis) so that means I inherited some of his abilities, i really dont get scared because i know am still a normal girl but little bit different. Last week my aunt diedand before she died I had a feeling of something happend, than they called my mom telling her that her aunt died at 8.00 p.m just when I felt that feeling.Now am making a experiment of myself so write all things in a notebook writing what I feel whats happens and how do i feel until now its working to me, I do think I have psychic abilities.

      • Laura
        August 4, 2014

        Notebook writing is a great idea, Valerie. I really try to remember my dreams and I know they speak to me, that is, if I remember. I wish I was more disciplined to write them down, I just don’t have the time to do so because of my work schedule.

    • Ron Lentjes
      November 29, 2017

      If you get a sense that something is wrong, question it. If you get a dream about something bit odd, question it. If you have any kind of dream of something solid hiding you from discovery then run away (or at least thoroughly test it out).

      Take a look at some faces of (not very nice) presidents on TV. If you have that same imagery / feelings, you know that person is hiding something from the public. Even if almost the entire world is praising this person. As a psychic you know better.

      Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

  144. ruby
    May 12, 2014

    this really tripped me out every word describes me

  145. Anonymous
    May 10, 2014

    I came to this website by accident but it is very interesting. The article on HSP describes me. I’m not sure that i am psychic even though some in my family are. I have been having a reoccuring dream about me fighting evil. I recently had a dream about Jesus. He was on the cross and he opened his eyes and kept looking at something that was next to me. He followed whatever it was with his eyes never breaking his glance. Jesus never looked at me. I was told by a couple of people that there is a demon after me and i need to look to the lord. I just had to say all of this for some reason. Thank you for reading.

    • truer
      May 10, 2014

      Anonymous, you say you come from a family of psychic’s? My mother was a psysic, but got into deeper stuff, dangerous stuff. If any member of your family is into any deeper stuff, such as black magic, etc….be careful. Your dream may well be a warning. It’s very possible a demon may be trying to get to you because of your family. I had no interest in any of this stuff, but my mother did try to get me interested. Many times when one isn’t interested or not involved with such things and the family is, demons will work to get your mind interested one way or another. Your lucky, you’ve been warned to be careful, I wasn’t. Things have always happened to me, but I never paid attention to them, until my mother died, then I had to, because they were after me. I have had to fight them most of my life, but I found a helper…God and his son, Jesus Christ. Without them, I would have been in big trouble. Yes, things still happen, along with psychic things, but, God gives me the strength to fight back. Stay close to God the best you can and don’t allow this thing to influence you.

      • Anonymous
        May 10, 2014

        Thank you Truer for your words. My mom was one of the people who told me about the demon after me. She said she saw the demon but she was not afraid of it. She said the demon was there to let her know of his presence. My mom is a devout catholic. y grandma suposedly was psychic. My cousin is psychic and she was supposedly possessed by a demon. I have thought of things sometimes and then they happened. I knew a man and one day i said to myself over and over again that he was going to die. Weeks passed and i got word that he was hit by a car and died. I am trying to stay positive and be closer to god. It hasn’t been easy.

        • truer
          May 11, 2014

          Anonymous, you’re right, I know its been hard as I’ve had to fight them for many, many years now…but God has always given me the strength to hold on. Like you, I too can tell if someone is going to die or not, and I pray about it immedially that God allows them to live. There are so many things I could tell you, but the main thing is to stay close to God and when something comes up, always ask yourself…is this of God or satan. You know God is love and doesn’twant harm to come to you, but satan will lie and tell the truth. The best bet is to ask God to some how let you [ He will not talk to you directly, but sometimes will by way of his angels ] know if what you know is truth or lies.

  146. Thina Kong
    May 7, 2014

    Can there be psychics that can read thoughts of other people? I’m experiencing voices and it is driving me crazy. They said I committed a crime that I didn’t attempt. I’m going crazy right now. I’ve lost my sanity, please help. I hate it, my head hurts.

    • craigweiler
      May 7, 2014

      Hearing voices that are giving you bad information is not good. I’m afraid that I can’t do much for you over the Internet though and anyways I’m a writer and journalist, not a therapist.

      A good place to start is to find someone you can trust and start talking to them about what you’re experiencing.

      • Ron Lentjes
        November 29, 2017

        Craig, Just as a hint. As hideous as this sounds, please read about Gang Stalking. You can remove this comment as necessary. Because I don’t want to cause to much side talk here. Basically, some groups can induce Skull to Brain voices via microwave induction (it is a side band demodulation trick). Anyone doing this is not our friends. This was invented in 1989. United States Patent 4,877,027 Brunkan October 31, 1989. I have seen someone attacked this way as described by TK. It is an attempt to make one feel they are crazy when in fact is nothing other than a recording broadcasted. Gang Stalking is very real. It is no joke and disgusting. Cheers, Ron Lentjes.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 8, 2014


      It is my impression that the voices you are experiencing are not the thoughts of other people. It is also my impression that the the content of the rhetoric you are experiencing is not important no matter how specific it can be, so do not communicate back.

      If you feel as though you are being goded or told to do something by these voices, do not do it. Remember that your actions are very finite (you cannot easily take them back).

      Anything subjective (not physical) try to ignore. Anything physical but “supernatural”, make a note of it. You may be experiencing a synergy between the two so do not instantly interpret your environment any which way.

      Keep open minded. Do not freak out. You may be very overwhelmed by psychic impressions … Your mind cannot make sense of it so it comes across as voices. Remember that talking is one of the first things you ever learned so I am not surprised that your mind resorted to it for context. I presume in a language you learned.

      I am not a therapist but be careful if you approach one. They may peg you for having a serious condition without understanding unconventional explanations. If there are any people in your life that treat you suspiciously well … Go to them first for help.

      If the issue persists try to practice the basic tenet of Dao. See everything for what it is rather than what we call it. Words are meaningless, especially those if your voices.

      Good luck,

      • craigweiler
        May 8, 2014

        I agree with José. I think his recommendations are very sensible.

      • Yogi
        August 14, 2014

        I likes the way you put it.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 8, 2014


      I had to come back to say one more thing. Hopefully it means something to you.

      If the aforementioned voices also respond as you … like in a subjective two way conversation … and you know conceptually without doubt, that it is not you. Then it is not! Do not ever let it be you!

      Whatever it is, it sounds bad. I truly feel for you.

      My advice is for you to stay cogent. The knowledge you need to cope is out there. I think living with it is very possible 🙂


    • truer
      May 9, 2014

      Thina, You’re not going nuts. I have had it happen to me twice, but I handle it the way I usually handle things I’m not sure of…I say to myself, is this of God or satan. God said, he has given us a sound mind, but satan would love to destroy our minds because he hates us. There is one thing I believe that Jos’e said that you should be careful of doing and that’s to talk to a shrink, as they deal more with the physical aspects of human beings and have a hard time believing there is a spiritual world out there that is good and evil. Just know one thing, God loves you very much and so long as you stay close to him, he will be your saftey net…always. Try not to dwell on the things you hear and instead always remember that you have an angel that is with you all the time and Christ is holding your hand and God is saying…I love you my child and will always be with you. You have surrounding help and love beyond words. Take the time to just talk to God, like you would a friend. It does help.

    • truer
      May 16, 2014

      Thina, have you seen a doctor about this? If not, it might be a good idea. Just be careful with your words and let them know your wondering if you may be having some kind of physiclal problems and perhaps need extra B-Vitamins or something you may not be getting in your body for this form of stress.

      • truer
        May 18, 2014

        Thina, I should have mentioned..a regular doctor that could perhaps draw some blood, look at your BP, etc. Just a routine physical, no shrink.

  147. Alexandra Sarantopoulou
    April 30, 2014

    Just came across this as I am wondering if my child has inherited my “sensitivities” as she is a very restless sleeper. And me too! Also children are more sensitive. I saw so much more when I was younger than I do now, although I feel I am more psychic. Anyways what really caught me here is the hooded one. I always had this woman in a dark blue hooded robe or dressing gown standing at my door. I woke up turned around and she was there, this happened all the time for years. Also my sister had the same thing and I saw here at my mothers door once too! I thought maybe she was my grandmother that I never knew. I never saw a face. Once she held the hand of a smaller brighter figure, I think was my cousin who passed very young. It is interesting that other people have had this hooded figure too.

  148. Antoine
    April 30, 2014

    No worries at all. No need to panick or be afraid. Just let it be “the facts” of your life. The ones calling your name could be either spirits passing by or spirits of your dead relatives and so on. Sometimes you can figure out who they are. Don’t try to analyse who is the voice , the moment you relax it be easier to understand who it is. Once you submit to your nature all blends in magically, I’m working on it as well every day. I guess some mortal side isn’t really willing to let the mind accept the different structure of extraterrestrial notion. P.s- for an example, before going to sleep I always thank the spirits for being my friends yet state that we are from different dimensions and we are happy to communicate on such terms without interfering one’s space privacy. You ll be just all right . Hope this helps 🙂

  149. Anonymous
    April 30, 2014

    I’m hoping someone could give me some insight on some things I’ve expierinced since I was in my late teens. I have many times dreamt this reoccurring dream. But it’s more of a sleep paralysis out of body type of dream. I’m dreaming that I her a knock on the door and then I see a hooded figure walk towards me. Or that the hooded figure is outside the door and wants to come in but I do not open the door. The first time I dreamt with this figure it sat on my bed next to me and turned towards me to pull me off the bed by my feet. I always feel the same as I can’t move or scream but I always some how manage to wake myself up. I have no clue what this dream means. It’s happend randomly for the past 15 yrs or so. I also hear knocking next to my head usually by the wall or door right before I wake up. And often times when I’m drifting off to sleep i hear someone whisper my name. I even caught it a few times on EVP. I showed my husband to prove I wasn’t making it up. I know I’ve always been sensitive, I have pre cognitive dreams and feelings and have had a lot if other random psychic occurrences happen to me. I just don’t know what the hooded figure knockin and name calling mean! Anyone have any insight?! Thanks in advance.

    • Melissa
      April 30, 2014

      It’s your…spirit guide!!! Mine, too, wore a hoodie when I first attempted astral projection. I could never see them, only the hooded figure. Google astral projection, sounds like you’re a natural! Also, try youtube, there are some decent guided astral projection meditations.

      • Whitehorse
        October 23, 2014

        I have seen the hooded one once when I was having trouble sleeping he appeared at my bed side smiling I sat up and asked him “why are you here ” he replied “to put you to sleep” I said “if you are here to put me to sleep then why am I awake?” He was jovial and seemed humored and in an instant I fell into a deep sleep that I tried to fight because I had wanted to wake my husband to see him. The next morning with only a few hours sleep I never felt so good. I refer to him as the Joyful One. His face and eyes where smiling and smooth and hairless he looked somewhat Tibetan. His robe and hood looked as if it was seamless and rounded at the top.

  150. Kalena
    April 27, 2014

    I slept in my parent room till I was about 11 years old sometimes even in high school because I was so afraid to turn the lights off….the things I would see in the dark were so frightening that I would Attempt to avoid sleep altogether..eventually I prayed my night visitors away….a few months ago I discovered that I could see auras… While attempting to train and grow my ability I was continuously visited my daemons that spoke to me in my head taunted me and forced me to go talk to my pastor… I stopped training my eye and they went away…I’ve come to realize that I’ve allways had a bit of sleep paralysis (inability to move feel like something is sitting on my chest ect) but the other night while sleeping on my back I physically saw a black shadow standing over me just staring… Didn’t seem harmful , I didn’t feel threatened, of course I was paralysed but I didn’t seem to mine it staring at me…upon awakening I realized that it was possibly more than I dream… The next night I awake in what I believe to be a seperate dominsion… Filled with a world a lot like the one in insidious the movie…I’ve been having sleep paralysis almost every other night since the event… Each time a different experience… Also my eyes see very small balls of light I once believe to be floaters but have now come to realize floaters are not light! Pure light, lighter than a light bulb…. What’s going on?

    • Lismil
      August 11, 2014

      I too have seen flashes of light all my life and always wondered what that is……still wonder what that is.

    • Whitehorse
      October 24, 2014

      Kalena, Leaving ones body can take us to some strange places and sometimes your friends and relatives will report seeing you as a ghost. A person can get a bit stuck trying to get in or out think of it like a lock and key if you get excited the key won’t turn the lock. The next time it happens stay very calm it’s an interesting place to be because in that moment you will be able to see both worlds. It’s not good to embrace or even talk about dark entities it’s not in our best interest because it creates a connection and or fear and can put one in a vicious cycle making one weak and susceptible to the very thing they fear. Wipe them away from your personal existence by refusing to acknowledge them as we all have that power. As far as lights go anyone who sees bright lights should put their hand in front of their face if the light still persist it’s good cause to get checked out by a physician if not then they are most likely just other life forms.

  151. kim b
    April 22, 2014

    hi this is kb I feel that I do have some form of power when I close my eyes I can see images and people sometimes its people I no some I don’t I have all type of weird dreams I no they have some type of meaning and the majority of the time I read people very well this has been happening since the age 10 I would dream something and it would come true not always immediately sometimes over time . I always wonder what going on with me .

  152. zanie
    April 22, 2014

    This entire article described me to a T! Uncanny!!!

  153. micky
    April 5, 2014

    In have a question about my son. When I was young I used to see things, people and colors that other people couldn’t. I was just that weird kid people would say that talked with people swear was there or see monsters at the naughbers house. ( who also seemed to drain light and he turned out to be a criminal). I also got horrible headaches and once even watched myself sleep. ( that got me a doctors appointment when I told my dad lol). Now my sonn is saying he is seeing the same things and he gets the headaches I did and I want to know if I should encourage him or protect himthe same crap I went through. Just not quite sure what is best for him and any advice besides taking him to a shrink, put him on pills and just chalk it up to imagination.

    • jj
      October 26, 2014

      micky, what has happened to you has passed onto your son. It’s not your fault. it happens in families. Like my mom and grandmothers psychic abilities passed onto me. Because of this I have had some really horrible experiences and mighty scary ones too. But, on the flip side, I’ve had some wonderful experiences. This has been going on with me most all my life…many, many, many years. I got very close to God through much biblical studing and research and the closer I got to God and the more I found out, the more I have been able to control my happenings.To me, micky, God is the only answer for your son and you. He loves us very much and knows these things and more are happening to people, including children. For now,the best thing to do is protect him by way of prayer and let him know how much God loves him and his angel is always with him. God is love and love does no harm…

  154. Anthony Jarrel Williams
    April 1, 2014

    Oh man, where do I begin??? 😀 I remember my birth, still to this day, and the growing patterns of my mind. As a five year old little child, I knew that the systems of society are messed up and dreaded the thought of having to work in them one day. I astral projected and had sleep paralysis a lot when I was around 8 years old. I was a bully magnet and gotten into a lot of fights, starting in the 3rd grade. I was raised as a Navy brat and knew martial arts from a young age. I started to “hunt” down the bad kids in school as a sort of “vigilante” and dished out justice lol! The other kids that were asleep feared me, while the awaken ones praised me as a hero. I never craved the attention at all and thought that my actions brought balance. All this did was spread around the fear, increased my short temper, and gave me a weird form of telekinesis. I would accidentally bump into a person, about twice to three times a week, and they would slide about 5 to 8 feet on the floor! ” Oops, sorry, I’m sorry.” were the common words from my mouth at the time. I studied about Taoism, Buddism, Wicca, and Nature herself and gotten in touch with my spirit and learned how to tune into the whispers of God. This change happened around when I was 18. Puberty around age 13 made my temper and manifestations of randomized energy much much worse. Other psychic people gravitated towards me and we learned a lot from each other. One friend, Jason, told me that my aura was green and that I was a healer. Another one, Alison, told me about my temper, she also had a temper, and taught me how to convert my anger into energy to be used for action. A group of us were eating together one night after work and all of a sudden a white bubble of energy enveloped us and time froze still for about 6 seconds, then went back up into the ceiling. I tried to say something, but spoke in tongues and my friend Alison yelled out, “What the f**k was that?!” lol! Another friend of mine, John, told me that we were momentarily abducted by aliens. A chill went through my spine, but I had a gut feeling that he was right. I have seen these beings called shadow people several times when I was walking through the woods. They are 3-d see through sillouetted beings about 6 feet tall that have no facial features and are really fast! They’ll dash behind bushes, trees, etc. and peek at you. I felt that they aren’t evil. That they are observing us like we would watch a squirrel in nature or something. I have brought my friend Shelly’s snauser dog back to life, just by using energy. She ate a clothespin, it must of pinched off a blood vessel in her small intestine, and she died. Shelly was crying, I placed my hand on the dog’s chest, saw tendrils of white and green energy flow from my arm to her body, and she rose back up, tail wagging and everything! I immediately felt nauseated and weak, like I had worked out and didn’t eat anything. I had a snack and felt much better after about 30 minutes. I did the same thing to a dragonfly after I saw that he struggled with dying, but I wasn’t weakened that time around, most likely due to the fact that his body didn’t require that much energy to animate it. My telepathy has increased to the point of using it like a cellphone with other psychic people. With people that are asleep in this area, it either confuses them or freaks them out. I purify negative people that are near me by unmasking them. I tell them who they truly are and how they became that way. They either continue to try to hide, even though it is futile, or they truly start to change their ways to positivity. Tons of people somehow find me on a daily basis and I can solve their problems like that. I went through a weird myriad of ascension symptoms: rashes, ravenous hunger, fast growing hair, thinning hair, numb nerves in some areas, sleeping forever, sleeping in short bursts, tons of energy one day and very very worn out the next, and processing phrases in my brain backwards: ” I need to orange drink the juice, I mean drink the orange juice.” lol! I’m now using these abilities to wake up as many beings as possible so that they may go onto the right paths of development on all levels of their being.

