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Bi-Polar Disorder: Are These Repressed Psychic People?

Bi-Polar disorder (a.k.a. manic-depressive) is an unusual mental issue.  While nearly all other mental disorders involve having a severely limited ability to express real emotions, bi-polar people express too much.  Their emotions get away from them and they cannot hold them back.  This can interfere with people’s lives because high emotions distort our ability to think and reason, often allowing our irrational fears to take hold and run the show.  The travails of Mel Gibson, who had the misfortune of having his problems exposed to the entire world, are a perfect example of this.

The Mayo Clinic has  the following list of symptoms:

Manic phase of bipolar disorder
Signs and symptoms of the manic or hypomanic phase of bipolar disorder can include:

  • Euphoria, Extreme optimism, Inflated self-esteem, Poor judgment, Rapid speech, Racing thoughts
  • Aggressive behavior, Agitation or irritation, Increased physical activity, Risky behavior, Spending sprees or unwise financial choices
  • Increased drive to perform or achieve goals, Increased sex drive, Decreased need for sleep, Inability to concentrate, Careless or dangerous use of drugs or alcohol
  • Frequent absences from work or school, Delusions or a break from reality (psychosis), Poor performance at work or school

Depressive phase of bipolar disorder
Signs and symptoms of the depressive phase of bipolar disorder can include:

  • Sadness, Hopelessness, Suicidal thoughts or behavior, Anxiety, Guilt
  • Sleep problems, Low appetite or increased appetite, Fatigue, Loss of interest in daily activities
  • Problems concentrating, Irritability, Chronic pain without a known cause
  • Frequent absences from work or school, Poor performance at work or school

The first thing that strikes me about this is that you probably have to be a highly sensitive person to have bi-polar disorder.  This only makes sense.  For a person to have wild emotional swings, they have to have wild emotions.  There is apparently no scholarly research on this connection, but I am not the first to think of this.  On a help site for highly sensitive people, one man writes:

Is it possible that being “highly sensitive” is an illness brought about by a chemical imbalance similar to bipolar disorder ?
I lived with bipolar disorder and have had periods of deep depression. I was born with a heightened senses as was my mother and her mother as well. they both had symptoms of bipolar disorder. It has occurred to me that my being HSP may be why I was open to bipolar disorder and related depression.

The second thing is that bipolar disorder is strongly linked to creativity in the manic phase.

Memory and creativity are related to mania. Clinical studies have shown that those in a manic state will rhyme, find synonyms and use alliteration more than controls. This mental fluidity could contribute to an increase in creativity. Moreover mania creates increases in productivity and energy. Those in a manic state are more emotionally sensitive and show less inhibition about attitudes, which could create greater expression ((3)). Studies performed at Harvard looked into the amount of original thinking in solving creative tasks. Bipolar individuals, whose disorder was not severe, tended to show greater degrees of creativity ((5)).

So here we have people who are highly sensitive and creative, which are strong attributes of psychic people.  Is is really so very much of a stretch to imagine that psychic ability is somewhere nearby?  No. And surprisingly, for a change, I am not the first person to think of this.  A website I ran into basically states the same thing:

The most common psychiatric diagnosis among experients of psychical phenomena is Bipolar Disorder. Also known as manic depression, manic-depressive disorder and bipolar affective disorder, this diagnosis describes a category of mood disorders.

And treating people with this disorder as though they were psychic would probably do a lot for their mental health.  Let me explain:

Once you know you are psychic, a number of things can be dealt with:

  1. You are aware that you are picking up the thoughts of other people and that this affects your moods.  From there, you can learn to deal with it.
  2. You stop asking yourself the question:  Am I crazy?  No, you’re psychic.
  3. You understand that you can’t change who you are.  So you don’t try.
  4. You can begin to carve an identity for yourself that matches what you are actually capable of.  So you stop spending energy trying to be someone that doesn’t fit you.

If you are not dealing with these things they will catch up with you.  And it just might be that the people who are most vulnerable are highly sensitive, creative types that have not learned the first thing about dealing with the psychic onslaught of the world and are trying to pretend that they’re normal when they aren’t.  This can push people to the brink.

I can speak from personal experience here.  The more comfortable I’ve become with being psychic, the calmer I’ve been and my emotions have been much more steady.  I’m not as prone to depression or simply malaise.  It’s easier to shake out of it.  Not because of anything I’m doing psychically, I’m just more comfortable in my own skin.

It seems to me that having emotions go through such intense cycles is a symptom of suppression.  That is to say, the individual is trying hard to repress something about themselves and failing at it.  That something may be their psychic awareness.  Those of us who have been through this know how difficult it is to hold back spirit.  (for lack of a better word.)  I can easily imagine the psychological demolition derby resulting from someone trying too hard to adopt the “rational” mindset when it doesn’t suit them.  (It’s in quotations because people are often far less rational than they think they are.)

I don’t have any answers here, it’s just something to think about.  If bi-polar people were taught to embrace their psychic side and understand it, would that help them?  I think it’s a good question.

176 comments on “Bi-Polar Disorder: Are These Repressed Psychic People?

  1. autistinquisitor
    August 19, 2020

    I’ve seen people argue this. While there may be a shred of truth, I think it holds true more for Autistic people. Autism is also something so unusual that most people still have no idea what it really is – and more importantly, while some Autistics struggle, many, especially when given the right supports and not held back, go on to show extreme talents or world-changing things (e.g. Greta Thunberg).

  2. MfM
    July 22, 2020

    I was diagnosed with bio polar…there are when I find myself speaking which is not me for example I was having surgery while I was asleep and at the point of reawakening I found myself speaking but is was not me….my surgeon and all the other workers that was there looked like they were all spooked out….there are times when I am sleeping and I suddenly wake up and I hear like if someone else is breathing and sometimes talking is me but yet it’s not me….sometimes I dream of events and it really come to be….sometimes in my dreams I speak and socialize with people that has passed away but the weird thing about it when I awake I feel like it really happen….sometimes I feel so sad for no reason whatsoever….after I get news of something bad happening….when I’m at my manic state I sort of feel like I’m free from whatever is holding me down I get so creative and I just want to taste the world I feel like I can accomplish anything and that nothing is to big for me to conquer….I fear no one nor anything…but when I crash down I feel such disparity, worthlessness, sadness, I cry and cry and I can’t stop….I feel like the whole world hates me….I feel like I’m being watched….I feel like my conversations on my phone is being heard….I feel more sadness than happiness unless I’m manic and I just don’t give a damn….I’m sometimes looking at tv or shopping and I hear this loud beep in my ears…sometimes I pickup radio waves….sometimes I ask myself what is really bio polar sometimes I don’t think is a mental illness….as the years go by from the time I was diagnosed it’s like I’m understanding it more and I’m handling it better but I came to realize that it is not mental we are victims.

  3. Sarah
    June 18, 2020

    When I was 19, I was going to college getting a degree in psychology. I thought I was bipolar from what I was learning in school. The psychologist I saw told me he thought I was a channel; or a medium talking to dead people. He referred me to “light of Brian” a well known medium. As an atheist at the time I really didn’t know what to think until I just tried to channel. After sitting down with countless strangers I believed channeling, and being correct I believed in afterlife. I started a career in mediumship and was getting paid around 300$ per hour for this work. One day I woke up and it felt like when I talked to dead people, except it was just like a download of information. I was 28 years old and already working as medium for 4 years . I now know Channeling as mania. Except Mania feels like a channel I can not stop and don’t have free will over. I stopped my work as soon as I got diagnosed because still to this day I can’t tell the difference between mania and channeling except for the free will aspect. I found this article while searching for people with similar experiences

  4. Sabrina
    November 18, 2018

    I’ve been told I’m bipolar since I’m 28, medication, hospitals etc. Lost love, lost goes on. I’ve always taken in so much, carried it to the point of being so heart heavy I broke down psysically.

    I’ve known I’ve been “different ” since I was about 5 and it never stopped. So many things I can’t even start to describe. My mother passed a year ago, it was then at 52 that I started to experience this at a level I could not stop it. I’ve been going to psychics for years since I was 18, not one said I was bipolar they did tell me I have the “gift”. I never addressed it. I have finally started to because I could not control it. I now take a body and mind class which helps me release emotional as most of my heart chakra is completely blocked. I went to a workshop after a Rekei experience that left the girl giving it, with her hands looking burnt because of the energy she got off of my body. This week I gave 3 “practice” readings that were do spot on one girl left crying. I’m working with professionals who are helping me, I feel like I have so much lifter off of my chest I cannot Express this. They feel I’m an empath clavirvoint, after I read about it it all makes so much sens ed, I feel l may have a new lease on life, and a new path, that I can eventually embark on finally not having to do my miserable mindless office job down the road forever.

  5. Joey duane Cox
    October 20, 2018

    This artical might be the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I too found my symptoms diminish once I accepted being psychic. I’ve had far fewer lows and havent considered suicide in years. Even came off Lamictal nearly three years ago.

    July 13, 2018

    Amen, I just said tonite to my better half, I think my diagnosis of BP 1 w psychosis, borderline persoalty disorder and ptsd are coming up as sypmtoms becus Im a empathic lightworker, HSP, and psychic……. and yes ive tried to supress my abilities cus as i admire n believe themin others i felt people wud think i was trying to say im more special, even tho ive always said we all posess these, i was jus raised to embrace mine and that we are all equal, My outlook at ,my self was always w high self esteem and others wanted to kno how to harness that, n id always reply u r irrplaceable, and im a good person why shouldnt i love myself. I started hallucinating at 3yo after som sexual trama, and i wud control energy and make colorful birds same thing everynite, i remmbr my dreams from elementary school, i wud b in a field n a gate wud pop up thru the ground and i wud b square in the middle of it and it wud come closer n grow higher, the ride of mental illness’s and psychic abilties ive experienced in my life has been draining, my first premonition was my mothers birth at 10yo, 3 mnths b4 she died i started crying God please dnt take my mom but if u do please let me have the same momdadbro sis aunt etc etc that i have in this life in all my next lifes ( un how did i kno bout recarnation) my mother showed no sign of being ill and end of 2nd month she went the ER and died of AIds in the Hospital, 12yo my 15yo cousin saids im pregnant ( i was the 1st person she told) and i sadi I kno ur having a boy, when i dream im pregnant some1 im close to dies,,,etc etc in and out of mental hospitals, and then my son 5yo i said i have to find a way, he cant kno bout these issue’s, ive gone crazy silently hiding them from him, i gota find a better way, by not getting triggered.. i left the world and fond peace, after almost 10yrs of psychotherpy w the same guy, he said ” I think ur crazy has been a reaction to the rotting people u’ve had to deal w, u never stooped to their level, they emotionally abused you, u carry to the pain of ur families trama” “i dnt think u wuda ever got this bad if u had different people in ur life” i was parentless at 11yo when my mom died, my dad spent my hole life in prison till he died, all my families drugs, crime, molestation, abuse against each other, prositution, dcyf, being sld for sex, etc etc and this is my mom n dads fam, my bro /sis father side of fam, and my bro and sis mom’s side dont have to much of that but they still got issues like narrassim etc.. I always said i wudnt take away my struggles of my mental illness’s cus they part of my hole being, my paranoia made me a mom on top of every detail from food to teaching my son, …… but I see a HSP in my child, and i also see no mental issue’s, or i wuda got him checked and id never ignore it to avvoid my own heart ache,.. I am a empath, a light worker, a psychic, i have contact w other diminsions, im a HSP, im a earth healer, and my hole life ive wanted to dive into all these things but who can i connect to, who do i reach out for….. and my abilities jus kept geting stronger thru life, last big growth my childs birth and then bout 3yrs, i finally took the jump and aske dto be tested and i was right on my reading, mind u ive never seen what goes on at home or in the mind of some1 im not close to, except children i dnt kno i can read there inner hurts b4 they show the warning signs,, i feel sickness on my loved ones……..blah blah yea yea…… this all part of the manifestation of the golden age, all truths are being exposed, are days of being lied to n us excepting crazy shit is over, by labeling us crazy it keeps us suppressed on meds, and makes us look at our self that way… IVE SIAD SINCE DAY ONE, I LOVE MY BP MIND, A BP MIND IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MIND OF ALL……….. good luck on ur road to answers, hopefully my story can shed some LIGHT ON2 URS. peace love and light

  7. Tammy Rees
    March 20, 2018

    I am diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. I am also psychic I dream things that come true get feelings about things, feel others emotions and just know things sometimes however if I were to approach my doctors with this information I would be institutionalised because it is not medically accepted. I have spent 6 months of my life thus far in the mental health unit locally (3x two month stays). Not one time was I any different when discharged to when admitted and I was even forced to undergo electric shock therapy. As I said Nothing changed I just learned to tell them what they wanted to hear. I believe my illness is linked to the vibrations of others becoming too much and jumbled. They dose me up and nothing changes. Nothing at all except my body fighting the I’ll effects if the meds.

    • lightworker22
      March 22, 2018

      I encourage you to contact Doris Cohen, Ph. D. who is a holistic therapist and also very psychic. There is more help than you’ve yet found. (Cleveland, Ohio).
      Also the author of two books.

    • MindBody
      March 22, 2018

      It is the essence of wisdom to understand that psychiatrists are materialists, and that they are on a quest to seek pathology.

      I would go so far as to say that withholding information (such as possible psychic experiences) from your doctors is a wise move.If you’re not scared by what’s going on, keep a mental note of the events for later.

      Whatever else is going on, mania is a very heightened state metabolically, and it knocks you around (I take n Acetyl cysteine to protect my brain cells because of my manic episodes- and that intervention is evidence based).

      Equally the very heightened arousal puts us out of sync with others and can be very isolating.

      In a manic state I am always very heightened, extremely fast mentally (and I bloody fast even when not manic) and very very sensitive to my environment. Hospital wards are intolerable with their unpleasant white lighting (makes you more agitated) and the cacophony of noise. That is guaranteed to push me into florid sensory processing disorder. Other peoples agitation is hard to handle, and other people also end up mirroring of our heightened state of arousal, making everything worse.

      Just that heightened sensitivity can make us much more intuitive– but I do believe that true psychic experiences are commonplace in this state.

