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Stress and Anxiety in Psychic People

There is a lot to like about being psychic. The deep connection to nature, the ability to feel great joy and to appreciate great art, the ability to be spontaneous and creative and of course, to experience mysticism to a degree unavailable to anyone else.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like who I am. But that doesn’t mean that I am ignorant and unaware of the sometimes nearly unbearable stress that this sensitivity brings with it. It takes its toll even on people like Sylvia Browne, who have been exposing themselves to the public eye for many years. She’s had her troubles, believe me.

Every psychic person that I’ve known has experienced some difficulty in dealing with life; and most have experienced a lot. What is probably the most damaging is that we are prone to feeling terrible guilt, often over relatively minor things. There is a tendency to take care of other people first and neglect ourselves and this is often so strong as to be paralyzing. I can remember having a tough time learning to win because I didn’t want anyone to lose; I would feel their pain with them. The problem with that of course is that I also wanted very much to win.

I liked winning and this was in direct conflict with an overwhelming desire to protect others from losing. While this may seem rather idiotic to outsiders, it is very serious business to the strongly empathetic person. That, in and of itself, is a great source of stress. To get what we want often means that other people are losing out. Many psychic people turn into people pleasers, obsessed with making other people happy or at the very least not having them be angry. In fact, I would put dealing poorly with anger on the top of the psychic’s list.

This leaves these psychic people feeling powerless because it is impossible to effectively negotiate from this position. If the other person is angry and especially selfish, the psychic person will find themselves giving in to conditions they did not want. Feeling powerless is such a great source of stress that many people get physically sick from this.

For the record, meditating on the white light of protection or similar devices will do you no good here. It’s ineffective for reasons I won’t go into here. Basically, you have to learn how to stand up for yourself.

As children, we are told to toughen up, often by people who have no idea how difficult that is for us. Just for comparison’s sake, I consider myself to have finally toughened up to my satisfaction in the past three years or so. I’m 49.

A certain amount of stress seems to be normal in psychic people. I have never known anyone who was really psychic who could stay calm for an extended period of time while they were getting on with life. We only seem to be calm when we’re either in nature and away from the stresses of life, or smack in the middle of life threatening emergencies.

Yeah, that one. If ever my life is in danger I want to be surrounded by psychic people if for no other reason than to watch all the crazy shit they can pull off when it counts. Lifting heavy objects, holding back raging fires, mind control and God knows what else. I’m no different, I’ve been through a few earthquakes here in California and the more serious they are, the calmer and more focused I get. Although one time I was in the backyard during a five point something and I watched my wife panic and start to run in circles. I stopped being calm and started laughing.

I think it’s only fair to wrap this up by giving out some help. After all, I’ve worked out some of this stuff. So what did I learn? That caving in was a bad idea for everyone. If I didn’t stand up for myself I was not only hurting myself, but the other person as well. It made me into an enabler, encouraging bad behavior. Selfish people need a figurative punch in the nose occasionally. Then they back down.

That I can be both kind and firm at the same time. It was never going to work for me to be tough and mean. I could never do that.

Oh yeah, one more thing. To feel good about yourself you have to fess up to being psychic. Not to everyone you meet, but at least to the people you know. You have to get used to being who you really are and making people take it. It’s hard to feel freedom from the inside of a closet.

And finally, I must constantly find my fears and face them; never stopping this process, never slowing down. Doing this gradually makes it easier to sleep at night. (Yes, I have trouble sleeping just like the rest of you.) And a funny thing has happened. I have a different energy around me that people sense; Selfish people back down before I even get started. People look up to me and want me to take charge; I get respect. That never happened when I was younger and it’s a nice feeling.

It’s reflected in the topics I’m choosing here. I can go into the dark spaces that we share and shine the light. I hope this helps.

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112 comments on “Stress and Anxiety in Psychic People

  1. Emory p parker
    October 14, 2018

    I’ve been overwhelmed with ability’s
    I have always had the ability of impending doom something like dayjave . In my late twenty’s I studied in traditional style of martial arts in a traditional japonese manor called
    Kei Yoko shin ki karate by grand master Yama and chi gung a form of tie chi for chi building and healing. Around the age of thirty I was at my senssie ( please for give my spelling) house
    Michal Armstrong “ School of the tiger” have a party that included LSD purple micro dot .i had never done anything like that before well I didn’t fell any effect of the stuff to make this short I did a toltal of 14 plus hits of the stuff, my girl friend drove me home and I was so spiritually knowing there was not anything about the spirit and god you could ask me that I didn’t know . We got home many hours later than we should off but made it, I decided to practice my katas and went chi gun energy katas the next thing I know an old man in all white and white haired and beard said to me
    “ so what are going to do now?” I looked at him and said” who the hell are you” he said”you have doubted me before and you’ll will route me again “ he wave his hand across from right to left as he said “remember”
    Shire enough I rememberd instantly of who he was and began joyfully say I’m going to tell every one , of you! He said “no you will not” and instantly the memory was gone but I still remover the the most happy joy full feeling of remembering who he was and the almost rembering the proof he showed me. I asked could ask him some questions he said “yes”
    I asked him “do I have a special perpuse in life?” He replayed “ no” disappointed I asked him “ is there any thing I could do to help?” He said” no” what is will be and can not be changed.” And asked me again “ so what are going to do?” I replayed “what do you mean?”
    He said “ you have opened many doors you are not ready for” and at that moment i was not back doing my katas in my front yard and as I became aware of this I trip in the 2 to 3 letter I trench I had worn into the ground. My girl friend asked me are you ready to come in you’ve been doing katas for three days!
    Those three days passed me in a second or less and my life has been insanity for at least 15 years before I got a clue what was going on!
    It has now been almost 30 years after and have discovered that I have 7 abilities. The first one talking to the dead nearly caused me to comit suicide “ the good , bad, and ugly I called them I definitely have a solid grip now on what’s up with out being labotimized by psyic drugs . Every couple of years I become aware of a new gift ability. Please can some one give some guidance and any real support groups that I can attend!? This not a story it’s the truth I have no friends even my famiely even exstended famiely don’t like me, my wife barely! Who by the way has been a witness of a few of my abilities. One tip I can offer from my first 15 years of terror “ don’t ever ever tell anybody you here voices not even your wife
    It will always be held against you even when proven true!
    Thanks for listening

    • Jessica Quillin
      April 24, 2019

      I completely understand your pain here. It is a nightmare

  2. Ania
    December 13, 2017

    Hi, I have a dear friend who is having a complete breakdown because of her abilities and I don’t know how to help her.

    • Emory p parker
      October 14, 2018

      I found that GABA. An enzyme helped me in clouding panic attacks and recognizing the “ good, bad , and ugly for what they are entity’s that atracked like moth to light and a PSI IS GIVING OFF A FORM OF LIGHT” rainbow of light , body of light , life force, or even chi. What ever you call your s, the force is with you ! I practice the body of light by swing my self standing in a puddle and drawing up from the bottom of my feet and pumping the light fluid up through each and every chacera up into to sperit gate” witch is above your head and showering it out and around my body as if I were taking a shower and as I puddles around my feet I repeat the cycle from 10 minets to several hours I hope this is helpful but for Shute the GABA DEFINETLY HELPED ME!

    • Emory p parker
      October 14, 2018

      Oh my bad that GABAenzym is an amino acid. Not an enzyme sorry about the mix up

  3. Helen Gallo
    November 26, 2017

    Thankyou. for sharing that iam also psychic but these last ten years is when i really found out theirs more but you said it all.

  4. Michelle
    October 14, 2017

    I’ve dealt with severe anxiety over “how I see and feel things” compared to the normals. I’m 44 and absorbing all negatively feels like it’s going to kill me or I wish it would sometimes. Somehow I lost all skill in keeping this down! I’ve seen things before they happen, I see them years in advance sometimes and childhood was exactly the way you described for yourself. Exactly!! I still put fourth what I think people should see so as not to be judged. My Lord I saw some crazy shit no one else did growing up. I was physically pulled away from a shorting out wire that had water all over it from a refrigerator, and that was far from the first or last time. Same kind of things have happened but we’re terrifying so I’ve ran from this all my life but I’m tired of the facade! I knew our house would burn down because of a water heater……. I was less than 10 when all this started. I just know things and hope I’m wrong or curious if pleasant? No I can’t afford to buy a bunch of books but I’m amazed, no stunned by your posts. I’m hopeful that I can embrace this and be “me!”
    Thank you so much for the insight!

