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Characteristics of Psychic People

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My wife and I saw the X-Files movie: I Want to Believe last night. it was better than the first movie, but it had a male psychic in it and dealt with the subject of psychic ability as though it were something akin to werewolves and vampires. Really. What a joke! The FBI brought in Fox Mulder because “he had experience in dealing with psychics.” Excuse me? Someone needs experience in dealing with psychics? Why not ring up one of the thousands of people who get readings on a regular basis? I’m sure one of them could have helped. Are we really so bizarre as to require our own specialized FBI agent to deal with us?

The funny part is, we are definitely different physiologically and a bit of testing could have confirmed whether their psychic ability was real or not. Psychics, you see, tend to share some traits and this is the subject of my article today.

One of those traits is a love of animals. Rupert Sheldrake did telephone surveys in a number of geographical areas and found that people who reported psychic abilities were significantly more likely to have pet(s).

My own experience is that psychic people, if they can accommodate them, have multiple pets, often of different species. We have seven cats, four pet mice and a snake.

What part of sensitive don’t you understand?

It is well known in scientific circles that psychic ability can be affected by the researcher. A person who is an absolute die hard skeptic will have a huge negative effect on the ability of psychics to perform and in those rare cases where they actually do research, their tests almost always come up empty, thus confirming their beliefs. In paraspychology, this is known as the Wiseman Effect. Named after Dr. Richard Wiseman, a die hard skepic, whose experiments could only detect psi if he wasn’t involved in them.

Why does this effect exist? Because psychic people are far more sensitive emotionally than most people realize. Kyra Mesich, outlines 10 traits that describe this sensitivity in this article:

1. Emotionally sensitive people feel emotions often and deeply. They feel as if they “wear their emotions on their sleeves.”

2. They are keenly aware of the emotions of people around them.

3. Sensitive people are easily hurt or upset. An insult or unkind remark will affect them deeply.

4. In a similar vein, sensitive people strive to avoid conflicts. They dread arguments and other types of confrontations because the negativity affects them so much.

5. Sensitive people are not able to shake off emotions easily. Once they are saddened or upset by something, they cannot just switch gears and forget it.

6. Sensitive people are greatly affected by emotions they witness. They feel deeply for others’ suffering. Many sensitive people avoid sad movies or watching the news because they cannot bear the weighty emotions that would drive to their core and stick with them afterwards.

7. Sensitive people are prone to suffer from recurrent depression, anxiety or other psychological disorders.

8. One the positive side, sensitive people are also keenly aware of and affected by beauty in art, music and nature. They are the world’s greatest artists and art appreciators.

9. Sensitive people are prone to stimulus overload. That is, they can’t stand large crowds, loud noise, or hectic environments. They feel overwhelmed and depleted by too much stimuli.

10. Sensitive people are born that way. They were sensitive children.

There are a couple different responses kids have to their sensitivity. One type of sensitive child is the stereotypical kid who gets picked on by bullies, and is a well-behaved, good student because she cannot stand the thought of getting into trouble. The other type of sensitive child more often experiences the stimulus overload mentioned in the previous paragraph. These children are thus over stimulated and have difficulty focusing, which causes them problems in school.

Sensitive people typically exhibit all or nearly all of the above descriptors.

One of the sure signs of a truly sensitive person is that he feels animosity toward his sensitive nature. Most sensitive people whole-heartedly wish they were tougher and more thick-skinned. They feel like their sensitivity is a weakness. They wish things didn’t bother them so much.

You can search this by the initials HSP, which means highly sensitive person. Ms. Mesich goes on to say that this emotional sensitivity is linked to psychic ability. This link between emotional sensitivity and psychic ability is well known and has been well documented by others as well.

We are not Muggles

In addition to to this sensitivity, there is apparently some interesting brain wiring going on, something that researcher Dean Radin mentions in his book Entangled Minds.

It appears that people with psychic ability can form habits, just like everyone else, but have more difficulty holding on to them. That is to say, the habits don’t “stick” as well as with less psychic people. I’ve noticed this myself with some of the most ingrained habits I have. I’ll forget which shoe I normally put on first, or I’ll suddenly put a sock and a shoe on before I start on the other foot. I will do it normally a thousand times in a row, but then the next time is different. Improvising, on the other hand, comes easily to me.

For her book Your Sixth Sense, Belleruth Naparstek interviewed 43 professional psychics to find out what traits they shared. She did her homework and the results were interesting . . .

Traits that popped out were bilateral dominance (some degree of two-handedness or two-sidedness as opposed to leading strictly with the right or left side.), the presence of some talent and experience in the arts, usually in more than one area.

She referred to a tendency towards minor dyslexia, but this could be the trait mentioned above.

They showed a powerful need to spend time alone and time in nature on a regular basis.

They showed a tendency to be a night owl and sleep very little, with frequent interruptions in sleep. (More than what can be accounted for by aging. and menopause.). She goes on to say that all of us are wired for psi from birth, but some are more wired than others.

Other traits include inborn right brainedness; imaginativeness, spontaneity and strong spiritual leanings from a very early age. Most people can point to one or two family members who also had exceptional psychic abilities.

Puberty accelerates psi expansion and for women, pregnancy and menopause do as well.

One thing I have in common with another psychic guy my age is that it has been hard to focus on just one career. Boredom is a killer and I left many jobs because of it, or they left me when I lost interest in them. Now I work for myself as a handyman. I am ideally suited to this because the randomness of the jobs and not knowing what is going to come next is not only not stressful for me, it is a comfort. I suppose there are probably other psychic guys out there with similar experiences.

And another thing . . .

Clearly, there are some unique, identifiable traits showing up that pertain almost exclusively to psychic people. The distinctness is a clue that psychic ability is much more than just something people do. It involves specific differences in physiology for the people who possess the talent in abundance.

I’m of the opinion that this really should be looked into by health professionals. I did a poll recently and found that 60% of highly sensitive people felt that they had an unusually high tolerance to physical pain. I read somewhere that psychic people tend to avoid hallucinogens and of course, love their barbiturates. (Alcohol.) But, and this is purely my own subjective observation, psychic people seem to avoid addiction rather easily. I’m sure there are prescription drug related differences as well . It would be useful to identify these differences to provide us with health care more specific to our bodies and minds.

And one last thing . . .

What all of this unequivocally shows is that if Fox Mulder had done his homework he would have known whether he was dealing with a real psychic or not. The information is “OUT THERE” and all he had to do was look for it. It could have spared him a lot of trouble. Oh, wait. It’s a movie. He’s supposed to have trouble. Never mind.

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141 comments on “Characteristics of Psychic People

  1. Nai Bianca Sullivan
    December 6, 2018


    Wow. I have rarely if ever read description after description that was dead on, exactly me. I didn’t think that the extent of emotional sensitivity I have had my entire life could be a common thing for some. All I have thought in my later years is that I wish it would go away due to the overwhelming feelings I have almost daily. Can’t handle in any way seeing animals hurt or suffering and I’m beyond sensitive to others emotions way beyond normality. It affects my soul and seems to scar it. I sometimes think Maybe I’m crazy or imagining things but deep down I always know I’m right. I know what people will do before they do alot. I can tell how people are or at least always ends up being what I see long before. I’m to a fault artistic in all mediums and have had some success and praise for my natural abilities since I’ve had no instruction at all but I really found that to more of a curse than a gift. How can anyone focus on one thing when you can do all of it. So haven’t been successful as a life career in any one medium. It drives me a little nuts.
    There was only one thing mentioned which didn’t apply to myself and that was the drug use. I have used because simply put it temporarily helps to distract me from the overwhelming emotions all the time. I have learned to hide my emotions pretty well from others in my demeanor but I know how My feelings radiate. I know it’s happening because I see how it affect others. I can affect an entire room of people. I Haven’t been able to control that yet. I have never known what to do about any of the traits You have listed above. All of them me, purely to a T and to an extreme. It has stifled my life. How do others handle these issues when it’s more a fault in your life than a gift. I hope you don’t think me nuts. I’m really not and always very rational in my ways and actions. It’s just what’s inside me always and seems to be growing in ways. What an I do about it?

  2. Priscilla garcia
    July 27, 2018

    I dont KNOW what to do. Nobody believes, if im not careful i will kill MYSELF as i go thru the motions of suicidal ppl. Plz. Someone to talk to

  3. Grettel Quintero
    August 20, 2017

    I’m very sensitive person, i have notice it in church and many places. When I was in church in Mexico i was praying and noticed a lady as I saw her I knew she had to be healed spiritually so I did. I hugged her and she begin to cry. Then I sometimes I feel warm temperatures in someone people and some places . I have dreamed dreams that have happened and will happen. It’s crazy how it works. I can feel people’s sadness or happiness. Even though I’m distracted by everything that surrounds me I feel many things. It’s so amazing to have abilities others don’t want to use. If we weren’t distracted we would be able to witness so many things.

  4. L. Sydney Fisher
    April 8, 2017

    Reblogged this on L. Sydney Fisher, Bestselling Paranormal & Supernatural Suspense Author and commented:
    Loved this article. Thank you!

  5. Terri Dunn
    March 21, 2017

    Thank you so much for this article! I am told by by psychic mediums I am very open and could be a medium if I developed my gifts which I was told as a child “that her imaginary frirnds@ again so I kind of shut down but have seen spirit and more often FELT spirit I have slight OCD and wondered if that was a way to keep my mind occupied so spirit could come through I am very empathetic so much I can’t watch the news and have a deep deep love for animals I don’t have one right now because o am not over my dog (he was my furbaby)passing away I just thank you so much for this article

  6. Melissa
    February 5, 2017

    I love this article so much it was absolutely great. As I read it I started to laugh when they got to the part of the pets I have two dogs two turtles to fire belly toads a parakeet and a guinea pig and it just made me laugh and I’ve always had pets around me. I kept on reading and it really made me step back it actually kind of weirded me out on how accurate it was to my own personality. I actually showed the article to my husband and he said that I could have written it myself because it so so much describes me. I truly thank you for writing the article and I’m so happy I’m not the only one out there.

