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How Can I Tell if I’m Psychic?

This question is occasionally asked by people who suspect they have psychic abilities, but are not quite sure. For most of us older psychic people, this is a completely understandable dilemma. We had trouble sorting all out too. In this post, I’m going to do my best to directly address this issue. It might seem to an outsider that this should be an easy question, but it’s not.

How Psychic Am I?
The truth is, no one knows. With the scientific community in denial in fields from psychology to physics to biology, we’re not getting answers to this question any time soon. There is no scientific body of knowledge to draw upon.

Based on my own limited research, I can offer the following explanation:
Consciousness appears to be something important in the universe and it appears that it obeys quantum physics bypassing regular physics altogether. In quantum physics, time is flexible, observation affects reality and communication is instantaneous across any distance.

So in reality, everyone is at least a little bit psychic. This has been demonstrated to be true in scientific testing. What this means is that we’re not talking about whether or not you are psychic, but whether you are psychic enough to set you apart from most other people. Think of it like an IQ, only with psychic ability. There are degrees of ability. At this point in our history, the only definition that can reasonably be applied is that a psychic person has more psychic ability than most other people. It is not possible to be more certain than that.

While this could certainly be measured, it has never been done across the general population. There is no standard testing and no way to know how psychic you are in relation to other people, (which is the only standard to measure against). Even if there were such a test, it would be a poor indicator at present. We can only test skill, not latent ability and for most people, latent ability is all there is. If no one has practiced using their psychic abilities, then a psychic test of those abilities would have very little meaning.

If you even think you might be psychic, you are probably more psychic than is ordinary. I only say this because most people do not regard themselves as having any psychic ability at all.

So How Can I Tell if I’m Really Psychic?
You can certainly test your existing abilities with any number of psychic tests. The best one I’ve come across is this one: Institute of Noetic Sciences: The Garden of Dreams. If you think you can move matter, you can try the Retropsychokinesis Project.

But this will not necessarily reflect your true psychic ability. Psychic ability is so completely tied to our emotional state that nervousness, lack of practice, poor self esteem, having a bad day or any number of things can drastically reduce performance, which is tricky under the best of conditions. The best thing to do then, is to look at the personality traits that most commonly accompany psychic ability. Anyone possessing those traits probably has psychic ability, latent or otherwise in direct proportion. A list of those traits can be found here: (Characteristics of Psychic People)

Emotional sensitivity appears to be strongly tied to psychic ability. The more emotionally sensitive you are, the stronger your psychic ability is likely to be. Socially, psychic people are a bit off. Fitting into the crowd and hanging with the gang are pretty much a distant dream. If you don’t have any trouble fitting in, you’re probably not very psychic. Being alone comes easily, especially to men and animals and children are easier to relate to.

There is a tendency to be more tied to ideas than things and to value community over personal gain. Nature has a strong appeal.

Of course there are exceptions, but in general the more strongly psychic people are, the less likely they will want to stand out because of it. If you spend a lot of effort trying to fit in and just be normal, then this might be an indication of psychic ability.

I haven’t spent any time yet addressing the things we ordinarily think of when we imagine psychic ability, but there is all that too. For a psychic person, psychic experiences are an ordinary thing. Much of it occurs in the background without thinking. Some of the more dramatic experiences are more rare. If you don’t have experiences that you think are psychic enough, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Psychic people have abilities related to their personalities. Some people see ghosts, some people hear them, others get information and still others, like myself, are healing types. You may be different. This area is not well understood.

In the end, you just have to keep taking in information either by reading things such as this blog or by experimentation and observation of how you really perceive the world and what your personality is. Ultimately you will have to make this decision with very little outside help. Take your time and don’t feel obliged to hurry. In time, you’ll know what is true for you.

280 comments on “How Can I Tell if I’m Psychic?

  1. Anonymous
    February 16, 2018

    My friend has always had this way of telling that somethings gonna happen and you know I think she might be physic but after finding out things started happening to me and I felt so drained when I was around people that were sad and depressed I was always able to feel better when I had physical contact with my best friends like hugs when they needed it and I felt slowly feeling full of energy and crows started coming after my physic friend told me that I was a physic but I don’t know I get a lot of deja vu times and I sometimes see a dead girl or boy telling something in my dreams and I feel like somethings watching me from what she said I can take and give emotions and manipulate it. I don’t know what to do
    Am I a physic or not and what does the dead people in my dreams and crows around my house mean?
    Someone please tell me

  2. R. Fleenor
    October 26, 2017

    All I know is that for several years now I’ve noticed while gazing at a tree in the distance that is just one in a row of trees, the tree I’m casually looking at begins to sway and it’s leaves flutter while the trees on either side are completely still. Then I move my gaze to the still tree and within a few moments it starts to sway and a quick glance reveals the tree that seconds before was full of swaying branches is now still. This oddity is repeatable down a line of dozens of trees. Now I don’t take anything from this other than I simply became aware of it, but I have shown this strangeness to several people who have reacted in very different ways. I’m not saying I’m causing this to happen but sometimes it’s a little concerning when the singled out tree in ones gaze is in motion like a helicopter was parked directly above it while trees only feet away are still. I should add this seems to occur at distances between 40 to 1000 feet away. And I’d say this phenomenon is recreatable on demand as it were 80% of the time.

  3. Joseph Lecuyer
    April 16, 2017

    I wish there was a way to know for certain. I have a fee times I have either seen flashes of something right before it happened or just had a feeling. Two of my most memorable times. I was in Iraq on a patrol, I was the gunner so I was onto of the hummvee and had a very vivid flash of a bird hitting me in the face and falling into the truck flying around.. Maybe 30 seconds after i jokingly told my teammates about this a bird hit me in the face and started flying around. The second one happened about a month after that deployment. I was headed to Alabama with a friend and we were listening to cds the entire drive. I had a sudden sinking feeling and told my friend I was sure something bad was happening and a lot of people were dying, not in the US but somewhere else. We got to his house a few hours later and on the news it was reported that around the same time I had that feeling an earthquake hit Japan and a lot of people died. There are many more of these but those two stick with me and its been over 10 years.

  4. Spider Life
    March 24, 2017

    when ever i mad sometimes or emotional or just thinking about something that kind of makes me worried objects fall and sometimes i dont really have to stare only for 4 secs and the object falls. another thing is sometimes i know what others think and how they sound before they say a word out their mouth does this mean my psychic powers is telekinesis and telepathy

  5. Inga
    February 22, 2017

    Hey there …my husband recently had a nervoues breakdown and the after effects was memory loss of 2-3years but the weirdest thing is he grew up believing that if you die you cant like you are dead he didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits and such stuff but now after the memoryloss he seem to see spirits of peopple of sudden death and the dead comes to him to carry over a message to there loved ones what does this mean now is he physcic and we dont know how to deal with this ….😇

    • Anonymous
      December 5, 2017

      Is his third eye open or something?

  6. Bernadette
    December 17, 2016

    I know i sound crazy n honestly ive had issues seeing n hearing things since i was a kid, now that im older i ignore it. But when I’m drunk the seeing n hearing things happen again n my friends know i can read tarrot which ive stopped ( all readings came true ugh!) But they start questioning me n i just ramble n make predictions because im drunk n the things i tell them come true. Im lost with it now i have dreams one just a week ago about me slammen my finger in the door at work n yes now my fingers broke. What the hell is going on n i hope it’s not evil i have enough to deal with besides spirits to unless they want to finally help!!!

  7. Hailey
    December 11, 2016

    Many many people, if not psychic, are sensitive to paranormal things and predicting things. This is honestly pretty normal and nothing to freak out about. I feel with all these things you feel and do you should just try to embrace the gift you have so you can increase it. Try meditating regularly and if you ever have a really strong feeling about something relax your body, focus on the topic, and have a piece of paper handy to write any and all thoughts on. Even better is if you have someone else to write them for you. Write down everything you can think of and once you’re done you’ll be able to look at what you’ve recorded. I’ve found that’s the best way to predict/solve things.

  8. Reece woods
    November 30, 2016

    The first time I saw someone that had recently passed I lost my mind and went on a three day binge, I did not know they were dead until days later, I convinced myself I was crazy until it happend a second time. Both times they had given me (in lamest terms) the cold shoulder. They weren’t people close to me, and I had delt with death before, but I know what I saw, I am border line Muslim and don’t believe in an after life. So why am I seeing the dead. I can’t explain the fear I feel when I see someone I knew doing normal everyday things then finding out shortly after that they had passed, one was a suicide and the other an old man died of cancer. 250 793 8375. I feel stupid explaining this to my girlfriend. If some reads this and understand please text me and help me make sense of this.

  9. Anonymous
    November 27, 2016

    HI, I hope someone can help me a little bit here, lately ive noticed weird staff that happen, and i have no idea how to explain it but Im going to throw a couple of examples:
    1. Once me and my friend were talking about one of our close friend and discussing why he had been not himself lately, i started explaining to my friend what I FELT my friend was going through and what he really wanted at the moment in his life and so on.(at that point me and him were not close at all, we didnt really talked or hangout ) Well days later I asked him (the guy we were talking about) if all what i said was right if all i was saying was what he felt and it comes to be as if i had explained every feeling of his.

    2. There is a specific person that in high school we had kind of a connection, after we graduated we didnt see each other over 2 years however i started thinking about this person and just having a big feeling we will see each other soon and i kept thinking we were going to see each other in a specific gas station down the street from my house in a specific way, and i kept thinking about this specific scenario very often till about 4months ago we saw each other in that one gas station and everything that i kept thinking it was going to happen, happened the same exact way..

    3. I work in a lunge and Today at work one of our guest had lost his phone, he wasnt my guest and was not seating in my section( have in mind we have a rotating floor so everything moves) but when he came back he asked the girl who had served him if she had find anything, she and my manager start looking and i point at one specific couch and tell her check that couch, she kept looking around and i repeat check that couch i have a big feeling its in that couch.. bam there it was.

    there are so many examples of things i feel are going to happen or think about and happen in a weird way, however its more of a feeling i get along with words and scenarios about things, its like a ” i knew that was it” or “i knew that was going to happen” …. anybody can help me?

  10. Anonymous
    November 6, 2016

    I recently was able to bend a spoon with my mind I can relate to many of these terms, am i phychic?

  11. jena
    October 10, 2016

    hello i have a question i dont know what was that i receive short psychic visions of the future events when in deep situations. Attempting to make these visions come true but always result in trouble or opposite of that can u plz help me…

  12. John
    September 28, 2016

    Hello, My name is John.I have been recently experiencing much of what you have mentioned.It has been going on for a few months now.However , in my younger years I can remember having very strong visions.But now at 46, I see pictures,images, visions,people,and situations.Its always right before I drifted off to sleep.Some moments its hard for me to sleep at all.,sometimes I can go to sleep very easy with no experience of this.The pictures and people are sometimes clear and vivid,flashing in and out.I was once told by a person of a certain clairvoyance ability that I would in my later years come into this awareness.Something I didn’t give much thought too until now..How can I come to understand what I may be experiencing? Thank you.

    • R. Fleenor
      October 26, 2017

      Hello, I’m 53 and since I can remember when I close my eyes and clear my mind I get swamped with people’s faces or most commonly people or groups of people in still scenes. These are like still action shots of people in places I’ve never scene, from seeing someone walking out to their mailbox or standing in front of a shop. These images flash past at a rate of up to a few per second. They are just quick single frame images that always show unfamiliar people in unfamiliar places, but they are always outdoor scenes and they appear to be from the present. If I occupy my mind with a thought it stops. It’s not bothersome and sometimes it’s soothing.

  13. carl barley m
    September 14, 2016

    I’m too much psychisch and i bet you all wont believe me,but than that’s true so i don’t really know what to do guys,help me..but than i also hear some vocals(voices)talking in my head,telling me what to do,and i can not believe it,i Will be saying aggg man it is just me thinking to much than i thought

  14. Catherine prosper
    September 4, 2016

    Hi I’m inquiring about wat I’m feeling .I hear like a voice talking in my head tell me things when i need Answers to my problems .also i feel some kind of pain gropin my bck when im goin to get bad news it hurts in a kind of way hotlike ad when i get the news it stop hurtin And gropin me .i also see things far like spirit tell me wats goin to happen before it does .can i get help to know what power i posses or wat gift i have ad how to control it .that spirit I have in me also senses things ad tell me when I should trust people .pls respond to me

  15. Karen
    August 30, 2016

    Hi my names Karen.. I wondered if anyone knows why this keeps happening. It’s usually while I’m driving I see somone walking or at a bus stop and recognising them as somone I know it can be all different people. Then I see that person seconds or minutes later somewhere else. So I know the 1st person I saw wasn’t the real person I know as they can’t b in 2 places at once.. this happens a lot I don’t know why or what it means .. any information appreciated thanks x

    • Anonymous
      December 6, 2016

      Really good question? The same thing happens to me. Sometimes I think I’m losing my memory forgetting faces I once could identify.. then other times I think maybe there is a familiar spirit in them but I really would like to know the answer myself, never thought to ask.

  16. Wennie
    August 13, 2016

    I have so much I would like to ask but pause because well where do I start.. I am feeling very alone. I just moved in a new apartment and don’t have cable yet. I thought these things that seperate me from others had parted from me long ago. I considered maybe it had to do with the distractions that were at my last home. Those distractions though we’re there though before things quieted down. I had a couple babies though maybe it was that who knows. What I do know is that suddenly it’s back, and I’m not complaining but I do not remember feeling this way before, and I was never so sure before that the “knowing” I have is what it is. I am certain now. Give a couple examples and let me share one of the ways I most commonly receive information. I hear it. Not with my ears so that is why it is so strange. One day about 3 or 4 years ago, I am in my Washington home. I suddenly started to be able to hear my in laws having a conversation. The conversation was back and forth and I could hear them quietly, couldn’t strain to hear better or where it was coming from, it was coming from nowhere. Almost like it was coming from the walls or next room you can’t find the source because there not there and it’s so quiet but you hear everything they say .. They live in another state, there was no explaination as to why I could hear a conversation between the two of them. They were talking between each other that they were going to talk my child’s father into putting nanny cameras on me in our home. Why would they do that or say that, this is crazy, out of the clear blue, but I heard them, no I told myself, I must be mental I’m worrying about of all things cameras? And for what why? I wasn’t doing anything wrong? Well I couldn’t shake that I heard this so strongly, as a result a couple of days later I checked my home and found these cameras that he had just come home and set up. I would have never known about these or known to look or anything. He was trying to find or create any kind of evidence to make me appear as though I am negligent of anything like that which I am not when it comes to caring for our daughter. I am not of course not. He even tried to keep me up all night having sex so I would have been without sleep and would appear to be sleeping all day! That’s beside the point, point is I hear conversations happening across the United States people are having as if I am there, but I am not. That happened a lot when he and I were together, I could suddenly hear him talking to people at work. I’m at home of course. He would be bad mouthing me and saying all these horrible things and I could hear it so loudly. I would try to tell myself I was just being insecure, but when I would ask him he would insist I had some kind of listening device or something on him how would I know that. I often knew where he was and it was random and he didn’t accept that I just “knew” that he was lying and how I knew where he was.. I didn’t even know how accurate I was u til we went to court and he listed all these specific times and places I knew where and when he was there what he said etc etc that I certainly must have been somehow bugging him. Wow- I had no idea.. Well I didn’t take that as me being psychic but I took that as a word of knowledge from the holy spitit. To know things I should not know, have absolutely no way of knowing, but I do. I needed to know who I was with, the holt spirit was showing me so I wasn’t oblivious and suddenly getting sucker punched. The Holy Spirit let me hear the chatter so I would know to look for these cameras, spirit saved me. I think what if the still small voice hadn’t told me, or if I didn’t listen. For as bad as it was when the fall out happened and the next couple years of trial and the trauma and PTSD that is almost crippling sometimes I can’t help but to also be thankful for this outcome. To think of how much worse things would be and of all the things he was trying to do if he had a chance to do what he was trying to do. He had listed ways to eliminate me, make me be gone, he did not succeed trying to frame me which I caught thank GOD but now I worry what’s next, is he going to have someone try to off me, he lacks empathy, he just doesn’t see a need for me he told the courts, he said he could do it by himself and it was easier to not have to deal with me or an ex or a co parent, and since he can put the kids in daycare and work, he didn’t need me so he wanted me gone. Of course he still tried to insist that I was negligent or violent or any of the 4 or 5 legal ways a person can have a mother deemed “unfit” he tried them all.. He accidentally admitted to constructing evidence during trial. While it was hell, oh my god thank god I am sitting here with my children and PTSD and not somewhere else without them. Thank you spirit. When I was 9 I knew my gramma was gonna give like 10 hours before she did and it was out of the blue she died and she was under 60, got mad had a heart attack and died. Nobody even knew she was sick. I woke up that particular day on June 26 1988 and just said the words out loud that grams was gonna die todA and around 10pm that night the phone rings, my mother answers and falls to the floor. A year later I woke up and went to school, petted my cat before I left all was normal. I walked away feeling like she was going to die or was sick and I had to get home to her. There was not one thing unusual. I remember dropping my bag when I got off the bus and running home calling for her.. Without a thought that it was weird, I didn’t think to tell myself it was a crazy thought, I just knew so strongly that I was running. I reached my front yard, she is usually in the back but I didn’t need to go that Far, she was there hiding in the front bushes panting foaming at the mouth, she called for me, I ran to her, dutchess, I picked her up to put her on her feet but she was wobbly and couldn’t stand. I screamed for my brother to help and he held her for me and said hurry go get Gail! Gail was the lady up the street with a thousand birds who worked for a vet. Just as I got back with Gail dutches had died in my brothers arms. Anyway fasting so forward.. This happens all the time, I am in a room with people, and I hear them.. I can hear them sounds like they are talking with each other quietly under their breath but their mouth is not moving at all.. I’ll keep asking did you say something, because I swear I thought I heard you say that you wish I would disappear, or that I look fat (usually when someone is “hating” on me or is steaming or scheming or angry, and the things I will hear them say are the things they really think that they dare never tell me. The thing about that is I had no idea. Do you ever wonder if someone likes you, thinks your lying, is being honest with you, and are maybe just being polite.. I mean not obsessing over it we have all wondered from time to time, or gotten a feeling for some reason this persons not well intentioned but don’t know why or how your sensing it though.. Everyone has at one time or another.. And it took me a long to understand that I would sense this and I would hear the things they were thinking.. So many times I would stop and say “did you say something” no you’re hearing things but the next time I hear the actually speak to another person it’s exactly what I was hearing them say 5 or 10 minutes before.. I have freaked people out how did I know certain things.. It started to make me crazy .. It seemed to be if someone’s motions would run high is when it’s most noticeable.. Anyway, my ex and I one of us would think something completely totally random and the other would speak the thought verbatim and about the weirdest things not things we were observing at the same time we could be in seperate rooms or places. I wondered for the longest time if I’m reading his mind or if he was reading mine.. I’d think what he was going to say before he said it.. Stuff would pop into my head.. Now I know I wasn’t putting something in his head or giving my thoughts away I was hearing what was in his mind before it came out of his mouth all the time.. I didn’t think of this as psychic I thought of this in my stupid young and dumbness as soul mates true love, barf on a stick I know.. Anyway, this was 6 years plus ago and like I said I thought things quieted down- lately I started hearing people talk bad about me, my mother who by the way has never loved me, or maybe she has but I don’t think so and she is pretty open about she loves certain kids and grand kids and rejects the others.. She loves my son not my daughters – she tries to make him think poorly of means love her, blah blah but she makes fun of my daughters or my nephew or my niece behind their backs.. Much like the way she does with me.. I used to believe yeah but she loves me, until she truly showed she did not. Maybe she sometimes loves me sometimes hates me, I don’t know I can’t care anymore, but she talks so much bad about me it’s like a curse being released in my life and spreading lies and bringing all these negative thoughts and feelings about me.. She just talks about people, I’m one of them, that stuff spreads like a disease, it can be threatening, it actually can be quite damaging. Anyway that is mostly what I’m hearing in the still small voice, and my sister in law talking with her.. And what the ought to do is this and should do is that and just evil doers. So anyway, lately I’ve been telling my self no no this is not happening, she is not going to try to do this? She did not tell my son that! I do not have to worry about her, no, these are my trust issues bubbling up from things of the past.. Must just be intrusive thoughts, I don’t want to hear this. I prayed asking God for the gift of discernment how do I know I’m just not feeling like certain people hate me and really think this or that or the beware of them and their intentions? I asked god why I typically hear the chatter that is bad? Is it me? I said
    Is there any good stuff? Also why do I hear things? There has got to be a reason.. I would think its to alert me in someway but a lot of this seems like stuff I can’t do anything about and it is just stuff and the purpose it’s serving so Far is its hurting my feelings and self esteem. I didn’t think much about it again after amen and suddenly the voice it’s a text message I’m about to receive, it’s my friend the still small voice is in his voice in my head .. Hey do you have a pressure washer by chance? I get out of the shower and a few minutes later I get a text message it’s that friend and the question written is what I just heard when I was in the shower and he was thinking of asking me that.. Then it’s something else, it’s random, neutral or good. My best friend, she is about to call and say a certain thing or tell me something happened and she does about 10 minutes later, anyway now I’m hearing everything.. And none of it has to do with anything, and is so much easier to find out what they were just thinking about or are thinking about if it’s not about you.. So I have been able to confirm things from the most random or details to specific problems someone is going through.. Out of the blue I hear my doctor having a conversation with her assistant and I can hear what they are saying and I can hear my doctor saying she wasn’t going to be able to help me anymore. This was out of the blue I’m not due in for 3 months, 10 mins later my phone rings, it’s that doctor, leaving a message and it was what I heard her saying to her assistant. And the conclusion she had come to is that she wasn’t going to be able to help me. This was out of the clear blue sky, I didn’t know there was anything wrong or i wasn’t thinking about her at all. I had no idea clue, hint, nothing this came as a total surprise. She misunderstood something anD as a result that k was beyond her scope of practice.. I heard the misunderstanding and the conclusion then got the call. I just Heard her talking about it before she called.. So I’m convinced. My point is okay now I know this when I hear it and that I don’t need to hear everything.. And of what I am hearing the Holy Spirit is telling me the important things or what I need to know or beware of etc. so if it’s about me or someone and it’s negative and I’m hearing it, it’s not to hurt my feelings it’s to let me in on it. okay now I know listen to the still small voice it’s guiding me somehow. I just don’t know how. I would think that knowing something prior to like this has got to serve a purpose but which purpose. If you know something before it happens but can’t change, or stop the conversation or even then why do you hear it? I’m convinced it’s for a reason but10 mins is not enough time. Am I supposed to do or say something.. I thought we get a word of knowledge or the future so we can protect ourselves or change something but 10 mins or hearing thoughts in real time hardly allows me any time to do anything even if I knew what the right thing to do or say was to make a difference or protect myself or whatever it is.. Is that what comes next? Next question is quiet until something important I need to know usually — oh and I feel people’s pain and get pain I. My head like nails in my forehead when someone hate me and I’m too close to them or if they’re angry in general or evil or unhappy it makes me ill and I only have to enter the room or walk by not look at them or think about them and suddenly it’s pain so bad that won’t go away until I’m no longer near the “change” the person. I dream things I have had a couple apparitions 12 years ago.. My dad a year after he died, I was in the bathroom and suddenly I could see an image and of all things I’m looking at this and it looks like .. The pink panther? What the hell I am losing my mind? Pink panther? Why would I be seeing this like a dancing drawing almost with color like aura.. Then I see my dad, his reflection in the door knob, I said dad? He pushed his face through the wall it lit up he was purple I could hear him in this same way I hear everyone else.. Not audibly but clearly. He had to move into or in front of walls so I could better see him against it otherwise I’d look though him but he was so bright as purple as a rainbow, the light looked like a pillar but against the wall I could see him, hear him smell him talk to him and kiss him one more time. He told me and showed me things and What a gift of God what a blessing.. Anyway I thought that was a single event, and a gift from god that’s not happening everyday of course I am not on drugs all the usual questions someone may ask or have and I’m smart enough not to talk about this kind of thing.. If I do t expect someone to think I’m nuts.. And it was for me not someone else, if God wants to reveal something to someone he will and it will be for his glory not mine-there’s nothing special with me except how great gods love has been shown in my life. Not because she loves me more but because he loves even me, and he loves even me that much. He loves us like he tells us he does. My dad, He showed me somethings I still have no idea what they mean.. So anyway every single time I tell myself it was a singular event. Haven’t seen my dad since but I don’t need to I know he is with God or with me he is not gone he is changed and soon I will join him and you and we all will be changed. Anyway that hasn’t been for over a decade anything psychic as an apparition has happened but it once upon a time did.. I’d see other spirits but not him necessarily and soon I didn’t see those either, auras and lights and illuminations on people but that too faded.. I had kids and a family and life was normalized kind of until I needed to know stuff I shouldn’t and that brings us back to where I started.. So now loudly I can’t turn it off well it’s not that I want to but well I dont because its it has saved me before.. And if I’m only really hearing the important things, and everything else bec I asked for it, then I guess gods already telling me what is important and not, it’s not important for my ego to be stroked if someone is saying something good as much as it is important that someone is trying to steal the money from my purse.. So it’s bad that I hear but it’s like a warning system.. My question how do I know how to use the information to help myself, I know someone is thinking this or going to do this what do I do? Sit around and be aware of it? Tell someone someone? About what hasnt happened? I’m not sure what to do? Is God just padding the blow? I guess I’ll have to trust God.. I don’t know if I’ve done a good enough job conveying what I live with I certainly can’t tell you ever specific thing but it’s been everything since I asked if I’m only being insecure so now I don’t need to know my texts before I get them while they are only thoughts. But I mean I’m fine with that that’s neat alright .. Is this going to get stronger is this going to become a day before a week before 10 mins just isn’t much time. I think God will make sure I have to the second enough time when I need it I guess. Anyway, I feel alone, I may try ordering cable.. I guess I don’t feel like I have any special power but that it’s a gift of God and of the Holy Ghost to get guidance and warning and knowledge, I only hear and see what he shows me so it’s not something I decide it’s something I receive. I’m not telling anyone’s future or helping anyone I’m not able I would if I could but there seems to be another purpose to messages so far.. And of course there are all these dislikes for a site like this don’t worry about those people this isn’t for them.. I don’t need their opinion I would like to get yours and possibly any other reader with like experiences only I am absolutely not interested in anything other than to feel like I am not alone with this and there are others like me in ways out side the 5 senses- what their thoughts advise – what do they make of this I mean I am kind of really lost .. I feel like that on one hand, lost in that I’m alone in this way and I don’t know how to use the information- most people I get it they don’t believe know or understand or can try armchair diagnosis etc blah blah that’s everywhere.. I am here for like people please even if u feel so compelled to bully please don’t I’m really already feeling beat up enough,it’s not gonna break me if you do but just pass here, k. Okay so more psychic than the rest? Is this eve. Psychic? oh and I’m sorry I digressed, I feel very alone here, in this world on one hand but hey I know God is with me and God loves me, I wish somebody else could too, I remember how fun life can be I guess not my season right now. God is a lot. It’s ok to be sad about being separated from peers and people and ability to relate and still know that to have gifts coming from God and his watch over me and walk with me there is no contest.. I would trade everything for God, that’s some power in your corner.. I still miss being apart of things and when things were quiet and less heavy not brewing up .. bexause it didn’t need to be..