    • Umair
      April 17, 2014

      You are possesed by a jinn..its mentioned in the Holy Quran…I have been through all what you mentioned and much more…I don’t think its neccesarily bad that these energy beings (jinns/genies) are in you or around you…but vibrations at night and astral travel our classic signs of jinns trying to get in your body because they feed off of our energy…they reside in a parralel dimension they can see us but normally we can’t see then…lights going out electronics frying…that’s normal…only solution is to remembet Allah…and read the quran play surat yasin on youtube…the evil jinns hate that…I have my manifestations or wishes come true literally in front of my eyes…its also related to your third eye…that’s what they use to get in you…and children are an easier target because they have a weaker energy field around themand a traumatic experience or crying or other strong emotions can leave holes in your aura or energy field and allow them too leech on to your energy. ISLAM is the only religion that clearly states who these beings are…no wonder it is the true religion…when you speak in tongue you are possesed.. that is not some built in power neither is telekinesis or. Telepathy or dead animals rising…that’s a demon possesing your dead dog to make it seem you have the power to give life when real believers know only Allah , the creator can give and take life….this is tenptation and a test this life so be careful and don’t forget who created you…not jinns the themselves were created of fire by Allah…time for you to do research on google on Islam and jinns and convert….

      • Yogi
        August 14, 2014

        I think you should stick to the core of this blog and not divert our friends in here to your path of Islamic religiousness. Theres no need to embrace islam. Every religion is sacred and you respect it.

    • Anonymous
      April 25, 2014

      is it true the Fallen Angels have a chance to returnto heaven because Christ planted the seed which grew into a beautiful flower for redeeming power only through God’s love this flower livesI believe I’ve seen this flower inthe for Christ through our Father’s glory and heaven is given in obedience is there anyone who is our defense

      • jj
        April 25, 2014

        The fallen angels that are mentioned in the bible are just that, fallen angels [ demons ] and there are worse ones that are put away right now and are not let out. God cannot kill these angels, but one day they will be put away so as to do no more harm.

    • Cat Dennis
      April 27, 2014

      how do i get in contact with you please

      • jj
        April 27, 2014

        Cat Dennis, did you want to get in contact with me [ jj ] or someone else?

    • RaVen
      July 5, 2014

      Hi Anthony,
      I enjoyed reading your experiences – I wondered if you’re open to having a pen-pal?

    • jj
      October 24, 2014

      Anthony, your answers are simple…even though I know you won’t want to hear them. I have known through the years [ being a psychic myself ] that being a psychic can become a vainty trip…knowing what others may not know or experience, but we need to realize we are not at the moment living in Gods world, but satan’s [ remember, God threw satan and his angels back to earth after their huge fight ]. Being psychic can run in families and as such we have a huge responsability of using these abilities correctly. We are more prone to hearing angels as well as demons and we need to know the difference between the two. Otherwise, demons can play with you in many ways. Angels, by Gods orders can tell you if your in danger, ,or if a friend is sick and needs you. God will only do this if its his will to do so. Now, satan, who hates ALL of us, will do other things and can do very dangerous things. This is not a game to be played with, as we are dealing with a spiritual world who’s intent is to sway all of us away from God and toward their world which may just push you over the edge. You have an opportunity to learn from the happenings you have experienced and become closer to God and by such gain wisdom.

  155. jaime katevas
    March 26, 2014

    I guess the things that bother me the most is loud noise, comotion, and negative and loud people talking to much. I have to plug my ears or the one thing that sooths my soul is music. I always need alone time and must breath the fresh air outdoors and feel the sunshine. When I go for walks it clears out the clutter in my head.

  156. Melisa
    March 22, 2014

    I had a strong feeling last October that a friend of mine was having a tough time. This was a knowing on my heart and in the pit of my stomach. It felt like a brick in my stomach. I saw him a month ago and he described for me the events of the past months as the worst time in his life. This was the first confirmation of what I felt. This isn’t the first time I have felt this. This feeling was the strongest I have ever had for any person. I am the people pleaser and have been my whole life. Basically everything you wrote is me. I have thought I was just crazy my whole life. But this connection to this person is so strong even now. I do not understand why.

    • craigweiler
      March 22, 2014

      I know what you’re talking about, but I don’t know why that happens. It’s ineffable I guess. If you make a determined effort, you can banish this person from your thoughts for good.

  157. rebecca
    March 12, 2014

    can a physic medium have nervous break downs like depression and extreem anxiety? Reason I ask is because I have been sensitive for as long as I can remember and in my early 20’s spirits have followed me but not good ones most I believe to be demons , when I bought my home (which I knew to be haunted it fascinated me almost) I would see demons almost every day it never really bothered me until it started to growl under my daughters bed and claw on the doors so I cleansed the house with sage at first it seemed to be cleared but as the days past I started feeling different , anxiety all the time , more and more reclusive ,tired all the time and a feeling of numbness inside . since that day I haven’t seen any more demons but my health has declined and I have seen more than two different doctors all say im in good health could I somehow have a demon attached to me and not know it or is this a mental breakdown?

    • jj
      April 27, 2014

      rebecca, it does sound like a powerful demon is with you. For your sake and the sake of your child,you need to get someone of strong faith to go in and rebuke the demon[s]. and in the meantime, get out your bible and get to know God. He can keep them from you. If one attempts to growl, speak or touch you…rebucke him, strongly by saying…in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke you. If this demon does not leave…you will need to fast, pray and when you feel strong enough rebuke him again. PS, sage won’t do anything, but only for a little while. But GOd can. This is a dangerous demon. Yes, they can make you sick and do other things.Get him away from you and out of your house. I would say to leave, but if this thing followed you home, it will follow you other places. Call on God and get the right person to rebuke it from the house.

  158. Aaron
    March 12, 2014

    Good evening. I just read your blog post here about the Weiler PSI. As I read on about the characteristics of sensitives and what generally points toward psychic abilities, I was astounded. With the exception of me liking to sleep a lot (which may have to do with depression/anxiety), everything in your post fit me down to the letter. I’m even left-handed, but I bat a ball, play golf and fish right-handed.

    I’ve often thought there was more to me than meets the eye. I’ve been doing some research on the subject this evening. I took a quiz that said I have a high aptitude, and I’ve had paranormal-type things occur in my lifetime. I’m VERY sensitive to the atmosphere of a place whether it be a home, restaurant, store and so forth. When I meet new people I immediately get a “feeling” of what type of person they are.

    I’m interested in seeing if I can develop what I seem to already have been gifted with even further. However, I’m a disabled vet with very little income so an academy is not possible. Finding a psychic or medium who lives in my area and having that person mentor me would likely be the best course of action. Having said that, I can only presume you’re quite in touch with the community. Would you happen to know of any psychics or mediums in the Mankato, MN, USA area?

    Great blog. Keep it up. The skeptics just don’t get it which is too bad for them!

  159. casey
    March 11, 2014

    I need to know if I am pregnant and as soon as possible I take mess to deal with the loss of my 15 mos boy 3 years ago of sids and I want to get off the med school asp so I don’t harm my baby Thank you

      April 13, 2014

      Please, if you’re asking us to tell psychically if you are pregnant, take the home pregnancy tests, they are much more reliable.

  160. rebecca
    March 8, 2014

    I have been a sensitive for as long as I can remember , on a particular occasion at the age of seven I dreamt my brothers friend had been in a car accident and died it was very detailed when I woke up I new he was dead and asked my parents immediately and indeed he had , many other experiences almost every day the spirits that followed me are endless and became worse when I bought my first home it became unbearable so I cleansed my home and blocked them and every piece of sensitivity in me this was seven years ago now I deal with anxiety and depression since the day of the cleansing I don’t know what to do i just want to live a happy life.

    • jj
      March 8, 2014

      Rebecca, I know exactly what your going through. I’ve had this problem all my life, but have learned what to do about it. It started when I was a kid and grew because of my mother. She was into the paranormal world all her life. I’ve learned much about both worlds…Gods and satans. I wasn’t interested in this and my mom tried to get me interested, but i ran from it, feeling it was dangerous…but after she died, then things really started to happen and I’ve had to fight it all my life [ I’m 72 ]. I discovered many things about myself and knew in order to fight evil, I needed God. Have [ and still do ] read study and research the bible and have learned much in the 45 years I’ve studied. God has been my rock and the only thing that has helped me.
      It sounds to me like demons are following you around and are trying to disrupt your home and you. They will try and do this because they hate us all and would love to see all of us stay away from God….they hate him too. This is their job, to try and destroy us. Why? Because they know, their time is near now and because they know God has a plan for all of us…a very good plan.
      Even though I feel very close to God and He continues to hold my hand, I still have to fight demons, but Through Gods word I have learned to do as Christ has told us…when something happens,ask ourselves, is this of God or of satan? I think about that when anything happens, be it a dream , vision, etc. I know satan will tell the truth, but also lie, so we really have to pay attention to what goes on and always ask for Gods help in this. He will guide us the right way.

    • JJ
      March 26, 2014

      Rebecca, Not long ago I had a dream about one of my grandson’s getting hit by a big truck. He lives in ND. I called my daughter immediatly and she warned him to be careful and he did. He’s alright. I had a dream a few months back that a very good friend of ours needed to have her blood looked at and I told her. She didn’t go to the doctor right away, but did after she started to get sick. She went and she’s fine now. The point I’m making is that once your close to God, you begin to see if its God who is sending you a message or satan. God does allow the angels to tell me things if He feels its to help anothers needs, but only if its Gods will. God does not do this all the time, only if he feels its necessary. God does not want us to be afraid because his love has no fear. When He wants us to know something, He’s not going to do it in a way to scare us, but satan or his demons will.
      We are not living in Gods world right now, but satan’s and so are his demons, but angels are here with us. Yes, demons will work on individuals minds and cause anxiety. Years ago one made me feel I was going out of my mind,but I held fast and then is when I learned [ on my own ] all I could about God. I have spent over 45 years now, reading, studing and doing much research about God. God is our answer to everything. He will hold you up as He has me. Get to know him and put on his whole armour as He said in the bible. He loves you and will stand by you. There is always an angel with you.

  161. Antoine
    February 23, 2014

    Hello happy souls , apart that everything is controlled and created by our minds , any kind of addiction happens to be a result of our thinking . As psychics can feel life through a different kind of lens addiction becomes not a punishment but rather a bliss. Who wants to be addicted ? hahahaha everyone , whether consciously or subconsciously we all cling to love – life and guess what ( reaching for cigarettes ) we all find “our group of people”- psychics no matter where we are . No one said that addiction has to be evil or bare most outrageous impacts on us, or I missed something ? Wishing you all most fantastic week ahead 🙂 and may your thinking be filled with most positive and fabulous thoughts happy souls 😉 just love this blog !

  162. Mark Hardstaff
    February 22, 2014

    I have been telling people for years I don’t believe I can be addicted to anything. And it’s true.
    So when I read this I saw me.

    But everyone is different I guess.

  163. Melissa
    February 22, 2014

    I have to disagree about the not having addictions part. I for one, suffer with addiction issues. Dont take away my cigarettes, Im stressed and anxious from feeling everyone elses emotions. Now, I dont deny that meditation and experience dealing with empathy should enable me to quit. I believe psychics that are aware of their ability are heathier because they are living in conciousness. However, most peoples that are psychic are highly empathic and don’t even recognize either ability in themselves. These people become highly psychologically disordered and use chemicals to cope.

    • craigweiler
      February 22, 2014

      Oh you can be addicted if you want to be. What I’m saying is that if you choose to quit you won’t find it as difficult as most people.

      • Melissa
        February 22, 2014

        Who wants to be addicted? I certainly dont nor have I had an easy time trying to quit my addiction. Its nice that you dont have this problem. All that Im saying is that we dont all wake up to our abilities clean, emotion-free psychics. Some of us have emotional, spiritual psychological issues that are deep rooted and caused by always picking up on other peoples emotions. Some of us use smoking as a social barrier or as a release of the stress we encounter as we feel too deeply. This is probably something that only applies to people that are recently aware that they are psychic or dont know how to release other peoples feelings. But I can say that I have always been psychic, Ive only realized it within the last two years. I have always struggled with addiction and dont find it any easier to quit as a psychic, even when I chose to.

        • craigweiler
          February 22, 2014

          Hi Melissa,
          First of all, a lot of psychic people come into adulthood pretty scarred. You have a lot of company and that includes me.

          You recognize that smoking serves a purpose for you so you’re very aware of the emotional aspect of the addiction. You know yourself, which gives a leg up on most people. If you find another way of dealing with the stress I think you’ll be able to drop the smoking.

          It took me a long time to deal with stress. It’s really hard.

        • José Antonio Ramos
          February 23, 2014

          I find that addiction for psychic people has something to do with the expectations (conscience or unconscience) of others. To “cope” implies compensating for external factors.

          The next time you try to quit one of your addictions try to hang around the people that perceive and receive you in the manner you like to project. I feel as though you will find it much easier to quit anything in that manner.

          Conversely, if you hang around those that see you in the manner you do not like to project, you may encounter resistance, hence addiction.
          José Antonio

  164. Mark
    February 13, 2014

    I am hoping someone can explain this to me……?.
    I have physic experiences with females that later show interest in me.
    I am single, so looking for a partner. (I believe I already know who this is) but it happens with a lot of women.
    I do not understand this at all.

    • Anthony Jarrel Williams
      April 1, 2014

      Mr. Mark, my name is Anthony Jarrel Williams and I love Mr. Weiller’s website! It’s filled to the brim with psychic information that has helped tons of people, including myself. I’ve noticed that I have a kind of automatic ” energetic sexual hypnosis” towards people of both sexes and that it’s quite annoying! 😀 I think that they feel our higher auras and are attracted to the purity of our energy like moths to a bright light.

    • Whitehorse
      October 24, 2014

      Mark, I am very familiar with this phenomena first hand. A part of you is reaching out to them and hooking on to them pulling them to you. Sometimes it’s visible and can be seen as darts of silver light that shoot out from a persons eyes. Sometimes it feels like a tractor pulling you. It’s more often a bad deal than not because if you go around pulling people it will cause all kinds of attention and unforeseen troubles with your personal life. Best to put a lid on it and use it very carefully very constructively and without doing harm or taking advantage of others weakness.

  165. Sweetlee
    February 12, 2014

    Thank you for the well written and thought out article. You should apply for a study grant. Get a few physicians and the like to agree on some sort of questionaire maybe.

    I have had many of the same psi experiences. My great grandmother used to call me an old soul. I dreamt of things happening to people, some I knew some I had never met prior to or as it was taking place. I seemed to “get” things very easily and well ahead of my time. I could “feel” someone, who they really were. Example. I remember a man comming to the door, I was five, I stood behind my father’s leg as I usually had peering around at him. I could feel him like gritty gum from a sidewalk gnashing in my teeth, now I didn’t feel it in my teeth rather that is the gritty feeling he felt like inside. I had felt people before but, that was an intense feeling I will never forget. At a young age I thought everyone could do the same.
    If I had a bad dream about my father or a relative, they took it very seriously. The outside world to my dismay, did not. I had imaginary friends. Not many real ones. I still have a hard time socially because I find most people do not want me to see thier true selves nor thier true intentions. I don’t see a point in them hiding, from others, but mostly from themselves. People tend to do almost anything to avoid knowing even themselves. I definately experienced elevated senses during puberty, and with pregnancy and childbirth. I have not reached menopause. I am 49% left and 51% right brained according to a test I took in college. I have a very vivid and long term memory (can still tell you the atomic weight of every element from high school , exactly 20 yrs. ago.) My first confirmed memory was from age two. Although I am intelligent I am interested in so many things that I doubt I’ll ever stay in the same line of work. I am very artistic, paint, draw, even ran a tattoo studio for two years. I went to nursing after that, website design, photography, graphics design, computer repair I built mine, languages seem to flow easily, I can speak three, I found I can decipher most convetsations easily in almost any language. I lose my passion for something once I’ve mastered it and find myself quickly moving to something new. I have always been a might owl and had frequent oobe’s and lucid dreams. I’ve always had experiences with shadow figures. I never found myself sticking to any habits. Tried many different substances but, never found myself addicted to any. I don’t prefer to drink, and am not a fan of hallucinogens. Marijuana was the only thing I did on more than a few occasions. I’ve never liked the downer feeling either, although mild sedatives have helped me sleep in the past. I am overly sensitive, anxiety and ptsd, depression until I crossed paths with a wonderful hollistic psychologist. SSRI’s had such an adverse affect the doctor listed it as an allergic reaction to avoid any further complications. I hope some of this info was helpful.

  166. Ionut
    February 11, 2014

    I would like to talk about my experience since searching for an answer lead me to this article. I am a 24 year old male. I have known pain, humiliation and rejection as friends in primary school. I had a very bad childhood at home with a lot of trauma. Because of continuous unhappiness, I have lived all my life with acute anxiety and depression. They are my friends, anyway what is important is that I know to be a sensitive person. I have a impression that I get people very soon, If I focus I can feel them as they are, can even give me a sick sensation. But one night it was different.