  7. Liz
    January 7, 2017

    Hi I’m 13. You see, ever since I was little I’d here voices, I thought everyone else heard them, but I realized it was only me. When I was 9 years old, I was riding my bike with a friend she turned away and I heard a loud voice say TURN LEFT which cause my ears to ring. I immediately turned left and fell of my bike and saw a huge medal pole thing to my right. If I didn’t turn left god knows what would’ve happened. I asked her if she heard anything and she said no.The truth is that I’m scared I’ve heard stuff like this and I want it to go away. I’ve had dreams that came true exactly as they happened. I also dream about other people lives. I once had a dream about a girl named Jenny I was looking at her and she was crying. I turned and I saw an old man and he was in the hospital bed. I felt her emotions and woke up crying. I’ve even dreamed about my friends. I had a dream that my best friend was 5 she fell of medal steps and cracked her head (not anything major just stitches were needed) I talked to her about and she said it happened. She told me when she was 5 she fell of medal stairs and hurt her head. Also once, when my family was out I was home alone (I like to stay by self) I walked to my room and saw my grandpa. I turned back around realizing he left with my family. He disappeared second son later I told a friend and he said their called “glitches in the matrix” I don’t know what that means but I was scared to death. I feel like I might die of a panic attack. I honastly don’t know what to do I want it to stop. Reading some comments I realized I wasn’t alone. I want to thank everyone who shared their story because it made me feel better. But I’m still scared..what should I do?

    • 199x
      February 11, 2018

      Live, don’t ask to die

  8. john stangel
    November 24, 2016

    As a child I knew I had the ability for see events present and future, but I really didn’t understand why,as an adult my understanding of this gift hasn’t expanded this morning by chance I need Einstein’s theory of relativity, and time and space, and I was introduced to the fundamentals of why I have this ability,and then I looked up this websited,a d read the characteristics are people with psychic abilities, which describes me accurately,I’m sending this as a comment,and a request for help,and understanding,with the hopes that I can lean to utilize my gift for the betterment of humanity will you please help me.

    • bahati Mandago
      July 9, 2017

      the best way to utilise for betterment is to serve others diligently, give more than receiving. you should seek to serve not to be served, money should never be your primary goal, whenever you hav ea client you should say you owe them service before you think they owe you money. then you will be amazed of how great your gift is

  9. Lauretta
    July 29, 2016

    I have found through my trials and errors that we are powerful beyond belief with the skills that we are gifted with, it truly sets us apart. And the flip side of that is it sets us up for tangling with the evil in this world that lurks in the darkness. Dark people (I am referring to ‘dark’ energy) tend to cling on to us to ‘gain’ light in their life, but their ‘gain’ is very often our downfall. If we let it be. Being aware of our ‘gifts’ truly is our shield of protection. We don’t need to feel like we are everyone’s savior just because we ‘know’ how they feel or what is hurting or ‘possessing’ them. That is not our job. Our ‘job’ is to be strong for ourselves FIRST and for others second. We can make a big difference, and almost often do, if we master our skills and own our power. This is how we help others. Not by taking them on as a partner or project to heal. We can love and wish someone well from a distance, we have the power to do so. Our job is to be confident in our own skill set and ‘train’ or ‘educate’ others to do the same for themselves. This is what I have finally learned after ‘existing’ half my life, or more appropriately worded, surviving half my life in relationships that were ‘unhealthy’ to say the very least. My last relationship almost ended my life if it wasn’t for Divine intervention. I have taken time to myself to examine my life and myself and have let go of what no longer serves me. I no longer give away my power, I no longer give others power over my life. I now own my own power and my world is a better place for it. I wish you a speedy recovery from your past. Your future is waiting. Suit up, and own your power. You are truly a Super Woman!

    • bahati Mandago
      July 9, 2017

      oh my God your story is like my story, your views are my views, we shoudl keep in touch i shall share what had happened to me few weeks ago, my relationship almost ended my life , but the divine intervention served me, it started with the first dream, i did not pay attention, second dream then reality hitted. gosh if i were to write where would i start

  10. Lauretta
    July 29, 2016

    I just wanted to thank you for keeping it real and posting what you did and do. I have found through my trials and errors that we are powerful beyond belief with the skills that we are gifted with, it truly sets us apart. And the flip side of that is it sets us up for tangling with the evil in this world that lurks in the darkness. Dark people (I am referring to ‘dark’ energy) tend to cling on to us to ‘gain’ light in their life, but their ‘gain’ is very often our downfall. If we let it be. Being aware of our ‘gifts’ truly is our shield of protection. We don’t need to feel like we are everyone’s savior just because we ‘know’ how they feel or what is hurting or ‘possessing’ them. That is not our job. Like you said our ‘job’ is to be strong, for ourselves FIRST and for others second. We can make a big difference, and almost often do, if we master our skills and own our power. This is how we help others. Not by taking them on as a partner or project to heal. Our job is to be confident in our own skill set and ‘train’ or ‘educate’ others to do the same for themselves. Thank you again for your website and sharing your experience with the skills you were gifted with. Eternally grateful, Lauretta

  11. Jade Ge
    July 21, 2016

    I have it. I keep it to myself because I have been abused and now under police protection i don’t want say it on here but it help me got away .. Very very very lucky
    The man who abused me know I have it because I find out by my dream n he was shocked.

    • bahati Mandago
      July 9, 2017

      be careful one guy realized i have it he almost destroyed me, before i realized i was about to share with him, then i received a warning via whats up’ the straight trees are always copped off first, so i knew i was told to keep my mouth shut.

  12. Josh deen
    May 14, 2016

    Interesting thoughts…..

    My stepmom had had 7 miscarriages with my biological father and in turn finally had her tubes tied so not to have to go thru that anymore.

    When I was 6 years old my dad and stepmom were living in a small country house in Kansas. I was there visiting for the weekend and I had a small carbon copy paper pad that my grandfather used to use in his daily work when he was alive.

    One night I was scribbling jibberish on it and I handed it to my stepmom. She asked me what it was and I said it was a prescription for my sister. She started crying and yelled at my dad to make me go outside and play and she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the week I spent with them.

    My dad had to explain to me why she was upset because as a 6 year old I didn’t understand what a miscarriage was. They basically just said my step mom had problems having children because they all passed away before they were born.

    I went back to my moms house and went back to school the following week like normal and then the next weekend I was to go visit my dad and stepmom they actually told me that she was in fact pregnant even though she had her tubes tied and had been for 5 weeks or so.

    So it is very possible in my youth that I have had abilities to feel things. I have grey eyes that turn blue or green or lighter grey depending on what I wear. I have always loved being outside and all my family and friends are aware that I like animals more than people lol.

    As I have got older I have only experienced one other major reflection. It was when I was 18. Since then I haven’t had any other deep insights except for the occasional feeling of a ghost that follows me. Never seeing any actual person but just many weird happenings and very deep feelings.

    Just thought I’d share cause it is interesting to me.

  13. Edtth
    May 10, 2016

    I appreciated your article.
    It was helpful.
    I have been haunted since a very young age.
    A recent overload of energy ,made me sick, raising my blood pressure.
    Too much stress over a period of a few years.

  14. Reading more into spiritual gifts is kind of just confusing me about myself. I see things but i have only seen a few actual things in my life and they were odd and evil.i see static on walls and just randomly as well. I see floaters when I close and open my eyes. As well as orbs and sparkles. I know i maybe sensitive but i am not tone into emotions i really don’t like the way I handle things to be truthful. Maybe I only have a gift to help me with the spiritual problems i have had all my life with demons. Or maybe my gift is weak. I pray maybe God will help me because i am so confused with the gifts I have. I have heard things seen and felt but its usually evil.

  15. Isa
    March 30, 2016

    I am a 14 years old girl.I am experiencing this since I was 12(psychic abilities).I am going through a really hard phase now.Don’t know when it’ll end…And sometimes I blame God for this.I am hindu.I was having a conversation with my mom and the talk got heated.And I kinda called Shri Chrishna names.I m sry for that and asked forgiveness to Khrisha afterwards.But soon after that me and my mother heard a banging noise from upstairs.And when I was trying to sleep I had a vision of a girl with a wicked smile on her face and she was in that room where the noise had come from.I have many psychic abilities and vision is one of them.But seeing ghost is very unusual for me.When I am upset the sky gets dark..sometimes it rains or there is a storm.My dreams come true etc is normal for me.But that type of vision isn’t.I need help.

    • craigweiler
      March 30, 2016

      Hi Isa,
      Don’t panic. This will pass. There are many stories of girls your age having strong psychic experiences like what you describe. It is very unusual, but it is not completely unknown.

      I don’t know Hindu religion. If it were Christianity, Jewish or Islam, I would recommend that you ask for help from angels, perhaps you have something similar? If so, ask these powerful beings for help and they will come and quiet things down for you.

      Many adults are unfamiliar with this type of problem and don’t know how to handle it, so use careful judgment about who to tell.

    • Anonymous
      May 12, 2016

      But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law…

      Isa, show the fruit of the Spirit in thanks to God in all you do; no matter any circumstance. God is Jealous for you and will bring new life. From your deepest presentations, show all creatures you are the fruit of the Spirit. It is said one must die to themselves to fully be alive in only the Spirit. A breadth of life to yo.

      Matthew 12:31-32
      And so I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

      But the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, He shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

      But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God.

      Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. Which things also we speak, not in the words which man’s wisdom teaches, but which the Holy Ghost teaches; comparing spiritual things with spiritual

      • Anonymous
        August 22, 2017

        These gifts are from God. Look to Him to guide you with His Holy Sprit to see the path that your insite is to lead you down. Be careful not to go down a dark path. Look always up to God and pray that his armor will be around you and that he will lead all your steps, thoughts, and deeds for your good through His wishes.

  16. Tabitha
    February 24, 2016

    How can one be tested or where could they go to better understand there abilities and what they are? A safe place.

  17. Tabitha
    February 24, 2016

    How or where can you go to be tested for abilities in a safe place?

  18. Jill
    December 8, 2015

    Hello, I used to be like this. I sense my energy dissipating and I know when people love me. I feel when they’re guilty or want to make up with me because I also feel the same way toward them. But something happened. I fell into depression or maybe oppression and probably lost…. I had this white light vision disappear from me and suddenly my heart beat very very fast for half a day. There was no panic in my mind, but I feel like I just lost a huge part of my soul. Ever since then my empathy and sensitivity diminished. I can’t sense connection with people as strongly as before. I don’t feel bad that I’m alone. I kind of feel dead inside. My attitude changed as well and it scares me. It’s like I can do anything I want and my mind have bad thoughts but I feel neutral towards it now because it kept on playing inside my head. It’s like… I turned into a selfish, self centered zombie. I need deliverance. Can I still get it back? Thank you.

    • bahati Mandago
      July 9, 2017

      in life we go through different phases or seasons, allow yourself to go through whatever phases you are going through, its healthy, i would call it dry spirit phase, however do not let it rule your life, if that phase prolong please seek help, meanwhile, we learn to love others truly once we become selfish, sometimes selfish can be defined as self love, one must be able to love herself or himself first before she or he can extend that love to someone else.

