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Things I Don’t Tell People

Being psychic, there are things I hide from people. Or rather, they try and fail to hide something from me. People think that their thoughts are private and that they don’t show anything on their face. They are wrong. The other night my wife and I had dinner with a Doctor and his wife. When she found out I was a handyman, she was disappointed. It only showed for an instant and then it was gone. She was quite practiced at being gracious. I doubt most people would have even noticed, but with me, she may as well have sent up a signal flare.

I felt it first, and then saw it. I’m familiar with that look. I’ve gotten it sometimes when I’ve told people I’m psychic. People think they’re being nice, but they don’t fully understand what psychic really means.

I never call people on this stuff. First, they would habitually deny it, out of politeness if nothing else, and second, why would I want to stir up trouble? Let them believe they are hiding their true feelings from me. What can it hurt?

I learned a long time ago that I often know what people are feeling better than they do and if I tell them, they are usually so blind to their own mood that arguing with them is pointless.

I don’t tell people how much they are hurting themselves with their little lies; how it all adds up over time to produce a cancerous cocktail of inner pain so squashed down it will never come up. I don’t much like most of the people I meet because of this. I don’t despise them, hate them. I am under no illusion that I am better than them, it’s just that most people, most of the time talk about stuff that not even they care that much about. Most of the emotion that comes through is fear stuck in a loop.

I see no point in telling people that they have done such a good job guarding themselves that there is nothing left but an empty shell motoring around. In fact, that is how most people look to me. When I wander around the supermarket or walk through Costco, I see people of all ages and ethnicities living their lives hiding behind a shell that is the face that they show the world. I don’t look too closely because this subjects me to their pain, which is so intense that I don’t know how they bear it.

What I see around me are people with their emotions bound and gagged, allowing themselves only a tiny sliver of the emotional world that they are capable of. When I was in my late twenties and early thirties I made the classic mistake of trying to help people in this situation. I know better now; there are too many of them and only one of me. I am there for people, but only if they come to me first; they must first demonstrate the presence to see me as someone capable of helping before I lend a hand. If I don’t do it this way, all my effort will be a waste.

So I let people have their little secrets; I let them lie to themselves and believe that their thoughts and feelings are in a little bubble which only they can see and feel. If I were to expose to them what I see, it would only add to their set of worries and Heaven knows, people have enough of those already.

57 comments on “Things I Don’t Tell People

  1. Susan
    March 17, 2018

    I love your honesty! I tune into people on a different level most times I see the good. I see why they do the things they do. This has gotten me into some terrifyingly dangerous situations and in hindsight I am lucky to still be alive. Thank you for your courage to share. God Bless you.

  2. Barbara Lenard
    April 22, 2016

    Hello Mr. Craig, I was wondering how you felt when you seen and felt in that nano-second the Dr.s wifes disappointment? You see, I would have seen and felt that also and I would have quickly realized the depth of this person and I may have been equally disappointed…I am curious….Thank-you for your time and for the article!

  3. Jocelynn
    April 11, 2016

    I love the hint of sarcasm about the crowd mentality. I remember the smug friendships of people who really didn’t care, unless there was power in building a relationship. People are cruel. I always stand outside the highly carnivorous and walk away when that energy gets so intense I want to puke. As long as there’s music I can be in crowds but nascar type events make me feel like crawling ten feet under the earth. I don’t have to be watching. I am baffled by the those people who are so happy with themselves as vicious preditors. Sometimes I wake up and have to call a friend. I hate that but I know they need help right now. Sometimes I can’t turn off the switch. Thank you for the white light. I needed that tonight.

  4. Sharon
    March 31, 2016

    Thank you very much for writing this. This subject has been very hard to navigate for me for several years. I am 21 now. Since my preteen years I have had to acknowledge that there are things that I sense that are completely off of most people’s radar. Although I was ‘the strange goth/emo/lightskinned/blacksheep kid’ I was also one of the most popular people going through school. I could ‘see’/’feel’ the social climate and was an expert at emotional manipulation by the time I was in seventh grade. It didn’t take long at all for me to get bored of that. For me to feel like it was an unfair advantage and that I was a bad person for guiding others so that they wouldn’t get upset, or argue with me. I realize now that there’s nothing wrong with damage control when it comes to the fragile ego of the ignorant. My mother said that I was manipulative and overly sensitive as well. I was also getting the trifecta of abuse at home (complicated ptsd resulted) and my negative focus and desire to escape the pervading thought that something was wrong with me burned through me because I allowed it to. I feel that something lending power to that thought is that for all the Teal Swans, Tracy Chapmans, Kendrick Lamars and generally outstanding upstanding and PSYCHIC people in the world I have never met a single of them. I know my time is coming, but having to be patient through all of this pain is burning me. I want to look another human being in the eye and know, without words, that they see what I see. That they see the infinite possibility and happiness available to all of us, in which all of us have the key. And I want it now. There’s no real joy in standing at the door holding the key if no one (a great part of the whole of source energy) wants to come with you. The previous entry of yours that I read, “psychics and depression” brought me to tears. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It feels like suffocating when you see a world of color where others see black and white. Maybe they see grey and are convinced they’re superior for it. You constantly hear what they said, and didn’t say, what they wanted to say, what they meant by what they said and by what they really wanted to say whilst also trying to be “a normal human being” and reply and react to what they VERBALLY said when you receive information from so many different sensory ‘feelers’. It gets very frustrating to feel like you’really living an authentic life and, I’m still questioning whether or not that is possible at all. It makes me feel like in order to live my truth I have to live it completely alone. And for me, that makes this life not feel worth living. If there is one thing I do know for sure, it’s that there is only one thing we can be absolutely sure about. And so, in the meantime, I am still and always holding out for tomorrow and the promises it brings with its balance, Shah.