  17. Aaron
    July 6, 2016

    It’s interesting that you say there is a psychic IQ. I’ve always been interested in psychic phenomena, but it wasn’t until my mid-30s that I figured out how to develop some mild psychic capacities like seeing auras or reading tarot cards. (Even though I’ve kind of lost them through lack of practice.) I’ve gotten glimpses of a variety of senses that could be developed, even though I’m not sure what the point is besides being entertaining at parties. Seriously, I don’t know why anyone would want to be a medium and have to be aware of beings hanging around all the time!

    The point is, some people with a high “psychic IQ” just are born with these senses. Others, like me, might have some potential, but it has to be consciously developed and maintained through practice, and the results are related to potential. Most people can’t even imagine what those sensations are like, although I think they could if they tried in the right way. I agree that everyone has some psychic-ness, but there is a range of inborn ability.

  18. p
    July 6, 2016

    Hi I had some incidents in my life that at night I could see ghosts . Iat night when I am asleep I feels someone calls me and suddenly I wakes up and I see them . I had this experience 2 or 3 times. and another incident happened was , I could see smoke coming out of my hands and my body at night and when I tried to show my parents it didn’t appear and sometimes before something happens I could feel it my mind and later it happens . if tell something it would really happen can you please please tell me what’s the problem with me.I am I pshycic or some other category

  19. Miroslava Heuman
    June 29, 2016

    Hi, I’m 45 years old and I have always been “sensitive” to what other people are feeling around me. Last night I had a dream about traveling to Quebec. I’ve never been there nor do know anyone there. The dream was very vivid and I remembered every part of it when I woke up. In the morning when I got to my doctors appointment I opened my car door and there on the ground was a road map for Quebec. I live 9 hours away from there in the suburbs of Detroit. I don’t know if something is telling me to go there. Has anyone else experienced something like this before?

  20. Sheena
    June 24, 2016

    A lot of stuff has happened to me over the years. After my grandfather passed away my mom and I moved in with my granny to help her out. A couple years later a radio came on by itself and a year or 2 later I was home alone and I heard the front door open and slam shut then foot steps from front door to kitchen door then they stopped and no one was home. Then my mom and I lived above her friend in her moms old apartment and stuff when missing then reappeared weeks later in the same place they were placed and I heard cards shuffling from the dinning room but my mom was sleeping and I was watching tv and we were the only ones in the apartment. After my uncle passed last October he was in a dream I had, I seen 2 dark figures at my old place of employment and I heard noises the same day. After my dad passed and my son started talking and walking he was at the bottom of the stairs looking to the top I asked him what he was looking at he said the man. Asked him if he was my moms complexion (white) or black (my dad was black) he then said he (my son) had a friend named poco and my dads friend is named poncho. Then just today I was driving I came to a stop sign and had a flash in my head of a white car laying on its side. About a minute later I drive up to a white van laying on its side with 2 people and their pet in it. Also a few years ago my one eyebrow was twitching for 2 weeks and the day after it stopped my friend was grazed with a bullet above the same eyebrow that was twitching on me.

  21. Anonymous
    June 11, 2016

    if i see auroras around object does that mean im a phsycic?

    • Anonymous
      September 1, 2016


  22. Anonymous
    May 18, 2016

    hi im only 11 and sometimes when i read or when i swim or do something i like and i focus a picture or a moment sudenly passes through my mind and it happens the next days or month for example when i was on the car listening to music a picture of a cup of hot choco passed through my mind but i just go and ignore itbut when i was on the house of my aunt it happened with the same person on that picture and one night i was sleeping with my my mother and my sister a saw three people standing on the front of our bed i wasnt scared but when i looked straight a girl was like standing in front of me and pointing at me after that happened i can feel if someone is angry or alone depending to the things that is happening oround me help me guys because sometimes i get scared by this

    • Black foot
      June 19, 2016

      The three people standing at the foot of the bed are the Guardian angels of you your mom and your sister. The girl that pointed at you is asigned to you as a guardian angel. They come and check on us randomly and report back to the higher rehlm of our wellbeing and actions
      And watch us as we sleep. You should get into praying.

  23. Chantelke
    April 29, 2016

    I don’t think I’m psychic I don’t think I’m contented but I’m open to the thought that I feel things I say things to strangers that maybe their past or present .. I feel the out comes and guilt of hurtful criminal people I know the guilty before they are found guilty I say nothing .. I enjoy talking to strangers and sharing their life good or bad to the point I either freak them out or they think I’m a magician .. I approach others always if I feel I have to I wi say what I feel good or bad even if it causes upset I just can’t help it .. Iv no idea how I do it I just do .. Help understand why I have these intuitions xx

    • Black foot
      June 19, 2016

      The three people standing at the foot of the bed are the Guardian angels of you your mom and your sister. The girl that pointed at you is asigned to you as a guardian angel. They come and check on us randomly and report back to the higher rehlm of our wellbeing and actions
      And watch us as we sleep. You should get into praying.

  24. nnn
    April 25, 2016

    Aren’t you scared? I’m too afraid to see more. I don’t want to. What’s the point in knowing someone is going to die if you cant do anything to change it? It only gives me sleepless nights, anxiety of not knowing exactly what will happen, and extreme horror when it finally happens. Extreme horror when the dead come to talk to me. How can you not be afraid??

    • Anonymous
      June 19, 2016


  25. Jennifer Silhavy
    April 21, 2016

    Hi, my names Jennifer. I’m 16 years old. I have an important question that I’ve been trying to figure out for about a while now. Well I’m not sure if I’m psychic or I have some sort of gift? My father has it as well but I believe I’ve gotten more of the “gift” than he does. Well let me just get to the point. I’ll give you a recently example that happend about half a year ago. My grandmother recently passed away. But about 2 weeks before she died I kept thinking “I need to see grandma, I need to spend the night, I need to spend time with her”. Then one night my home phone rang at about 10 or 11 at night and of course I was already and bed and I didn’t feel like answering it but I knew for a fact it was my grandpa and I knew for a FACT my grandmother had passed. And come to find out she did pass away. This is very personal about her death but me and my sister drove to her house that night and come to find out she was STILL IN THE HOUSE AND STILL LAYING IN HER BED where she had died. My sister was about to go visit her before she got tooken out of the house and I told her to tell if I could see her (as in if she looked normal death wise) and my sister walked in and ran out and said “DON’T LET JENNI SEE HER DON’T LET HER SEE HER”. As they took my grandmother out of the room I accidently glanced over and saw her on the Gurnee. After that day out of the corner of my eye I could see her but when I looked directly at where I saw her she was not there. Am I crazy? Do I have a gift?

  26. Kai Henekel
    April 18, 2016

    Hi I’m almost 13 and I sometimes can see black figures coming tword me in the corner of my eye.But when I look it dissappears. I also can hear my name being called when I see these. Once I tried to move an object without toutching it and it moved. Sometimes I dream of an event that happens the next day, or months before it happens. I also told my friend 10 times of what shape he was thinking of. Someone please tell me whats going on.

    • Anonymous
      June 19, 2016

      Dark spirits are boguarding your atmosphere, you have telekinetic manipulation. Your third eye is open a little bit. I’m surprised you can’t teleport using visualisation and intent. If u don’t want to see the black floating figures that when you see them chant Jesus christ protect me if they start to scare you.. do they sometimes sound like chipmunks when they say your name and act playful?

  27. Amy rohrich
    April 14, 2016

    Hi my name is Amy Rohrich I am 16 years old. I can see spirits, at least that’s what I think they are. There black shadows sometimes I can see a hand or a whole figure of someone. I hear things at times when I see these shadows. When I see a black figure or if I feel something wrong or bad my eyes turn black. I wanna know how can I connect or go deeper in with this ability. I’ve asked a lot of people how and they either got creeped out or told me I don’t need to know. An i would really love to. If anyone knows anyway how to please email me I would really appreciate it!

  28. eliya
    March 8, 2016

    Hi I’m 13 years old when i see a person or animal sometimes they have black eyes even if it was a person is knew they would die the next day then I feel to overwhelmed I get sick and can’t breathe my body turns sore and I can’t do anything in this condition then when I dreams it’s the face of the person or animal the animal turns into a beast and it’s being commanded to eat me and the person tries to pull me down and the words “you did this didn’t you” repeat in the dream sometimes I feel like I’m having a heart attack as well

  29. Tyler
    February 13, 2016

    Im a 17 year old male and ive been really sensitive my whole life like just little arguements will make me tear up even still to this day . I never knew why and still dont and always hated it and still kind of do . I also like in school and just in my everyday life i can kind of predict what people are going to say next but only in my head. Its like as soon as i think of it , they say it and this happens unintentionally but all the time and its kind of weird and dont understand it . I also can feel other pain , like if i hear someone is hurting then i get a weird pain in the same area where that person is hurting and its not an agonizing pain just a small pain to where you can tell its there . One time about a year or so ago my dog was having hip problems and was having trouble walking without a limp for a few days and then one day i took him up into my room and layed with him and went to sleep and the next day i had that kind of pain near one of hips just the small pain that i recently mentioned and my dog was walking just fine but i had the pain instead and it was like i took the pain from him and i was really confused on how that was possible. it was weird to me at the time. A lot of things also happen to where its like deja-vu and i feel like ive seen what just happened before but i just cant remember where but i know that ive seen it somewhere . Its just kind of weird and i dont know why these things happen.

    • Anonymous
      March 22, 2016

      dont get scared. A black cat walked into our house and just never left. I had heard all stories about them. yes our house did burn down, but that cat saved our lives. LITERALLY. I love all animals. Humans are the scary ones.

  30. Linda salas
    February 5, 2016

    Hello I do not know what I am since I was young I could see different spirits and people and talk to them I can feel when something bad happens to a family member down side I never know who I just feel it before it happens sharp pains in chest and stomach recently I was reading a fb post of a 15/yr old girl that died suddenly by a fall but I don’t know her and she keeps popping in my head and weighing heavy on my mind this has never happened someone plz help

  31. sissy
    January 17, 2016

    Hello, I am a 53 year old woman who believes I am concious not so sure a physic .
    Since I was a child I saw spirits, or would sence evil spirits so bad at times I couldn’t sleep. I also connected to nature and believe Trees are alive. Just new it. I would do a rain dance and it always worked?I could sence evil intentions towards me. I am very intuit when it comes to people. As a teen sunbathing I would move the clouds away from the sun, if it was to hot I would ask for rain. The thing that surprises me most to this dat as I learn to do more and more is why do I not question it. I feel like I was born believing it was this way. Yet I never did share it to much. .now I am connecting with water and rejoicing in it connecting back. I see energy in the air always did. and milky white auras around everything. If I focus The item disappears?before it returns. I am a person with depression and anxiety. Is there others like me.

  32. Ghya Lunk
    January 5, 2016

    Hi, I am almost 14. I had no interest in the paranormal whatsoever and never even thought about it…..until recently. I would get flashes of images in my minds eye. Slowly, I started sensing things around me. I thought I was going crazy. Then I started seeing stuff. Just quick glances of energy floating around, or orbs walking past me. And outlines of people. But I realized that maybe they were ghosts. I couldn’t see their facial features though. A bit later, every time I closed my eyes, I would see faces. Lots of them. Every time. Freaked me out quite a bit. I made the mistake of telling my parents I thought I might be seeing ghosts. They thought I was just doing it for attention. These abilities have progressed some. I see the energy more clearly. And when I close my eyes, the images aren’t as many. I’ve been trying to control them. But I can’t hear anything. Not even a whisper. I think they want help. Anyway, so a couple days ago I would close my eyes and see a picture of an eye, wide open and in full color. Only one eye though. I stopped seeing the faces and only the eye until yesterday. The faces and places came back to me. I did nothing to spark any sort of psychic awakening in me. My grandmother and mom were in tune with their psychic self, but they didn’t really possess any abilities to do what I do. I also should mention I don’t really fit into society. I have few friends that I don’t really see that often or connect with. I find better friends in adult and older people. I can’t really talk to my mom about my experiences because she doesn’t believe me and the said that the chance I would be clairvoyant is very slim. Also, we live near a highway and lots of ghosts wander through my house. I can’t see any full apparition ghosts, just orbs and then what they look like in my mind.

    Something else I should mention, when I touch objects, sometimes I get a flood of images in my mind. Anyway, so I am really confused and don’t know what is happening to me and whether or not I really am seeing ghosts. Somebody help me! Email me personally if you have any answers or just reply to my post. My email is lunk400ghya [at]

    Thanks in advance for you counsel.

  33. christine
    January 4, 2016

    I think i have psychic abilities.. Like I can tell what’s going to happen before it happens or I have a vision or a dream .. It’s weird because its only when bad things happen . 2 years ago I woke up feeling kinda edgy I felt like something was going to ruin my day. Then it went away later on that day I swear I had a heartache like someone left me & my heart was just broken . I was on my way to a party that day , and I’m thinking I hope nothing goes wrong . On my way to that party we passed my step mom house & something was telling me to get off the bus and go see her , but I didn’t .. Later on that night around 2 am my dad told me she passed away , and as I remember I been having dreams about someone dying nstuff like that . Like I can just tell when something epic is about to happen , not ALL the time just every now & then like I said I have dreams & visions about real things . I’m kind of a peoples person but I like to keep my circle small I really don’t fit in with big crowds I read something in here about that but yeah

  34. inked702
    December 17, 2015

    Ok, so I’m a 36 male.
    I’ve always noticed that when I think of someone who I haven’t talked to in years, and within.a week, that person would contact me. Well for the last few weeks, I have been getting touched a lot, like a poke on my ribs, or my lower back, and I would say stop. Well the other morning, I was brushing my teeth, and all of a sudden, I got a thought in my head of who it was doing this. Like it was bam, right there in my head and I knew it was correct. I just knew it was. So I goto my fiance who was sitting in bed and I told her I know who it was. It was a child she lost at birth from the cord around.babies.neck. this happened back in 97. Before me and her knew each other. Well I wanted to go further and know if I could talk to the child. I don’t know any info on this as my girl never talks about it. Well I sat on my bed and there was a cold spot by me. And I felt energy and my arms got goosebumps. So I asked what’s your name. I got a name and I said to my fiance I know the name. So I said it, and my fiance said yes. That’s what her name was. Well I.Sat there and communicated for about an hour, and everything that I was being told, was correct. I would see pictures of words in my head, and pictures of objects and I would say them out loud and my fiance was in total disbelief, because everything I was saying, she knew exactly what they meant. I got names,objects, exact dates, exact measurements, places. It was very cool. I even got a touch on the wrist and a hug from spirit and she showed me a picture of thank you very much. I did hear her one.time and she said mom. I even got tears in my eyes. This was by far one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. Well, the next night I felt energy again, but wasn’t really up to communicating, so I asked, can you make a bunch of orbs fly Well within minutes, there was orbs after orbs lol. I even took pictures and got quite a few at on each picture. I eventually told them thank you, and to go ahead and leave and that I will talk to them again. I really can’t wait to do this again and see if.I can see the images and hear voices again.. I’d even like to see the spirit.

    • Charles
      December 30, 2015

      Wow thats amazing thats how mine works a lil.i can just meet someone look at them guess there birthday right month day and year. I also called a old rocket lonch when the teachs went to space. I looked at my mom and told her there not come back and they never did.or even just hanging out a place if someone’s death is there i see it iv saved 3 ppl so far in my life time lost 2. But yea i like to test it evey moment that feels right.

  35. mimi
    December 15, 2015

    hey im a 20 year old girl ever sense i was lil kid this weird thing would happen to me where i can want something and it usually happens the next day or a few hours later .or i can talk about something and then it comes up on the tv ,in conversation with someone,or i just hear about it some how, i get really bad social anxiety around curtain people that give me horrible vibes. i usually can predict things people are going to do . so i usually always know when im going to get fucked over *which was the case for my ex breaking up with me because i would get really annoyed when he didnt listen and then people would fuck both of us over* I can feel when people change and when there moods change . then i get really depressed . If im around bad moods i get in a bad mood or if someone is happy i get happy but it usually affects me more when someone is upset. i get a weird goose bump thingling cold nice feeling when im happy like if im cuddling with someone i like or i can tell they are starting to like me or if im inspired by something as in reading a poem or see some type of art i really enjoy or a song. the other day i was really drunk with my roommate and we where talking about my moms son i never met so a few days later i tried to find him on facebook but failed. well then 2 days later HE REQUESTED ME! it reallllllly tripped me out theirs no way he could have known i was looking for him especially when he lives in another country . things like that ALWAYS happen to me but when i was a kid i thought it was just a coincidence that id think of things and theyd happen . i grew up around witch craft. my mom used to do it but when i was a kid i was really against it and ashamed of it . my mom tells me her great granmother was a healer and my mom has dreams of things happening or when someone is going to pass she dreams of it. she also has had alot of ghost experiences which i used to when i was younger also . i havent had any ghost experiences in a long time sense i moved from my home town when i was 17 but it seems that my vibes and predicting is getting stronger . i dont tell anyone in fear they will think im insane lol. does any of this happen to anyone? or am i the only one who has the whole (think of something and it happens deal) i can also send people bad vibes if i want which i used to do alot when i was younger .its just really trippy

    • Taylor
      April 13, 2016

      I’ve experienced the same stuff I’m glad someone else has too

  36. Juan
    December 6, 2015

    Hello, the other day when I was washing the dishes, something happened that definitely creeped me out and amazed me at the same time. But before that incident, I already experienced some predictions of numbers, the first time was when I broke my classmate’s iPod Touch and I went home misaligned, mad at myself and spaced out (I have depression and anxiety), there’s this TV show in our local channel and I was able to predict the winning numbers and which numbers the special items were hidden under. There were other incidents but I didn’t care that much until this last time. As I was washing the dishes, I was talking to myself, thinking deeply about life and some ‘what ifs’ when suddenly I wanted to try my prediction power again, I thought of asking my mom to choose a number between 1-20 then suddenly this number 17 flashed and vividly appeared in my mind, no other number. I had the David Blaine face and feels when I asked my mom then let her choose a number. And as a result, I was correct. is this considered as Psychic? Thanks for reading this long post.