  19. Irene Thomas
    November 3, 2015

    You are normal. May I stress again, you are all normal ! Millions of people worldwide experience the same things, you are unique in how your abilities develop and what abilities you use. It has taken 30 years for me to be at peace with my uniqueness and also realise just how many other people experience the same things. ALL the outward signs, love of nature, sensitivity, animals, it’s in your family, fear, anxiety, overwhelming feelings of either elation or dread are all normal and part of being human. If you are struggling with the ‘evil’ side of it feel free to use my sentence of ‘coping’. Say to them/it, “Go back to where you originally came from and leave me be” get angry about it, mean it ! I tell you this works. YOU are in control of YOU, no-one else, remember that. I had to learn the hard way as most of you are learning as well. Ancient societies/villages/families/groups used their abilities to help guide them and keep them safe and well fed, modern society changed that to a “gut instinct”. Many ancient races used hallucinogenic substances to get in touch with the other side, no different to now. I know that if I have a drink of wine, it also opens that “portal” even more so, however; I don’t recommend you get drunk to experience things. The way I describe it to people who ask me is this, “If I said to you 300 years ago that you could turn on this little black box you will hear people’s voices come out of it, they would have burnt me at the stake, however; these days we know they are radio waves and are normal, our brains are “wired” this way, we are “receivers”, we “tune” in, whether we have feelings, see or hear things, or get a sense of something is going to happen etc”, it just makes it easier for people to understand why and how we do the things we do. I too fought with the logical side of my brain and wondered about why I was different. You are not different, you are blessed, be worthy of your gift, many people have felt at ease with unfinished business with their loved ones who have passed on, I know, I’ve cried with them after telling them what I see or feel, the symptoms I take on from the person who has passed on etc. It has also saved me and my family from a head-on car collision as I saw in my mind’s eye the white car coming the other way at the top of a hill on a dirt road, I yelled out to my husband, “go left, go left” rather loudly, he swerved to the left and the car came over the top of the hill and we missed it. SO…embrace it, use it wisely to help people, save your own skin and always listen to your “instincts” it will develop over time it you let it, always for good, never for evil. I hope this has helped someone because we are an empathetic race of people, we care about people, animals, the world. Much love to you all, we are in this together xo

    • john stangel
      November 24, 2016

      As a child I knew I had the ability for see events present and future, but I really didn’t understand why,as an adult my understanding of this gift hasn’t expanded this morning by chance I need Einstein’s theory of relativity, and time and space, and I was introduced to the fundamentals of why I have this ability,and then I looked up this websited,a d read the characteristics are people with psychic abilities, which describes me accurately,I’m sending this as a comment,and a request for help,and understanding,with the hopes that I can lean to utilize my gift for the betterment of humanity will you please help me.

  20. catie whitt
    July 20, 2015

    Hi I’m a 14 year old physic
    And I was wondering if you could give me some advice on my abilities

  21. Desperate
    July 13, 2015

    Ok, I don’t know where to start and feel so alone!:( Many of the traits you have written down are me, except, although I don’t like confrontations, I will defend someone I love with every ounce of my being! I am extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings, cry at any little simple thing that someone has done for me and love animals to death – I think my pets live better than most people and I seem to get along with animals I have never met. I had a very hard time after a dog passed away (He passed away on the only day I was not with him;I believe he knew that, as he was very sick!) and when a sibling passed away I had many, many hummingbirds come to me, I thought I was losing my mind! I have come to accept that it was my sibling letting me know they were ok, but ever since then and the passing of my father last year, I have not felt the same!:( The hummingbirds have stopped coming!:( There have been times when out of the blue, I would think of someone from my past, only to find out, without looking them up, that they had recently passed away!:( I actually went to an event where I thought I saw a friend from the past, to realize it wasn’t them – the next day her name was in the obituaries!:( I get odd feelings that things will happen, but not knowing exactly what, try to tell my family and they have just looked at me like I was crazy, only to have something tragic happen to one of them!:( I have a hard time with making friends, I feel because I am truly sincere and would do anything for anyone, that I think, they think, I’m not being real. I have the most difficult time with making other women friends and it makes me so sad! I get such satisfaction out of helping others, but then have been hurt so many times, I feel alone! I want to turn this situation into something good, but don’t know where to begin? If I am a “sensitive,” how do I start to tune in to this, so that I can have a better life? Any guidance would be of much help!!!

  22. JM
    May 8, 2015

    I see and hear dark things, like evil things. Please help and give me some advice. I don’t know what to do anymore. When I am happiest it gets worse. If I stay depressed it stops. I’ve also had what I think would be an out of body experience; I’m not positive of that part though. I just need some advice. Thank you

    • JB
      May 16, 2015

      Hi JM,

      First, and foremost get help! Not meaning you’re the problem, but our gifts can get the best of us if we allow our abilities to think for us. You have to find a positive or spiritual way to control your gift. If you are hearing these things then stick with your positive strengths, because your weaknesses are being attacked. Do some research on your self! Look up your symptoms or abilities. You may be experiencing a biological illness passed down from your mom or dad generational. It is also possible that you a have a gift you haven’t mastered yet. Either way seek some immediate help to better understand what you are going through. Take notes, write down all your experiences, even the voices you are hearing. No this is not crazy to do, but what is crazy is you not saying anything, or getting help. You can walk in the nearest emergency room if need be. They will know the difference between you being gifted or need help treating a biological issue. Good Luck, you can do this!


  23. Corey
    February 12, 2015

    Hello Craig,
    I’m a 45 year old man and I have every experience you named on your list. Several other things you mentioned really caught my attention, as well.
    When I was a child, I felt different. I preferred to be alone, even at a younger age. At age 5 or 6 , I would usually play alone, in my room or in the yard with my dog. I had trouble adapting but always had good grades and was rarely ever in trouble. Then, at about age 12, I became extremely “sensitive”. I always thought someone was watching me and would feel a presence. I would typically be awake in bed, scared as hell, until 2:00 or 3:00 AM. Every night. Very soon after, a lack of attention, poor grades, eventually poor attitude and then drinking in the woods at age 15 and getting high. From then until age 18, I didn’t care about much of anything except staying “numb”. A few months after turning 18, I had a moment of clarity and stopped doing all drugs (except alcohol) and with no help.
    I continued to have these feelings, which scared me because I thought I was insane. I started drinking more to get numb. I always held a job and payed my bills but I was drinking myself to sleep each night or else….no sleep.
    At about age 22, I had moment of clarity and realized 3 or 4 cases of beer a week is not good for me so…I cut back tremendously. I allowed myself to drink 1 night per week.
    I’ve also had a bout with oxcodone in my 30’s when I sustained an injury. I started taking too much and did it for several months. When I chose to stop, I was taking about 100 mg’s a day and I quit….no help, didn’t need it. And no, it didn’t feel good.
    But I get this voice that guides me and I have a level of determination that is unstoppable. (Please note, I am not a religious person nor do I attend service on a regular basis.)
    I find the older I get, the more I “feel”. I also find, as I stay sober, I feel more. Now that I’m no longer afraid, I am aware.
    I hear conversations when there is complete silence and it’s mainly in my bedroom. It sounds like someone is having a light conversation on the other side of the wall but the voice(s) is faint and I can’t make out what’s being said. This is fairly common.
    I also see things but this comes and goes. I see grey shadows out of the corner of my eyes. Almost like a picture negative. About 6 months ago, I saw what appeared to be a young girl, maybe 12 or 13 years old, standing next to a large houseplant in my living room. I saw her out of the corner of my eye but when i turned my head, I still saw her for a brief moment. I also see white or orange orbs but this is rather rare. When I’ve seen them, they have happened right in front of me, not out of the corner of my eye. I haven’t seen anything like that in at least 6 months. It seems to cluster.
    Something that happens on almost a daily basis, I’l call or text someone and that person will say “I have the phone in my hand and I was calling you”. I do it with several close family members as well as clients at work that I have had no contact with in weeks. This is very common.
    I still have feelings of being watched and of not being alone. When I do, I try to relax and concentrate. On occasion, I have a sense of a light electrical current running up my spine and it gets stronger in my head. My head feels like there’s a current flowing through it but it usually only lasts for a few seconds.
    I have 1 sister that can see what appears to be people, like a picture negative, and she is VERY in tune. To the point where she can tell you physical features of what she sees.
    I would like your opinion, as I never reached out to anyone.
    What do you think is going on because I need to know! I want to know and I want to know more.
    Thank you,

    • craigweiler
      February 12, 2015

      Hi Corey,
      I get asked this question a lot and I never know how to respond. When people are psychically sensitive all sorts of weird psychically related things can happen and it seems to be different for everyone. There are people who can feel electromagnetic energy, some see auras, others get voices in their heads and some have precognition or good telepathy. What is actually going on? I really don’t know and I don’t think anyone else does either.

      If I was to guess, I’d say people who are psychically tuned will tend to pick up stuff based on their personality and inclinations. Some people are more physical, others more mental or spiritual and these seem to have an effect on what they experience.

      • Corey
        February 13, 2015

        Thank you, Craig.
        Several years ago, I went for a reading and its the one and only time I ever did it because I was rather skeptical. All these things that I have heard and seen over the years made me think I had a psychiatric problem and I didn’t discuss it with anyone. I thought I would be locked away in a rubber room. This psychic was referred to me by several people that I personally know. She knew things about me, very specific things, without me offering any information and we never met. One of the first things she said as we started was, “you can see things too.”
        I’m looking into a class to take to see if there’s more to this because I must know.
        Lastly, as I mentioned before, when young, I was a skeptic. But when these things would happen, I thought I was going insane. I went to psychiatrists many times and was treated for anxiety and depression.
        What I mean is, I know I’m not “crazy” as I realized this in the last few years. And now that I am starting to open my eyes and truly realize what’s going on, it’s quite the opposite. I feel driven and drawn to it with a want to learn and understand.
        Thank you for helping. It’s good to know I am not alone.
        Best regards,

      • Alex Reyf
        March 14, 2017

        Hello Corey,
        I would suggest looking into past-life regression therapy. I would also suggest reading Delores Cannon. What is going on is not “weird”, it’s just uncommon and society has made it out to be abnormal and strange. You do not need to suppress these feelings, but bring them out into the light. I also suggest mediation. We are most often brought up to believe that these ‘supernatural’ occurrences should be avoided and are detrimental, but that is not the case. If more children who notice these feelings and voice them to supportive and helpful people, they can harness their unique ability and shine their true purpose into this earth. Back in history, people were shunned and some even killed for voicing these abilities, some were called witches. Like I said, if this behavior is supported instead of being dismissed and having doctors say “you have a mental disease”, I truly believe you would not have had the urge to “numb” yourself and try to take these feelings away. We must accept ourselves for the magnificent beings that we all uniquely are. Research more positive cases relating to yourself and take in what resonates with your true self, whatever makes you feel right and in tune with your life, please do’nt try to numb your true radiant self.