    • Susan
      March 17, 2018

      Sorry I tried to hit the like button and small phone it hit the thumbs down and won’t let me reverse it. I too have C-PTSD as a result of not being aware of my energy and how strongly my energy is affected by others. I am grateful today that I have been able to find methods of coping. The constant comparing of myself to those who have succeeded in life and wondering when I am ever going to get ahead is becoming exhausting. I have been suicidal, been an addict, and been a victim. Today I choose to be who I am embracing my abilities and my PTSD as a part of my journey. I choose life just for today I choose life.

  5. Michelle
    March 28, 2016

    Hi Craig!

    Something like what you described just happened to me yesterday! The family was over for Easter. I was feeling anxious, because the past few times I have seen my aunt, she has been subtly rude to me; bullying and embarrassing me. I agree with you that I cannot call her out on it. Because she is so subtle, she would deny it, and I would appear to be paranoid/overly sensitive/argumentative/rude, etc.

    I have no idea where this is coming from. I don’t see how she could be jealous of me…. I don’t know why she suddenly decided that she didn’t like me anymore… I only see her three times a year. It’s the strangest thing. I feel as though she is psychically attacking (unintentionally, but still hurtful) me.

    Same thing as you described; she thinks that she has a poker face, but I say something and I see a flicker in her eyes; there and gone in a fraction of a second, and I sense that she is judging me. The comments she makes.. it’s as though she sees or guesses at a weakness of mine, and then attacks.

    But it’s not just me feeling insecure. My sister-in-law made practically identical comments to me, but I was not upset or hurt by it, because I sense that she has good intentions (she has a very sweet and positive nature).

    At this point, I want to avoid her as much as possible from now on. Why should I allow such a negative person in my life? It may seem like an extreme reaction to some, but I have been abused my entire life, and I can no longer tolerate such behaviour from ANYONE; I don’t care if you are my father, my best friend, the love of my life… I will say goodbye if you hurt me callously.

    My tolerance for negativity is extremely low; the smallest little thing can cause me to avoid a person. But this is self-preservation, because I have learned that “the smallest little thing” is not so small after all. It will often get worse as the abusive person becomes more assured/confident around you. Or if it is continuously occurring, it becomes like a mosquito that is harassing you all night. There is only one mosquito, and it is such a tiny little thing, but try to remain calm and fall asleep (and remain unbitten!) if you do not swat it immediately upon discovering it!

  6. SAMANTHA Kinslow
    February 27, 2016

    My name is Samantha Kinslow and my sons Name is Hunter Kinslow, I believe and I have a bit of a little hunch that my son does to and mi d you he’s only four. I’ve been getting visitors and visions since I was abouts 6 or 7 yes old and yes at first I was scared to o dickens only because I was young and didn’t understand what was really happening and really going on. As the the years went by they grew stronger grew more in tence at time s especially Round my early teen years. I am thirty now and have a four year old little boy who’s what appears to be having the same as I do. His ability started at the age of two. I see or know things before the happen, I dream of something lime seen before and almost like I enter another dimension or world if you will. Something is telling my son is too and with him at times he gets scared and all he able to do is just tell me bad dream. In some cases yes they could be but for I think not so much. I get deja vu so bad to the point it makes me so sick at my stomachs and feels like I’m going to hurl at any given second and may head spins like a merrry go Round and I get so dizzy and light headed like I may faint so I have to sit down and my sight gets to where it’s hard to focus on what I’m looking and hard for me to concentrate. So I must ask you, can you tell me any clue as to who is trying to come through and to help my son and I channel our ability a little better and help the affects of deja vu to where they are not so bad.

    Thankful, and we’re believers;
    Samantha and Hunter Kinslow
    PHONE +1(405)201-4468

  7. Kaytlen
    July 11, 2015

    Hello. my name is Kaytlen. I’m fifteen and I do believe in psychics. But there have been times where I’ve done things that I didn’t realize was something different. like I had a dream and I was at my recent foster home and I was there with my sisters to get my books that I had left there. I’m currently living with my cousin and I didn’t think anything of it and my cousin told me in the morning that my exfoster was coming to our house to bring our stuff. I told her that I had a dream about that except in my dream I was at my exfosters house and my friend wanted me to go to her house and I said yes. Hey house was in the same neighborhood as my exfosters house Where I got my stuff. And then just recently my friends wanted me to go to her house and I said no just in case anything happened I wanted to be at home but I had no reason to say that and that day my brother tried to kill someone. I had to stay home. I’ve tried meditation to see if it’ll help me relax. And it has helped a lot. Do you think this means anything? Or do you think I’m just being silly?

    • Sam
      February 14, 2016

      Yes. It means something. Just the fact that you’re aware to it means a great deal.