  5. Skyler sunshine dionny
    July 9, 2017

    Hey umm you sound like me the whole I want to win thingy comes from my families brains and souls. Lemme guess need all your stuff to be yours because your family tries to take over your mattress to have your soul (btw I hate relation the soul was cconfused with the human body God is south America, China is budda, and america is gob.) Cool rite got me up I’m all alone and I have some wicked tipps drink at sundown but only to sleep. Have to say to have fun because my dad is a drunk so drink to have fun. Lol it gets easier your probably the future think about it😀

  6. Anonymous
    June 28, 2017

    Thank you

  7. Isla
    June 15, 2017

    “We only seem to be calm when we’re either in nature and away from the stresses of life, or smack in the middle of life threatening emergencies.” That is so true!

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  12. Lisa Shepherd
    February 14, 2017

    After reading this I have to say that I’m teary eyed! Word for word it describes me! I’ve had anxiety most of my life and am now trying different medications to try and o control it but so far nothing is clicking… I’ve been told I think to much lol I have seen spirits a time or two in my life and many other happenings! I only talk about it with certain people because I see the looks I get from people who don’t know me real well and I feel they think I’m nuts lol

  13. puneet
    January 3, 2017

    So in the last part as u mentioned u get respect ppl want u to take charge. I can explain the reason why that happens. Its cause ur naturally the higher vibe. We are psychics cozzzz we are more part of the environment than normal people/programs. Its like every scene of ur lifes being shot in a space ship. And everyone wants the best pilot subconsciously. So their inner sense guides them to u. Iv seen it in action. Conducted experiments on it. U literally create ur reality more vividly than normal ppl. Cause u are a higher vibration than them.

  14. Unknown
    December 9, 2016

    I keep having psychic dreams. Everything is the same but the only difference is see what I need to change . I often find myself reacting the same way in the dream in the real situation and feeling stupid that I repeated whatever action at the time. I’m afraid that things are happening too fast or visions are coming in my mind too fast and someone is chasing me or having conversations with my fears. I don’t know what to change. Alot of enemies and fear about the future like someone is controlling me what do I do

  15. Darren
    November 17, 2016

    Omg finally I see some explanation in what I’m I’m feeling and seeing it has got to the stage of becoming overwhelming to me thank you there is something I have to do and forfill and I am now on the road to discovery to what it is.

  16. rholgate2
    October 15, 2016

    I am Psychic and I am so much a sensitive. I have felt this way since I was a child, but it confused me so much I shut it all out till recently. I am now 57 and I am finally one with my abilities. For the 1st time in my life my husband & I took the bus to an appointment. I was so stressed out I was vibrating & shaking, I got the worse headache ever, but the second I walked off that bus I was back, I felt normal again. I was dreading the ride home. Sure enough it was standing room only, I was sitting there just wanting to jump out the window, voices were coming from every direction, I was vibrating again head pounding, heart pounding, stressed to the max! My husband kept telling me try to relax, but I couldn’t I wanted off that bus bad!!! Then when I did get off it, boom I was back once again. I told my husband next time I will pay the extra money to take a Taxi, I could not deal with that again! The same thing happens in crowded places, I can hear everything everyone thinks & feel what they feel, I could handle one or 2 people at a time but not a crowd. I have been meditating twice daily but I still have a hard time of it. I get out into nature as much as possible, I am told that over time I will balance myself and be able to deal with crowds better as time goes on. The wonderful gift I do use and improve daily is predictions. I am spot on every time, this ability has always come naturally but I am just now trusting my intuition before I used logic & ego, no more, that gut feeling of just knowing has proven itself each and every time. I am embracing my abilities however I am just starting my journey. Any advise you can give me would be much appreciated. I love your website I have found many answers to my questions here. Thank you for that! Michele

  17. Some guy
    September 22, 2016

    I need help that I’m not getting going insane is not fun 😀

  18. Danielle Asnan
    September 4, 2016

    I have been finding a meaning and definition in my life. I have been on an ssri for several months and found my dreams to be surreal and vivid, sometimes premonitory. I used to have this when I was younger. I could tell what gender a baby a woman was pregnant with, or a local catastrophe to come. Now I’ve been dreaming some more…ive seen something very similar to the New Jersey roller coaster under water, but practically in the deep sea (I’m in the uk by the way, no connection to the USA)
    I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and been on sertraline for several months but it’s made my dreams more real and vivid.

  19. Terry
    September 1, 2016

    Wow. I am finally on the right path to self discovery. I am also a natural physic my self it runs throughout my family’s bloodline. I am very glad I finally found people I relate to in so many differnt ways because I have all ways felt like an outsider becuase Of people seem to not understand what kind of people we really are and I have all had a hard time of feeling accepted by people my whole lifetime. What people dont understand they dont know what to think or say and since they dont understand people are afraid of what they dont fully understand. I have spent most of my life pleaseing others peoples and not takeing any time for my own needs. I have put others peoples needs before my own and it has really taken an emotional and physical toll on my mind, body, soul, and spirit becuase of it and I realized I CANT KEEP doing this Becuase I just finally fully woke up and realized Its time to take care of my own needs before i keep takeing care of other people’s needs. I have been told by my family and other people In order to help other people you need to take care of your own needs 1st and its been slowly destroying me from the inside out becuase my emotional , mental, and physical state has deteriorated way to much to keep helping other people and putting there needs before my own. I realized If i keep putting other people’s needs 1st its just going to end up killing me in the long run. Its now time to take care of my own needs that I have been neglecting and keep neglecting my whole life becuase i keep putting every body elses needs before my own and I just relized psychic People like us can only do that for so long. Since i keep putting others needs before mine I have come way to unstable mentally, physically, and emotionally to continue to keep other people’s needs before mine. I find my self exuasted emotionally and physically drained and I dont have a whole lot of energy to keep helping other people. I have been helping other people my whole life and now I found out I now need the help to become stable once again. For me to become mentally, emotionally and physically stable again I need to start taking the time to help my self by taking care of my own needs 1st. Skeptical people and people who dont fully and truley understand stand would call this being selfish and no its not called being selfish becuase I have sacrificed so much of my time and energy and emotional support taking care of other people’s needs I have nothing else to give becuase I have all ready sacraficed so much. If a physic person all ready sacraficed everything they had and have nothing left to give how can they keep helping other people and taking care of other people’s needs you cant because you have nothing left and I am now suffering mentally, emotionally, physically and now I am in a unhealthy state of mind and is mentally ill because of it all and I have come really unstable and now its time to help myself before i can continue to help others.

  20. sarah
    July 8, 2016

    I feel really surpressed, not really knowing me. I grew up spending hours as a child sat in front of a tree in my front garden, i used to manipulate the wind to blow harder and then more gentle.. and as mad as i sounds ( something i know you could easily get locked up for) i minipulated that wind and it work. I remember being 10 and my grandad passing i was sat in the front of the car in the passenger seat with my dad driving when he asked ‘i’m not going to die of a stroke too am i ?’ And he turned his head towards me as he asked, you think nothing of this at age 10. This is all i can remember of my childhood i have spits and spats but so much is blocked.i simply cannot remember growing up.
    I relate to alot that is stated on this post and it provides a level of comfort to know others experience the same. I do remember instances of my teenage years where i was in danger and i could sense what was going to happen before it did, so i changed my course to avoid.
    I am aloner and prefer my time to be spent with music or in nature its the only peace i get. I try to fit but it just makes my aniexty much worse.. and people tend to dissapoint. How can you build relationships if you can sense everything that person is about? To me its like reading a book any subtle gesture/tone of voice i pick up everything and then im ulitmetly called paranoid even though im proven right at a later date. All the hurt nasty comments the way people treat each other gets me down to such a degree that my aniexty starts rapid all over again. I dont remember if i experience ‘seeing’ spirit when i was young but i know i feel their presence its an all over sudden tingle all over my body. i too have seen an orb with my eyes fly right past my face at the dead og night whilst i was in a period of emotional turmoil.
    As im writing this, i read over and to me i would assess this persons mental health state. I go college, i work and i am a brilliant grounded mum to my 3 children you cant really get more level and functionable than me.
    If anything someone else might relate to this posting and it may help them also. I am still in denial with absolutely no notion of who i exactly am as a person.