    • court
      January 7, 2016

      You took my breath away omg

  24. ash baird
    January 30, 2015

    hi there so heres my story im 31 and 2 years ago my only sister little sister was murdered since ive been treated for bi polar disorder and ptsd because i went to the doctor and told him i was hearing voices mainly msgs from my sister so needless to say they locked me up in the hospital and ran test none of which were to test psychic ability eventully they put me on so much meds the voices stopped well im glad to say i am currently almost off and feeling great the funny part is that as the meds decresed the vocies came bak o by the way been a super sensitive person my whole life and have almost all your traits explained anyways the side effects i was experiancing were getting overwhelming so i punched everything that was happening to me into the computer and what do you know it says high probability of psychic abilitys so i proceded to do the test o by the way ive always been able to call my mom anytime she thinks about me and asks me to call her also when i close my eyes i can stil see the outline of everything in that room i also see white light around plp with my eyes closed also i was a big gambeler and always could pick #s like i knew they were coming except i only won when i needed the money if i went with money in my pocket i would lose so back to my story i did the test and i will use one for eg, the 35 cards were you try to guess which card is next my first time i got 13 out of 35 then the next time i got 15 and so on until 4 days later when i got 31to 33 out of 35 after i found out i possibly was psychic i started practicing hard and seen results its now day 8 and im talking with a spirit guide and all my habbits are changing things that i never thought id do are starting to happen quit smoking no prob started carrying a water bottle everywere due to major dehydration ive stopped swearing stopped gambling lost my appitite for bad foods even turnned off by meat pizza my sleep pattern is all over the place im staying up super late cause i feel like energy just rushing thru me too my question well i have a few as you can understand is the day after i scored 31 to 33 out of 35 and also was able to read #s outa my friends mind well the next day i could hardly get 13 again why id been progressing rapidly each day only to go backwards is this due to sleep , lack of energy w.h.u also my ears are ringing all my senses are like totally hightened headach muscle twiching just below my ears aswell as between the eyes on the forehead and extrem anxiety it feels like, only when i try to communicate with spirit also my nose runs everytime i communicate will this pass or am i just going to have to get use to it also is it my age or my sisters death or maybe just no medications i read on your page another male noticed it started after he turnned 30 and thats about when i started noticing symptoms not untell recently they were like this so extrem is it normal to go from not really knowing your psychic in 8 days to getting to talk to spirit and have spirit tell you about plp who have passed i tested it on my roomate and i was able to tell the first letter of his grandmothers name what year she died and that it was his grandma ive been to scared to really try this out with strangers i dont want to pry but today i was sitting outfront the shop and a lady came and sat down well no sooner did she sit down and i got the feeling a man was coming thru who had recently passed and it was by brain anurizum now im not great yet at differentiating random thoughts and spirit as i cant here names very well but i can get letters and numbers and ive noticed the random thoughts r usally spirit like i had no reason to think of a brain anurizum neven knowen anyone with one never studied it so i just assumed it was spirit like i said tho i am to timmid to pry like this when its so new to me as sometimes i feel like im crazy or sumthing but the validation is what has made me realize theres alot more to it my last question relates to this do you have any way or technics i could use to really know when its spirit as for the first couple days after i realized i could hear sum voice i knew it was spirit cause it called me by name after its reply but now i find i try to force it to much and think im adding my name to my random thoughts and its making it harder now to know which ones spirit? so much thanks sorry for the long letter i just am so new to this and really value your advice as ive enjoyed your web page thanks again and happy bloggin

  25. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    I keep thinking that if I don’t get this life right, I’ll need to “do it over”. I’m too tired of this and my mind is too and want to go back 22 years to what should have been the best part of my life with my kids and I was younger and had more energy. I’m not artistic but am a perfectionist ay crafts done well that. some may feel are unique/ Throwing pots is different though. I had some art in school and in the days of macrame’ made some fabulous stuff but someone threw all my things out when we moved. This just about killed me they threw out almost everything that was mine and passed down to me through the years. It angers me to this day but God, How insensitive of them, it was all I owned!

    I ment to click for an email on the first thing but missed it sorry

  26. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    Oh nuts, my question didn’t go through?

    • craigweiler
      September 3, 2014

      It went through. I screen all comments before I allow them so that people like you don’t have to put up with abuse from nasty people.

  27. rlh
    September 3, 2014

    Craig, your name escapes me but sounds sort familiar. You may have heard this before,,,, I’ve had this thing… since about age 5 or 6…. Well I have. I’ve tried putting other reasons for certain answers on the back burner,,, (I have) But yesterday, I had to call my best friend in another country, even another continent and tell this friend that I almost felt as though I had jumping beans in my pants (not my exact words) but I was so concerned for this friend that the call had to be placed, I was assured the friend was fine but perhaps a bit melancoly due to an anniversary of something. I wrote back later about 2 or 3am a message the person may see tomorrow. I had been so ill for the last 29+ years given so many pills by so many, so many doctors but my main and constant and first complaint was severe fatigue that I couldn’t get out of bed. I was given a weak stimulant which nothing and suddenly “other” doctors I didn’t like were in my life giving me things I tried over a dozen times to “get of of”. Finally in late January, after almost 4 weeks of Hell, the hold it had on me subsided and by march I felt I had my marbles back but I asked for a sample of something which when doubled and taken with something else for something else (does this make sense yet?) for the time is working but I had to move from the bedroom to the sofa for the last 5 weeks because my souse has something I feel is toxic to me and since I have few resources ($$) Its not as though I can drive to the beach spot of my choices leaving my family behind to live in complete solitude they way I hoped with my “yes psychic dog” who communicates well and is licensed for the last 7 years as a service dog. (I was looking for a large dog when I found her, saw her price and fled but over the next 10 days felt there was something special about her and after 10 days of knowing she’d be gone was amazed to see only her left in the entire store of dogs I had seen. I liken it to “Harvey” the rabbit waiting for Elmer P. Dowd almost as she could speak and just asking me what took so long) It turned out that this teeny dog was $$$$$ and I only had $$ and was told that’s ok and was stunned again and even more so that before she was 2 years old she was warning me of oncoming migraines (a child of mine kept a 3 month calendar of times from warning and when they came and then I didn’t know what to do with thar. Someone suggested I join their private on line service dog group that met once a year. It happened that the group met near me that year with 50 sick people of all types plus their fogs. One day I spent the day and night in bed because I was so tired, joining them the last day still keeping in touch. (This may have saved my life).

    So back to my friend who I told this theory to who said, “Oh yeah, I see this about you”. I said thanks and hung up. I was compelled to enter a mall Saturday (I’,m thinking “on a Labor Day weekend I’m here rather than a beach” but I had to get something fixed when in a flash was in a store telling someone something they had been wondering about as was thanked and said “I’m not psychic or anything, I just felt you’d want to know this” Apparently, they really had needed to know and I walked away speaking to my dog (the only one I’m comfortable around and can be myself) but when my friend confirmed this I though, “Oh Hell really?” I don’t want this. I just want a remedy for it so I can make some sense of my life. So what do You think Craig I’m a poor letter writer and always ramble on. I was a C-B+ student, athletic and socially adept not as the example given above but I was nice and tried not to get into much trouble going to church activities. I’m too old to worry what a chakra is or care about one. I once tried to speak to a guide and after an hour felt stupid. But my family says that’s it. I spend lots of time in store if I go out and a lot like a hermit. Its too hot where I live and too crowed though. I get on a freeway and can’t breathe. If I call public housing I can live near a beach somewhere. I’ve hated it here then entire time we’ve lived here. At 15 I prayed for a simple life. Seems God has a seems God has a sense of humor of humor. How does one build a fence around themselves? Especially when so dawm tired. There’s no possible way of going back to a job I was once really good at and licensed to do. Its history/ There shouldn’t have been lots of things in my life that happened. But I don’t want this and want it removed. Can I? what do I do next?

    • craigweiler
      September 3, 2014

      I don’t really have an answer for that. I’m not particularly good at this sort of question. The best I can suggest is that you continue to keep your intent clear about what you want. Also, think up all the reasons why you might not want this change and get them out in the open. When they are subconscious is when they do the most damage.

      I hope this helps.

      • Anonymous
        May 8, 2015

        I need help. I can see and hear dark things. Like evil things. I don’t know what to do. They always come when I am happy so I am always depressed because this keeps them away for some reason. I also have out of body experiences and have experienced calling ghost phenomenon. I’m just not sure what to do anymore. It seems like the longer I’m around people or loved ones or am happy these things get worse. Please give me some advice. Thank you

        • craigweiler
          May 9, 2015

          The subconscious is a strange thing and beyond our understanding or control. You stop the constant barrage of evil and dark by ignoring it. Don’t give it your attention and eventually it will go away.

  28. Allan
    August 21, 2014

    I used to be recommended this web site by means of my cousin. I’m not sure whether
    or not this submit is written via him as nobody else realize such special approximately my difficulty.
    You’re amazing! Thank you!

    • bahati Mandago
      July 9, 2017

      could you please send me your website, i was searching characteristics of psychic randomly form google, but i landed here, and I would like not only to continue to read may be even to be a member if any

  29. linda kosearas
    July 24, 2014

    Hi CraigWeiler: WOW! I accidently found you today because I was curious about whether or not artists are prone to having light colored eyes. I’ve studied art since childhood and even wanted to an artist myself. My husband was Dutch and had hazel eyes, what I came to realize was that most of my favorite artists over the centuries had light colored eyes. I spoke to my brother about this,(who happens to be a genius),I told him I’m frustrated because I can’t seem to transfer what I see to the canvas. He explained to me that artists see two-dimensionally and if I don’t have that capability…do something else. SO…yeah, I am psychic and have been since childhood, you know the regular stuff, ghosts, poltergeists, premonitions, finding things, blowing out sockets and other electrical devices. I have two cats, two mice and a snake(rescue) and I am hyper-sensitive to the point where I have to warn my doctors. I have crazy light blue eyes and I see auras and when I meet a person of dubious distinction all my body hair stands up, often times I see their death, how about you?