  37. Anonymous
    December 6, 2015

    Hello, the other day when I was washing the dishes, something happened that definitely creeped me out and amazed me at the same time. But before that incident, I already experienced some predictions of numbers, the first time was when I broke my classmate’s iPod Touch and I went home misaligned, mad at myself and spaced out (I have depression and anxiety), there’s this TV show in our local channel and I was able to predict the winning numbers and which numbers the special items were hidden under. There were other incidents but I didn’t care that much until this last time. As I was washing the dishes, I was talking to myself, thinking deeply about life and some ‘what ifs’ when suddenly I wanted to try my prediction power again, I thought of asking my mom to choose a number between 1-20 then suddenly this number 17 flashed and vividly appeared in my mind, no other number. I had the David Blaine face and feels when I asked my mom then let her choose a number. And as a result, I was correct. is this considered as Psychic? Thanks for reading this long post.

  38. Demi
    November 14, 2015

    I’ve been predicting deaths for a while now. Not sure when though.. I think it all started with my grandmother back in 2012 😰… When ever i feel depressed, i sing to my self or listen to one of those sad songs, songs about a love one deing (Arms of an Angel, Tears in Heaven) it happens maybe a after 3-7 days meaning i sing the song for a few days and when i suddenly stop maybe a day latter i hear in the news that someone died… Like what happen in Paris the terrorist attack……

  39. Desiree
    November 13, 2015

    I have had dreams and have woken up still seeing the people that I don’t know in my dreams When I was a child I would wake my sister up by yelling do you see the little girl and boy that keep going by my bed on their bicycles Only to have my sister say stop trying to scare me & yet I would still seem them This has happened a lot in my life In my teen years I started seeing colorful beautiful lights when I would wake up talking & not be able to see anything but thebeautiful lights but knowing it was someone I’d been talking to then the fear would kick in when I would holler to my step mom to say don’t u see someone in the chair Until she would get annoyed with me and touch each chair until the right one Only for it to be gone Even though beautiful lights I was scared because my step mom’s mother who lived next door had my exacted same dream except I didn’t see her in it yet she saw my deceased great grandmother in the chair I’d woken up talking to and only knowing it was someone but surrounded by beautiful lights so I couldn’t see the face I hadn’t told my dream she only knew that I had woken my step mom up to see if someone was in the chair Yet she had the exact same dream as me except for me not seeing her in it yet explained I had been talking with my deceased great grandmother & she couldn’t hear what she was telling me or what I was saying back That freaked me out & I blocked everything from fear until it became too hard to block anymore from now wanting to work on my other psychic gifts

  40. Azcel
    October 15, 2015

    Hi, I am 25. I experienced such weird stuffs like: I wrote a story when I was 14 and it came true after 2 months; Next, I draw 2 persons “Me and someone” and it came true. That was me and my x-boyfriend; This June, I was working with fire exit signage for our hotel, printed the Lord’s prayer with a burned crumpled background and the next day, the place where I rented my room got burned due to a massive fire incident. Then yesterday, It happened that I was asking our maintenance personnel of such permits about our company vehicles since we need to renew it yearly and earlier, one of the company’s vehicles got caught by a policeman because it have no permit to transport.

    What I do especially when I got inspired (not all) really do came true and it’s weird.

    I am not sure if these were just coincidence and so i just want to share it. Maybe you guys also experience the same with mine.

  41. Cindy
    September 24, 2015

    I’m 16. When i was 9 or 10 i would have dreams about things that would happene the next day or couple of days later. I thought it was weird but thought nothing of it when they stopped happening. At about the same age i would sometimes see dead people or animals but after awhile never did again. And now i have this thing where i can listen to a song that i have never heard before in my life and know exactly what the words are and the sound. But it does not only happen with music it also happens with conversations or anything that consists of sound. I’ve always thought it was something that everyone can do but when i do whatever this is i get very painful headaches and have a wieird feeling. My point is i want to know if this is psyhic or not? HELP!

  42. Jay
    September 23, 2015

    I have been predicting things since i was 12 a few minutes before something would take place, for example police approaching or bad people with bad vibes coming to hurt you. I eould predict this before it happens and see it coming. I got shivers once and my heart sank as i felt sometjing bad was going to happen and my brother got runover seriously bad hospitalised. I also predict small stuff like what people are think or going to say. Its crazy we are all connected telepthaically the world knows whats happening next. We all have souls and some of us are more physic then others. I relate to all characteristics of good physic and have only seen this for the first time.

  43. Jay
    September 23, 2015

    This fully just explained everything to me, madness i fully relate too that.

  44. Shaden
    September 7, 2015

    I have a psychic ability…I think. Sometimes,when I’m talking to someone,and ask them to do something,even accidentally,their eyes…glaze over,and they do what I told them to,even if I didn’t mean to order them to do something. About 2 weeks ago,me and my best friend were walking around the school library,I jokingly said,when he was sad about…something,I forgot what it was,”Don’t beat yourself up about it…on second thought,do.”,next thing I know,his eyes glaze over,and he starts hitting himself,to the point where he gave himself a bloody nose,split lip,and a bleeding scratch above his eye. After he snapped out of it,we walked to the nurse. I’m slightly scared of what I may accidentally make someone do. I need to know what to do to make sure that a repeat of the “injury incident” never happens again.

  45. Shaden
    September 7, 2015

    I have a psychic ability…I think. Sometimes,when I’m talking to someone,and ask them or tell them to do something,even accidentally,the other person’s eyes…glaze over…once I was talking to my friend,and I jokingly said,when he was sad about…something…I forgot what it was,”Don’t beat yourself up about it…on second thought,do.”…next thing I know,his eyes glaze over and he’s started hitting himself,to the point where he gave himself a bloody nose,split lip,and a bleeding scratch above his eye…other times happened after that,and I am slightly scared of what I may accidentally make someone do. I need to know what to do to make sure that a repeat of the “injury incident” never happens again.

    • Shaden
      September 8, 2015

      Sorry for the copied comment…I checked,and it didn’t seem like it actually got posted.

  46. kukki3
    August 26, 2015

    i keep seeing things,,, and they actually happen in no time,, for example ,, i had to give a document to my boss at office,, the internet did not connect,, and i while i was still trying,, i saw a image of a pen drive (a kind of a model i have never seen before,, ) and he actually came come to me and gave it in my hand ,, and it was the same pen drive i saw in my vision just before10 min he approached me,, this happens everyday and with every1.. this is freaking me out to such an extent that i am getting scared to get into a relationship,, wat do i do???

    • vicki8839
      September 6, 2015

      me tooo but i dream about it and like they start to get closer before it happens

  47. kukki3
    August 26, 2015

    hi , i am having the same experience since 3 years,, iv been trying to figure it out.. but it is difficult … i am looking for some1 how has had same experience so that,,, there can be some discussion that can happen and help both of us… my id is,, please mail me ,, plz be considerate,,

  48. WILLEM
    August 24, 2015

    i to know what happening in my life

  49. S.T.C
    July 19, 2015

    I hear ghosts walk or stomp at work, fully expecting there to be a person. I hear the fireplace crackle with no fire in it at 3 different homes. I have played darts and see the dart change direction in flight. I think of someone and they call me sometimes right then up to a few days. Even people I haven’t spoken to in a long time. I will think of a song and then hear it a few minutes later. Or at work a picture of a sales rep will pop into my mind and a few minutes later they walk in the door. Most perplexing was when someone I wanted to meet looked in my direction and it was like an electric jolt trying to get my attention but didn’t hurt. I cannot find much on this except today found something about being psychic and a higher vibration and energy can create electricity. What was this? After the incident I felt compelled to talk to him. So I had to meet him. Of course he was lov3lier and more kind than I could have imagined. It is driving me crazy, as I really like this person but unfortunately it seems to be one sided 😦

    • Anonymous
      August 26, 2015

      hi , i am having the same experience since 3 years,, iv been trying to figure it out.. but it is difficult … i am looking for some1 how has had same experience so that,,, there can be some discussion that can happen and help both of us… my id is,, please mail me ,, plz be considerate,, thank you

    • S.T.C
      September 7, 2015

      Has ANYONE out there felt an ELECTRIC sensation when someone looks at you???? Like an electric shock but not painful? Why was I the only one to feel it? 😦 (I later asked him.) I cannot find out anything. It is usually when people touch… .

      • Christopher Reeve
        September 8, 2015

        I think I’ve felt something that’s similar in a way? Hard to explain?
        I’ve alway’s been curious whenever I got this feeling of a shudder going through my body. I think some describe it as, (or use the phrase) somebodies just walked over my grave! A strange way of putting it I thought.
        As I think on, this often happens when I do look at someone. And oddly, it sometimes happens when I cross the street when I’m in the middle of the road?
        When I was younger I would worry that it was because I was going to get run over!
        Rarely happens these days, although it did happen the other day. All I was doing was walking in the back yard? I don’t know? I haven’t really thought about it too much for a long time. Just figured it was physical response rather than psychological one. Although, why would it happen when looking at a person? The person is always a stranger.
        Anybody have any suggestions or an idea what this strange sensation is?

  50. Brooke Ashley Haley
    July 7, 2015

    U have completely described my love Ely weird misfit know to much feeling maybe ..thank you I still feel this

  51. Brooke Ashley Haley
    July 7, 2015

    U have nailed my problem I’ve had all my life u make me cry but in a good way omg so.eone knows

  52. Megan
    June 25, 2015

    Hi, about a month ago I had a dream about me walking back to my house by myself from a park in my town after hanging out with friends there. I remember saying to myself in the dream that it was fun being able to hang out with my friends after my last day of school. Today was my last day of school for this year and my friends invited me to hang out with them. When I had to leave, everyone else stayed so I walked back by myself. I didn’t remember my dream until today when the exact thing that happened in the dream happened in real life. I was wearing the exact same clothing and carrying the exact same things. I thought it was weird and remembered that my mom had told me about a distant relative who used to be able to read cards. My mom, I just found out today after telling her about what happened is also somewhat psychic, she knows things before they happen. After all this I looked things up on the internet and found this site. When you mentioned that emotional sensitivity and people who don’t fit in amongst friends are tied to psychic ability, I started to think more about me possibly being psychic because my counsellor has tested me and has concluded that I am a highly sensitive person, meaning I am very emotionally sensitive. I recently left my group of friends because I didn’t fit in and am now just started to get to know some new people, the ones I was hanging out with today. Since they are new friends I still don’t fit in.
    Sorry this is a long explanation but the point of all this is I would like to know if I am psychic? I would appreciate if you answered because I am very confused at the moment.
    Thank you.

  53. Teri White
    April 7, 2015

    I just know stuff. I don’t analyse and know the stuff, because then it doesn’t really work out. I know stuff when it enters my head like a flash of knowing. I am usually thinking of something unrelated. I do readings for people and also get pictures – I see their friends and can describe them, I sometimes see important words or other symbols, but often if I manage to get in the zone, I just know stuff.
    I don’t know where the stuff comes from.
    Sometimes the knowing comes as a sort of deja-vu…I say sort of because its the energy of the situation that I feel and if its a similar energy to a past situation, I know what is likely to happen. Eg I get a call from someone and knew I would because I previously felt the energy of being in situations with him or her. Or of him or her being in my life. I can feel death before it happens. I can feel my clients moods….I can be very psychic at times. At others, not so much.

  54. Johnathan
    March 29, 2015

    I had more then one dream come true and a friend or two tell me im psychic because of things i said and dont remember saying but a month or two ago i had a dream that my friend rob was holding a new born baby and i told them that day when i wome up his girl failed to mention she had taken a pregnancy test and it was positive untill a few weaks later they told me and she said i had to be psychic i also use to have dreams of fire and darkness in the future when i was a teen im 26 now but in between there was norhing in my dreams between 16 and 21 or so how can i do this on purpose if i am psychic

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      It is said when you dream you connect to the spirit world so accurate information can be received…I would guess at the later ages you state that your mind has more to deal with …so not much getting through…hope this helps

  55. trina luke
    March 26, 2015

    I hear ghosts sometimes see them and sometimes smell them!! Just dont no what to do.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Seek out a developement circle locally at a spiritualist church….if you wish to develope

    • Tracy
      June 4, 2015

      I have the exact psychic ‘symptoms’ as you. I smell them too.
      I wish I could find a legit medium to be my mentor.

  56. Anonymous
    March 13, 2015

    I sometimes know if someone has died even if they just died a minute ago I can’t explain it

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      It is well known in spiritualism that when people die they can be given the option to go around and say goodbye to their loved ones…I have heard and spoken to lots of people who have sensed a person in their bedroom and then seen them ….gone back to sleep and after weakening just known that said person has passed over

  57. Lee
    February 21, 2015

    I can see ghosts if they want me too and I can hear them not by speech but they send me pictures like a snapshot with whatever they are trying to convey. If I take a picture with my phone and ghost are there they show themselves to me in my photos. Also I have seen ghost zip by in my peripheral vision. They are the same height as when they were alive and they are not flat black but kind of 2D

    • Acelies
      June 22, 2015

      Can you email me? Please
      Or Kik : aracelies_

  58. jewelee
    February 7, 2015

    I just want to know what is my gift and how to work with it as in good not negative

  59. truth
    February 6, 2015

    I was around 14 that time. And i was in a relative’s house for a cerebration and that’s when I experienced the super natural. I was sitting on a sofa watching some program. It’s been years and I don’t remember the show’s name. But as I was watching the tv I felt like I was being watched by someone. And in my peripheral vision I noticed a white shade peeping from behind a wall. I didn’t know if it were a spirit or something else But I wanted to move away from the scene. I hurried down to my sister who was in the kitchen but never told her a word about it.
    Then terrible things started happening in the house which I’m not interested to share with.

    • Natasha Leedham
      February 9, 2015

      hey I’m 14 now and feel that all the time, i hear things, know when things are going to happen and i can see things happening a little while before, i have also had dreams that play out that next day, i dont really want to tell anyone, id just like to say your not the only one and i know how scarey it is!. i also feel like people are trying to reach out to me its freaky. just a question does anyone believe in angels?

      • Shaman
        March 30, 2015

        Yes they are real…just on another dimension…but can come through to us through people in hard times to help

    • Acelies
      June 22, 2015

      I was also, at a relatives house when I witnessed a spirit. A lady to be exact. She was standing in the hall, in the front of the door way. I was around 4 at the time, after that I’ve never seen anything but it just really freaked be out, especially being around 4yrs old. & there was an abandoned house next door with a broken window. Me & my
      cousins would always try knocking. We looked in the window to see a bunch of clothes with blood.

      Also., my mom she can sense when things are gonna happen & how it’s gonna take place pretty much. Like, my dad’s friend & him got into an argument & my mom told my dad that his friend is gonna come to our house the upcoming weekend & he did. She always trust her gut feeling & the things she says happens. My dad went to see a physic, & she was 100% real. She said she wouldn’t see my mom because she already could sense things or something.

      Also, she sense death. Well I don’t really know if she sensed it. But she was thinking about a boy, that was like a brother to me .. Thinking to herself “I wonder what people would remember his as/with” then he died I think a few moths later, I’m not sure. But they remembered him by everything she thought of. For ex. SpongeBob, his fav show.

  60. Tori Ganz
    January 29, 2015

    if I think about a certain episode of a TV show and it’s on the next day, can that mean I have psychic powers?

    • Ryan Nolan
      March 6, 2015

      This happens to me all the bloody time craziest experience happened last night which is why im on this forum. I was watching the movie point break with my girlfriend, which I havent seen in forever. As im watching the movie the name “Lake Okobogee” comes into my head i keep thinking its the spot where patrick swayze bites the bullet at the end, but its not. The name of the lake keeps bugging me though. So the movie ends and I go to bed. My girlfriends tired and goes to sleep but i threw on the X-files because I just started rewatching it. I starting watching an episode but remembered that episode wasnt particularly good so switched discs and go to the next episode. Low and behold in that episode the location that the “xfile” took place was lake okobogee. blew my mind, was kinda scared actually.

      • Tasha
        March 19, 2015

        I have dreams that come true that very day! It’s crazy!! Most of the time the dream is so insignificant its not worth mentioning to see if it will happen or not because it could “just be a dream.” But then when it “comes true” I wish I would have said something so people would believe me. Urggg…

  61. Stephanie
    January 25, 2015

    One day me my friends walked cementary took pictures I seen light balls circles they are angels.

    Second event was I seen spirit someone dated before his uncle bad spirit looked at me evil. I screamed loud.

    Every time tell those I care for not to do this or that I tell them then this will happen to you.

    I always felt like I was watched and pushed down stairs almost twice.

    Had dream with my grandma everything was white in the room. She looked happy and glowing beautifully talking to me.

    One day person dated I had dream with him that someone chopped of his head woke up screaming calling him told him.

    Every time felt an emotion telling me my partner now cheated on me I was right.

    Every time I had bad guilt telling me something bad going to happen to you.

  62. James
    January 19, 2015

    so ive been dealing with strange events that are occurring after i talk about it in conversation no dream or anything it seems as if i think about natural occurring thoughts that i consciously decide of mention and shortly after i notice these things take shape i mean like from mentioning a song or singing it in my head and all the sudden comes on the radio of how im in a long distance relation ship last night me and my gf made a plan to move out and in the following morning i was called about a job that pays very well that would allow me to complete these goals….i cwouldnt be lookng this deeply into all this and i ddint have to read more then 20% of this article to be able to figure out if this is relative to what im experiencing…i used to be a dream chaser if you could call it that looking for strange event to take shape but i want to know more about this, it cant be by chance.

    • Im mot sure if it’s the same thing, Mine are probably cursed words, but sometimes I will picture(in my mind) or say words (wondering what will happen) without really thinking about them and within the day or once(a couple months later) they happen. Like one time I was driving on a trip with my mom and would think what if one of a trucks wheels were to pop i wonder what they would do. On the way back, there was a truck in front of us and i heard a loud pop sound at first i thought it was my car but it turn out it was the truck in front of us sparks were flying :/ i felt kinda bad. On another occasions, someones tooth cracked while talking about bad eating habits, i felt i would crash into a semi and did months later (my poor car :/), or recently i pictured in my mind i would cross the street and a car would almost run my over, sure enough it happened a couple minutes later heading to school, the guy seemed freaked out when i glanced at him. there’s other stuff too :/ … The only other things that seem to be good are when i give people things to protect them, once i gave my uncle a lucky rock when he was really sick in the hospital and he still has it to this day saying that it really is lucky. Other than that me and my dad seem to always catch the number 11:11 time a lot without even trying. It’s really strange so I try to be really careful with what i say, and now what i think.

  63. adriana
    December 25, 2014

    Hello my name is adriana.
    Ever Since I was young I’ve always been having weird feelings that I can’t describe. I can Tell if a person is bad or good and in the long run I’m right.
    Or for instance I got mad at someone and told them that they were going to go to jail and it happened
    Or. Someone I know just started a job and they only work little hours a week and never a full day and I’ll tell them they are going to work a full shift. And it happens.
    And sometimes I’ll have weird dreams and sooner or later my dreams will come true.
    My family always calls me a geenks! ( I don’t know if I spelled it right).
    I always do what my gut feeling tells me or me just having certain feeling because their always right. But I have no clue what this means ?

    • Tasha
      March 19, 2015

      OMGosh!! I do this too!! I know just from looking at a person if they are nice, trustworthy, understanding or a creep, mean & even evil!! People often dislike me because the believe I’m just being judgmental. Oh well, I know what I know!! But it is odd!

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Yep psychic….well done….good work….a very good quality as well

    • Christopher Reeve
      September 8, 2015

      Adriana, I have had similar experiences/feelings about people. Although, as I got older I realised that I would be harsh to judge a person despite my feeling towards them.
      Though I understand that this probably contradicts what the psychic experience is all about? Forgive me, I am new to this and have possibly been closed off from it? Not open to it in my mind, though I strangely feel like a doorway has been opened?

      Well, getting back to your question. I do and have felt this way. The thing is, I have a strong belief that to judge someone is not a good thing. You don’t know then, but this feeling you have, is it so strong that it feels like you just know?
      I hope this makes sense? I am struggling because I dislike very much a society that talks about first impressions. First impressions are probably not good because w aren’t really ourselves. But, that’s just me. We are all different and some fortunate people can open up straight away. That is a confidence thing for many perhaps?
      I tend to go off tangent , sorry for that.
      Now, supposing I put my own moral code aside and allow myself to go along with those feelings you, me and probably many more have.
      Then Yes, I do feel I can tell a good person from bad.
      It’s difficult though, I have been strict with telling myself this.
      Who am I to judge, how can I trust a feeling I don’t quite understand?
      There is the issue of being judged yourself, although I’m supposing you aren’t going to tell them what you think right.
      If you do read this then please get back to me because I feel we have much to talk about. Right now, I cannot give a clearer answer.
      I’m having a mental block atm. There is a lot going through my mind. I came here initially because I can hear voices close by. There are many possibilities for this. Right now I hear 2 female voices close by. One seems embarrassed at my thoughts, the other is quite amused (omg did he just say that) I feel fine though I have thought I possibly am developing schizophrenia. Now I’m “doing her head in” Confused but intrigued, atm every day seems to reveal a surprise of some kind.