    • Michelle
      October 14, 2017

      Wow!! I just found these posts and mines at the top and I didn’t read anything but the authors post until I was done. You’ve just described my life! Wow

  21. llcoolj28
    June 30, 2016


    My late grandmother on my fathers side was a psychic, she would do readings for family and friends, a lot of her predictions did in fact happen as she said. I was very young when she passed and I barely remember her. About 10 years ago, I was in hospital with bacterial meningitis, I wasn’t expected to live. I saw a woman at the bottom of my bed who I recognised as my grandmother, she only stood for a short time but when she left my condition changed dramatically.
    I have suffered from anxiety in my life, I don’t believe it is a symptom of mental health but rather a psychic ability of sorts. It comes out of nowhere and this is hard to explain but I feel like I’m in some way guided and I know where to look. My most recent example is, l was in a very happy relationship. My partner received a call, he didn’t act strange but something was triggered inside me. He went on a business trip about 6 months later and he sent me a picture of the hotel room. My anxiety became so severe looking at this picture I felt like shutting down. I felt very strongly that there was another person present in that room. Months passed and we were due to live in together, I moved but very quickly I felt the need to start looking into things. I managed to find a clue which led me to a woman. He had been having an affair for the last year and a half. He had taken her on the business trip. I know that many people could say that I just picked up the usual clues but my relationship with my partner was really great and he never slipped up, he was very clever. We are currently trying to work things out but I know to trust my gut in future. I feel at peace now, I don’t feel like others who have been cheated on. I don’t feel suspicious every day and my partner has been on several nights out since we reconciled. We reconciled instantly, there was no indecision I felt like I knew this was the right path. I don’t believe that I’m naive and feel strongly that I will know if he does anything in future. I don’t feel anxious going forward which I find strange, it’s as if I know something.
    It was the same when my grandfather passed, I had a dream that I was searching for him everywhere and I couldn’t find him. The following day I woke to the news that he had passed. I used to cry as a child at night because I always knew that my Grampa would die first. When I say first, my gran and Grampa are on my maternal side and the grandparents I was closest to.
    I have always felt very different to the rest of my family, I had an imaginary friend and have always been drawn to the spiritual world. I’m fascinated by the afterlife and spirits. I have only a handful of friends because I tend to pick up on bad vibes from people before anyone else.
    I don’t know if I have any psychic ability or if it’s just part of being a Virgo as we are natural worriers and once we pick up on something, we are relentless.
    I’d really love to speak to someone about this to have a better understanding. May be I’m just perceptive and have good intuition but I’d like to hear someone else’s thoughts

    Thank you

  22. Max
    June 27, 2016

    This is something I’ve struggled with . This was a great read. I’ve felt like im crazy for giving the best advice to help while breaking on the inside… Having the strength to continue while having to never show what I feel is weak. I’ve been very in tune with many walks of life and many traumas. I should feel greatful to be alive and everything I set my mind to has come true. But even when im reaching freedom I still feel trapped .

  23. Autumn Stepney
    June 1, 2016


    My names is autumn and I am psychic. I have been experiencing these pcychic abilities for a long time(19) but since my childhood was so traumatizing I could never get close to my abilities until became pregnant with my childhood abuser at 18. In the begging of the pregnancy I started to have these vivid dreams and they would come true. Actually all through my pregnancy I had seen my future and my abusers future. What im trying to get at is it is all happening again but its not visions this time but numbers and these numbers are everywhere 4 and 7. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do anymore. I need someone’s help to figure this out. So If anyone can help me please email me. My email is and please people that want me to tell them there future don’t contact me because to be honest I’m scared about my own.

  24. debi
    March 4, 2016

    Omgosh. Thank you. I just stumbled haha upon your blog after a pretty amazing connection.

  25. Maicoe
    February 29, 2016

    All I know is this, been astro projecting since I was a child, as an adult I spent most of my time trying to not be overrun by my abusive husbands behavior. Recently I fell in love with a sociopath, he drugged me and submitted me to cult rituals and the subsequent murder of more than one person. Since then I have visions of the things that happen as well as a window into his life. I see things he has done, going to do and are doing. I have documented all of this with with my therapist who’s been helping me deal with the P.T.S.D symptomatic aspect of my experiences but he cannot help with this f%$king psychic “thing” that’s happening now. Do you have any idea what it’s like to be inside the mind of a sociopath?. IT SUCKS!!! I have looked and looked and looked and I cannot any reputable avenue of counseling for help with this (go figure?). Yaw, and forget about the police, they covered up a DUI accident he had that resulted in the death of a woman and her child.Now that was just a blast to watch, ever seen a baby cutout of a corps’s and shoved into a doctors bag and carted off to an unmarked grave? (saw the whole thing and confirmed it via hospital records, and police reports, (talk about a living nightmare) I am so lost and it’s all I can do to medicate myself at night with sleeping pills to calm the s&*t! down. I’ve enrolled in college for Crime scene investigation with the hope that at least I can put this crazy thing to some use but . . . . . this just isn’t anywhere as cool as the media makes it out to be. It is a very sad and lonely existence. I’ve considered turning myself over to governmental experiments if they could just help me tone it down. Dreaming is completely out of the question and on my best days I have moments where I can actually forget this is my life. LOL If I were crazy this would be so much easier to deal with ya know??? but every time the visions come there is always physical evidence that forces me to realize they’re all things that are have and will come to pass. Who could ever love someone this screwed up. . . .right?

    • Anonymous
      February 29, 2016

      MAICOE: If you turn yourself over to government experiments, you will put all of us, including yourself at jeopardy.

    • Brandie M.
      February 29, 2016

      Hello Maicoe,

      I understand you’re going through some things, but what the hell!?

      Why would the thought of ever turning yourself into the government ever go through your brain? See…~sighs~ I’m not sure if I should believe you or not…first of all.
      I’ll bite though…that’s like the worst thing you could do, for one and two they would probably commit you, because they’ll think you’re crazy.

      If a certain profession is causing you grief, than leave it. Don’t surround yourself w/ death and despair unnecessarily. That’s incredibly draining and abilities tend to go wonky when one isn’t balance. Too much negativity tends to create a negative thought pattern, which in turns manifest less than savory events. My mind can easily get stuck on things, and so I find that flittering from hobby to hobby, tends to ease the mind.

      Now you’ve been a victim of the black arts and maybe there’s something still dragging you down. You have to get a handle on yourself. If you’re prone to mind splitting visions, then prepare for them. You can usually feel when one’s coming on. Have a routine to calm yourself down afterwards…especially when their random and earth shattering to your psyche. You need peace.

      Common sense wise…sociopathic partners are a NO. They may seem like fun, but they’re just predators looking for their next meal. They will destroy you for fun, but only if you let them. You have the power to change your circumstances and from all of that madness, grief, and pain you are becoming like a pressurized diamond. Find the gold in the lessons, then drop them. You can get through anything. Remember you deserve love, life, and freedom from pain. Everyone no matter what is deserving of something better. We all should be capable of love, but that’s not true. Some people you need to steer clear of and learn to love yourself. The rest will fix itself.

      Pray if that helps, try different things that bring you peace. Step out of your comfort zone and see if you can find a new perspective. Nothing happens overnight, but it’ll gradually change.

      • Cath
        August 13, 2016

        What a great and lovely reply.

        • Marisa Knight
          September 24, 2016

          I really needed to hear this also…common sense can get so blurry to someone blinded by manipulative people..

      • Jessica Quillin
        April 24, 2019

        People like us will be drawn to sociopaths and narcissists. And they will seek us out.

  26. J
    December 29, 2015

    This puts into words so many things I’ve felt and experienced. Thank you! It feels so nice to see that my experience isn’t so unique.

    I describe myself as an empath, which works nicely with my chosen career of being a therapist, but the truth is that I have experienced bits of many other types of psychic ability. Including the one that surprised me most, the transmission of a message, of sorts, to the man I was dating from his deceased mother, through his cat that had been hers.

  27. stephanie
    November 30, 2015

    Hello my name is Stephanie and I’m a psychicand empath. Thid has been a battle allmy life. Its had Is major ups and downs. Recently iv had to come out of closet to close friends and family. I have been living with spirits for a decade or longer in a serious way. I recently had sn investigation thst didn’t go as strong as I thought it would. After I became ill for first time in years. Phlegm, runny nose, tired to point of bedbound, feeling of needlrs sticking me body and eyes. Also have eye infection (stye). I need help and feel I’m about to give in even to seeing a psychiatrist as I feel alone in this helpless situation. I’ve never been mental or unreasonable. This is real and I feel mocked after investigation by spirits. who hid while I heard them. Orbs were captured and I was yold a couple evps but not as much as I thought considering there’s a handful of spirits.

  28. Ann
    October 23, 2015

    Hello, I’m psychic as well. I’m in love with two other psychics. I should mention I have OCD. I need your help desperately ! The thing is, my insecurities as well as theirs create living hell! I feel need to let them know, I completely accept them. In fact, I wouldn’t change one thing about them. Please help us live in harmony in each other’s heads.