    I was playing with my flatmate on the console one night. I was feeling very guilty and anxious like always but with a touch of extra on top. I had an exam the next day for which i did not study. And so while we were playing suddenly my cheerful friend stops and has a feeling of sick and afraid. For me it was usual, because I usually get immersed in the feeling. My friend stops me and asks me if I’m alright and when I stop the game I felt too a change. When I looked at him I understood what he felt, he was feeling exactly like me but could not cope with the feeling. His hole body was shaking, he tried to clench his fists to calm down. It actually did not work to calm him , and for a while there was a deep sensation of enormous pressure. When I started to calm myself down, I realized that his feeling would disappear to. I asked myself this, If we were hanging out like normal and this happened, what was the foreign element here. What was new, I think for sure that in a moment my mind connected with his and I projected my tremendous fear on him. I realized later that also happiness can be sent. I noticed that when I’m happy people stick to me and want to be in the center of my attention.

    I don’t know what to think, but if I could use this I would do it to change peoples racist behavior and probably teach them something about cooperation and love. O and get them out of the houses and outside fighting capitalism and resource exploitation or something like that

    • craigweiler
      February 12, 2014

      This totally works, but you need some sort of connection with the other person before they will pick up your feelings. It also doesn’t work as well on highly sensitive people because they are used to it already and can shield somewhat.

      • Melissa
        February 22, 2014

        This is untrue. You can pick up on anyones emotions. If you are highly sensitive, you are like a tuning fork and pick up any vibration.

        • craigweiler
          February 22, 2014

          The ability to be aware of other people’s emotions also gives you the opportunity to do something about it.

          And just like you can be a tuning fork and pick up other people’s vibrations, that very same tuning fork can be used to tune other people.

          • Anthony Jarrel Williams
            April 1, 2014

            Very, very true. All it takes is one vibrational wave to change the wave of another person’s. If your energy is high enough, you can change a negative person’s energy just by being near him/her. 🙂

      April 13, 2014

      Actually, you’d be the perfect police emergency psychologist, because you could thoroughly convince someone who was about to cause serious harm to the public or hostages that s/he truly can trust you and you could calm that person down. Think of the mass shootings you could stop. Not a single shot would have to be fired. You could get terrorists to give up their hostages.

  167. spring racca
    December 21, 2013

    Every thing u have written is me. This world I live in is so much more.than people know .
    I am so aware of ones presence and feel their
    Pain long before I even know them.

    I’ve never had conformation from a respected source, but I always long to find out the truth.behind me and have some one tell me I’m not crazy and the things I see r real and true.

    • craigweiler
      December 21, 2013

      The best thing is to meet people who are like you. You can join a meet up group through the Internet or go to a Unitarian church and check it out.

  168. Stacy
    December 9, 2013

    Hi, I read this and EVERY SINGLE THING DOWN TO THE DYSLEXIA ARE ME..TOO A T! I have 1 child of 3 that is now 19 of whom i have this VERY different connection with..almost like we understand each other on a different level. I am almost positive he has “experiences” . I however have only had one very unique experience but have ALWAYS felt a huge pull toward all things paranormal, psychic and supernatural or unexplained..I feel that i need to “unblock” my third eye somehow but really wish i could find a TRUE psychic or clarvoyant person whom could tell me if I am blocked or just don’t have the ability I feel is in me and can’t seem to channel/unlock or retrieve somehow..I am hoping someone will understand what I am trying to say/ask..and get info on by reading and writting on this site.
    There are so many people that are fake/ scammers and makes it hard to know or find out who to ask or go to for answers. I feel more and more isolated and as if I am truly misunderstood or just not understood at all! I would love to know if anyone else feels yhe way I have explained or can relate to my post here…ANY IDEAS TO FIGURE IT OUT..LET ME KNOW PLEASE!!

  169. mary lee
    November 28, 2013

    ,I found that I fit everyone of that criteria it’s almost scary and yes I have a have premonitions I know what people are going to say before they say it I have prophetic dreams.

  170. Joshua
    November 27, 2013

    Whenever I look into someone’s eyes I can just tell who they through a mixture if feeling and thought.
    I’m so sensitive where I feel others vibes so intensely I can’t think, breathe or feel my body when it’s negative. doesn’t mean I’m psychic, good read.

  171. Pingback: Understanding what it means to be Ultra Sensitive | bipolar partner

  172. EC
    November 18, 2013

    Hi! I have officially never commented on message boards but I’ve finally started to look at my sensitivity more seriously .. All of these things ring true – guilt over feeling like I’m too sensitive to things that happen, incredible connection to animals, very artistic, always slightly on the outside, very overwhelmed in crowds and I often only have a few close friends I love time alone. Most noteably, I have dreams constantly that I recall vivid details in … And More often then not they come true, in some sense, later. I have been told my energy is strongly felt when I’m in a room despite my efforts to slide back. I’ve bed. Told I’m more than Average self Aware.
    I’m looking for more resources – Are there a list of books (sorry if I’ve missed them) you could recommend on these topics (esp dreams, are they called precognative?)

  173. T. Paul
    November 12, 2013

    I’ve been sensitive all my life. I remember being a baby seeing people with bright colors looking in on me. I was adopted at a young age and by 4 these “things” would try to interact with me. As I got older I realized they were spirits. My abilities have only gotten stronger and more complex as I’ve aged. I don’t fit in and learned in a harsh way to not let people close. People have always been afraid of me and it took a long time to understand others just aren’t like me. I can heal, see auras and energy, manipulate energy into heat, hear, see, and interact with spirits, have visions of past and future as well as know when and how people are going to die. My parents had me tested in every way til they gave up. I was told I had to be cursed. I’ve always had God and morals that even my parents said they never understood, but I’m still too different. I’ve learned to block a few abilities, but doing so seems to make me really sick and weak. I’m like a paranormal wrecking crew though. My husband has experienced many of these things with me. It freaks him out but he still loves me. I’m not sure I could be so strong if I were the normal one. The biggest things that changed me, and made me feel crazy were in school. I’d get in arguments with teachers because I knew the lesson plan I swear she taught last week, or arguments with friends because of something that I thought had happened. Its like being in the wrong spot of a time line. I still do this and my husband calls me on it. I trust him, so I have to believe I didn’t do whatever it was yet. The worst is seeing your loved ones die or world disasters and not being able to stop them. I’ve tried, believe me. After my Uncle no one would talk to me. I begged him not to leave and take the next few days off. I told him what road not to go on. I’m directionally challenged so that’s something in itself. He just told me if it was his time it was his time. When he had the accident he looked ok afterwards, but I knew he had til the next night. He had problems breathing and went to the hospital. He requested to see me and we knew it was good bye. It was months before my family talked to me and even longer to look me in the eyes. Then soon after I saw 9-11. I didn’t understand what the towers were so as a kid I drew what I saw. I remember sitting in class and the teacher putting the TV on the news. I also remember asking about the other planes. Old news for me, when asked I explained what “happened”. Needless to say even my favorite teacher crossed the hall and avoided me. When your a kid and don’t understand what’s going on its rough. I had no one to talk to and lost all my friends. I can only believe that God sent me through this to help my kids. Luckily, none of them are as over loaded as I am. They all have only 1-2 abilities so far and I pray it stays that way. They are young and I’ve stood against horrible things to protect them. They have strong gifts which is part of the reason I home school. I want them to feel normal or at least comfortable in their skin, not an outcast. I often wonder if being crazy would be easier. I guess all we can do is try to endure what we can everyday and give the rest to God.

    • jj
      April 27, 2014

      T.Paul, the answer to your whole statement is at the bottem of your page…endure what you can and give the rest to God. God is the total answer to all of this. He knows this has been rough for many of us and too knows many are trying to deal with it the best they can. He still loves us and is with us all the way if we let him in.

  174. Sandy
    November 11, 2013

    Im an introvert,mixedanded but mainly left handed.I can sense if someone is good or bad.I have struggled with depression since I was 12 years old, when an accident happened to my family and I lost 2 siblings,I was with them at the time, 5 minutes before the accident I had an awful feeling of dread come over me.It hit me like a ton of bricks and i knew something bad was going to happen.Ive had a couple of other experiences like this one and ive learned to trust my feelings.The hardest part is when you are young, and you dont understand what is going on,and you think there is something wrong with you.One of the only things to help is my relationship and faith with god.

  175. Rick
    November 6, 2013

    It’s scary how most of us all here have so many things in common from how we feel , think , and even from the subject on animals and jobs or interests to art and being night owls. In a way the what part of sensitive dont you understand section i just read makes me feel better knowing that this is all actually extremely common amongst us but at the same time bothers me that there’s so many more people that also have to go through the more negative aspects mentioned in the list. And Craig thank you for helping me understand more about myself with this list than I thought I would by finally deciding to research this topic . And for the skeptics recently mentioned , everybody is entitled to there own opinions but you can’t just completely dismiss the fact that so many people here and I’m sure other places or threads describe so much of the same experiences and have so much more than normal that’s similar with one another . And I’m sure the higher percentage of people here who were genuinely researching this topic didn’t just wake up and decide that on that day there gonna go online to stumble on this forum and start making stuff up about themselves. And on a psychic one for that matter lol

  176. James.m
    November 4, 2013

    Humm…wat a wonderful gift 4rm d creator,i feel like a super-human or immotal i have escaped death like 6-7times without me running away 4d scene of death it jst passed over me.people tend 2like me even before going 2them,animals tamed ones just fell in luv wth me. I love these indeed an a special human specie!

  177. Rick
    November 4, 2013

    Hi my names Rick, I am also a “feeler” (At least i think, as this is the first time I’ve heard that term but makes total sense to me. ) Along with being able to occasionally know when something bad will happen in the near future the moment I wake up . I am young only 23 but have been dealing with this (I don’t know what to call it and if its even the case because I too doubt myself sometimes) since I could remember , very young. I can’t help but feel other people’s pain and emotions even when there not directly around me and even if they try and hide there emotions to the utmost perfection. I can also see ” more like a detailed feeling that paints a sorta mental picture that i cant actually physically see but feel ” consequences happen for people’s actions before anything even happens . And I’m positive it’s not just common sense thinking . It’s hard to explain but I’m sure you understand . Medications never worked for me as a child and I began to feel like a medical test dummy so I stopped taking medication because I was getting mixed results from anxiety to bipolar to being told its only acute depression . Plus at a certain point in life I just knew medication wasn’t going to solve my problems and that it was something more but never suspected that what I’m dealing with had anything to do with causing my depression until more recently maybe 18 yrs old . It’s difficult because I have my own things going on In my life right now for example recently losing my son and x fiancé and moving back to newyork only for a hurricane to come and take everything I had left less than 2 weeks later so that was hard enough and only scratches the surface yet I still can’t focus on my own life occurrences because I am overly sensitive to everything and everyone’s feelings around me to an extent . ” at least I hope to an extent and that I’m not feeling EVERYONE’S emotions around me ” Even though it feels like that at times . I’m sorry for the very long post I never spoke openly about this and needed to so its just flowing out plus its all difficult to deal with and this seems to put my mind at ease even if its just for the moment. ” Whats most difficult is the emotional part and being extremely sensitive almost to the point that I feel I can be paranoid at times for no reason when absolutely nothing has happened for me to be the way or feel the way I do at certain times along with crying for no reason at different times throughout the day or night . Even at this moment I am upset just talking about this and trying to describe it . Even my mother noticed some things about me when I was younger for instance ( i had long forgotten but remembered clearly afterwards about this until years later when something similar happened with me again and my mom had told me about that morning and how it wasnt something she brushed off but instead baffled her) on the morning of 9/11 /01 my mother had come in my room to wake me up for school ” I believe 6th or 7th grade ” and for no apparent reason when I opened my eyes I felt weak over tired and I was upset if I remember correctly I was tearing but I know I felt overwhelmed and scared and the first words I said was mom is something bad gonna happen today and she said no baby everything is fine and then I rephrased myself and said no mom something bad is gonna happen today please don’t go to work ” and she works in a building almost directly across the street from the World Trade Center and her bus drops her off in front of that building around 9 something a.m and on that day I found out she was supposed to go to the W.T.C to her second office there that morning as soon as she got off the bus before going to her usual building.” Well long story short ” a little late for that lol ” she told me no everything’s fine and I listened and got ready for school then left on a school bus. By some miracle she got a random call from a neighbor a few blocks away asking to please take her food shopping before work and to be late and she did even though she is always on time if not early . My mothers life was saved that day since the late bus she took was just getting to the Verrazano bridge and stopped by traffic as the first building was hit only minutes earlier when she should of been in that building . She flew to my school to pic me up and explained everything to me and I was in shock because I remembered that morning and how I knew something was going to happen and felt overwhelmed with emotions including the odd feeling of feeling like running or hiding or just staying home with mom which was unusual at that time because I was always out with friends and didn’t like to be inside bored. So to me its more than just feeling its knowing things I shouldn’t be able to know a lot of the times. It’s gotten to the point that I have been home and in my room with minimal socializing and no job and barely go outside at all anymore because i cant deal with it , i dont blame this all on only this subject because there is a bit more like just becoming a little lazy which really isnt me, i have adhd at least thats what im told since i was 8 and even now and am usually fast talking and naturally hyper, happy and enjoy making people laugh even if it makes me look ridiculous lol but i think when everything went wrong earlier this year i stayed in from depression and then realized i didnt feel as overwhelmed and judgemental as when im outside or around people throughout the day and picking things up left and right like my brain never stops processing thoughts for even a minute even when i sleep. I am happy with what I have in life like the loving caring hard working and amazing mother I was blessed with and the beautiful child I was blessed with and with who I am today as a person and dont get me wrong I take pride and enjoy helping others but I feel like I can’t help but always need to satisfy and ease other people’s emotions and needs to the point that Its hard to get a fix or pinpoint my own needs and emotions because I’m always picking up on everyone else’s so much that I tend to forget about myself . I do pick up on positive energy too of course but I can’t help but feel I’m more sensitive to negative emotions like when someone is sad or upset or how they have something big going on in there life that is having a negative effect on them even if they hide it and never say a word to me about anything negative going on at all. I see beyond there smiles as if I don’t see with my eyes at all but instead feel with them so I just know when things aren’t right . Also I can’t help but always ask ” are you ok? ” for what seems no reason at all and when people say yea and I tell them I know something’s wrong and tell them to a T how there feeling ( it kinda feels like there my own emotions but I know there not ) they have this look like there confused but people open up to me anyway almost immediately afterwards and I’m always told that they dont know why but they just feel like they could tell me anything because its like I can read them and im easy to talk to and that they could just trust me with whats going on as if they feel I already know and understand them but they don’t know why. And in my opinion I think it’s mostly because I tell them things about themselves at that moment that i shouldn’t of known like there specific feelings or things there dealing with at that time or maybe just my energy because I’m also told by everybody even people i just meet that there comfortable around me . So this does have positive effects on life also. But where does that leave me ? Without any room to feel for myself so when I do get a chance to at least try its always confusion and being upset because I don’t know or remember how I myself feel and If its my emotions I’m feeling or instead again someone else’s . I wake up crying sometimes for no reason when I myself am not even upset and things could be going perfectly fine at that time . And trust me I can tell the difference between when I’m depressed at a specific time and when the emotions are for some other unknown reason . I also have read this and thought the same thing you did . It made total sense to a T how it described me . It’s very hard being able to read people so perfectly even without knowing them for more than 10 minutes but it has made me a very good judge of character and has had a big part in who I befriended and trusted over the years because its made it eerily easy to see right through the ill intended people and distinguish the good from the bad and the honest from the dishonest while still at the same time showing respect to both because you have to give people chances and at the same time be sure not to just turn your back on someone you meet just because you had a ” feeling ” about them and give them a chance to be different from what you’ve picked up off them and then if it doesn’t work for the better you know you were just reassured that your guess was correct and from there I follow my better judgement and move on . I’ve learned to give chances to most ( not all because sometimes i get such a bad reading from someone that i just stay away.) before making decisions that are based upon what I picked up from them even though i already know most of the time what I picked up turns out to be right. There’s a lot more to the things I can do that can’t normally be explained but there harder for me to talk about and again i apologize for the long read but this is really the first time I have opened up and talked about all this ( because of fear of being judged or looked at like I’m nuts ) besides to the very few maybe 3 people all females that noticed on there own by things I say or know which I shouldn’t and things I say and then it happens and they remember so they brought it up to me and I told them kind of in a joking sense that I might be psychic without making them think that I really think that . One of them insist they think I really am but I still never told them that I really think i am. So this is a first for me and had years of building up so I had to get some off my chest . Thank you all for listening and please if anyone has come up with a solution for me to deal with and accept but at the same time be able concentrate on my own feelings and not let what i pick up get in the way of my normal everyday life and get out without letting this sensitivity to things get in the way of how I feel because it has had an effect in a way on my everyday life then more advice would be helpful and thanks for sharing your experiences .

  178. Jeana
    November 3, 2013

    Loved this! Thank you. I’ve always known I was different but I just go with the flow. My ability makes me question my abilities – I know that might sound weird, but for instance. When I have an instant thought I go with it cuz it’s never guided me wrong. When I find that I’m processing to much I get lost in the thought if I’m making it up – intuition or wishful thinking, then I shut down and become quiet like I’m waiting for the answer. I get short flashes or visions of things. Basically I find myself in a state of knowing without to much knowledge of the situation. Now my daughter 17 is experiencing simular things. She gets tears from out of the blue not crying just tears streaming down her face? Cats seem to be around a lot and recently she has told me she sees things – for instance she says mom I see people. When I asked what that means she said the other day she was driving and saw a man in all brown clothes just standing on the side of the street when she looked back he was gone like he never exsisted. Do these seem natural to you have you? Both her and I are exstremely sensitive, me so more then her. Days I feel like im just not liked. If none of this makes vanheuklon sence it’s okay it actually felt good to type it 🙂

  179. Andrea
    November 2, 2013

    Hey I am 18 years old and I am confused. I don’t know whether I am physic, a lightworker or a natural witch. Ever since I was a child, my animals and loved ones that past away would appear to me in dreams or in the day. I love animals and seam to have a bond with any animal I encounter, nature is calming to me and I can sense people’s emotions, sometimes I can predict when a certain person is going to text me or someone is going to show up at my house, I can sense my family when they are near me. Sometimes when I go to new places it feels as if I already was there. It seams like a attract hurt people and people tend to like me. Can you please help me?