      One more thing. I saw aghost on a bus 18 or 19 years ago. An old lady smiling at me. She saw my expression (was having bad day as I remember) and her smile suddenly turned in to a very unpleasant look of contempt or similar? This was at the bus station. I sat just across from her and about 2 rows back. The bus departed and not even 100 yards into the journey (before the first stop had even happened) I looked across and she had vanished?

  64. TATE
    October 15, 2014

    Hie, i am a 17 year old boy.
    Sometimes when i am more relaxed thinking nothing,but suddenly there is this vision like in my mind, seeing something happening or people doing something,that had never happened before but i can just ignore it.
    But to my astonishment after weeks or months, there is this part of life where i or people start doing things and to my great seprise i can realise this was the vision i had in my mind before.And i don’t know if it’s part of psychics or what.

    Sorry for wrong spellings and ——.

    • jewelee
      February 7, 2015

      That was also happening to me but I prayed on it for God to take it away it really scared me at that time and again at the time I prayed it had left me but now it’s been like 20 years later it’s back I think I might be ready to deal with this I hope and pray it’s all good and god shows me the way for me it’s the unknown and I don’t know what to expect but I know it’s real .are you steel having predictions and ate they stronger and more frequent and do the scare you because you can control what you saw how are you dealing with this I my self just push them away it’s hard but what can I do .

      • Mandy
        February 26, 2015

        I always had that déjà vu feeling my entire life. When I was almost 25 I had a photo of this thing behind me and after that I started having insane dreams with demons in them. At one point I had a dream I was at my friend from high schools funeral and I could see her but no one else could. I found out how she died and she was just sitting in the corner all sad. Then I woke up and I looked on Facebook and she was perfectly fine. But a year later I get a text telling me that my friend ended up killing herself the exact way that happened in my dream. I constantly beat myself up over this because I feel like by having that dream I could have done something about it but instead I did nothing…

        Eventually I got tired of having demon dreams and figured I should ask my mom about it since she always told me my whole life that she “just knew things” and could feel things… She told me she had the same thing when she was younger and got sick of them so she asked God to take it away. So following my mothers advice, I did the same. i prayed so hard to God and asked him to take them away. And it worked.

        Mind you I still get déjà vu every now and then but no more crazy dreams… Well none that I remember anyway.

        Just remember to trust in God and He will help you. I hope this helped you.

  65. rlh
    September 4, 2014

    I’m having an awful time trying to get this wordpress thing to work. I know little about computers and while I’ve always wanted to learn have never had a class. I care far too much about all of the people who have written here to read each of their stories. Herein may lie the source of a major problem. I’ve always cared far too much about everyone to the point of utter fatigue for many years. I wish someone with abilities could exactly meet me or speak to me. Yet I don’t wish anyone to know my name. You emailed me and I tried to get a message to you that I don’t understand what wordpress means. Its far past a time when I should have known things for certain. I’ve sort of always felt as an old soul. I’ve been through quite a lot physically and emotionally. Its time I knew for sure especially how to build this shield I keep hearing about.

    I came from persons who had “gut feelings” and used it in their professions for about 80 years in total or a bit more if you total their careers. I began having pain at a young age. Its as though my skin is clear and my problem very obvious except perhaps to me. No one ever told me I had this type of thing. Yet a look at my bookshelf makes it quite obvious that I’ve collected books on this topic which are well over 100 years old.

    A milestone in age is coming and I’d like to clear this up. I’m from a sunny state and my body can’t take the population, the heat, the toxins the whole thing. Someone in my life has managed control over me. I just want to be healthy and a small means to survive and exist peacefully.

    There are many everyday things most people know about. One could say I’ve been out of touch with these things and every technologies but find that there isn’t a way to find information that I need. There are major landmarks in my area where I would be willing to simply speak to someone in a public and safe place ((as if public is all that safe).

    Is there some other private way to speak to someone if only for exchange of information? I feel I’m quite easy to spot. Would a different emaill address help?

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Hi….yep you are what we call Open…best to get information on psychic protection to stop life’s rubbish getting to you….you can always shut down as well as stated just earlier in a post….just want to….really….you ultimately decide.

  66. Michelle
    August 5, 2014

    Oftentimes, Right before I fall asleep, a voice (never the same) will say a couple words and it jolts me awake. I can never make out what words are being said because honestly it shocks me when i’m all alone and I hear a voice I’ve never heard before speak. In my gut I feel like its someone reaching out to me. I’ve tried to stay awake in that weird right before sleep limbo, and I’ll hear bits of what sounds like conversations or bits of sentences by my bed. Sometimes, I even wake up because a voice will wake me from a deep sleep. I’ve been wondering recently if its more psychic than psychological. I used to assume that I had something psychologically wrong with my mental state, but other than the moments before sleep nothing similar happens to me. I’ve vaguely caught whispers when I’m doing some sort of meditation (like yoga). Is this something that can be explained as a psychic experience? I also predict the endings of movies and situations before they happen (especially with my friends relationships with other people). I also used to think that I was just lucky with my guessing, or good a deducting peoples relationships from their personalities but I’ve been now predicting said outcomes with people I barely know personally, but after meeting them for even a minute, I have their personalities pegged to a tee.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      The voices are known as clairevoyance…that is a spiritual link….the other stuff can be known as a psychic link……when entering sleep your brain waves change and relax to then receive the messages

  67. A natural life
    July 1, 2014

    Once I was home alone with just me and my golden retriever dog and we were both in my room. My dog was a very friendly non aggressive dog and very intelligent. Out of no where she jumped of the bed in panic and started barking at a particular spot at the ceiling. It was unlike any bark I had ever heard from her, it was so aggressive and vicious, the look on her face was terrifying and one I had never seen from my gentle dog. She just kept barking/ growling at this spot on the ceiling but I couldn’t see any thing there and the lights were on. I believe she may of seen a ghost but it had to have been something so terrifying because she was very lovely to humans, even strangers she would be loving to. Last year out of no where I had a dream about my family dog. It was unusual because I had never dreamed of my dog before and also hadn’t given her much attention in the last months. In the dream I was giving her lots of love and she was acting all cute like a puppy. In the morning out of guilt for not giving her attention and because of the dream I gave her some love and cuddles before leaving for school. In the car my dad told me that our dog was not eating so he was taking her to the vets. Later that day he text me to say that she had internal bleeding and he had to put her down. Its weird that I dreamed of her the night before her unexpected death.

  68. tanya
    May 31, 2014

    Since a young age I’ve experienced stuff. Knowing things about people and whats going to happen. I’ve ignored it the past teo years but recently ive had bad backache abd the doctors cannot find out what it is. Now im experiencing sering peoples face expressions chance in photos.

  69. Jane
    May 26, 2014

    Hey everyone. since my last visit here, I researched on methods on how to develop my psychic self and I found real use of meditation. but I started to have such weird vibrations whenever I meditate and specifically, my thumb tend to vibrate vigorously and my whole hand give me the sensation of rising up.just my hand. But the freaking thing was that after I finish meditating for about 5 to10 minutes and wake up, I suddenly realise that I didn’t even move an inch of my hand. The feeling of rising up was so real and strong that the reality always shakes me. I would really love it if someone could provide me with an answer.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Sometimes a Spirit Guide can have a recognition sign or a calling card I would say it’s just that….no worries at all

  70. ansh
    May 12, 2014

    Hi Craig

    I found your blog online when i was searching online in need of someone who could help me with my problems and give me correct advise

    I am a 25 year old woman currently in Canada, I did my undergrad in bachelors of technology (engineering) . Thereafter, I came to Canada to pursue my M.Sc. Anyways im going through an awakening process right now when first time in my life im actually acknowledging the fact that i am empathetic and psychic. A well renowned psychic who i visited told me that i should believe in my self and gave me a set of meditation practices to follow to understand my skills further. After following this practice now im suffering from information overload and feel exasperated and fatigued in fact exhausted at times. sometimes im unable to get out of bed. i hear everybody’s feelings in a clair-audient way as if they are voicing their opinions in words.
    Im giving myself time to settle into this awareness as most of my own revelations are shocking to me itself. for ex. i hum the same music 3 hours before i can turn on the radio to hear it playing immediately.
    i figured that the reason i did not believe i was psychic for most part of my life was because a) i was studying a technical field where psychics had no existence , b) i belonged to a technical family where they are rejected c) it became a normal state for me and i thought the perceptions i have are the same for everyone around me.

    Here are a list of experiences iv had since childhood and today even just to give you an idea of how this has affected my life:

    Since childhood i had an ability to uncannily “know” things

    I was extra sensitive as a child, sometimes nature and even surrounding areas made me emotional or even the weather. apparently the weather had the ability to make me very happy or very gloomy.

    music is also a part of emotional sensitivity.

    while my father was a doctor (neuro psychiatrist) , visiting the mental hospital with him was a traumatizing experience almost as i could readily pickup on most of the madness and sensitivities of the inmates.

    when i was very young i had short panic attacks or mini anxiety attacks while in class, during these events i had the visions of a box with lots of things stuffed inside it signifying pressure and exasperation. i was a very silent and sensitive child. a call from the teacher shook me and made me nervous while other children seemed normal about it. i seemed to exhibit feelings of nervousness and exasperation when i was ordered in a loud voice or anything said and done to me. loud people and loud voices affect me badly. to this day.

    when i was 14 i had a spirit in my room who i detected as sitting on the right and staring at me, once again my family repressed my point and told me i was wrong. so i had to actively work to lie to myself that she didn’t exist but her presence was as strong as knowing that she is there. she continued to live there and i abandoned my room permanently thereafter.

    when i turned 17 i started predicting peoples life paths based on their names and date of births completely intuitively.

    most of the things that happened in my life were a result of me intuitively “knowing” in a strange way that they would happen

    In search of discovering myself and my intuition i bend towards spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation.

    After 6 years of meditation (starting at age 17) i started having paranormal experiences at a massive rate . for a year almost haunted by demonic entities which haunted me to the extent while my sleep at night suffered and my grades in my masters degree degraded since my life was upside down . I was told that my kundalini was activated due to spiritual activities. so i dismissed these visions as a result of my kundalini activity as is preached in the spiritual path to ignore them.

    The real actual manifestation of the entities existed till Jan this year when i was visited by many kinds , beginning from a black formless fog, to a brown creature , to a clocked red horned beast who actually got into a conversation with me regarding the mysteries of the universe. At the end came a bright white light that drove the entity away and the attacks ended after that .the information divulged to me by them seemed more to me of a scientific nature rather than a religious nature or it could be i looked at them that way since i was an engineer.

    Well it would make one wonder if a demonic entity visits you and starts divulging you information such as the below :
    a) everything in the universe is vertical, frequency exists in vertical strands, good and positive energy form vortexes of electromagnetic energy, people of resonating energies get sucked into the vortexes henceforth calling it fate

    b) the first gate of hell appeared in the land of Germany. the Bulgarians know about me.

    This affected me to such a degree that i dug into a research into the facts told to me during the encounter.
    I later came across an article which advocates the fact told by some of the world war 2 survivors explaining how they believed the soldiers to act as almost possessed. how soldiers with no background of cruel acts would commit evil acts and go home to their children and act perfectly normal.
    I went as far to discuss this occurring with a friend who was an anthropologist and had studied many cultures including German. (for once in my life after a harrowing demonic attacks i wanted to know if i was crazy or i was imagining things or how much was the truth in all of this i was experiencing while everyone else told me i was being foolish)
    My anthropologist friend described what is explained as a spiritual vacuum in the German culture and attitude which is later described in my spiritual religious studies as an easy let in for the entrance of various entities, as a spiritual vacuum denotes to a lack of hardened or stubborn religious ideology..
    In certain instances of reported demonic possessions the victim is reported to speak in German as well.

    Coming to many other thing,

    I knew that my relationship with my ex was not going to work out and would abruptly end in a span of 1.5 yrs before i even ventured into a relationship

    When i was 23 i was given signs before i grew ill foretelling that i would be ill in so and so number of days. when i was ill i was given timelines as to in how many days after i would recover again.
    This became so good that i was able to tell myself before i was sick if i was going to be sick and in how many days after i would recover. (i was technically a month or so ahead of track)

    when i broke up with my ex i had dreams foretelling me a number 8 2 5. i hung on to the numbers as if they meant something important and on the 8th of February (the 2nd month) at 5 pm exactly i had an argument with my ex after which everything between us escalated to such a dramatic degree that the relationship ended just as abruptly as i had predicted 2 yrs ago.

    This was a man i had planned my future with and this event broke me down completely. and forced me to confront myself such as asking myself the question again and again – “you knew it all along so why did you even try????” OR “you knew it all along so why did you not believe yourself?”

    During the time of massive change in my career i had dreams of meteors falling on me and causing havoc around me suddenly waking me up in the middle of the night with shivers.

    This was actually a culmination of eons of denial forced upon me by my family who were highly qualified and in a way “anti psychic”.

    one important thing i must add is that my maternal grandfather who i have been very close to since i was a child and have shared my secret with and who believes in my gift has also been gifted since his own childhood – he had the ability to see his test papers in his dreams one night before his exams and knew all the questions which were to be asked in the next day exams. He now meditates 3 hours a day and lives very reclusive life not interacting with too many people.

    A friend of mine committed suicide when she was 17, i was 17 too at the time. i had an intuition as to who was the person responsible for her suicide or supposed suicide in my intuition. I called the cops and gave them the names of the person (his name was the only thing i remembered and even i don’t know why my subconscious hooked onto that one name she had mentioned to me just once 8 months ago,) i also remembered a female friend who i had met in her company just once a few months ago for around 10 min. almost intuitively as soon as i heard of her demise i knew that they were responsible and had a role to play and an event came into my mind of what had happened to her. i called the cops and gave them their names and address for investigation. They were basically turned out to be responsible for her death and were later arrested however they flee the city before they could be arrested. My mother was again amazed at my accuracy of knowing what was going on where. her family thanked me for having a major role to play in finding out the responsible people

    I also had a knowing about my past life incarnation which was technically me as my grandmother in my past life.This was not brought to my notice by anybody but was a knowing i had since a child as to who i was in my previous life. She was a great painter , a poet, meditated many hours a day and had interest in spiritual activities. She died 4 months before i was conceived out of cancer. Funnily when i was a child as young as the age of 7 i would paint, write poetry, and had an abrupt fear of cancer patients even to this day. to this day i fear the disease of cancer and the entire scenario of losing hair and how the disease progresses terrifies me. Also just like her i became associated to spiritual practices at the age as young as 10 yrs due to my closeness to my grandfather.

    I also become aware when very quickly to negative energy and to any kind of lie or deception. sometimes the knowing is so great that i chose to ignore it consciously. most people around me seem to be born with a task to make me NOT believe in my premonitions which actually turn out to be true under 99% of circumstances This seems to be therefore a lonely road to travel.

    There are many other things i can foretell and know about simple day to day living but choose to not put myself through the strain of it. for. ex. i know the timelines of deaths of certain individuals around me. my previous predictions of a few turned out to be correct so i now focus on not divulging any kind of negative information at any cost. for. ex. im aware of your reaction while reading this email as well. (not to be arrogant). I also already know my life path in a rough manner.

    However i have decided to take up my studies in spiritual psychology now and have decided to develop my gift further through meditation. this causes me to hear peoples emotions and feelings clair-audiently now. but does leave me extremely fatigued. i have never experienced such fatigue in my life.

    My purpose of emailing you was for following reasons :

    1) i thought i could be an interesting subject for you since you keep a very avid interest in the subject

    2) i think you can help me better understand this gift and help me with the exhaustion that this gift is causing me and how to deal with it.

    3) you could give me ways to develop this even better and to apply this on a day to day basis

    IM ALSO AWARE RIGHT NOW THAT MY EX WILL BE SPYING ON THIS POST IN THE NEAR FUTURE.. (he did it in the past and i knew he was doing it when he did it and i also knew his reaction which was going to be and it happened exactly that way …. don’t think about it D.V. – its not going to happen)


    • Anonymous
      January 25, 2015

      amazing wish we could start a group and the different perspectives of everyone else with such powers can help each other i would love to talk to you and maybe you can help me figure somethings out if that’s ok?

    • Marylou
      February 17, 2015

      Words of thoughts send out a vibration that attracts an experience odf a similar vibration, if I send out fear , I attract fear if I send out love I attract love. Everything in the universe is energy and energy vibrates at different rates. We have a unique vibration which is the product of all of the influences you have encountered. The influences you focus your attention on are those which determine your vibration. Negative vibrations are associated with the lower Chakras negative vibrations include hatered, anger, doubt, fear, jealousy, envy, judgement, impatience, disharmony,imbalance,and insecurity. Positive vibrations are love, harmony, peace, balance, kindness , understanding and compassion. The negative are not bad we all have at one time or another experience emotions of a lower vibration. But they only become harmful when we base our words or actions upon them. You can feel anger about something and still make a conscious choice to act out of love. When we do this raises your vibration from of anger to one of love. Changing your thoughts and actions will help raise your vibration frequency.
      Balanceing your Chakras in meditation, prayer, diet ( eat raw fruits & veggies drink a lot of pure water with no floride ) learn to heal your body , taking epon salt baths with oils added, or baking soda to draw out toxins to purge toxins.
      I’m very sensitive I can feel positive & negative energy myself. Negative engery of others drains me makes me feel like I wanna sleep . I have to avoid negative energy , some people I can energy vampires because they drain me and some with real bad I mean bad ( evil ) I call it negative energy they can actually suck all the energy out of my house. Once my brother & son which I haven’t seen in 25-30 yrs came to see me and I open the door to let them in and it was like a wall of negative energy I felt like I didn’t want them in but didn’t know which one was the cause or if it was both of them and they were only here for about 45 min and felt the energy litterly being sucked out of my apartment and I felt so drained of my energy I wanted to go to sleep it wiped me out in such a short time I couldn’t wait for them to leave. Never again will I allow that again. That was the worst I’ve exsperienced !
      I believe the pyramids around the world were built to tap into the worlds ( earth ) energy field and are port ways to go to different dimentions.
      They were skillfully designed and placed around the world to tap into the energy field in our solar system . We can travel from one place to another , one dimention to another all humanity will learn to do so some can already do so now even astro now. Adventually all humanity will be able to do many things like healing one self, see auras, clairvoyance, go into different dimensions ( higher ) dimensions of consciousness with the potential to open up rapidly to the ninth dimensional level of full Christ consciousness and then from there to the thirteenth dimension that’s the universal consciousness.
      Back to helping you sleep better. Sorry I get carried away .
      Stay away from all negativety … remove it completetly from you , don’t watch negative movies, music, books, people avoid that are negative..
      Meditate, pray, try different types of meditation too !
      Eat as much as organtic raw fruits and veggies as possible will help raise your frequency level & vibration !
      Any blockage in your crown Charka or others need to unblock, start with your crown one first.
      Drink a lot of water ( mountain spring ) has know floride in it. Aviod floride I know its in must things we use like tooth paste and such ( try brushing with plain baking soda , make paste with an brush ) .
      Main thing is negativity !!! Stay away from and change your negative thoughts too .
      All humanity will have Psychic abilities , we all do now bust most people don’t know how to ise any of their abilities but there is a consciousness awakening happening ( spiritual awakening ) world wide . We are going through changes if one wants to or not.
      There is nothing to fear even with the wars , terrorism on the rise , we need to let go of that emotion. There is nothing to fear in this life at all is unfolding as it should , not even death should not be feared as there is no such thing. The continued energy shift that is happening is supporting this energy pattern and moving us all in that direction. This change in energy or energy shift is defintly wreching havoc in the world . The natrual disasters that are occuring will continue in years to come as a result of energy shift this is part of the shift the energy in the universe is changing for the better.
      As our vibrational frequencies are raised a collective consciousness of peace & love are alumanating into the universe we are all becoming crystalline bodies whether you realize it or not.
      The continued energy shift that is happening is supporting this energy pattern and moving us ALL in that direction . This is part of that shift . It is important to remember during this time that we all must be good and kind souls always helping others needs , be honest and kind and remember your good karma piggy bank !
      Fear & greed are becoming emotions of the past and will be replaced by peace, harmony, and sense of oneness ( true being )

    • Anonymous
      February 25, 2015

      Please write more! I feel like I’m reading your book and I want to keep reading and learning about everything you have just spoken of and then some…
      Thank you very much for posting! Please write more 😊

    • amy
      February 25, 2015

      This is for Ansh whi posted on May 12, 2014. I just left a comment and realized u did not leave my info, I apologize. Please keep writing!

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Yep. They can push you too fast….you can ask your guides to slow down with you or a little spiritual holiday….also if you are doing that much work you will most certainly need to start learning about psychic protection to stop you absorbing the negatives that fly around.

    • Anonymous
      November 19, 2015

      Your post was quite intriguing and made me smile at the end! Thank you for sharing I do hope you are able to find some peace through this experience and also be able to apply your giftings in a practical manner suitable to your morals. Also good job on with holding all the negative nitty gritty. I believe we should show people the negativity when it can help, not as a “when will I die” game! I personally am not as “phycic ” as you but do know how crazy it can be to “know” things and be shunned. I too would see children in my room as young as I can remember. These memories have stuck to me as vivid today as ever. If ever you cared to talk without being asked “what do you know about me?” Feel free to email. I only am interested in building my gift and making a friend. Have a great day!