  29. LifeOfAnEmpath
    October 20, 2015

    I relate to so so SO MUCH of what you said….almost every single word. I don’t like to use the word “psychic” because frankly, I just don’t believe in the mysticism and magical thinking or powers that is often associated with being “psychic”. And clairvoyance simply does not exist, as the literal definition is having clear vision (into what others cannot see.). If one is truly clairvoyant, they would constantly have this clarity of things to come, and would stop major tragedy, know what lottery numbers were going to be drawn, etc. I prefer to think of myself as an empath….and think you would find yourself relating to those of us self-described “empaths” more than you might relate to those who claim to be “psychic”. If we were truly psychic, life would not be so exhausting for us ….. we would be able to navigate life so much easier with the power of psychic ability because to be a psychic, one can pick and choose what to focus in on….essentially, they receive everything but tap into their “abilities” as they choose. I don’t believe in superhuman mind power……psychics do. As empathy, we most certainly have a kind of “sixth sense”, or really are just highly HIGHLY sensitive people. We absorb the energy and/or pain of others and feel it so intensely that it gives us incredible insight into things like location of their pain, or the depth of one’s emotional suffering…..we feel it as if it were our own which is why we spend so much energy & time protecting/helping others….we can’t help it. It’s difficult to take care of our own needs when we are inundated with litetally feeling the weight of all who we encounter as if it IS our own. That’s why we are able to remain calm in emergencies….we know what needs to be done next because we are kind of inside the person we are called to help. It helps us tremendously when saving a life. Experiencing superhuman strength (like lifting a car) and becoming inexplicably fast and/or demonstrating extraordinarily precise reflexes are actually easily explained scientifically due to the surge of adrenaline that we all receive in life/death situations. It’s just that people who aren’t especially used to feeling such states of suffering and pain from others aren’t conditioned to feeling the intensity of emotions and stress that is just normal life for us, so while they may be flooded with the exact amount of adrenaline that we are, they typically become paralyzed by emotion, primarily fear; so they are unable to use that surge of adrenaline in a helpful way in a crisis situation. That said, they often can be useful if talked through the crisis and perform actions that typically they could not perform but someone must take control and remain hypervigilant about attending to the state of their psyche while guiding them through the entire process.

  30. Anonymous
    September 12, 2015

    If I were you I would put an ad up in the neighbourhood, in laundromats, grocery stores and wherever there are bulletin boards, including your phone number and with a description and a colour photo of your cat if you have one, and offer a $100.00 reward for the safe return of the cat, no questions asked. If your cat is being kept by anyone around there when people see the notice and likely ” if ” they know who has the cat they will contact you and tell you.

  31. James McBride
    June 9, 2015

    I love the site. Everything I read describes me to a T. Thank you. I tried to drink it away for years. I think I have a better understanding, and it will help.

  32. Charity
    June 6, 2015

    I figured out I was psychic about a year ago. It’s very difficult to be around people because of the ‘feelings’ I get. I also hear things others don’t. I have anxiety, BPD and PTSD. I have been down so bad at times I was downright suicidal. NOBODY who does not have these abilities we do has a clue what we deal with. Thank you for these articles what a help!

    • evamarie03
      July 8, 2015

      Hi Charity, it’s been a few years since I admitted to myself and my family that I have a different kind of intuition than most others. I do have a family history of sensitives in my mother’s and father’s families that go way back in our ancestry. Everyone in my family who has this ability has severe anxiety disorders. I also have depression, PTSD, anxiety, and social anxiety. I have had thoughts of suicide as well. I personally will have a full blown anxiety attack when people with deep rooted antipathy are near me. I need to physically remove myself from their presence. It’s difficult to feel these emotions so deeply and then to attempt to share them with people who look at me like it’s only my over active imagination or it’s just coincidence. I feel scared sometimes when I get visions that turn out to be so accurate that I cannot dismiss them. I try to share with others to relieve the anxiety but I am usually met with skepticism and the ‘you’re crazy’ look. But try not to let other’s apprehension stop you from developing your senses, the more you share with others, the more you believe in your intuition, and the more you accept and acknowledge your gift unabashedly – the greater your senses should grow. I’m not sure why that doubt from others make my intuition stronger, but it does. Don’t feel alone anymore because there are a bunch of us feeling the same way you do. Good luck on your quest for the truth!

  33. 8
    June 3, 2015

    I thought your defence of Sylvia Browne was odd. As a psychic person, I feel she makes a bad name for psychic people everywhere. I feel that way about a lot of people who charge money for touted “psychic” abilities. She has been wrong about far too many predictions – far too many. To ignore her abysmal accuracy and fraud conviction just doesn’t make sense. What is your opinion on this study of her predictions?
    I respond to facts – I don’t want psychic phenomena to derail to admiration of popular or charismatic people. And boy she charged a lot of money for her services! I find the pop culture representatives of “psychic” phenomena to absolutely be failing to promote what I see to be the major cause – being accepted and respected in culture. People self-promoting – business – does not further that cause – when they are wrong to a significant degree that doesn’t impress any non-believers – and brings disdain to the term “psychic”.
    I think that also – my apologist response for her – that to be on the stage and expected to perform – she gave content without perception – or conflated her imagination to a large degree – and performance anxiety – doesn’t help. But she certainly was the one who put herself on the stage and certainly made a lot of false predictions.

    Could you give a more detailed response as to why you defend her – or even call her psychic?
    Why does making a bunch of predictions – when only a few come true – and many more end up being false – not just drive people away? How does that help be accepted – and not just look like money and fame seeking?

    I want to be accepted and taken seriously – and that likely won’t happen – but Sylvia Bowne does not help my case – nor do I believe any ones. And I don’t like that she – and other “psychic” services – represent “psychic” phenomena to the public.

    Is there a new vocabulary – one that can do away with “psychic” or “telepathy” – as those are such tainted words?

    • Brandie
      June 4, 2015

      I don’t really think too much of Sylvia Brown either. I’ve read some of her books and she’s just writing them for the money. It’s awful. Real sensitives and “psychic’s”(the word has become a joke for the mainstream…a really uncomfortable one.) are never really going to be able to come out and make profit from our abilities, because that’s not how they work. Some people can do healing, but that’s rare. You usually don’t hear about them unless it’s word of mouth or they keep a low profile. It’s all unpredictable and in the realm of the intangible. It’s metaphysical in substance and under the realm of Neptune/Pluto anyway….always in the shadows or out of focus. For example the more unclear/hazier you are in thought, but sharper in concentration, the stronger the experience becomes. When trying to shine a light on it or analyze it, it’s literally evaporates into nothing.

      I don’t think the mainstream would ever be truly comfortable w/ the stories some of us could tell. They rather the fake stuff anyway…

  34. Chicano
    May 13, 2015

    I am a psychic. I thoughts visit and i try to listen carefully. I prove to myself by writing it down. The thoughts are proven to exist in some capasity in my life. I am trying to learn from where they are taking me. I am concern to feel that the pyschic ability is an overt high alertness or awareness of the conscience mind that was open through trauma stress depression and insomnia. I have found myself leaning to good bc its more fulfilling. I dont understand people but im trusted person to have been gifted. Needless to say i try give insight on those who mean well. Thats the being in will truth beyond conception. The goodness. Also i get goosebumps from head to toe. Enjoy freedom

  35. Grace
    March 13, 2015

    This is really helpful! I have only just found out I am phsychic and I’m still getting use to it. I always get these really bad headaches and I dont understand why or how to get rid of them. I also have quite bad anxiety. I also have these times when I can hear like whispers that no one else can hear. Does anyone else get that?
    I’m really scared and want to control my abilities but I don’t know how. If any one can help I would be really grateful or if you could just give me advice on how to deal with my abilities and headaches. Also I find that I feel kind of attached to things like x men. Again any comments would be helpful:).

  36. Sarah Jones
    February 24, 2015

    Thank you very much for this article! I have been wondering lately why I have a strong aversion to doing anything that would make me successful and/or stand out from the crowd. I am quite empathic and now that I think about it, there is an element of ‘not wanting other people to feel unsuccessful’ deep in my psyche that rears its head at every suggestion that I could be good at something. The unnerving feeling I’ve been getting but couldn’t identify was a determination to just stay on a level with everyone else for their benefit, and now I’ve identified it, I can perhaps learn to tune it out. Thank you so much for helping me to get to the root of the problem!

  37. santivia
    January 15, 2015

    Thanks so much for this article, you articulated things I have thought, felt and experienced so many times. I also was surprised how calm I am in chaos, calmer than other normal people are when they are just in a normal situation (a situation I would be nervous in).

    I find that paradox is a rule of human personality. The low self esteem people pleasers are the most heroic in a crisis….just one example.

  38. Chris
    January 7, 2015

    Interesting thoughts – and follows the findings of the Roxburgh and Roe (2011) which suggests that mediums/psychics generally enjoy good mental health but do show a higher incident of neurotic conditions (e.g. anxiety).

    Click to access Roxburgh20113903.pdf

  39. Dennis Simsek
    December 31, 2014

    Being a psychic can’t be easy. FIrst you have to deal with the non believers, that’s a whole new can of worms that can be annoying. I personally love what you all do so keep it up and don’t look back.

  40. robyn quint
    September 30, 2014

    Help me! Can’t get rid of bad feeling. Had for about 3 weeks, had 2 dreams come true in that time, small dreams that came true the next day, now I have this uneasy feeling, can not identify, people would think I am crazy, which is why I am here.