  8. Viv Walker
    March 25, 2017

    Really interesting article and I can relate to this well, I know I have heightened intuition and highly empathic, however the Dr says premonitions are a sign of mania! I have bipolar apparently, my mind frame is not good if I consider myself as bipolar, being a nurse I would usually agree with the Dr’s but I am strongly opposed to any antipsychotics as I actually disagree with it and do not wish to suppress the psychic side. It’s a difficult one!
    You just know though and have to be guided, having a bipolar diagnosis ment spending a year being disempowered and not listen too. Thank you for your article 🙂 Viv

    • Anonymous
      April 20, 2017

      Thank you!

  9. MindBody
    January 29, 2017

    A very interesting connection.
    I have bipolar 1- with 2 episodes in my mid 20s, then good control on lithium (which was unfortunately changed) then episodes which were initially mild but culminating in 2 severe episodes- the worst one last summer (in Australia).

    However each time I have had a hypomanic episode I have had a sense that I was picking up on something, some of the time. It was never enough to say for sure, and I certainly would not have discussed it with my doctors- I’m not crazy! 🙂

    The last episode was very clear cut though in that one day I had a clear sense that I should leave the house immediately. I did so, and 30 minutes later I began to recieve harrassing phone calls from the psychiatric assessment team (with whom I had had no prior contact) demanding that I come out of the house. I was already a kilometre away having a coffee at the local Tibetan Buddhist Centre. The situation was quite surreal, and it only got worse 2 days later when I found that my partner had been pre-warned about the impending visit from the assessment team– exactly 30 minutes prior to this guy arriving at my house, and exactly at the time when I got the feeling that I had to leave immediately. At the time she was about 10km away from me, and there was no pone contact.

    I am a pretty scientific person, and like facts and tests before I go out on a limb and say things that most people thing off beat. (With a history of Bipolar you have to be that way- out of self preservation).

    Now my feeling is that this psychic ability is present all the time, and probably in all of us, but is not so obvious at other times. Maybe the psychological or physiological stress of one of these episodes exposes the ability? I really don’t know. However, the large number of posts here make me think that maybe I should work more at developing these abilities.

    The question becomes what is the best way to do so?

  10. Nancy Ann Edwards
    December 15, 2016

    Thank you for posting this. I am bipolar II and you described many of my symptoms perfectly. In fact, all the main ones were there. Very accurate! But what I found even more interesting was the correlation between bipolar and HSP. People in the mainstream do not understand this (the psychic aspect). What worries me though is that sometimes I am a bit paranoid in my perceptions and tend to ruminate on the negative. Furthermore I sometimes find later on that my perceptions were wrong. Not always though. How can I achieve better control?

    • lightworker22
      December 16, 2016

      I am teaching a one day course in Virginia Beach at the Edgar Cayce Foundation (Assn. of Research and Enlightenment…ARE…) on Jan. 29, 2017 called: Opening Your Psychic Channels: Access Your Higher Self, Guides, and Departed Loved ones. My website is
      I will be sharing a Ted Talk on ACE’s Too High, as well which correlates early
      childhood trauma with the development of hyper-sensitivity (which I suffered from).
      It is very affordable. ARE Members it is $99 and non-member it is $139. I will be doing the same workshop in Chicago as well on April 29th, if that would be
      closer for you.
      Everyone at the workshop will do several successful psychic readings. I am
      very skilled at helping beginners safely open up.

      • lisa jennings
        May 7, 2017

        i think if you geniunley cared about helping and healing people who are going through the terrible time of not knowing if they are psychic or depressed then you certainley shouldnt be saying how afordable your class is. what about people who have no money at all and they have nobody to turn to. greed is one of the seven deadly sins.

        • lightworker22
          May 8, 2017

          I feel so judged. I have given thousands of free readings to people with HIV/AIDS, MS, cancer, and many other situations…students, suicidal folks, etc. and scholarships to countless students. I do it on a case by case basis. We discuss it privately and I have not pushed away anyone who cannot afford it. My class is very affordable by world standards. It usually runs about $300 for a weekend. Check around and see what others with my qualifications are charging. Currently, I am
          caring in our home for my 94 year old mother in law and have taken a sabbatical from teaching other than with the ARE. I wish you much abundance and joy. Several books helped me clear my prosperity fears/issues: The Secret Door to Success by Florence Scovill Shinn and Practicing the Presence by Joel S. Goldsmith are two notable ones. You may find them helpful as well.

          • lightworker22
            May 8, 2017

            PS…those prices for those workshops at ARE events are charged by ARE. I don’t earn that amount. I get a much smaller stipend. Also, the ARE provides scholarships on a case by case basis as well. Just ask…don’t judge please!

        • Shyann1
          May 21, 2017

          Lisa, let me ask u a Q : Do u work for free ? I’m serious. Doing Spiritual work does
          not mean free readings for anyone who asks. Do u realize
          the amount of people who ask psychics and or mediums for
          free readings ?? It is impossible to even try. I’m sure she
          has given many free readings to people already…but once
          u do that, people will take advantage of u. There is such a
          thing called “energy exchange”….it must be a give and take.
          It is real work. And it can be exhausting if psychics etc…
          over do it. They have to balance their energy, and keep
          themselves as healthy as possible….they are working w/
          a lot of unseen energy.

          I hope u will understand my reason for what they do. Some
          over charge, and some don’t. The answers u seek are
          inside u anyway. U don’t need s psychic or medium. If there
          weren’t any….u would have to just use ur own intuition right.

          God Bless ~

  11. Ulysses Kollungr
    November 10, 2016

    There’s an Afghanistani tribe that herald those with ‘behaviours beyond social norm’ (as defined in british psychiatry) as people with the gift of foresight. They take them through a tribal initiation before they become pillars of their communities. ‘The knowers’.

    I found this article while trying to understand why on top my diagnosis of bipolar (type 2 – with hypomania) do I feel horrendous around certain people who I later learn have significant stress in their lives. I get a sensation like the feeling of inertia we experience as the elevator begins to escalate. When I meditate also, I can give nasty electric shocks (sometimes). There’s a lot of stigma associated with meditation where I’m from, and you’re considered a whackjob before they evem learn you’ve got a mental health diagnosis :), therefore its something I do in secret. I mention the meditation because it appears to have escalated my hypersensitivity to others’ feelings, and that isn’t a good thing. I desperately need to learn to control it, moreso than make it go away, because its part of who I am.

    Also, I’m noted as odd for my ability to know if someone is going to do something that would cause distress or harm to another person that I know, and the sensation profound. My predictions about someone will come to fruition, and I’ll be labeled by whoever I’ve told as either ‘amazing’ or ‘ a weirdo’ haha. It can be fun… but I think the meditation is making me more sensitive to the distress of others (and i only need to be relatively near them), and I’d really like to learn to control it, without giving up on meditation.

    Its very difficult to address this, when it is such the engima that on one hand, its “rubbish/lies” and on the other, “its real” – but there is no helpful research on it, and becauee it is not recognised within any medical profession (other than delusional or grandiose thoughts). I have a masters degree in Mental Health Sciences, so I know what to attribute to bipolar and/or ‘hypersensitivity to others’ emotions’.

    P.s. I understand how this can be explained by looking at people with strong empathetic natures, at face value however I have had this gift/issue since my early twenties, for which I had precursors as a child and I’m now 35.

    • lightworker22
      December 14, 2016

      You might want to consider reading the book by Judith Pennington, Your Psychic
      Soul published by ARE Press. My story is on page 31. Website:
      I can help you make sense of this.
      Blessings and light!
      Linda Schiller-Hanna

    • Anonymous
      May 21, 2017

      I’m 45 and I have been trying to get diagnosed with bipolar I have had years of depression and when I’m not depressed I spend money like its going out of fashion I have all the things at the top of this page in my twentys I’d get myself in mad situations I jumped in the Albert dock water and nearly drowned I’d sleep with everyone I was just nuts now I’m not as bad I also have the feeling like when your in a lift and I believe I’m surrounded by spirits in my home and I get lots of premonition which have all been right I really don’t know what to do as my doctor won’t listen ,I also had a very bad childhood x

  12. intuitivedreamer222
    October 2, 2016

    Reblogged this on Intriguing Intuitive.

    • someoneyoudontknow
      November 2, 2016

      I have been diagnosed with being Bi-Polar, and for some reason have always had the nagging suspicion that i could feel others emotions. Like my mind is picking up there feelings like there radiating out like a radio signal. These seem to merge with my emotions, creating yes, that Bi-Polar nature.

      Over time I have learned to try and differentiate what is my true emotions, from the fake ones i seem to be picking up on.

      Have always been a very shy person, but learning to feel peoples emotions, in a controlled manner has made it much easier to connect with people.

      Anyone else ever be around someone and immediately pick up that there very sketchy, and a little voice in your head says, you need to leave NOW!

      Whether a gift or a curse, I have decided to accept it and live with it, have learned over the years that fighting it wont make it go away.

      • Ulysses Kollungr
        November 10, 2016

        Wow! This post is awfully similar to something I’ve just posted. I’d love to hear how you’ve maintained some control over what you’re ‘receiving’. I’ve always referred to it in my head as ‘the other person’s frequency also’. That is wild!

  13. Alice
    August 27, 2016

    I am bipolar and the other night I had an episode on a cop I scared him so badly cause for some weird reason I told him that he should be scared his wife is planning on leaving him and she is taking his new born son with her. I have never met the cop ever before then, in a way I thought I was talking out of mybuttwhole but he was scared he even asked me if I was psychic or if I was in a gang I told him no to both and said well screamed I was bipolar…… so psychic abilities with bipolar is very possible cause I am scared myself I have no idea how I knew that about him and i feel awful for scaring him so badly

  14. Irene
    July 28, 2016

    Thank you for this article. I am HSP, bipolar and I have a healing practice of shamanic and holisitic services with intuitive or psychic abilities utilized for each modality. I have had this question you covered here myself. I am effectively treating my bipolar and have always embraced my gifts as well even when untreated. I am sure they go hand in hand and yet nothing has helped my bopilar but actual treatment. If my gifts are due to the disorder then the gifts are available regardless if there is treatment or not. At least for me. So, what has helped me is treatment and my gifts are an amazing consequence unaffected by the treatment and if I had no treatment using my gifts never helped manage the disorder anyway. I think people who are bipolar are too out side the box to be so concerned as to fit in with the norm because thier egos are inflated anyhow. I think bipolar people mostly know thier gifts and that they need affective treatment. I do know also for sure there are HSP’s who are not bipolar and that HSP is not a disorder or syndrom or malady of any sort. It just simply means you have empathy for life Itself and that manifests in a miriad of sensitivities. So, HSP may need to come aware of thier gifts and accept that they are unique and special but bipolar usually would know I think. There are also bipolar people who are not HSP and they actually lack empathy. Since I am both I can say my treatment is the answer while living as an offering of my gifts and choosing everyday to be accountable. This is all mostly about me and my understandings and experiences. I am not saying any of this as if I have an answer… Just sharing.
    Bless your journey!!

    • apsychicawakening
      May 27, 2017

      Wow. Thank you. I am currently going through this as well, figuring out where one begins and the other ends. I am just coming to the conclusion that my major depression / ADD is related to a what is most likely bipolar. I just recently found out I have psychic abilities and know without a shadow of a doubt, it is real and not mental illness.

  15. Mark Ridler
    April 19, 2016

    My take is that Bipolar Psychosis is a result of Mind and Body interaction, with Beliefs in the mind and Emotions in the body. It starts with a shift in perception, like inhibition, impulsiveness, open-mindedness, which I believe have an emotional basis. This then causes a change in beliefs, which once evaluated can cause more change in perception and so on. Changing your beliefs (e.g. deciding that the voices in your head are fake) can help to send it back the other way. However, in the author’s experience to date, this only works in combination with anti-psychotic drugs, which I believe counteract the change in perception directly.

    I am in search of a belief-driven method that will tackle psychosis completely, without the need for medication. I’ve yet to read Arnhild Lauveng’s book on schizophrenia which apparently does a similar thing …

  16. Teagan
    April 3, 2016

    It seems to me this same thing you’re talking about could happen if a person tries to repress virtually anything about themselves, be it their psychic talents or their goal to be a writer or their beliefs about god. I’d wager that not all bipolar people are psychic – probably some of them are, but psychic ability seems to be a very rare talent so the chances that every bipolar person is psychic are slim at best.

    Now, having said that, I think that, in my case, it probably IS repressed psychic energy, at least to an extent. I was always having dreams that would later come true when I was younger, or having premonitions while awake, or even just feelings about something that later proved to be correct. Then, as I got older, and most especially in my late teenage years, I started repressing this because I wanted to “fit in” and I knew that my kooky beliefs were very different from the way most people saw the world, so I figured it was a problem and that I should change them. My mood problems got worse in equal measure to the changes I was trying to make with regard to my own beliefs, and I had precognitive dreams and visions less and less.

    So, I have a question: how would you recommend getting back in touch with my initial psychic talents? If you could reply here or email me some advice, I would appreciate it.

    • Heidi
      April 7, 2016

      Is it possible that some bipolar swings are perfectly reasonable reactions to events just felt outside of an expected linear sequence? Neurosurgeons are now considering the idea that Schizophrenia may be nothing more than the brain receiving & processing stimulus out of sequential order – auditory hallucinations, for example, they say maybe be the internal monologue speaking but not being heard until later, synching issues in the brain.

      • MindBody
        January 29, 2017

        No, a bipolar swing will go outside the range of what is useful or adaptive for any situation, and when it is precipitated by outside events, it will also keep on going well after the threatening (or exciting) stimulus has passed. A bipolar swing will cause harm and is likely to disrupt close relationships and lead to you doing things that are very much against your long term interests.