      My email:

  71. Huestin
    May 4, 2014

    Hello there. I have been searching the internet for answers all day and this site seems to have helped a bit. I think I may be psychic? That sounds really silly to me, but I’ve felt this way for a while. I have that thing where when I think of something or see it, I see it again later on or someone says something about it. I’m 16, and I’ve had a pretty messed up life to say the least. I also suffer from depression, anxiety, and other things. I’ve experienced a lot of loses in my short life, the last 2 years have been full of tragedy. So, before my friend Brandon died (3-6-13) He had messaged me to hang out like a week or two before. We didn’t, and before that we hadn’t seen or talked to each other in a while. Before my friend Jaie died (10-14-13) I had thought of her before hand though I hadn’t seen her in a while. Same with my friend Renee. The more recent ones, like on the Saturday before Easter this year my ex bf had committed suicide. A week before on a Saturday he randomly showed up to my house to see me. Well, yesterday me and my friend were walking down the street and we came across a car accident, (nothing serious, a lady on bike got hit but she was fine.) and I said I would have probably been more interested if someone died, (which is awful, I know.) and today I found out two people that are very good friends with my friends and I know their family well died in a car crash. I’d like to know if there’s a reason I typically only somewhat predict bad things? Or even if these are just coincidences. Please help.

    P.S. I also read your Characteristics of Psychic people and I have pretty much all of them. I find it weird I guess? I don’t know.

    • BookWorm
      November 8, 2014

      Hi Hueston. I too have experienced that thing when you think about something and then later someone says something about it. I also thought about how I haven’t visited a person in a while and the next day I visit them. I would say you are pyschic.

  72. brandon m
    April 13, 2014

    Ghost communicate with me and seek me out. I’m extremely suseptable to good and bad activity unfortunately . Any one else in pa with this same gift?

    • Anonymous
      March 22, 2015

      Yes, i have people that have past on send me text messages through my phone

  73. jane
    April 11, 2014

    sorry. edit the word peniel by Pineal. bad keyboard ha ha! thank you jp and i would appriciate some more from the others.

  74. jane
    April 11, 2014

    hi i am back. well after our little chit chat before, i did a lot of thinking and i deactivated my penile gland to actually live a normal life. but now, i feel like something has been removed from my soul. not in a good way though. i can’t belive I’m saying it but i want to be psychic again. so i tried reactivating it and its preety much working. my question is will i have any regrets later for embracing my old self and would it affect my dream of becoming an actress? i would really appriciate if you added some psychicness developing methods with the answer to my questions. thank you♥

    • JP
      April 11, 2014

      I believe you are referring to your Pineal Gland. Penile means related too or affecting the Penis…

      Any closed door can open again.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      All is cool….no worries…meditate with a candle in room and protect yourself mentally in white light or angelic white wings…and away you go…you never made a mistake you just learned something that’s all.

  75. anonymous
    March 25, 2014

    Hi, im 18 years old so you obviously understand im still trying to understand who i am. My grandmother has had psychic moments but she believes god spoke to her more then anything.One of her story’s really gets to me,years ago my grandmother had a vision in her dream in the town she was living in a young girl had been reported missing for a couple day everyone in town put an effort on finding this girl. My grandmother had found out about the news and decided to pray for her and asked god to please help the poor young girl and to please stay by her side. That exact night my grandmother had a vision, she saw the girl but at first she really couldn’t recognize her surroundings she then realized where she was trees surrounded her. She instantly woke up and went to the parents house of the young girl spoke with them and asked them to please trust her. She took them to the small forest that resided near them she said she didn’t understand what she felt but she just knew where to find the girl. She found the girl yet to this day she says god told her but i believe otherwise.
    My mom has these dreams and random intuitions i wonder if she gets these traits from my grandmother.My mom doesn’t like to speak about it tho it really scares her sometimes cause she really doesn’t know what to believe. My mom had a dream she was giving birth, the baby girl came out with curly long hair and huge brown eyes but she was older then a new born.She tells my dad about the dream but no consideration was taken from it, no less then a month later my mom finds out she pregnant. My mom says my sister is the exact image of the baby she gave birth to like an exact portrait
    I don’t get dream like they do i get little signs but i cant control it in the situation is happening i look back at it later and see the signs.I also get a moment of silence in my head as well has a stomach pain when something bad is going to happen. i always have felt these symptoms but they gotten stronger as ive aged i don’t question myself anymore its as if i get that feeling and just know its gonna happen. I got the worst feeling one night with my gf she was going to buy cocaine for a party we were going to im not big on drugs like that so i didnt like the idea either way but as we pulled in the the dealers home i got the worst feeling ive ever gotten but payed no mind to it.Later that night i caught the feeling again on the way to the party this time i announced it to my gf and my friends i told them that i had a feeling something really bad was gonna happen something that was out of my way to control or help. They all told me to stop and that i just was being negative they ignored me i believed i was probably overreacting so we went to the party had a good time mid thru the party we decided to leave as we were leaving my gf began to walk the wrong way i called her but no response she then collapsed and began having an overdose. The doctors told me that she was very lucky she had a very serious overdose and could have died.I don’t know what i felt but it told me something i should have listened to.
    I also have small moments when i just think about someone and they appear later that day or minutes later. I look at my surrounding sometimes and just know somethings not right. i just don’t understand why i never see good things always bad. I would gladly appreciate it if you got back to me on this please and thank you. .

    • craigweiler
      March 25, 2014

      Time is short for me today, but I wanted to respond.

      I really don’t have the answers. I try to provide information so that people can judge for themselves. Really, that’s the thing. It’s not the same thing when someone tells you about yourself as when you figure it out for yourself. That journey is important.

    • zebzaman
      April 7, 2014

      Hi anonymous- I can relate to what you say, that you get bad stuff rather then good or beautiful – when I was young that was sort of similar with me. Quite a lot of scary stuff inside me and out. It has something to do with what you focus on; I don’t know what your life is like , but try to see beauty; look up at the sky, day or night (if you don’t live in the middle of “light-pollution” where no stars can be seen); be grateful for everything going ok,your senses,your friends, family, food, …bit by bit things will be less dark…well,that’s my theory anyway! Don’t disbelieve what your Grandmother said – she was “told by God”. You could try rephrasing it in a way you can agree – she got her information not from some dark source, but a good one. A group of women I knew long ago used to have sessions for psychic readings (they were pretty impressive for me!) , but they always began and finished with Karakia – that is Maori for prayer. Most of them were Maori, the New Zealand First People.They always said the Lords Prayer and then specifically asked for protection (from bad spirits or such stuff). You can even ask the spirit of your Grandmother for protection, if “God” means nothing to you that you can relate to; if she has passed on, she might be watching over you anyway;
      I hope you and your girlfriend stay clear of drugs. There is really a lot of danger in drugs, all the more if you are psychic; if you use them, even the most harmless like weed, ONLY do it in good company and a safe place. Learn to keep yourself safe, I think you are well on the way! All the best!

    • Anonymous
      April 29, 2014

      Same happens to me. I get all types of signs. Sometimes I can hear in my head what people going to say to me before they say it

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Psychic protection is what you need to develop now..for me your grandmother had a total love and trust in God which I would say made her a clearer channel.

  76. emily
    March 24, 2014

    Hi I came across your article and was wondering if u would know anything about experiences I’m having..I’ve always been sensitive to people’s emotions and feelings of their thoughts…but ive just begun seeing ‘dark’ eyes on people. Not everyone but a good amount and daily. I almost thought they were wearing black contacts. Just regular people going about their day but dark eyes. Ive seen this consistently daily but they dont seem to know I can see it.any info or direction would be appreciated ! thanks craig!

    • craigweiler
      March 24, 2014

      Hi Emily,
      No, sorry, I don’t have any sense of what that might mean. What I recommend is that you find a quiet time and space and then remember the last time you saw this and see what emotions or images come up. That might help.

    • anonymous
      April 30, 2014

      Me too!! I realized recently that a guy I was involved with is psychopathic or something similar (not like a murderer, that I know of, but in the sense of lacking empathy, being manipulative, sadistic, seeing how much they can control people and how far they can push them). basically evil. but extremely charming and good at acting so it took me a while to listen to my intuition about him. he had eyes like that. now that I’m aware of who/what he actually is, I’ve been looking around and seeing those eyes on other people too. Same – “not everyone but a good amount and daily”. Really really dark, like all black, and empty. It’s chilling.

        July 23, 2014

        I have noticed that to adegree also. But what really freaks me out is that mine sometimes GLOW bright green, unnaturally bright green and i know what is going to happen to such degree that i’ll just get up and do things that i don’t undrstand and a short time later it makes a huge difference in how things go. I drink to much because i can’t shut this off and it gets old and freaks me out. Anyone have advice?

    • constance
      November 19, 2015

      Hello emily,

      I know exactly the experience you speak of. I too see this! When it happens to me I’ll be in public mostly like say, walmart . While looking at people some have normal eyes while others have what I describe as black holes where their eyes should be. It’s quite disturbing! I haven’t met anyone else that has seen this soooo nice to meet you! I noticed this around the age of 14 or so I’m 32 now. I believe whole heartedly in God. At first I didn’t understand it at all and it would scare me! It took a while to figure it out but this is what I believe it is. The bible tells us the eyes are windows to the soul so when they are blackened I relate that to the person either being lost or evil of sorts. I’d love to speak with you and anyone else with any experiences. Feel free to respond have a great day all!

      • S.T.C
        November 19, 2015

        Oh my. I was reading the comments about the black eyes. I had previously commented on this blog about hearing ghosts at work and asking if anyone had felt the electricity upon looking at someone from afar. After i posted this vomment I had a reading and was told I had a previous life with this person since heard whispering, heard footsteps. Others at work have had shared experiences with me and on their own. One employee has even seen a figure. One employee we suspected was stealing and when asked if she knew anything about it her blue eyes turned black. I had never seen anything like it. It scared me.

  77. CL
    March 7, 2014

    Reposting because I really need some guidance.

    Hi Craig,I never knew such a site exist and what I had felt previously are not mere ‘coincidences’. When I hear that someone is psychic, I immediately think this person can see ‘things’ and communicate with them…or so I thought. Although Im often attracted to what psychics can predict, I don’t very comfortable with them knowing the bible says that divination is not good.My interest in this area heighten about 6 wks ago after I started wearing crystals/gemstones. Before there, there were a few incidences where I:
    1) felt an entity or smth in the car with me…for I suddenly felt extremely sad, very sad – I said a prayer quickly and the feeling left immediately. But it left me puzzled.

    2) felt like I’ve walked through ‘someone’ because I instinctly knew who that person is, although I’m not close to this person.

    3) thought of someone whom I’ve not contacted for a long time, years or months and he will contact me within hours/days. I’ve noticed its usually someone I’ve previously dated. This is especially so with one particular ex and it continued after our r/s ended, for a while I thought its telepathic communications but I found out later he never felt anything…so its one-sided from me?

    4) felt very pulled to a stranger whom I subsequently dated for a couple of weeks because this guy just makes me cry alot…from day 1, for no reason. I could feel his sadness. This one is especially strange.

    5) could sense major changes in someone’s life – marriage, change of jobs, got a new jobs etc…although we may not have spoken or been in touch for years/months. Again, these were ex-bfs.

    6) felt ‘someone’ near me…like if I could just pop my head around, I may come confront something.

    7) The block I stayed at had 2 suicides cases…the week before the 2nd one, I was very depressed and had suicidal thoughts even in my sub-conscious moments, fortunately, it went away after a week.

    8) Nightmares are also a common occurance throughtout my life, its usually about death and tragic death…like murder, drowning etc.

    After wearing the gemstones

    :1) I found I could predict winning numbers…I said ‘predict’ not win. If I buy, it doesn’t come out. This phenomenon ended after 2 weeks.

    2) Hear ‘someone’ knocking on my bedroom door…twice, in separate occasions…a slow but audible someone playing on piano sort of rhythm. Who? Why?

    3) See strangers (young, old, men, women) looking right back at me when I closed my eyes. Fortunately, this also ended after 2 days. Again, who are these people?

    4) I had a short but very intended and sad dream, I could almost feel my tears flowing back into my gut, only to be awaken to ‘sense’ a white shadow running away to my left.

    Would appreciate if someone tell me what’s happening? Am I psychic? I’m scared and uncertain.Like what some ppl have mentioned here, I’m somewhat of a ppl pleaser – not always, but I tend to over-empathise I find and that leads to be taken advantage of sometimes. On the flip-side, I can also be very prideful and arrogant. One thing for sure, I have always been a loner because I’m so ‘sensitive’ that I feel hurt when others react insensitively. SIGH! LIFE?!

    • craigweiler
      March 7, 2014

      In a word, yes. That’s life. You seem to have a handle on it. The best thing you can do is not get too worked up when these things occur.

      Are you psychic? It sounds like it, although it’s hard to say from these experiences exactly what’s going on. What matters is whether knowing this helps you. If that question has been causing you stress, then an answer helps. If not, then it won’t matter a great deal.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      I would propose that you learn about psychic protection then start to get to know your spirit guides

  78. Wendy
    February 22, 2014

    I have often wondered for years if I am psychic. Through out my life I have heard a very direct voice talk to me and the things I have heard have come to pass. I have also seen visions that have happened within seconds of seeing them. For instance I was at a concert and after the concert I was the designated driver but my husband was so drunk he was giving me horrible directions on how to get back home. We pulled over at a park and yelled at each other for awhile. It was like I could hear someone in my head call the cops on us. I get back in the car, put my hands on the wheel close my eyes and take a deep breath. As soon as I did that I saw a vision of cop lights pull up behind me . I told my husband if he didnt get in the car right now a cop was going to pull us over. Sure enough not after he got in the car cop lights pulled up behind us. This is only one of the many examples I have on the visions I get. I’ve learned to listen to them.
    The voices I hear for instance one day someone was knocking on my door late at night and like a immature teenager I open the door. Some drunk guy tried to push my door open the minute I opened it. In my head I remember saying “oh my God I cannot believe this is happening” I heard a clear direct voice say push with your back. With out hesitation I did as I was told as was able to push and lock the door. This voice has protected me many times and has also told me things like my friend dad is going to die. Which a week later he did.

    • craigweiler
      February 22, 2014

      That’s a pretty good description of being psychic.


      July 23, 2014

      I don’t hear, I just know, i’d be more comfotable if i did “hear” and maybe we don’t have the same discription. I don’t know if it runs in familys but my sister when she was 11 said she saw a man floating in the arkansas river near my house on the way home from Canon City, Colorado. She was so scared she hid under her bed. My mother called the police, they took her statment from under the bed. They didn’t find the body there but they did find it 40 miles away near Salida Colorado. just retelling the situation makes the hair stand up on my neck. My situation isn’t always welcome or nice. My sister and I don’t really get along but she is very intelligent and is one of the few with “dark eyes” that I have noticed. But not always. My dad was a good man but sometimes had those same stealey black eyes. Looking for ansewers.

      • Shaman
        March 30, 2015

        There is a spirit gift called Claire knowing……errr you know you can’t know….but you know you do know…..that’s it. Mediums work in different ways with different Claire’s…..voyance to see. Audience….to hear

  79. Azita
    February 1, 2014

    Hi there! I realize that this post is a little old but I just googled it and I think I found the correct website. Im 16 and I’ve lived in my house for almost 8 years now, and we are the first owners. I have seen silhouettes( As someone above described them) and I can COMPLETELY relate. Around a year after my baby sister was born she had become severely ill. She was hospitalized and everything. While she was ill, I had seen a woman dressed in all black outside her room. I was about 11 at the time but I just turned away and she was gone the next second. My Mom had reiki done on her by a friend and this woman told us that she was extremely disturbed as to why my baby sister’s fever was staying above 100*F for a week. She said while playing with two angels/spirits (one bad and one good) She fought with the bad one and she scared her which got her a fever. I told my parents this as soon as I found out. However, recently, I fell extremely ill. I had an endoscopy done and was told that I have 4 ulcers (again, I’m only 16). Doctor’s said it was stress but I never thought it actually was and just took medicine and was like whatever. However even after the 10 pills a day i took for a month, i felt NO BETTER. My Mom then consulted one of her very close friends to do Reiki treatments on me once a week for 7 weeks. Diana ( the woman who did my reiki), said I was stubborn and very negative. For about 4 weeks, that’s all that Diana told me. However, coming up on the 5th, 6th, and 7th week, Diana said that there was a woman helping me. She described this woman as wearing a pale sari and always having a scarf over her head. My mom didn’t tell me about this, she thought it would scare me, but fortunately, i read her messages. Then, I realized that I had seen that woman many places around my room, a glimpse of her at school, always near me. So, then I confronted my mom and told her that I had seen this lady. My mom told me that the woman was probably my dad’s great grandmother, with the way we described her. But then I also told my mom that I had seen a little girl running around our house, and my younger sister heard me saying this and said that she has too. I still find glimpses of the child but am never able to clearly see her face. Also, whenever I listen to music loudly (not in headphones) someone always seems to turn it off. I keep asking why and once I asked them to please turn it on, and he/she did. It’s an odd feeling. Like someone is there, but you don’t know who it is and what’s going on.. The other day I went for a walk outside my house it was about 8 o’clock. As I was walking past a corner I saw a man speed walking( once again I could not see his face) but he was walking extremely fast, but then I turned around and he wasn’t there.

    I don’t know what to exactly think of all these instances, are they merely just a coincidence of do I have some sensitivity towards these occurrences?

  80. Brandon
    January 30, 2014

    I found this website & I’m just writing because I know it’s anonymous. I don’t know if I believe in all of this. I’ve always been very skeptical & when I see people on tv or news saying they’re psychic, I don’t usually believe in it. There are so many television shows & movies floating around now that could be influencing people’s perception on things & perhaps influencing the they they think about reality. With all this said, I’ve had a lot of strange things happen in life that I try to explain & rationalize. As far as I can remember these things have happened around me or to me. But like I said, I’ve always just tried to rationalize them. When I say as far as I can remember, it isn’t very far because I have barely any memories of my childhood. The earliest memories I can recall are from when I was in 5th grade. When I see photos from before then, I kind of get flashbacks to try to remember those occurrences. But I can’t try to think & recall anything in my own. I remember teachers from school but nothing beyond that. I think my life was just very uneventful before then so I have so few memories. Ever since I was in my early teenage years I’ve had these times where I would fall asleep on the couch & right as I was waking up, in the corner of my peripheral vision, I can see like a person but its just a shadow. It’s like they are looking over me & when I try to look, it moves out of sight too quickly. This is a common occurrence for me. I also have a reoccurring dream of being in an old house that is multiple stories high & with a creek that runs along the back of the house. The walls are mostly missing & the slats are exposed. There’s another dream that is more like a nightmare that occurs often, I see what looks like a moon but it has an image of a hare in it. In the dream I’m given instructions somehow, they’re just in my mind, it’s like a game or something. I have this weird puzzle that is huge strangely shaped stones? & as I out them together incorrectly I get an overwhelming feeling of failure & sadness & during this my heart is racing & I somehow know that I’m playing against someone else in the world somewhere & whoever loses dies. I always mess up the puzzle & end up waking feeling so scared & my heart racing.
    Once I was laying in bed a few years ago at my parents house & I had this strange dream that as soon as I woke up I recorded what I learned, I will copy & paste what I wrote here [Instructions
    You have to be on the verge of tiredness and or have day and night reversed for sleeping or be in stilness to focus completely.

    Total relaxation of mind and body. If possible somewhere still and silent.

    Focus on nothing at first until you
    Feel contact. Then focus on the contact. Don’t be scared. Focus on communication.

    Sometimes the communication will be audible, physical, or just a vision. Sometimes it will be a combination of some or all. Focus on the stimuli then you can start to communicate.

    The responses you get aren’t always like when you communicate with people on Earth. They’ll come in the form of visions, sounds (heard by yourself only, everyone around, or a combination), or physical stimuli. Don’t be afraid.

    To break communication, it will occur naturally, you can request to break communication, or simply engage your mind elswhere or on another activity so you lose focus.

    * my first communication was with a dog I think. I felt it climb onto my bed and make the bed tip at the bottom. Heard it sniff maybe once.

    * second communication was with someone or something… I felt te back of my ear touched or rubbed, and near the end, heard chirping birds, and saw what looked like victorian lady…?

    Throughout the whole experience I heard the static noise in my head. Does that have something to do with it or is that just caused by the quietness?] I wrote that January 27, 2010.
    I also want to mention I don’t live at my parents house anymore but when I did, my room was painted a dark blue but all over the walls looked like someone rubbed powder or something & then above my bed it was like a huge ark above my bed.

    As long as I can remember I’ve seen flashes of really bright light, like someone is taking a photo with a camera. But it happens outside where there’s no one or in classrooms while everyone is working so no one would be flashing a camera. Once I was walking outside my campus in the large quad & I saw the flash. I stopped to look around for it because it was so bright, as if the sun got super bright for just a second. As I was looking around I noticed someone across the quad looking around too. I never asked her if she saw it too. I’ve always thought that it was just a normal occurrence & that everyone saw it but that since it was so normal, no one ever remembers it, like no one remembers how often they sneeze or yawn in a day, because that’s just so common.

    Another thing that happens is people that I don’t know at all or have never met come up to me & tell me they feel like they know me or have seen me before but I’m not famous. But I feel like I know them too. & then when I try to recall them, it’s like I get this vision of that person in their house doing things or just where they live & their surroundings but the vision is so fast it’s like a video being fast forwarded. Now I can do it with anyone just looking at them & concentrating on them. But I just might be imagining them.

    Lately I have been hearing things around me when I go out somewhere or at home or it can be anywhere its usually a very distinct voice but in my head & it’s so distinct I cannot describe it but they are speaking & sometimes to me. Sometimes I can hear what sounds like animals around me. Those scare me the most because they’re always so close I get startled. Cats are usually what I hear most. Sometimes I hear this strange noise & actually it’s like a sound that is so low audibly, it’s deafening & it’s like a void of sound.
    Another thing is at my own house, I drop things constantly. Only in my house though. I drop so many things. Sometimes it feels like someone putting their fingertips on what I’m holding for just a second & it tips out of my grip. This only happens at home.

    Another thing is I’m a little scared to go into my own basement & upstairs part of my house by myself. I just feel like there’s someone else always in those places.

    Another thing that happens is while I’m driving, I get a vision of people like Native American Indians doing things or sometimes crying uncontrollably & it makes me cry & feel very deep dispair.
    Im not Native American Indian so I don’t know why I see those things. I’ve never studied their history or anything about their cultures.

    Sometimes when I’m talking to someone on the phone or texting with someone I get a clear imagination of what they are wearing or doing or where they are & more than not, I am right.