  8. Carrie
    May 29, 2015

    Fully agree with the statement about not liking most people and that they are fear in a loop. I understand this and feel the same way. I have tried helping people, tried calling them out on their issues without much success. I asked for guidance in understanding how to deal with this issue. The way I deal is to understand that everyone is on their own path and it an take lifetimes before they deal with just one fear or issue. I step back and observe and do not involve myself because they won’t learn by being lectured too, they must go thru the motions and live it themselves in order to learn. Tough love in a sense. If u truly care about people becoming enlightened, you’ll love them enough to experience it for themselves.

    I’ve also learned to set an example with my own life, comments, outlook on life, habits and routines whether they are accepted or not.

    I’ve also been guided to not stop my own development. That the best thing I can do is to continue on my own path of development. And not be sidetracked by the negativity, judgements, fear I sense in others all the time. I hope they someday understand what it’s like to be free of that.

  9. oscar
    March 9, 2015

    I read your article and completely related. I am a 38 year old male from san jose Ca. I now live in Yuma, Az. Your story is my story. I recently have discovered my psychic abilities and i am an empath as well. I feel frustrated on how to develop and use my gifts. I have read that meditation and connecting to our inner divine will reveal the answers. It is a work in progress. I have been in the remodeling and electrical trades for years and now have moved to Az to pursue a counseling career. It seems to be the right course at the moment. I am into metaphysics and spiritualism. I believe that the universe is steering me in the right direction. I ask in my morning meditation for direction on how to use these gifts for humanity. I believe eveything happens in divine right timing! Feel free to contact me. I enjoy talk with likeminded people. Namaste.

  10. StephS
    January 3, 2015

    Wow, your post was affirming and enlightening. It’s probably no coincidence that I “stumbled accross it” at this time. I am definitely a HSP, and I know that I am highly intuitive, but the circumstances have never been “right” for me to spend time and effort getting a better understanding of that aspect of who I am. I often “know” things but don’t really understand how it is I know them.

    Anyhow, I am now 54 yrs old. In my mid-40s I found myself profoundly depleted spiritually and not well mentally or physically, after going my entire life allowing those who were drawn to me – generally those in some sort of emotional crisis – to drain my energies. Me and my life were basically a hot mess. I could not explain it to people but I just “knew” that I had to withdraw for however long it would take for me to restabilize and heal. Now … er, uh … 10 years later, I am struggling with my desire and resistance to building a healthy social life. I need it because now the burdens of social isolation are beginning to outweigh the burdens of being socially active. I just wanted to comment, especially because you put out there that you don’t like most people who you meet. In my efforts to be more authentic and honest with self and others, I have literally said the same thing to a couple people in my family. They reacted just as one would expect. Heck even I judge myself for feeling that way. I know it was unsettling for them to hear me say that, especially because from what they understand about me, I love serving people and helping them to heal, more than just about everyone in my family. Their reactions just reinforced my fear of saying that out lout. So, thank you for your honesty. I think this part of what you wrote would be a great opening paragraph to a promising book – both fiction or nonfiction.

    “I don’t much like most of the people I meet because of this. I don’t despise them, hate them. I am under no illusion that I am better than them, it’s just that most people, most of the time talk about stuff that not even they care that much about. Most of the emotion that comes through is fear stuck in a loop.”

    All the best.

  11. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    I liked what you said. I’m an extremely honest person and caught people in lies many times but feel they’re only hurting them self. Yes, perhaps I may have called them on it a few times long ago but I’m learning much here thanks. I’m also learning I have to somehow release many frustrating things that I know will hurt me in the end. Thank You

  12. Brandie
    August 13, 2014

    I’m going to be honest…I don’t try to help everyone. Seriously that’s like committing suicide. I really did/do want to help people, but I pick my battles. Some people it seems stumble into my lap, and it’s those if I can offer comfort or help. It’s easier if your led/drawn to people. I want to help certain family members, but it seriously draining. It leaves me feeling empty, cranky, and foolish. To reach out and touch someone (whether physically or mentally) else it draining literally. Some days I wakes up raw. I could tear up at the drop of a hat, and wouldn’t know why. Other days I’m just moody. Being around certain people can be harmful to our energy. They are deconstructing piece by piece…

    A time remember at work I got really anxious. I worked at Toys R Us, the big box store, and it was during the christmas season. People were swarming, and I was getting overloaded. At the register this nice couple wanted me to ring them up, but their box was huge. I was wondering what am I going to put all this stuff in!?
    All of a sudden my anxiety spiked and I killed my register. It just died. The supervisor looked for a cause, but everything was fine. She just gave me a look, and I smiled sheepishly walking away. lol

    It seems there are times when a shield lowers, and we’re susceptible to all sorts of experiences. I’ve experienced telepathy a few times. Mostly when my mind is roaming or it’s an off day. More often I’m sensitive to peoples moods, and feelings. I get rubbed the wrong way easily, because I notice demeanors more. I also like the whole free hugs thing as well. lol Hugs are delightful and comforting in a way. It’s kinda tricky being to close to people as well, because at a get together w/ some friends I picked up my friend’s energy. I like tapped into her somehow and started mimicking everything she was doing. It was so random. Mid sentence I was copying her word for word, expression, and every gesture. She told me to stop, but I couldn’t. I had to kinda let it run through me, but I did find it amusing. After freaking them out, I stopped, and shook it off. Yeaaaah… ~I blame faery influence~

  13. Anonymous
    July 28, 2014

    Being psychic has ruined my life and left me to hate and a negative look about most everyone lol. I was labeled delusional at one time but every single thing I’ve seen has come true. I can read “bad” people like the back of my hand.