    • A
      October 2, 2016


    • Nadine
      September 6, 2018

      Meditation! Journaling etc… self reflection.. diet matters alot too
      ..if we input junk into our vessels this can disorder our minds. That also goes for the types of information we bring into ourselves too… if we are constantly inputting negatively charged information into our consciousness..this can lower our frequency xxx
      Every person in the world has psychic ability to some degree.. it’s just that not everybody wants to or is ready to acknowledge it and develop it xx

  17. Robin Janz
    March 28, 2016

    Thank you Mr. Weiler for this enlightening article. It witnessed to me very powerfully. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 in my mid twenties. I’m now almost 39. It appears to run genetically on my maternal side. I’m most definitely an introvert. I’m sensitive to light and sound. In a large crowd I’m overwhelmed with all the energy. I prefer small group settings and meaningful conversation. Since childhood people would tell me I’m psychic or ask me how would I know such and such. I prefer the label “sensitive”. I very much enjoyed reading your article. I believe it to be spot on. I personally find it a comfort to know others have had similar experiences. It’s imporant for each of us to be free to be our authentic selves. Thank you for your writings.

  18. Jennifer
    February 4, 2016

    I am having a hard time with my brain constantly running. Sometimes I won’t take my meds until I start feeling withdrawals, just to feel different. I believe in spirits, predictions, intuition and my dreams that I remember 25 days out of 30. I usually go right back where I left off before waking up. A lot of sick and horrible dreams, it sucks that I go right back to it. Sometimes I feel like it’s going happen or did. Last week for the first time I had 2 seizures in my dreams and I woke up during them. Of course it was the same night back into same dream. I’m 44 years old and had numerous tests done on my brain. So tell me your thoughts

  19. Keenyah Hill
    January 11, 2016

    Wow… i can now sleep peacefully this evening. too many words to type the relief i have from reading this thank you for posting ..LOVE AND LIGHT…Keenyah

    • Robert
      January 13, 2016

      I don’t think Mel Gibson suffers from bipolar. I think he is just suffering from assholism. It is sort of like alcoholism, but the other end.

      • Anonymous
        January 25, 2016


  20. Renee
    January 9, 2016

    Hi, I had been struggling with making this connection for years. I found that it is very much true. I am a strong empath who was diagnosed as bipolar after a manic episode following years of depression. But during this period of “manic mood” I began experimenting with such things as astro projection, mind reading etc. with much success. To the point of having conversations with people that I had never met via some physic connection and even seeing spirits. I am also an artist and know that my brain just works differently than most people. I strive to find people that are more on my wavelength and avoid negative people as much as possible. I learned a lot from Ekart Tolle’s Zen teachings. Unfortunately it seems as though pshycic abilities are misunderstood and quite possibly society is afraid to accept the fact that they exist. Hope this helps others out there who live with the same struggles.

    • Ss
      January 9, 2016

      There is a train of though that these psychic powers actually access a very powerful source and as such no entry is wanted by those there. Secret societies use satanic rituals to access these realms, using well established rituals of the dark. Mastery being kept very secret. Spirit can be used its the mindset that controls that energy. But when you leave the Light only darkness pervades.

      • Lola
        July 5, 2016

        Hi, I connect strongly to what you’re saying.. can you elaborate more? What exactly do you mean saying that “when you leave the light only darkness prevails”? I was there and was thrown out and I fear I will never be satisfied again until I can get back. I so wish I could speak more with you.
        ♡ Lo

    • ineedsomerelief
      April 7, 2016

      As I read this I just thought, “me too!” I too tried Astral projection during a manic episode. I also made a quiji board and summoned my “spirit guide”. What a mistake. Stupid thing wouldn’t leave me alone. Possessed my daughter, haunted my son and myself. I got out of that life quick. If I was single with no kids I might be still into it but I had to protect my family. So I ended up taking lamictal and lost a lot of my abilities. My whole life I have been bothered by spirits and premonitions, actually witnessed some civil war spirits in VA. But now…I also have chiari malformation and other medical conditions that caused me to have brain surgery. So boring now.

  21. Kenny Nash
    December 18, 2015

    Thank yoN much for posting this article. I too labeled bipolar… I’m an empath I’m also a very creative artist in music as a writer producer director and singer. I have no music background but do have a connection to the spiritual world and I’ve written and channels over 500 songs.

    once again thank you for this article it helped so much. Unfortunately I’m on a very low depressed side right now after being on a creative – 3 years… So thank you so much for sharing this and thank you everyone for your comments…

    Kenny N ash

  22. Kenny Nash
    December 18, 2015

    Thank you so much for posting this… As recording artist a writer and producer with no music background in this life…and also being diagnosed bipolar….Thls post has helped me so much. I realized that at an eatly age I was psychic, an empath and very gifted. But soon found out after the mania and psychic visionary episodes the lows can be a curse when you dont .understand what’s going on.

    Unfortunately after a creative high almost 3 years I’m in a severe depression right now and reading this post and everyone else’s post has really helped me connect thank you all so much…

    Kenny Nash

  23. Angie
    December 16, 2015

    I truly enjoyed reading this artical! I am a empath; sensaive to others emotions and demeanor. I pick up easily on all energies around me. I have a few times spoken with a few “spirits” who needed to get their message across to loved ones still her in the physical world. I was also diagnosed as being bipolar, but more on the down side(depression) and every now and then a manic episodes that vary in their longevity.
    Thanks so for posting this! Keep I up the great work of spreading this awareness!

  24. Nicola Tubbs
    November 27, 2015

    I have struggled with bipolar for years. I am on three mood stabilizers. I am a very emotional and sensitive person. I never thought of it that way.

  25. Robyn Luongo
    November 3, 2015

    I was awakened at the age of 10. Depressed and scared until I learned to deal with it! My mom who is bipolar is also an Empath and until recent Alzheimers and bi-polar diagnosis was a wonderful reader and healer. She helped me come in to my own with the “Gift”!

  26. MarionLily (@MarionLily)
    October 17, 2015

    Hello … thank you so much for posting this. I was a tortured person for years. I developed my ability and became a medium. I have seen and spoken to spirits as real as you an I for years and read things from people all the time without realizing it and still do…you have hit on something here. My family has tried to change me forever. however, i discovered pristiq and i havent had depression for a few months but i think it has impaired my abilities somewhat. Still i don’t want to be depressed anymore and am afraid of it. I was diagnosed with BPII back in the 90s.

    • Shaman
      November 28, 2015

      Well done….it helps to recognise the energies around you….its not always you !

  27. lisaLisa
    August 31, 2015

    This makes so much sense. Se

    • Shaman
      August 31, 2015

      We make life complicated…but it ain’t x x x

      • Robert
        January 13, 2016

        Here’s the point of all this bipolarism. You are going to have to get crazy if you want to be creative. Otherwise…booorrrriiinnnnggggg!!!

  28. Alice
    July 23, 2015

    This was very Fringe science-y and I love you for that, lol. 🙂 I live as a “diagnosed” individual, however, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely obsessed with physics. It’s often difficult to talk to healthcare professionals, because when they ask me if I see things that aren’t there, and I tell them, that technically, numbers are theories, and that they’re not actually the symbols that convey them, so yes, I’m “seeing things that aren’t there”. They look at me sideways. Seeing as how the only thing ” professionals ” know is that they don’t know anything, leads me to take their diagnosis flippantly. (Don’t even get me started on their insistence of linear time as a guideline of “mental state”when time doesn’t really work that way, and we don’t really know exactly what it is even though it is accepted as a legal fiction, but I digress). How do they know for sure that these abilities aren’t completely common for the rest of the universe that we can’t seem to find? They don’t. Even if those beings are ” talking ” and I’m 100% sure they are, not everyone is listening. If there can be one dimension, there can be two, and if there can be two, there can be an infinite number. * of course, like all scientists out there, I cannot be completely certain. 😉 till next time, time travelers!

    • Shaman
      August 31, 2015

      I heal wth feathers and sticks =shaman style. The other day i was healing a young lady she brought a friend to watch…this friend turned out to be head of nursing for London….i got her up to do what ido ….she could feel it…..she was proud……the rest is up to her….my job was done….you did yours….well done…you have my respect x x x

    • Nadine
      September 6, 2018

      I love this comment Alice haha! SO true… the linear time thing is ridiculous! haha! 8D. I have seen how time speeds up, slows down, flips back to front.. in and out.. it is indeed a fiction.

  29. bonnie
    July 21, 2015

    I am sensitive and I am biopolar. I agree wholeheartedly with your article. I have tried my whole life to be “normal”. I am embracing my intuition. I do hear people’s thoughts and hope to God they don’t hear mine. I hope to find relief as well and this is the next step.

    • Shaman
      July 21, 2015

      Well done a step upwards x

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  31. Gipsy
    June 27, 2015

    Typo accepted not excepted

  32. Gipsy
    June 27, 2015

    Goodness I’m psychic but as its in my bloodline its embraced & excepted.. I never went through any types of mental illness.. I’ve met people who’ve been put on pills for a reason ie. Bi-Polar (I wondered if they were actually psychic).. That’s what brought me to this page… Thank you as there are more people out there who think like me. 👍🏽

  33. AS
    May 2, 2015

    Oh and I forgot to thank Craig Weiler for posting this. Thank you very much. Peace and blessings

  34. AS
    May 2, 2015

    I read most of the comments and can identify with many experiences discussed here. I have always been the outsider but still maintained friends throughout me teenage years. At around age 25 I went through a spiritual crisis where I hit rock bottom basically in tears praying that God to reveal himself/herself/itself to me. I shortly after met a guy who introduced me to a lot of spiritual material. I began listening to audio-books on believing, manifesting, new age/earth, etc. Reading certain passages in the bible suddenly made perfect sense to. A lot of things made sense to me. I thought I was awakening. But that is also when I first began experiencing these manic/depressive states. I am not sure if this is a coincidence but I always thought that me becoming conscious of another world contributed to these manic/depressive experiences. I had no clue what bipolar disorder was. These episodes began to get worse to where I was filled up with anxiety and couldn’t face the world. Similar to some of the other experiences shared on this blog. A former co-worker of mine asked me once if I was bipolar but I just dismissed her. After experiencing a terrible depression recently where I felt like an uncontrollable wave just came over me out of nowhere, I decided to look up what bipolar is (this is like 2 or 3 years later after dealing with this). When I experienced this last depression, I was so sad (not suicidal thank God) that I was crying arguing with myself talking to myself reminding me how blessed I am and that I have no reason to be depressed. Still, I was empty. All my goals gone. Confidence down the drain. Fearful. Strong strong feelings. So as I said I began researching bipolar and all of the symptoms apply to me. I don’t think I need to get diagnosed although I probably will (once I get some insurance) but I am positive I would be considered as such. I feel like I have discovered a new world out there with all of this wealth of information regarding this topic. I am also extremely sensitive. I can feel people and oftentimes read their energy without trying. My manic stages of course are awesome. Life is great at those times for no reason. I will not take medication as a part of believes that I can get through this without medication. Plus I do not have insurance anyway. I have a boyfriend and he doesn’t know but has noticed my mood swings and even suggested I talk to a counselor. At this point, I pretty much know that I have this, whatever this is. I am not sure what to do except for going to church next Sunday and trusting that I will come out better once I can stabilize my mood swings. I am actually coming out of a depression so of course I am highly optimistic in this moment. I feel like I am two different people and I confuse people. I still don’t believe that this is an illness but I know that it is not the norm I guess. I thought I share my story on here since reading other peoples stories have really helped me and I feel less alone in this. I told my mother and she was in denial. I told my stepmom and she said she has it too and that she loves her manic phases so she will not take medicine for it and that I just have to get used to this. I was fine for a while but then crashed recently which was so bad I had to look further into this. I pray and hope that everyone going through this can still live happy productive lives (and me too lol). If anyone lives in the New York City area and wants to connect feel free to do so. Email: Blessings and love

    • Shaman
      June 2, 2015

      I would say you are a lightworker and you need to get reading on that path. Not all light work is happy bunny stuff. You have to build a knowledge of the bad stuff as well. Ultimately it is so you can understand and help people by just being able to honestly say….yep i have been there and survived as an example to them. I always bleet on about psychic protection….it is so important to get a barrier between you and the worlds negativities. With in this peace you can rest ,learn and be happy.

    • Ceri gielink.
      June 22, 2015

      I’ve just read this in disbelief.. I can honestly say I would swear I had just written this myself!! You are reading my life story. I’m even experiencing déjà vou while typing. From a very young age, as young as 3yrs old I have had premonition dreams.. And was a very sensitive child, it didn’t take much to make me cry. I have a strong and profound psychic connection to my young brother.. He has A.D.H.D and other personality disorders.. He was always a troublesome child and his first brush with the law came at 11yrs old… I dreamt the whole situation the night before this incident and told my mother in detail of the event the following morning while getting ready for school.. I was around 15 yrs old myself at the time.. This was only the start, as I entered my late teens it became so intense that I used to dread going to sleep. I predicted friends, family and even neighbours deaths! Anything from weeks to months in the future.. My nickname in the family was usually things like the witch or the banshee, or at worst my obnoxious father would call me…. Doomsday! This weighed heavy on me at such a vulnerable age. I’ve suffered depression for most of my life and just recently been diagnosed as having type 2 bipolar. At the moment I feel relatively normal, but like many others I too enjoy my hypo manic phases… I am very creative, enjoy art, poetry and more than anything else.. People. I also pick up on people’s emotions and have now learned that I’m what’s called an empath.. This makes so much sense to me.. I wish I could turn it off sometimes as I feel everybody’s pain as if it is mine. I’ve taken many prescription drugs also over the years and they do absolutely nothing other than stealing who I am. I’m currently supposed to be taking a mood stabiliser but I cannot bring myself to do so! This is the first piece of reading that has made any sense to me at all. It completely expresses just how I’ve been feeling all this time. I still don’t believe it is an illness. Am I in denial or does society just not grasp that we are all connected through a higher consciousness. Some are just more developed than others I believe. I also I have a strong faith and find literature in the bible comforting and can relate to parts of it.. But I have recently been dabbling with meditation, very late I know as I am 43yrs old now.. But I think I’ve finally found my peace..? It truly helps quiet my ever thinking, over analysing troubled mind. Still doesn’t stop my dreams though. It is always danger, disasters or accidents..sometimes nice ones but they are few and far between.. I’m lucky in the sense that my family take me quite seriously though and I’ve prevented many a bad event occurring. One example was a dream that my grandma,s cooker exploded and I felt the actual explosion in my back and shot upright in the bed. I called my poor gran at 4.30 in the morning warning her to not use the cooker and check everything was switched off till morning. The poor little thing never slept a wink for the rest of the night…. The following day her cooker was condemned and taken away… Xx

      • Shaman
        June 22, 2015

        Google up the 12D shield…this should help filter out the negativities…..lisa renee has alot of answers for us

    • John McClellan
      July 24, 2015

      Thanks for sharing this. I know someone who says they are bi polar and I want to know how I can best support them. I’m sure a good start is to be honest about my own “stuff” and coming to more acceptance of it.