    & lastly very often I can guess where things are or what things will happen or what people will say or what they will do & more than not, I guess right. I’ve played those games though where someone is thinking of something or they can see a card & I have to guess what’s on the other side but I fail at that.

    Well these are the things I can think of right now, I don’t think I’m psychic but I don’t know how to explain some of these things & I am just writing this because I’ve been reading that schizophrenia can occur in males around my age (27) & my whole life I’ve felt so different or something is wrong with me & I think I am going to get tested to find out if I have schizophrenia or what. I just really want answers. I don’t feel like living or being around people anymore feeling like I’m a freak or so different. It’s hard for me to relate to anyone anymore & I’m losing all my friends… Anyone else relate to anything I’ve said or know anything that could help me?

    • Dawn
      January 31, 2014

      From what you’re describing, I would think of you as a “sensitive” – I can relate to just about every bit of what you’re saying. I will even add that I had an instance with seeing the flashing lights that actually saved my infant daughter’s life. I was cleaning house and saw one of those “flashes” in my right peripheral vision that was so bright I immediately turned to look at it. Since I was standing very close to the wall right next to a doorway (dusting a shelf) I found myself almost nose to wall. I took half a step to lean out to look through the doorway and saw that my infant daughter was reaching for the cord of a clothes iron that had fallen from the high shelf I had put it on. I had *just* enough time to get to her before she pulled it down. It would have killed her.

      THAT moment is when I KNEW that all my skepticism and doubt about the things I had been witness to since (maybe birth?) very early in my life, was for nothing. I have come to think of them as my guardians. God knows I need ’em.

      I have also had experiences that I have come to describe as time warps. I believe I have “witnessed” moments in time from the past that are overlaid on the present. I will suddenly feel like I am in the room or area with a gathering of people and I will literally hear voices and laughter and feel the love of that moments impressed upon time itself. It’s cool as heck when it happens.

      All said, I still have times when these things overwhelm me and I start to doubt my sanity. No kidding.BUt…..I’m always reminded about all the ways it’s helped me in my life and I am forced to admit to myself that I love it all.

      The “instructions” that you posted are correct. I’ve received the same sort of directives before in that half-awake state. The reason it comes through then is because we are the most relaxed we can be.

      We just have to relax and enjoy it. If it makes you uncomfortable, you can ask for it to be dialed back a bit. However, if it seems to pick up at certain times (esp when you’re stressed or too-tired) it possibly means they are trying to get your attention.

      The visions and pictures you see are also messages OR they could also be memories you have from a past life. Write them down. It could be that they all have something in common or could be things you witnessed that were extremely emotional events for you.

      I hope this helps!

  81. noyb
    January 27, 2014

    hi, craig.
    i just discovered this website 2day while looking for anonymous help, but i’ve posted a lot of things as replies to others and i just wanted to sum it up in one reply before you could answer.
    my house is 143 years old. we own 6.66 acres. i believe that me mother is psychic(the day after her dad died, she was laying in bed, but she touched the ceiling like she was being lifted.), is it something you inherit? a genetic glitch? i always feel watched, i have irrelevant perceptive dreams, and i feel very middle-aged for fourteen. i always have nightmares and i sometimes hear my name whispered. i think a spirit is living on my estate because i had a dream where a woman looked at me and whispered, “Maria” in the same voice she used to whisper my name. also, i had a really weird dream where the grim reaper said “6-3-1″ and when i woke up, it was 6:31. is this all just crazy? have i been watching too much “Psych”? my version isn’t funny like Sean Spencer’s. please respond, I’m dying to know what’s wrong with my brain.

    • noyb
      January 27, 2014

      also, when i was younger, a teenager crashed his car on my front lawn and died. if that makes a difference.

    • craigweiler
      January 27, 2014

      Hi Noyb,
      To a certain extent, psychic ability is inheritable, yes. Although like most genetics, this is no sure thing.

      There’s nothing wrong with your brain, although it’s probably going to take you a few years to adapt to this. Most people find it very difficult to be psychic.

      • noyb
        February 3, 2014

        thanks for responding, i can tell that you actually care about us and it’s not a generic website… but do you really think I’m a psychic? Because it could just be some random, freaky coincidence. Sorry if I sound pushy, but I’ve been a skeptic up until now and the idea is really hard to grasp…

        • craigweiler
          February 4, 2014

          Hi Noyb,
          Everyone is psychic to some degree, and having psychic experiences is somewhat dependent on need.

          So in order to answer this question I look at personality traits that predict who will have enough psi experiences to call themselves psychic.

          It’s just my opinion, but based on my experience, you seem to be in that category based on what you wrote. Ultimately, it’s a decision that you have to make for yourself and I’m not even sure it’s all that important a decision to make. It doesn’t change anything.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      Nothing is wrong with your brain your just using more of it than most people do and yes it is hereditary or it can be

  82. Carrie Gardner
    January 21, 2014

    I help people grow. I know things I haven’t learned. Sometimes I have the same dream over and over in one night, always bad, and it comes true. I think it is preparing me for a life changing situation I wouldn’t have recognizedand giving me a choice. I think of people and they call, and I know what’s coming on the radio. (I know the radio is probably because of how much they play the same crap lol). And I’m leaving something out because it sounds crazy. I am looking for help to grow, I wanna help people.

  83. noyb
    January 8, 2014

    um… this is gonna sound really weird, but also totally normal, kinda…
    I’m 14. I live in a house that is 143 years old. we own 6.66 (devil #) acres. i think we are haunted. I don’t mean that i wake up with scars, or bloody little girls watch me sleep. its just that i have really weird, terrifying dreams while i am at my house, but nowhere else. they only come to me, and i never feel alone. i am always paranoid, though, and my older brother jokes about me having post-traumatic stress from another life. could that be true?
    Also, i see silhouettes move… i say silhouettes and not shadows because they are shaped like people. Once, one of them had a dagger.
    do you think that i can see them because i am psychic? could they hurt me? please help.

    • Anonymous
      January 8, 2014

      Hello noyb no there not dangerous tell like a dog to scat or get lost im sure its just a energy that has the bad potential and its not a great thing to have around. It its like bermuda teriangle ruff waters and odd energies.

      • noyb
        January 10, 2014

        thx, i’ll try that.

    • Dawn
      January 15, 2014

      It also doesn’t hurt to “clear” the energy in the house with some sage. You can find a sage stick at a metaphysical store or just use sage from the grocery store (spice aisle, by the salt). Just put some in a glass bowl and light it. I walk around the house to let the smoke enter each room and ask All that is Good to rid All that is Bad in the house. 🙂

      Like you, I tend to see “shadows” sahped like people moving through the house and I “hear” things….when it gets overwhelming, I have bad dreams. I cleanse the house from time to time to calm things down.

      I don’t necessarily belive that “bad” is “bad” anymore. I have grown to accept the “shadows” I see and they don’t bother me as much. 🙂

      P.S. I’m 41 years old and have dealt with this stuff all my life. The more I understand it, the less it bothers me when strange stuff happens. I wish you much love and peace. At 14, you have the ability to hone your senses if you accept them as part of who you are. =-)

      • noyb
        January 27, 2014

        thank you, im glad you replied! I’ll see if it he

  84. Darrel
    January 7, 2014


    Julie Sousa is the better psychic .

  85. Cait
    January 5, 2014

    This seems like a very good site on psychics and I was wondering if you could help me. I’m 13 and I think I’m psychic because I was walking home from school last year and a block away from my house, the voice in my head said that there is a package at the door. I dismissed it, but when I got to my house the garage door was being weird, so I had to use the front door- and there was a package there! Another time was thanksgiving, the voice said that someone in my family would be sick on thanksgiving. The night before thanksgiving my sister gets sick. Then when I went to a camp for a school field trip- it said she would be sick, and whadda know, she’s sick again! Now I need to explain the voice. There is this voice in my head that I can talk to it tells me things. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. It’s always been there, but I’m afraid to tell people because I don’t want them to think I’m crazy. Only my closest friends I trust with my life know about this. I’m afraid to tell my parents because they will think I’m crazy. Me and one of my close friends have this sort of one-way telepathy also, where she can say things to me in her head and I can hear them, but I can’t reply. I don’t know what to do because I think anyone I tell will think I’m crazy.

    • Dawn
      January 15, 2014

      Don’t be scared of your precognitive abilities. If they do make you nervous at times (mine do, so I do this too) think back on all the times you’ve had these experiences. You’ll see they bring you no harm and have not negatively affected you. My advice: PAY ATTENTION when you have those precognition moments. The more you learn to trust them, the better and stronger they’ll get over time. One day, they may save your life of someone you love. IJS. 🙂

      I wish you love and peace. At 13, you have a long and happy life ahead – as long as you pay attention and heed those “moments.”

      • Dawn
        January 15, 2014

        Also, keep a journal. It will help during those times you feel like you’re “crazy” or doubting yourself. Speaking from experience here…..

        • Cait
          January 19, 2014

          Thank you very much. Like so much I can’t express it. Thank you.

          • Dawn
            January 21, 2014

            You are more than welcome. It’s an ongoing process to learn to be what we are….it’s not always easy, but I promise that one day you’ll be able to say you are GLAD you’re the way you are. I wouldn’t trade it for anything… 🙂

  86. Antoine
    December 22, 2013

    Really this is one of the sites that have been my life favorite. Ever since I found it in July I check it nearly daily and always excited to receive notifications of new posts. Thank you for this magical place on net Craig, really just knowing such site exsists makes a tremendous difference. Wishing everyone most exciting holidays 🙂

    • craigweiler
      December 22, 2013

      Thank you. 😀 Happy Holidays to you and your family as well!

  87. Mike
    December 7, 2013

    I have had several precognitive dreams about death of people i have known. What type of psychic ability is this?

    • craigweiler
      December 7, 2013

      I don’t think that there is a specific name for it. But among those who have psychic ability this sort of thing isn’t especially rare.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      When you sleep you connect to the spirit world….we all do

  88. Brianna Rose
    November 24, 2013

    I’m completely new to this kind of thing. I’ve always been very sensitive to things (people, places, events, ect.) and I’ve brushed it off as being “introverted”, “eccentric”, a Scorpio, or “it’s just part of my personality”. I would love to go into the entire story of my psychic existence but since it has been happening for as long as I can remember, I won’t be getting into it at this time. It’s extremely hard to find someone to talk to about it here. I really need someone to discuss this with.

    • isaiah mcarthur
      November 24, 2013

      Hello brianna im here to listen and read what you have to say im one person that knows its hard but im here to listen im always listen to the world and all that dwells in it i once thought i was the only one suffering due be to strong i literally started to project fear of myself what ifs and scenerios my telepathy got so strong i was influencing the day i was yet to wake into with my dreams and nightmares…..until i reached a day i just commaded tyhe world to hush….i then realiazed we are the one that influence the world… don’t worry i’ll listen i had my fair share experiances even levitating at a cross walk and haveing people scream in astonishment…the whole time i din’t know i had activated my levity just at thought…..such strength i possess so yaeh i know how hard it can be. Im right here for you. Truly isaiah mcarthur.

    • noyb
      January 8, 2014

      hello, brianna. im also sensitive, but probably not in the same way as you are. i can usually tell emotions, which is totally common, but not in the normal way. i don’t read their expressions or tone or body language, i can just tell. like, i could still do it eyes covered, ears plugged.
      we don’t have that in common (very much) but i figured i’d give it a shot. it’d be nice to know there are others like me using the same methods.
      idk how old you are, but im only 14. so this info is probably not the best. but i think that you can read people and places that are going to come into play in your life in a significant way. who knows… you might read your new best friend before she can even tell you her name!

  89. Brittany
    November 13, 2013

    I have found that I have headaches on the days where something bad is going to happen around me. I’m 14 and about a week I was having a huge headache that wouldn’t go away, then that night a tornado came through my town. then the other day, I had a small headache, and someone was kidnapped… I don’t know what this means, can someone help?

    • craigweiler
      November 13, 2013

      Hi Brittany,
      There’s really nothing to decide at this point. You need more information because two incidents isn’t enough to figure this out.

      Also, if you’re getting headaches before these problems occur, that’s not enough information to be able to help in any way even if it turns out that you are picking up information.

      First of all, I recommend that you start a daily journal to keep track of how you feel versus what happens so that you can be aware of how often your feelings can be connected to things that are happening around you. That way you can go back to your diary to compare.

      This may turn out to be something that you notice about yourself, but isn’t very helpful otherwise. At any rate, don’t worry about it and just enjoy your life. It’s unusual to have this ability, but you’re far from alone with these types of experiences.

    • Anonymous
      November 13, 2013

      Hello brittany im replying to this post if you are haveing headache before a accident your energies are co acting and telling of the future i have had plenty of these in my experiances its usually a spirit guide or the mental energies acting upon the future telling you of what is to come but as well if its in certian parts of your head it is most certianly the energies surrounding your area and that is what you are feeling…its is referred to as hypersensitivty its apart of esp the energies are you are acting up before a event much like elderly people get aches in there bones before a storm i also suggest you keep a journal of events and the aches and feelings you get it and find a link in between the areas of direction and where. It could help you piece together the these events and you can rest easier know that you are not the cuase it is the earths energies talking to you or acting up in your area….god bless stay safe and live proud for you are very special….take care isaiah out.

  90. Racquel
    October 30, 2013

    I’m 30 and ever since, as far back a I can remember, I have seen and heard spirits. I can walk into a place and pick up on the energy of that place. I don’t necessarily know what happened there, but I can tell you if some negative or positive happened there.

    I also have dreams about places I’ve never been to then months even years later I go to that place. I’ve had dreams about natural disasters before they happen. I dreamed about 911 and other terrorist things before they happened. I shocked my husband because I informed him there was going to be a huge explosion during a race. this happened almost two years before the Boston Marathon Bombing. This is what made my husband believe that he didn’t marry a flake.

    A lot of times if I want something really bad, it’s almost like I can will it to happen. I know that sounds crazy. It doesn’t work all the time but enough to make me wonder.

    Recently I feel like I’m blocked. I’ve lived with all these things happening to me. My dreams, the spirits talking to me, out of body experiences, feeling energy and people, but after my Boston Marathon Dream it’s like my abilities have gone dorment. They’re there, just not as strong as they used to be. Which makes me wonder why and if Ii am really psychic or not.

    • isaiah mcarthur
      November 14, 2013

      Hello recqual this is al known as mediumship if im accurate at my reading the reason you are being is someone knows of your abilities…and there potential to harm i suggest you reprogram yourself for a higher self a more tolerate and good being with in and swear off being as nasty temperment as you may have been and than whoever it is blocking will know you won’t harm others and let you be….i know this cuase im a medium and a telepathic and precog along with other thing but the list is long and i don’t want to bore you just point you in the right direction. I suggest self help cds. Oky doky isaiah mcarthur…out

    • noyb
      January 8, 2014

      maybe your purpose was to see the bombing… and that you had completed it, your powers left you. just something to think about…

  91. Amanda
    October 10, 2013

    What about having dreams come true everynight? For me, almost every night I have a dream that comes true… I’m 13 if that makes a difference. Thanks

    • noyb
      January 8, 2014

      i, like you, don’t know if it makes a difference, but i just turned 14 yesterday. my dreams rarely come true (thank God, i have never had a good dream in my life… not exaggerating!), but when they do, its odd. nothing big ever happens… i just dream about a book i’ve been wanting to read and exactly where it is in the library, or a gift my parents are getting me… but i know how freaky it is. maybe, you will see something important and save someones life someday…

  92. Mike
    October 9, 2013

    It’s becoming scary how things are happening after I think them 😦

    • Racquel
      October 30, 2013

      That happens to me. It’s almost like I will it to happen. Sometimes I don’t want the things to happen but they just do.

    • zebzaman
      April 7, 2014

      They say be careful what you wish for, as it just might come true. I’ve had that a lot, and often literally. But it also seems thoughts can create reality ….which means, learning to have some control over your thoughts is quite important. Fear can create the exact thing you are afraid of. Like …I have always been really frightened of crashing in a car – but rather then having that thought, or visualizing it, I visualize safe trips, for myself and family. My dilemma is that as a politically thinking person, I don’t want to ignore unpleasant things, like war and hunger elsewhere or dictators. But I suppose seeing in my mind help getting to these people is how I deal with it, or for all the environmental crisis – holding healing hands over the whole planet in my mind. If enough of us do it,it will become real.

  93. Brennan
    September 11, 2013

    Is it possible to see the human spirit before it is brought to life because my aunt and uncle and me see these kids that follow them around all the time and they even know their names. Is this possible? I’m really not sure.

    • Anonymous
      September 19, 2013

      I dont think these spirits are yet to be born…it sounds like they are real spirits of past living children just wanting to play 🙂

      • Brennan
        November 4, 2013

        i guess we will know in the near future

  94. lizzieleo
    September 11, 2013

    Hi, im am 26 years old and have always been a skeptic of spirits til my son was born, I have had dreams that have became really occurances in my future, i always have had a spirit on my house when i moved when my son was born, which made me believe in spirits, when i came o medium for readings, everyone of them have said i have a medium gift working with angels. i always put it aside. but now im starting to believe.. I predictited a break up that could not of possibly of been know by myself.. i have also experienced at work in our cellar a cold touch on my left arm and right cheek, this was followed by thoughts of family member that had passed that wanted to pass on information that i couldnt of possibily of known. im ready now and need to know what this is, as i dont want to keep shrugging it off if i have a gift. can anyone advise me of my next steps?

    • lizzieleo
      September 11, 2013

      sorry about the mistakes. this keyboard is hard to type.

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      There are angelic circles around to learn about your gift….or sit in an empty room with a lit candle surround yourself in white light or even Archangel Michaels white wings and ask your guides to draw close and meditate to listen.

  95. Ali
    September 9, 2013

    I’m 16 and I’m always having déjà vu type dreams of things that will happen within days and I always know when something bad is going to happen, like when my aunt passed away. I can alway tell how my sister is feeling even if I’m hours away from her. I’ve taken some of the online test ( like where you have to guess which card is which, or tell where someone is from just by looking a them) and things trying to find out if I’m physic and I usually pass those. I just hate not being able to control any of these things. They usually come at random times and no one ever believes when I try to warn them.

  96. Anonymous
    August 25, 2013

    I am not sure if this is a psychic thing but lots of times ill guess that a random event is going to happen soon, and then it really does.

  97. Hannah
    August 15, 2013

    Im 14 and i think I may be psychic I have many weird happenings that I use to ignore and I would share my stories with my cousin he always believed me because he said weird things happen to him to we alway were close to each other were our favorite cousins because of this the only person we felt in our family that would listen to us was our grandma who had told us stories before my grandma told us stories all the time of her encounters and she even predicted the day I would be born and got it right she predicts many dates and other things to our grandma just started to talk about our family not to long ago to me and my cousin and it turns out my great grandma could predict the future and see spirits and other things as well like dreaming my grandma talked to me once alone and told me she knew I would be psychic since she predicted my birth date and laid her eyes on me I look exactly like my grandma when she was young fit to a t and everyone tells me so my happenings began to slow down when I tired 6 years old but ever since i have accepted it it Has starting to get stronger and more to use I don’t know of my cousins real encounters but I don’t think he is as sensitive as me and my grandma thinks so as well ever since this year after I talked with her for the first time about what I have seen and what happens to me a burst of things have just came out to get my attention just a few days ago I was home alone and I felt as I someone was in the house but I just kept watching tv in the living room suddenly the doors in the hallway just start opening and closing shut one after the other like someone was going to one room and switching to the other I didn’t think much of it till I realize I was alone I haven’t been scared at all of this stuff for a while because I have accepted it it was as if it was trying to get my attention and then I heard a sneeze and a I looked at the door it came from turning around and nothing was their I also checked both rooms and everything was how it was before and latter that day I had to go to my other Grandmas house while I was their I remembered my moms brother after looking at my grandma i. Her eyes and i wasnt even realley thinking about him at all her son/my uncle killed himself before I was able to meet him and blamed my mom for it I looked at them both and almost bursts out in tears and I havnt really cried or felt real emotion in year except for when things like this happen I never really gave much thought of it but when I looked in my grandmas eyes something came Over me then I felt a hand go in the back of my hair as if to comfort me it kind of startled me At the time and I turned around no body was there everyone was in front of me so I smiled a bit and just went on with my day one of my most remembered energy a was one some time two years ago I started to have this reaped feeling in my dreams and when I wake up I’m paralyzed one night I woke up around midnight and I went to move but I couldn’t all I could was open my eyes and close them I realized something was holding me down and when I looked up something formed a blue fog shaped like a man with no hand or feet as if it was normal and everything as if everyone was like that I began to panic because my lungs felt as if they were being pressed in it sent me a message but I would rather not share it my “powers” I believe I may have are emotional visual sometimes I can hear them and also feel as if it try’s to take over me i also can sense true danger early and react quickly other things have happened to me my whole life and I believe I may have inherited it from my grandma Cheryl and I may even have inherited some from my mom who has said she has seen them before and has encounters and sighs from deceased family I never have thought to really tell my parents because my mom has kind of suffered and is to emotional about things like that and my other parent is just like me and my grandma but never had accepted it my granda Cheryl is Irish and German with some British and my other grandma has mostly native blood i think these abilities have been passed down for generations and spread out some more than others like my grandma Cheryl I like this gift and I have never meant up with things I couldn’t handle mentally before and only few know about my abilities

    • noyb
      January 8, 2014

      ur gma probably gave you your abilities… you inherited them from her. this is going to sound ridiculous, but i always just have this FEELING, you know?

  98. loved
    August 14, 2013

    I dont see ghost dead people or anything but I get alot of information and instructions pictures details dates names times numbers emotions I wentvto a psychic she asked me why was I there im psychic I told her no she said yes you already see it its a gift but I fight with myself I pray I believe in god but whats happening why is it happening to me?

    • craigweiler
      August 15, 2013

      It happens to you because you were born that way. Nothing to be done about it; it’s completely natural. It’s just part of life. Use it to your advantage if you can, but if not, that’s ok too. It’s your life after all.