  30. Diana
    July 3, 2014

    Being a sensitive does not make life any easier for me. I suffer more than I feel I should and do dread the “ability”. I often ask myself why I had to be “different” than most people. I knew I was different from the time I realized self realization at the young age of nine when I saw and met my first “entity”. As a child I was afraid but over the years I have learned to either ignore them or live with them. However, as I said before, I sometimes wished I was normal so I could live life normal. It sad but I do not see this as any gift in life nor do I appreciate it. I see people who live normal lives and often times wished I had it. My “sensitivity” has heightened over the past few years, it is more difficult for me to ignore the sensitivities I am around every day. I am at home in the wild (nature) where there is peace, I desire to be free in the my mother nature’s world but even there I am “different”. I am human. Does it ever go away? Will I ever be normal?

    • linda kosearas
      July 24, 2014

      Hi! You have a gift. You are a chosen one. Embrace it. Let your doctors know you are hyper sensitive. tell them never to lay you flat. I don’t know if it ever goes away, I’m 65 it’s still here and I am at peace with it.

  31. Emma
    June 26, 2014

    Thanks iv been going stirr crazy for months seems worse since I turned 30 dont know if thats relevant all I know is I need help to cope with who I am its driving me crazy any help would be Appreciated Thanks emma x

  32. Lauren
    June 19, 2014

    This page is marvelous. I enjoy all the information I’ve read thus far on the site. It is pleasant knowing that I am not alone nor crazy or making these things up.. I suffer a lot with my sensitivity in the work environment. I wish I could be assertive and stick up for myself more often but when I do I always have a crushing feeling that I was too rude or hurt someone’s feeling and it then weighs heavily on me until I convince myself that it was okay.. But it never really does feel okay. I am too emotionally connected to others. It’s like other people make up a huge portion of myself even though I have a keen sense of self. My imagination runs to the depths of the sea and back, taking me places I’d rather not go sometimes but most of the time allows me to enjoy the intricacy of my mind. In a way I derive so much joy from it.
    I need advice though. On how to feel a little less emotionally vulnerable from others.

    • Emma
      June 26, 2014

      Your not alone im going through the exact same hope you’re ok here if you wanna yap x

    • linda kosearas
      July 24, 2014

      Hi! God bless you. Here’s what I do when I’m in the company of someone who I may have hurt or insulted, I look down at the ground, pat my thighs, lift my chin way up, look them in the eyes and ask, “are you OK?” Or I just smile, depends on the circumstances. As for the morbid thoughts…

  33. Dolly
    April 10, 2014

    A friend sent me this page and It scares me.. I can sense when things will happen.. either good or bad. Recently I sensed something terrible, I couldn’t explain it but it overwhelmed me. I called several family members to make sure they were ok.. I just knew something bad was coming. I never know what is going to happen I just get extremely anxious and have panic attacks. Anyway, my father was in a car accident that same day and a couple of months later he passed away. Its not the first time I sensed something bad. A year ago a seagull would come to my window and peck at really odd hours of the early morning (between 3 and 5 am) for an entire week. I’t scared my mom because even she knew that wasn’t normal. It was very odd that it would come to my window seeing that it is not easily accessible. The last day the seagull came and pecked at my window my friend died in his sleep. I always thought it was just a bipolar thing I do. I don’t like going through this and I want to shut it off. Any idea how? I get night terrors almost every two weeks and I have no clue if thats just me really having mental issues or if it has anything to do with what I just read here. I just want it gone. Its not normal and I don’t want to hurt anyones feelings but I just feel its ungodly. This is just my opinion so please no insults.

    • craigweiler
      April 10, 2014

      Hi Dolly,
      I get a lot of people on this blog who are bipolar. There seems to be a connection there with psychic ability.

      So no, it’s not just a bipolar thing. I’m afraid that the one thing you can’t do is make it go away. What you’re experiencing is not normal, not in the sense that it happens to everyone, it doesn’t. But it does happen to some people. My blog is full of stories like yours with people feeling much the same way.

      Long story short: at least you’re not alone.

      • Dolly
        April 15, 2014

        thank you for answering. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. The night terrors? Is that associated with any of this? I am terrified to sleep now. I can feel them coming on and sometimes I win and wake up before I start getting choked. I sometimes fall asleep by accident in my living room and its as if I can hear my closet door opening and whatever it is coming out to the living room. Sometimes it comes from the bathroom.. I am terrified. Please tell me its just a sleep disorder.

        • Kristina
          March 13, 2015

          Do you meditate or otherwise tune deeply into what you are feeling or sensing or do you always have the impulse to block it and you act accordingly? I might be wrong to suggest this but it makes sense to me to think that developing your ability would be more beneficial for you than to suppress it. I am wondering if, after some unusual occurrences happen, you would meditate on it and perhaps intend to find out where it comes from, location, names, reasons, emotions, your role in this, then it might be you will get more satisfying answers? Another comment I have is that maybe one of the reasons you are trying to block your strange experiences is because you feel you are not ready to face them fully? In this case addressing different questions during reflection/meditation and focus could be beneficial. Just some ideas to think about.

    • Liesa Moore
      April 23, 2014

      Hye Dolly, I am 62 yrs. old, My Grandmother, & my Aunt Jackie, my Mommy’s l’Sister knew about this GIFT ( TRUST ME I COULD GO W/OUT ANY GIFTS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!), but that’s not happening. G’Mom guided as best she could & she was an adamant 7day Adventist, went to church EVERY Saturday. Now Aunt Jackie, she had it to, I hv. lived all over the U S & she would mentally call me, cause long distance cost back then, I was living in OH, we’re from NJ, the 1st. couple times she called me it was as if I was in a trance, & then I heard her voice, I started looking around for her, cause I HEARD HER VOICE, not her thought, I didn’t realize I had my ph. in my hand, I put it to my ear, said Hello? LMAO she said “Damn U Saundra, I been calling U for days!!” I said the ph never rang Aunt Jackie, No shit, I said something must be wrong w/my ph. cause I didn’t hear U ring it just now, I don’t even know why it’s in my hand? “Because U just called me”
      In 1968 my 15 yr. old B’Sister was 30 miles away from me when she was ran over by a drunk driver, at 2:30am I was playing cards w/my sister in law, & I heard her scream, tires SQUELLING, & the Churches Bell go off, it was about 6 blocks away. I hv. done EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MANKIND TO BLOCK THIS STUFF, but NOTHING. As for it being ungodly, In my opinion only GOD could bestow such a GIFT upon us, I figure if it were an evil thing, then evil would come from it. I don’t hurt anyone, not even when I see bad things coming their way, UNLESS it may be a life or death situation, because I couldn’t stand myself if one of their Loved ones died, & may not hv. had to, had they known there was a danger in their life’s path.
      Hope this helps U

      • Dolly
        April 24, 2014

        thank you Liesa. I think its the night terrors that scare me the most and being helpless when i do sense something awful is about to happen. I wish I could only sense the good things coming 😦

  34. John
    March 10, 2014

    This has really grabbed my attention. I have always jokingly said I was physic. Even though I joked so I could see others reactions because I’m not sure at all. Hopefully someone could help me if I am.

    My entire life I have always acted very energetic around people, but it’s only cause I feel like I take on their emotions or at least feel over whelmed by them. My wife hates that I highly dislike public places cause it drains every bit of energy out of my body. I also do every thing I can to make other peoples life’s easier no matter how much it effects me. I have a very difficult time staying at 1 job for more than 3 years. My most successful job ever was as a Salesman. First sales job ever and I felt like I took on the peoples feelings emotions what ever it is. I can’t watch people get hurt or I feel the pain, but have high pain level for myself just can’t stand for anyone to suffer. My friend needed a car and I felt his pain inside so I loaned him 3000$ knowing Ill never see it again but couldn’t stand seeing him hurt. He informed me today he doesn’t have any money for me because the state took his tax check, and I told my wife that it was all my fault not his because I knew better and I should have learned the first 1000 times I have done this type of things. Never felt like I read minds just feelings and emotions, but when I mention this to people they think I’m crazy or kidding.

    I have no clue if I am but I have all these characteristics and this has made my life very difficult. I just really assumed being physic meant I could pick lottery numbers read minds and predict what is about to happen.

    If any physics out their read this and think I might be. I would be so great flu for any assistance on how to cope with these amazing gifts that I always thought was anxiety or a curse.

    Also most people would say I’m a dick because I try so hard for others to view me that way because I think this is the biggest weakness in the world. People who know me know I’m one of the most caring people in the world. I have tried to look at horoscopes to see if being a Scorpio makes me weak but it seems I should be strong, so why do I feel so helpless when it comes to other people. Any help would be great

  35. Danielle
    November 20, 2013

    I’m a 20 year old female from South Africa and I’ve done a lot of research, but I can’t seem to find the answer that I am looking for. Hopefully one of you will be able to help me.

    I am not psychic (as far as I know) but I’ve been in situations where I get bad feelings or anxiety. Also, once I thought I saw somebody’s shadow shining in from under my bedroom door and when I looked, nobody was there. – I don’t think that counts for much though, right?

    Last year (2012) I was walking around in my neighbourhood at night with my brother and a few of our friends, which we normally do during the summer time. I was walking towards the back of the group and my brother was closer to the front.

    All of a sudden, seemingly, from out of no where, a bone grey/white coloured wolf appeared and went straight for my brother. I saw it as clear as day. I could even “hear” its claws on the tar street, scratching as it struggled forward. It was snarling too. I got such a fright and I instinctively knew that it was trying to get to my brother and that I had to stop it and protect him, so I screamed, and right then, the wolf turned around and ran in the opposite direction, back towards me and then vanished.

    Our one friend grabbed me, obviously confused as to why I shouted. I explained what I saw and they all agreed that nobody else (of a group of 5) saw it. My friends even jokingly asked what I had been smoking in order for me to see such “trippy” things. (I don’t do drugs at all though)

    I googled white wolf spirits and all I could find were good results, but this dog/wolf thing was not a good thing at all. There are a lot of positive Native American “legends” or “tales” about the white wolf but I strongly believe that this was not anything positive.

    I just really hope that somebody will be able to help me or even just give me a little insight. I’m still creeped out, even after all this time.

    Thank you all in advance.