    • Anonymous
      September 25, 2015

      Fantastic ! I totally agree !

  35. hils22787
    April 25, 2015

    I was unofficially diagnosed with bipolar when I was 13. When I have dreams and it seems real, they usually happen and I get a disorienting feeling of deja vu which can sometimes send me into a panic attack.

    I’ve been in a mental health institution off and on between 13 till I was 15. I was strapped to a bed and given a shot of something to calm me down when I had been transferred to another place. I had calmly asked if my mom knew where I was and they told me to shut up and did that. They tried intense things to “normalize” me and make me into something I wasn’t. I was literally turned into a zombie with all the pills they gave me. I also had a bad reaction to lithium (seizure like symptoms among other things.)

    It made me lose faith in a lot of modern medicine.

    I stopped taking meds by age 18. My mind became more clear and my premonitions are extremely strong and ive earned to be able to cope for the most part.

    If not for my gut feelings in certain choices people have made that affected me,my partner and our child, we would not have made it out of the bad situation safely.

    I have also noticed I do a lot better in small towns as a city seems to have too many people that I read off of. My predictions in my gut are strongly tied to the possibilities of peoples choices. Too many people around can cause panic attacks because of an overload.

    I am also an empath– which is probably what got me into the bad situation of being hospitalized. My father and mother are both bipolar (they are divorced but both recently found out). When I was 13, my father was on the depressed side and my mother had her own emotions– they recently divorced and we in a custody battle)

    I also have mild form of aspergers. I cant tell even a white lie without getting physically sick. I am honest to a complete fault.

    Honesty has gotten me into trouble a few times. Especially when I dream about someone else and mention the dream to the wrong person. good example- hubbys mother has a bunch of kittens. I dreamt on of them went missing when it was time for them to go to a new home. Her partner wanted to keep one and ‘couldn’t find’ the kitten that was right by his leg when calling for the kitten. When I mentioned the dream to her the partner wasn’t home so there’s no way he could have heard. Misunderstanding commence. Lol

    Conventional medicine is bad for you if you’re ‘bipolar’/physic as it numbs not just the symptoms but the core of who you are. There are ways to blend in with society if you need or want but modern medicine is a poison and they use us as guinea pigs.

    When I was in the mental health institution I knew a girl who talked to plants. If you walked by when she was talking to them she’d be talking about future events of the person who hears. It was creepy but I will never forget waht I heard.

    But because of this I don’t think that bipolar people are the only ones with 6th sense.

    Also have seen and felt supernatural things.

    I’d love to share more but I dont want to overload.

    • Anna Oshea
      June 1, 2015

      hi i would love to know more on this if you could look me up on fb and add me that would be great its anna oshea

    • Shaman
      June 2, 2015

      Called lucid dreaming….and when we sleep we all connect to the spirit world….deja vue. Is the proof for you…we all only panic about what we do not understand….chrches can sometimes be places for people to go and dmp their worries…and an empath soaks that energy up…so you could feel bad…i would recommend. meditation be your can use white sage smoke burning to create a safe haven for this work….read. Read read…

  36. Anonymous
    April 11, 2015

    I am thinking of going to see a therapist, and I’m glad I bumped into this article. I go in between states of manic and depressive behaviors. Im 29 and I’ve never really acknowledge my problem until recently. I’m on the path of becoming a holistic life coach, but in this process I have had many bumps. I understand things from a metaphysical perspective and i don’t want to use drugs to manipulate me. Is it wise to trust in medication?

    My bouts of depression are always brought on by intimate relationships. I met a person a few months ago and just spending a little time (literally a week) I knew this person was toxic and removed myself from the situation. But since I’ve been on a downward spiral and hitting major depression. It doesn’t make sense. I trust my intuition and flow with it but it’s caused me much pain and I don’t understand. I’ve lost sight of all and any goals I had. I’m really confused as to what to do. I can’t hide from people and intimate relationships forever.

    • Shaman
      April 12, 2015

      I would say carry on with meds but read up about any side effects that these drugs may have….meditation will help …. so you can sort out this old relationship. Everybody should be viewed with new eyes. Your fear will prevent you from moving on.. Slow down when you meet someone and make sure they pass all your checks of what a nice person is. Some people do come into your life to hurt you that is just karma. A person of a lower vibration will drag you down…so look up cutting psychic cords between you and that other..and then read up on psychic protection. A sensitive person needs a lot of information on the way the world actually works….so get reading…..hope this helps

  37. Maddie
    March 29, 2015

    Wow, I’ve only been diagnosed Bipolar I for the last 8yrs due to a major manic psychotic break and I had to be medically induced into a coma for 8 days. I’ve tried every med, and HATED Seroquel, as it robbed me of my personality and I slept all the time! I found this site by searching “heightened hearing”, I can literally hear almost Everything, and it drives me insane! Does anyone else have this? I’ve had dreams that are prophetic, and I’m an Empath, for example a dear friend of mine, that I thought had it ALL together, just got busted last week for not only possession of several diff. pain meds, benzos, Suboxone, meth, but also trafficking. He’s got 2 young boys and I’ve been in a major funk for several days! I was also recently put on Adderall b/c I am ADD, plus severe fatigue from Lupus.
    I’ve got 3 guardian angels that I can hear, and see at times, but always with me. I’ve never really been psychic, but boy have I learned how to PAY attention to red flags, and my gut instinct especially with men.
    I’m now on Paxil and Lithium, which have worked well, I just can’t figure out why this altered mood of feeling “bummed out” and as though I dunno what to do to change it!! Any ideas? Maybe it’s the Adderall, but the first few days I felt fine! I really believe it’s related to my buddy’s situation, so how exactly do I shut it off? ALL of these stories are amazing, familiar, informative, and I enjoyed them! God bless all of ya, I’ve always said this was a curse, I think it’s time I figure out how to change it to being positive!!

    • Shaman
      March 29, 2015

      Carry on with meds….but I would suggest you start to put your guardian angels to better use…sit down and ask Archangel Michael to stand behind you and draw in close….when you feel the energy behind you…ask him to draw his big white wings over your head down your body and under your feet ….so that you are encapsulated within this place….then just relax your tummy a bit…to lock it there….Nightly and Morningly…..

  38. Shaman
    March 26, 2015

    To my knowledge I am not bipolar but I am a medium and psychic, which I welcome wholeheartedly I go on many intensive courses and have not met one medium who has not thought that they are going madam one point in time. The whole physical world says no to the infinite possibilities that we can have and be. My advice to these people with these sprouting talents is to find a good teacher and get trained. Your inner heart will lead you, just learn to trust it.

  39. romerom2014
    March 25, 2015

    This is good!

  40. Snow White
    March 7, 2015

    this is me. To a T.

    I dont know where to find help with the spiritual side…

    I seek a teacher/mentor…


    • Shaman
      March 16, 2015

      Look for an awareness group locally

  41. Sarah
    February 14, 2015

    I absolutely agree with you. My brother is bipolar and an artist who paints the future accurately. I have tried to convince my parents hes not crazy, just psychic, but they dont really take it seriously. Its hard for them to believe even though i show them his paintings and how they accurately convey the future. They think when he talks he sounds crazy but I hear him differently now–he talks in what I call future speak. He’s telling me something important usually about what will be. I think we should revere bipolar individuals and stop making them ‘crazy.’ They are so important to understanding the relationship between the cosmos and the human mind. Anywsy thank you for posting this because I know my brother isnt crazy, just intensely, almost paralyzingly psychic.

    • Anonymous
      May 20, 2015

      Thank you for commenting this. I’m tired of being labeled as “crazy” or “psycho”

  42. Anonymous
    November 17, 2014

    Hi Craig,

    I was diagnosed as having bipolar I disorder in my mid-twenties. The meds didn’t work and I went the natural route. Best decision of my life. I think your article is spot-on. I’ve been psychic my entire life, long before moods were a problem. Should I go into all the shit I’ve experienced? Mostly, I predict the future. But I am also highly empathic, can sense and communicate with spirits, can also discern their true nature. I can just know stuff. Sometimes, I think I am reading the minds of people around me who are more knowledgeable about the stuff I “know.” I can read energy, both in a room and on a person when I touch them. And other experiences. I have completely hated and denied this part of myself. I am even shaking as I write this. “Coming out” is scary as hell for me. But the last couple of years, I’ve predicted the deaths of people I love. I used to think I was delusional. Getting run through the psychiatric industry will do that to you. But my death predictions have been so accurate and unexplainable, I’d be irrational if I denied it any longer. And you are absolutely right: we cannot turn this off. No matter how much we suffer from overwhelm or guilt when something bad we predict happens. And the truth is, if the off switch were there, we wouldn’t touch it anyway. It’s the way I experience the world and God. And somewhere, just beyond the muck, is beauty and joy and connectedness. So I must accept. I am psychic. I am psychic. I have faith that one day it won’t scare me. I get very depressed because life can be very difficult when you are this sensitive. Thank you for telling your story.

    • White Girl
      February 13, 2015

      Interesting. You talk about guilt. I am working at the moment and when bad things happen to people I wonder if I’ve manifested it or helped them manifest it. I don’t mean death, of course, but other things like break ups or what I call ‘darkness around a relationship’. If I tell them lies to spare them the truth that the guy is using them, I end up feeling guilty too, because when he doesn’t contact them and they’ve been waiting and waiting I feel I’ve done them a disservice. What to do…I don’t know.

  43. lobitty
    September 19, 2014

    All I can say is wow. I’ve been reading on HSP/Bipolar all day. I was diagnosed bipolar and ADHD 8 years ago when I was 15– the same year my mother died. From 15-21 was a series of manic, depressive, and mixed episodes. I was the life of the party, everyone’s “crazy” friend, I was beautiful and outgoing and brilliant– but a complete mess. My friends describe my energy as “intoxicating” and “addictive”– they wanted to feel what I felt. During the Winter of 2012 I experienced a horrific depressive episode. I stopped going to school, I couldn’t keep a job, I was behind on rent, and I couldn’t even bring myself to get out bed each day. An angel brought me my boyfriend, who saw something beautiful in the mess I was. For the first time in my life I had someone there to MAKE me go to dr appointments, to witness me taking my medications. I had someone who put a roof over my head and food into my mouth, he dropped me off at school and didn’t stop nagging until I found a good job. We just hit our 18 month anniversary and I am a changed person. I’ve had my dream job for over a year now, and I just received a promotion. I’m going to grad school for free. I have a 4.0 in school, wildly successful in all of my classes. I am a writer and I’m very successful for someone my age. I am currently writing my first book (centered around the stigma against mental illness, and inspired by the famous photograph “The Most Beautiful Suicide”). I am healthy and usually happy. I definitely still have my mood swings, but on a much, much smaller scale. I am rapid-cycling/mixed, so my emotions change within hours, sometimes minutes. I cry at the drop of a hat, I can’t eat meat without feeling ill, like I’m eating an individual, I can’t watch violence on TV, I literally have to close my eyes because of how awful I feel. I get goosebumps constantly throughout the day, and I’m always tearing up. Whether it’s a commercial, a scene on TV, a homeless man on the train, someone singing, something I read, a child, a story I hear– I’m deeply affected and emotionally moved. Luckily, I have writing as my outlet. I am so lucky to have my life centered around something that is so innate, stimulating, and healthy. I have been on my medication for just over one year. I can’t believe how much my life and personality have changed while continuing treatment. I’m one of several people in my family who have bipolar, there have been more suicides than I can remember, yet I am the only person to seek out and maintain treatment. I feel so blessed to have caught mine early and to have a partner who encouraged me to take it seriously. My father still believes it’s an “imaginary illness in my head” and continuously asks me “when I’m gonna ween myself off the pills.” For the first time in my life, I’m successful, independent, alcohol-free, but at this point I’m not sure what I have to thank for this. I don’t know if it’s the meds, or the relationship, or the job, or having a comfortable quiet place to call my home, or my studies and writing. I do know that I’m become an introvert, I’m become shy and awkward for the first time in my life. My voice shakes when I read in class. I overanalyze and dread small things no one else noticed. I also know I have been spiritually awakened. I feel my mother with me, and I’ve learned to notice her many signs. I’ve learned to trust my intuition and I feel beyond my years because of everything I’ve experienced. I feel myself vibrating, I can feel all of the love inside of me and project it onto anything I want. I can feel the love radiating from within me. I’ve been told I have a distracting and beautiful aura, and I can feel my connection with our universe and truly believe I am here to change the world and to bring awareness. I do not think that I am “psychic” per say, but I am definitely an HSP/Bipolar and I am definitely different from nearly everyone around me. I feel like I can read between the lines, see the deeper meanings in things. I have empathy embedded within me. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. Sensitive has always been the chosen word by my elders to describe me. I’ve learned to trust myself and my intuition, I’ve learned to love myself and surround myself with positivity, knowledge, and creativity. But I still have the lingering question– would I have grown this much without the meds? Likely not. Can I continue to grow without them though? Will I always need to take 500 mg of Seroquel to knock me out every night? Will I never remember my dreams again? Will I never experience my manic brilliance? I can’t have my cake and eat it too. I can’t have the highs without the lows. Am I okay with staying in this state of mediocrity and calmness? With special care, we can thrive. But does that care need to include medication? Will I ever be the person I was? It is a difficult question to answer, but it makes me happy to see others pursuing the same path. We are not alone.

    • Anonymous
      October 12, 2014

      Wow. This made me cry. You hit so close to home on so much that I’m feeling. Thank you for such an amazing message.

    • molly
      March 26, 2015

      Wow 🙂 I love this. If I could right how I feel this would be it!!!