    • isaiah mcarthur
      November 9, 2013

      congratulations miss loved you are a telepath and by the sounds of it you can need a control too for it so here it is{ tell your very strong mind to put it all into perspective for you }and even if you start to feel mental just breath and tell your mind to show you the best path you can take to be as happy and loved as you can be and all else will fall in to place and a for the images info and stuff simply tell your mind that you are always in control of yourself and command your mind t show you the information at night or a time that conveniant for you… and thats all i too had similar problem i took the riens and shouted heyaaa boooy…i have never looked back lol good luck isaiah out.

  99. loved
    August 14, 2013

    Sometimes its loud and sometimes pictures sometimes dreams or visions I get almost a mental day dream of pictures most of the time Im amazed at myself but I never tell my friends my family my boyfriend I dont want to be looked at different

  100. loved
    August 14, 2013

    Many times I have dreams at some point they come to pass I see people I know alot about them I get thoughts like lottery numbers they always come out if someone has a secret if I see or talk to them something tells me what it is one time I got into the car looked at my friend something told me we both were about to get in a car crash so wear our seatbelts I just told her to make sure she wore hers we both did and lived thru the crash sometimes I think im crazy I spoke to a friend of mine because his girlfriend is. In a school of mine I know who his girlfriend is out of 350 people bc my mind told me I said her name he couldnt believe I knew but my mind told me and I seen it in my thoughts like the crash like the job I have now like peoples secrets like peoples pain joy alot of things how can this be? I dont tell people they will think im crazy

  101. malysa
    July 28, 2013

    If I feel that I am somewhat psychic in my dreams, how can I train them so that they’re more accurate/vivid/reoccurring/etc ?

    • craigweiler
      July 28, 2013

      Somebody, somewhere knows the answer to this, but it’s not me. Sorry.

    • isaiah mcarthur
      November 9, 2013

      hey there i may know of a way you can do that simply tell your self to keep a accurate reading of the dreams you have and i suggest reading up on dream meanings and the like so you have some experiance and know what your seeing than keep a pen nd paper handy and when ou wake from your dream simply right it down and repeat to yourself untill you feel it has no meaning that when its in your subdomian tored and reay for the dream to begin it may work its a beginner level excerise i did it myself and im a lucid dreamer of a considerable talent but this will help you on the treck good luck and be careful not to absorb a dumb thought or watch scary movies before hand or you<ll have a messed up interpitation of the dream.

    • Dawn
      January 15, 2014

      Keep a dream journal. It will train your brain to remember more upon awakening and you’ll develop the abiltiy to control your dreams. It’s a practice that does take some dedication. Write down dreams no matter how insignificant, first thing upon awakening each time you have them. 🙂 Good luck!

      • Dawn
        January 15, 2014

        AND……as far as dream meanings….you’ll have to figure out what they mean for yourself. Each person is different and things mean different things to different people.

        For example, I had a recurring nightmare each night for over a year. I was almost to my breaking point when someone told me I could figure it out on my own and guided me through it. (I was NOT trusting myself back then.) Once I figured out what each thing in the dream symbolized TO ME, the dreams stopped, as if by magic and I was able to start piecing together the information the dreams were trying to convey to me.

        Love and peace to all!

  102. Leah
    July 15, 2013

    Hi, im Leah and 13 and not sure if im physcic. its weird for me because the tiny thaughts that pop in my head that i know are there, but i dont grasp them come true in real life. my dreams do the same thing. somehow though i can feel this presence or energy especially around my passed great grandmothers blankets and such. i have talked to my mom somewhat and she sais she feels psychic. i sometimes cant control my thaughts because there are so many. i also feel very sensitive to talk around people because i feel presences but cant see or really hear it. anyway just looking for answers.

  103. Anonymous
    July 13, 2013

    I’m a young girl at the age of 11. My dreams repeat in random sessions and I started having them at 1 or 2. I only fit half of the signs respectively. I seen many things that happen in my life. I’m scared I’ll die at thing age. You have all right to think this is stupid. I read creepypastas and in a dream, I ran up the stairs, terrified, holding the door shut. Am I in the between spot of psychic?

    I need help. My mom and dad think it’s silly-talk. DIRE NEED OF HELP!!

    • Brennan
      July 13, 2013

      I know how you feel most people except other psychics think its silly talk. i’m going through some of the same things along with telling the future. plus i’m around the same age

      • craigweiler
        July 14, 2013

        Thank you for responding Brennan, those are nice comments you’ve made.

    • craigweiler
      July 14, 2013

      Give it time, it will sort itself out. There is no need to panic. If you’re psychic, then it will eventually be impossible to ignore. If you’re not, then things will just settle down and it’ll be normal.

      • Brennan
        July 14, 2013

        thank you I will do that

    • Racquel
      October 30, 2013

      With psychic dreams not everything happens exactly as you see it. Sometimes signals get mixed up when something is trying to tell us something. I have dreamt of my own death a bunch of times all different ways. And death in a dream doesn’t always mean death in real life. Most of the times it means change. Maybe at this age you are about to go through some major changes in your life, putting death to old outlooks. Trust me. I’m 30 and I’ve had thousands of psychic dreams in my life. Some that were very vivid and came true and others that were symbolic and came true.

      Think of it this way. When we are about to go through some type of emotional or spiritual growth there is no way to make a picture of that in your mind, so I think the brain with our psychic abilities make up dream symbols to make us aware of our own spiritual paths. That’s just my opinion. Hope it helps and good luck. I recommend picking up some books on dreams.

    • Anonymous
      November 14, 2013

      Dear anonymous these dream you are haveing are nothing but fiant lucid dreams if nothing bad has happened yet you should be ok…i suggest early bed times cut down on scary movies and stay positive at young ages gift are influenced by what you do and what you watch think of etc. As a young important person to this universe you must take care of yourself.

  104. Brennan
    July 12, 2013

    sometimes I can tell what is going to happen before it does especially in school, I really love my gift (at least I don’t see people dying) but it happens at random and I want to learn how to control it more!!! please help… and also I can see/hear/feel spirits, that ability i’m afraid i’ve mostly lost and i’m afraid i’m gonna feel this one to. once again PLEASE HELP!

    • craigweiler
      July 14, 2013

      Hi Brennan,
      Psychic ability cannot be controlled. But over time you can learn to adapt to it so that you can use it more.

      Just be patient and keep at it. You’ll get the hang of it.

      • Brennan
        July 14, 2013

        that actually helps a lot thanks

    • Ahale
      July 24, 2013

      This Actually Happens To Me To. I’m 17

  105. Moana
    June 27, 2013

    I feel spirits. sometimes hear them. I’ve been attacked and had some prepare me for worse. this has happened my entire life. when it happens I feel as tho I’m falling. I knew because of an occasion my mother was ill and was told the night before that she would die. I knew from a visit my children’s future although some was taken back because of the trauma it entailed. The attack was frightening and these days I fight the visits. I allowed my recently deceased father in law because I wanted to experimentation

    • Shaman
      March 30, 2015

      The feelings of falling to me are normally of a trance medium working…psychic protection should be learned about as well.

  106. jane
    June 17, 2013

    hi! i was just wondering if being a psychic is actually a sin in orthodoxy religion. is it?

    • Kaitlyn FairChild
      July 15, 2013

      No, i’m an orthodox and i never heard that it is a sin.
      my father is a devoted orthodox, and he is actually a psychic. he dreams, and his dreams become true. he actually likes his powers, and never once said that it was a sin.

    • isaiah mcarthur
      November 9, 2013

      dear jane it is a sin n othadox religion but if ou use the gift for good it will negate the sin and aslong a you do good with it you help others and you help yourself or if we use this power in other means its considerd abuse of our god which ever he or she is… so if you use the gift in a good way its like petting a child saying its ok were ok and everythings fine. or hold our gd and saying i will do no wrong..if you do this…your actually helping…not sinning… this is from y own you can take it to the bank. thanks and live long and prosper.

  107. mxnvega
    June 13, 2013

    I get dreams that come true and visions while I’m awake. For example, I went to a clinic to get my annual check-up, and as I sat in the waiting room, I had a vision of one of the men who raped me walking in. Five minutes later he’s walked in and taken a seat right next to me. This was the most extreme vision I’d ever had, and I feel as if get more bad visions, like this, than ever do good. Is there anyway I can control it?

  108. dorothy holt
    June 10, 2013

    i there my age is 60 my mother died 2years ago and through yhe night i woke to go to the bathroom and i saw too blask shadows at the top of my steps so i shut my bedroom door hopeing it whould go away watied about 10 secs it was still there i felt very strange i got relly mad and told it to go away they floted down my stearcase i think it was my mum and dad but when i was ababy i could see my self above the pram i can see when italk to peaple things about there selfs in there past and future whot is this do i have agift i relly whould like to know dot

    • craigweiler
      June 10, 2013

      I do get a lot of people asking me if they have the gift. I don’t feel qualified to make that decision for anyone else. I do think that if you have felt like you have the gift your whole life then you probably do.

    • dorothy holt
      June 10, 2013


  109. jane
    June 10, 2013

    thank you weiler!

  110. jane
    June 9, 2013

    hey again
    i wasn’t able to confirm or activate reciving mails or posting. what should i do?

    • craigweiler
      June 9, 2013

      The comments are moderated to keep mean people out. You had to wait until I read your comments and approved them. You should have no problems now. As far as I can tell, you’re just psychic and it’s not a mental problem.

      You can get more support on this site:

      There are quite a few people there willing to answer your questions. I’m pretty busy at the moment and my replies are short.

  111. jane
    June 9, 2013

    oh and my email is my mom and dad don’t belive in this type of stuff. one day, i told my friend she was going to stude 13th and unbeliveably she did. please tell me why this happened to me.

  112. jane
    June 9, 2013

    i am 14 years old and I’ve been having deja vus and dreams frequently for the past two years. if i woke up from sleep, i won’t recall my dreams or premonition. but later that day or some day after wards, i get to notice that this was some thing i already saw or dreamed about. what this means is that i can’t recall the deja vu or the dream what ever you would like to call it until it happens. but after it does, it will be so clear and brightly undrestandable that I’ve seen,done,heard,smell,thought… it before in my dreams or as a deja vu. and also, i can tell wether the tv is on or not when i walk in to the room with out hearing the sound, i can interprate dreams of people without knowing that i could, i see dreams which come true in the future, i can sense a powerful force or existance in a room and i also can see orbs some times. my psychic test score came out 70% in esp, clairvoyant, telepathy. i’m i really a psychic or am i going nuts? plz tell me widely about my situation because i’m at ethiopia and couldn’t attened any forum. send me using my email. tnx!

    • Anonymous
      July 7, 2013

      hi, i am also 14, and i am getting these..i dont realy know how to explain it, but at times when im doing something, hear something or see something, i have a feeeling that i know something about it, i get a vibration of some sort go all the way through my body, sometimes it happenes on many occations, and i dont know what to do with it? i also have very strong connections with animals, like i know what they are thinking or feeling. i havent ever told anybody about this but i think i am able to do more things, i just havent tried. i want to know if there is a way to….i guess coach? my abilities into something more? not anything bad! but something usefull?


  113. Anonymous
    May 22, 2013

    this was extremely helpful for me. im at a stressful time in my life, just starting out in high school and im having a hard time sorting things out. i’ve always had dreams that end up coming true in odd ways. i told my mother about this and she said that my grandmother had the same thing. im not exactly sure if it means anything… im just really confused.

  114. george
    May 20, 2013

    Hi Craig,

    Im 14 and my great aunties always been telling me that i have the gift, she is a Psychic medium or whatever you call it and she says her great auntie was like it too, so she thinks it skips a generation and i thought it was a load of willy nilly until i started to get feelings of bad energy in rooms and when i go to new places and meet new people i feel like i have already been there and already met them and when im saying things to them it feels like ive spoke the same words to them before so sometimes i change what im about to say is this a good thing to do? also i dream about things that actually come true sometimes days later sometimes weeks or even years. my auntie says when im older the spirits will come and ask me if i want the real thing is this true? i just need you do give me some advice on this or tell me what its like if i seem like i am pshychic?

    many thanks

    • craigweiler
      May 20, 2013

      Hi George,
      I’m going to give you a website forum to go to: You want the psychic support forum. Tell them what you told me. You’ll need to register, but you don’t have to use your real name.

      It’s better if more than one person gives you advice.

      • george
        May 20, 2013


  115. HARLIE
    May 16, 2013

    I can see dead people or whatever you want to call them. People tolled me I was telling lies. Finally my mom tuck me to a hospital for people like that and they tried to give me meds. I’m not CRAZEY I just see things people don’t normally see. What do I do I’m lost. Hear lately I haven’t ben seeing anything but in my dreams they say things to me and then later on when I’m awake it really dose happen.

  116. Manny
    May 7, 2013

    My “issues” are plain, simple, and re-occurring. I am used to them, but they do scare me. I get glimpses of shadow people that I am absolutely sure I see. I know if a person, living or dead, has entered a room. I can feel the energy change. I left my college dorm because of this. I can walk into a house and feel if there are electronics on. Things fall or break around me all of the time and I always know when it will happen; most of the time it has to do with broken glass. Most animals, except females, hate me (males stay away from me or attack me and female always come up to me and stare into my eyes and hover around me). I’ve helped my mother win the lottery twice from dreams. I know the nature of people…meaning i can predict what a person will do, say, or think (i do not know if that is psychic or just being intuitive). I also really hate being around people unless they are very happy, simple people because I can feel when a person is hurting, confused, or in pain and I share that feeling with them as if it is my own. I suppose my question is, since I am young and just embarking on adulthood, what the heck am I supposed to do with all of this for the rest of my life?

    Thank you and kind regards.

  117. Susie
    April 22, 2013

    Hello i 1 recently turned 15, I’m not sure if psychic, i can sometimes see a little light or glow around people, and sometimes i see or hear shadows around or in people both awake or asleep although not as much as before, but i recently started to have these very detailed or realistic images of people dying or getting hurt at very random times. It very frightening since its only to some people. I would mostly ignore the to my best ability until i saw my parents in a car crash and i panicked. then a few days later my mom and dad were in a car accident. later i saw one of my friends getting electrocuted by a computer when we were in our computer class, and a bit later i notice water falling down on the cables near the outlet. i told him to get away and informed the teacher right before there was a shortage.after that i payed more attention to them. the most recent though has been the fact i kept seeing everything on fire every were i looked for two days around 4-5pm and i told my mom right away. I woke up the next morning to hear about the explosion in Texas. maybe its just a coincidence but im not sure anymore.

    • craigweiler
      April 22, 2013

      There is a forum you can join to share these experiences with other people who are psychic. I’m a moderator there.

      It’s new, so there aren’t a lot of people there yet, but it’s all I can suggest at the moment.

  118. Anonymous
    April 17, 2013

    Just reading the interesting blogs myself I feel I have a gift dont really know how I was picked to have this gift of psychic ability. I followed my path so to speak I met people with spiritual connections in some form but before that I actually astral travelled I was floating above my bed. And I saw at the top of my bed where my headboard was a lady floating wearing whats looked like a hospital gown and she did not say anything to me only that she smiled at me.I started to meet people from the spiritual sense and then starting going to spiritual churches, and then reading books of psychic mediums I could not get enough of them. And then followed by getting into the meditation group which I was asked to leave as I was given messages and I kept being accurate. Now its Im following my heart and have been doing readings for family and friends and people I come across. So now Im going to do readings for other people. My problem is I get very nervous for people that I dont know, Its like as if I freeze and scared of getting it wrong for people. I can feel relaxed around people I know but when it comes to people I dont know I get this fear over me do you know how I can overcome this please if you can help. I see visions in my head and it sometimes looks like a video playing in my head, and people talking to me in my head but I cannot hear them. At first I thought this my thoughts but when I get peoples names sometimes in relation to the people I this is not me thinking up a names its someone spiritually talking to me in my head. I feel how they have passed aswell. This is what I want to be is a psychic medium and find missing children. Just to give an example I met my girlfriends new boyfriend I had only met him for the 2nd time and I started getting visions in my head firstly I got a lady doing crosswords all the time. And I started to get short of breath so I said she died of emphersemia and she told me her name in mind as Irene and I relayed this to John as I felt this was for John and I gave him the message that she said to me and he knew what it meant. And he got blown away by my accuracy this was his ex mother inlaw her name was Irene. I really shocked myself I have since got other names but not all the time. He is not a sceptic anymore and believes in me, If you can help me in anyway you can with me freezing up when I read for total strangers that would be great.


  119. Charlene
    April 6, 2013

    There was one time when I was sitting in my room and was thinking about my sister’s friend Natalie. I kept on thinking of her and I wasn’t sure why and I haven’t seen her in a long time. Then after a few minutes later mom came in my room and said, ” I have a surprise for you… Natalie is here!’ Then I suddenly saw her in a purple tank top, a leather jacket, and a denim skirt and when I went downstairs she was wearing the exact same outfit.

  120. CheeKeiper
    March 24, 2013

    I don’t know where to begin. I’ve been having feelings like a sixth sense towards people I know of them dying. Sometimes I know when and how they will pass away but those that are closer to me I don’t know when or how like I’m permitted to know because I’ll try to save them and disrupt the flow or order of life. I have known of the deaths of three people and have been accurate. Now I have this intuition of another person who is going to pass away. I get these thoughts sometimes of what the future will be like but I’m not so sure about that. I would appreciate your help in explaining what is happening to me, please. Thank you.

    • craigweiler
      March 24, 2013

      I hear about this kind of issue occasionally where someone with psychic ability will suddenly ramp up it will make their life more difficult. While I can hopefully give you some assurance that these things do happen, I can offer no explanation as to why.

      If you’re having trouble dealing with it, I can only offer this. You do not get this gift without being able to handle it. You can make your life a bit easier by choosing to be emotionally strong and being the sort of person that can give comfort to these dying people.

  121. Kirsty
    March 6, 2013

    Hi Craig, My name is Kirsty! Over the years I have noticed just before something might happen I will say to myself, that car is going to hit the curb and it does etc. With numbers I predicted my childrens birth dates, for example I saw the number 8 everywhere prior to my daughters birth and told my friends for sure she was coming on the 8th and she did 08/08. My other daughter said to family and friends that she was going to be born with a birth date that only had 1’s and 2’s in the date and sure enough she was born 11/22/12. There are other things but all of it I can’t right of as just a coincdence any longer. Do you recommend where I can read up on number connections and similar experiences, not sure where to start looking. Thanks alot!

    • craigweiler
      March 7, 2013

      Hi Kristy,
      I don’t know of anything specifically on number connections. What you have described sounds to me like plain old psychic ability.

  122. Nust
    February 27, 2013

    I wouldn’t call it “predicting,” but it certainly is a kind of prediction. This has been going on for a while, dreams coming true. That might be a good thing, only the bad dreams come true. Some years ago, I saw in my dream, a vague image of everyone crying at my nanny’s house on Eid Day. That very year my Uncle got shot on Eid Day and the picture came to life. That was when it clicked. I mean, that had happened before, but I’d marked it as coincidence. But the coincidences started getting sharper with every mishap. I saw my Board examination percentage in a dream, my Chachu lying unconscious on a street in Saddar, the onslaught of floods in Pakistan, my not getting an admission on merit in a medical college. And it all happened accordingly. I had told my mum all this, and hence we were both terrified. I used to be scared out of my wits whenever I saw any bad, terrible, nightmarish dream, I’d be scared it would come true. I started to suffer from insomnia consequently. The dreams that I dream in the course of night are especially the ones that have come to life, in horrible reality. I tried pills, but they didn’t work, either. I have started to be depressed to an utmost degree, a chronic insomniac (it’s been five years or so now, I can’t dare to close my eyes until I hear the Aza’an of Fajr booming from the Masjid, that soothes me and sends me to sleep) I have bags under my eyes, and – well, it’s all horrible. My brother, to whom I related everything, thinks I’m exaggerating, and my father doesn’t want me to see a psychiatrist. It’s more than dreams coming true. Because I’ve started to realize what I am, I have been paying more attention to things – psychic stuff, I mean. Often it happens that if I think of something VERY, VERY hard, it happens. I once fantacised of winning a declamation, I did. Its all like that. whenever I think of someone frequently, I usually see them – meet them in an event, party or things like that. And all this has resulted in useless thinking on my part. I feel tired all the time!

    • craigweiler
      February 27, 2013

      It can be really hard to deal with this stuff. If you’re in medicine in particular you’re in a kind of schizophrenic existence where you’re supposed to have this completely materialistic worldview in a setting that is anything but. As any nurse can tell you, hospitals are full of ghosts, premonitions, hunches, intuition, NDE’s and all manner of psychic stuff. Doctors know this too, but dare not speak about it.

      I get the impression that in your case, given that you’re balancing the psychic stuff with a high status professional life, (always a challenge) you will be served by understanding yourself and psi in scientific terms. I recommend that you get and read the book “The HISS of the ASP” by David Ritchey. He’s done research on anomalously sensitive people. Also “Entangled Minds” by Dean Radin. He is the most well known senior psi researcher.

      My experience is that if I work on desensitizing my fears, things tend to get better over time.


  123. Julie Katsikas
    February 7, 2013

    I remember visiting a new friend one night and we were sitting on the floor in her room facing eachother and where just chatting and all of a sudden I had a split second image (picture) of a african american male standing right beside her. He was wearing a blue jersey with shorts. It was really qiuck.I asked her if she had a black male friend who wore jersey clothes as if he played basketball.ever pass on. She said yes…I didn’t tell her right off what he was doing standing right beside her. Told her he was wearing a blue jersey and shorts. I then asked her id he ever gave her bunny ears. She looked stunned. I saw a quick flash picture image of him just standing beside her with his index and middle finger in the shape of bunny ears and he was just looking at me…I didn’t feel scared or threatend just a little confused. Well after she told me she she knew of his description I asked her if he would joke aound with her by doing bunny ears and she was shocked. She kept on asking me how I knew all of this and I just told her what he was doing and I didn’t get a message from him…just seemed as though mabye he just wanted to let her know that he is still with her goofing around. But like aid he was about 3 feet higher than her couse she was on the flor. He was big…not obese but mabye about240 pounds. How would i know all of that and i barely knew her.I was shocked.people say that its my mental. Illness but I knew everything. Theres times when I’ll be watching tv. Tv and I would just think osomething and all of a sudden what I was thinkngabout will happen. I like thsstuf. A lot of different stuff would happen. Nôt everything was okie dokie….sometimes scary.

