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How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

I’ve resisted posting on this topic for many years, because I’ve been down this path as a teacher and I wanted to explore other things.  But I’ve gotten numerous requests over time to address this topic directly, and I have done a lot more research in the intervening years, so here goes:

Psychic ability is not a physical skill.  It’s not like shooting a basketball or kicking a soccer ball; it’s strictly a mental/emotional activity and has no physical counterpart beyond what you feel.  It is not a mental skill, like learning to play chess because your mind can wander during the game and you can switch rapidly to different mental and emotional states without even being consciously aware of it and not affect the outcome of the game.

Psychic ability however, is another kind of skill entirely.  It requires identifying and holding a very specific mental/emotional state for a period of time.  One of the first problems with this is that because there is no physical equivalent, there can be no instructions on how to do this or any indication from anyone else that you have got it right.  No one else can communicate exactly what the correct state of mental/emotional mind is for you to access psychic ability.  It’s like someone trying to explain the color red to you.  It is an irreducible thing that you have to experience for yourself to understand.  Unlike the color red however, no one can point to a universally understood descriptor to communicate the idea.

So in order for me to communicate the idea of how to develop your psychic ability, I have to talk around it.  First and foremost on the list is understanding the theory behind psychic ability, so I will start there:

The prevailing theory of mind; that is to say the one held by academia and science in general, is that consciousness is produced by the brain.  This is called materialism and without getting into specifics, I’ll just say that it has been disproved six ways from Sunday.  It is impossible philosophically, it doesn’t match the evidence and most importantly, psychic ability makes no sense under this theory.  Under materialism, psychic ability has the appearance of being a super power, which it decidedly is not.

Understanding psychic ability requires dumping materialism in favor of a different approach.  The most parsimonious available theory that allows the existence of psychic ability as a natural state of affairs is that consciousness is a part of physics.  That is to say, consciousness is fundamental to the universe.  This idea has been around in various forms for thousands of years.

I have several posts on the subject, two of which I have linked to:

A Filter Model of Consciousness

Consciousness Is Part of Reality, Not a Trick of Evolution

Here’s what I’m driving at:  If we look at consciousness as being fundamental to the universe, then psychic ability makes sense.  Consciousness is part of physics, so of course we will see consciousness affecting physical reality.  The rest of reality will blend seamlessly with consciousness so that you can’t really separate them.  There are experiments in physics which support this idea.  In fact, if you look at quantum physics a basic fact becomes obvious:  There is nothing in physics which prevents the existence of psychic ability. 

This relates to developing your psychic ability in a significant way: it says that the brain does not produce consciousness, but is rather a filter for it.  That is to say that our consciousness exists independent of our brains and can be neither created nor destroyed.  it also strongly suggests that the brain function is to limit and focus consciousness.

Psychic ability then, is not a power, but a sensitivity.  That is to say that it is developed through tuning and focusing.  How is this different from ordinary tasks?  In order to develop psychic ability we must increase our sensitivity in order to boost the signal.   However, anyone familiar with radio knows that as you boost sensitivity, you also boost noise.  Psychic ability functions this way.  You have to increase your sensitivity to increase your psychic ability, and this also increases the noise.

What do I mean when I say sensitivity?  I mean mental, physical and emotional sensitivity.  You have to be open yourself up to all three and it isn’t always pleasant being more sensitive.  The most important thing to realize about this sensitivity is the noise it creates.  This bears some discussion:

Crack open any book on developing psychic ability and chances are the first thing you’ll be told is to have a quiet mind.  Psychic ability is about tuning into and focusing on the desired information and in order for that information to get in, other things in your mind will have to be pushed aside.

Mental Noise:

When attempting to engage in telepathy, clairvoyance or other forms of psychic ability, mental noise is sure to come up.  The mind is an active place and there are always things to think about.  I can practically guarantee that as soon as you attempt to quiet your mind, you’ll suddenly remember important things that were in the back of your mind.  This is normal.  We all have lives and not all of it revolves around psychic ability.  Keep a piece of paper handy and if something you need to remember comes to mind, write it down for later.   That way you’ll be able to forget about it for the time being.

Mental noise also comes in the form of daydreaming.  Daydreaming is a bit more complicated because it has a fear element to it.  I’ll address this under “emotional noise.”