  36. Mark Kollra
    November 7, 2013

    Hi! My name is Mark R. Koll.., Can anyone please tell me weather or not that I am a psychic person on a scale of say… 1 to 10? “1” being not Clairvoyant at all, and “10” as being very psychic. I haven’t read up on this subject much at all. Seems like I’m always kind of fearful of what I am, and where I might be heading in the plight of life here on this planet. Also, I believe that Clairvoyism and being Psychic are just one in the same. But, are they? I don’t see the difference and connot Distinguish between the two. My Personal Relevance and status on this subject is very clear to me. I have had so, so many different experiences on this matter that I really don’t know where to start, and where to end. So, I’ll just give you a quick launch on some of the most Memorable Experiences that I ever had. [[ OH! AND BY-THE-WAY, realizing that I have Psychic abilities, really scare the hell out of me ]].
    I was once diagnosed as being mildly retarted with Severe emotional disturbance. When as a child, I had no clue about these Diagnostics, and went on my own way to be the type of person that I am today thru all of what I have learned and experienced. I’m 52 years of age now, and here is where I stand today:
    1). An extremely Excellent artist.
    2). Retired Army tank commander.
    3). Graduated three times from college.
    4). I am very much happy in my
    Marriage life.
    5). I have lots of great animals.
    6). I have a big house in the desert of
    Tucson Arizona.
    7). I have 2 acres of land for my
    Beautiful animals, With a large 24/7 doggie door.
    8). I held two great federal government jobs after I retired from the military at age 39.
    9). I love children, however I do not have any children because I just didn’t get around to it.
    10) My hobbies are computers, guitar, violin, piano, oil paintings, ATV four wheeling, and incredible art work. (Yes, I am an extremely gifted person in the field of art).
    11). I love to play around with math.
    12). I was a successful runner and a successful bodybuilder, and I bench pressed 315 pounds in 1986.
    13). I love to hate animal abuse and I also hate women being abused, and hate child abuse.
    14). I am on psychotropic meds and I feel fine to this day.
    15). I have been called amazing, superior, nice guy, I’m an asshole, pompous, and condescending.
    16) Lastly, I have a lot of strong psychic abilities which scare the hell out of me.

    Here now, are some of the strongest Psychic abilities from which I remember. Oh, the heck with this, cause what difference is this gonna make. Who really cares, and who do I think is gonna read this? Hardly no-one. But, please take good care of yourselves out there, cause sometimes that’s the only thing that you’ll have left — is your personal health.

    • craigweiler
      November 7, 2013

      Hi Mark,
      Sure sounds like you’re psychic based on your description. A lot psychic. There is no way to tell you how you rate on the scale because there is no scale. There is no uniform measure of psychic ability with which to compare. And clairvoyant and psychic are the same thing.

      The thing that usually makes it so difficult is that people think they’re alone and no one else is experiencing the same stuff. But they do. It’s more common than you might think, it’s just that no one talks about it. It’s harder than being gay.

      So basically, you are not alone.

      Take care,

    • Jannelle Jackson
      November 16, 2013

      Dear Mark, I read it, I care 🙂 , I wish you had of finished telling me what you felt you wanted to say, maybe one day you will choose to update this and finish it best of luck to you and yours xxx Janelle

    • linda kosearas
      July 24, 2014

      Hey Mark, If your wife passes on, I want to marry you! …KISMET

  37. Tina
    May 25, 2013

    Of course I’m up at 5am reading this article! wondering why I fit a hundred percent of the freaking description above about to throw my depression and ADD medicine away ha ha ha ha okay I’ll wait on that part. Wow thanks or the enlightenment and i must say this article was well written informative and entertainin
    Time to go check on my dog and fish and now continue on my creative projects after getting fired AGAIN LOL…… NOT WORRIED! haasaaaaaaa !! CONFIRMED

    • Tina
      May 25, 2013

      Oh and one last thing… I don’t really have psychic ability per se despite being told by different psychics that I too have psychic ability I have since stopped seeking that type of advice due to my religion
      . I can size anyone up before I meet them and
      . struggle with strong assumptions which are usually negative. But nothing that will win me the lotto. Anyone know of a Meetup in charlotte,NC?

      • Marilu
        March 9, 2017

        This article had been very useful. Clear, concise, and inamvoftire. Thank you for always thinking of others, lots of good karma coming back your way as you keep spreading good thoughts ours! Jaiden

    • tamika
      November 2, 2013

      sounds like me, creepy!

  38. freya
    April 17, 2013

    hello, I have experienced most of what you’ve explained. i am always getting feelings that something will happen or how someone feels and its true, however sometimes i only realise after the event has happened, i feel as if i should trust myself more, as i think i am leaning more how to read these feelings. also sleeping is very difficult for me i suffer with stress which make me forgot my dreams more easily as i usually shout or move a lot when i am stressed within sleep. also before i have had certain dreams which have had certain things come true in them.

    Do you think i have psychic abilities, also anything i can do. however i am only 14

  39. Anonymous
    April 17, 2013


  40. White horse
    March 21, 2013

    Another great article thank you. I am all these things, my mother, my father and one sister, myself and two children are all healthy and we all see and sometimes communicate with spirits of many different kinds and have precognitive dreams etc. We don’t initiate anything it just happens. We didn’t and don’t talk about it much to others outside the family no one outside would know that we possess these abilities unless maybe they too have them.

  41. Timmy
    January 31, 2013

    i really enjoyed your article. I’m a sensitive person not only emotionally, but to changes in my environment. When I was younger, I was picking up other people’s emotions and thinking I was the one who was feeling anger, hurt etc.. I was lucky enough to have a Mother who finally figured out what was happening to me, and helped to be able to distingush between my feelings and those of other people.

    The only pyschic ability I possess is the ability to feel and someimes see ghosts. i

    • craigweiler
      January 31, 2013

      Thanks. Seeing ghosts is rather unusual by the way.

    • Diana
      July 3, 2014

      I inherited this “disability” from my mother, who herself denied and taught me nothing, I had to learn on my own which was scary and confusing. I did not know as a younger age that I was not feeling my own pain but those of others, the anger, the hopelessness, the disparity and of course those that had no form. I was angered at my mom for awhile but I knew it was not her fault and perhaps she was protecting me from what she had to bear. I had five beautiful children and I knew instantly who had this so-called “ability” and as soon as I could I explained to them that they had a special uniqueness that no everyone had and to choose to use it or not. Although, I now know that whether you want to or not, it never goes away.

  42. michelle
    January 23, 2013

    Thank you Craig, I experience almost everything on your list,I’ve always felt different than everyone else also hoping to grow a thicker skin . I do tend to pick up on other peoples emotions and they do affect mine. One of the the things I have and still strugglewith is people say or do things to me that they would not do to others and it freaks me out. Why me ,what is it about me .reading this has helped a bit .

  43. careful
    November 21, 2012

    Your reference to being a “sensitive” is what I’ve termed myself without ever having heard it before. And the part about being a light sleeper, I’ve always joked with my husband that I was a “watch soldier” reincarnated and that the only way I can sleep is on antihistimines or some enhancements. I feel far more empathy and love toward animals than I do the human race and have always been labeled as “too tender hearted” by others in that regard. I’m a pastel/watercolor artist and there are other parallels. All my siblings except one occasionally contact others telepathically and my father and grandmother were known to. I can also see cause and effect faster than others and wonder why they can’t deduce what I believe to be obvious outcomes. I was learning to read Tarot cards but got the sense that I should stay away from anything to do with this other realm because I believe I am a sensitive and therefore vunerable. I’m hoping that I’m wrong about this last statement but I’m just following my gut instinct and just wondering if anyone experiences that same.

    • craigweiler
      November 21, 2012

      I’ve always been a light sleeper as well, particularly when I’m out of town. I’ve discovered that ear plugs are extremely helpful, even at home if I’m having trouble sleeping. It seems to make it easier for the brain to turn off.

  44. Deja
    October 24, 2012

    My question is how can a person know for sure they have psychic ability and what they can/should do to help live with this ability. I don’t know if I’m psychic but every characteristic mentioned above is a characteristic of mine. Even down to the minor dyslexia. I am an extremely sensitive person and have been my whole life. I have always put others emotions before myself and have always been able to “read” people’s emotions. I do suffer depression but mainly my struggle is with anxiety attacks. I’ve had them since I was 14 years old but it seemed like after having children I could have them more often. We went to a Haunted Hayride on Saturday and while I wasn’t the least bit scared (it was more directed towards kids) for some reason I had a really bad anxiety attack. Anyways, it just seems like they are brought on by nothing. Another thing I deal with is extremely vivid dreams. Every morning I wake up remembering my dreams and sometimes even deal with emotions brought on from the dream. I just wish I had a resource to help me tune my ability or even to confirm that I don’t have a psychic gift. Any help would be greatly appreciate!! Thank you so much for this article!

    • craigweiler
      October 24, 2012

      I think you have psychic ability and I’d venture to say it’s probably pretty strong based on your description. More than likely you are psychic without really thinking about it.

      Developing your ability is mostly about trusting it and that means practicing mundane stuff and learning what clues in your mind mean. It takes practice to sort out wishful thinking from real insight.

      You can go to the website and find likeminded people hosting meetings. I’d recommend something like that to get to know other people.

      • Deja
        October 24, 2012

        Thank you so much. I’ve always felt “different” but I’ve never really been able to explain why or how. It would be nice to meet up with like minded people and learn from them. I really appreciate your time reading my comment. Thank you so much!

        • craigweiler
          October 24, 2012

          I’m glad to be of service. 🙂

    • Diana
      July 3, 2014

      You understand when you do not understand, you know when you do not know, and you wish you had never known what you already know. This is how it is for me.

  45. Kelidonious
    October 19, 2012

    I have everything that is described here. Ever since I was a kid…. It has made life confusing and very hard. Recently I have realized alot.. There are days when I feel completely confused, and I try to tell someone how I am feeling but it comes out with complete confusion. Turns out that I have stolen someones thoughts and feelings every time… They will message me, or we’ll talk, and after I feel peace, and they mention how they now feel at peace. Ive even dreamt many things of the future, and they always come true. Thanks for helping on the understanding of us.

    • Kelidonious
      October 19, 2012

      I also feel a deep love for nature. So deep that I never want to be away from it. It affects me so emotionally. Animals seem to have a deep connection with me as well. Well I have alot of these gifts..

  46. Anonymous
    September 29, 2012

    I loved ur comments, Thank you for “Knowing”….enough about us to speak the truth. I loved the remarks on eyes, that some made, I
    have hazel grn-brn or they change to emerald….lol….TY

  47. Ashy
    August 19, 2012

    I am an extremely sensitive person. I just play it out as being a Pisces most of the time. My emotions typically reflect those around me, as explained by my zodiac. Incredibly indecisive because I always see every side. I also need time alone because it is hard to deal with 24/7. It’s like empathy on steroids.
    The only events that happen to me that can count as “supernatural” would be strong sleep paralysis episodes and seeing the number 44 everywhere.
    My last sleep paralysis episode was the strongest one. As usual, I couldn’t move, but this time I heard and saw things, which doesn’t happen usually. Most of the time it’s just me fighting to get control of my body back. This time, I heard a woman speaking (can’t remember words) and I saw a black puddle forming on the wall to my right. I remember the image vividly, but not the voice. I have to say these experiences are the scariest I have ever been through.
    I do tend to get images in my head, but it’s hard to determine if that’s just me being the artist I am.
    I’ll admit to being skeptical. Maybe this isn’t being psychic, but something else. Or maybe a combination of both. Or just me being crazy.