    • craigweiler
      November 2, 2013

      I’m not sure what sort of help you’re asking of me, but based on your description, it does sound like you’re psychic.

  180. John
    October 6, 2013

    Everyone is very much on the right track with the mechanics of a reality that is interspersed with another that “can not exist” but does. I haven’t read every post but God will show you that the truth behind it all is simply him if you seek that truth humbly before him. The power is in you but you are not the power. I am perhaps the luckiest person alive to have been given the knowledge that I have given, and it has been at least a thirty year journey. Stay with him and he will stay with you.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      October 6, 2013

      I assure you that what your experiencing or have experienced is very real. Unfortunately interpreting it in the fashion that you do is very troubling and very common. I urge you not to subscribe to or limit yourself to the boundaries set by the contrived tradition and culture that precedes you. Truth is elusive but some of it is attainable. Perhaps in another thirty years you will be able and open to understand.

  181. Justin smith
    October 1, 2013

    I have felt all of these things got a long as I can remember. Accompanied by a constant awareness of what is about to happen either immediately or within a certain amount of time. I can’t tell if im aware of what will happen or if if I’m causing it to Halen by thinking about it. I used to feel as if I was m losing my mind which started my panic attacks but as I learned to control my thoughts I learned to r use what I thought would happen to make combative decision but I am still learning and always will. I cannot stand to see suffering or pain in anyone friend or foe. I have the most vivid imagination imaginable therefore I easily can put myself in someone else’s place and feel every bit of pain, emotion and can usually even imagine their exact thoughts. I would appreciate any firm of guidance anyone has to offer I am very open to any and all information or knowledge. Justin smith 4933997994 calgary Alberta

  182. anon 2
    September 29, 2013


    I was a born psychic but only really realised it in my teen
    Years. I m now 30 years and its still a
    problem for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m loosing
    My mind. Some people call it a gift. But some
    Times I wonder if its a punishment for all
    My sins maybe. Anyways no one in my family
    Really understands me.
    Sometimes I can’t differentiate between my feelings
    And the next persons.

    I hate crowds. I can’t stand certain people cause
    Their negative vibes make me feel so ill.
    I dream about stuff b4 it happens, I feel like
    De javu sometimes. I can read peoples thoughts
    I can pick up vibes over a chat with someone
    Over internet or the phone. I have flashes of things
    That happened or are about to happen. I know when something
    Evil is around. My body begins to shake.

    I have felt death b4 it took the people. Its a cold
    Sick feeling. Your body goes numb and icy. I don’t
    Know how else to explain it
    I feel everything from the atmosphere.

    Every emotion for me is heightened. Anger turns to rage
    I don’t just get sad I get depressed. Sometimes
    I cry cause the pain is to much yet that pain isn’t mine

    I can sense the littlest things from the amostphere
    Peoples pain. Animals. trees. Plants.
    Mother earths pain.

    Sometimes it feels like electric current
    from the atmostphere
    Is rushing into every pore of my body at high speed

    My dad had what I have only now he’s passed away
    And I guess I have inherited it.

    I barely sleep. I live in my bedroom most of the time
    Cause the outside world sometimes becomes
    To overwhelming for me. I have healing abilities
    As well but I’m to afraid of it.

    I fear no one and nothing except myself. Some
    One said to me that I need to open my 3rd eye
    Well I’m too afraid to. I have been told that
    I need to accept what I have. Well I’m just to scared
    Anyways these are just some of the things I can
    Do. I may come across as weird to some people
    But if u are someone like me ul know how difficult
    Everyday is

    • Benjamin
      September 29, 2013

      I normally don’t comment but this really hit close to home for me im the same way I can feal energy and even say who it is whith out seein I sence them and plants water everything I dont leave my place to much eather I get what I call drunk with pain and emotions im trying to control it but its hard sometimes when I acadently get inside someones head its hard to stay out n get on my own train of though I cant find anyone around me that understands I constally feal as if im goin insane It sucks so bad to feal like ur the only one in the world that’s like urself I saw my first what I called zombiefied corpse sad pouting in the cornder cloth ripped blooded face and body a light blue mist in color a full body ghost I never saw them like that before never a corpse I haven’t slept in 4 days my only sanity is my 3 dogs that help keep me grounded I just wanted u to know ur not alone and everything u said helped me feal the same way all I can say is if u have a rough time leaveing I recomend headphones and music its the only way I can stand to be around people and smokein pot helps dumbing down my extra sences too I too am a healer and very afraid of it also as well as my other gifts and sences thank again for sharein

    • Justin smith
      October 1, 2013

      I have felt all of these things got a long as I can remember. Accompanied by a constant awareness of what is about to happen either immediately or within a certain amount of time. I can’t tell if im aware of what will happen or if if I’m causing it to Halen by thinking about it. I used to feel as if I was m losing my mind which started my panic attacks but as I learned to control my thoughts I learned to r use what I thought would happen to make combative decision but I am still learning and always will. I cannot stand to see suffering or pain in anyone friend or foe. I have the most vivid imagination imaginable therefore I easily can put myself in someone else’s place and feel every bit of pain, emotion and can usually even imagine their exact thoughts. I would appreciate any firm of guidance anyone has to offer I am very open to any and all information or knowledge. Justin smith 4933997994 calgary Alberta

    • truer
      October 8, 2013

      anon2, I too have many of the abilities you have. This has been going on for many years. For 54 years now, I have studied, read and researched Gods word and have learned much. Yes, there is a God and there is a satan. People like us have like an inborn right brain that picks up things. I do not use these abilities unless I know they are not from satan. God said to test the spirits, if they be evil or good. I do that by Gods word and what I have learned from him. I do not go out of my way to tell anyone what I pick up if I can help it. I know satan can use these abilities against us if we don’t know the difference. If you stay close to God, He will stay close to you even with this. You will learn the difference between who God is and who satan is. God loves you and He will stay with you. Just do what I have to do at times when things happen…ask yourself, is this of God or satan? Staying close to God will help you with the answers. There is so much more I could say here, but the main thing is…stay close to God, love him and obey him by way of the 10 Commandments, to the best of your ability.

    • kd
      January 23, 2014

      same here mannn itll be all good just do good things

    • Tayla
      May 6, 2014

      Hello, my name is Tayla and i am 15 years old. For the past few months i have not only been experiencing a lot of dejavu but i can feel the physical pain of others whether it be psychic, a character on tv or of somebody in person. A few weeks ago i noticed a scar had appeared on my hand yet i hadnt ever done something to put it there. I also practise energy healing quite a lot on myself and people around me. I was wondering if it is possible to have a psychic connection to somebody you may have never met, and be able to feel the physical pain they might be enduring (cutting, falling over, etc.) i also wake up and find 1 or more bruises on my body without knowing how they came to be there. It would much appreciated if somebody replies to this comment or has some idea as to what this may be.

      • truer
        May 7, 2014

        Tayla, I can tell you right now that energy healing sounds great, but can be deceptive. I know this may be hard for you to believe, but satan can use this energy and make it appear its coming from God. I have a friend that does this stuff and satan has already deceived her and more. God is the healer and He has asked us to pray in order to help someone. Yes, we have doctors, that God has allowed, but getting into what your doing can be dangerous. Be very careful, as you are now apparently receiving some physical problems.

    • Yogi
      August 14, 2014

      I can understand what you might be going through mate. We all go through these strong emotions timeand again. All we need to understand and do is to not get carried away with the feeling. What id do in this situation is to read sacred books which have alot of positivity along with working on these moods so that they dont reoccur or atleast limit the occurrence.
      Chin up and be strong my friend cos gods with us!

    • Raheem A. Brown
      January 17, 2016

      One thing I wanted to address for these forums that many may not agree on is that all psychic ability like: Magic/witchcraft, divination, intense anxiety, cutting, confusion, comes from demonic and unclean spirits. The evidence is in your bible if you read, study it to show yourself approve. Ask God in Jesus(with a sincere heart) name to increase your Discernment, wisdom, and understanding.

      • Ron Lentjes
        November 29, 2017

        Well one thing to say about let’s say Ouija board usage is strangely interesting:

        In of itself, it’s just board made of wood and paint and bit of plastic whatever.

        My point is this: If the door bell rings, do you look through the peep hole or whatever first to see who it is before you let them in? You don’t want a bad person come in.

        Many people who use the Ouija board (because of all the popular movies so on) instantly think about (have the intention to) communicate with another spirit.

        Now you don’t want to invite just any spirit to play do you.

        Here is the kicker then: You say psychic ability such as you listed is demonic whatever.

        But actually, I suggest that if you do have the intention to invite a spirit that you most definitely have at least one person who is psychic!!!

        So that you know who you are inviting. Otherwise leave this alone.

        The board is nothing. It is your intention that matters. If you can sense spirit and understand how to protect yourself that is what you need.

        Hope this clears somethings up about this.

        Ron Lentjes.

  183. Anonymous
    September 28, 2013

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource. I consider myself to be a skeptic. albeit an open minded one. I have had many experiences over the course of my life which have caused me to question what the ¨truth¨is about Eastern mysticism and psychic intuitive abilities. I am what many people would consider to be a highly sensitive empathic person if not a garden variety psychic. I look forward to seeing future articles

  184. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Craig, I’ve seen you mention Ritchey’s ASP book in a positive light, both here on your blog, and elsewhere on the Internets. Would you be at all open to doing an article that would be a book review of it? Perhaps I’m not the only one who would appreciate something like that.

    I learned about his book years ago, read some Amazon reviews of it, and read the free samples of the book that were available on the website. Probably read through his questionnaire as well. Somehow I just didn’t click with David Ritchey. Though, on and off, I toyed with the idea of ordering the book. I was intrigued. And still am, especially now, having been exposed to your writing. But there was always some internal resistance, on my part, to the book.

    What am I resisting? It’s a little too fuzzy to fully get a grip on and to clearly explain, but I seemed to feel that the book would be a little too woo-woo, a little too disorganized, and a little too subjective and laden with the author’s own biases, personal politics, personal baggage, opinions and filters. Presented as facts. I guess I am worried about wasting time and money, investing emotionally, getting my hopes up, and not getting any peace or genuine insight out of it. The topic of sensitivity is close to my heart. And I have read both some deeply helpful, and some quite unhelpful, things on the topic. But I could be completely off about Ritchey’s book here. It’s just a gut feeling on my part.

    You seem to present Ritchey’s book as serious and rigorous, which would be really wonderful. I really like the way you write about that book.

    I was raised around a lot of New Agey type stuff. And I guess, perhaps, like some kids who are raised around fundamentalist Christianity, and later consciously choose to leave it behind, I have somewhat of a distaste for it. Based on my own subjective experience of (what I perceive as) the associated ideological and behavioral hypocrisy of that whole scene.

    Science has its own blind spots. Its own prejudices, politics, taboos, ideologies, knowledge-filters and dogmas. No doubt about it. But, the way I see it, it is no less so in New Age Land. There are also dogmas, politics, unstated assumptions, snake oil sales-persons, and silly fundamentalisms there, worthy of any backwoods Baptist (sorry!) or materialist scientist. Since the constellation of ideas, practices, opinions, insights and disciplines that I would loosely gather under the umbrella of “New Age”, often deal with things that are more subtle, more subjective, less universally-perceptible, and harder to pin down than what materialist science deals with…I would say that the same problems that are there in science exist to an EVEN GREATER DEGREE in New Age/parapsychology. Though it is, without a doubt, a field that I find fascinating.

    For the sake of fuller disclosure: I have been fascinated with ghosts, UFOs, Loch Ness monsters, and all such matters Fortean since childhood. And have been fascinated with religion(s), mysticism, God, gods, yoga, and meditation since adolescence. I have a B.Sc. degree, but am not just some blind and stubborn skeptic.

    I have to say that I have resonated more with your few pithy comments about Ritchey’s book, then with anything that I read in the free samples of the book itself. And more than with any review of his book that I read on Amazon. Respectfully…would love to read a deeper exploration of the book from you.

    Thanks for reading.

    • craigweiler
      September 8, 2013

      Hi Anon,
      Putting on my psychic, New Age hat, I would say that if Ritchey’s book causes such a reaction for you, then it’s probably best to buy the thing and read it.

      Putting on my Rational Thinker hat, here’s my take on the book. It was intended to be read by researchers, not the New Age crowd. He cites studies and provides evidence for his assertions so that you know that he’s not just going off based on some thoughts in his head.

      People who take the time to do the research, both their own and reading what other people have done, (Ritchey has done this) are more credible in my opinion.

      • anon
        September 8, 2013

        Thanks, man. 🙂

  185. anon
    September 8, 2013

    Another nice article. Thank you, Craig.

    I did LSD twice in adolescence, and hallucinogenic mushrooms a few times around the same time.

    The second LSD experience was so intense that, in a very real sense, I am still processing it to this day. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it was HEAVY. Really deep stuff. Philosophical insights, psychological insights. Insights about my family, about patterns in my life. Not what I had been planning on, exactly. I was dancing at a rave, and all these things were going on internally. I had been reading a lot of Carlos Castaneda at the time, having been introduced to his writing by my father. Who in turn had been introduced to Castaneda by a friend of the family. An acquaintance of mine had also been reading Terence McKenna. I don’t remember too much from what he told me about McKenna, other than some stuff about UFOs (which I was not really ready for) and some stuff about “heroic doses” (which felt more up my alley). Anyway, it was a really profound trip.

    I had some friends who had done LSD around 90 or a 100 times. I can’t even begin to imagine doing anything like that, given the processing time that I have needed to unwrap, digest and assimilate my second experience with it.

    The first LSD experience, by contrast, was more fun and light and easy. Just a shared adventure with friends. And that first LSD was probably cut with speed, at least to some extent.

    I never liked the feeling that alcohol gave me. Just got a little dizzy, a little goofy, a little sleepy and a little nauseous. I just didn’t find the feeling fun at all. Didn’t feel good. Didn’t like the smell of it either. Still don’t. Consequently, I drank very little.

    The fact that I have an alcoholic family member might have also contributed somewhat to my dislike of booze, at least in the sense of de-glamourizing it, but it wasn’t only that.

    As a side note: I’m open to the possibility that the family member in question may have some degree of intuitive/psychic ability, which they were overwhelmed by, unable to process or make sense of, and which they were attempting to medicate/escape from using alcohol.

    I used to like weed and hash, and smoked it with increasing frequency as the end of high school neared. But then, at one point, I just had enough. Smoked my last joint on the first day of University, at a friend’s house, and had my last beer not too long after that. Have not used recreational consciousness-altering substances since the mid-90s.

    I’m glad to see you mention Kyra Mesich. I read her book, some years ago, around the time that I was trying to read all I could about HSPs. Her perspective/recommendation on yarrow flowers is interesting. For some time, I would consume yarrow flower herbal tea, as a sort of experiment, to see if it aided at all in managing sensitivity.

    If you haven’t read it, another interesting book is G. Burton Appleford MD’s 1988 “Sensitivity: Agony or Ecstasy”. I think I first became aware of it via Elaine Aron’s “Comfort Zone” newsletter, and ended up getting a copy of the book through an inter-library loans service.

    Take care.

    • Justin smith
      October 1, 2013

      I am the same with alcohol as well

  186. Sapphyreopal5
    August 26, 2013

    I find it very interesting how your blog mentions how a lot of psychic people (even women) have “hypersexuality”, as I think I am one of those types of women. These are my thoughts on that particular point. People tend to think that sexuality is restricted merely to sexual behavior which is actually not quite true. From what I understand, sexuality is actually more of an attitude or a part of our personality that’s about how we connect and feel towards other people (physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.). It involves biological sex and anatomy & physiology, gender, sexual function and practice as well as how we socially and sexually interact with other people. Now with that being said, with psychic people I think that the reason why a lot of them can be “hypersexual” is because they feel a stronger connection or a stronger desire to connect with people generally speaking perhaps (and a better ability to “read” people).
    Now if you want to get into say chakras and such, I tend to believe that people who have a more “complete sexuality” have their chakras more in alignment and balance, therefore having a stronger connection with oneself and in that a better ability to connect with others. To me having your chakras more in alignment would make one more balanced and perhaps less inhibited than the average individual. In this, they are “wired” naturally to possibly be more expressive of themselves. That or they could go the opposite route and have “hyposexuality” because they are so sensitive to other people’s energies and it can be overloading for them (since hey a lot of psychic people need time alone to “recharge” a lot and some already experience sensory overload frequently as it is). Those are just my own personal thoughts and anyone is free to correct me.

    Great post overall. I love this blog you have going, please keep up the excellent work!

  187. david
    August 19, 2013

    this is a really cool blog, you’re all really lucky you have those powers…
    i’m just wondering, do you think it’s possible there’s an in-between between psychic and normal – for instance for normal people to have occasional beyond-nature experiences without them necessarily being “psychics”. Like, my personality does include some common traits of psychics – sensitivity, empathy, nature, music…- but also doesn’t coincide with alot of the other ones- like introversion, animals, avoidance of conflict – and also i’ve taken alot of the online “card-guessing” psychic tests and usually do average- indicating no pyshic ability. Yet, i have had experiences in my life, like several dreams- some i’ve had as a child, some recently , that have more-or-less clearly reflected the future. also, i’ve had a few other occurrences that were seemingly beyond-nature, like in elementary school i told someone that something (uncommon) would happen to him, which then happened within a week.