    • Michelle
      March 28, 2016

      YES!!! The same thing happens to me too!
      There was this guy that I went to high school with…anytime that I came near him… I got this awful feeling… this cold chill down my spine, or a shudder of revulsion… the way his eyes felt on me when he was staring… I tried to tell my friends about my feelings, but they brushed me off, saying “what?? everyone loves him!” He sexually assaulted me at a party (groping). I think back to that time and wish that I had thrown him down the stairs instead of just yelling at him! Years later, I was reading the paper and I saw that he was convicted for possessing child pornography!!!!! I think that he did not like that women could resist and fight back, so a more vulnerable target became more appealing to him.
      Also, I would have dreams warning me of untrue boyfriends or friends before I was even consciously aware that something was wrong. Usually there was symbolism, like they offered me a wedding band (represents a promise), but it was dirty and tarnished, and in my dream I refused. These dreams were different than the usual, as I would wake up with a deep feeling of sorrow or unease, sometimes even with tears streaming down my face.
      I am learning to trust myself. To listen to my instinct, rather than my head (over-analyzes & could talk me into anything) or heart (foolish, blind & risk-taking). I always seem to know. I just need to stop trying to discount these feelings that may seem like they are unfounded (but they’re not!).

  14. Sam
    February 3, 2014

    Hello Craig

    Finding your blog this evening was like coming home! Thank you – for your courage and your confidence and your generosity in sharing your experience.

    For many years I shoved down my ‘seeing’, my ‘knowing’, keeping it all a mystery even to myself.

    As I look back, I can see that the abilities were too much to handle as I pursued my career and raised my children. Being different is not easy, though somehow I managed to use at least some of the ‘seeing/knowing’ to good effect in my career. It was all tightly under wraps though!

    Now I’m at a point where life experience and maturity insist that I pause and take it all on board for the sake of my integrity.

    In this post particularly, I completely recognise your description of feeling people’s thoughts/feelings and having to turn away to avoid being engulfed by their pain or graciously playing along with their fictional masks and ignoring that I’d seen through it.

    Unsurprisingly, I never made a friendship with those masky people. I am an INFJ according to the online test I did this evening. The description fits me precisely I find. I am never without people wanting to be my friend. It seems that they like the ‘knowing’ empathy. At heart, it seems to me that, really, people DO want to be known fully and accepted for who they are, warts and all.

    One question I used to ask myself scrupulously though is this: am I projecting MY thoughts/feelings/pain etc onto these supermarket people? (It’s a classic psychology tenet after all.)

    So just recently, I’ve started – in appropriate ways! – to chat to strangers in cafes and stores and in the street. And listen…with my mind and whatever place it is I receive the ‘knowing’. Oh boy…in my forays so far, I have been blown away with what people have told me about their sadnesses that are so clear to me en passant though perhaps not to others so much. It’s such a humanizing experience to share so deeply with strangers…we are more alike than not behind our masks.

    Our ‘different’ abilities can shake other’s masks away, even if only for a little while. Whilst it’s so obviously frightening for some, for many it’s healing to be ‘seen’ truly and heard unconditionally. Maybe, if we psychic folk do have a purpose and a service to offer our broken world, it is this.

    I don’t know. But the finding out is life-affirming and has its quiet joys.

    Thanks again, Craig.


  15. anon
    September 8, 2013


  16. Anonymous
    August 12, 2013

    I was just reading a book about highly sensitive people. Thank you for your article. The thing that resonates with me most is how highly sensitive people prefer to have thick skin and be tough. That’s how I try to be but it’s so hard when you are sensitive to so much going on. I went to psychics and they changed the way I see the spiritual world and the way we are all connected in our current life. It’s amazing. I’m grateful for the experience. Thank you for all you do!

  17. Eva
    June 18, 2013

    My boyfriend thinks I’m always judging people, but I’m reading them, not just their energy, but their actions and I’m usually spot on. And for some reason this upsets him. He always says, you think you know what everyone is thinking. So I have recently learned, as you said, we need to hide some things, because there are people so close minded that they can’t see the stars through their clouds of security.