    • Angie
      July 7, 2015

      I know how you feel.. My dreams always come true.. I can have a dream about something.. And anywhere from 24 hours to a month.. That dream comes to pass.. It’s scary.. Especially when I dream of family or friends

  41. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    I forgot to mention so important. Stress is a major problem in my life and don’t know how to fins answers and have no money to be counseled isn’t an option. Its probably the major thing due to my tiredness. I’ve been with my spouse way too long than I intended. This person and I are like night and day. I don’t know what to do. This person comes home makes their dinner and retires. I haven’t been on a vacation anyplace in 30 years.If I did, I’d go alone, if I could.

  42. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    How can I ask for help when I don’t know the name of the spirit guide? Yes I saw something in my room as a teen and was awake and must say I was confused. I also had many things going on to say the least. I tried to contact it once about 15 years ago and I gave it time too. Even a clue would help. A description would help me understand if it was the same thing I saw. Although I had always been open to it, it only was just confirmed in a few ways I’m saying quite recently. I was being told by others there was something else. I call it empathy at least for today.

  43. Lili
    August 17, 2014

    I can’t say I agree completely with the whole people pleaser thing, as I am psychic and am known for not backing down from an injustice or letting my thoughts be known. However, I do agree with not wanting to make people angry, it gives me major anxiety. I really struggle with the feeling of being powerless, automatically I get very defensive and angry. I’m working on fixing this, but have difficulty because my triggers are so vast. I’m not usually an angry person, but my patents made decisions when I was younger that forced me to see things that were darker than I should have had to see. And I was put in positions as a small child that adults would have had difficulty navigating. It left me thinking the world was an unsafe and untrustworthy place, and it was only a matter of time before the people close to you betray you. That is why to this day I have only two friends. They know nothing of my psychic ability, I am afraid to tell them. (I’m 24, by the way) I completely agree that psychic people are sensitive, intuitive people.

  44. Brandie
    August 13, 2014

    This article hit the nail on the head. Thank you!

    I grew up in a family that used words as a weapon. They were extremely critical/belittling, and by habit I usually second guess myself. If you had a soft disposition and/or sensitivity it was looked at as a joke.
    As I got older, I never truly could get mad about things. Maybe for a moment, but then it just went away. I never could hold on to my anger. I think I suppressed so much of it…especially since I tried to please my family, so much. I still do in some ways, but I’ve gotten better at saying no. Friends included. I don’t really like confrontation and drama, but I’ve learned to deal w/ it. For years I was silent, until I just got sick of it. A lot of anger/rage is still suppressed, but it comes out now in small portions. I just want healthy representation for it.

    I find in arguments, when I get pissed, I can’t really argue back. The feelings that hit me about everything left unsaid, and buried just balls up. I can’t really get anything out, because I just stop talking. It’s like a blockage and all that rage just takes my breath away. I’m better arguing/debating when I’m calm and cool.

  45. Haid Canady
    July 2, 2014

    Thank you….For this awesome blog…As I was reading due to my mind wandering. the spirits kept showing up saying read this. I do need to stand up for myself. I tend to walk away from things or just cut people off. I really enjoyed this because I am awake on what I have to do to move forward.
    Thanks Haid. C

    • craigweiler
      July 2, 2014

      I’m glad I can help.

  46. marie
    June 2, 2014

    HI I found your blog today and wanted to thank you as you have helped me to understand more about what I have been feeling for as long as i can remember.

    I never felt as though I fitted in, I find I need to spend time on my own and am quite happy doing so, I hate crowds, cities, situations where there are lots of people and find that when around certain people I become drained, I ache all over and feel mentally and physically exhausted, I get awful migraines as though my head is being crushed. I adore animals and love being with them, I have dogs, a cat, a horse, guinea pigs and chickens I would have more but my husband put his foot down, but they bring me so much peace and calm to my life.I also work with children with emotional problems and seem to be able to tune into them and how they are feeling without them needing to say a word.

    I have anxiety attacks and I will wake in the night for no reason and feel anxious, my stomach knotted, feeling sick and this can last days until something happens and then as suddenly as it has started it stops.

    I have feelings about people, can sense when someone is unhappy, when they are not to be trusted. I constantly have feelings of meeting people before when I have met someone for the first time, or feelings of being somewhere or something happening before.

    3major things have happened to me in my life to make me believe that I may have some sort of psychic abiilty, the first as a young child when a spirit came to me in my childhood home, my bedroom was an attic room and it happened 2 or 3 times in this room, it was a young boy and I know I felt safe around him, later on when I was in my late teens my parent did some research on the house and found that during the late victorian period a young boy had died in the house. The 2nd incident was when I was around 10 and I had a very vivid dream that a plane had crashed, I remember waking and feeling so frightened and wanting to be physically sick and telling my Dad about it, to this day I still feel awful thinking about it, the next day the Lockerbie crash happened, the third was a car accident involving myself and my husband, I remember telling him to put on his belt as were passengers, this was a time in England when you didn’t need to were belts in the back of cars, the driver ending up crashing and flipping the car on the roof, if my husband hadn’t had his belt on he could of broken his neck.

    I could go on and on regarding the strange things that seem to happen but I really just wanted to say thank you for helping and showing me that I am not going mad and that I seem to have a special gift, as we all seem to have.

  47. newpeaceandlove
    May 26, 2014

    Thank you for your blog. Reading your different articles and it really resonates. I finally stood up for myself (on something big) last year. I am 46. It changed my life in some respects. Long story but it is a relief to read your posts. I’ve also started to come out of the psychic closet more and more.

  48. Mark
    April 30, 2014

    Hi All,
    I’m feeling alone. I’ve lost family and friends because they think I’m crazy. everything I have seen coming has happened, except one outstanding event. I believe this will happen as well.

    I’m learning from research, and have been able to work out what happened to me in 2012. (having trouble beleiving it)

    Apart from “being told” something will happen, I seem to be picking up on people as soon as I see them….I have come across a number of single woman (I find this out later) that register in some way. I believe I am sensing oportunity, as they seem to show interst in me later.

    I’m doing something “special” and i’m being treated like I’m crazy.
    I picked up on a woman in 2012 that was old enough to be my daughter.
    One year later “SHE” befriends me………the only friend I have made outside of work, and in the street (ever)

    So, I’m lost. 😦

  49. Sam
    February 1, 2014

    I am a long time meditator (40 yrs) and began to notice psychic gifts arising about 15 years ago, perhaps as a result of my practice….the gift of being able to heal others through touch or prayer, being able to read others and a gift I found quite scary – mediumship. I learned Reiki and Qigong which helped me to organize my healing ablities…..but the mediumship part scared me so much I prayed for it to go away….and it did. I am a chaplain in a large hospital….I don’t mention or use these gifts there……but I was called to pray with a family with a brain dead child one night and I found myself cornered by their expectations that I could “heal” the little girl ( 4 years old). I did not want to go there….or create false hope. But the family was in such pain… I tried. I went into a deep meditative state and made connection with the child. She was very much alive. Her face was full of energy, her pulse was strong and regular….but I was afraid to go any further into her energy field……finally I just let go of my fear….and dropped deeper. I called out to her (mentally). Christy….Christy…..and then I heard a scared child’s voice…..I want Mommy…..I want my Mommy.

    Then…..I called for her to come back

    But there was only silence

    Then I felt the energy withdrawal from her face…..and I removed my hands.

    I sat for awhile trying to ground myself.

    I felt a tremendous sense of failure…..and overwhelmed by the anxiety of the child

    When I opened my eyes….I realized that everyone in the room was crying.

    It took a few minutes…..but then I realized that it was important that I tried…..and failed in such a public way. The family, who were deeply religious….could now let go.

    The next morning I came back and the hospital room was vacant.

  50. Lilly
    January 17, 2014

    Ok I’m not saying I’m sycic but like u say everyone is to some degree….it’s just latley weird things have been happening when I lay in bed and close my eyes lightly images come to me there allll over the place very diffrent ….sometimes I just see objects or people’s face I’ve seen Jesus few times I’ve seen my dog who has passed away umm yesterday I seem a bigger man standing on a train and he had a big smile ….then today I had my kid on the train and a very large older man sitting in corner smiling at us then he started talking to us ahhhh maybe I’m just nuts but I do have to admitt alot if the time I see ppl whom have passed on?!….am I crazy?!?! Is it normal….may I bee diffrent

  51. Joan Wood
    December 11, 2013

    You made me think of another experience – not an emergency, but just kind of illustrative. Many years ago I used to do readings in a psychic tea room. It was lovely to be surrounded by so many like minded (and like abled) people, without being considered “strange”. And YES, I agree…it’s so important to come out of the broom closet, lol, and admit to being psychic. We have to become more openly recognized as just people with an enhanced ability or sensitivity.