    • manicman51
      April 8, 2016

      OMG !!! 500mg of seroquel pheeeeww i take it to shut down my manic/mania mind when i havent slept for 2-3 days here in new zealand its commonly known as quetiapine probably cuz its a generic copy ive been going 120 mph since the earlyist i can remmember ( 3yrs old standing in awe in front of the royal palace fountain in madrid spain messmerised bye the lions cascading water out there mouths with the horses and riders behind i digress sry ! ) anyhow 51 yrs old now lived three times that in EXPIERENCES the strangest weirdest frightning enlightnning and unbelievable occurences havent ever stopped happenning ive done things and seen things that are of this world yet not in it ….. nothing evil mind you im keeping my soul i,am add/hd ,unteated as a child/or adult its my normal now !and good old manic deppressive dissorder ,acute anxiety pdsd et al etc etc ive been poisoned by meds so many times ive lost count cant take any any type of anti deps miss wired brain endochrine etc so im told ? ( hyper sensitive literally i feel the vibes of others pain anger hatred saddness fear .. ) all maois sri snri etc send me on a meth/acid high that turns into a nasty demonic hell type journey my minds like a 6 lane highway of thoughts all trying to be front and centre i dont look into peoples eyes much as i end up seeing/feeling the real persona behind there facade dont even have to look after decades i can feel it there energy vibrations register good/bad/and everything in between i got binned -1997 for quote ..being the most hypomanic individual the pycho system ( mental health ) had seen was the best highest plane of vibration ive ever felt ,i still had ethical,moral ,boundarys but could see hear and know things just bye asking my higher self or g/angel or god how ever best fits and it was ask and you shall recieve literally trouble is running up the side of a three story building just because … or reading the thought waves in anothers mind because my vibrational level was so high i could hear the lower and then answering them back with mouth shut and just a smile that made me a threat ??? i felt only waves of euphoria empathy profound wonderment that i could look at an oil painting and really see it every brush stroke/dab (oil painting ) almost as tho i saw it from the mind of its creatore perhaps i did ? time is a perception/deception who knows i dont ? ive been clinicaly dead and yet the , ” I ” that i am still existed no body ! still existed and i watched all that happened in the room after i left the vessel watched the crash cart the panic going on yet it was all ok for me …i was 15 free at last no more fear-anxiety-beatings- name calling i was free yippee …………. damn they did there job those medics yip pulp fiction 1980s styles adrenaline and the paddles zap zap zap no dont do that im ok , was the last thought and then darkness ……. til the nxt morning and shit im back, nice nurse tho pretty asze smiles at me and said we lost you for awhile there it was touch n go ,whyd you go do that for ? i just wanted to get of the bus miss it wouldnt slow down ,i couldnt take it ……. well for twenty years i was a good little lab rat endured some really disgusting tri cylic sed/hypnotic meds & Lithium makes that eneregizer bunny GO GO GO dont it me I FELT LIKE A TREE SOLID PLANTED RIGID AND METTALIC YUK YUK YUK basically chemical strait jacket dribble dribble echo….. echo …. is day or night ? monday or thursday well no more 100mg seriquels a nite nite lights out so 500mg wow that a huge dose no offence intended , then we all process differently /metabolise so if it works great stay well to all of you out there i wish you as much happy as possible in times of darkness when that f…. roller coasters 99% at bottom of the drop hang in there itl pass soon just dont forget to stay strapped in your seat on the way back up oh and just tell the night crawlers and company to get some iron tabs and a tan ……. got go now ,…. skating the razors edge crazy waves it aint all bad half in half out so what im not crazy crazy just different gods little joke ? gods matrix just row your boat gently down your stream ……………… what is it ? just a dream peace to u all on mothership EARTH PS STILL GETN EARTHQUAKES 5 YEARS ON !!!!!!

  44. Julie
    August 22, 2014

    Having had very close bipolar friends, all I can say about this is that they would make lousy psychics. While I agree that they have difficulty holding back all their thoughts and feelings, at least in my experience, they are incredibly INACCURATE in reading the thoughts and feelings of others. Instead of perceiving things accurately, more often than not there is near constant misperception and they may the mistake of believing that others feel as they do or how they would like them to feel. Unfortunately both of my friends with bipolar see themselves as highly intuitive but actually were not.

    • Anonymous
      October 4, 2014

      What state of mind are you judging? When someone is high or low they may not have good judgement. Also to generalize a certain population by knowing only a few of the population may not be accurate. Many people who have profound ways of thinking and interpreting may be reluctant to express their their thoughts because after all they may be overly sensitive to how people judge them. Finally there may be people who have a higher level of perception just as there selected athletes that perform at a higher level than most.

    • Anonymous
      January 10, 2015


    • Anonymous
      April 20, 2015

      I would have to agree because. 1. If one who is bipolar is a used to negative, lower, or fear based frequencies and have unresolved traumas, their “mirroring” or communication with others will also be stunted. Meaning they will only be capable of perceiving reality within their truth – hence possibly mis-reading intuitive signs due to buried subconscious turmoil – especially if they have trust issues, Etc.

      Myself I have never been diagnosed bipolar but manifest a degree of symptoms and I am in therapy. I do believe I am highly sensitive and empathetic, but I try not to glamorize and I also have checks I put everything through to see if it lines up and or corresponds with logic.

      Also if you desire this ability and wish to develop it, it is very easy to fall into egotistical spiritual behaviors that are not unlike those of people who belong to religions, except there is more freedom of interpretation simply because you don’t have to adhere to the beliefs of a group; it is your personal belief.

      So I think there’s validity in this and it’s important to note because it’s keeping the balance. This was a well written article but if thinking critically, all angles and options are worthy of considering.

  45. Andrè M. Pietroschek
    July 29, 2014

    I sympathize with the article in many parts. Sadly though “repressing” something about oneself is dangerously naive here. Being what you call “psychic” could be one explanation, still it is proven that “trauma, or post-traumatic stress”, up to even “psychotic killing urges” could be the “to be repressed” aspect, too. I find it admirable that you attempt to handle your state, and share it with others, seemingly similar afflicted (no insult meant with it). I had spend much time among artists, and many of them tend to be both, very friendly persons, and exceptionally sensitive people. Like with one of your theories, there is a need to learn “shutting it off” before it overwhelms the senses. Another important point is persons are persons, not just patients. Sadly the abusive and violent cases make the latter tricky.

  46. Jane
    June 17, 2014

    Hi Craig — thank you so much for this article. I think you are definitely onto something here. I was officially diagnosed as “bipolar 2” about 3 years ago. I am in my mid-forties. My friends are incredibly supportive and through them, I have come to figure out that my hyper-empathy and desire to “Please” my mother, has resulted in a self-fullfilling prophecy of bipolar symptoms. In other words, I was/am a highly psychic person whose empathy is so overboard that I can’t help but take on the symptoms of whatever is causing pain to someone else. In the case of my “bipolar” diagnosis – it was the result of my mother literally driving me bonkers.

    Since I was 10, she has been labeling me — it finally culminated in my taking on an illness I do not organically have, and never have had. I am not saying that bipolar patients are not sick and that they don’t need medication, or treatment. I am saying that I am living proof that this condition can be artificially induced in a hyper-empathetic person, who is being brainwashed into thinking they are “crazy” by a person who simply cannot accept them for who they are.. It happened to me. I believe it also happened to Frances Farmer, the actress, back in the 1930’s. (see the film about her life and eventual labotomy, ordered by her mother….the film stars Jessica Lange.) Anyway…I just wanted to thank you for your article and to thank you for being so kind and understanding. Compassion is a heavenly quality and it is really nice to see in a human being. 🙂

  47. jon
    May 29, 2014

    mel gibson is not bipolar , get your shit straight. alcholic does not mean bipolar. 80 % of population alcoholics. less than 1 % bipolar

    • David Coleman
      September 10, 2014

      Mel Gibson IS bipolar, and has admitted as such in the press. The alcohol was just self-treatment, a clinical marker of many manic-depressives who abuse drugs and alcohol. While such abuse contributes to negative behavior, the underlying psychiatric illness is the deeper issue. The link is below. It is not helpful to characterize anyone’s position, btw, with such language as “get your shit straight.” For it only proves that you’re the one left with a fecal-eating grin when you make a point of being mockingly wrong yourself. The ‘Psychology Today’ article with Gibson’s quote follows, if the autobot allows. But if not? Google it yourself.

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  51. mpj
    January 1, 2014

    Thank you so much, this is me, i never connected the two but already deal with it as so it was normal because it is amongst some…

    • sylvia
      January 30, 2014

      Big polar disorder is not something i embrace as fa as I embrace phsycic ability I was dagnosed bipolar but found it was false when I I’d my deep research on th ddisorder an the sells of pharmaceutical drugs I was more keen to straying away from chemically treated forms of therapy and decided to convert to an all ntural way of living got away from the doctored cchemical intake of pharmicutical medicating and have found i was able to find llove have children and deeply and naturaly fully embrace my very secrette but facinating ability to read peoples minds.which im still beginning to sowely except and still question my self its faks me out at ties but that has ony for end to me except the fact that it vvery widely real!!!!!!so thus the idea I’m young let’s begin now to embrace ths notion.

  52. sarah
    November 26, 2013

    How do I meditate on my greatest fears? This may sound paranoid…but I don’t allow myself to think of my greatest fears…for fear I will manifest my greatest fear….which is true because I did manifest my greatest fear, I lost my children, two years ago before I realized the power of thought and intention. I feel very afraid to think about scary things now. help?

    • James Bridges
      March 8, 2014

      know this.. Things happen, we decide within ourselves weather it good, or bad… Nothing bad ever happens, also nothing good ever happens, for good and bad differ from person to person.My world spins sometimes, my bipolar maybe, it is Christ in me fighting the good fight, reaching from my bowls to my heart. affecting my mind… fear, only fear is scary, and break that down, and you Gods will being done in you, and in everyone. He knows the end, and it involves YOU and ME, and the rest also. You know what I am afraid of ?? let me know if you do, cause i havent found it yet…. Love, Christ in Jim.

  53. Natasha Jovan
    September 23, 2013

    Thank you for this article. I, (as well as numerous family members) suffer with bipolar disorder. We are also very psychic and intuitive. I have had a hard time making the connection until now. But yes I do agree there is a connection. Being sensitive to the emotions of others, or being sensitive the the energies of the environment definately affects my moods. I can pick up on so many people’s emotions and thoughts, that it overwhelms me because I have my own to manage as well as others’.
    Not being able to fully express my psychic side to people creates a feeling of isolation and then depression considering most people don’t understand nor do they believe in such things and they don’t know how to respond.

    Once again thank you for this article, it has helped to bring some clarity.

  54. KST
    September 22, 2013

    Bipolar —> Not psychic but one having soul.

  55. Tammy
    September 21, 2013

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for your insightful blog and responses to replies.
    I had my first major manic episode in 2009, diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, added to preexisting PTSD diagnosis. I had Severe Depressive Disorder until I went through some very severe trauma, which resulted in an ego collapse. There were many factors at play all at once, like seeing a shaman and being initiated energetically like a lightening bolt went trough me (I told him I thought I was a healer, asked me to hold up my hand to his, and ‘BLAM’ my life has never been the same).

    Prior to 2009, I had never stepped foot into the metaphysics section at the bookstore. That summer I left with stacks of books, trying to understand this energy and sensitivity I was experiencing. I sat on the fence as I learned more about my state, back and forth between mental illness and awakening. Finally, I have decided that the answer to that question is “YES”. LOL. Yes, I have mental illness I need to manage and be mindful of- but also, the trauma of losing my mind, my job, shelter, etc. became the catalyst for an awakening. So, I walk the razor’s edge there. Mentally ill at the same time as more spiritually healthy than I ever have been. Hahaha. Strange world indeed. The human mind is fascinating.

    At any rate, my bouts with psychosis added to already being highly sensitive all of my life (artist, hermit), and it is like I opened a door I cannot shut now. My sensitivity is so extreme that I have been unable to work, and at times find being out in the world too overwhelming. I am very in tune with nature (geomagnetic storms, seismic activity, etc), but have trouble grounding due to root chakra block I have been working on (from trauma) My safe haven is a Unity Church I go to, and I started teaching a class called “The Gift of Sensitivity” a couple of months ago to bring people together and help one another.

    This brings me to the topic of finding your blog. It is a challenge to understand the directions to take to heal oneself in a world that is trying to pry its “third eye” open at any cost, raising energy without a full understanding of just how powerful life force energy really is…when I’m just trying to break through to ground in a reality I never wanted to be in to begin with. Two NDEs as a child I believe added to not wanting to be here. That “taste” of home stayed with me.

    Blessings, and have a wonder-full week.


    • Anonymous
      March 11, 2014

      Hey tammy i would love to speak to you, add me on facebook “musab nadeem” ive had a similar experience, had a mental breakdown.. but i was seeing visions and swear i had an awakening at the same time…

  56. Drew
    September 10, 2013

    Hi Craig,
    I am a 19 year old female and I was diagnosed with Bi Polar I last year just after Christmas. I had a slight manic episode where I “hallucinated” hearing a bird flying around in my cupboard, seeing two orbs dancing in the sky and the top hand page of a stack of paper floating. The second manic episode I had, I had feelings of being possessed (my whole rib cage was twisted to the right and it felt like all the organs within the right side of my body were being scrunched up), I would see my pupils flickering, and “hallucinated” ‘God Rules’ in the hospital toilet, I saw walls crying and I saw birds that weren’t there to other people. I believed there was a bigger picture to everything that most people wouldn’t understand. My depressive states of Bi Polar seem to last forever and each time my manic episodes have been interrupted by my family who don’t believe in things like I do. However to me my manic episodes have been the some of the happiest times during my teenage years despite things that were going on. I seemed to be in control but not at the same time. The things that have let me down during my manic episodes is trying to tell people what has been happening to me. I want to know if there is a link between hallucinations/delusions and psychic ability?

    • craigweiler
      September 10, 2013

      Hi Drew,
      That’s a tough one. On the one hand, I tend to think that we “fix” reality with our minds as a normal thing and that when people hallucinate or are delusional that they are experiencing an additional dimension to their reality.

      On the other hand, hallucinations and delusions are not at all helpful to living a normal life. The basic problem is that you can’t share your experiences and therefore miss the far more important connections with humanity. As hard as ordinary life can be, it’s where the other people are and we need them in order to really experience our lives.