    • Sasha
      June 15, 2014

      this is so much my situation and is the reason I believe none of my intimate relationships are successful. I try to warn my loved ones away from situations because I can read a situation so well and know when we are really not welcome or when someone really doesn’t like my partner. I get called a know it all and paranoid. I wish I was like most people and didn’t feel these things, I would be much happier and not so sensitive to feeling like a failure no matter how generous and nice I am to people. I know when people are having conversations about me and other people; I try to protect them but I get called crazy. I knew when I was going to be betrayed by a friend and the timing. I sensed at which time, they would want to make amends with me because they could not deny the betrayal once I maintained my distance and it hurt them thinking I would not know. this “sensitive” knowing people, hearing their thoughts (not in spoken words but in feelings), has caused me pain all my life. I just don’t want to know how people feel anymore. I want to be dumb to it so I can be happy like the people that never feel hurt by anyone because they are oblivious to it. nobody is 100% truthful and kind and so why do I want to walk around knowing this all the time. I want to be naïve. when I hide what I know, it turns into anger and then I run away from those people. I want to be alone. I only want to be around my children and my pets. My mother has had this sense too. she has been married five times. she used it to carry out hate for people and be justified. everybody thought she was paranoid. but she was right about so many things. she has been alone for a long time. She says she can see her past lives. My brothers stay away from everybody. they give advice to people they love but they hide in their homes. they know if someone is good upon the first two minutes of meeting them. They have two best friends and a wife. they like nobody else in the world. One of my brothers has PTSD and on a lot of meds. None of us are normal and we have spoken about the psychic phenomenon briefly but don’t know where to go with it. we are all the most sensitive people anybody knows. I escape the feeling of caring too much about what everyone is thinking in feeing by drinking alcohol and taking in a lot of movies that I can escape a different life into. but I typically know what is going to happen in the movies. its less painful than being my life 🙂

  18. Tina Bina
    June 2, 2013

    After reading your article I feel relief. You have defined many emotions I have been unable to. I thought of myself as emotionally unstable and not normal — Always in conflict. I’m now just learning how to cocoon my energy. At 40 I guess it never too late

    • craigweiler
      June 2, 2013

      No, it’s never too late.

    • Eva
      June 18, 2013

      Complete awakening around 40 years old seems to be a common denominator here…?

      • craigweiler
        June 18, 2013

        Yeah, actually. I think that people who are really psychic need more time to develop as people. Longer learning curve and all that.

        • JayJey
          May 7, 2014

          Just stumbled onto your blog and it’s been very helpful and enlightening. Thank you! Would you elaborate a little as to why psychics “need more time to develop as people”?

          • craigweiler
            May 7, 2014

            They are getting a lot more information than average and need more time to acclimate themselves to it.

  19. ~M~
    April 5, 2013

    Thank u for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I have a gift of knowing and feeling. I dont like the word psychic .in fact I fear it and the stigmata that comes with it. I could never explain how I knew things or how I could accurately predict events some horrific too. I have one friend who cobsistantly told me i was psychic and that everything her trusted psychic told her i was telling her the same thing. I finally broke down and went for my own session. He picked up on my gifts and has encouraged me to embrace it and explore it but its been very hard. I avoid making eye contact with ppl in public. I hate reading them . I cant control it it doesnt happen with everyone in passing but i will not take the chance. Very few of my family and friends kno. I intend on keeping it that way. I still feel like a freak and an outcast and not wanting to be centered out and chastised for it. I never asked for it. I am struggling to cope. I am finding it a little comforting knowning others have endured my struggles and made it thru.

  20. Jah Gouldo
    December 21, 2012

    THANKYOU SIR, you are a role model and teacher for us alike, thank you

    The Release of fear is a small price to pay for the Ecstacy of full merging with the Divine