    Anyway we had a big party one time, a special party, where a lot of customers and “normal” people came to the tea room. I will never forget how during the course of the evening, ALL of the psychics eventually ended up in one room of the complex, kind of huddling together (so to speak) while the non-psychics wandered through the rest of the space eating the appetizers. They say herding psychics is like herding cats, but we definitely formed a herd that night! I think we need to find each other more – there is safety in numbers!

    • robyn quint
      September 30, 2014

      How do I meet people Like you, the only other person I know is my mother.

  52. Joan Wood
    December 11, 2013

    What a great blog you have! I’m a professional psychic medium and can say I experience much of what you discuss, here and in your other posts. Ordinary life can be very difficult and stressful – the things others take for granted – but I am amazing in “emergencies”. Once, about 15 years ago, I was in a plane going home from Carolina to Boston. I sat over the wing and KNEW that the engine was going to go out (before the plane took off). I wasn’t alarmed, I just knew this. Sure enough, about half an hour into the flight the engine did go out and we were flying over the ocean. Well…we had an emergency landing at an airforce base in Delaware. What I found out then was that the OTHER engine was going out too so we were very close to crashing. Now I am usually a highly anxious person, and was very calm and completely unphased by the experience. Afterwards when the Captain came along and apologized to each of us for the flight problem, I told him that it was fine, I enjoyed the experience and found it most interesting. He looked at me like I was insane. Which to him I guess I was. But I know that life is eternal, and when it’s your time you go, and when it’s not, you don’t. it’s the ordinary stuff that gets me down. Like driving. I hate driving with a passion as it’s hard for me to concentrate and everyone seems so aggressive. Most psychics I’ve known seem to have trouble with driving.

    Thank you for creating this wonderful blog!!!

  53. Laurie
    November 23, 2013

    I’ve experienced this and more so in the last year. As I allowed myself to be hurt over and over. Knowing and feeling without a doubt that things are not right. But as a people pleaser, I bottle up the emotions and even endure further mental and emotional abuse until I literally have had enough. So bad that I blow up and obsess to the point where I almost harass the person that has hurt me. Then to forgive…. And to start the cycle all over again.

    Sometimes I feel it’s a curse. “Intuition” is so heightened that it literally is beyond my control. And the anxiety pulls me out of my rational mind. I wish there was a way to control it.

    • craigweiler
      November 23, 2013

      You can change from being a people pleaser, but it does take time. You have to learn to deal with confrontation and be honest with people.

      I sometimes have to remind myself that I can’t take care of other people until I take care of myself. That helps.

      It’s the strong emotions that pull you out of your rational mind. When you feel that happen, just wait. Really, don’t say or do anything for a minute or so and if something is getting you totally keyed up and you’re still worked up, remember to not make any decisions or shoot off your mouth until you calm down.

      High emotions affect decision making. It’s OK to have the high emotions of course, but don’t act on them. That’ll help a lot.

      • Laurie
        November 23, 2013

        Does this gift/intuition/curse have an “off” switch?

        • craigweiler
          November 23, 2013

          No, it most certainly does not. Being psychic is physiological, as well as mental/emotional. The body is literally wired to be extremely sensitive.

          My theory is that this is a biological adaptation that is one of many personalities that are found in hunter/gatherer tribes. You are supposed to fill a very specific role, which no longer exists.

          But speaking from experience,-and this will sound very familiar-, . . . . . . . . it gets better.

          You will learn to understand yourself and make the necessary adjustments to live in this world while taking advantage of your talents, which are undoubtedly numerous.

          If I have one piece of advice, it’s that you should learn to be really good at something that is not psychic ability so that anyone (including yourself) can see how talented you are without the controversy.

          • Laurie
            November 24, 2013

            Thank you. Your responses are helping.

            My “feeling” have intensified in the last 2 or 3 years. Especially after moving to a more suburban/rural area. Energy just leads to anxiety. An I’m just so overcome by it.

            I see that I need to find ways to either understand or control it.

            • craigweiler
              November 24, 2013

              Yeah, pretty much.

        • zebzaman
          April 5, 2014

          I think alcohol dims it or grounds you somewhat. Which is why many Alcoholics are also quite sensitive people. I certainly started having a beer a day to just ground me a litttel in times when hypersensitivity was a burden. But a switch as such? A very psychic woman said to me many years ago I must learn to ignore stuff. Like running TV, that sort of thing. She did not tell me how.

  54. Carrie
    August 15, 2013

    I am not sure where to ask this question. I apologize if I have found the wrong category. Right now I extremely stressed out and depressed. My precious 2 year old cat ran out the front door. He always came back after 30 minutes. He is neutered. I knew from my abilities that he was still alive but that was all I was getting. Most psychics can help everyone else but when it comes to their own lives it is a mess. I have a 15 month old baby and lazy husband, my house is chaotic. I myself have met with a professional psychic who is wonderful. She often tells me I am wasting my talent and I should be attending classes and volunteer for the police.
    There are many so called professionals who are not. I was so frustrated with not knowing where the cat was that I called a woman in the Washington DC area. The reason I used her is because she would work with me on a Sunday and she would take a check by phone.
    I told my husband the cat got into an old apartment building under construction. I had that hunch. She confirmed this but was extremely vague about many details and many of her details were wrong. She kept trying to change the subject to me that the stress in my life drove the cat to run. She kept talking so that I would have to pay her. If I wanted a professional counselor I would have not called her.
    While to many people this is just another cat in a city of 2 million people, to me he is like a child. He has a microchip so if someone brought him to an animal shelter or vet they would contact me. He has a medical condition where if he gets sick he will die.
    The pet communicator I spoke with refused to assist me again, when I emailed her. I was terribly sick with bronchitis. Her story changed over and over. I do not want to put her web page on here for fear that she will find out and threaten me. Perhaps because I did not mention money and that is why she refused to help again. She had no empathy whatsoever unless she was getting money.
    Fast forward a month. The owner of the building finally let me walk around with my husband. He refused to contact tenants and have them open their doors to see if the cat is there. He claims he called and texted every tenant. He is lying like a rug. I have had visions of a woman with frizzy hair and a long skirt with my cat. The landlord is telling me that this is his girlfriend. He is argumentative, obnoxious, and sneaky. It looks like there is a ton of illegal stuff in this old building which I do not care about. I feel extremely guilty that I did not go over to the apartment building before calling the pet psychic.I feel guilty for calling this creepy woman who in my opinion does not even like cats. She does have abilities but I felt she took advantage of me.
    While I am extremely intuitive I cannot get a response from an animal. For some reason I only get contacted by female spirits.Does anyone have any advice for me? I cannot sleep at night over this. I am trying to look for a job and am so distracted by this I cannot concentrate.Should I contact another pet psychic? Should I contact my own who is booked for months at a time? Any help or feedback is very much appreciated.

  55. jay dogg
    August 13, 2013

    love this author! it’s like I wrote the article myself. does anyone else get most of their foretelling from their dreams? I always know when people are dying that are my blood relatives. please reply and let me know. thanks. I’ve never told anyone the details of this. thanks a lot everyone!

    • Angie
      July 7, 2015

      I’ve had dreams of people being sick.. Or being at their funeral.. And no matter what.. Every time a family member or friend passes.. They always come to me in a dream to let me know that they are ok..

  56. Antoine
    July 21, 2013

    That actually helps a lot ! Thank you so much Craig. In my case trying to control stress helped a lot , and it is a process that must be continuos otherwise it just vanishes in a sec or two.

  57. Trina Davis
    June 24, 2013

    Since December I have started having extreme panic attacks upon waking. I began taking medication, which does not work. I noticed a couple months ago that these attacks are a prerequisite to an unnerving event that follows. Sometimes it is a few days and at most a week. I used to have warning dreams but I rarely have them anymore. It seems I have these attacks instead. They are so agonizing though. I am new to this psychic life. My family has many psychic gifts that I was unaware of, being raised in foster care away from them. I do not see spirits and can not tell the future but recently after being around them, I have noticed that I can ‘feel’ when something is beside me. In fact, it seems that I’m noticing things I never even believed in before. But all of this hitting me like this is very hard on me and I don’t know how to handle it. That is why I started my blog, to see if others have any problems like me. That is actually how I came across this one.