  57. RubyTuesday
    September 7, 2013

    Intriguing. Thank you for posting. I’ve had similar thoughts about an HSP/Bipolar connection over the years but it’s very interesting to see this discussion and hear others’ thoughts on the topic.

    I have bipolar (I’ve always favored saving I ‘have’ bipolar rather than I “am” bipolar because, while it may be something that I have to deal with, it doesn’t necessarily define who I AM as a person.) Anyway, I guess I’m also what you could call HSP.

    In my case, having bipolar translates into having almost ridiculously acute observational and sensory skills (particularly in an ‘up’ phase, or manic phase). Meaning, I will notice much more than your average person — even minute details — and experience them on a much deeper level too.

    (This is a silly, off the top of my head example, but you get the point, I hope). It might even be something very trivial, like the color of someone’s shirt, that jumps out at me. It could look like an average color to most people, but maybe it’s a few shades off from your average green, and to me, it hits me like a tidal wave. It might be so striking, vivid, and evoke such an emotion that i actually ‘feel’ it strongly — maybe even to a point that all of a sudden I feel a need to write a poem about it.

    THAT’S the kind of over the top acute observational skills and sensory experience I’m talking about.

    With that said, it seems it would make perfect sense that someone like that could also pick up on another person’s feelings, energy, whatever you want to call it.

    When I’m in that mode, I pick up on darned near everything — and suddenly seem to have solutions to problems too that I never thought of before (it’s like a state of enlightenment) — It can be so extreme that I’m almost to the point of madness where I just want to scream “stop, stop, stop!!!” at the top of my lungs because I’m in a state of OVER-stimulation.

    I’ve had days where, (not kidding, only I WISH I were!) I was so “on” that I invented a dozen or so different things in a matter of hours. I might grab a tupperware container, think about what a pain in the butt they can be and come up with a better system. Two minutes later I might grab the can opener and think of how to design a better can opener….ad nauseum. Everything I see, do, taste, touch…I suddenly see it in a new way…

    (NOTE: the depressed phase is the exact opposite. My eyes are closed to everything. Couldn’t solve a problem if I tried — even a simple one — let alone invent things. And everything is dark, colors vanish.)

    But perhaps that can at least partially explain why those with bipolar are HSP too. We’ve experienced such an extreme spectrum that we’re in a unique position to detect nuances and pick up on changes (say, in energy and light). We’ve not only seen the brightest brights and the darkest darks, but we’ve felt them deeply too, so we have a much wider range of reference points to draw from.

    I.E., if a ‘normal’ person experiences life on 10 different levels and we’ve done it on 1,000 levels than maybe we can detect things on levels that most wouldn’t. Not unlike how an animal with more acute hearing might detect a higher-pitched sound that a human ear can’t. If we have lived on that high-pitched level, so to speak, we can hear the sound. (Same with the ultra low-pitched level).

    I’m using some unusual examples here off the top of my head and this probably isn’t a well-organized writing, but I think you guys,hopefully, will get the meaning.

    • Anonymous
      January 2, 2014

      Not to trivialise what you shared because it’s true but that exactly what makes Sherlock Holmes great! He is clearly bipolar and it’s interesting to see how television protrusion this, but it’s just how you’ve explained your hightended experiences.

    • ian mitnick
      February 25, 2014

      Yes – when I was 8 years old i loved music and played the drums because my grandfather played the drums and he got me into it when I was 2 – we loved drums music and baseball and were VERY close – well at 8 he died AND 2 months later my Dad (his son) separated from my Mom and left the house – I was doubly traumatized and living with my Mom forced to become a “man” at 8 years old – my theory is I was not only supersensitive before 8 years old but even more and bipolar and manic and depressed by 10 years old because OF the 2 painful events and very recent thoughts that my Mom also MAY have bi-polar too. I am now 42 and psychic and see numbers on clocks and think dates, birthdates death dates synchronicity numerology psychic stuff all day long EVERY day – and know a friend of mine will win money on a lottery scratch off card BEFORE he scratches it off and MOST of the time he wins money – so I can VERY much relate – bipolar people might also be “lightworkers” on this planet like myself but thats another whole discussion

    • Anonymous
      August 17, 2014

      Thank you.

  58. Diane
    September 6, 2013

    I was diagnosed with bi-polar at a very young age of 18. I was told that I would need to take medication for the rest of my life as there was no cure. Not only did one doctor tell me that I would need to take medication the rest of my life but several. It was not until a year ago at the age of 49 I found that statement to be completely false and found that I could turn my life around with the power of my thoughts (Positive thoughts). I AM NOT SAYING THAT GETTING OFF MEDICATION IS FOR EVERYONE/YOU, TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. This all came about because my psychiatrist told me that if I did not continue with my medication he could no longer see me as a patient. My thought at the time was wow even my doctor is rejecting me and several weeks later I decided I was going to change my life. I went to the bookstore and bought my first self-help CD and have been trying everything imaginable to turn my life around. It is a work in progress and I know I have grown because my Husband says that I have changed by 90% and when he first told me that I was shocked. My goodness what type of person was I before my transformation? And reading all these comments makes me wonder if I was picking up feelings from the people around me. I have had strange things happen that were unexplained. Also when I am talking to people I try finish what they say not on purpose it just comes out and it annoys people so I have learned to just listen. I also read in another one of your blogs that also happens to me where when I am at a new place I get lightheaded and dizzy and black out for a second and feel strange but never knew or know why. And sometimes when I am in that same spot at another day and time the same thing happens again (very strange). A lot of the things/feeling that used to happen to me are all gone since I have been transforming my life and wonder if I somehow shut it off. I feel really good now and have never been happier. Thank you Craig and all of you for your wonderful information.

  59. peacenowflower
    July 2, 2013

    i have not read all the comments, but do you know a way to take Bipolar medication, but still be psychic? I am Schizoaffective Bipolar, and interested in developing psychic ability. When I was first diagnosed I wanted to find a psychic to argue that I had just had a psychic break-thru. I didn’t want medication, but Doctors can be convincing so I’ve been on medication non-stop since my diagnoses. The Doctors installed fear into me. I’d need a mighty big sign to try and go off it. Anyway, do you think it is possible to develop into a full psychic while taking medication?

    • craigweiler
      July 2, 2013

      Hi peacenowflower,
      In answer to your question, I don’t know. The psychic people that I know who are on medication prefer to keep it that way because they don’t want the psychic stuff interfering in their lives. The meds help shut it out. I have no personal experience with this.

      It doesn’t sound like you want to be on the meds. If you feel that you’d need a mighty big sign to get off of meds, then ask the universe for a mighty big sign if you’re supposed to get off of them.

      But be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

      • peacenowflower
        July 8, 2013

        I have never liked my medication. I started taking the medication with the belief that if God didn’t want me on it, it could have no effect on me.

        I asked the Universe for that sign and gave a one week limit. I don’t want to block out other signs, lest I should misinterpret them as being about medication, so a short time limit is needed. As time is nothing to God, the time limit will not be a problem in creating a miracle.

  60. ap0pl3xy
    June 28, 2013

    Thanks so much for this article… Reading about others experiences really helped me understand why I’m an empath.
    Medication sucks. I feel flat as a pancake, and have for ages. I wish I could run just a little bit “hot”. Unfortunately actual hot means recklessnes and irritability that’s off the charts.
    I do miss my creative self though, terribly. I’m into all kinds of things, and even have a craft room (no scrapbooking tho, too much of a perfectionist for that). It’s dusty, and full of things I’ve been considering getting rid of. Some other crafty person at Goodwill would think they found the jackpot, and that thought makes me smiile. I’m slowly ramping down on Lamictal with the help of my awesome shrink in the hopes that I re-discover that side of myself.
    I can still read people, and throw mad accurate tarot scenarios. Tho that’s always up to the interpretation of the other person.
    Anyway, thanks again, you’ve given me food for thought…

  61. AB
    June 17, 2013

    Poor Mel Gibson! Who cares about the public shaming? It might have saved that woman’s life. Speaking as a bipolar person, if you’re so filled with rage that you’re stalking people smaller and weaker than you and threatening to kill them, you need to be stored somewhere for the duration. Which he was not. So! Let’s talk about how sensitive you are.

  62. Lori Turner
    May 18, 2013

    A short summary of me: At age 23 I was diagnosed with major depression and hospitalized. Anti-depressants ALWAYS triggered suicidal thoughts. Twenty years later the diagnosis of Bipolar came with a couple of more hospitalizations. Then the mood stabilizers were even worse for me. I do not currently take any medications. Now I am so confused because everything I read seems to fit what I am going through. So am I Bipolar, going through a psychic and/or spiritual awakening, am I highly sensitive, an empath or menapausal?

    • craigweiler
      May 18, 2013

      Well, as you might imagine that’s a really tough call without knowing you. If the mood stabilizers don’t work for you though, you’re definitely highly sensitive. Psychic people are sensitive to everything, so there’s that.

      Awakening is an intentional process usually, so if you’re not making the effort, you’re probably not moving along very fast.

      My approach to the strong emotions is to try to allow them, feel them and intentionally let them pass. That seems to work for me and it’s all I can recommend.

    • Tami
      June 23, 2013

      My journey has been a little less complicated; however I, too, was recently diagnosed with bipolar and I know I’m psychic and empath. And I’ve had two very intense spiritual awakenings, and yes was during the mist of hypomanic episodes. I think being bipolar makes us more sensitive to the spirit world. Personally, I think knowing I’m a sensitive makes the diagnosis easier to deal with.

  63. Shadow Beast
    May 12, 2013

    Alright, since the anonymity of the Internet makes for boldness…

    I’ve poked around here on occasion, from linkage on HuffPo, and I think this was the first article I ever read here. Revisiting it. I can’t say that I’m truly a “believer” in the psychic side of things (ask me for money and I’m gone) – I’m more like a “person whose faith is in flux and who feels kind of stupid for believing in anything at all.” However, I’m also a person who “thinks in science fiction” and is drawn to spooky-stuff. I like to read things that are out of the ordinary and intersting.

    I am bipolar. I was diagnosed a few years ago, with signs-in hindsight that I probably had it all my life. I’m a “mixed state,” which means the highs and lows come rapid-fire. There’s a lot of creativity (and/or a lot of anger) in my “highs.” I’ve never considered myself psychic and, in fact, when I first came across this article, I was mildly offended (as in rolling my eyes wondering if yet another person was trying to pull the “inspirationally disadvantaged” card on those of us with disabilities and disorders).

    But sometimes, I wonder, just a little bit. One time, when my mother sent a gift of money to my guy and I without us even asking for money (but being in a bad state), my guy said “It looks like your mother has the same ESP as you do.” Cue me going “WHAT?!” Cue him telling me that I seem to be able to sense things.

    Then there was how I sometimes feel I accidently “predict” things with stuff I write. I some of the fanfiction I write (yes, I’m a geek) it would seem I predicted a character before the official series I was writing for created her. (Said series being created by people who are very unlikely to read and get ideas from random fanfic written by Americans in the English language).

    So, I dunno. Is there such thing as an “ignorant seer?”

    • craigweiler
      May 12, 2013

      Yes, there is such a thing as an ignorant seer. If you grow up with psychic ability in a society that pretends it doesn’t exist, and that’s all you know, then unless you have something completely obvious that can’t be explained any other way, it’s relatively easy to ignore it.

    • Mystic Amrita
      October 11, 2014

      Yes, indeed. I do this all the time. In fact, I think this is one of the reasons, that “journaling” is so often recommended as a practice to their patients, by psychologists. We may access portions of our subconscious via writing, that we cannot so easily communicate when speaking.

      It isn’t uncommon for people to assume, that people who are psychic, actually “summon” the information they receive, in some hocus pocus manner.
      Never has been my experience. Insights (or on rare occasion, clear claireaudient messages arrive quite spontaneously.)
      I do not “intentionally” read people or situations, as it isn’t my “profession” and it comes with considerable responsibility, from a spiritual standpoint.
      But when I am focused with a person, in a situation of internet correspondence, for example, then it isn’t unusual for me to begin to “inadvertently” channel.

      That may indeed be what is occurring, with the fan fiction scenario. You and the writer, might be picking up on similar “inspiration” coming from the Universe, surrounding the fiction? If you have ever read Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, she actually speaks of how she has received entire “plays” in this manner. She admits to being an inspired “channel.”

      And indeed, I spent the majority of my life, keeping such psychic intuitions quiet, even when I was “certain” of the source.
      As I have had several profound claireaudient encounters, in my life as well.
      The sort you simply cannot ignore.

      So, I know for a fact, that I have trusted spiritual guides. (definitely more than one, though the primary “voice” is received as a “male” energy. Though I don’t always hear them, and often the impressions that do come through, are rather like “psychic charades” — It “looks” like this, or it “feels” like that. There are times, when I just KNOW that someone is being deceitful with me, and this may register like an inaudible “gasp” –a slight disruption of energy, while on a telephone call. I may not know precisely what they are being dishonest about, but I sense the disruption in their vibration. Situations like that, are meant to be helpful in navigating the mine field of life, however subtle they may be. But you need to follow through with appropriate “real world” actions to protect yourself, from whatever danger lurks.

      And most likely, I would be deemed a “highly sensitive person.”
      But in no way, do I always “trust” what I feel.
      As clarity isn’t always a strong feature in such communications.
      Perhaps that is due to my own lack of discipline, in quieting mind chatter.

      Just my opinion of course, but anyone who possesses such sensitivity would be wise to heed the advice, that there is fine line between inspiration and delusion. Filter everything through the rational intellect.
      One needs to strike a balance between the abstract world, and our material-based reality. In other words…staying grounded in THIS reality, is the aim, while we reside here.

      If you have an outlet, such as music, art, or writing, to funnel your creativity, then by all means let loose. Just make a clear distinction between Vocation, and Avocation. One supports you financially…the other just makes you happy, when you are blissfully engaged in creating.

      • Nadine
        September 6, 2018

        Mystic Amrita, That was how I began my vocation as a psychic! Wisdom and insights would begin pouring through me when communicating online! It sounds like have the beginnings of a very interesting vocation occurring here xxx

  64. Zishtar
    April 4, 2013

    Life, God, Spirit, Guardians, The Universe (whatever you call your higher power) only operates with/through love.
    The opposite to this is fear.