    Mate thank you for this, seriously, im in my mid twenties. i had my own business building limestone walls by 21 making lots of money, till i couldn’t deny what i was doing to these people i was taking a massive profit margin, don’t get me wrong all the other guys where doing it the client was none the wiser but i couldn’t handle it because i was wiser so not long after this relization i gave the business and all my tools including my car away for free to hopefully heal what i did! I couldn’t get a job after that struggled being around large crowds it wasn’t long till my partents where taking my to see the head doctors, they have no solutions what so ever. when you try to explain the OVERWHELMING FEELING OF DREDDD being around certain people they think your crazy, I literally can’t be near a stranger for longer than 2 minutes other wise the connection i have made to them is so strong i feel i care for there well being more than life itself, so i will talk to them i can’t help it, and its 50/50 some leave not noticing others laugh and other literally walk away because i can see them about to cry and they don’t no me. my GOD, im crying now whilst righting this story, I literally have to have DEEP and meaningful conversations or i cannot be in the same room as them, or if i am i have to be intoxicated on a substance, other wise i will cry and im 6 foot 6 male 27yrs old 95kgs, I still live at home with my parents. I can’t imagine living on my own no way i need my mum she is also like us, she is my angle and protector the only one who understands. once a random drunk group of guys walked past me when one stopped and started to talk like a savage to me making fun of me, I WAS soooo upset i ripped my shirt off and ran to his face there was no way in hell i couldn’t have ever punched him because i despise physical confrontation it will ruin at least the next 3 months for me but i did this anyway because i was so hurt . I TRIED WITH ALL MY BEING TO YELL AT HIM and all that came out was Gasps for air i was literally choking, i started to cry and they left me alone but because this was in public many people saw and 5 differnt men came up to me and hugged me thank god, I even cry during some tv comercials and that don’t have to be sad, just a strong emotion or connection between people even if there acting will set me off, forget about watching movies :/. Muy with my tribal decent of Native american and australian aboriginal i have always been trying to fit in, and when i did a lie a act i would literally mirror my “friends” behavior but this can’t continue forever, relationships that don’t serve the purpose can only be detrimental for both parties. The head doctors all said something different, which was skitzophrenia , Obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. one doctor described me as being unable to function in economic society due to his keen sense to notice how people around him feel, and how that feeling can transfer in a instant to me, so crying was a common thing for me and the government here in Australia now give me “welfare” because apparently i am suffering from a incurable ailment which is in the top 3 of the most debilitating disabilities known, it truly is, going outside with the possibility of being in the presence of some one depressed or sad or angry will make me short of breath. i have felt pain but i am never sick or ill, my body has always been in peak condition but when these emotions kick in my god, why me? why????? why??? i never could understand why and it frustrated me giving me a sense of uselessness in this world, and no one could help me. I then had my first thoughts of suicide, but all i could see was my mums eyes, so why is still there, although there is the most hope i have felt in maybe 20 years, that there is a shift im noticing in people a spiritual sort of shift a relization almost that these people can’t supress any more, and during times like this i can help these people easily, i have figured out what my or our calling is now, HEALER plain and simple, they supress the emotion because they are literally afraid of going through what we go through, but thats why we are perfect for each other, we have been through what there going through so we can guide them to a nice place with words alone this will EXHAUST a huge amount of energy per person to choose ur words carefully for each person adjust ur beliefs infront of each person A way that has finally come to me where I’m so grateful to our ancestors and to god for giving me these tools where the best people i love to heal are skeptics and u have to say nothing anymore, this all came to me in a dream, i was in the mountains with a tribe of people and they taught me ceremonies and how to conduct them and what to use to aid the ceremony ie psychoactive plants to heal WHAT EVER condition from physical to emotional, and when the skeptic drinnks the brew before the ceremony he will no longer be a skeptic in around 6 hours, the main drink i like to use is called ayahuasca and is my medicine as well i need to drink this stuff these people just need it once i need to drink it a couple times a week sometimes 7 nights in a row, because of this my confidence level shot threw the roof as the vision quests that i went on and what the spirits showed me during ceremony is the most profound spiritual life affirming inter connectedness i have ever experienced i literally feel for the plants the same way i used to feel around people, but i have a handle on it now, the crying was because i felt helpless, now i NO i can help them NO MATTER what they say NO MATTER what, stopped people from, smoking , quiting hard drugs like heroin , meth, also depression and recently a older guys back which has been operated on 15years ago is now after 6 ceremonies feeling better than ever, and this man is a distinguished white man he owns the post office a pub etc.. very rich and to have this man cry and hug me i will never forget i want u all to feel this aswell we are needed here in this world now more then ever if we all killed our selves come hell or high water. but blessed are the breathing to meet with patients in the bush they are out of there comfort zone we are in ours and they are under the effects of the drug, so no matter how much negative doubt energy they can manifest it all of a sudden becomes good energy talking to they can muster up its nothing compared to the strength of sensitive minds they are stuck out there i have been doing this now for a few months now its only because i feel so much better that i can actually type this out as i have never told anyone but mum and head doctors this and the head doctors got a real dumbed down version. My heart is with all of you, I asking you all who are also empaths to please join me or another shaman in ceremony ur power will increase 10 fold and ur fear will no longer exsist because you cannot travel in the spiritual realm with ANY FEAR what so ever the first few times i drunk it the experience was the most horrific in my life, ALL FEARS are bought up to ur awakened consciencess u can no longer distract ur self or supress them u have to deal with them the last fear i dealt with was DEATH i have now been allowed and guided by spirits on amazing journies of the origin of our universe to entering in a patients body and literally seeing the fear in there stomach it look like a BLACK squid attatched to the wall with its tentacles holding on it was as simple as blowing this squid looking spirit with my breath the patient then proceeded to vomit a black liquid what he says was his fear, you will only deal with ur fears and shown the energies of the fear inside ur self, only after u defteat the fear can u go on the most amazing mind expanding journey this world has to offer. Long live the Ghost dance, This brew is called ayahuasca (meaning vine of the soul) because the ancient shamans teach us that ANY AILMENT WHAT SO EVER is nothing but SOUL loss our soul is and will continue to move further and further away from our body until its so far the body will soon die regardless of cause of death.! and literally the secret to being a shaman the secret to being a healer, is believing the ceremony will work they can believe it won’t but since my mind is stronger in my belief it will over ride there beliefs. SIMPLE ay before i used to talk to people for 5 hours straight about there issues going so deep just to get to a point where they would end up getting uncomfortable and all healing would cease from then on so the 5 hours like a waste, and i found i would keep repeating my self to these people. now hardly any communication goes on at all because there is no talking during the ceremony you won’t be able to anyway and after they are so amazed they just want to go back to the people they love and it works like GOLD. I am telling you all this because i love you all, you are me and i am u and we are the earth we are connected regardless of time and space as the earths frequency 7hz literally beats with the frequency of our hearts. psychics empaths mediums clairvoyent sensitive people are healers and have a duty to the earth a duty to the people we must embrace this lable rather than “psychic” because that gives people a distorted sence of what ur all about in mayan culture we are called INCAS translates to EARTH keepers every time i drink a few tears fall down my face no expression just the tears i let them hit the earth and i ask my ancestors father sky to let us live please let us live and to have pity on us for he has done this to us. are u familiar of how a medium is precieved by the public? asking people leads me to believe that they arn’t been seen as healers in the traditional sense rather they can tell you what you should to do next or solve some problem thats been bothering with some profound advice. so must let the world now as a sensitive person U ARE A NATURAL HEALER full stop, no arguing nothing , there are many many many theories and evidence of how things are, but tomorrow some one will come up with a new theory that will disprove the old theory everyone believed so talking is talking and can only get you so far sadly. but i will say one last thing is that during ceremony is to heal, people do this by purging or vomiting the negative energy out, only after ur soul is back connected and no fear exsist is when the magic happens you drink and then no purging no sick feeling or anything but the most exstacy one can possibly feel, its the feeling of being one with the earth and that feeling is soo beautiful and rewarding , The Release of fear is a small price to pay for the Ecstacy of full merging with the Divine. my email is for anyone who needs more information if not blessing and light to you and yours.