    • Diana
      July 3, 2014

      My first episode was like being in a very thick jelly, moving in slow motion if able to move at all and yet if felt like I could not breathe. It felt like it lasted for decades and frightened me so much I cried for days and told no one in fear I was insane. I have not had an episode in some time and I pray I never will again.

  48. namboodirippad
    July 4, 2012

    just read this article and i found out one thing that i am almost close enough to a Psychic !!! well i mean almost 60% things match with my character! but i am more like a sensitive guy than Psychic!!! afraid to take decision losing temple always! i hope if you can give me some tips – or some knowledge how to be normal or at least make other feel that i am normal!

    • craigweiler
      July 4, 2012

      Unfortunately, being normal or feeling like you’re normal are out of reach. The best substitute I’ve been able to come up with is better understand and embrace my own weirdness. I can’t change it, so why beat my head against the wall?

  49. Jennifer
    July 3, 2012

    So sorry, I wrote above and didn’t even leave my name…lol….I’m Jennifer.

  50. Jennifer
    July 2, 2012

    I have had lots of paranormal experiences and, not to sound creepy, I have had one really vivid psychic experience. Not to mention dreams that were soooo accurate that I couldn’t believe it myself.
    All relating to myself and people that were close to me.

    I dreamt that my pastor and his wife were missing. Just gone and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I hadn’t been to church in over a year, but my grandma still went and I kept in touch with her on how they were doing.
    I woke in a panic and called her right away. It was on a thursday I think and she told me everything was fine with them.
    I received a call from her again on the following Sunday afternoon and she asked me who told me they were leaving. Again I panic and asked what happened. They resigned as pastor that morning. OMG!!! I couldn’t believe it.
    Another time…..
    Lying in my room almost asleep and I see the most amazing eyes in my mind that I had ever seen…they were a woman’s eyes and they were purple….yep purple. I tried to open my eyes and I still saw them…I couldn’t get the image to go away.
    Finally I shook my head and was able to see my room again. I told a friend about it, but then pushed it to the back of my mind.
    A week later we were going to a place to look at new mobile homes a few towns over and just as we approached our exit, there it was….big, beautiful purple eyes on a white billboard…and nothing else on it. As the off ramp circled around it was there again….I became very excited and anxious. ” That’s it, that’s them, that’s the eyes I saw!!! Omg!!!” over and over. I still have no idea what it means, but then I knew I wasn’t crazy at least.
    Another time…..
    I had a shaving cream can fall of the side of my tub…no big deal. I’m a pretty practical person and I dismissed it as the cream in the can shifted and it fell because I placed it too close to the edge of the tub. The next night it wasn’t so easy to dismiss. It hit three times on opposite walls before rolling under the cabinet.
    I flipped out and went to stay with a friend that weekend.
    My apartment was broken into that very next night. The neighbors knew I wasnt home so they called the police. The person was still in my apartment when the police arrived. They would not go in and get him because they didn’t have my permission. The person did this in pouring rain and knew exactly what he was doing. His muddy footprints were all over the tile and he looked in my room and my sons room before going into my bathroom and well…..I won’t say what he did in there. Point is …. if I hadn’t been scared, I would have been there with my 3 year old son and who knows what would have happened.
    Just curious what you think about all this….psychic? sensitive? or just plain coincidence?

    Also, I can relate to almost everything you said and it was the sense that maybe I’m not crazy that made me able to post this. Thank you so much!

    • Kim
      November 5, 2013

      I have had very similar experiences….If I listed them I would be here all day typing!
      You are well connected to your sprit guides!!!!! Love your stories. No coincidences….you are psychic and sensitive.

  51. Jenna
    June 26, 2012

    Has anyone else ever noticed that during a full moon your psychic sense (especially in dreams) is more aware? Or is it just me?

    • craigweiler
      June 26, 2012

      It’s not just you. There are some scientific experiments that confirm this link. It apparently affects women far more than men.

  52. Cadence
    April 24, 2012

    Thank you so much!

    • craigweiler
      April 25, 2012

      You’re welcome!

  53. Cadence
    April 23, 2012

    Hello Craig,
    I cannot begin to explain how this article has helped me understand myself. I knew I was sensitive since I was a child, which wasn’t that long ago as I only recently turned 20, and I always felt alone. I know my mother is sensitive but she never wanted to talk about it and my sisters and father just thought I had a mental illness. Not only am I sensitive with living people, but also with spirits. It has plagued me my entire life. I see spirits everywhere I go. I can’t control it so I have decided to accept it. This isn’t something I would never broadcast to the world but what you wrote really spoke to me. I only recently found that what I can do is technically called being a medium. I have so many questions! I would love to hear from you and maybe help me find some answers.


    • craigweiler
      April 24, 2012

      Sorry for the slow reply Cadence, you can reach me at my email address. craig @weiler . com (remove spaces)

    • Diana
      July 3, 2014

      I committed myself to a two-year associates degree to figure out why I am not “normal”. Sadly, I found out nothing but I can help any one else in need. I feel like it was a wasted two years. My whole life has been a “care-taker”. I have worked in the medical field since I can remember, had better associations with animals than with humans, and felt nearly all the “highly sensitive” pain, emotional, anger, and fear. . . why can I not feel the love???

  54. Beth
    December 29, 2011

    I have a question.
    My sensitivity, grew into visions when I was 24….. Very vivid visions involving people I did not know, or at least not yet. These vision were accompanied with panic attacks.
    Then I began waking up in the middle of the night with an intense fear, followed by a vision, or I’d have a dream with a vision and wake-up panicked.
    Now I have seizures in my sleep, one side of my brain was found to have a lesion.
    My great grandmother was known to “interpret dreams”.
    1.) I am extremely sensitive 2.) I have the family member with similar attributes 3.) I gave close relationships with animals/and my pets (who actually alert my boyfriend minutes prior to my seizures: without fail.

    My question relates to these seizures: am I alone….. Anyone else have similar experiences, increased sensitivity, then serious seizures (grand mal)???

    It’s been a year now, and sensory overload seems to increase the frequency to once a month. 15 months ago I’d been seizure free.
    2 months ago I began having a new type in which I rock back and forth and say random things. My memory hasten affected.

    • Beth
      December 29, 2011

      Sorry about my typos! I wanted to mention that I am 33 now.

      • craigweiler
        December 29, 2011

        No worries.

    • craigweiler
      December 29, 2011

      Hi Beth,
      I know one other highly sensitive creative type who also has seizures, although hers are controlled through medication. Pets that predict medical problems have been covered in Sheldrake’s book “Dogs that seem to know when their owners are coming home.” It’s interesting reading.

      From a psychic standpoint, (and remember this is free advice over the Internet! Use good judgment!) my take on this is that you are holding the energy in and when it builds up too much your seizures are a way of letting it out. There are grounding exercises available for releasing this energy. I would recommend looking into that.

      Good luck to you.

  55. Amanda
    December 26, 2011

    I have something very interesting to share with you! Oh wow. I have chills everywhere, and I think this page is exactly what I have been looking for…the “lost link.” Holy wow… Anyway, I’m going to keep reading now. It just totally shocked me to see exactly what I’ve been looking for in my own frantic research!!

  56. Kelly
    August 24, 2011

    My Name is Kelly

    I was almost in tears as I read the description of traits because I have all of them and then some. I have been silent about it up until this very day. I just thought it was all in my head, i am always searching for a spiritual answer to what apparently is a gift. It would be nice to share experiences with other people.

    • craigweiler
      August 24, 2011

      Hi Kelly,
      I’m glad I can help. Please check out this blog post:
      Understanding that the science for psychic ability is valid can be a great help as well. It was for me.

      • Kelly
        August 24, 2011

        Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I just told my brother today that I felt this way and that I was afraid to talk about and then I got on the internet to research what I have been experiencing. I have dreams and visions of past lives, i can dream about something and it will happen within days or months exactly I always feel like I am having a dejavu moment right down to feelings of repeat conversations with people. In the last couple of years i can read almost anyone’s emotions including strangers, i can tell if people are in pain or angry and can just have a strong sense of their emotions. i can also pick up on names of people they may be connected to. i have a very strong sense of when someone is lying to me. Physically, I don’t get much sleep because I feel there is too much going on around me. I need quietness and oftern seek out meditation and places near water. Its gotten to the point where I now work from home so that i can limit my contact and can have some sense of control of my environment. I do enjoy people around people and feel I am a well rounded person with a really big secret.

  57. Yuuki
    August 19, 2011

    I need to know when am i going to find true love

    • craigweiler
      August 19, 2011

      Hi Yuuki,
      I’m not a psychic reader, and when I’ve tried, the results haven’t been all that good. However, your question is fairly typical of people looking for psychic advice. Based on my own experience I would say this. True love isn’t something you find, it’s something you create with another person. So if you’re looking for true love, you won’t find it. You don’t want someone who is ideal, you want someone who will stick with you through thick and thin and values you and your relationship and is supportive. (And you have to be supportive in return.) I think you’re pretty close to finding that person.

  58. Donna
    July 22, 2011

    Your mention earlier of visualization has helped me understand a bit more what I’m all about. I cannot look at names very long without that person calling or stopping by. Is it me pursuading them with mind control?? or is it my ability to pick up on the fact that they intended to call or stop by anyway? I wrestle with this constantly. My co-workers and employers in the past would just ask me to summons whoever they needed to contact. It became a sort of a joke but no one ever made fun or chastized me for it. I think they were too perplexed about the consistency of the events. In any case, I thank you for that word and the clarification I needed on what was/is happening.

    I have gone throuh many phases of different abilities through the years but the above seems to be the most constant and least cleaar cut. Thank you aain for your help,

    • craigweiler
      July 24, 2011

      Hi Donna,
      Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been pretty short on time lately. The answer to your question is fairly easy. No, it isn’t mind control. A far more conventional answer is that you are a strong personality, very decisive and when you think of a certain person, your thoughts are so clear and strong that they unconsciously respond to them. It’s a great talent, but hardly control.

      I have the same talent and my wife consistently asks me to “call the cats” to come in at night. They are better at ignoring me however, than people are.