    • evamarie03
      July 16, 2013

      Hi Trina,

      I am going through the same “awakening” and it is a scary thing at first, but try to realize that it is a gift once you learn how to harness it. Right now I am digesting all the material I can find on opening my mind through meditation and yoga. One thing I have noticed is that no two people share the same exact gift. I am beginning to see that my gift is more in the “afterlife.” I can communicate with the recently departed, because my visions seem to be someone’s that I am only viewing. I heard on the news that another sensitive had found the body of a young child because she had a vision. I had a vision too, but it was from the eyes of the child and I knew he had passed while he was still just missing and I knew who did it and what he looked like. The other psychics vision was different. Yes it is hard to see things like this, and it hurts because we are sensitives after all and we feel their emotions. There must be a reason we have these gifts and we should try not to fear them, but embrace and educate ourselves so that maybe we can help others in some way. I was raised a staunch Catholic and parapsychology was the devils gift, so I know all too well your apprehension and fear. One thing I’ve noticed is that holistic approaches are the best tools to curtail anxiety and expand your mind. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Anonymous
      August 14, 2013

      I feel the exact same way. I used to have dreams and visions and within 48 hours it happens. It is really exhausting to determine if I will have another one and if so it is almost impossible for me to determine what I am feeling. I am just a 15 year old male teen that was told I have the special gift to talk to the dead. Another medium actually told me about the gift I have while I was there to hear from my grandpa. There are some dreams that have not came true or happened yet and he confirmed that they are real and once someone leaves the physical world they can see the entire future laid out on paper.

  58. Eva
    June 18, 2013

    Wow, I was watching the Ricky Lake show and she had a few psychics on her show and one of the psychics mentioned anxiety.

    I have just reached my 40’s and my father has just passed. This is when I realized or awoke to the undeniable fact that I’m a “sensitive.” My mother, grandmother (paternal,) son, sister and nephew all shared/share the same gift and we all suffer or suffered from anxiety. I started crying while reading this, I feel like you just explained my entire life and struggles. I’m so glad to have found others, maybe I can now see my anxiety in a different shade.

    And for all those who suffer from this anxiety, you can take control, educate yourself and do not double guess your intuition. We can tell the difference between our sensitive natures and our intuitive thoughts; one only needs to pay attention and you will notice the difference.

    I’ve been to hospitals for my heart because of palpitations and I’ve been diagnosed with hypercardia and PVC’s, but my heart is in perfect health. The are ways to cure this with medication, but there are severe health risks. I always try the holistic approaches first like yoga and meditation, both very easy to start. At this time in life i am dealing with people and situations which cause me increased anxiety. So sometimes I need the medication, because of my over sensitive nature and trauma. But the anxiety will wane, as always, when this blows over.

    I’m just so happy to know I am not suffering alone. I know that sounds awful, but it makes me feel more determined now.

  59. Megan
    April 21, 2013

    P.S: I’ve had a fun year of physical illness due to anxiety. 😉 So great to know that I’m wasn’t totally mad when I slightly suspected it had something to do with all of this. Once again, much appreciated.

    • craigweiler
      April 21, 2013

      Hi Megan,
      Oh yeah, the whole illness thing. For myself I automatically assume that it has an emotional/spiritual basis when it happens to me. I’ve rarely found a reason to question that assumption.

  60. Megan
    April 21, 2013

    Going to jump to it and say that this article gave me insight as well as the reaffirmation (that I so should not have needed, but admittedly did need.) I am currently noticing and accepting that I am gifted. It’s been quite the process, and I often question the messages that come through as well as my confidence in my abilities. This post pin pointed me in so many ways, and completely nailed some of my tendencies as well as the spats I’ve had with my anxiety lately. I totally appreciated this-thank you so very much. Hope all is well.

  61. amber
    April 1, 2013

    i just found this site cause ive been looking at what causes all my panic attacks.
    i cant really remember all my childhood to know if ive seen or talked to ghost cause ive basically blanked all my memories out after my mom kept sending me to certain doctors when i was 13 and i cant remember why but she told me is because i was remembering to much of my childhood that she didnt want me to remember. but if im in a certain place in my moms house i have these panic attacks that makes me feel like im blacking out, suffocating, and paralized. i know when theres spirits and bad spirits around, i can feel the energy. and i know when someone is about to die around me, im not sure who but it always happens. im not sure whats wrong with me and why i have those panic attacks, my mom told me that 2 people has died in the house weve been living in. a long time ago though. i will have them panic attack in certain random places, and something negative is always there cause i can feel it. does that mean i have a psychic ability? i mean this lady i used to work with, i remember when it was her first day i felt something about her, and she randomly came up to me and told me that i have the power, i just havent gotten in touch with it yet. gave me chills really. i didnt know what she was talking about though, but when i got to know her, she told me she was a wiccan, had psychic ability, and she said i was but havent found my ability yet cause i wont let it.

  62. Stephanie
    December 16, 2012

    I found this blog tonight after a search related to schizophrenia. I am 25 years old now. But for my entire life I have felt different. When I was younger I had a very close relationship with my brother, who I believe to be heavily psychic. I also felt the same way about myself, and at times him and I could really communicate without using words. Also we both shared our stories, and prior to his stint in the marine corp.. He never once seemed to doubt this reality for either of us.

    I remember telling my mom, at a very young age that I was psychic. Back then (and still today) I did not know what that fully meant. In fact, I only knew a generalized idea of it. But the things I saw/felt/experienced were enough proof for me that at the very least, I was experiencing heightened states of sensitivity.

    I have struggled very much with my internal battles. I have been homeless and unable to support myself. Life has not been easy for me, emotionally. Coupled with who I believe also to be highly psychic (my mother) who is a tormented soul- living her life on a different level of understanding most of the time. She is furiously fighting with inner denial, hmm…much like myself.

    Reading this blog has opened up a well for me that I still, am expertly guarding with a dam. I have learned to be in control so much that I have shut down those parts of I do not have the words to fully explain.

    Things mentioned in this blog were alarming to me, as much of it I experience.
    I am confidently holding back tears as I type this.. I could cry for what I’ve read.

    Honestly, aside from my brother, mother and few people I have met in my life…I have never truly looked into this part of me. I think part of it is fear. But other parts include heavy “mental fogginess”, wavering memory at times, and this strange inability to even remotely focus on myself…(other than all the intense feelings I have)
    In fact much of what I can focus on is my suffering, internal and beyond. Not much else.

    Recent life threatening experiences and boughts of homelessness/trauma have encouraged me to look deeper into myself…though. Slow is this process, and often thrown off track.

    There are so many things you have mentioned here and in the other blogs that I wish to highlight (but for sake of the length of this reply I will not mention)
    Which seem to fit exactly to many of my experiences I have had.

    But that extreme sense of calm/control in an emergency situation? ME! Every time. Every time! People have even said this to me on occasion.

    Also there is this sense that my presence is needed in an emergency. As if I am a guardian, a protector. I feel that my presence alone is crucial, almost without even doing anything. But then theres also the part of me that almost always seems to know what to do.

    Because of this, I have often felt ‘crazy’ because my intense awareness to the actions of others/danger around me has always seemed to be un-noticed by others. Or that I was simply berated as needlessly ‘paranoid’ etc. So much so that I began to believe it myself. Now I am suffering internal conflict of knowing when/how to trust myself (my intuition) and when or if it is actually paranoia, needlessly.

    So much more I could say..this is a huge eye opener for me, that part of me always knew…but through trauma and social situations I have learned to stuff it down, hide it. But your blog is encouraging me to resurface and connect with myself- to be honest with me- again..

    Ugh, it’s just so hard.

    • craigweiler
      December 16, 2012

      Hi Stephanie,
      Thank you for your compliments! Let me add as well, that when I created this blog, it was with people like you in mind. My goal, (and apparently I have succeeded) was to talk about the darker sides of being psychic, but also to help ground people in the science and psychology of what they were up against. If you understand that the science says that you’re not crazy and the sociology behind being psychic means that you’ll be an outsider your whole life, then you know that you haven’t made any mistakes or done anything wrong. This is the hand you were dealt and you’re playing it as best you can. There is peace in understanding this.

  63. Keely
    November 12, 2012

    Theresa, I have just read your post! Yes, that happens to me everyday!! I can only drive short distances now, can’t get on a motorway otherwise my whole body feels dis attached from the world, and I feel like I’m going to have a nervous breakdown or even a seizure of some sort! Your not alone 🙂

  64. Keely
    November 12, 2012

    Hi there, great article! I have just come across this!! Does anyone suffer from strange symptoms?? I’ve been psychic and I now do it professionally but I feel like I’m always ill. I suffer terrible headaches, chest ache and pain and heart palpitations, I have been to hospital many times thinking I’m having a heart attack…had bloods run, the lot and they always say its anxiety. I’m just wondering if this ‘hyprochondria’ as I’ll call it happens to anyone else? Thanks, Keely xx

  65. Theresa
    November 6, 2012

    Hi, I know this was written some time ago, but YES!! These past few days have been hard, but I feel today especially I am so FREAKED out. I was just stuck in a store for sometime, because I couldn’t move my self to the front to get out of there. 😦 😦 I was driving back to work on the verge of tears and sometimes even driving is incredibly hard. I’m a worrier anyway, but I can barely breath for all of the tension in the air today. I can’t cope with this, it is extremely intrusive in my life. The only person I feel comfortable around is my boss and my fiancé, and even then sometimes I just want to be alone. I feel physically ill. 😦 😦 Does this ever go away? I wouldn’t call myself psychic, but maybe I’m a good guesser. I do have experiences sometimes, and I tend to see distortions in the air that I haven’t quit figured out. I just want to be able to go to the store with out have a full-blown panic attack. 😦 I’m so frustrated with this.