  21. Angie
    August 25, 2012

    Hi Craig. I just found your blog and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Seeing the “flash” of someone’s reaction to something said and feeling their thoughts is by far my strongest psychic gift. It is infuriating to know someone better than they know themselves. And you are right, 9 out of 10 times people deny it when you call them out. However, I have heard back from people years later enough times to know that planting that seed (if it is constructive) really can benefit them. Old friends will say things like, “It took me 5 years to realize you were right.” If I can help someone, I will, even if it isn’t received well at the time. I’ve learned to be gentle and to talk like a therapist rather than a psychic. I don’t say, “I’m right because I can feel what you feel.” I’m more likely to say, “Do you think you’re afraid to move forward because you’ve been hurt before?” The fact that I know for a fact that they have been hurt before is something they chalk up to a lucky guess.

    People are amazed at how I can get them to open up. It’s because I already know the answer, so I push in that direction until they feel comfortable telling me. Then I can help them deal with it. Or, more factually, I know the feeling that is there, so I just need to find out the history that led to the feeling.

    I love your description of most people’s daily emotions being “fear stuck in a loop”. That is so bang on. The part that kills me is I know that I must feel like that too to other empaths. It’s not like all my insecurities are behind me. I don’t know why, but I find that a little humiliating.

    As for things being crystal clear, I’ve often struggled with the notion of other people’s personal privacy. I know many psychics won’t read someone unless they are asked to. The problem is, I can’t help it. Being able to know what someone is feeling for me is the same as seeing what colour shirt they are wearing. It’s right there in front of me and I can only pretend I don’t see it.

    I wanted to ask you (and any other empaths) if they’ve ever met a pychopath and what their read on them was? I find it quite distinct (I can pick it up just from photographs in newspapers) and was curious if my experience was shared by others. I find there are lots of them in daily life – not all are killers! They stand out because they lack that fear loop Craig writes of. They are completely flat, and give off an edgy, aggressive, almost joy. Like they want to see what they can get away with and they want to be the best, always trying to win. They feel very cold and empty and unlike everyone else, they only thing they fear is getting caught. Thoughts?

    • craigweiler
      August 25, 2012

      Hi Angie,
      I know what you’re talking about with psychopaths. They do have a great deal of fear, but you have to look very deep for it because it’s deeply buried because there is so much of it. Their coldness is a result of not being able to access that fear.
      They do have a weird feel to them. The thing to look for is that they make a lot of mistakes because they have a very poor ability to focus due to having so much of their energy used up suppressing their fears.

      • anon
        September 8, 2013

        Wonderful insight. Thank you. I’ve been reading a bit about psychopathy, over the past two years or so. And thinking about some people I have known, and some who I know currently. What you write above rings true to me.

    • Stephanie
      December 16, 2012


      I have met many psychopaths, sociopaths in my day. For some reason I feel a constant target of them. Which is interesting, As one of Craig’s blogs seem to touch on that reality.

      Anyhow, yes! There is a certain feel to them. There is even a certain look to them. I recall a more recent experience of mine where I was involved platonically with a sociopathic person. He had these intense eyes! They could have taken the breath from my lungs. Just looking into his eyes I felt almost under a spell, a very unsafe twisted and sick feeling in my core. (Rewinding a bit) before I ever had an active friendship with him, I imediately sensed something. Upon first meeting his vibes were cold, sharp and seemed to dig right into me. I am not a religious person (albeit spiritual) but I imediately had this thought “I think he is possessed”. He had that edginess, the joy…the aggression you mentioned.

      Another experience of mine was being romantically involved with one. How cunning he was. This particular individual was much harder to read right away. Expertly he must have built up a wall of protection around him, perhaps so that he wasnt ‘caught’- as you said above.

      But soon after intimacy kicked in I noticed a ‘flatness’ to him. His smiles had a reflective glare of wicked in the eyes, but the ‘joy’ of the smiles were forced. Until one night a rather adverse experience happened where he locked me in my friends house and I had to physically fight my way out of the door to safety.. *Brief sigh* anyway..

      Yeah! There are lots of them.

    • Eva
      June 18, 2013

      I seem to draw sociopaths to me for some reason. I feel the negative energy before I even notice them. It’s like they know they need something from me and they find me. I show them kindness, which is what I think they seek and what I feel compelled to give. The kindness can be a smile or even a simple genuine hello. I feel sorrow for their tormented souls and the pain they usually cause to innocents. But my empathy and sensitivity keep me from hating anyone. I don’t know why I would want to hate, but I feel remorseful that I can identify with sociopaths and that causes me inner turmoil, especially since I was a victim of a sociopath.