Physical Noise:

When you quiet down your mind, your body follows suit.  This is also the time that you notice your aches and pains and stress that are kind of blocked out most of the time.  This can also be related to emotional noise.

Emotional Noise:

By far the greatest difficulty to developing your psychic ability will be your own emotional noise.  Turning up the sensitivity also makes us more emotional.  Here is where we all run into subconscious resistance to using psychic ability.  This resistance is normal and nothing to get upset about.  We all have a degree of emotional pain and raising our sensitivity makes us aware of emotional pain that we would just as soon forget.  Memories of everything we ever did wrong; insecurities about nearly everything; doubt about our own abilities all surface when we are raising our sensitivity, so they have to be dealt with and there are a variety of ways to do this.  One thing to remember is that when your fears or your wandering mind get the best of you, that’s normal.  Just take a deep breath and refocus when that happens.

A lot of methods come down to somehow shoving it all aside so that you can continue working on your psychic ability.  And that works, up to a point, but once you’ve unearthed deep and painful emotions they can never be shoved all the way down again.  If you’re not prepared for this rather nasty side effect, it can seriously disrupt your life and a few people have even been driven crazy this way.  Take it seriously.

You will have to occasionally face these deep seated fears to take the pressure off.  Generally meditating on them in a comfortable space by calling the fear to mind and then allowing yourself to experience it (by breathing  through the fear.) will help immensely.


Now that you know that there is noise to contend with, hopefully you’ll have realistic expectations about what you can accomplish.  Psychic ability is about quieting down the noise enough to let something through that naturally occurs.  The exact frame of mind you’ll need is something you’ll just have to experiment with, but there are a few guidelines along the way to point you in the right direction.

There are several things that have to happen simultaneously: receptivity, non judgment, intent and focus are all states of mind that enhance psi.  It is a lot like improvisational comedy, so I will use it as an example:

Your first idea is your right idea:   You cannot censor, filter or think about the things that come to mind.  This slows down or stops the process.

Always agree:  Most people don’t know this about improv comedy, but agreement is funny and disagreement is not.  If your partner says to you “Hey fellow elephant.  Move over!”  you have to agree that you’re playing an elephant.  “Ok, I’ll move over but don’t break the barstool . . . again.  And stay away from my peanut bowl.”  Psi is much the same way.  Agreement with things that come to mind will bring clarity, and disagreement will kill it.

The magic happens once you’re in the flow:  The beginning of an improv comedy scene is rarely funny, but when people get into a zone with each other, it can switch to being hysterically funny.  Likewise, with psi, things don’t always happen right away, but suddenly the magic happens and you’ve accomplished something noteworthy.  Flow, by the way, is a legitimate psychological term.

Improv comedy has a loose structure of rules that allow a great deal of creativity to go in whatever direction the ideas take you.  The rules function as the intent and then the players focus on what they’re doing and go for it.  Which brings me to the next point:

Commit fully:  In improv comedy, you’re standing in the stage wings, the audience has all of their attention focused and you have no idea what to do.  The person standing on stage though, needs you to come out and get things rolling.  You have to go out there, with your blank mind right now!  Don’t hold back.  Treat it as though you’re jumping off a cliff.  Once the decision is made, you’re going forward and there is no turning back.  for better or worse, you have to DO SOMETHING!  And surprisingly, once the decision is made, the avenues of exploration open up and things begin to flow.  Psi is a lot like that.

It also works much better in groups than it does individually.  Even two people is better than just one.  Some experiments have yielded impressive results from group settings.

In general, you’ll be drawn to some types of psi over others.  Some people are clairvoyant, some are healers, readers, some do telekinesis; the list is long.  Generally, you’ll feel more comfortable with the kind of psi that works best for you.  It’s something that you have to discover on your own.  It’s also not unusual for people to do more than one type.  Just remember: distraction is very common and having trouble getting the right frame of mind and holding it is also common.  If it happens, don’t despair, just take up where you left off and continue until you run out of time.

If you want to know more, there are about a bazillion books on the subject, not one of which I’ve read.  It seemed unnecessary for me.  Ideally, find a group to meet with.  This seems to work best.  You can do this fairly easily on meet up.  Here’s the link:   Good luck to you.  If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I’ll address it when I have the chance.

36 comments on “How to Develop Your Psychic Ability

  1. PsychicKevin
    November 3, 2017

    loved the article thank you for sharing this. I am also a psychic and teach others how to develop psychic abilities.