    Are these signs of psychic ability, or just a few random things without much significance?

    • craigweiler
      August 19, 2013

      Hi David,
      In answer to your first question, yes. There are people with all shades of psychic ability including those display psychic ability through avoidance. (They meant to do something but ended up doing the opposite.)

      The cards aren’t a very good test of psychic ability. Testing for it is actually quite complicated. A lot of people have precognitive dreams, so this is probably something meaningful. I’m not really able to judge other people’s experiences, you really have to do that for yourself.

  188. Elizabeth
    August 12, 2013

    I have always been a little different….

    I am a little on the accepting side of things because I am genuinely too scared to accept the facts.

    Everything you wrote above fits me to a T minus the artistic trait… I do however have an extreme love for natural and feel my calmest when I am in environments that feel more “pure” to me (if that even makes any sense)

    As a child I lived in a house that my family said weird things happened in. I was not told of any of these things, yet I had a friend in which i spoke to that I called them man, which to this day I don’t care to try to remember (I’m too afraid to know)

    A friend of mine became pregnant shortly after I had my daughter and the day before her ultrasound she came over and I knew when she came over that her baby didn’t develop and was essentially dead (I did not share this will her)

    Again, a few months later while I was driving to see a friend the thought of her being pregnant came to me. I hadn’t seen her in over a year and we didn’t really talk often, but I within 15 minutes of being around her I couldn’t help it and I blurted out “you’re pregnant, how far along are you?” She didn’t know that she was of course said she wasn’t. A month later I received a text message informing me that she was indeed pregnant.

    I also knew the day that my daughter’s egg implanted (I did the math) and distinctly remember telling a friend that I thought I was pregnant. I took a test, but of course it’s far too early for any store bought test to pick up and it came up negative. I was still extremely skeptical, but accepted that it said I wasn’t pregnant (I wasn’t trying)

    Anyway, there are a lot of unexplainable things that I have said/done over the years that simply do not make any sense to me whatsoever.

    I have had experiences where I have like someone has entered a room and I know for a fact that there is indeed nobody there.

    I’m sure you can tell by now that I’m accepting of whatever it is that I do and it genuinely scares me. My anxiety can get quite out of control at times as well…

    • craigweiler
      August 12, 2013

      For whatever it’s worth, on this website you’re understood and accepted.

      • Elizabeth
        August 12, 2013

        Thank you 🙂 I’m having a rough week with sensitivity.

    • Elizabeth
      August 12, 2013

      I should probably expand on a few more things.

      The negative pregnancy test that I took too early ended up being a positive a month later.

      My S/O had talked years ago about wanting children someday. In the middle of this conversation I told him that our first child would be a female and what her name would be. Of course my choice of name was a controllable factor, but me knowing that she was going to be a girl wasn’t.

      When I met my S/O at the age of 15 while I was dating somebody else I could have told you in the two minute meet and greet that we would have History and that our first child was going to be a girl with the name that we have given her.

      Things like this scare and confuse me beyond belief and I don’t know if I want to embrace it.

      There are so many strange things that can do unexpectedly that scare and confuse me.

      I am fairly lazy at times, so I can honestly tell you that I didn’t really read your entire post. I did read anything that was point form.

      I am an easily anxious person with a gigantic heart. I feel the pain of others and and feel very overwhelmed in loud, crowded places where there are too many things happening at the same time.

      In school I was liked, but more of an outcast and I kinda like it that way. I am sociable, but can only handle a limit of three people at one time or I withdraw myself. I had learning disorders as a child and still have to work through them as an adult.

    • truer
      November 3, 2013

      Elizabeth, I too have had many experiences. Such as knowing if some one is going to die, I have visions of the future at times, etc. I am very careful to what comes to me, as I know too, there is a satan and there are demons [ I have seen them and they have taunted me my whole life ], but I also know God and He has helped me a lot with all of this. It has taken me 54 years to learn the difference between satan and God. Like I told someone else on this site…God tells us to test the spirits to see if they are good or bad. The only way one can do this is by knowing who God is and that way, you know who satan is, then you’ll know if what ever you experience is of God or satan. Having this ability can also become a vain thing and we have to be very careful of that, as satan will use it against you. I’m fixing to turn 72 in a few days and this has been with me since childhood and like I said, I spent 54 years doing nothing but reading, studing and researching what is in the bible, because I wanted to understand how to deal with all this. It still happens, but I better understand why and how to deal with it. When you were a kid and had a friend called man, I can tell you right now, it was a demon. Angels serve God and deliver what ever God ask them too, to an individual and they don’t hang around…unless God were to ask one to do that. But too, we all have an angel that does stay by us and watch over us. WE at this time do not live in Gods world, but satan’s. That you will find in the bible. That is why its so important to know the difference…be it God or satan.

  189. Julie
    August 3, 2013

    Hi, I’m not sure i fit in here as a psychic but the above descriptions mostly apply to me. I have suffered from anxiety over the years and take medication. I was bullied at school. I am artistic. I hate confrontation and will blame myself. Also i will replay over and over again the arguement and will go somewhere and cry. I hate myself for this and wish i could be stronger and not care. I will not travel to certain countries in case i see animals suffering. I have a dog and a bird. I worry about animals. My problem is holding it all in until one day i blow, so beware. LOL
    Apart from a peculiar episode of coincidences last year i have had no psychic experiences. I have been told by mediums and psychics that i have healing abilities and a natural psychic. Do they tell everyone this ? I am 47 next month so surely i would know by now. They also say i am starting to open up and will start to see signs.

    From Uk

    • craigweiler
      August 3, 2013

      Hi Julie,
      You certainly fit the profile of a psychic person based on your description, but if you want to be convinced then you have to start paying attention on a regular basis to the information that you receive and how accurate it is. Most people, even properly trained skeptics have some healing ability, so that isn’t such a big deal.

      One scientific theory that seems to be supported is that psychic ability normally works under the radar of conscious thought all the time. It is only really noticeable in some situations where you cannot find an important answer any other way. It takes time to get enough evidence to be convinced, so don’t feel like you have to know right away. If your intent is to know this for sure about yourself, you’ll get your answer one way or another.

      • Julie
        August 3, 2013

        Thankyou Craig. It would take alot to convince me but watch this space.


        • craigweiler
          August 3, 2013

          It should take a lot to convince you. It’s a sign of a healthy intellect. Psi can be tricky and you have to sort out wishful thinking, biases etc.

          Of course, as soon as I say this something may come along that is so obvious as to remove all doubt. You never know . . .

    • jj
      April 27, 2014

      julie, because of the many things that has happened in my life, I too have had many anxiiey’s in my life. I an physic, but don’t use those abilities unless God sends an angel to let me know something. But first I ask myself, is this of God or of satan. Do not be ashamed for who you are. You sound to me like a very sensitive individual that has no hate , nor malice within you. Your a good person.
      As far as psyics go, you have to be very careful to who you talk too…some no nothing, others may know something, but even with them you have to ask your self…is what their saying of God or is satan coming through in a sutle way. Satan will lie and tell the truth.
      Julie, your goodness is light and it will shine through toward others. This is what God seeks from all of us. His light is love…pure love. Your abilities are already there, kindness, sensitive to feelings, love. Those are your abilities, julie.

  190. Meghan
    July 31, 2013

    I was wondering if you could help me out? I have had instances where I think I may be psychic but I am not sure. I am 16 years and though these occurrences are not always frequent, I think they may be significant. For example, a couple years ago we were in the car ride on our way to meet my Dad for dinner before he left to go out of town (or so I thought). On the way to the restaurant all I could think about was how much fun it would be if we went to Disney world with my cousins and aunt and uncle. Then my mom suddenly pulled into a Dunkin Donuts parking lot, my Dad was there and he got into our car and they handed us a box and told us to open it. I even said on camera right before we did, “Is it a trip to Disney world?” and it was! I had no knowledge of it and then we get to the airport and my aunt and uncle and cousins were there and going too. This had occurred when I was 12. Another day I had been feeling horrible and all day I thought something bad was going to happen, like I could feel it but I didn’t think much of it so I decided to just forget about it and go to bed and right before I went upstairs my mom informed me that my great grandma had died. I’ve had things like that happen before with death and also sometimes things that I see in my dreams come true. But its nothing significant in my dreams it will be that my friend got a blue long champ purse and the next day I’ll see them and that day they bought a blue long champ purse. I don’t know if it is just a coincidence or if there is something more… Thoughts?

    • Meghan
      July 31, 2013

      Also, my Grandma has said these things about death and how she knows before as well.

    • craigweiler
      July 31, 2013

      These things seem like psychic stuff to me. But it isn’t important whether I think you’re psychic, but whether you do. And you’ll know more as these sorts of things continue to happen. You don’t have to decide right now. You can wait until you have more information.

    • Sandy
      July 31, 2013

      One of the most basic things you can do is keep a diary of your experiences. That way you can look for patterns and come to your own conclusions about what seems to be going on.

      A friend of mine, Andy Paquette, kept a dream journal. He discovered that many of his dreams were precognitive. He wrote a book about his experiences.

  191. Antoine
    July 20, 2013

    Hello happy and amazing souls:) the other day by total coincidence or not ( since in life there are no coincidences ) found this website that really helped me a lot just to put Everything aside and tell myself for once in all languages at once- see , it is you ! And just as everyone here, have been having all sorts of exciting encounters feelings visions dreams flights sensations of pressure, someone caressing my face etc. oddly enough last week my family learned of a long passed away heeler from my dad s side, we knew of my some of ladies from my mothers side only. My mother sister and brother( I’m the middle child born 82 and my sister 79 ) all have extremely high sensitivity though I see to be the one who always spoke and share all excitement of it and got kind of regarded as hmmm spooky lol. Well I always tried to kind of put it aside and focus on so calle “mortal” life hmm and it always reminded me of it’s presence. And always calling.Thanks god there is tobacco can’t stop smoking though absolutely adore it. I paint and smoke my lungs out with lots of coffee and now something inside me is more ready to accept it fully.Thank you so much for the author of this truly amazing blog and to all of you posting here 🙂 sending everyone brightest smile with lots of positive thoughts and most inspiring ideas 🙂 I know you all would feel them ( waving ) p.s- do everyone here find “mortals” as boring? Lol I do though love them even if they get spooked out . Super happy hug be great and wish you love 🙂

  192. Liset Ayala
    July 19, 2013

    Hi Craig Weiler,
    I am currently battling some new yet old issues in my life and this post really hit home. I am not sure why but I feel a strong need to mention the following: my name is Liset Ayala, I am 29 yrs old and will turn 30 in late september. I don’t know why I needed to say that but I did. I would love to here your input on my situation! Both my dad and granfather were psychic, my dad discovered his abilities shortly before I was born which was in his mid 30’s. I am the youngest of five daughters, could any of us have psychic abilities?, is what I have asked myself for years. I myself am a hsp to the core, so is my eldest sister. I’ve had this curiocity inside for a long time, then, suddenly out of no where I get the notion that I want to stay at a haunted hotel for the weekend, I’m not really sure why but deep down inside think I just want to see what will happen, will I feel anything?, I believe that is my true intent. Only I’m not sure if it truly is a good idea, I mean I’ve considered diggerent situations like going with my husband, going alone, a crowd of girls, one person, couples or my two kids and the hubby, or not at all, don’t know what to do, Im really confused and curious! What do you think?

  193. Dolores
    July 2, 2013

    Thank you for being so open. Like many others have commented, your descriptions hit so close to my life! Turbulant childhood, somehow resulting in my becoming a people pleaser with extreme problems dealing with feelings of anger. Never realized for years that I was feeling others feelings as an empath – now I do and that is a great help. Can hardly deal with crowds. I still go out and play music in a group setting, but sometimes I feel too much and always prefer sitting on the outer edge, to protect myself from feelings held by others which have at times overrun my own mood. It has got to where I can hardly leave the house. I don’t have animals, but lots of plants and feel I can hear them – which sounds bizarre, I realize, but usually I just let them tell me when they need water and how much. I found this site because I’ve been having these incredible experiences mentally connecting with someone who seems to be in my future linearly. (btw, he seems extremely psychic and seems to easily read my mind. the first time we saw each other, we just stared at each other for a long minute – I just felt like he ‘saw’ me – even though I would not actually talk to him for another very long time). Maybe that sounds strange, but I also saw and could not forget these two men in the past who I subsequently ended up dating – by meeting them online, so it was not like I saw them and then approached them and there were years between the spottings and the meetings. Many, but not all thankfully, of my family feel toxic to me. I feel I tried and tried to be a good family member, but in return I just got a lot of super negativity. Now even if I have a trip home scheduled, it’s like I am in panic attack mode day in and day out, so I’ve had to except this life as a loner. One is physically abusive even as an adult. A few love to insult me, basically emotionally abusive in an ongoing way. Now I do feel I am the bad person for not maintaining a relationship, but now I see I was always the one making the effort, trying to be the good family member, the family punching bag, different and too sensitive, and once I stopped, that was it – not like they are racing here to spend time with me, so I guess it was for the best. Meanwhile, my finances aren’t great but I simply cannot bring myself to obtain a corporate position. I am such a softie I tend to get eaten alive by the super competitive – factually – two clear cut cases that I could have taken to court but did not. Also, I just can’t see the point. Too many talents and interests in a way – very confusing. Greatest gift is music – but how can I pursue a musical career if I have a hard time in the public eye? Sometimes I try to hide my talent because it is hard to endure the jealousies and having to see others feel bad about themselves when I can see they are comparing themself to me. So in a group, I tend to purposely dial it down. More things – like radios won’t tune right around me about 50% of the time, other times they are fine (I have 3 in the house and all three do this) – popping lightbulbs (not always, but when my energy is intense). Weird electric malfunctions. Slowing the computer / strange errors that don’t seem possible. Text message from my deceased friend (by intercepting part of a message sent by another / confirmed by that person). Seeing people in outline right after they have passed and they’ve come to say toodles. Lately I’ve been hearing from passed musicians who seem to be my guides. Co-write a song with one of them – it sounds nothing like my other songs, by the way, much more like this person’s work. One great musician just passed; was very sad – even crying. Then he was right there with my main guide and I felt a wash of joy and was immediatly happy – I knew he was still there and even with me as he could not be if alive. Can really relate about wanting to be ‘normal.’ I have never fit in and get seem to get along best with the very young and very old. So reading through your blog today is such a tremendous help! I don’t talk about these things as others because they are so far out! As for ghosts, I consciously try blocking them out, but I don’t mind it when spirits come, if that makes any sense. Also, I don’t feel like I am psychic, more like this is just a collection of weird experiences that I am imagining and I am going mad. Plus I don’t do great on the online testing at guessing things.

    • José Antonio Ramos
      July 3, 2013


      I am not going to be able to sleep without commenting on this properly. While I can spend a lot of time responding to your post I will refrain from most of what i want to say.

      I will say that it is very helpful to me.

      I have had a few popping light bulbs but only after a rare conversation with my father.

      I have had some strange text experiences … on two occasions after watching a TV show from the UK I received a text with random numbers from the UK. Another time while living in Texas I yearned to be back in my home state of West Virginia and for months, on random occasions, I would receive calls and texts (all wrong numbers) from that State. It stopped after I returned.

      I have had some interesting (as Craig puts it) “flow” experiences involving my dead grandmother.

      I doubt you are imagining anything. Perhaps context and interpretation may be off. The truth is elusive and likely hard to believe. Western culture for thousands of years has really put a damper on what is generally accepted as possible. As a result, most people will not readily accept what is, in fact, happening to you.

      I am new to discussing this sort of thing but I have been dealing with it intensely for some time now.

      • Dolores
        July 5, 2013

        Hi José,

        Thank you for responding – I really appreciate it! Was sort of in shock that I posted all that. Probably good to addend a few things – like I am trying to live in the flow and while money is short now I am trying to think positively and even feng shui’ing my home right now. The thing is that what I need does tend to show up, which is great. So it’s been over ten years now since I’ve had a job with a ‘boss’ and still standing! Reading your post inspired me to write. I’ve had that experience of mind reading my singing partner on the frustrated, joking request of our coach and did it perfectly – she said she’d never seen anyone do that in her life, a career spanning a few decades, and I am pretty sure she was serious, but it seemed natural to do it. I just sort of intuited what he would do or something,., Music is just a hobby but I feel like I can use it to raise my vibration and that makes me feel really good, in terms of countering things when feeling down, like say after listening to the news on NPR. I feel at this point I need it to exist.

        Hope you are having a great weekend!

        • Anonymous
          July 6, 2013

          I never tried this before but I think it will help you. No need to reply.

          You do not need “feng shui” it is not for you. You need to arrange your home in accordance to your energy exclusively … or you will not find the balance you need. Avoid sleeping with your head next to the window unless you want to be even more sensitive to the intangible.

          NPR is very positive for you.

          Since there is not another way for you to make viable money other than your current job you must endure it. There is a preverbal “light” at the end of that tunnel.

          Most people can’t help it … being judgmental does not suit you.

          If any if this seems inconsiderate … know that I care right now.


          • Dolores
            July 15, 2013

            Hi José, did want to report back to let you know that I did make a window adjustment last Monday and had a very productive week as a result.
            Thanks!! !!