    So as a Bipolar (diagnosed manic depressive at a very early age) when I am overcome with a crushing sorrow, there is no fear, dread, memory or bitterness attached to this feeling, then I know that I am picking up on “the outside world”. I can not control or change this feeling, all that I can do is acknowledge it and send it love, healing or chant a positive affirmation (may write it several times also).

    I am a “typical” Bipolar, on and off my medications many times.
    Most of the time I accept that I’ll be on these meds for the rest of my life. They do affect my sensitivity, but as an active participant in managing my “illness”, I collaborate with my doctor to use the medication to help me not become overwhelmed with what I “pick up”.

    The way I see it, its a bit of both…I do have a chemical imbalance, the medication helps with stabilizing the levels (so I’m not overwhelmed), but not being so medicated that I am unable to “feel” at all, which creates a void or flat line existence ( where life feels like your a waiting for something, that never comes).

    I guess the key to all things, balance. 🙂

    Blessings to you all, and take care, Zx

  65. Jerome Denzel Barnett
    March 6, 2013

    I’ve always felt that I was intuitive to the point that I can sense people’s thoughts and also how something is going to play out before hand almost on a psychic level am I crazy ? or just truly born with a gift to sense and feel regarding people places and things ?

    • craigweiler
      March 6, 2013

      Not crazy, just psychic.

      It’s more normal than you think it is.

  66. Amaresh
    December 26, 2012

    Amazing – so many comments and you still find time to reply to most!! Only a sensitive can do that – most blog authors seem to write and forget – sensitives can’t. {or some don’t want to :-)}
    I have had the same hypothesis you mention in the article , based on personal experience, and a lot of reading in metaphysical matters:-). And yes, realizing this and acting accordingly has changed my life.

    Also, from experience, medicines, especially the mood stabilizers, don’t reduce but kill creativity, and any trace of genius. They make one flat like a robot rather than a human – not a good trade-off ! Only help to fit into an artificial definition of normality. Anti-psychotics are worse – brain numbing effects for anyone not outrightly having hallucinations, where it might be relatively justified?

    Well, nicely presented article and good information.


    • craigweiler
      December 26, 2012

      Thanks for your comment. How could I not reply? So many people have so many heartfelt things to say! We all need to feel that connection.

    • Shadow Beast
      May 12, 2013

      I don’t know… I’ve found lithium supremely helpful to me, as in, it helps me to focus. I actually think my art has gotten better in the years that I’ve been on it because of the increased ability to focus. That, and being able to think through suicidal impulses instead of giving into the impulse to act on them… that little bit of chemically-induced balance helps.

      Psychatric drugs are tricky… different affects for different individuals.

      • craigweiler
        May 12, 2013

        I’m not a big fan of drugs, but since I wrote it I’ve had numerous conversations about this with bipolar people and I’ve softened my stance. Of course I’m not really qualified to have an opinion here . . .

    • AB
      June 18, 2013

      David Foster Wallace wrote Infinite Jest (and all subsequent works until a few years before his death, after they changed the formulation) on a powerful antidepressant called Nardil. You never know who might be taking medication and functioning well on it.

  67. David
    December 22, 2012

    I have a significant psychic aspect to my daily life experiences, and diagnosed mental illness. I don’t find a disconnect between them.

    I’m diagnosed rapid cycling mixed bipolar with “cluster B” personality disorder. All of that encompasses a self that is excruciatingly sensitive to others, their energy, self, my own energy.

    I exhibit pretty classic signs of a highly creative side, intense experience of mood and emotion, a vivid experience of the energy of others, and an apparent ability to express or communicate outwardly with others in a psychic sense.

    My life is a battle to manage these forces and energies in a way that i can stay in a center place, from which i function at a high level. When destabilized I can spiral.

    Not sure what else I have to share, except that from my experience there is a connection. I understand the temptation to attribute my perception of psychic communication to my illness, it is possible, but my illnesses do not make me irrational, they make me emotionally highly reactive outside societal norms.

    I think this deserves some respect, my life path is to search for integration of the self I am, rather than suppress through drugs this intensity of experience.

    • craigweiler
      December 22, 2012

      It’s somewhat scary that I completely understand where you’re coming from and what it means to be not entirely in control of my emotions and particularly the desire to stay off of meds. A bipolar friend of mine uses meds and she says that it dampens the sense of aliveness, but that it’s worth it for her. I can’t imagine making that trade off.

      I’ve gotten better by dredging up and examining and facing every unpleasant deep seated fear I can find in myself over the years. It has helped a lot.

      • craigweiler
        December 22, 2012

        Go ahead and email it to me. I do occasionally publish articles on this site from other people.

        Here’s what I tell everyone:

        My requirement for publishing on this site is that it be in standard composition format. An opening, a body that supports the opening and a conclusion.

        No rambling, no sweeping statements, use links to support facts where necessary.

        If I think it’s close, but needs some tweaking, I will make some specific suggestions for you to approve. If it’s not close, and would take a complete rewrite, I will make some broad suggestions for you to consider if you want to go to the trouble.

        This is not the path to fame. Most of the articles on this blog have under 200 views. craig@ weiler(dot)com (remove space)

        • Anonymous
          December 22, 2012

          really i’m just sharing with you a piece that resonates with what we’re discussing. call it a bit of inner dialogue i’m sharing personally that’s off topic. i’ll try replying to this email, otherwise would need your email and don’t want to fill you piece with our discussion. pasted below:

          I’ve decided to come out of the closet. I understand BPD as a state that includes an unstable or underdeveloped sense of self, ego. I accepted this model, have lived and felt the insecurities, tried to think my way through it, but it’s seemed that the more I thought the more contrived it was, the further from self I was. I’ve been living a lie.

          Now is the time to face the truth which I’ve known my whole life but been afraid to face. “I” do not think, I feel. I am a heart, not a mind. Thinking is a tool, a useful and wonderful tool, but in my case it is not self. To me self is heart, feeling, emotion. I am coming out as a being of the heart, not the mind.

          As I look back at the core injuries of early childhood I believe that I knew this. 50 years of torture from denying this simple fact. My ego or sense of self is not and was not incomplete, it did not mal-form, it was denied. It was denied by others, but the ultimate responsibility is mine, I allowed that theft not of self, but of self knowledge, identity.

          So today I am reclaiming myself, coming out of the closet. I feel, I emote, I psychically bond with those near me, I do not have empathy, I am empathy.

          If I can live that fact shame will become obsolete, lose it’s power. I believe that for me, this is the path from illness. Not by altering who I am, but by becoming who I have always known I was. A being born without the ability to close my heart to the world around me.

          It threatened the self loathing adults, they did not just feel anger, it was rage. The more I felt the more they raged. I could not stop feeling, it was all I had, so in obedience I felt shame. Shame for existing, shame for being a source of such provocation to mother, father, siblings. Shame not for what I did or did not do, but for what I was. Shame for my soul.

          But the story has a happy ending. I did not die, I thought.

          Oh, the thoughts I have thought. Great and complex, subtle and nuanced, day after day I thought of this and that, learned facts and proudly presented them when the time was right, and day after day knew i was living a lie.

          • craigweiler
            December 22, 2012

            I like what you wrote. It’s not long enough for a blog, but it’s interesting all the same. I formatted it just a bit in order to present it properly.

  68. Kelsie
    November 24, 2012

    Hello my name is kelsie and i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when i was fifteen but just recently had my worst episode of psychosis a few months ago. At the time i was not on my medication and i began hearing voices and having delusions. When i was in the hospital i kept picking up on a lot of subliminal messages…and i kept doing certain things to to show people what was about to happen. Shortly after i got out of the hospital i still kept picking up on signs but i no longer do…is it because im on my medicine? And am i psychic?

    • craigweiler
      November 25, 2012

      People who are bipolar share some very distinct characteristics with people who have psychic ability, but are not bipolar. High sensitivity, high creativity, high intelligence, etc. It is very likely that you have psychic ability, but if you’re also having psychosis, things get a bit tricky. There is a fine line between what we create in our imagination in our heads and useful information that we’re receiving. They look the same to us. If you’re making predictions that are consistently coming true, then this is definitely psychic ability. You need to write them down as soon as you get them to make sure that you’re not misremembering after the fact.

      According to a bipolar friend of mine, the medicine does dampen psychic ability. For her, it’s a useful trade off because it also dampens the noise and anxiety. I don’t have any personal experience on this and I haven’t run across any literature on the subject.

      • Kelsie
        November 25, 2012

        O okay thankyou, i wish there was just a way to be stable and still have the intuition that i used to. I can never go off my medicine again because of what happened there are just so many missing pieces…i wish i had a better grasp on it.

    • craigweiler
      November 25, 2012

      There is a way to get off your meds and still keep your intuition, but it is a long hard road. Here’s the formula:

      1. You need to develop excellent skills in logical, linear thinking. You need this to help you recognize when you aren’t thinking clearly. It also serves to help dampen the emotional highs and lows.

      2. You need to spend time every morning meditating on things you are afraid of so that you can get familiar with how you feel when you’re stressed and how you can use that knowledge to mentally calm the stress down.

      3. By having the logical ability to stop when you’re going off the rails and the emotional ability to recognize your own stress and calm it down, you can begin to tackle the huge waves of emotion and even them out somewhat. If you can get to the stress before it gets to you, then you can think clearly enough recognize the difference between objective reality and personal reality.

      This is much harder than it sounds, but it is doable. My experience is that it takes a few years to accomplish this, but that it’s worth it. People who are highly sensitive usually have great powers of self reflection. This ability is crucial to this kind of healing.

      • Kelsie
        November 25, 2012

        Yes that is true, i just wish i could have the intuition and stay on my medicine. If i were to go off my medicine again i would risk everything, my whole career. I just remember clearly some of the premonitions i was having and they were right on…it was like watching myself on camera. But everything happens for a reason so i feel if i need a warning about something it will come.

        • craigweiler
          November 25, 2012

          I forgot to mention that the path I’m suggesting doesn’t require you to go off your meds right away. In fact, that would probably be a bad idea. It’s better to stay on the meds, begin the process of training your mind and keep it up so that at some point in the foreseeable future you will simply come to an understanding that you can manage without the medication.

      • pljknitter
        September 18, 2016

        Craig, Thank you for this blog! I have been struggling with decreased spiritual sensitivity while on Lamictal (37.5mg) and temporarily on Depakote (125mg) (both VERY low doses) I’m already off the Depakote and considering beginning to lower the Lamictal (with my physician’s help) I love your logical approach to living with your bi-polar and hope that I can incorporate it. Being self-aware when I am in a manic (Bi-polar 2) phase and changing my behavior or perception of what is happening would be very helpful.

        I am also considering trying some naturopathic treatment. Has anyone tried this and had any success? I love my manic self, but the depressive side is very difficult to live with. Anything that might parallel a mood stabilizer in non-Rx form?



  69. Seeker
    September 29, 2012

    I was diagnosed Bi-Polar at the age of 30 and I am now 39. Growing up, I had psychic experiences that range from communicating with crossed-over souls to clairvoyant dreams to seeing auras. I believed I was crazy for a long time. When I was diagnosed and put on Depakote and Lamictal, my emotions finally settled and I was very happy with how calm my life felt. I no longer had bouts of depression or spent thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat (I was once $30,000 in debt). BUT that medication has come at a great price. I no longer have the sensitivities that I used to. I still have a clairvoyant dream from time to time, but I can no longer “read” people the way I used to. I really miss it and I feel like all I do now is work and try to lead a normal life.

    How do others deal with this? I sometimes wonder if it would be different if I was not on meds, and I worked through my psychic experiences. But then I have to ask myself, wouldn’t I be crazy to do that?

    • craigweiler
      September 30, 2012

      I’m glad to hear that the meds have been helpful to you. I grew up without meds and had to deal with the high sensitivity. I eventually settled on a routine of constantly confronting my fears in order to be calmer.

      It has been a long hard road, but the payoff is just now coming into focus and life is getting better rather quickly.

  70. LaDonna
    July 21, 2012

    Thank you a lot for the help. I really enjoyed the conversation and glad to meet you on here.

    • craigweiler
      July 21, 2012

      Glad to be of assistance. With all the disinformation about psi out there peddled as “the truth” it can be a bit crazy making. It also denies people the help to deal with problems such as yours.

  71. LaDonna
    July 21, 2012

    Where do I find the way to do this?

    • craigweiler
      July 21, 2012

      There are various websites that detail techniques for psychic protection, and a lot of this depends on what you feel comfortable with.

      Mostly it comes down to this. The sensitivity and psi and all that aren’t just a curse that makes our lives miserable. We can use it to our advantage. Our intent is incredibly powerful and we can use it help ourselves. If you make it your ongoing intent to block out your high sensitivity to others emotions, eventually your brain will make the adjustments for this to happen. It takes time and effort, but it is worthwhile.

      I shut out an awful lot so I know that it can be done. It has to do with your belief in your own power. I have a very strong intent not to be in other people’s heads because as you well know, they’re all f**ked up and full of fear regardless of how they present themselves.

  72. LaDonna
    July 21, 2012

    I have been Bi Polar for a long time. I am Manic Depressive. I noticed even as a small child I saw things and it was so clear as a child.Like an Indian woman who use to show up when ever I was scared. Now, I have loved ones that has passed that comes to me in my dreams when I am scared or something happens like a passing of a loved one. I found my dad dead right after he shot himself and it was just minutes after, things got worse. I started seeing black shapes in the corners of my eyes and I and my family would smell strange smells like smoke and my dad was a heavy smoker. I was with my mom years later when she was dad passed when I was 21 and mom when I was 37,I am now 40. I was sleeping next to my mom in a nursing home and I dreamed she came and gave me a hug and said good bye and she loved me, then I woke up and took my mom’s hand and she took her very last breath that second as I woke, her chest decompressed for the last time. I also feel that I am really depressed cause not of my own feelings, but almost like others feelings. I have had strange things to come over me and I would just get mad or cry and I felt that they were a part from me, but yet me. I have had strange dreams of people never met but feel as if I known them for years. I dream of a military man that accidentally killed a young boy and he was crying so hearty. I would wake up and cry inconsolably. I took on the feelings of another that I had no idea why. I touch someones hands and my eyes and head would start with great pain and I could see flashes of things. I can get something from a second hand store and just feel drawn to it. I am miserable like this. I feel as if I crazy.