  2. Charles Joseph Lane
    June 23, 2016

    My name is Charles Joseph Lane of Longview WA and I need someone to speak with me and point me about my gifts, Control of Elements and hearing of thoughts, Seeing others dreams plus dream interpretation, Astral-projection, spirits walking, and working on temp possession. Many more amazing gifts. These things are all provable and i’m sure you will be amazed. The person who will read this had a dream about eggplants growing so large they would blow up? cell # 3607474965 Email is

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  4. Tony
    April 22, 2016

    I know this sounds crazy but I’ve watched psychic investigations and it really drives my heart to consider having and needing a gift to help in some way. I have no doubt of belief watching them, I leave my feelings to it, basically scared, sad, angry and rebalance against the perpetrator. Maybe it’s just a natural feeling but there has to be an avenue for me to work with. There’s so many that need help in all kinds of way…. As long as the gift is granted to me under Gods will and nothing else, cause I will take no part in evil works. Even though some things may seem to appear right it could be wrong, but that’s not for me to judge so I just wish for an angelic psychic gift under the lords command.

    so with this said, is it possible my spirit can connect with the psychic world to help the ones in need?

  5. Teresa
    May 29, 2015

    Another question, sometimes I see eyes only and im not sure what that means. I also see a stairwell leading up to a door that’s cracked open, buy im affraid of what’s on the other side. Can someone tell me what these mean?
    Thank you,

  6. Teresa
    May 29, 2015

    I see pictures in my mind that flash from one to another, but don’t seem to connect. How do I learn to interpret them to understand them. They are flashes of things, but don’t seem to connect.
    Thank you,

  7. Cameron
    November 19, 2014

    I’m hoping you can help with my understanding of my pain… Im not sure but I think it is psychic pain… I have been having pains in my arms for some time and yes I have had them checked out by a md to rule that out. Currently I’m having pain on my right side

  8. Ricko
    July 27, 2014

    Isnt it somehow freaky to talk to ghosts or spiirits coz it totaly freaks me out

  9. rebeccaskibo
    December 29, 2013

    i thank you for sharing these things with us. i am a psychic myself i have a massage for you from your great great grandmother “i love you very much even though you dont remember me i miss your mother as well she is very beautiful and you look just like your father and your fathers father i love you and will always be with you”

    • craigweiler
      December 29, 2013

      I think you meant great grandmother, not great great. They were dead before I was born. I had two that I met. I’m sure that they were nice people, but I met them, like, twice, I think.

      • Rebecca Skibo
        January 3, 2014

        yeah i did mean great grand mother some times i mess up the message a little. i just learned to use my powers about four years ago. my mother knows of them but not all of them. like did you know that there is three parts of the spirit world.the first one is the forest of light that is where good adults go when they die but don’t pass on to the after life. then there is the middle where children go that don’t pass on. i visit there almost every night to help them pass on. some of there stories are depressing, others are of them trying to save a love one. i get prophesies all the time. one of them creeps me out. i have been warned by lots of the spirits that i should stay in the middle realm of the spirit world. i listen to them a lot. i can usually tell good spirits from bad spirits. also one part of the spirit world i haven’t mentioned is the dark forest that’s what the spirits call it. i never go there. i am happy to have a family that understands my powers and knows that it is real place. i come from a long line of psychics. i am trying to find out what the warnings are about and who they are talking about. i have some suspicions on who they might be but i won’t tell you cause i might be wrong.

        • Anonymous
          October 30, 2015

          I am so intrigued reading all of this.. I have had all kinds of feelings that lead me to feel I have abilities but have never fully inhanced them. As a child all the way to now I can tell when I’m not alone, I see sparkles all around, I hear my name whispered at different times since I was a kid. I sense things and I really want to embrace it and make it stronger just that little part of me that has doubt and that I’m crazy or something