      • José Antonio Ramos
        May 18, 2014

        My father is still alive too

      • Anonymous
        May 20, 2014

        Supplementary: UK country code

    • Robin Semora
      June 29, 2014

      Dolores, im so glad you posted here, you have hit on so many things that I am all to familiar with like malfunctioning electronics. I have replaced my phone 3 times in the last 2 yrs thinking there was something wrong with them, the computers at work inevitably crash on me at the worst possible times, always when I am swamped with customers and extremely stressed out. No one else at work seems to have it happen to them. My boss thinks Im intentionally doing something to make them crash. Spirit seems to be attracted to me for some reason, I have always had strange things happen around the house , doors opening and slaming shut,shadow figures,footsteps up and down the hall, voices, knocking on walls or should I say beating on walls in empty dog and cat both stand and growl at one particular chair in the living room with the fur on there backs raised.these things have went on in every home I have owned,thank goodness my family has experienced these things as well or I would think I was insane ! I have even heared my grandmother call my name ,first and middle like she did when I was a child and had done something bad. My husband heard it as well. I have done evp recordings for the last few yrs and have got countless voices many of them class A recordings. I hate crowds of people. And have only had a couple of close friends in life, in high school I was shy and very quiet, my bestfriend called me invisible girl, she said I could blend in with a wall.Music is my great love as well, it works better than any antidepressant ive taken.I have always been a people pleaser as well,I hate confritation ! When you are a people pleaser you tend to take alot of abuse, people tend to mistake kindness for weakness or stupidity. I am 52 yrs old and have finally started standing up for myself I believe this is mainly due to menopause ! I have every trait listed above. Im mainly left handed but do a few things with my right. I have always been a night owl.i have been diagnosed as dyslexic and have A.D.H.D as well.In school I was always in trouble for day dreaming. As you can see we share many common traits.

  194. José Antonio Ramos
    July 2, 2013

    Craig, Sandy, thank you for your replies.

    Last night was the first time I ever outwardly mentioned anything about my experiences in my life without some kind of pretense. I am used to analyzing it to myself subjectively. That being stated, forgive me if my analysis is personally biased. All I ask is some sincere feedback because I am not sure what I want by discussing it. Which brings me to my first issue.

    1. Embodiment
    I am doing things more often now without premeditated thought. I do not even know why I do some of the things I do until days, weeks, and even months later. Only then I can understand the fruition of my actions.

    2. Active or Passive
    I mentioned that I pursued and earned a philosophy degree in an attempt to understand myself. I wrote that this effort was “to no avail”, but that is not true. Philosophy at its core is an attempt to understand the human condition and what I experience must be part of that. The self analysis I pursued leads me to believe that everyone is clairvoyant to a certain degree that in fact, interpersonal communication is not possible without it. In other words, when two individuals or more are talking there is more than words being exchanged that convey meaning. I am not referring to body language, although that is also part of communication.
    For me this phenomena is well beyond the subconscious and is firmly rooted into my conscious experience. I say Active or Passive because when I talk to someone I often see their demeanor change right before my eyes in correlation to my extrasensory subjective insights. I thought I was hurting people.
    So I ask … in your experience is clairvoyance an active or passive trait? Because to me it is extremely active and changes my material experience dramatically. I am concerned that it unknowingly changes other peoples lives. I know it effects my physiological state and I do not know how. Pain, temperature, pressure and other tactile experiences that would come across as “psychosomatic” are regular experiences for me. It is quite real and quite externally sourced.

    3. Threshold
    I am speaking out because I am under constant duress now with few moments of physical or mental peace. I have reached my threshold on maintaining my composure and I am concerned. I often suffer anxiety and insomnia. Sometimes my impressions are so intense, I become temporary blind. I think because my sense of sight is so dominant that my brain shuts it down to accommodate the other data. In these instances, I can also lose my balance and suffer other issues I am less inclined to discuss.
    I find that excessive alcohol temporarily suppresses my impressions but at the same time alcohol has proven to be very detrimental to my regular life so it is not an answer but only something I can use on occasion. Please … I am not suicidal. I am convinced that I will live a very long time.

    4. Interpretation
    Unlike my other senses, I have no reference or context for interpretation. In my youth I thought everyone had the same subjective experience. I did not know I was hyper sensitive to “this”. I was raised in the US so I speak English. I recall when I was a child, (five or so) my parents and other relatives would speak fluent Spanish and I would know exactly what they meant and I did not speak the language. I considered this very normal. Keep in mind at five, I did not have the life experience to understand the significance. But even at that age I would not mention it.
    Going into adulthood I still had no idea I had a different subjective experience than others. I would know things about people but did not have context to reference it. This started to make some interactions very awkward.
    I may be a bit insane now because of it. Neurologically speaking, I think I developed an abnormal coping mechanism in my mind. The constant attempt to rationalize in a conventional sense has made me eccentric and crazy. I am still cogent though. I am also still good at acting normal.
    I was a classical bass player. I used to play in an symphony orchestra. I remember playing everything exactly the way the conductor intended without much trouble. I would often get comments with regard to how receptive I was. I find this interesting to point out because in an orchestra, communication without words is essential. Now I find an orchestra experience very hard to handle. I am often overwhelmed and was forced to stop without explanation.
    I conceptually acknowledge instantly, every impression (for lack of a better word) I receive, but it is very tenuous. A lifetime of this has definitely stretched out my mind. Regardless, it usually takes days, even weeks, to digest the information into something I can communicate unless I try to do so abstractly or with metaphor.
    With people I do not know, it is much easier for me because my insights are mostly about intent and is very broad. I think that is just what I can interpret. I am sure I receive more than I can possibly process. Stuff relative to them that I cannot ever interpret. I never tried to communicate it with the intent to see if they can interpret it even though I cannot.
    With people I know, my insights can be scary. I suspect it has to do with the depth in which I know someone.
    Furthermore, it seems I force people to understand what I mean beyond what it natural for them. In this way, I think I am hurting people. It sometime seems like i am putting thoughts in people’s minds. I do not know for sure. I do not want to take advantage of anyone. I try to calm my thoughts before I engage in conversation.

    Enough for Now!!!!!
    I need to stop communicating this because I am starting to feel under duress again. I will say that I am a vegetarian now. I no longer eat or wear animals (leather). There is something about them that that is so much more than traditional anthropocentric treatment allows. Furthermore, I used to be very religious … no longer. At best I feel we are all connected in a pantheistic sense.

    There is much more I am refraining from mentioning. Perhaps I will feel up to it in the future.

    Very best,
    José Antonio Ramos

    • craigweiler
      July 2, 2013

      Hi José,
      Ok, by the numbers:
      1. There is a name for that “flow.” It is acknowledged by mainstream psychology as a thing. It’s just your greater self putting the pieces together for you. No big deal for an empath like yourself. Just relax and let it happen. It doesn’t have to make sense.
      2. Good question. No one knows. I’m currently reading a book addressing that aspect of psi, but I haven’t finished it yet. Jim Carpenter’s “First Sight.”
      3. That’s that transition thing I was telling you about. You’re still half way getting out of the old belief system. It will get worse until it gets better. You can help it along by giving in to the spirituality as I previously described. Oh, and no one, least of all me, ever said it was easy.
      4. Welcome to The Club of the Misunderstood. People with strong psi are a very small population and generally don’t advertise it and like you, often don’t get connected with people who are like them due to scarcity and secrecy. Consequently, it’s hard to learn who you really are.

      Don’t worry too much about other people. They’re more resilient than you might think.

      That’s all I can think of right now. I hope it helps.

      • José Antonio Ramos
        July 4, 2013

        It does!

    • José Antonio Ramos
      May 18, 2014

      Note … I realized that I do not become temporarily blind during these instances. After writing this post I started to isolate the experience. Turns out, my eyes work fine, I simply stop paying attention to what I am looking at … not blindness. It just seems like blindness

  195. José Antonio Ramos
    July 1, 2013

    I will get back to you in a day or two. Thank you for you quick reply Craig.

  196. José Antonio Ramos
    July 1, 2013

    For the last five years something that I have taken for granted my whole life is starting to manifest itself in an intensity that I have a hard time ignoring. I am 38 years old. Now … the impressions I receive every waking moment are are just too intense. They are almost as vivid as my conventional 5 senses and they affect the way I interpret everything … I can say this for certainty, when I look at pictures and especially videos, it literally changes my existential experience dramatically. If they are of people I know … it is beyond what I can take. Furthermore, when I interact with with people in person, the experience is beyond description. I have become withdrawn from social activities as a result. I live alone so I when I meet another person … it is, by contrast … obvious … what ever it is …

    I pursued and earned a philosophy degree to try to understand it to no avail.

    When I walk into a room, everything changes. People are starting to notice. Please help … I do not know where to look.

    Today it was bad … I drank a bottle of wine and decided to research the taboo .(in my universe) .. Clairvoyance … I was lead to this website.

    I will drive the 600 miles to Laurentian University, if I can find answers there.

    • craigweiler
      July 1, 2013

      Hi José,
      First of all, scientists measure stuff and deal with evidence. You are dealing with meaning, so they won’t be able to help you. Many people come to them, but they have no answers for such questions.

      I’m going to put on my psychic hat and approach it from that angle. When I see you, I see a person who was holding back his natural perception, but cannot do it anymore. We change, and sometimes those changes are painful. This new ability to perceive is something you struggle with, so you have resisted assimilating it. You are afraid that you will lose control, and you will. The old you has to die (metaphorically speaking) for the new you to feel balanced and centered. To accelerate your progress you will need to you intention. Your intention should be as follows (or modified to better suit you if this is doesn’t feel right): “I grow accustomed to these new experiences and they become ordinary for me. I just get used to it and it’s no longer a big deal. I learn to pay attention to what these perceptions tell me; they are guiding me down a better path. I cannot be the person I once was. I have to let go.”

      Allow that you cannot instantly effect change for yourself. Be patient.

      Good luck,

    • Sandy
      July 1, 2013

      Hi Jose,

      I’ve been to Laurentian University (twice, actually). It’s a nice place and Dr Michael Persinger is a smart man. But he doesn’t have all the answers. He does do research into psi phenomenon, which is great. I would certainly recommend reading his work. But he can’t help you to accept who you are or explain away your experiences for you.

      I’ve been down that same road. I wanted Dr Persinger to fix me or explain it all away. He couldn’t, but that’s OK. At least we did some interesting research together. What he did give me was the experience of being in an environment where it was not only OK to be psychic, it was awesome to be psychic.

      It was tough going back home after getting a taste of what it is like to be accepted for who you are. I could completely be myself in Dr Persinger’s lab, which was something I had never experienced before. But I still had to go home when the research was over..

      It took me long enough, but home is much better for me now. Things have changed. I might not share everything I experience, but I’m not afraid of people’s reactions to me the way I used to be. I’m more accepting of myself. It really is at home where you have to do all the work, not in a lab in Northern Ontario. You have to accept yourself before you will ever trust anyone else to do the same.

      Best of luck on your journey!

  197. Moana
    June 27, 2013

    Wow all the above

  198. Eva
    June 21, 2013

    Hello, I’m back =)

    I have been reading through your articles and comments for the past few days since I found this wonderful online group of people just like me! I knew I wasn’t alone, because my grandmother was well known in my family to have been a witch, broha (sic), it’s Spanish for witch. Some of the comments I connect with so well I have to check that it wasn’t I who wrote it, because it describes my life or emotions so closely. But I had no idea how, not alone, I am now, and it has given me new inspiration to believe in and develop my gift I had feared so long. As a private catholic school student for 7 years it was ingrained into my mind that psychics were created by the “devil”.

    Well my actual question is: Do some sensitives have a high IQ, but do poorly in school?

    • craigweiler
      June 21, 2013

      In answer to your question: it’s complicated, but yes, sometimes. The reason is that schools reward linear logical thinking and they operate in a highly structured atmosphere that is boring and very difficult for creative people who require a lot less structured environment to perform at their best.

  199. Benjamin
    June 7, 2013

    if u don’t want to feal others feelings/emotions I found it best to put headphones on and sing in my head to my favorite music I do this most crowded areas it really seems to take my focus away and clear my mind also I know its not legal in most states and to each person has different affects but I smoke marijuana and that above all clears my head helps me smile and relax . I actually feal normal and not all that “high” and yes its good medical lol I know all this can be stressfull but also u can try breathing big deep breathes or shallow this is what I found that helps me I hope if can help u as well

    • craigweiler
      June 7, 2013

      Good headphone tip. I’m not a pot smoker myself, but I don’t object to adults doing it.

      Kids should not smoke pot because it causes developmental problems.

  200. Anonymous
    June 3, 2013

    Very interesting post, thank you! I would just like to list some things for comparisons:

    I can’t see spirits/ghosts (but I don’t want to. Well, I have seen 2, but that’s all),but I can; generally tell what another person is thinking and feeling, even from a distance if I focus on their ‘energy/feel’; predict future events (only ones that affect me personally, no global events etc, unless they affect me)(and this is usually a trial and error thing i.e. I get a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feeling, and then think about different things/areas of my life until one ‘pops’ and that narrows it down, and so forth); ask for things and receive them (money, finding lost items, help etc); when I was younger I used to ‘take on’ other people’s feelings, and think they were my own, but now I am able to keep their feelings out (unless I get distracted or they are VERY strong); there is other stuff also.

    Some traits I have; I don’t like people much; I need to be around nature a lot, and it also helps me to de-stress; sometimes experience time differently to other people (even those in the same room); I see lights all the time; feel aloof; I can bounce back easily and do not feel ‘down’ for very long (this is opposite to what others on this site express); have lucid dreams; have had an OBE when I was about 5; always avoid confrontations; I can sense other peoples abilities (for instance I have friends who I found out can read minds, feel energy, etc, and when I am around them, those abilities that they have are highlighted in myself); am very hypersexual (and female), and have been since I was a child; have dyscalculia; very artistic; can do most things with left or right hand ;I can’t handle crowds; get bored easily; have a high pain tolerance; avoid drugs and alcohol (except when I was a teenager).

    Some traits I do not have; migraines; headaches; tinnitus (only very occasionally); PMS or PMT or anything negative menstrual-related; the anxiety disappears when you learn how to block others emotions and when you learn listen to it..sometimes it is other peoples ‘stuff and sometimes it is ‘predictions’.

    I have found that I feel more emotionally stable, less depressed, and just generally happier and joyful as an adult, and I believe that it is because I have done a lot of emotional and spiritual work on myself over the years, and accepted that I am different from most people. I feel that doing this can also help others who are still in the stages of depression or anxiety. I would like to say to anyone who is feeling distressed or uncomfortable about their abilities or psychic experiences that it is okay to feel/be different, you are not imagining things, nothing can hurt you unless you give it permission (so don’t!). But most of all, I want to say, have fun with your psychicness and control it rather than letting it control you.

    (P.S. I do not wish to offend anyone by what I have written, and all of these things are only from my view point- if yours differs that is okay and I do not wish to negate you).

  201. sigrid2012
    May 26, 2013

    I do have a high tolerance to pain but always wondered why Percodan doesn’t effect me and why pain killers generally make me feel nauseous and don’t take away the pain. It seems the more I read on your blog, the more I’m understanding myself.

    • craigweiler
      May 26, 2013

      Yup. One of the great problems that highly sensitive/psychic people face is the lack of understanding that our physiology is slightly different and that this causes changes in how we deal with chemicals.

  202. Brittany
    May 23, 2013

    It’s so weird how totally accurate the part about careers is. Here I am, thinking there is something wrong with me for being so flaky about what career I want to go into and knowing I wouldn’t prefer doing the same thing for about 35 years. Is it also a tendency for psychics to overthink things? Sure seems like it would be.

    • craigweiler
      May 23, 2013

      I think if you’re headed in the wrong direction you’re going to find yourself thinking too much, but if you’re headed in the right direction, you’ll kind of know it. The best thing is to make your intent clear that you want the RIGHT career for you, practice having this intent and then let go of it for awhile and let things work themselves out.

  203. Sandy
    May 14, 2013

    I’m setting up a list of helpful links for people having spiritual experiences who need some help in dealing with those experiences. It’s a work in progress and suggestions are welcome. Here is the page:

  204. bella
    May 14, 2013

    I am physic thow my family believes its a lack of faith in god. I do suffer from axitey. Thow lately i ve encounter a tall man black hat and black coat no face standing just wacthing any advise how to find out what the sprit wants or what i can do? Thanks bella

    • craigweiler
      May 14, 2013

      Hi Bella,
      I’m going to refer you to a forum I visit which has a section for psychic people. The people there are very informed and decent. You’ll need to sign up.

      Go to the psychic support sub forum and post your comment there. It’ll be better than what I can do.


  205. Jacklyn
    April 19, 2013

    I have been physic my whole life and tried to avoid it I’m now In my twenties and have noticed that it is hard to ignore and I can’t hide it that we’ll anymore everyone that knows me notices it its kinda scary because I predict death as well as life I DON’T like it what can I do to make it stop???? Or how do I use it without being scared I need help I don’t have a email but I have a face book jacklyn Votaw is my name on there let me know if you can look me up and give me information

    • craigweiler
      April 20, 2013

      Hi Jacklyn,
      As of about a week ago I now have a resource I can refer you to: There is a forum for you and people in your position: Here it is.
      I’m on that forum, as well as other psychic people who are VERY knowledgeable.

    • jj
      April 27, 2014

      Jacklyn, I too have had this ability my whole life and try to avoid it as much as possible, but it won’t stop. I will tell you the reason,even though it may be hard for you to believe [ but, its the truth ]. Many of us cannot help being this way and satan knows it. He uses it against us if we let him. Your trying to stop it and me too, but things keep happening…that’s because he doesn’t want us to stop it. He can use it against us. Why? Because many of us just accept the fact we have these abilities and use them without looking at the source. What I have learned is to do as God has said…ask ourselves if this is of God or satan. Satan can lie and tell the truth. God is the only answer to keeping satan away. If God wants us to know something He will send an angel to let us know [ this has happened to me more than once ], but even then we have to sort out quickly, is this of God or satan. The way to do that is to be close to God, get to know him, etc.