  124. Anonymous
    January 18, 2013

    hi. im only 13, but somehow i believe in the fact that i might have psychic abilities. i know i may seem a bit young to understand any of this, but ive been researching, and nothing so far has helped me. when i was little, i used to predict things would happen, then they did. for example, one time i was about 4, and i was stood there, pointing at the shelf saying mummy mummy shelf shelf, she told me to go and play. when i left the room, the shelf fell apart… another time was not long after that, i pointed at the door saying mummy mummy door broke, she told me she’d had enough, and sent me to my room. when i left, the door swung open and broke… but that was a long time ago, so i just left it. but then i had a dream…… i was sitting on my bed in the same room i was sleeping in, everything was where it was supposed to be. my sister was sat on a chair in front of me, and she said, well why dont you wake up and see how messy this room is. i literally woke up after she’d said that (so basically my dream told me to wake up and i did!), and as i sat up, all the boxes against the wall fell down, and pictures fell. i was so scared. and still am, help me… i have spoke to my mum about this and she told me i might be the psychic one. i asked her what does she mean by the psychic ‘one’. this is what she told me. my auntie went to see a psychic, and that psychic proved she knew her stuff, near the end, she told my auntie that one of her neice’s was psychic. she only has two niece’s, me and my little sister, and since ive been through this, i need some answers? i just want to know if im psychic, why me, and how to deal with it. thank you 🙂

    • koman08
      January 23, 2013

      what u have is called precognition the ability to see into the future . I call them visions cause i also have this ability so i know exactly what your going through 100% . these visions last about 20 secs it can come at anytime and in your dreams which you see alot but second guess it , dont when you were at very young age you saw things clear without a doubt , when u get older u tend to lose your ability because your less focused on it , be positive by being positive will make u alot stronger being negative will cease it, start off using breathing techniques during the day will give u a clear mind .

      • Justin
        January 26, 2013

        I also get tat a lot, especially when I am getting myself into negative situations, I get that bad feeling then convince myself that I am just being paranoid but then I end up in some disastrous predicament. Or if I see an object I feel like I am that thing. Weird stuff

  125. Anonymous
    January 16, 2013


  126. Bailey
    January 15, 2013

    Hi um, I don’t rly like to talk about this because honestly I either don’t wanna believe it or I am scared of the fact it might be true and don’t want ppl knowing about it cuz I think they’ll use me for it. But anyway, I think I may have some psychic ability. I am not sure but I have seen atleast one dead person in my life…I have predicted some things before they have happened, and heard voices. I’ve had experiences with the Paranormal but I’m not so sure that’d show any psychic ability. I don’t fit in with any kids at my school. I only have 4 true friends, Im very happy around the woods or rain. Many animals have become just out of no where attracted to me. I just don’t know, so if u could comment back I’d be happy, thank you

  127. Justin
    December 27, 2012

    Hi, I have been fighting my mind since I was about 11, I’m 28 now. Currently I am diagnosed epileptic, type 1 bi-polar, and schizoeffective disorder. I keep having problems and the meds just don’t work. I am starting to lean twords maybe being psychic and not knowing how to control it. I have Dejavue regularly through out the day, when I look at peoples faces they kind of change in front of me to show a deeper description of them, kinda like and overall positive or negative. I see through other peoples eyes and experiences and get a emotion of their collective life; however, I don’t know if these people are real or figments of my imagination. It is like watching commercials on tv on fast forward. It is not limited to just people either. It could be animals, trees, grass, dirt, wind, light particles, god entities, everything that exists and then some. It has the intensity of a memory as if it was from a direct path in my existence. I remember being a god like eternal entity and choosing to enter an existence of a human because our lives are so precious and limited. I remember going through a tunnel and seeing my parents making love and selecting them when I was to come to be.
    Common things happen regularly like knowing when the street light is going to change or when a car is going to turn. A lot of the time it is like I expect things to happen then they do. I remember fairies in the forest when I was really young.
    There is a lot of negative stuff though like my mind racing about how the next day, week, month, year, or lifetime will come to be. I belive there is a reality for every decision that could possibly be made. I feel a sense of superiority over people. I have watched through the eyes of murder, rape, molestation, genocide, cannabal victims ect. I feel I have died through many many people. I see in my mind like I was viewing through gods eyes. My dreams can be indescribable. From dreaming stuff in the next day to speeding through the cosmos.
    I get a lot of anxiety around a lot of people though because I feel like I am listening to all of their thoughts and they are directed at me and I get quite a bit of paranoia and that I’m indestructible. It has been progressively getting more intense in cycles as I get older. The other day I had an attack that was extremely physically painfull. I was looking at the collection of all of my thoughts and saw like a true image of myself and it was so horrifying I couldn’t breath, was convulsing, and in extreme pain. It happened the next day too. I just can’t take much more of this, just taking a shot in the dark, maybe I’m not completely out of my mind and there is a way to manage this.

    Thank you

    • craigweiler
      December 27, 2012

      I need to give this some thought. I”ll respond in detail soon. What you are describing though, is not crazy talk.

    • craigweiler
      December 27, 2012

      I don’t see meds working for you. You’re going to have to gut this out. The first problem is that you’re being constantly overstimulated because you’re extremely sensitive and it’s easy for you to get overloaded. You’ll need to manage it better somehow. I’m not saying that you should be hermit, but too much action is not good for you.

      Meditation is a must. You need practice, and lots of it, at managing your mind so that you can direct it better where to go and what to think. The trouble with being so sensitive is that once dark thoughts get going, they can get going like an out of control freight train.

      You need to write about what you are experiencing. This will accomplish two things: First, people need to know what you are experiencing; you have something important to give here. Second, writing and language skills in general are a left brain function and it will put you in a much more analytical frame of mind. It’s a useful escape from all the noise.

      This gets easier as you get older. For people like us, it takes much longer to learn how to process reality than for ordinary people. There is far more that we have to deal with.

      Good luck to you.


      • Justin
        December 29, 2012

        Thank you, that gives me a little hope. Now I have to get past the under-minding of myself. I am constantly sabotaging myself so when I make any progress of some sort I end up falling three steps behind of where I started. I can’t for the life of me find out how to motivate myself. I am an artist and bassist. They are my favorite things to do but it takes all my will to get myself to do them and a lot of the time that isn’t enough.
        Also, have you ever heard of the mind manifesting its unresolved issues or whatnot into such an extreme physical pain like I have described? It was the scariest thing I ever felt and don’t want it to happen more.


        • craigweiler
          December 29, 2012

          Yes, in fact I think that all physical pain can ultimately be traced to unresolved issues. The only difference for you is that you can’t ignore or forget the connection. (Neither can I.) The good news is that you can learn to manage and ultimately heal your physical pain by dealing with the issues.

  128. Melanie
    November 19, 2012

    Also, I did sort of tame a pony once (which maybe sounds funny? It doesn’t sound as impressive as taming a horse, haha). Well, I knew nothing of horses or ponies, and I was at a friend’s parents’ house back in college. They had a pony who wouldn’t let any person get close to him, so I asked if I could try to approach the pony. They said sure, so I did… and the pony approached me so quickly and easily! They said the pony had no problem being close to people after that, and I really didn’t even know what I’d done. Hmmm, so maybe I should do more reading and thinking on this…

  129. Melanie
    November 19, 2012

    Now I’m feeling sort of dumb… I decided to look up some images of the cat from that movie, and there is no white spot! Haha, I guess I wanted it to be there. Still,there is a huge connection between my dream and the movie, and it really amazes me. I do feel like it could be pointing me in the direction of communicating more with animals, so I will be exploring that. I had this dream several years ago, but I guess I’m giving even more thought now to all the psychic dreams I’ve had.

  130. Melanie
    November 19, 2012

    Oops, I forgot to mention that my cat Max has eyes that generally look very intense and open (and like he’s REALLY taking everything in, you know?). The cat in the movie has eyes like that, too. :^D

  131. Melanie
    November 19, 2012

    Dear Craig,

    I know I’ve already thanked you elsewhere on your blog, but I feel I need to thank you again. I’ve read so many of your posts (and the comments that follow) over the past few days or so, and I’m getting an enormous amount out of it. I love that you tie so many things together, since this is how my mind works, too… I mean, I always seem to be learning about so many different things, and then making connections, looking for meaning… while understanding that we’ll never “figure it all out”, of course. :^D

    Like I said earlier, I see myself as just mildly psychic, at least at this point. I’m not sure if it’s something that I wish to develop or not, but I am certainly pondering the possibility. I did read your post about how to develop it, and I thank you for that.

    I would like to share some of the psychic experiences I’ve had, in case it helps anyone out there who might be reading, and also in case anyone out there has some insight to share with me. I haven’t had very many psychic experiences at all, but the ones I’ve had have made a huge impression on me. (Although I may have forgotten some of them… not sure.) Hmmm, I think I’ll share just one of them for now…

    Several years ago I dreamed that my cat Max was talking to me. He had a human voice in the dream, a very distinct adult male human voice that was kind of funny because it didn’t seem to go with him. I don’t remember what he said to me (and I REALLY wish I did), but I do remember that I asked him why he’d never spoken to me before. His reply was that he HAD spoken to me before, but that I just hadn’t been listening. That’s all I remember about the dream. By the way, Max is a black cat with a little white spot on his chest, and I love all six of my cats… but he and I do seem to have a special connection. But this story isn’t finished! ;^D Anyway, so I can’t remember how much time passed… Days? Weeks? I don’t think it was months… Well, I sat down to watch a movie called “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, not really knowing much about it ahead of time. (It was recommended by an online HSP friend, and I knew it was a Japanese anime film, but I don’t think she told me too much about it.) Well, the main character in the movie has a little black cat with a white spot on his chest (just like my Max!), and he speaks to her throughout the movie (!), and his voice is very similar to the one in my dream (!). I can’t even begin to describe how this all made me feel! I still don’t think I can really communicate with my cat Max, though… I must not be listening… but we are definitely very close. :^D

    That is all for now. :^D


    • craigweiler
      November 19, 2012

      Thanks for the comment. It’s great to hear these stories. I realize that this is a rather bland statement, but be assured, I am reading everything you write, even if I don’t reply.


      • Melanie
        November 19, 2012

        Thank you. :^D

  132. Tara
    October 26, 2012

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I really am gratefull to have stumbled upon your blog. I am 36 years old. Up until a few years ago I really just though I was some kind of freak. I spend alot of time trying to conceal how different I am. I have spent even more time trying to ensure my son lives the most normal life possible. I have been sensitive my entire life. Only recently am I beginning to embrace it and try to develope some control over it. I have also attracted paranormal events in just about every place I have lived. The stories I have read here, along with some of the characteristics you have listed for psychic people as well as the support you are providing have given me some much needed reassurance. I will continue to read what you have written and follow along.

    Thank you so much for what you are doing here.


    • craigweiler
      October 26, 2012

      I’m happy to be of service. Thank you for your kind words.

      • noyb
        January 8, 2014

        hi, craig.
        i just discovered this website 2day while looking for anonymous help, but i’ve posted a lot of things as replies to others and i just wanted to sum it up in one reply before you could answer.
        my house is 143 years old. we own 6.66 acres. i believe that me mother is psychic(the day after her dad died, she was laying in bed, but she touched the ceiling like she was being lifted.), is it something you inherit? a genetic glitch? i always feel watched, i have irrelevant perceptive dreams, and i feel very middle-aged for fourteen. i always have nightmares and i sometimes hear my name whispered. i think a spirit is living on my estate because i had a dream where a woman looked at me and whispered, “Maria” in the same voice she used to whisper my name. also, i had a really weird dream where the grim reaper said “6-3-1” and when i woke up, it was 6:31. is this all just crazy? have i been watching too much “Psych”? my version isn’t funny like Sean Spencer’s. please respond, I’m dying to know what’s wrong with my brain.

  133. Blink
    October 20, 2012

    It made grocery store trips confusing, until I learned what all that “feeling noise” was. Now I just get overwhelmed when I shop if anxiety ridden shoppers are there, like at Thanksgiving.
    For the young ones, it gets easier. I found Alanon helped as I have friends and family members who were alcoholics. Helped me understand how to apply language to what I’m receiving and how to use spirituality without having religious specifics pressed on me. Helped with the shame, etc. It worked for me, doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.
    You’re ok.

  134. tracey
    October 7, 2012

    i don’t think i’m psychic, in that i know what’s gonna happen. sometimes though, when i am going to work, i can tell what kind of a day i’m going to have as i am walking in th building. i can get a sense of a place, a vibe so to speak. but, i think i am if not a medium, sensitive. i see things. i’m a nurse, and i see things at work a lot. it’s like outlines of people walking around. sometimes i hear things too. once i heard what sounded like an old lady moaning, but there were no patients around, and i was i in what had been an old e.r. i grew up in a haunted house, at least i think it was. my brother and i both agree that someone was there. the dead don’t speak to me, but i know they’re there. i usually just tell them to go away, if i feel them around. it makes me nervous when i know they are around.

  135. Anonymous
    August 29, 2012

    i want to know if i am really psychic i can pull cards from a deck and know what they are befor i see them but it is not as consistant as i would like it to be . when i see things like visons or what ever you want to call it it look like i am see thought the eyes of who ever it may be i all so sometimes feel what that person is feeling at the moment in time can any one help me ?

  136. jake
    August 22, 2012

    help please I do want to be physhic because I want to stand out from everyone else I dont want to be normal

    • rachel
      September 17, 2012

      I beleive this is a gift that people are born with. I have ignored it my whole life and now im 23 im blowing peoples mind when i tell them about there loved ones who passed and how well i can pick up on spirits and i can pin point everything about that spirit. my whole life it creeped me out and i would push it away now something tells me I was born with it this is my destiny to help others communicate with there passed loved ones

  137. jake
    August 22, 2012

    Hi guys im going through alot of that i occasionally get headaches but whenever i walk into a room ive never been in before or see somethine or someone ive never seen before my head goes a bit dizzy and its weird its like they’re adding to my memory and i have similar things to you I have dreams that become reality and most of my predictictions come true I need to know but its not like i can justpredict something and it will happen it happens randomly i dont even think of it. It just pops up in my head and i try to get rid of it but it wont go. However in my childhood i do have a past of banging my head alot of times and once i had a very big rock chucked at my head and cracked it but before im 13 its never happened until i turned 12

    • Anonymous
      August 29, 2012

      im like you im 18 and when i was born i past away and had to be brung back im not sure how we can do it but stick at it and try to control it more trust me it better it is random but when it does happen and you control you can feel the feelings of the person your look thought i know this sounds mad but im not 100% sure of it my self just know you not alone mate

      take care yours truly x

  138. Tracy
    July 3, 2012

    Hi Im not really sure why Im commenting right now as I dont normally comment on these sort of pages but I really like what you have written and I think I understand myself a little bit better now. I never really thought that what I have was anywhere in the nature of being a gift, more of a problem that was always going to have to be delt with. I decided to embrase it and have been trying to research alot and havnt had much luck in finding sites with more than a basic understanding without real insight and this is probly the first sight I have found where someone seems to have a real grasp of it so thankyou. Since deciding to embrase my abilities I have had major progress with it all and am now starting to like my life not being scared of the dark lol but was wondering if I could get some further advice. Basicly I’m a little bit scared that I am going to loose myself and who I am in it as every aspect of my life is in some way intertwinned in it: my personality, feelings that arnt mine, thoughts thats arnt mine, things I say apparently arn’t mine half the time, dreams taken over, no privacy ever, seing things that are goin to happen, knowing things I really shouldn’t know, knowing what people are always thinking, waking up to spirits alot so no sleep, hearing people speak to me, everywhere and everthing I do is because I’m ment to do them or go there. Like where does fate end and freewill begin and if everything is all psychic ability whats left that is mine alone that I can call me? Or is me just that a psychic?

    • craigweiler
      July 3, 2012

      You won’t lose yourself. You will just expand who you are. It’s not something to be worried about. As far as the rest goes; my advice is to hang in there. You’ll get used to it over time and there is less overall stress because you’re not expending so much energy holding it all back.

  139. Charlie
    March 13, 2012

    Hi, I know most of the other people commenting are old then me and probably know a lot more about what they are saying. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone if what I’m saying is just stupid and just related to being a teenager. But I’m 16, when I was younger the thought I was border line dyslexic thought later with extra lessons and stuff they told me I grew out of it. I suffer from migranes and I have panic attacks for no reason. It would just be a normal day and I’d just suddenly have a panic attack, I only get them now when I’m upset but they started when I was 13. I feel like I feel people’s pain sometimes, I get ‘vibes’ off people (excuse the cliche). When I say vibes I mean it feels like I can feel them, their essence, either personality, teir traits. I’m normally pretty accurate. I can feel my best friend very strongly, I know when he’s upset or distressed, sometime I see it in dreams and sometimes I just know. I feel really close to me granddad who died when I was two, I feel like I know him so well but yet how can I of I was two when he died? It upsets me because I feel false in my knowing of him. My best friend thinks I could see him if I tried but I’m too scared to fail, I don’t know if that’s true or even if I can feel him now. Maybe it’s just all in my head. I know psychics tend to be sensitive, and with some thing I am, animals always, certain people…but in also very judgmental and manipulative. Because I know how people work I guess I know how to pull their strings, most of the time I try use that to help people, to help them with the pain I feel. I don’t know if all this is in my head, it’s not out of character for my mind to run away with me. I’m quite creative I write and draw a lot but sometimes it’s easy to get lost it all. I guess I just need an outsiders perspective. If anyone could just tell me if this makes sense to them. If I’m just saying something that’s totally irellavent then please just be brutally honest. Please if anyone has a little insight, I’ve tried to reach out to people before about this stuff on Wiccan websites and no one has given me any help. Please just be honest with me. Charlie.

    • Squid
      June 14, 2012

      I am personally a little younger then you. I also get the , ehh, vibes off people. I can tell their emotional state. Sometimes( depends on person) I can kinda tell what they’re thinking about
      I dream a lot, I enjoy it, sleeping as it offers an escape from reality. Everyonce and awhile (I never know when I’m dreaming so I can’t really catalogue when it happens) I visualize a picture, a scene. Sometimes almost like a movie. Faceless, anonymous people
      But, X amount of days later this happens and I get a pure de ja vu feeling

      Around people I also see vague aura’s
      Sometimes, that seems to be heavily reliant on my mood, but I used to think I am crazy. I’m a misfit, paranoid shutout
      And, I am also quite.. Manipulative
      Words come to me, people listen
      I can coerce people

      I know what your going through
      I am christian, but non-practicing
      It’s hard being a teen like this
      Everyone I’ve told has ended up leaving me alone
      Calling me crazy

      Your not alone dude
      Hang in there
      -sincerely Squid

      • Charlie
        July 6, 2012

        Thank you for that, and since my first contact on this website I’ve developed a lot. The dreams and day dreams are something I strongly relate too, I find writing it down or creating a story from it helps. And yeah the manipulative stuff was/is hard for me because I find myself wanting to change people too much. I’m going to be honest and say when I was in a bad mood I used to do it for sport. But now I’m much more accepting of who I am and what I can do so just take it all in my stride. I find myself a lot less tierd now and my energy is much healthier. And although you feel like an outcast now when people start growing up and you start getting more comfortable you do fine people who will accept what you can do. I think the biggest thing for me was I’m seen as a ‘science and logic’ girl, although I’m talented in art my subjects are biology, chemistry, psychology and English, so it’s easier for people to take me seriously about my abilities. Family is a little harder for me but they know who I am, I just won’t label it with them. You’ll find the more confident you get in yourself the easier it is to find people like us who will accept it. So work on accepting it yourself first 🙂 trust me it helps.

  140. John
    February 13, 2012

    I dream about the next days occurrences almost every night. I used to hear voices and see visions when I was younger but I wrote it all off as a haunting bc when I moved to a new place, it all stopped. But my intuition is extremely accurate and I have never been able to fit in with the crowd; in fact, I hide away from people and as much as I hate to admit it, I’m painfully shy. I don’t understand what it’s for and sometimes I wish I were normal and never had experiences. I have had numerous near death experiences and I wanted to die bc it was so peaceful but something slammed my spirit back into my body and held me there until I breathed again. A week later, a voice whispered into my ear and said “One day I will need you. The promises of love.”. Then the language shifted, I think bc I was so frightened that I heard the actual language as it was being spoken which was not English but a language I have never heard before. I took it as a message letting me know it was not my time to go. I bought a book on honing my psychic abilities but bc I was afraid of what I was getting myself into, I threw it away. My wife knows, my dreams are extremely accurate but most of the time, lately, the dreams about the movie we will be seeing that evening or I’ll dream about someone who I will be meeting for the first time but I’ve never seen them before that day.

    I believe in Jesus and I fear that there is a conflict of interest, so I stay away from honing my abilities altogether. God spoke to me through a dream once and told me to only focus on getting married, which I did and growing in love, peace and joy. I guess nothing else matters. He also showed me words in a vision and the words read “Chistian, come out of the way of darkness.” This was at a time I was struggling with a particular sin that had a strong hold on me but by his grace, I have overcome that demon.

    I feel like I’m aimlessly going about my routines in life and I have a deep desire to connect with others and help others but I have an immense fear of being rejected or misjudged. I wish there were answers to all my questions. I wish I could speak to God and concisely receive his answers without wondering whether or not they’re really from him.

    • craigweiler
      February 14, 2012

      I’m not a Christian myself, but I deeply feel the sincerity of your experience and I know that it’s true for you. I don’t claim to know how to sort out religious experiences, but I don’t reject them either. What you describe of your life is very moving.

  141. Anonymous
    August 17, 2011

    Thank you so much! As a psychic the stress of feeling the whole world is overwhelming. I’m trying to finish school, but it’s very difficult. However, I will hang in there and continue to read your articles. You defined me exactly!

  142. Scott
    June 6, 2011


    • raymond
      March 19, 2012

      gravity is irrealavent

      • Anonymous
        September 12, 2012

        it depends where you are.

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