  66. Kenna
    October 10, 2012

    Hello when I was younger I had more ability than now. I work as a science teacher. Nature, math and science (physics & chemistry) comfort me. My husband suffers more than I. But we do fit the descriptions It happens less now that I am in my 50’s but it is still there. Do you ever feel really lonely? I do.

    • craigweiler
      October 10, 2012

      I used to feel lonely, but my wife and I are very close, I’m around people who support who I am and I’m not a closet psychic anymore.

      Life . . . is . . . better.

  67. Mike
    August 15, 2012

    Very good article indeed! Something I have never read online or in a book. for some reason people don’t like dealing with the “negative” sides of being psychic. For myself, I know no other way, ever since I was a small child I would tell my friends (not very many by the way) something that was going to happen to them or a family member of theirs. There is a huge benefit to this gift though, like knowing when things are going to crash in the economy. I was in FL in 2007 and knew we needed to move. I told my wife that something huge was getting ready to go down economically and we moved to NC because the housing was cheap and we had family there. needless to say, the big crash came in “08. This gift has it’s other downfall also, which is not having many friends, especially in the “bible belt”…. So it’s not all glamorous as T.V. makes it to be, although well worth every minute!

  68. Ricky Garcia
    May 7, 2012

    I have never read a better put way for the exact way I feel and or felt in the past! As I was reading. I kept saying, YES! That’s me! That’s exactly how I feel and I have to talkto you! I would love to hear from you! As I am in San Diego California. I have specifically one question I d like to ask u in private perhaps I can ask u if you have the time to email me? Thank u so much! I can’t wait to hear from u!

    • craigweiler
      May 8, 2012

      Hi Ricky,
      I replied to your email address yesterday. If this doesn’t work for you please email me at craig @ weiler . com (remove spaces)

  69. joy
    April 24, 2012

    I have had psychic abiltities my entire life, I could walk into a house and know there were spirits there visions of very important things before they happened and if i am extremely upset i sometimes snd out psychic attacks or th clock on th wall flies at the person im mad at which really upsets me because i dont want to hurt anybody! i dont know how to control it though i tried to through meditation. And lately i have been getting the worse anxiety and i can not diffrentiate beween what is my over active anxiety and what is my psychic intuition it is getting very frustrating. help?

  70. Timothy Shipley
    April 15, 2012

    I have always dealt with a great deal of anxiety on and off my entire life. When I was younger I barely slept because at night, I would hear spirits/something walking around and talking. I’ve never really told anyone that because when you do people just think it was an overactive imagination and sometimes I question that myself too. Thank God that no longer happens. Now as an adult I get intense anxiety when in situations where a lot of people are around. It makes no sense to me because I am not shy or timid in any way. It has led me to be a functioning agoraphobic. So now Ive been researching anxiety linked with physic ability to try and shed some light on it for myself and find ways to embrace it and live a calmer life. Can anyone point me in the direction of a book to read to help me meditate maybe and get my sh%t together cuz its annoying. I pray everyday and that has helped a bunch, but if I can put a “gift” to work and help people it would make this a whole lot easier.

    • craigweiler
      April 16, 2012

      This is not a book on meditation but it is helpful:
      The HISS of the ASP by David Ritchey is a comprehensive look at the personality of psychic people.
      You may find it useful due to its reasonable scientific attitude toward psychic experiences.

      • timjship
        April 16, 2012

        thank you so much.

        • craigweiler
          April 16, 2012

          You’re quite welcome

      • timjship
        April 16, 2012

        thank you

  71. Doreen
    March 21, 2012

    Hello Craig, I am so glad I ran into this site. I connected to what is being written. I am so sensitive and can feel things about to happen. My family is totally estranged because of a death in the family. One person has taken over everything and that is the person I most put my faith in and loved. I still love her but do not recognize her and she does not mind that she has left me go from her life. I am trying to come back with God’s love and activities like walking in the sunshine. I am so sensitive and I have been for many years. I have had dreams of what the work area looked like for two jobs in my life before I got the job and then realized that I dreamed about it. What happens if you do not speak up for yourself and the other person is selfish and very controling is that your thoughts may come out all at once harsh about everything they did that was in bad character from the begining of time. I guess by the time I got done they just said whatever and tossed me aside and not distributing anything in the will because they are the executors. So that is a devistating event for me. Thanks for listening.

    • craigweiler
      March 21, 2012

      Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I hope that others read this and realize that they’re not alone.

  72. ChrisJ
    January 16, 2012

    I believe that I have psychic abilities. I believe I have had them ever since I was a child. I had my first experience when I was 13 years old. When I saw a spirit standing behind my rocking chair and it was looking at me then went from there and walked to my bedroom door and then it was gone. As I got older my abilities have grown more and more. I see spirits more often now not in the corner of my eye but in my purifel vision. They come night and day and some of them want to talk or need help. For a while there I started to ignore my abilites and I shut my doors. About a month ago I collapsed at work and thought I had a heart attack. Im 26 years old but I didnt have a heart attack but what caused me to think I had a heart attack was caused by alot of stress and anxiety and I had some panic attacks. Ever since that happened my abilities have come back and it has gotten more stronger than ever before. Now I see spirits again and hear them. I feel when they are around and when I get that feeling of being watched. I feel peoples emotions and thoughts and energies and feelings when Im around them which is strange cause ive never felt those emotions and thoughts and energies and feelings from people before. I know when something is wrong with a person without them telling me. How can I control my stress and anxiety from my abilities? How can I control my abilities? I want to learn to control my abilities and I want to use them not just for me but to help others around me.

    • craigweiler
      January 17, 2012

      I’m not a big user of my own psychic ability so I can’t be of much help personally. There are many, many books on this subject that I’m sure you could find with a little research. Even from the library.

      Good luck.

  73. Anna Lauriente
    September 30, 2011

    I have psychic tendencies. I am a locator. but lately, ugh. I have such bad anxiety right now. I know the new age is coming. the weather is crazy. people are suffering unrest. political, spiritual, emotional. I can feel it when I watch the protests in New York and all over the world. I just can’t relax. and I feel that we are on the cusp of a new world order and an otherworldy disclosure.
    How do I function when I am this wound up? how do I let this go? i am feeling too much. help!

    • craigweiler
      September 30, 2011

      You too? It’s driving me crazy! Breathe deeply and radiate energy outward from your core and your entire body at least once a day and give it everything you’ve got. We are all pushing through some very heavy and challenging energy and we’re getting close to getting through it.

  74. goramus
    July 3, 2011

    I don’t know if I’m psychic. I get anxiety when some shitty is about to happen to me. LIke things are going fine and one day I’ll wake up with gut-wrenching anxiety and later that day my boyfriend dumps me or whatever. I can’t tell what part of my feelings are real sort of psychic ability and what part is probably a panic disorder and what part is self-fulfilling. I just know that sometimes the feelings I get really do manifest themselves into real situations outside of my control. Other people doing things that I couldn’t have known. I’m not sure what I’m asking here. How do you get better or get rid of these psychic sorts of intuitions? I can’t sleep sometimes from the pain in my chest and I’m afraid of everything.

    • craigweiler
      July 3, 2011

      Yeah, that’s psychic all right. It takes a long, long time to sort out what is going on with regards to what is psychic and what isn’t, and there is an argument to be made that the psychic stuff never really stops. It’s not the psychic stuff that’s got you in knots though, it’s just telling you what’s happening. It sounds like you have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; I think we get it as children when we’re very sensitive and very, very vulnerable to emotional trauma. I think it’s rather common in highly sensitive people like yourself. In other words, you’re a normal psychic person.

      Regarding your panic and anxiety, you can’t make the psychic stuff go away without shutting your emotional life down completely and not feeling anything. That’s not really an option. I can only tell you what I have done that has been successful for me:

      Every morning my wife and I sit in bed and my meditation consists of imagining the things that make me afraid and unhappy and I work on reducing that stress during that time. Over time, the fear and unhappiness diminishes and life gets better. I should add that I’ve been at this for years and while I’ve been steadily improving, it has been quite slow.

  75. My Craft
    September 27, 2010

    I have a link to your post on my blog! Here’s the article. 🙂

  76. Celeste"Charlie"Lee
    June 17, 2009

    You have helped me beyond words,O wise one.Thank you for all your courage and comittment to staying true to who you are no matter what anyone else thinks of you.I am in need of teachings as well,and would love to join your Survey if at all possible,I can’t seem to find your e-mail address anywhere on this site.Weird for a Psychic,huh?*

  77. Mel
    April 21, 2009

    Thank You.

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