    • craigweiler
      July 21, 2012

      It sounds like the important thing for you to do is to decide who to let in and who to shut out. It is possible to create some barriers to all this influx of emotion and pain. It’s usually accomplished through some form of intent.

  73. James
    July 20, 2012

    Well I have Bipolar II and a Hypothymic temperament, also I’m pretty much de-sensitive to peoples emotions and also experience no fear. Also use my Bipolar to my advantage to keep me happy and also it teaches me things and even surprises me at times (in a good way).

    Also my BP helps me to retain and improve memory, concentration, judgement and also gives me an accelerated learning curve, plus also makes me highly intellectual and lets me connect things together like a puzzle.

    Long story short, I inherited Bipolar from birth (from both parents) and as such… I consider it to be a gift and not an illness. Also my Bipolar II, keeps me locked in my childhood state but I don’t mind at all, as it’s rather fun. 😀

  74. BeAware.BeVeryAware
    July 12, 2012

    My understanding of years of personal research and experience, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder almost a decade ago, is individuals with diagnoses of “mental disorders” have a strong connection with the “paranormal.” The issues arises when these natural gifts are unknown and/or out of balance.

    Countless esoteric knowledge can be deciphered from such areas as mythology, “fairy tales” ;p, and similar sources. The strongest individuals are more often than not the ones with heavy burdens, lack of self-esteem, and a tendency of not being accepted within the “social norm.”

    Almost 2 decades of experience, being mainly self-taught and using innumerable sources as highly-respected guides and none as having “the answer” on a particular focus has shown me, the Most Important step in beginning and continuing to understand one’s own gifts is protection. I suggest perpetually developing new ways, and also strengthening the foundation of ones that resonate with the individual. This advice stems from many quirky, humorous, and frightening twists and turns in my path of self-discovery.

    “The fruit of your toils is the sweetest of pleasures.” <~ A Fav ; )

    At this juncture, my most developed gift is my intuition. This gift actually makes me laugh within, and at times out-loud for how quirky and comical and how frequent my "otherwise knowing" informs me what will happen, say 10-20+ times a day. This has become as natural as walking in my day to day life. I experience others as well, here and there, especially when needed.

    Aligning oneself with what I'll call the "better than usual" self such as tasks/activities/diet/expression/etc. boosts whatever gifts one is experiencing presently and also opens the proverbial door to experiencing others. Again, stating this out of the imperative importance, keyword: Protection.

    Some other advice, be respectful when dealing the paranormal, and stern when needed. There are entities that feel threatened from the more highly-developed individuals. Also, sending lower-energy vibes like malicious anger only feeds these "trouble makers." ;P

    Coming back to the subject-at-hand, whenever I have an "episode", my psychic skills become what I call out-of-control and over-developed, leaving myself slightly vulnerable.

    Out of all this, my most important advice is this: While (I'll say even say this) 'I know' that such "disorders" are a sign of psychic gifts, each individual's responsibility is Balance, maintaining within a certain range of fluctuation that allows for normal, everyday life. Consider this gift as a special flame. This 'fire' is wondrous, helpful, and awe-inspiring. . . as long as one does not become consumed within out-control roaring of flames.

    Be grounded, and Safe Travels : )

    • David
      December 22, 2012

      I’m intrigued by your post. I am rapid cycling bipolar, mixed. Also have a rich psychic life.

      Your theme of protection interests me because of where i find myself at present on my own path. I’ve been living in almost total seclusion for about ten months processing some traumatic life events, and expanding my insight into my illness.

      I’m finding that as I emerge into a more centered space, I’m also becoming much more psychically aware, which makes my occasional trips into public stressful. I am aware of ways to armor, but find them contrary to my path of self knowledge and trying to be open to subtle forces and energies.

      Do you see the disconnect? Thoughts?

  75. 'T'
    June 11, 2012

    I would suggest that everyone on hear give astrology a go!
    Learn astrology, & then decided from there wether or not you are psychic.

    Believe me truely starts from here! Astrology has been practiced since the dawn of time & is a mixture of Maths, Metaphisics, Astronomy, Psychology, spirituality ect ect..!

    This…. ! is where anyone told they have bipolar should consider exploring! 🙂

    Peace ,-)

  76. peter deawring
    June 3, 2012

    I have been diagnosised with bi-polar for ten years, but never felt it fit..there were many unaddressed pieces, one I am a highly sensitive person, two I am an orchid, three I am an introvert…all of these things explain pieces of the pie….how do I know if I am psychic? How does when tell? is there a test? or a person to talk to?

    • craigweiler
      June 3, 2012

      There is a survey for psychic people which you can find on one of my pages listed on the left of the blog. That’s the only test I know of. I don’t know who you could talk to in order to assess this.

      You used the term orchid in a context where it does not seem to fit. Is this a misspelling or did I just not understand it properly?

      • peter deawring
        June 4, 2012

        orchid referes to a relatively new theory that re-explains the vulnerability hypothesis. The vulnerability hypothesis stated that certain people are more vulnerable to life events and so in difficult circumstance more likely to wilt and stubble with special difficult. The orchid hypothesis states the same thing except it adds an upside which is that this difficult to care for person (fickle like an orchid) can also thrive even more than a typical person under positive circumstances. THere is currently no book on orchid theory although one is do out in 2013. For more read “Quiet” a current national best seller or google “orchid” and “atlantic monthly article” for another source on it meaning. Or just goodie orchid. Things will pop up.

        the base idea is an orchid is especially beautiful, but requires special care to survive. There are people that share these characteristics.

        • craigweiler
          June 4, 2012

          Thank you Peter. I will look that up. It’s a beautiful way of expressing a difficult concept which I completely understand.

  77. angela
    May 26, 2012

    Thank you for posting this. I have suffered depression and terrible mood swings whenever I disregard my magickal and psychic abilities. I am also clairsentient and empathetic, so I am greatly influenced by other people’s emotions. I have symptoms that resemble moderate to severe bipolar disorder and I have gone through periods of self-destruction and other suicidal behavior. It was not until now that I saw a pattern: when I participated in spiritual or magickal activity, I did not feel extremely high or low. I simply felt at ease, like I was doing what I was meant to do.

    I appreciate that someone like you understands what I have gone through l. Thank you and blessed be.

    • craigweiler
      May 26, 2012

      I’m glad I can help.

    • BeAware.BeVeryAware
      July 13, 2012

      I can relate, angela. Whenever I veer from my Esoteric Path too long, my experience goes from divine to destructive. I recognize synchronicity perpetually. From this, and where I personally am with my progress, I have the feeling of a strong duty to myself and others around me to embrace and keep up with my gifts.

      Yup, experience beyond the focus of the common, physical reality heightens the joys of Life. Glad to hear of the rekindling of your Connection.

      Safe Travels

  78. Anonymous
    April 14, 2012

    I am bipolar, diagnosed at rehab. The reason I was addicted to drugs and alcohol was because I had racing thoughts, was highly sensitive to my surrondings, could perceive things like emotions and feelings others could not. It was all too much for me so I started smoking pot and drinking heavily in order to suppress this. I don’t sleep more than four hours a night and now I am on medication which I feel has made me worthless. Help!

    • craigweiler
      April 14, 2012

      Here’s what I do, but I have to tell you, this will produce instant results. But the results you get will be permanent.

      You need to get into a quiet space. Get a piece of paper and pick one thing that causes you stress and write it down in big letters. Put it in front of you. Now, meditate on the stressful thing. It’s important to feel the stress and while you’re in the middle of it, breathe deeply and will yourself to relax in the middle of the stress.

      Over time, you will experience less and less stress in this situation and similar ones. You can choose different stresses, it doesn’t matter what they are so long as you can get yourself to react to them in your imagination and they are not so overwhelming that you get paralyzed.

      I hope this helps.

    • Anonymous
      May 18, 2012

      staying positive is the key and loving all

  79. Lisa
    September 11, 2011

    aI’ve been reading minds too since I was in college. Since I was attracted to older men, I would always sit up front and when I thought that a professor was also attracted to me out of a huge group because I was giving off a signal in my mind that I was attracted to him, I would FREAK out! I figured everybody in the auditorium knew about it and I ran out of my economic I class. I missed the next few classes then I started to sit in the back. After that I ran into that professor a few times and it was though he felt “ashamed” to look at me. I thought I did something wrong and it only led to me feeling more anxious, slutty, dirty, you name it, something wrong with me.

    Now, during my first month of school at University of Maryland, College Park, I wanted to try drugs b/c I had never done them before. I hadn’t the faintest idea where to find any and neither did any of the new freshman on my dormatory floor. Well, one day (this was before I had an almost fatal accident (only 1.5 months into my 1st semester) which I also had a premonition of before it happened, and my mother said that she felt the same thing that night) I was walking to my Astronomy class and I was staring down at the sidewalk the whole way towards class thinking to myself, “wouldn’t be funny if I found a little bundle of pot buds in the middle of the sidewalk. Well, low and behold, and to my “effing” surprise, but not exactly where I wanted it to be found, almost right infront of this grand astronomy building there was this substance on the ground exactly like I had picture in my mind. I said to myself, no fucking way. And with all these people walking and passing by, nobody noticed it. The area I found it in was a high traffic area ( I was really hoping to find it on my long way on a long “lonely” stretch of sidewalk on the mainroad heading to the building). I bent down and started to scrap it up with a match book end. As I was doing this it appeared to me that if anybody was paying attention to what I was doing they would though I dropped it and was retrieving it, and the fear of being arrested b/c professors and other adults were walking right above me was intense. But, nobody seemed to notice. I thought about it throughout my entire astronomy 101 class, but really kept occilating doubt back and forth in my mind, but continued to be excited in spite of. Well, anyway, I can’t remember if I told anyone about this because it was so early on in the semester but I think i did. I think I shared it with someone. Not sure. But, guess what? It was real! What do you think of that? Chalk that up to coincidence or not? Sometimes I just believe it was by random chance, but other times I believe it was that quantum theory thing going on in my head. You create what you believe. Trust me, I was in a TRANCE as I was walking with my head down! So, who knows! Yes, I am BIPOLAR I, and was diagnosed in the mid 1970’s with ADHD, which was unheard of in those days. You had to be pretty bad to get that diagnosis back then. I always got above average or average passing grades so no learning disability was ever detected in me. It cost me my life’s career too because I could never do well on the aptitute tests to get into Veternarian School, or Medical School. My life is very different because of this. I do have a doctorate in law, and this was when I discovered that ADHD was a learning disability, NOT a behavioral problem, which was what it was considered in the 70’s. Had I known this I would of gotten help. These professional school exams are designed to keeep minorities and learning disabled and mentally ill people out of these professions as best as possible. Good luck people. It sucks sometimes being me. But, I do have a wonderful 2nd husband. Thank god for that, even though we are DIRT poor! lol.

    • craigweiler
      September 11, 2011

      You were in that Yoda mode of “seeking without seeking.” It’s a psi type skill. I’ve had similar stuff happen more times than I can count.

      In other words, in this little psychic corner of the world, you’re normal.

      Ask yourself: What if thousands of dollars came your way legitimately? As long as you’re going to use psi . . .

  80. Tiffany
    August 4, 2011

    Only fate lead me here another one of my amazing coincedences. My name is Tiffany and Ive been dealing with this problem. I this was meant for me.
    Thank you!

    • Gabby
      December 17, 2012

      Lol I had a friend named Tiffany. She gave me a highly coincidental prediction that scared the living bejezzus out of me. I asked her if hey she knew if there would be another ‘Caroline’ in my life. And she told me that apparently I havn’t met right girl yet to get close too. Well she scared me by saying next, “Yeah and it’ll be someone here and in this room even. Someone you trust completly.” and I was like not wanting to look at her cause it WAS her. The girl I’d get strong friendship type love for was HER. Man I wonder how the heck SHE felt since it was obviously HER dang prediction. If I was her I’d wanna like go get my behind high or drunk especially considering the fact that she was married. Idk if she actually did use to be bi/lesbian like she told me… And me I see things in dreams apparently, and I SEEN this in a dream. I also SEEN her fainting in a dream, seen her husband accuse me of like, liking her in a dream, seen myself talk to her husband and telling him that I loved her, I seen her reply back with um what we can not see each other again if this is true, I seen her call me when I wasn’t there, I seen her husband and I talking again when I go back to the center on the wife and how when I hugged her I got a warm, fuzzy feeling from it despite not loving her THAT way. She also said she said I knew about ‘us’, and I was like WHAT you’re nuts. And not all her predictions are true, then again the future is subjective ever changable. Man do I feel like I was meant to be here. My nickname is Gabby by the way, and the Tiffany I knew had the nickname of Tinkerbell.

      • Gabby
        December 17, 2012

        And another thing I just read that dizziness, random tiredness, and moodswings can be associated with a psychic awakening. This might explain how ever since I have started to get more de ja’vu, precognitive dreams, auric sight, and empathy now I have had dizzy spells and random moodswings. Like happy one minute, sad the next, and angry the next. Once I dreamt of a friend fainting on me, and was shocked when the next day she had fainted on me.

  81. Anonymous
    June 28, 2011

    i feel better that i’m not alone

  82. Scott
    June 6, 2011


  83. Monica
    May 19, 2011

    I believe I’ve already mentioned this, but yes–you are, in fact, a genius. :p

    I didn’t have that much data on bipolar, but I believe Wikipedia lists ‘psychic phenomenon’ as a symptom of bipolar; it’s possible that there are some people who are self-aware as psychic and repressing because society demands they do. Just another little tidbit for ya. :p

    • Lisa
      September 11, 2011

      Who is a genius? Who are you referring to? You are the 1st reply? This makes it difficult to know who you could be referring to. Can somebody, anybody, figure out this young lady’s 1st reply to this blog and reply to this blog about it for me. And what is “:p” mean?

      Thank you,

      • craigweiler
        September 11, 2011

        Hi Lisa,
        The first person commenting was calling me a genius. It was a compliment. The :p is an icon of a person with their tongue out the side of their mouth. It’s a way of saying “That stinks.” She’s referring to psychics being repressed by society.

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