  59. drublue
    July 18, 2011

    I am thrilled that I have ran into this site! I have been very sensative sense I was a young girl and would always cry at the drop of a dime, like some have described above. As I grew older and became a teenager, I recall vividly having thoughts of saying things or seeing things that would happen, and hours or days later, I would hear my thoughts out loud from someone else or the vision would come to pass but not exactly how I envisioned it…if that makes any sense..this kept happening to me for months and I became frantically emotionally desturbed and I remember constantly crying and wishing for it to go away because I come from a strong line of mental illness…I’ve always drank alcohol heavely because it gave me a sense of relaxation and peace because I never could fit in with anyone around me…now I am 28 years old and for the last 4 years the thoughts and visions are coming back harder…now I am at a place where I am learning to embrace this all. A very unique phonamana happened to me at a job where over 20 people wore the color blue including myself…it revolved around me because I was being bullied and everyone had on this color except my so called was so amazing people were coming in to work to see it for themselves…I eventually ended up leaving this job due to the recession…there are a lot of politics involved in this situation because it all got out of hand and they began doing racist behavior…that place is still receiving the backlashes of the situation…and they are very angry with me…the irony of the story is that it is now a spirit led me to do some research on that place…I found out that that place has history of paranormal activities, people died there, and its built on top of the underground railroad….several people died there, but what’s striking is that a pastor who had a hand in building one of the major buildings on that property died there…and then look at my last name…I’m confused, but I do know that I am medium…there’s a lot to learn about this ability…one thing I’ve learned for certain is that this gift can be very dangerous, if not aware that you posses it..

    • craigweiler
      July 19, 2011

      Hi Dana,
      Thank you for sharing this information. It is truly wonderful to hear from people that I am doing some good. While I wouldn’t describe The Gift as dangerous, I definitely agree that it is very unsettling for people who have it, but don’t know anything about it. It can just about drive you nuts if you don’t accept the reality of it.
      Thanks again,

  60. Anonymous
    July 10, 2011

    All those descriptions describe me perfectly. I was always made fun of because I had adhd and was different then everyone else. I seemed to see the world differently. Does that go with this page?

    I’m very sensitive which annoys me cause I normally feel alone or left out like no one understands what I’m going through. This page shows that I’m not alone and I feel less crazy 🙂 If sensitivity links to being a physic, how can you improve your physic ability?

    • craigweiler
      July 10, 2011

      I’m glad that my site is of help to you. With regards to improving your psychic ability, there are about a million books and articles out there outlining how to do it. For that reason, I’ve never pursued that topic. They all say a version of the same thing however, and that is to get quiet and meditative and use visualization.

      Good luck to you.

      • Psychicintel
        November 27, 2011

        I find with my own experience that books can be good to a certain degree. I only pick out the things that are relevant to me and resonate with me. The rest I disregard. I have started a psychic blog that gives advice and my views. But also for some where to find support, guidance and advice. I don’t answer questions from people the same necessarily I try to make the answer relate to what they best need.

  61. elli amman
    July 8, 2011

    i never thought i’ll find somewhere a description of my self like i did in all the above info

    thank you

    • craigweiler
      July 10, 2011

      You’re welcome. I’m glad that I can be of service.

  62. Trieah
    May 8, 2011

    Yeah, that sounds about right. Although I have to admit that I’ve learned how to handle empathic abilities by learning about the chakras and how to close them properly so that I’m not walking around picking up on everyone elses emotions all the time. It’s really been a blessing to be able to control that part of being a sensitive.

  63. Stefanie Montgomery
    May 8, 2011

    Would love to have you visit my blog… Ran into yours by mistake, and it is by far the best page/site I have ever seen.

    • Charles
      October 21, 2011

      I would like to receive advice on how to conduct a public survey for ESP ability, driven by an advertisement. Basically I want to find several people who have even mild psychic ability for mutual benefit.

      I am vaguely familiar with the concept of double blind studies and also the use of indirect references in order to prevent evoking biases in the subject.

      The goal of the research is to find people capable of picking a single digit number between 0 – 9 with at a success of over 20% average for 20 trials, or 100% for five trials on five different days.



      • craigweiler
        October 21, 2011

        Hi Charles,
        20 trials for a 20% success rate when chance is 10% is picking 4 when chance would be 2. If you achieved those results over such a small sample the results would not indicate anything beyond chance. You need someone familiar with statistics to work out how many trials you would need for significant results and you would have to decide how significant you want those results to be. 20 to 1? 40 to 1? 1,000 to 1?

        Getting 100% in five trials on 5 different days is just about impossible. So you’ve presented me with two choices: One is statistically meaningless and the other is beyond the skill of any psychic.

        Would you mind going into more detail about what you want to accomplish?
        You can email me if you like: craig@weiler . com (remove the spaces around the period.)

  64. Sheree
    March 20, 2011

    This is the first I have ever heard of any of this. When I was younger I would cry at the drop of a hat I was always so sensitive, it sucked. As I got older I thought I would toughin up but I did not I think I walked down the halls of high school crying at least once a week. I eventually dropped out, it was just to much. I do not know if I am psychic but I do know I have been sensitive my whole life to the point that I really do not have any close relationships anymore with the exceptions of my children and mother even my best friend is long distance. Half the time I do not know if I can feel anything anymore and when I do try and go to a counselor I always feel worse. lol. I always tell them I am not depressed I just need to know how not to get irritated with all the noise which is hard because I have three wonderful children. I do not know if this is true it seems so easy to believe something nice instead saying I am just a wreck. Thank you for listening and thanks for giving some of us hope.

  65. knewton
    February 5, 2011

    this blog amazed, yet explained so much. I was born sensitive and have all but 2 of these traits, i often feel crazy, overwhelmed by emotion and alone. I dreamt for years about a man from high school and knew i needed to find him. when i did we instantly fell in love and i soon realized he is even more sensitive then me. We feel, everything identically. i feel like i found my soul mate, but somehow feel more mentally unstable than ever. my emotions are over loaded

    • craigweiler
      February 5, 2011

      I am very glad to be of assistance. As for the mental instability and overloaded emotions you feel, hang in there. It wears off over time. Be patient.

      I have this advice, which will carry you through the years and enhance your relationship continually if you follow it: (It works best with sensitive people.)

      Whatever criticism or problem either one of you thinks the other person has, it can be changed by changing yourself first.

  66. A curious fellow
    June 13, 2010

    I do indeed find your analysis quite accurate sir. The characteristics are definitely pitch perfect! Although I do beleive you are missing something that I have that is extremely unique to me and maybe other “sensitive people”. My eyes are always changing. My moods and the moods of people aroun me change them to green, brown, hazel, blue and ocassionally an orangey yellow tint. I would like to know if other people have similar experiences. Thank you for your time and to all that reply to this.

    • craigweiler
      June 14, 2010

      I’ve never really checked to see if my eyes change color but sometimes they seem to be more gray than blue, which might be due to a trick of the light, but never another color. It’s possible that this is a unique attribute of yours.

        June 22, 2011

        my eyes turn grey-blue as well, from a gold brown though 🙂 my pupils also look like upsidedown triangles sometimes. I am sensitive ❤ there's my comment. Peace be with you all

    • Anonymous
      May 17, 2012

      i too , born with blue eyes, have mine to change , have been told a many of times , i have cat eyes , mine will be light blue, dark blue , green , light green , hazel , yellowish in color , n mostly i have more black on the outside of the color , my moods change , n yes , the time alone is a deff … as far as jobs , its hard for me to deal with alot of people , its draining , especially if their negative ppl….. i used to drive 18 wheeler , that was the one job , where i felt i could avoid people , but id still ” get ” things , if i looked at someone in a car beside me , or got a phone call , i have just been confirmed , i can do remote stuff , like i knew i could pick up images, feelings, smells, sounds , like if i was there in person … i never knew what it was called tho .. im in PA just done a remote view with lots of detail given to an investigator in Chicago , for a place , and i was told i FREAKED out the owner of the place … i have also helped in a couple of missing kid cases n done those over text n phone call… seen it all as if i were there …i just came out about myself about a month ago , so im still learning quite a bit about myself and how to use n control what im able to do 🙂 thank you for your article , it is right on the nail 🙂 if you have more info or books id love to read them 🙂 thank you , Sandy White

  67. Mystic25
    December 31, 2009

    Thank you for the information. It makes me feel less like a freak and not as alone.

    • craigweiler
      January 1, 2010

      I’m glad I can be of some help.

  68. Renata
    November 10, 2009

    Oh my! Do u know how accurate u are in describing a sensitive? U just made me realize (again) that I AM a sensitive. Theres not a single thing in your article that I have not or do not go through. Except love for alcohol. And I’ve been treated for depression and put on anti-psychotics but then taken off it because doctors couldnt find anything wrong with me. Its good to hear I’m not alone and my ability, along with the above mentioned, to hear,see and feel spirits isnt me going crazy. So being a sensitive is close to being psychic?

    • craigweiler
      November 10, 2009

      Yes. There seems to be a extremely strong correlation between emotional sensitivity and psychic ability. And I also have a theory that having discovered this information will greatly improve your well being. You have an identity now. You’re not a freak, but simply part of a minority of people for whom this sensitivity and psychic ability is rather strong. Everything you experience is completely normal for us.

  69. Vickie Champion
    June 30, 2009

    Your information was very helpful and well written.

    • craigweiler
      July 5, 2009

      Thank you very much. I’m glad I could be of some help.

  70. Donna Luddie
    May 17, 2009

    I enjoyed your assessment of sensitives. I would say based on myself that the list of common characteristics seems to be quite accurate. Thank you for making me feel less alone.

    • craigweiler
      May 18, 2009

      Thanks Donna, I’m trying to help people so it’s always nice to hear when I succeed.

      • A friend
        June 13, 2010

        Does anybody else eyes change colors drastically due to moods?

        • Vicky Flegal
          February 10, 2015

          I am a developing empath and light healer. My eyes are a hazel/green normally. When I’m happy, they’re mostly gold, just a little green around the pupil. If I’m angry, dark green, feeling ambiguous (rare) they are a flat green. I have always known there was something significant behind the changes but I have been on the right path for a while, just need to believe in myself. Thank you Craig, for this magnificent site. I no longer feel like I’m one of those “P” words…
          My new mantra, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful AND psychic!”

          I happened upon this site through another possible trait of psi sensitives (or at least myself my whole life) : Bibliomancy
          Bibliomancy is by definition: divination by means of a book, especially the Bible, opened at random to some verse or passage, which is then interpreted.

          I’ve not just experienced this through the bible, but of many books, internet sites (like yours today) and this post… I was scrolling through the posts, not really reading them, until I saw this one!
          So, its just something to consider…
          Thank you again.

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