  206. Judy
    April 10, 2013

    Hi there. You might want to research the possible part the endocrine system, especially the adrenal glands, plays in psychic ability (and also in the ill-health, physical and mental, so often suffered by sensitives). It’s a fairly new area of study, and significant connections are just being made, but if the seat of psychic ability is found to be withing the physiology, i.e. the brain and hormone system, as I’ve always thought it would be someday, then it explains why psychic sensitivity runs in families, and why it sometimes is acquired after serious stress and trauma

  207. Zishtar
    April 5, 2013

    Hi again, and thank you for the great blogging, I’m slowly working my way through them all, and find myself nodding as I read. I
    very much appreciate your clear and efficient style of writing, thank you again.

    I’m not really sure (I actually do know, but it is such a strange gift that I shy away from owning it)…I’m really struggling to type it, that’s how uncomfortable it makes me…
    I don’t know if it has a particular name/title, but I “dream rescue”, for lack of a better term.
    I’ll be in my normal dream state, then suddenly like a changing of channel I am in a completely different setting, and know no one or anything. Being a part in someone else’s dream. It is their story and the role I usually play is as a friend (even though we’ve not met in “real life. I can not have any influence over what is happening, unless they ask me what they should do. And if they don’t ask for help, I am just there for company, and in some nightmarish theme, there so they don’t die alone.

    I’ve been in and out of counselling for many years since i was 8, I’m in my late 30’s now. So I can confidently say I can do dream interpretations easily and accurately, symbolism comes very easy to me. And I “Know” these are not my dreams.

    When thinking back on the dreams, there is a knowing connected to the person who’s dream I’d been in (past life? soul/spirit family? a familiar voice in the collective consciousness? ~shrugs~ who knows)
    I think it is the strong emotions that call me to them.

    Sorry Craig, but I am looking for some validation that I’m not imaging it. Even though I know it’s real.
    Sorry again, and thank you for your time.

    • craigweiler
      April 5, 2013

      If you want validation, here it is. This doesn’t sound particularly weird to me. Interesting things happen during dreams and barriers come down. It is entirely possible that you are actually helping someone else while you dream.

  208. lifeisgoodcc
    March 26, 2013

    Thank-you for your insights! Well said!


  209. smallsmartandsober
    March 21, 2013

    I actually just got chills reading this. My friend and I call it “the shine” from the movie The Shining. We both “shine” and so does my mom. We sense bad energy, have spiritual dreams and connections with living and dead people, sense when something bad is going to happen etc. I always had it since I was a child and I knew it was real and I was different. I want to develop this gift further. If anyone has suggestions of reading materials or ways to get in better tune with these traits please let me know.

  210. John
    March 19, 2013

    This does discribe me for the most part ,accept I seem to relish verbal confrontation in that I like to discuss and or debate things. I’m strong willed ,and very opionated,but if you can prove me wrong with evidence then I will go along. My temper cause some caustic verbal confrontations . These ventures usually depress me or are on my mind for some time. Of course some other experts ( personallity disorder analists ) will say these traits are strickly from chidhood experiancs, rearing practices etc. Very keen to being disrespected

    • craigweiler
      March 19, 2013

      Psychic people can kind of be hot heads. I’ve learned to temper it over the years, and like you, I’m willing to be wrong.

  211. Pandora
    March 18, 2013

    wow, fits me perfectly, glad to know there is a reason for my anxiety, now i know i think about growing up and its not fair i got into trouble for things like that, its not easy being a sensitive person and a lot of people just dont understand

    • victoria
      March 25, 2013

      There is an answer I’ve found for all being a “sensitive”. In my 30s now I’ve realized I have these amazing gifts I’ve been using all of my life without KNOWING it. Now with intention I use the and don’t suffer anymore. I’m able to shut out everyone’s else’s feelings and only feel my own unless it’s for a greater purpose and my guides tell me when it belongs to someone else. I earlier on in life thought I was nuttier then a fruitcake;0) Now I know what I am, very sensitive/empathic. I feel free and happy for the first time since early child hood with my “imaginary friends”. I’d been misunderstood for YEARS. Now life is fantastic!!

  212. Benjamin
    February 9, 2013

    craig i just want to say thank you i thought i was looseing my mind after reading what u wrote todays and most the other people on here i no longer feal alone everything is getting so much stronger i wasnted as much scared as protected i have at least one ghost / angel with me at what seems like all the time i met a new one to a child who i fear has drowned i been tryin to find a answer i never sleep im always up late im covered in tattoos and pain dont bother me i do have a borderlin personality disorder anger dipression and 15 other digonosis and also with the slight dixlexicia i cant go anywere cuz of the hyper stimulating like u explained i feal like i here everthing and the preshure in my head after everthing i read THANK YOU! everything finially made sence i had a good idea that i wasnt just goin insane but is there something i can read or some how harness this gift or like another said and strenghen it like a muscle i want to help i feal like i should be and i could be doin so much more…..

  213. Anonymous
    January 5, 2013

    I just think you should know my impressions. I just spent around 5 hours or more reading your blogs.
    I just survived a near death experience and my mind is expanding rapidly.
    I found your story of animal psi touching and incredible and was blowen away; bring tears to my eyes.
    I found the story of plants psi and the inter connection of everything inspiring. inter-special communication gave me chills. My partner and I were blowen away by that alone.
    The talk about consciousness inspiring and absolutely true. And I appreciated your writing style too ^^

    how ever – I found your discussion about types of psychics not only contradicting to the previous touching consciousness awakening blog but also extremely excluding to any one who would be “normal”. I dont understand how such a detailed and in my case excluding and diss heartening description of “who is psychic or can be” even exists? Majority of psychics per character type by the looks of things, would not understand what their going through, or have the confidence to come forward. I E existing studdies may not be entirely correct and im sure the deepest psychics on earth probably are not on line, making money off the industry or partaking in studdies.

    more to the point is on one side you explain honing your psychic ability is about your consciousness and sensitive awearness and ability to silence and flow; and on the other side you explain Its scientifically linked to your brain; your predetermined path, genetics and social flaws.

    But basicly what it boiled down to for me is; if you have certain attributes it means this part of your brain is ‘worked’ and you will have strong psychic gift; based off current studdies – but what I hope you grasp is what linda rampey was talking about with time manipulation and the understanding that through time manipulation im sure any one can enhance that muscle putting true psychic strength at any ones fingers. because when we slide within plains, manipulate time as we comprehend then we advance far beyond any ‘earthly’ study.

    just an annonamous oppinion from a new believer who got a little diss heartined


  214. Melanie
    November 18, 2012

    I’d like to say a bit more about the sanity thing, as far as it relates to myself. I don’t think I explained it very well in my comment above. Well, for a long time I’ve had fears that I am already insane, or that I will go insane eventually, or that other people think I’m insane, or that other people think I will go insane eventually. I don’t really dwell on this very much, but it’s there. I’m grateful that I’ve somehow managed to face this pretty well all these years, but it’s not exactly totally gone (if that makes sense?). Also, I grew up in the AA/Al-Anon/Alateen program, and while I do see some problems with the program, I think overall it’s a very good one, and it helped me to focus on my own psychological health from a very young age. (I forgot to mention that my dad was a recovering alcoholic.:. Not anymore, though, long story!)

    Hmm, where was I going with this? I have too much to say! It’s just, I wonder if my fears of going insane sort of made me stifle my psychic abilities a bit? I’ve been pondering that possibility. I remember as a small child, not sure exactly what age, sort of “putting it out there” that I “didn’t want to see things”. I don’t even know if I used to “see things”, but maybe so, and maybe it scared me because of what was happening to my mom? I don’t really know.

    I really see myself as just mildly psychic, like I said earlier, and maybe I’ll share my experiences elsewhere on this blog, but I’ll just say a little bit now. Basically, I have dreams that come true in some way, but not very often at all. Whenever it happens, the evidence is right there in front of me, which I suppose I’m grateful for because some other kinds of psychic phenomena seem that they would make a person question the reality of what happened much more (ack, does that make sense?). Also, synchronicities seem to happen with me an awful lot, but maybe they happen just as much with everyone and I just happen to notice them? I don’t know. Also, I just seem to be very intuitive in general, as far as understanding myself, other people, animals, etc… but I don’t have the sorts of fantastical experiences that I see described on this blog, except for a very little bit.

    I’d also like to mention that I’ve done a good bit of reading about archetypes, and I especially like a few books I’ve read that describe the archetypes in terms of Greek gods and goddesses. Any psychic person might want to consider reading up on the Persephone archetype. My reading on that archetype helped me tremendously, even though I consider myslef to be just mildly psychic. (Maybe I’ll get into it another time.) For me, it’s really helped to balance that archetype with some of the other archetypes, to sort of keep myself grounded. What I do for a living is especially helpful, I believe. (My significant other and I are self employed potters, and we are also renovating a house.)

    I’ll stop again, but I’m sure I’ll have more to say another time. I hope this is helpful to someone out there. No pressure to respond, Craig… I see your plate is very full! It really helps me to write about this stuff, and to know that people might read it, too. :^D


  215. Melanie
    November 18, 2012

    Thank you so much for this blog, Craig! I have so much I’d like to say in response (for you, and for anyone else who is reading), that I really don’t know where to begin… so I guess I’ll just do a stream-of-consciousness thing here… :^D

    Oh, before I really begin, I have to say I think it’s terrible that a bunch of people downgraded your posts and some of the comments! I’ve been putting in my five star ratings to try to counteract that a bit, and I hope others will do the same if they feel it’s right. I’ll probably get around to giving out some positive ratings to the comments, too. By the way, do the low ratings make it so your blog doesn’t show up as high on google searches? I certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, since your blog is so helpful to so many people.

    Anyway… a bit about myself… I feel sort of silly posting here at all, since I seem to be only very mildly psychic, but then I do relate to so much of what you’ve written here. I’ve known for quite a while now that I’m an HSP/highly sensitive person (since my mid 20s I believe… I’m now 39), and that knowledge has helped me tremendously. (Making HSP friends online has been wonderful, too.) It doesn’t seem that most of them are what you’d call psychic, though. Perhaps all psychics are HSP, but not all HSPs are psychic? I don’t really know.

    Boy, I’m having a hard time here because I’ve read so many of your posts and have so much to say in response… Haha, I have to remember that I don’t need to cover it all right now. :^D

    I am especially glad that you write about the fear of other people thinking you’re crazy, as well as the fear of actually being crazy. My mom was institutionalized for mental illness when I was five and a half years old, and so as you may be able to imagine, I have a fear of losing my sanity (while also feeling so much sadness and compassion for my mom and others like her). Once I hit my late 20s, though, this fear started diminishing greatly, since I realized that it was becoming less and less likely that I’d lose my sanity (according to statistics). Still, I’m sure the fear is still there a bit, and it helps so much to read your blog because I realize I’m not alone in this regard.

    Okay, I’ll just mention a few more things for now, and then I’ll comment on various posts of yours down the road. Oh, I think it’s intriguing that apparently a lot of psychics have multiple pets… I have six cats, a dog, and four chickens, so I do fit that characteristic. Any idea of why this is a common thing? Maybe you already gave your opinion on that… I’ll have a look once I’m finished with this. Also, over on your post about the physiology of psychics, you mention that a lot of us have allergy/sinus problems, which I do (but just mildly). And I also have low blood pressure, but just at the low end of normal I believe. How interesting that we tend to have certain physiological traits in common! By the way, I’m not left handed, but I do believe I’m more ambidextrous than most people are.

    But I will stop for now. :^D Thank you again, Craig! I’m so grateful that you have decided to help people in this way, and your posts are such a joy to read. I’ll keep on reading, and you’ll definitely be hearing from me in the comments. Take care!


    • craigweiler
      November 18, 2012

      Thanks Melanie,
      I look forward to hearing more from you and thank you for sharing. It is always a pleasure to know that I am helping people.

  216. Kim
    October 31, 2012

    Hello, my daughter, now 19, has begun to have panic attacks. She was diagnosed with ADD in 5th grade, and while she doesn’t like how the medication makes her feel, she is reliant on it to study for long hours in college. She was tested for dyslexia, but we found that her difficulties were in math more so than with reading or writing. She has always been hypersensitive, emotional, and very sympathetic. She is left handed, has an amazing ear for music (she has taught herseft to play several instruments) and is is profoundly loyal and honest. She recently saw the color blue “weeping” off from a fellow classmate, someone whom she had never met before. When she was a child, she saw angels all around her, and found comfort in them. She has always been more comfortable among older people, and often finds herself disappointed in people her own age. We are extremely close, and I feel her fear when she experiences the overwhelming drowning feelings of a panic attack. She has saught help from the psychology department at her college, but I wonder if there would be better counseling for her. I should also mention that my mother is psychically sensitive. I am not so sure about myself. I saw things around me as a kid, and have strong feelings of having been here before but as someone completely different.

    My question to you is what might be a more helpful form of counseling for her. I see her sensitivity as a gift, but I don’t want it to be painful for her.
    Thank you.

  217. Elizabeth
    October 29, 2012

    I just came across your article and i must say it was as if i was reading a description of me. I know for sure i am about 9 of those 10. I have been suffering with anxiety for a long time now and i would like to know how can i determine if i am psychic for sure? Or just emotional and anxious. Please help. I sometimes think I’m loosing my mind. And i feel bad for my family because of my anxiety there are a lot of things we do not do because i cant be around large crowds.

  218. merary
    October 22, 2012

    I have always been very sensitive to everything.. for the past two years, i have been seeing a little girl around, and i have no idea who she is. She randomly appears, sometimes just to watch me, and she jist stands there. I have been too afraid to try and talk or comunicate. And also, i can always feel what everyone feels, all the time. I can sometimes read anyones mind. Is that psychic, or simply stupid?

    • craigweiler
      October 22, 2012

      Stupid? Hardly. Read some other of the comments on these articles and you’ll find a whole boat load of people who are experiencing similar things.

  219. Anonymous
    July 28, 2012

    i have some unusual abilities. i don’t know if you have heard of a case like mine. i can see my future only thing is if i do not know the people around the incident. i can’t see their face or hear their words. i can tell what they are wearing but not much else. i have seen things far off in my future. at a very young age i saw me become a great man, and do wondrous things however. i have also seen my fate in different scenarios. i have even ended up altering my own visions later down the road by missing a couple key steps, but that’s not all i have also seen entities i don’t know what to call them some terrible, and some benevolent, but i have seen one in particular over the last couple of years. i can’t make out any features, but i can tell it’s a woman she seems kind, but she never actually makes contact. she seems to follow me and has saved my life at least once have you ever heard of a case like mine?

    • craigweiler
      July 28, 2012

      Your descriptions of what you experience aren’t as far out there as you might think. I don’t see faces either and I’ve also experienced the more-than-one-path feeling.

      I don’t feel the presence of others around me, but other psychic people do. Spirits hanging around and doing good isn’t all that unusual either. Among psychic people, I think that you fit right in.

  220. Anonymous
    April 23, 2012

    Oh my god thank you thank you thank you. I’m fifteen and I’ve been having all of this stuff happen to me since I can remember it’s always confused and scared me. Your blog has offered so many explanations so I don’t feel so alone. Thank you.

  221. Anonymous
    April 18, 2012

    how to cultivate my psychic ability please help me”

    • craigweiler
      April 24, 2012

      I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. I’ve been knee deep in work.

      My best advice is to find classes near where you live. Finding like minded people and learning with them is the best way.

  222. Dawn
    April 9, 2012

    Thank you! It’s been so hard to get past all fluff the fluff and sales pitches disguised as information. It seems what’s ignored, is not the type or believe in ones gifts, but the struggle within and the doubt. Do I have mental issues, a huge ego, or a need for attention. How do u explain it when it fit into certian category. Will I look like a fool to explore and open up more. Most important were do you find real people to advise others without all the fanfare.

  223. Sandra Da Silva
    March 30, 2012

    I also talk to people whom have passed over in my sleep..they even tell me when i joke that they are quite pale…”well that’s cos I’m dead”.. and it’s always in technicolor and I can remember fragrance too..! My Son has the same dreams on the same night sometimes ( passed partner / stepdad) and it worries me as I haven’t handled this ‘gift’ too well..!

    Before I read your site (Been here for 4hours). I’d never write this stuff as I know how crazy it sounds …. Ps, have read Tarot I got as prezzy from my sis and its always spookily accurate for the 3rd party.. pps She is an artist I am an actor… The arts play a big roll in our lives..
    Thank you Craig Wieler.