      • craigweiler
        June 18, 2013

        If you want to keep them away, you’ll have to work on shutting them out; a smile or kindness is just an opening for manipulation for those people. You don’t want them around.

  22. janet smith
    August 5, 2012

    Have looked for a long time for someone who seems like myself and my daughter,think we have found you.regards Janet and Jessica smith

  23. T
    August 4, 2012

    Hi – I realize this is an old thread however I thoroughly related to ‘things I don’t tell people’. I am on a cross country road trip with my 2 sons, one has young deceased boys that visit him in his dreams and I have dreams, as well as intuitive insights into most people. Driving through a part of South Carolina I realized I had dreamt my trip, red dirt and camping included. Other details didn’t match but the overall sensation. This ‘gift’ is getting stronger and has me contacting you, and reaching out to others. I am currently staying with family before I continue on with the rest of my trip. I feel like I am gong to choke to death here. I can physically feel the emotions they have choked down, my throat literally hurts like I am stuffing tears, but they are not mine. This family is very religious and I feel like I was sent here and sent on this trip to help people, but like you said, one wrong thing can really freak someone out if they are not ready to hear it. So I stay quiet and write about it when I have time. I am very much looking forward to leaving. The most precise thing I can say about what I can do is that I can see people, I can see exactly who they are, it makes it very difficult for small talk.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there and sharing your journey.

  24. frenchqueenthirteen
    January 10, 2012

    Craig, I can only say I’m very grateful that I do NOT have such sensitivity/awareness. Louis’s the only person whose thoughts and feelings I want to know; having to block out random ones from people around on this plane would be very unpleasant.

    • craigweiler
      January 10, 2012

      Yup. The high sensitivity comes with a steep price. Some days, normal looks pretty inviting.

      • frenchqueenthirteen
        January 10, 2012

        That’s for sure! I have enough sensitivity to other stuff to deal with (noise, primarily) here at the ‘normal’ end of the scale … more would be way too high a price.

        Which of course leads to the question of what’s really ‘normal’ and who’s doing the defining?

        • craigweiler
          January 10, 2012

          What or who is normal? That’s a good question. Other people, I guess.

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  26. Jaylene M Wilson
    November 22, 2010

    I am in need of some help…

    • craigweiler
      November 22, 2010

      Okey Dokey. we can correspond through the comment section or you can email me at craig@weiler .com (remove the space)

  27. A troubled man
    June 18, 2010

    This is gonna be an extremely odd question and little off topic but thoughtful! When I ever “receive” another’s thoughts I never hear anything. It is completely visual no matter what! Is that normal?

    • craigweiler
      June 18, 2010

      I think it is normal. I don’t hear either. Everything comes through in pictures and feelings for me too. I think psychic hearing is actually the exception rather than the rule.

  28. Eric
    June 18, 2009

    I am looking for a small group of individuals that have been reaching out. I was in “the round room” a few years ago, or rather intruded there, and I was rudely asked for my name. I didn’t give it, and was asked to leave. I am ready to meet you now. There are important things that need to be discussed. Things are going to change very dramatically very soon.

    • craigweiler
      June 19, 2009

      Hi Eric,
      I’m not familiar with the “round room” The New Age movement was full of this kind of stuff and I didn’t keep up with it. It’s been my experience too that my perception of psychic stuff can often be quite different from someone else’s. Regarding your name. You are certainly free to use whatever alias you choose. I don’t care because your energy signature is more important to me anyway. You will need your real name where you are going. It is our time to tell the world who we are and we cannot hide behind screen names when we do it. You can reach me at: craig @ (without the spaces)

  29. Celeste"Charlie"Lee
    June 17, 2009

    This is why I cannot go outside to the world most days.Overwelming feelings are raw to me,I can sense all sorts of things that others around me don’t see.It’s been this way since I was a little girl.More intense now in this new adult world,where you are expected to perform,no matter what.Keep up the encouragement to others like me and you,and more good will follow,as you know,of course.*

  30. precogmama
    February 5, 2009

    I was this close to mentioning the angels and unicorns, lol. You are psychic!

    • craigweiler
      February 5, 2009

      Waddaya know! Who woulda thunk it?

  31. precogmama
    February 5, 2009

    I’ll keep following your blog because it is SO NICE to hear someone speak plainly about this subject. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

    • craigweiler
      February 5, 2009

      Thank you. I appreciate your comments. I was involved in the New Age movement a few years ago and there are only so many unicorns, angels and healing crystals I can stand. Dealing with my fears was the only thing that really worked. Go figure. If you have any subjects you’d like me to address let me know.

      • anon
        September 8, 2013


  32. precogmama
    February 5, 2009

    It’s so comforting knowing i’m not the only one that feels this way. Knowing the thoughts of others is often more painful than useful, I have found. Being psychic is such a struggle and it’s beyond frustrating when everyone around you cannot sense what to us, is so crystal clear. Learning to let people make their own mistakes without it keeping me up all night is something I am still working on…

    • craigweiler
      February 5, 2009

      Hi Precogmama,
      That “crystal clear” part can drive me nuts! For the most part, I’ve learned to let it go because dealing with my customers has forced me to let people make their own choices, (otherwise I end up with the customer-from-hell.) It’s hard when I see people make the same mistakes over and over again, knowing I sure as hell don’t want to be in the middle of it.

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