          • NJ
            August 13, 2016

            If you want to work on them.. those ones… I’d suggest staying FAR away from clairaudience… I suggest that for everyone, straight up. For the ones that you’ve mentioned: pay attention to your “second face,” as I call it – your inner face. Try to smile on the inside, then frown or do whatever — on the inside, just behind your face.. keep your face normal. Many people with glasses, once they take them off, can see that face moving but can’t see it with their glasses on — try it with someone (make different inner faces then do the same with their glasses on). Look at the “sparkles,” in the air like you said. Especially in the morning, like 3am. Look at the sparkles and try to move different parts of them with your mind and your hands. Focus on different points of your body and feel how it fills up with “pressure” or what have you. Then put it outside of your own body, while paying attention to the “sparkles”. Figure out how all of that works. Learn to pay attention to different places in your peripherals and if you can get someone else to practise too, you’ll be able to literally see the second set of eyes that everyone has – and the first time seeing them is really scary. Ummmmmm…. Yeah. STAY FAR AWAY FROM SPIRITISM AT ALL COSTS. Whatever other people say about that, don’t listen to them. Don’t take advice from spiritual mediums, don’t try to deal with spirits – DO NOT trust them. 100%. The gravity of this is such that it makes me want to erase this entire message. Learn to see energy and the air like I’m saying and you’ll see ENOUGH spirits to sate any desire you might have for them!! Most of the ones that you’ll notice (I think because they allow you to) are ungodly ones and… just trust me. What is it for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
            Anyways. Once you have a decent standing with those abilities… just learn to quiet your own mind and connect to other things with a long enough time and enough self-‘sacrifice’ that you can feel them. Feel their weight, their personality, their memories… Pay attention that you do not confuse your own imagination with things that are there, and then you’ll be able to see things in the other realm and… other people’s ideas and… all kinds of stuff. But don’t judge people on their thoughts. You should know how hard it is to control them and random crap passes through your mind all the time — not all of it even being yours and by making yourself more sensitive to external stimuli, you’ll be even more susceptible to external influence on your thoughts. Blessing and a curse. Your choice. Just remember to always see the truth, you can impose your will upon systems or minds or what have you (I suggest not trying to push your will on others). Just see what’s currently happening and push it in the direction you wish – with a strong will and don’t allow failure to be an option. Like when telling an animal to do something. If you have even an inch of weak-willingness, even a modicum of “I don’t ‘really’ need you to do that,” then they probably won’t do it. If you think about what I’m saying — really think about it — you’ll see.
            A good book to learn a lot of this from is “How to know God” by Swami Purjapadra or whatever his name is 😛 small book, and although it DOES NOT REALLY TEACH YOU HOW TO KNOW GOD – it teaches you how to know consciousness. Yogis have learned in-depth about consciousness… and they call consciousness God (or think it is). That is their one, deepest mistake.

      • Rebecca Skibo
        January 3, 2014

        to tell you the truth i am only 14 years old i am a healer too. i asked my mom if she wanted to see her father in the spirit world she got so scared she had to go to the ER to get calmed down. also do think you can figure out what this warning means; on become two, life shall bring fire, lioness and wolf shall meet in battle and blood will rule the world. it freaked me out i have not told my mother of this prophecy because i am scared that she won’t handle it the right way.what should i do?

        • NJ
          August 13, 2016

          Take it to a priest. I have a pretty good idea… but.. you’ll know. Ask to know.

  10. Anonymous
    December 29, 2013

    hi my name is rebecca skibo i am a psychic. i some times read minds and when i do i ask them what they are thinking and it creeps them out. i lose a lot of friends because of my powers. they often call me a creeper. one time i told my freind noah: “it is not like you play mortal combat on your trampleen “and he was totally freaked out . i was happy when he still wanted to be friends. thanks for the writing info

  11. Synclaire C.
    June 22, 2013

    Here is my problem and I hope someone else understands it I am afraid to let go, to see what I could see because I am afraid of the feelings and images I would experience I can’t look at pics of most missing persons or homicide victims. All i do now is entertain ghost hunters by pointing out where they need to go if they want to catch an energy anomaly (that’s what I call them, I don’t know what they are, I turn off and don’t want to know more) Does anyone else experience this and if so how do they handle it?