  224. Sandra Da Silva
    March 30, 2012

    OMG.. I stumbled on your whole web site by accident ( no such thing as coincidence) after telling my Son to trust His inner voice and listen to his ‘knowing’ ! Am ambidextrous dyslexic and suffer from anxiety and depression only when I ignore my own knowledge of what’s best for me.
    I care greatly for everyone and call my soft heart “my Achilles Heel” and have hated my weakness but known also that was what drew people to me and my strength.
    I question my sanity and others motives daily but have faith that it will all be ok ‘somehow’ …
    THANK YOU just when I needed a voice to reassure me.. Without even looking.. I found this and felt that when you ask questions out loud somehow an answer will come to you xx

  225. Charlie
    March 13, 2012

    Hi, I know most of the other people commenting are older than me and probably know a lot more about what they are saying. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone if what I’m saying is just stupid and just related to being a teenager. But I’m 16, when I was younger they thought I was border line dyslexic though later with extra lessons and stuff they told me I grew out of it. I suffer from migranes and I have panic attacks, I only get them now when I’m upset but they started when I was 13 so i have a general axiety disorder. I feel like I feel people’s pain sometimes, I get ‘vibes’ off people (excuse the cliche). When I say vibes I mean it feels like I can feel them, their essence, either personality, their traits. I’m normally pretty accurate. I can feel my best friend very strongly, I know when he’s upset or distressed, sometime I see it in dreams and sometimes I just know. I feel really close to my granddad who died when I was two, I feel like I know him so well but yet how can I of I was two when he died? It upsets me because I feel false in my knowing of him. My best friend thinks I could see him if I tried but I’m too scared to fail, I don’t know if that’s true or even if I can feel him now. Maybe it’s just all in my head. I know psychics tend to be sensitive, and with some thing I am, animals always, certain people…but in also very judgmental and manipulative. Ive very guarded against people, and other than my bestfriend i cant honestly say i can spend much time with anyone for a prolonged length of time with out getting frustrated, angry or down. Because I know how people work I guess I know how to pull their strings, most of the time I try use that to help people, to help them with the pain I feel. I don’t know if all this is in my head, it’s not out of character for my mind to run away with me. I’m quite creative I write and draw a lot but sometimes it’s easy to get lost it all. I guess I just need an outsiders perspective. If anyone could just tell me if this makes sense to them. If I’m just saying something that’s totally irellavent then please just be brutally honest. Please if anyone has a little insight, I’ve tried to reach out to people before about this stuff on Wiccan websites and no one has given me any help. Please just be honest with me. Charlie.

    • craigweiler
      March 13, 2012

      Hi Charlie,
      The feelings you’re describing about people are typical of highly sensitive people with psychic ability. Migraines, panic attacks, anxiety disorder and such are all typical ailments of sensitive people. You’re not alone.

      Judging by what you’ve described, you have a fairly rare personality type, which can be quite stressful because you’re different in so many ways, but you’re not sure exactly why. I can’t go into all the reasons here, but let me just say that there are good scientific reasons for why you are the way you are. It’s not a bad thing, you’re just different.

      You can meet other people who share many of your experiences at the INFJ forum.

      Feel free to ask me more questions. I will respond when I can. Craig@ weiler. com (remove spaces)

    • Tonya
      September 13, 2012

      Hello, I am in my thirties and i just read your paragraph. It felt like i was reading my own bio. So, no you are not alone. This is the first time anyone has listed all my quirks (that’s what i call them). I have a hard time being close to people because I feel to much, almost in an itchy way. I have struggled with anxiety and depression most my life, i am not sure if you are the same there. But it got worse after i had my two kids. I am on medication but i am often sleepy. I am tired a lot, but my dreams are vivid and in color. sometimes i see stuff that i am compelled to tell the one it is about. this usually is a good thing and i always feel better afterwards no matter how off the wall it is. the closer i am to someone the more i get off them. So i hope this helps. I have recently found communing with nature ie pagan rituals, have helped me connect and ground myself so that i am not walking wide open for everyone’s vibe to break in. It has helped with my energy level and depression.

      • Brody
        May 13, 2013

        What pagan rituals have you practiced? I have recently obtained all my memories which my alter ego has kept from me till this month when I became mature enough to understand what I can do. So for the passed year my family has witnessed me move things with my mind or predict what happens months later on tvshows/realityTV in a trance like mode & seconds after doing such things I have no recollection of them. I can do other things but I won’t get into that.. All this time my alter ego instructed my family to not mention it to me, my core personality of what I can do. Clairaudiesence, Clairvoyance, &Clairsensing are all that I have tapped into so far.

  226. Anonymous
    January 10, 2012

    Don’t know if the words “Thank you”, is enough. It was like looking in a mirror when reading your blog and all the information. Surpressing the Truth with ignorance of not understanding why you don’t fit in the world and with others and then being made to feel like such a terrible person can weigh so heavily on you that for me…? I almost didn’t recover. Too far gone….until God came to rescue me. In the last 7 years Jesus and our Heavenly Father has restored my mind, healed my emotions and restored me anew with the power of His Love. God gave me much understanding of how good and evil works and the realm we stand in, His Light that with our awakened state truly live in the reality of Truth. It is hard, grievous and many days filled with sadness that can take your breath away…if you let it. But God has led me to your site for more revealed truth to help me cope and not have the weight of the world and it’s burdens on my shoulders thinking it’s my job to fix it because I see it and feel it and do love and care so much and thinking it’s my responsibility becasue of understanding so much darkness. Change is a must for me….the world around me has to be moving and grooving forward in a way better…..It is my hearts desire. God is teaching me to focus more on me and make my boundaries smaller within my mind and guard myself better in what I see and feel. It’s too much for me to handle now in my life of what I have been given in my enlightened mind. But I will never give up in fighting darkness in being in the world that wants to keep my light away from people. I can’t tell you the battles I fight spiritual, it too much. But I will tell you this….It is possible, to walk in Heaven on earth in the fullness of Joy, love and peace from above, not as the world gives but from above never moving out of it, and have nothing around you ever bother you again…..NOTHING, and that my friend, is walking as Jesus did in His authority and ruling and reining as He did to make this world a better place with just a spoken word…..Everything has to line up around you when standing in the light of Truth, it is the trials that come when your presence is around, that you fight to just stand and endure, while God raises up a standard. Yes, we do fight darkness with just standing in this light of Truth in a realm that most never seen in the unseen…..
    I am still working on standing strong, and I will never give up trying to introduce our world into the darkness, never, while enduring persecution! God Bless you ! Praise God for you, and I love you in Christ Jesus! If you ever want to talk, I would love to share all the knowledge and understanding that God has given me, if it will help you or anyone else….I can’t tell you the joy, love and peace I have…Still will always have struggles, it comes with the territory, but to better understand, makes all the difference in having and keeping my peace.

    Melissa Hyatt

  227. kanika sharma
    August 27, 2011

    i’ve had dreams that have come true
    i never even think about such things about which i have dreams.For eg.death of osama bin laden was the most recent one.
    sometimes i start thinking deep about some very random things and exactly the same thing is a headline the next day……..
    last night i had a dream about my brother dying and i m very scared,if it turns out to be true today morning he even called telling he’s not well
    hope i can get some help

    • craigweiler
      August 27, 2011

      That sounds like a very uncomfortable situation. I wish you and your brother the best! Good luck to you.

  228. Donald
    August 9, 2011

    Hey, Im 15 and your blog is really starting to take my fancy. I have recently just beaten 3 years of depression and about 2 years of self harm. My class mates hit me on my knuckles and I barly felt a thing. This blog is really speaking to my, so thankyou for taking your time to do this 🙂

    • craigweiler
      August 9, 2011

      I’m glad I can be of help. I hope it goes easier for you through your early years than it did for me.

  229. Sandy
    August 5, 2011

    Hi Craig,

    I’m one of the fortunate few who have gotten the opportunity to visit Dr Michael Persinger’s lab at Laurentian University. I was tested for environmental sensitivity and they considered various things that differentiated me from a “normal” person. The work he did with me hasn’t been published yet, but he has published work on Ingo Swan and Sean Harribance.

    In my case, I don’t have a normal EEG. I’m so sensitive to environmental influences that I have to be placed in an electromagnetically shielded room for about 10-15 minutes in order to produce a normal looking EEG.

    I haven’t seen the results of all the testing yet. They did consider things such as handedness. (I was given a number of standard cognitive functioning tests). I was told that the EEG tests suggested that my brain functions in a very unique way. I’ve been to Dr Persinger’s lab twice so far and another visit seems likely. So someone is actively researching this topic.

    BTW, I’m enjoying your blog!


    • craigweiler
      August 6, 2011

      Thanks, I’ll look into the work of this gentleman.

  230. Monica
    January 10, 2011

    How did I miss commenting on this one? ;p

    It’s an awesome article. From personal experience, though, something you didn’t know–PMS is essentially THE psi-booster. Also, instead of dyslexia, people can wind up with dyscalculia, which is essentially math dyslexia. But on the upside, you can also sense patterns in people’s behavior which I DO NOT espouse using to get shiny new computer games (much). ;p

    • Louise
      March 13, 2011

      Hello, Monica – your comment about PMS being THE psi-booster caught my eye, because in my experience it’s the great shut-down! 🙂

      I was also interested to read the term dyscalculia, which I hadn’t heard of before. Being completely unable to do mental arithmetic, I looked it up, and I certainly have a good few of the symptoms. So a double thank-you for your post!

  231. ash4c
    December 19, 2010

    hi could u just give me your email? I have alot to ask u doubt this blog would be enough please reply to me need your help

  232. giffordpa
    December 18, 2010

    I have just found this blog. I want to thank you for “putting yourself out there.” It’s extremely interesting to read your thoughts. Thank you again.

    • craigweiler
      December 19, 2010

      Thank you, glad to help

  233. Anthony
    August 7, 2010

    Do you think that psychic people, that are born with their abilities, are more alien than human genetically? We have had our DNA tinkered with millions of years ago in order to speed up the process of our evolution, so it would make sense if a few strains of DNA would have more alien DNA than human in the mix. My father when he was little saw a Zeta (Grey) in his room. He got up to try to speak to him, but the Zeta panicked and ran through a wall! My grandmother told my dad and I that when she was pregnant that she does not remember a few nights of being awake. My grandmother and father are both extremely psychic and so am I. Ever since I was little, I have felt that I was more alien than human. We all have child like faces even though my grandmother is 67, my father is 46, and I am 25. I somehow gained the knowledge that most of the alien species of this universe are ancient. Most of the different kinds of beings in this universe are a few centuries old. I doubt we’ll live that long, but I noticed with other psychic people that I have befriended that they look unusually young for their ages as well. What is your opinion on this??? Thank you very much for your reply. 🙂

  234. Anthony
    July 15, 2010

    I would definitely have to agree about the hypersexuality part. I can literally have intercourse 4 to 5 times a day if I pushed myself, ever since I was a young man. It also seems that non telepathic people are heavily attracted to our sexual prowness, like moths to a flame, no matter how much we keep our aura to ourselves in public.

    • craigweiler
      July 15, 2010

      Wow! That’s a bit more uh, enthusiasm than I can muster myself. I absolutely obsessed on sex when I was younger, but I’m finding that the more removed stuff, such as porn, no longer catches much of my interest.

  235. Marisha
    May 24, 2010

    I’m a college student and have been aware of my ability for 6 years now. I have many friends with gifts and we work very well together, but we’re a bit confused about one thing, though. One of our professors–he’s really more of a friend to most of us and really a father to me–is a very very strongly gifted individual. I can sense gifts, both conscious and subconscious, and I have never come across anything like his. The worst part is, he is extremely disciplined both physically and mentally (3rd degree blackbelt if I remember correctly as well as just all around strong-willed) and uses his gift frequently. The issue arises because he is a skeptic and a scientist. And stubborn as anything. I love him dearly and we have a very strong link between the two of us (I can sense his emotions when he’s in Texas and I’m in Ohio), but I want to try to help him. Any advice?


    • craigweiler
      May 24, 2010

      Hi Marisha,
      To understand this, you’ll have to know the difference between a logical viewpoint and an emotional one. You can identify a logical viewpoint because it will change based on new information. (i.e. “That restaurant was bad, but they’ve improved.”) An emotional viewpoint on the other hand, will not easily change despite new information. (Just because the ice caps are melting doesn’t mean it’s caused by global warming. Al Gore can kiss my ass.) The insult is a dead giveaway.

      My experience with most psi skepticism is that it falls in the latter category. It is an emotional viewpoint even though it is wrapped in the pretty package of rationalism. Skepticism towards psi is not just an ordinary idea that can change. A materialistic viewpoint is comforting and safe for people who feel drawn to authority and structure. To embrace the concept of psi is to toss that all out, so people aren’t going to do that easily.

      I don’t think you can change his mind on this and you’re probably better off not trying. If you must though, keep it to an impersonal discussion of the evidence for psi. Challenge him to come up with more than just arguments.

      Here’s a website that can help with this:

      • Marisha
        May 26, 2010

        First off, thank you very much for your prompt reply. After reading both your reply and the treatise, I have noticed a few patterns in “skepticism” which I’m sure you have already discerned. The type of skeptic that you are thinking I am dealing with (the type I normally encounter) is a person whose denial is rooted in fear rather than science; someone who is focused on their view of the world to the exclusion of all others–what the treatise refers to as a pseudoskeptic. I generally have little use for these people… I don’t tend to like them much.
        After consideration of the nature of the person in question in my situation as well as a bit of… I suppose it would be considered superficial subconscious examination of his mind–I have come to the conclusion that his skepticism is not, thankfully, based in fear, but rather in plain ignorance. Despite his stubbornness and general practicality, within him there is a certain desire to have mysteries in the world and I hope that I can, with great diplomacy, appeal to both that and his rational, scientific side (he’s a physicist… I don’t quite understand why, especially because he has a plethora of other talents…. but to each his own) in my attempts to convince him of both his gift and those of his students (there’s several of us…. And I keep finding more). The article was very useful in coming to my decision and I have sent it to a few of my friends as well.

        • craigweiler
          May 26, 2010

          Hi Marisha,
          I happened to be at my desk when your reply came through. I have a couple of things to add based on your reply. First, you won’t really know what type of skeptic this gentleman is until you engage him. People can be very reasonable on other subjects but be very stubborn about accepting any evidence for psi. I’m reading about this right now. It’s a complicated sociological issue. (ref: The Trickster and the Paranormal by George Hansen.)

          Second, acceptance of psi may very well threaten his status and his job. Physics is an extremely conservative field. (ref: The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin.)

          As I said, keep the discussion on a philosophical level.

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  237. Hannah
    November 1, 2009

    Hi Craig,
    i havent got a comment back from you. can you email me so soon as you can i have some questions to tell that are privite.


  238. Hannah
    October 26, 2009

    hi craig i was looking at other comments and they helped me alot.give me an email

  239. Hannah
    October 24, 2009

    Hi craig im Austins cousin this website helps me understand how to be a better psychic, but the only thing that is hard for me is to control it.can you help me ???????????????

    • craigweiler
      October 24, 2009

      I’m working on a post for young people to help answer your questions. I hope to have it done tomorrow.

  240. AUSTIN
    October 23, 2009

    hi craig its austin my cousin wanted me to tell you this stuff she says that she can feel spirits when they are around her and she can see them when they are around her too. but i for one dont believe her because she doesnt seem that way all the time so she isnt i think she can do something alot diffrent than that but i dont really know what she is capable of she might be able to do what she stats she can do but she might be able to do somehting alot diffrent than she says so what ever she can do i have know idea what it is

    • craigweiler
      October 23, 2009

      The best way to handle it is to realize that you don’t know and leave it at that. You don’t have to decide one way or the other. It can just be something where you don’t have enough information to decide.

  241. AUSTIN
    October 23, 2009

    hi criag
    and if you have been looking at you ather comments you see that iv been commenting alot its just that im so young 13 is my age and i dont understand a thing of how to control my powers and if you wont to know my powers ill wiat till you comment ack i just woke up and im really tierd i have the swine flu!!!!!! horible i know i hate it i feel like heck sorry for my languge man i say sorry to much but if you have any pointers on how to control it please emial me or just answer my question out in the open. its up to you.

    • craigweiler
      October 23, 2009

      I sent you an e-mail, did you get it?

  242. Mel
    August 10, 2009

    Thank you for your blog. It’s from a refreshing perspective and is helpful. I feel like I identify with the HS persona but I don’t know if I am truly sensitive to how others feel.I always feel aloof even though I don’t have any trouble fitting in. I’m wondering, do you have any idea how to measure one’s pain threshold?
    Thank you

    • craigweiler
      August 11, 2009

      Sorry for the slow reply. Hospitals fill a bowl with ice and measure how long a person can keep their hand in it. I don’t know exactly how long that’s supposed to be. Generally, they turn it into a contest to encourage people to hold out as long as they can.

      And feeling aloof is normal for us, but it’s not particularly good for us. It means that you’ve shut down quite a bit. That’s how you can fit in. The trouble with feeling is that you don’t get to choose what to feel.

  243. Lin
    April 9, 2009

    Thank-you for your speedy reply. I know a great chiropractor and will ad him to my to-do list of health-helping appointments.

    I will stay in touch. You may email me privately if you wish.

    My regards,


    • craigweiler
      April 11, 2009

      Thank you.

  244. Lin
    April 9, 2009

    Thank-you for these articles and references. I’ve finally found a counselor who is also psychic and we are working through my “issues” from the angle of “but you’re psychic, and most psychics have these issues”. I’m 49 and have just realized that the depression and anxiety I’ve suffered most of my life is in great part due to this sensitivity and my inability to slough-off tribulations the way others can. Thank God I’ve married someone who is supportive in every way, and was the first person to say, “I’ll bet this is because you’re psychic”. Jeez – I could have had a V8!

    I also suffer from migraines, which I’m dealing with from an energetic basis, meaning acupuncture. I have tinnitus at a level that makes it hard to be human sometimes. I’ve not been able to read a book for years because of it. Hypnosis works very well for me, and I’m looking forward to acupuncture.

    I’m new to your site, and as I’ve not looked around carefully, would you mind me asking if you have a page here which has an extensive questionnaire for your psychic readers to fill out? I’d love to see a chart on how the data compares. If this request is redundant, please point in the direction to go.

    Thank-you again,