    • Rebecca Skibo
      January 3, 2014

      hi it is me Rebecca Skibo i am psychic as well i see ghost all the time i usually ignore them when people are around except my mother. i know it can be scary some times to know the unknown and see the unseen. i usually tell the ghost with my mind to stop talking for now until i am alone. when i see a missing person sign i try to block out what i see by thinking of other things. i wish i could be a cop but i am afraid of what they might say or do. when people are psychic it is hard for them not to tell and i have to keep it a secret from any one i know because i am afraid to lose a friend. i actually get to go to the spirit world a lot. don’t be afraid of them if you sense an evil presence tell it go away and if that does not work say i rebuke you in the name of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. It works for me any way and if you plan on being christian i can’t believe i am saying this DO NOT TELL ANY OF THEM not even the priest. they say you can not be psychic and still be a christian. i actually talk to GOD most of the time and he chases away the evil spirits. you can be born a psychic and still be a christian. just ask GOD into your heart forever. he is a friend that will never leave you, never abound you, never forsake you even in you darkest hour. my psychic door can not be shut it will be open forever and ever until i join them. can you talk to your spirit friends in a place with no one around if not learn to talk to them in you dreams or sleep.

    • NJ
      August 13, 2016

      Yeah, I don’t deal with f*cking spirits, simple as that 😛 At the least, they are not helpful in the big picture and steal your faith. “Energy anomalies,” lol yeah — energy clouds with a personality 😛 Ik what you mean. Just be strong in the world, yet not of the world and… recognize that you have authority over spirits and don’t forget that. Not of yourself, but like an inheritance.

  12. Jah Gouldo
    December 21, 2012

    DMT is the active ingredient in “ayahuasca” a 50 thousand year old shamanic brew used for healing and entering the world of the dead or the spirit world. they say its teh only way to get there only a seasoned shaman can wiith his will power synthesize DMT naturally in his brain and enter the world, DMT is the only means of traveling back and forth, i think empaths are just so aware that the spirit plane exists they get bits and pieces like a radio station not quite tuned in. thats why people do yoga and meditation to one day not require pyschoactive drugs to attain divination, speaking from experience actually seeing the spirit world with ur own eyes blows ur fucking mind all ur beliefs are shattered everything u where taught u will question, i use it to go to the spirit world with patients and our spirit guides to ask for assistance in this world, much respect must be shown you talk when talked to u look where ur taken u do nothing unless ur spirit guide does it, very humbling very good, ALL OF YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THIS at least once, then can u work on getting ur mind to that state, u can also do other things to make the body more likely to produce its own DMT (We produce dmt when we DREAM! and when the fetus is 49 days old the brain is flooded with the stuff this is thought of as a soul coming from the other dimension and only 1 other time this happens the brain is flooded with dmt is when ur about to die, you hear of NDE people there stories are alot similar to ayahuasca journeys it has a few meanings “vine of the soul” “la purge” “the little death” on my first trip i was sure i was dying positive of it, never been so afraid in my whole life i fought and fought to stay awak in the 3rd dimension till i couldn’t fight and i actually gave up and accepted my death, instantly felt bliss after giving up my fight.! and then i was shown how shaps and words were designed the colour spectrum engineering anyway. I think i accidently produced some dmt , peace out

    • Rebecca Skibo
      January 3, 2014

      actually you can go to the spirit world on your own i am not an ordinary psychic i can travel to the spirit world without those spells or any thing. i just meditate and i go there. most people do not know this but there are three parts of the spirit world. you can learn about it on the reply i just left today.:) some times i even go in my sleep. i am only 14 though and my mom is astonished about how close i am to the spirit world and is scared that i might be closer to the dead than i am the living which is actually true i much rather prefer to spend my time in the spirit realm or with animals than with people.

      • markymarc26
        April 28, 2016

        Dear Rebecca, if you want to talk about this. Please leave me a reply 🙂 Love you! Marc

  13. Nathan
    October 13, 2012

    This is a great article! I tried to develop psychic abilities for years, until I stumbled upon the practices of Zen Buddhism. It’s when I’ve learned Zazen meditation, and in the end, I’ve learned how to work with my mind in order to… just observe the world around me. With proper techniques, I’ve learned control over the “background noise”, and I’ve improved my sensitivity.

    From where I stand right now, developing psychic abilities is quite easy – you just need to know what you’re looking for (basically, I wrote a couple of books about it, hehe). Improve your sensitivity, learn to clear up the noise and learn not to analyse too much, but to observe, just like that. In addition, it’s important to learn some safety rules (oh, there are many, the world of “energies” as New Age fans like to call it is full of dangers), and you’re on the path to… awake your natural abilities.

    But, it’s interesting what I’ve noticed in my case, and in case of my students – the further you develop your psychic abilities, the less interested in them you become. Umm… All right, complex grammar aside – with time, as you develop psychic abilities, they become less and less important than something many people call spiritual development. Often, psychic development leads to realization that some things are far more important than psychic abilities – these become useful tools, but nothing more, and a person grows to realize that family, friends, health and happiness is something far more precious than psychic skills. That’s what I’ve noticed among many people who started their journey with psychic development.

    • Peter
      October 13, 2012

      Excellent points. Safety rules are good and the best one is not to let one’s ego become engaged (puffed up) when one does develop psychic abilities because to do so is to open oneself and others to a host of problems. History is littered with fallen Gurus whose ego got the best of them.

    • craigweiler
      October 13, 2012

      I’ve noticed the same thing. The ability itself isn’t that big a deal. It’s about spiritual growth.

      Thanks for the insight.

    • Rebecca Skibo
      January 3, 2014

      hi um just to let you know i actually spend time with my spirit ancestors a lot in the spirit world. i think i am an empath as well as a healer my mother does not know of all of my powers i do not wish to tell her because she might freak out and she is very ill at the moment me, my family, and doctors are not sure whats wrong with her i have used all of my known abilities to figure out whats wrong, i even traveled to the spirit world to talk to some dead doctors they said it is some thing only i can cure what do you think they mean that only i can cure this illness that my mother has? they told me that i cured my mothers cancer the day i was born they also said that i have a destiny like no one before me. what do they mean? i hope you can help me please help.

      • nisha shrestha
        January 22, 2014

        I need ur help.

        When i will get pregnant? can u predict it?

      • markymarc26
        April 28, 2016

        I can help if you are still seeking. Bless you 🙂

  14. Sheila Joshi
    October 7, 2012

    Excellent essay! I love your analogy to improvisational comedy. I think that’s brilliant, and I’m going to think about it more. In addition to all that you said — as you know — humor and happiness are, themselves, psi conducive, so that makes your analogy even more apt. You know — how those hilarious spoon-bending parties seem to work so well. I think you’re really onto something here that could have a lot of applications.

  15. Peter
    October 7, 2012

    The problem with attempting to expand psychic abilities directly is that those abilities are linked to specific chakras and if those chakras are not balanced internally and vis-a-vis each other, the person runs the risk of serious mental and physical problems. The psychiatric community refers to these problems as “spiritual emergence” problems. The spiritual/contemplative community refers to these problems as “kundalini rising” problems. Both involve allowing ego-centric states associated with the lower chakras below the seven primary chakras to influence those primary chakras.

    You are playing with fire here. Good luck.

    • kyle deshane
      March 8, 2013

      in a sense everything thats different is a variation of the same thing

  16. James
    October 6, 2012

    The best way to develop your psychic abilities is to expand your consciousness because the two are intertwined. As you expand, blockages will be eliminated.

    I know it’s controversial to say, but psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT (ayahuasca) cause rapid expansion of the psychic realm of consciousness. You can learn in one trip what would take 10-20 years to learn in silent meditation at a monastery. It really is the fast track, and it cuts out the middle men.

    I have not found that reading books or talking to groups of people has increased my psychic abilities, unless I am surrounded by people who are genuinely psychic. Then it seems that their abilities resonate off of mine. For instance, my ability to see auras was greatly enhanced by spending time with someone who could see auras strongly. This concept is called morphic resonance.

    On the whole, honouring my own path and engaging in my own unique experiences is what has helped me. Reading books is too left brained, and talking to others is also an intellectual exercise. Things like walking in the woods at night to study auras and energies has been far more instrumental than talking to people or reading books. Just my $0.02.

    • craigweiler
      October 6, 2012

      I’ve heard of DMT, but I’m not in a position to experiment with that stuff. At any rate, I basically agree with you. But it doesn’t seem to work that way for everyone, and I’ve found that some people are genuinely helped by explanations.

    • Peter
      October 7, 2012

      Seeing auras has zero to do with being psychic.

    • walllum
      June 3, 2013


      Thank you, I didn’t know there was such a term as ‘morphic resonance’, I just knew that I developed new abilities, or that my own were enhanced around certain people.

      Also, I have learnt mostly by wandering off by myself into forests, and doing visualisations etc or ‘feeling’ things with my mind. I find reading things helps me also, it helps me to place my experiences in a context, but sometimes reading is like procrastination, and I feel like I should be doing not reading.

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